The Truth About the Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush Alaska

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40 Responses

  1. Arnbo says:

    Watching season one when Harness was in so much pain he could not move.
    And then finding out Jack had a very large bottle of Morphine ,The same medicine Harness needed.Jack is a thief and a pill junkie.He could have given Harness some meds and had him
    pay him back ,But a Junkie always protects his supply.No pills ,no Gloreeeeee

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  3. don says:

    I agree that Jack and Todd appear to be skimming profits as they count in private. They are cheating religious zealots. Unless…the Discovery channel set it up this way? I can’t believe any sane crew member would allow this to happen.

  4. jim says:

    not only that but the fat fucker needs someone to hack off that ugly fuckin straggaly schanat catchin beard that he thinks he looks good in, sick fuck

  5. Anonymous says:

    You forgot about the 300 ounces of gold that crawled out of the woodwork after the land owner got wise to their stealing

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think your vastly underestimating be a amount of gold that is being skimmed by the Hoffman’s and every other gold mining crew on every other gold mining show. Skimming gold has always been a part of gold mining. no one of ever claims all the gold they find.

  7. Anonymous says:

    There is and August 25th 1903 quotation that says a gold mine is a hole in the ground owned by a liar

  8. Anonymous says:

    If you recall large jars of gold miraculously appeared at Parker’s parents have to fund his gold mining expedition

  9. stephanie says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with the statement that Todd Hoffman and Jack Hoffman are stealing gold from their crew during the cleanups. I’ve been catching up on season 4 and now am into season 5. I had a feeling that Jack and Todd were hinky about the gold in the jungle: it kept showing up in pans but not one micron in the cleanup. How is that even possible?

    And now, in season 5, they have the best crew, the best leader (Dave), the best equipment (again, Dave) and have been instructed exactly where to find great gold, yet week after week (I just finished episode 11, when, AFTER claim owner Tallman tells them where to dig AND they get great gold in the test pans, they are STILL only getting 20-30 oz? Not possible.

    They actually have a better setup than Parker (equipment-wise) and Parker is routinely bringing in 90-150 oz.

    Also!!! When they show the sluice pads PRIOR to a clean up, those things are full and look identical to Parker’s 150 oz sluice-pads!!!!

    Yet, week after week Jack emerges ALONE, as usual, with… are you kidding me… 30 oz or whatever???

    And even in this last episode where they got 116 oz, I KNOW they had more gold and Jack stole it. And Todd KNEW. You can see it in their faces. They took Dave for 1/2 million bucks and now are stealing a lot of the gold their crew worked their butts off to get!!!!

    My God! I really like Todd and Jack early on, but seeing their faces and faked reactions during a cleanup reveal has changed EVERYTHING for me-and apparently for a lot of other Gold Rush fans: Jack and Todd Hoffman’s heinous strategies and faked reactions are beginning to be noticed and talked about all over social media. And rightly so.

    Shame on you both, Todd and Jack Hoffman! Your amazing crew and your business partner, Dave Turin deserve so much more than you have “decided” they deserve.

    I get you have had money problems and I get that the crews of seasons past didn’t lose as much money as you did, but you chose to take on that financial risk (as you so sadistically pointed out to Dave in season 5, episode 9 or 10?).

    YOU took the risk and you pouted like children about your bad decision-making and your losses. You felt justified in making up “some” of what you had lost. But you are STEALING on NATIONAL TELEVISION!!! And though many have called you bad miners, you are MUCH worse actors!!!

    Anyone and everyone reading this, re-watch season 5, episodes 8-11. You will see, back to back, week after week, that despite Dave Turin and crew’s smart moves and hard work-Jack always comes to the fire, ALONE and bearing RIDICULOUS cleanup numbers. But then, WATCH Jack carefully. And then watch Todd. You will see it written clearly on their faces.

    I am so sorry for Dave and his amazing crew. They work hard and are amazing men with a great deal of integrity, something the Hoffman’s either lost to gold fever or never had to begin with.

    In the end, Dave and the others will succeed while the Hoffman’s will be exposed for the cheats they are. In the old days, they both would have been hung for this. Social media will “hang” them out to dry when all of this comes out-and it will. The gold world is small and someone, somewhere, will talk. It’s only a matter of time.

