The Truth About the Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush Alaska

The television series Gold Rush Alaska could have been good, but unfortunately the Hoffman family had to be a part of the show. If Todd Hoffman isn’t the scum of the Earth; then I don’t know who is. I can tell you one thing, Mr. Dorsey has more class, knowledge, and respect for people in his little pinky finger; than Todd Hoffman and his whole crooked family has.

Jimmy Dorsey tried to help and he did his best. His lovely wife and children was a great supporting cast for this Discovery TV Show. It was great to laugh at Jimmy, because he did do some things peculiar, but nothing to hate the guy over. Todd Hoffman is the one to blame here and I noticed this right from the start. You just have to go back, while they are all still in Oregon and when they begin to load up for the trip north to Alaska.

During the loading process in Oregon, Todd was talking about a friend he knew, which got killed by a broken chain. It was the same thing they were doing now, as the crew of gold miners were trying to move some very heavy stuff around, by tying chains to it and then pulling it with some type of heavy machinery. So Todd tells us about his friend getting killed in this process and that’s a sad story, but Jimmy Dorsey was not around, when Todd was talking about this. As faith would have it, the chain did snap and if it would have hit someone, it could have killed them. When this event took place, Jim said that exact line “that could have killed someone” and Todd jumped all over Dorsey for no reason. Todd had no right and Dorsey didn’t mean anything by his comments. Anybody would have said that exact line, during a situation like that. It was this point right here, where I did not like Todd Hoffman. Too bad Todd’s Dad did not see this event or maybe he would know a little bit more, about how Dorsey was being attacked by Todd.

No Guts No Gloreeeeeeeee!


Jack Hoffman is the father of Todd Hoffman and he had a lot of catchy phrases that helped to make the show popular in Porcupine Creek, Alaska. Jack seems like a real good guy, somebody you wouldn’t mind working for or getting a little dirt under your fingernails for. He was really the only miner on the trip from Oregon, who had any gold mining experience and his abilities was about as limited as Todd’s was on the trip. Both men read about finding gold and telling stories and hearing stories; than they did actually going out and finding the heavy metal stuff.

I did like Jack Hoffman, until I found out he was a thief. Listen up troop in Porcupine Creek. Jack Hoffman and his son Todd are robbing ya’ll blind. Jack goes in to count the gold by his self, so he can pocket some of it. This is why Jack and Todd did not like Dakota coming in and helping with the gold clean-up efforts in Porcupine Creek. Not long after Dakota came into camp, did the Hoffman’s suddenly run out of money. The trip down to Oregon was a joke. Todd took a huge chunk of gold dust with him, because he had to sell it, without Dakota finding out. I believe the Hoffman’s planned to hide this gold, until their trip was over and sneak it back to Oregon. This plan didn’t work, when the land owner insisted Dakota go in and help the Oregon crew of rookie gold miners.

Now Jack and Todd knew they had a problem. So they planned to sneak the gold out of Alaska and down to Oregon. The Discovery Channel would not leave Todd’s side in Oregon, so he was able to slip off and give the gold to his sister. He asked to borrow about 40,000 dollars, because he figured he had brought this much gold down from Alaska (which he stole from Jim Dorsey, James Harness, Jim Thurber, Chris Doumitt, and Todd’s best friend Greg Remsburg); not to mention Fred “Dakota” Hurt and the landowner of Porcupine Creek. Hey Greg, with a friend like Todd Hoffman, who needs enemies, right?

So Todd’s sister said she would “think about it” meaning she would think about lending Todd the money or not. What she did, was take the stolen gold and sold it. So now you have Todd and his daddy Jack Hoffman being the crooked miners in the camp and you have to watch this; while you go gold mining. Especially with the amount of money the Hoffmans put up and the pressure and stress they was under to pull through. Todd said it his self, he is just a fat kid that has no business mining. This is true. He did very little work, yet he steals about 40 grand of gold or possibly more and only brings back 25,000.  Now the Gold Rush Alaska TV Show made it look like Todd’s sister lent him the money, but she didn’t lend him nothing. After all, she must know how awful of a person Todd really is, if she is his sister. Poor Jack was real nervous about handing the gold off to Todd too, because I think Todd pocketed some of this gold for him self. He didn’t give it all to his sister and even Jack got robbed from too. Who knows, maybe Jack has been robbing from Todd under the tent; while they secretly count their money. Just a bad situation for everybody involved; when you have the Hoffman Clan barking out the orders, making the others feel guilty, cause they put up so much of their own money, but yet, they are robbing gold on the side from the other miners. The only gold miner from Oregon who is really lucky, is Jimmy Dorsey. He got out of there, while the getting was good. Too bad the other miners in camp, don’t see the Dad & Son duo stealing the gold for their self and not splitting it up equally. All of you guys made a nice little profit in the first season, if you would have been given your fair shares of gold. Instead, the Hoffman’s make a profit and sure they are ready to go back again and rip these same hard workers off again. Why not?

