UnOfficial Nadine Mug

The cast and crew from Larry’s Country Diner have not sent me the “official Nadine Mug” like we see her with so many times. Instead, they force me to a generic version of the Nadine Mug and for now; I am quite happy with it.

So what is happening with the heart and soul of Larry’s Diner these days?

Well I do have a special announcement to make. It appears our very own Nadine is heading to the Opry! Yep, you heard it here first! Nadine will be going to the big show, the main event, the place where everyone tries to get to in country music. It is the only place people would walk 100’s; if not thousands of miles to get to. Yes, I am talking about the Opry and I am talking about the Bement Country Opry! Huh? Did you say Bement Country Opry? Ok, so it isn’t “the” Opry we all know and love, but it is “a” opry and this one has Nadine! 

Nadine’s Appearance Dates @ the Bement Country Opry

April 8th (2011) – 8 PM

April 9th (2011) – 9 PM

*Only 2 Shows Scheduled. Be Sure To Get Your Tickets Fast!

The Illinois Opry is owned and operated by Larry & Sondra Wooley of Decatur, Illinois. I was honored to see Sondra leave a message on my Simple Life Blog and I would like to copy and paste the information she wanted all of my readers and the fans of Larry’s Country Diner and especially for those fans who love Nadine to see. So here is what Sondra has to say:

“NADINE is indeed going to be making an appearance on the BEMENT COUNTRY OPRY SHOWS APRIL 8 & APRIL 9 2011. My husband and I own the show and we are all looking so forward to her appearances and the shows. so don’t miss it. Anyone in the area of Bement, IL. just give me a holler for information on this event. phone 217 877-6499. Thanks See y”all in April. 8 or 9, 2011.
PS. I never miss this show Larry’s country Diner. Great entertainment..”

Sondra posted the above message on March 6th and the Wooley family is giving everyone here a warm and sincere invitation to see the very funny Nadine. Remember these show time dates are NOT for the Grand Ole Opryin Nashville, but for the Bement Country Opry in Illinois.

Renae the Waitress Answers More Diner Questions…

The lovely Renae, who is the true highlight of the Diner and its not Larry, like he would like for you to believe. In fact, the show should be called the Nadine and Waitress Renae Show; since Mr. Black doesn’t really bring much to the table for his RFD-TV Original Program to be successful. But anyway, I will pass along the 2 comments Renae the Waitress left on the 3rd of this month (March). Waitress Renae says:

 Hey Everyone.
Let me help with some of your questions We tape 4 shows every month at Northstar studios where we set up the Diner for a day. Real food, real service and alot of fun. We invite fans to attend the tapings, eat in the Diner and be on the show. Reservations are ONLY made through Larry’s Black’s office. 615-673-2846 ask for DeeAnn and she will take real good care of you. Nadine has her own website with a shop full of stuff. Nadine mug, new CD and Best of Nadine DVD and if you ask she will sign them Nadine is making personal appearances. She is booked at Bement Country Opry in IL April 8th and 9th,2011 which should be a HOOT!! There is a dual photo of her on her website if you want to take a peek at what she really looks like and she has appearance dates with phone numbers.
Thank you ALL for watching the Diner and such positive comments. We have so much fun. We are going back in the studio in May to film some New Country’s Family Reunion shows. And we have a new Marty Robbins Collection we are releasing this month. Larry keeps me VERY busy !!!

Renae was not yet done and would come back and leave a 2nd post on the same day and here is what Renae forgot to say in her first post above. Renae the Waitress says:

PSSSSSSSS….I forgot to mention we are producing a NEW INSTRUMENTAL CD on Sheriff Jimmy Capps that will be released after the summer. I have heard some of the recordings and it is FABULOUS !!!! We will feature it on the Diner when it ‘s done…..See Ya at the Diner !!!!

I think a lot of guitar fans out there, will be glad Renae came back and left this 2nd message. She just wanted to remind us, that later this year the guitar player from Larry’s Country Diner will be releasing a new CD. He’s the one who is dressed up like a sheriff on the Show. Many of the legends and country music stars who live or pass through Nasville and The Opry, know who Jimmy Capps is and in many cases, they have performed with him too. Mr. Capps is a legendary guitarist in Nashville and he’s really helped to shape country music and its fame over the last few generations. What would the MP3 Country Music downloads at Amazon look like, if the World would have never got a glimpse of this young boy, growing up in North Carolina.

I think Jimmy did very well with his choice for a wife; while picking those strings with the Legends and Stars of Country Music. His better half or life partner, who I believe married the Sheriff about 3 or 4 years ago, is a very good singer herself. She is a joy to hear singing and I am glad the Diner has allowed her to sing with a number of the country music stars; who have visited the Diner. She has a great voice, is very attractive to look at, and just seems like the nicest person in the world. Her beautiful smile works too. Yeah, I think Jimmy Capps did just fine and some guys just have all the luck.

And that just about does it for the Diner News today. I do think 1 or 2 of you out there are happy to see the Show go back to its original 1 hour format and not this 30 minute crap, we was all forced to watch. 30 minutes is not enough time to learn who the guests are and laugh at a few of the jokes from Nadine. I won’t mention no names, on whose idea it was to go to a new 30 minute show, but I’m sure Larry (cough cough), I mean who ever thought the 30 minute show idea was good, probably knows better now. Right? What do you think?


A. Original 1 Hour Format

B. New 30 Minute Episodes

And as a special treat for Mrs. Nadine and her husband Homer, I will give her a real link to the Official Nadine Mug. Fans can follow the link and begin having coffee or hot chocalate with Nadine every morning. And if Nadine would really like to sell a few of these mugs, I would suggest she hires Blogger Chris for a special $50 off discount and I will have everyone around Nasville drinking Nadine Mugsand listening to other Nadine items they could be buying online. Use this special coupon and send $250 to Blogger Chris at PayPal.  Normally I charge $300 a month for my services, but for you Nadine, I will drop the price 50 bucks and give you a hand at the $250 a month rate. Keep in mind, this is just 1 of my blogs I have online. I have 7 more blogs, plus a network of other blogs I have access to, for even more exposure online. Not to mention a wide-range of advertising platforms I use to launch campaigns and I can purchase advertising in all the right spots.

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