    Good luck Dave and others. You’ll be in my prayers (my real prayers, not like those of Jack).


    • Lynn says:

      It is television and Hollywoodish. Producers air what they want and edit footage in any order they want to create drama folks. DONT BELIEVE LL YOU SEE.

  10. Phil J says:

    I also agree about Jack and Todd skimming off the top, my wife having been watching since day 1 never missed an episode, always a camera there when Parker weighs in same as Tony Beets

  11. Alice says:

    Doesn’t it bother anyone that they pray to God to give them gold. Makes my skin crawl and I am not even a Jesus freak. If there is a”God”, I’m sure he doesn’t have time to worry about getting them more gold. They should be ashamed.

  12. Timo says:

    They always talk about how much gold they get. I would love to know what the cost per ounce is when you take in employees, fuel,equipment, and mechanics.. Without all that you get no gold. Every season they tell you how much gold they have. We all can figure out what the gold is worth. How much did each group spend to get their gold totals?

  13. Dave says:

    If anyone reads this for fyi they clean up daily. The weekly “reveal” is staged for tv. Beyond that i don’t have enough info to call them crooks though i doubt it. The real money is the tv money and not what they mine. No gold= bad tv

  14. ratfox says:

    heavenly father we ask that you help us steal gold

  15. Catherine Andrews says:

    I started out hating Todd for his seeming buffoonery and constant use of the word “frikkin'”. So many men seem to think using the F word in every sentence turns their commonplace utterances into Shakespearean prose.
    I am not sure if Todd and Jack are thieves or not, but one has to recognize the fact that , without them, Gold Rush Alaska, which has become an inspiration to thousands, would not exist .
    I’m sorry about what happened to Jimmy Dorsey, but as a five year veteran of the Alaskan fishing, trapping and nightclub industries, I’ve seen a lot, and I have to say that men like Mr. Dorsey are better off in the lower 48.
    Alaska works for people who can do the job and do it well, no matter what it takes. It is definitely not for the overly sensitive.

  16. sam boyd says:

    parker help Todd from the start of gold rush then later on parker needed something and todd had it but laugh and said no. and todd and his father always praying ? most of the time for gold gods.

  17. Liz says:

    I don’t believe anything you said. Why do you hate Todd so much?

    • Nina says:

      Why would he keep mining places that are not paying gold. They are getting gold but pocketing it. How do you think they afford the six figure RV’s. Every time they have a so called low point they stop and say a phony prayer to God! Give me a break! Those that are overly religious are hiding something.

  18. Henry says:

    I wouldn’t trust the old man Jack Hoffman as far as I can throw him he’s obviously stealing gold during the cleanup, he just has that look about her that you can’t trust… they don’t like anybody in the clean up oom during cleanup other than Jack or Todd…

  19. Dan says:

    Todd tries to come across as extremely devout. Why is it the more someone professes such extreme Christianity, the bigger the pricks they turn out to be? I would enjoy watching the Hoffman’s fall on their asses!

  20. Andy says:

    How on earth can you know anyone is stealing anything? Did someone actually see it happen or is it all just guesswork on your part?

  21. Dennis S says:

    Wonder what Jesus would think of Todd being a constant a-hole to Parker

  22. James Kopplin says:

    I am a 48 year old man, and I can’t see why any one person should say anything about the Hoffman crew or family. We are being stolen from, lied to, and cheated . That’s from our own least these people are at least doing something. Are you ? I am not, but I would give anything to be able to. He’ll I would work for them in a minute, beats living in poverty trying to raise a family on a government check. So stop crying.

  23. Todd says:

    All i have to say…..The Beets…..cutting pay for workers and they arent really making that much without overtime….really? Really be proud of yourselves! Any boss or company that makes that much money and cuts the workers wages to make more….really? Shame on you!