Lucky Gold Miner from Oregon

Gold Rush: Alaska | Season 5 – Episode 9 / Episode 10 | “colossal Clean Up” And “grandpa John”
Gold Rush: Alaska | Season 5 – Episode 10 | “grandpa John” | Full Episode

All of you guys need to follow Jack and Todd around and especially in the tent, when it is time to count up the profits from the gold strikes. The Hoffmans are cheaters and look after each other up there, since they are family. Too bad a good man like Jim Dorsey got caught up with a bunch of thieves like the Hoffman clan. James and Jim, both of you two men seem like good guys. I would take you on my gold mining crew any day of the week. I would treat you better than Todd Hoffman and his Pops. Don’t let them brainwash you two and make you think all the blame is on Dorsey’s shoulders. Todd used Dorsey as his scape goat. After Dorsey left Porcupine Creek, Todd had no one else to blame, so he begin to point at everyone; while everyone was pointing back at him.

Todd Hoffman – Thief & Control Freak


If you go back to Alaska with the Hoffman Gold Stealers from the Discovery Channel, be sure to go to the tent and count the gold with these two crooked gold miners. I believe the Hoffman’s are trying to abandon Porcupine Creek, so they don’t have Fred Hurt (Dakota) looking over their shoulders and keeping them straight. Fred came into camp and helped you guys. But nobody could see it, because the Hoffman’s wanted to tell people what to do and be the controllers and bosses. Sometimes a boss has to take a backseat and allow someone else to lead. This is what makes a good boss, a great boss. Todd was too jealous and this is why he didn’t like Fred in their little crew of gold miners.

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    If you recall large jars of gold miraculously appeared at Parker’s parents have to fund his gold mining expedition

  2. stephanie says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with the statement that Todd Hoffman and Jack Hoffman are stealing gold from their crew during the cleanups. I’ve been catching up on season 4 and now am into season 5. I had a feeling that Jack and Todd were hinky about the gold in the jungle: it kept showing up in pans but not one micron in the cleanup. How is that even possible?

    And now, in season 5, they have the best crew, the best leader (Dave), the best equipment (again, Dave) and have been instructed exactly where to find great gold, yet week after week (I just finished episode 11, when, AFTER claim owner Tallman tells them where to dig AND they get great gold in the test pans, they are STILL only getting 20-30 oz? Not possible.

    They actually have a better setup than Parker (equipment-wise) and Parker is routinely bringing in 90-150 oz.

    Also!!! When they show the sluice pads PRIOR to a clean up, those things are full and look identical to Parker’s 150 oz sluice-pads!!!!

    Yet, week after week Jack emerges ALONE, as usual, with… are you kidding me… 30 oz or whatever???

    And even in this last episode where they got 116 oz, I KNOW they had more gold and Jack stole it. And Todd KNEW. You can see it in their faces. They took Dave for 1/2 million bucks and now are stealing a lot of the gold their crew worked their butts off to get!!!!

    My God! I really like Todd and Jack early on, but seeing their faces and faked reactions during a cleanup reveal has changed EVERYTHING for me-and apparently for a lot of other Gold Rush fans: Jack and Todd Hoffman’s heinous strategies and faked reactions are beginning to be noticed and talked about all over social media. And rightly so.

    Shame on you both, Todd and Jack Hoffman! Your amazing crew and your business partner, Dave Turin deserve so much more than you have “decided” they deserve.

    I get you have had money problems and I get that the crews of seasons past didn’t lose as much money as you did, but you chose to take on that financial risk (as you so sadistically pointed out to Dave in season 5, episode 9 or 10?).

    YOU took the risk and you pouted like children about your bad decision-making and your losses. You felt justified in making up “some” of what you had lost. But you are STEALING on NATIONAL TELEVISION!!! And though many have called you bad miners, you are MUCH worse actors!!!

    Anyone and everyone reading this, re-watch season 5, episodes 8-11. You will see, back to back, week after week, that despite Dave Turin and crew’s smart moves and hard work-Jack always comes to the fire, ALONE and bearing RIDICULOUS cleanup numbers. But then, WATCH Jack carefully. And then watch Todd. You will see it written clearly on their faces.

    I am so sorry for Dave and his amazing crew. They work hard and are amazing men with a great deal of integrity, something the Hoffman’s either lost to gold fever or never had to begin with.

    In the end, Dave and the others will succeed while the Hoffman’s will be exposed for the cheats they are. In the old days, they both would have been hung for this. Social media will “hang” them out to dry when all of this comes out-and it will. The gold world is small and someone, somewhere, will talk. It’s only a matter of time.

    Good luck Dave and others. You’ll be in my prayers (my real prayers, not like those of Jack).


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