These aren’t the headlines yet, but they should be. I am furious to learn about two American reporters and the faith they have suffered in North Korea. In case you haven’t heard about these two women reporters from the U.S., I can give you an update on the story. The officials in North Korea have arrested two women that were just trying to do their job as journalists in Korea. They were in the northern section of Korea and not working the southern side with our friends from South Korea. They were arrested on fake charges and were only held against their will, because the officials in North Korea want to use them as pawns in a political game with the United States. Tensions are high between the USA and North Korea and most of this comes from the latest missile tests the North Koreans have been conducting. They now think the best way to negotiate with the U.S. is by holding two American citizens hostage in their country and the U.S. will lower their hand toward the hostile nation of North Korea.

The people in charge in North Korea need to learn that the negotiating is between them and the U.S. Government. You need and must work with them on their differences between the two nations. I don’t care if my government sees your country as a hostile nation or a friendly nation and whatever help and aid they want to offer your country is fine with me. When you start taking American citizens and holding them against their will for no good reasons and two fine ladies like Euna Lee and Laura Ling (that are American citizens) then you have the citizens of this country in an outrage and this is not good for your nation at all.

You may see the headlines reading that the U.S. is working through all possible channels for the release of Lee and Ling; but I can assure you this is not the truth. You have now taken an action of war toward the United States of America with the latest ruling today. The North Korean officials have sentenced two American citizens to 12 years of labor for crimes they have not committed. I will not stand for this and the other 300 million Americans living in this country won’t either. They are no channels that aren’t going to be tried for the release of these two American citizens. You have forced our hand as a nation to declare war on your nation for taking hostages. As of today you are holding two prisoners of war and they must be released immediately! Releasing these two women and assuring their safe return to China or South Korea is your only option now and you must act swiftly. Our military is gearing up to strike your nation and now I agree with my government that you’re indeed a hostile nation. Your actions today will not be accepted and we don’t care what other countries think and we will act alone if necessary. Your best move now is to release these two women and try other ways to gain aid for your country.

The U.S. can only see this as an act of war and your missile testing as of late confirms your intentions and the state of your current government. We can not wait for you to take more innocent prisoners or to launch one of these missiles on a friendly nearby nation. I demand that my country give you 100 hours from today to release Euna Lee and Laura Ling or we invade your country and hunt down Kim Jon il. The same faith that Saddam Hussein faced is what Kim Jong il is on a heading for and his time is up. The release must and will take place now or the nation of North Korea will no longer exist as a nation as we see it today. The citizens of North Korea do need to flee to China and South Korea now and escape the bombs from the sky that will be falling on North Korea. I would also urge the citizens of North Korea to take a stand against their leaders and understand that two innocent women are being held against their will in their country right now. I think 100 hours is the deadline and the U.S. has no choice but to wipe the nation off the map and make sure the leaders of this so called nation can never hurt anyone again.

I’m a U.S. citizen standing up for my fellow citizens and you can have hostile intentions to my government and it doesn’t concern me. When you take actions against my fellow citizens; then I will take actions against your nation. The U.S. citizens are declaring war on North Korea now and it’s only a matter of time until the pressures reach our government officials and they see war or military action is our only option to a nation that has no eyes or heart for justice. Release the two American journalists now and save what is left of your nation and the innocent citizens that live inside the borders of your country now. Everyone living in North Korea now does need to leave and this is the time to stand up against your government officials because the Untied States of America does have your back!