Not sure when it started and I doubt it will ever stop, but somewhere along the line, women thought it was fine to own lots of shoes. Men can usually get by with 2 or 3 pairs; while the ladies want a different pair for each day of the month. I think in some cases, they have even more shoes than this. It’s not just shoes either, but they like all footwear like sandals, high heels, and even boots. Yes, I said boots! A pair of hunter boots in a window display won’t last long, once a woman makes eye contact with them.

I recently watched a program on television that was about lottery winners. It would show all the different things these people would buy, with all of their recent winnings from a huge lottery jackpot. For the women, it seemed to always be the same for them. In almost every case, the woman would have a closet that was bigger than the size of my bedroom. In that huge closet would be shelves; which were filled with shoes. I’m talking about 100 or more pairs of shoes! If you were looking for a pair of stuart weitzman shoes, I’m sure you could find them in these lottery winner’s shoe closets. They probably had shoes from just about every shoe company on the planet, in these huge closet spaces.

There are only so many times during the day, we can put on a pair of shoes. Only so many occasions to go out and wear a nice-looking pair of shoes. I know some of these shoes aren’t getting worn much, since there are so many to choose from. Buying a new pair of shoes and only wearing them once or twice a year, doesn’t make much sense. But neither does owning so many pairs, you can’t even wear them all within a month’s time. I don’t really have no answers to why women love shoes so much. I guess I will have to research this more online and maybe try to find a women’s shoe blog for help. Do you have any idea why ladies and shoes seem to be attracted to one another? What ever the suggestions or answers might be; I don’t think it will ever make much sense for the men out there.