  24. The Al says:

    Well no doubt the taxpayer’s in Oregon were supporting the family’s of the entire Hoffman crew including Todd’s via state welfare,one would think the word WELFARE FRAUD would of cam up. Then we have Parker Schnabel a struggling young gold miner-ya right, from the look’s of it his parent’s are well off and no doubt grandpa Schnabel footed the bill too. So there we are between struggling gold miner’s and those poor Alaska bush people-the Brown’s ( who’s entire off spring when born no doubt cost the taxpayer’s via welfare) are all struggling through life. If it was that easy dont ya think every one would be in Alaska?,but would the Discovery co. pay everyone ? There it is-a lot of B.S. on the tube!

  25. bart adkins says:

    Todd has the worst beard I’ve ever seen on a fat man !

  26. Capt Hook says:

    I would never work for Todd Hoffman or his dad old sneaky Jack. Neither one of them can do a day work on their own and neither one of them look like they have any kind of skills at all. I worked 41 years in heavy construction business and would never ask one of my employees to do anything I wouldn’t or couldn’t do myself any many times did it myself because it was to dangerous and I didn’t want my employees to get hurt.

  27. Caffo says:

    1. Pesonally, I think all the guys with the money—dad–“glory hole Jack”, his fat son(this fat entitled kid would be homeless if not for his father’s money), Tony, and Parker are all diverting some of the gold.

    I think Parker was honest in the beginning, but started diverting gold once his grandfather died.

    The workers should demand to be present in all clean outs!!!!!

    (At this point–I would like to see Alaska just stop mining on this scale. It’s not providing a livable wage for the workers. It’s only enriching a handful of Owners. At the expense of them shitting all over the enviornment.

    I liked all the guys, except that fat fuck, but at this point; I would love to see Jack,Todd, Parker, and Tony crash on a Cessna. What happened to Parker? He was a nice kid? Grandpa gives him a little money, and he morphs into a Ugly Kid.

  28. Jerry says:

    Praying to god for gold. Give me a break. It’s always the ones who most devout to religion, that I also agree, are the biggest thieves and asses. What is the christian faith, but nothing but the worlds biggest scam. Why even show that on television.

    • Get Over Yourself says:

      You sound like a HUGE LOSER to knock anyone’s religion! Go AHEAD and mock God and the Christian religion. Lets see how that works for you! Your thinking is the SCAM! Keep telling yourself that! When something catastrophic happens in your life please don’t go to God because He is not listening until you acknowledge Him instead of being a hypocrite!

      • Frank says:

        God is listening? Nope! God was only created by people who were afraid of death.
        On the other hand, the Hoffman’s are thieves. Yes, that’s correct. All of the so called miners that went to Alaska ALL mortgaged their assists to go up there, it want just the Hoffman’s. Jack and his wife ran housing properties that had multiple complaints about them being “slumlords” and they still never fixed anything even after court orders (its all public knowledge and free to look up).
        After the Hoffman’s crew starts leaving this season because they were not being paid, Todd turns to the camera and says “friends don’t do that to friends”, so keep on being shistered by the Hoffman’s, I’m sure they’d hire you also.

  29. J S says:

    Todd Hoffman is a Worthless Piece Of Shit Thief, Complete FAILURE Time Afer Time. Laughing Joke. No person time after time has that much pride to go back again on national tv and fail over and over. One crew member even said;(and his question is the answer) “How is that(get only 30oz.) even possible?” Yet they still stay with him? They need a new piece of equipment, a ‘Wet Feed System’ and presto he’s got it with no money and a track record like he has(or so the Hoffmans want you to believe there broke.)

  30. Aaron says:

    I cant stand those two praying to god to make them rich ,I’m not a religious person but that don’t seem like something you should ask god for . How about working for it you lazy ass seems to me daddy’s been taking care of that spoiled brat. You know he don’t do squat look how fat and out of shape he is .

  31. Sholts says:

    Why does Todd Hoffman never works or drive any big equipment on the show? Everyone works their butt off and stands around without helping.

  32. darren says:

    Todd Hoffman must be backed by discovery, how could an incompetent fool still be operating, seriously no investor in their right mind would back such an idiot. The show needs a village idiot for amusement and ratings and Todd is it totally.

  33. Ryan Raffelson says:

    Parkes needs his ass whooped he is such an asshole

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  35. Margie says:

    I’m pretty sure God’s busy elsewhere