Famous 1967 California Bigfoot

While browsing around online I saw how certain legends and myths were being debunked. One of those famous legends was the Loch Ness Monster or Nessie. We now know how a couple of men in that town used Nessie for a tourist attraction and years later they admitted to how they took the picture and I even watched a movie recently about the whole Loch Ness Monster story. I was surprised to see so many people still giving credit to Roger Patterson, who is dead now, about this famous film footage from 1967 that was took in the northern part of California. A lot of people believe this is a real big foot, based on the fact it wasn’t possible to have such an authentic ape suit during the late 1960’s. Coincidentally enough, this was also the same time frame for the Planet of the Apes. The designer of those costumes was a man named John Chambers and it was director John Landis who accused Chambers of wearing that suit in the Patterson Bigfoot film. Chambers denied he was ever the man in the Patterson film.

Another man came forward more than 30 years later and said he was the one in the gorilla suit. He claimed Roger Paterson was going to pay him $1000 for his work in the suit. His name was Bob Heironimus and his body build is very much like the figure playing Bigfoot in the Roger Patterson film. Not sure I believe the part about the money promised, but his story seems very logical.

1967 Roger Patterson Film Showing Bigfoot
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Before you start breaking down the footage and trying to determine if this is a man in a suit or an actual bigfoot. You should first learn who Roger Patterson was and a little bit about his life. He was from Yakima, Washington and his partner Bob Gimlin was 1/4 Apache Indian and they had travel to Northern California in the search for bigfoot and bigfoot prints. Before this trip in October of 1967 ever took place, Patterson wrote a book. The name of this book was called “Do Abominable Snowmen of America Really Exist?”. It was published 1 year before the famous film footage was shot and this book came out in October of 1966.

Now I love gold and hope I can find a big gold mine some day. I have an interest in aliens and wouldn’t mind being referred to as an alien expert one day. So let’s just go ahead and give me these titles now and let me be a gold expert and an expert on space aliens. Even though I have expert status in these two areas; what is the possibilities of me finding one of the biggest gold mines or filming a controversial tape showing aliens? Don’t you find it a little strange that Roger Patterson was fascinated with abominable snowmen and bigfoot and he just happens to be the one that sees bigfoot and has a camera in his hands too? They are 6 billion of us now living on this planet and bigfoot isn’t an everyday story. Maybe we only had half of that many people back in 1967, so the 1 in 3 billion chance that bigfoot is finally captured on film, just happens to be a bigfoot expert?

If you think of crime scenes and where a murderer has left a dead body, it isn’t always the detective that finds the body. Outside of the killer, the victim, and any eyewitnesses, the detective is the most likely person to find the dead body first or at least it would seem that way. The detective has all the clues, tips, and evidence they can use to locate where a dead body may be. Still we see half of the victims being found by ordinary folks that are not detectives and don’t have any ties to law enforcement. The reason for this, is because there is so many people out there and we all do so many different things in life. They’re some cases where a off-duty police officer finds a dead body or discovers some piece of evidence that breaks the whole case wide open. Most of the time, it’s people that have other professions in life, that accidentally find their self getting involved with a murder case.

I can’t even calculate the chances of a bigfoot expert being the first one to find a bigfoot. Those numbers go up even more when the bigfoot expert was carrying a camera with them. It’s great that Roger Patterson got his 15 minutes of fame for a trick that nobody got hurt from. Only his 15 minutes has lasted over 40 years now and some of that fame got him on the Merv Griffin Show, the Joey Bishop Show, and countless others working in TV, magazines, and newspapers also got interviews with Mr. Patterson.

The year now is 2010 and we can put the 1967 Patterson film to bed now. That creature has never been seen again and no telling how many searchers were looking for it back in the late 1960’s. A very convincing character named Bob Heironimus is taking credit for wearing the suit on that October 20th day back in 1967. Then if you actually watch the film footage itself, it looks more like a man walking through the woods; than  one of Nature’s creatures taking a walk through the forest.

If you believe the film footage is real because ape suits weren’t like that in the 1960’s or Hollywood can’t recreate what the Patterson film shows; then you’re looking in the wrong direction. Just because someone else can’t get the exact suit, lighting, or camera angle to match up with Roger’s work is a poor reason for given credit to a bigfoot existence. We may wake up tomorrow to find a bigfoot in our front yard and it turns out the Earth has 1000 of these creatures walking the planet right now. It’s things like that where we can start back putting our faith in a bigfoot. When 6 billion people are going through their daily lives and we are only getting back a few dozen reports or sightings each year and none of these have follow-ups to prove the first sighting was real, you have to conclude now that bigfoot is not real.

What’s funny, to me it wouldn’t even be that big of a deal if bigfoot was real. Since we can go to the zoo and see apes are real and they exist, it’s very possible at one time a creature was a couple of feet taller and could walk on two feet like us did exist. While you’re at that zoo watching the apes and monkeys, make sure to go see the giraffe too. Now that’s a mythical creature I could get excited about. A 4 legged animal that is similar in structure to a horse, but has a much bigger body and oh yeah, it has a super long neck that can put it’s head as high as 15 feet in the air with all four’s still on the ground. Compare a picture of bigfoot with a picture of a giraffe and ask yourself which creature would seem more likely to exist?