The Doctors TV Show on ABC

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  2. john barnes says:

    ive had every test on my stomach but still sick

  3. I am 56 years olds. In 2009 I was diagnosed with inflammation of the brain. In 2007, I started having mini headaches that would come and go . I was still able to teach my job which is Physical Education to K-5th grade. The headaches became more frequent and painful. I’ve had migraines before but not on a frequent bases. That was when I was much younger. Then all of a sudden these headaches where coming everyday. Between all this I was seeing my family doctor along with headache specialist. These headaches turned into full blown migraines everyday. I could not work, eat or sleep unless I was sedated. I can’t even tell you my story in this block. I have seen at least seven specialist and found one migraine Dr. That is helping me with maintenance of pain. This is a debilitating disease and it keeps me in bed sometimes 5-6 days a week. Can you help me find a docto that can help me regain some quality of life back. I’m missing so much of my grandchildren life. My husband is a Physician Assistant and carries a heavy load on him everyday. He just recently lost his job of 23/and half years with the hospital . He started a new job but making half the money. Please help if you can! Thanks, Wanda Ricard my mom says everyday Wanda write the doctors they might can help you. My mom will be proud of me. Thanks for all you do especially the little baby on your show today. Jan 14, 2015. God Bless.

  4. anthony kneece says:

    I think you should have a doctor for copd and asbestos.Asbestos made me sick and it did not take 20 years as the book tells us.

  5. Wendy hobson says:

    What’s going on with the female doctors hair.cant she afford to get her roots done

  6. Janice cason says:

    I think the show is wonderful you all help so many ppl I wish you all could help me I was shot in the face and it left me with a nose deformity I had multiple surgeries I get so depressed when I look in the mirror only thing that keeps me going is my family

  7. Aimee Williams says:

    What channel & times is your show on?

  8. Shawn G Pegues says:

    I need Help / I’ve been dealing with a very sore urethra and prostate problems since 2002. Im 35 and feel I lost my 20s / youth ex. Prostititus sugery is what he suggested and did. With no help.Very sore to walk/tip of my penis hurts everyday and affects my life in many ways. Rubs up against my pants and affects my walking and sexlife. “Hurts a lot more after master bating and lifting heavy objects also. I’m a trained chef with a culinary degree but I have to keep goin back to my old manufacturing job for insurance. 6 months with no job and contemplating suicide many times in the past. I haven’t been with anyone since it all started in 02. I’ve see many doctors and specialists that kept me on the red pee pill/leviquin cipro ex. For a very long time with no improvement. I’ve had a surgery to relieve the pain with no help. Now told I will never have kids after the sugery. I was told by the last specialist that he could do no more and to live with it. I found lortabs help ease the pain over the many years so I can live normal and work ex. Anxiety is off the chart and I feel very alone. Burning with sharp pains up and down my urethra when it’s the worst. I feel I have to adjust my scrotum and cup in my cand when I sleep . I’ve been off and on pain killers but always go back to carry on normally. I was told lortabs don’t affect that area but Dealing with it for so long I feel doctors have done all they can and lortabs do help but it’s not a fix. I’ve quit taking them again since I quit my job cuz of the derteration of my life and at living at home helps a lot. I’m ready to get back to normal life without pain Meds. I gotta work and keep living ,so I’ve started taking them agin to look for a job and get back out there. I don’t no what to do. Please help dr. Travis. God only knows.

  9. Mary says:

    I have epilepsy along time since I was 13 I am 48 yrs. Old and agoraphobia. I’m tired of doctors and people treat me like a baby not able to go see my children’s plays or school stuff. People look at me weird and panic attacks are the worst nothing works it’s been 25 years. Can’t work or drive . I feel like I’m a problem for everyone . I feel bad for my husband . He must feel like a babysitter . Please help is there a way it can be fixed please help me.

