The Song Amanda

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  1. Amanda W. says:

    My name is Amanda and I’m 15 and the first of 4 kids. So when my mom was 9 months pregnant with me she was at a BBQ and she heard this song playing and decided to name me Amanda.
    I didn’t even know this until a couple years ago and I had never heard the song but then today we were talking about it in the car and I decided to search for it and this is the website I came to. I guess it is a pretty good song. A little cheezy but still.
    Another story about me being named after this song is when I was telling my friend’s mom about this song that I was named after I said that it was sung by a guy named Boston and she got all offended and said, “BOSTON IS A BAND NOT A GUY!!!” I think she is still mad at me for that. lol
    So that is my story of being named after this song.


  2. Wow! Nice story Amanda! Yeah I can see how the younger generation would think this song is a little cheezy, but at the time it was pretty popular. Pretty funny about Boston and your mom’s friend……lol.

    I’m glad that this post made it in the search engines for Amanda! Thanks for posting!