  10. kimberly lincoln says:

    I was watching your show today about the nurse who really wasn’t a nurse. I know a person in an Ohio Doctors office that IS NOT a nurse .. no medical schooling .. nothing and she has been working as a nurse for years .. calling I rxs .. writing rxs.. doing shots.. pap smears .. drawing blood .. i am so mad being in the medical field myself having all the crudentials to back it up and she has nothing .. how is that possible ?? I certainly WOULD NOT want her poking around on me. What can be done

  11. jan says:

    I too have noticed the black female doctor seems to flirt ALL the time with Dr. Travis Stork who is married; at least that was the last I heard! She can’t seem to keep her eyes off him and directs almost all of her comments to him. Wonder what his wife thinks!

  12. Evening, I’ve been a TRUE fan nearly a decade, I’d totally LOVE to have their email-contact-address ?Enjoy a GREAT evening. Debbie R Gore

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  14. penny kirk says:

    I think that segment on drugs aired on the Docts Novemeber 2 2015 should be susbsidezed by government to air on tv prime time by every chanel in every state often eventually it would be a money saver as reahabilation

    I also love all the postivite we are now seeing abou bullying accepteance charcter and acts of kindness.

  15. Debbie says:

    Evening, I’d TOTALLY LOVE to be a guest on a show, after I’m repaired by YOU guys + YOU’D for sure complete my life by restoring my WALK & it’s been gone from a wreck-June10/05 & I’ve suffered for 1-LONG decade so PLEASE make it my ONLY-1, PLEASE ??I truly LOVE YOU’RE show, now I’ve for sure got a reason to watch it !!!!!!!! I’d for sure LOVE for YOU to change my life, PLEASE?????Enjoy YOU’RE show, I do + THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Debbie R Gore

  16. Samantha Pekar says:

    Dear Doctors,
    I am a 68 years young retired Executive Secretary. Since I retired it seems my IQ is going downhill; use it or loose it. I worked for the space program at LA AFB which required a lot of cognitive thought. Now I feel like a “space cadet,” not a good thing.
    Recently I read about a smart pill called “Neurogenix” being sold over the internet. It sounded too good to be true so a red flag immediately went up. However, I would be curious to know if any such “pill” exist that would help improve memory of non-Alzheimer types. Personally, I would rather eat good food than take a pill. I eat a healthy diet containing a lot of organic vegetables and fruits and most of my meat is fist.
    Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
    Ms. Samantha Pekar
    (405)669-6921 for text message

  17. june says:

    i need to get the attorney name and law firm you had on show on tuesday regarding smoking please respond im having trouble getting your site thank you

  18. Anita Green says:

    I have a question. My 22 month grt-grandson has been in the Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo for most all of his life. He was sent to CHOP after all the doctors he has seen decided he has a never seen before health problem. An inactive T-cell plus an number of other problems. His large intestine has been tied off, because of excessive bleeding, and he has an ileostomy bag. He also recently received coclear implants because he has become deaf. He is having chemo this week and will receive a bone marrow transplant on May 2nd. His mom & dad had to leave his older brother, age 4, with friends in Gardner, Ks. I wondered if you were aware of any help/donations for them as they will have to be there for maybe a year. Boston’s father will need to get back and forth to Gardner to work because that is where their insurance is. Boston also has a very suppressed immune system. He is such a smiley, happy little guy for all he has been through. His name is Boston DeWald and his parents are Jason & Stephanie DeWald. They are terrified at what he will be going through. If he doesn’t have this done and would happen to be exposed to the HLH virus it could be fatal. This has been a long journey for he and his family. They are from Gardner, Ks and live at 714 North Alder. Would be great if you could contact them just to know that they are not alone. I do not know the name of the doctor in charge at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She is the one that diagnosed the problem with his cells, etc. Sincerely, Anita Green, 6723 Lindberg Ave, Arkansas City, Ks —620-442-0066.

  19. Claudia Boze says:

    Please Tell Travis to shave his beard. Some guys can pull it off but with his really short hair it just doesn’t do justice to his handsome face.

  20. James Price says:

    I would like to have an email address for Dr. Ordon. There a few questions that I would like to discuss with him concerning his DERM product.