Beautiful Indoor Swimming Pools from Around the World

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10th Best Indoor PoolHoley Ceiling Pool – I really like this large indoor swimming pool. The architecture all the way around the pool is very nice. The design above the ceiling with all of the holes is a nice touch. I really like my holey ceiling pool a lot and this is why I have this listed as one of the top 10 indoor swimming pools in the World.

9th Best Indoor PoolLight Colored Archetecture Pool– This is a fabulous pool with a light color in mind. Another pool that is fairly basic, but the architecture surrounding the pool, sure makes it one the neighbors will envy and be jealous of. Who woulnd’t want to have an indoor swimming pool like this in their home?

8th Best Indoor PoolLiving Room Pool– If you look close on the left hand side of the picture, you will see a table and chairs. A place where the family could enjoy an evening dinner; while in the comforts of their super-looking indoor pool. I really love all the different lights around this pool. There are at least 4 different types of man-made lights surrounding this pool, not to mention the two square cut-outs at the top, where an extra source of natural lighting can come in during the day. I wouldn’t have a problem eating every dinner of the week by this gorgeous indoor pool.

7th Best Indoor PoolSpacious Arch Bridge Pool – This pool has enough space for a whole town to enjoy. You would never have to worry about inviting too many guests over for a swim or sending out too many invites for a pool party. This spacious pool is enough room for everyone to enjoy a good swim. I really the arch bridge in the center of the pool. I really think the bridge is a nice touch and not too many home owners would have thought to include their own bridge, for an indoor swimming pool.

6th Best Indoor PoolPool with a View – There are so many positive ways to grade this awesome-looking pool. The indoor designs and things surrounding the pool is as nice as any indoor pool you will ever see. I really like the big columns coming down from the ceiling to the floor and a couple of them inside the pool. What really makes this a top 10 indoor pool is that marvelous view you have outside. The big windows help swimmers to see that there is a big ocean just outside. Not often do you find an indoor pool with a great view, but the designers of this indoor beauty did just that. Everyone will have a hard time finding something wrong with this top 10 pool; if there is something wrong with it?

5th Best Indoor PoolRomantic Indoor Privacy Pool – This indoor swimming pool screams out for romance, but in a very calm, soothing, and whispering voice. All couples who are still madly in love with one another, will enjoy this romantic piece of luxury. The dark colors and the spraying water off the sides makes this a pool for a romantic good time. A pool you won’t mind showing off to friends and family, but hoping they don’t stay long, so you can be alone with your better half, with this pool of love. Just light the candles and your all set!

4th Best Indoor PoolThe King’s Palace Pool– Just go ahead and find the king and queen, because this pool belongs in a palace. You have heard me talk about the nice architecture design of other indoor pools, but this pool is the king of architecture detail. No stone was left unturned, when they created this amazing piece of artwork, that surrounds a full-size pool and a little circular pool that can also be seen in the picture. Beautiful towering columns in this high ceiling room and the big windows for your viewing pleasure is just a couple of the things that highlight this indoor pool.

3rd Best Indoor PoolCircular Cave Pool – There really isn’t a cave here, but if you see how the high ceilings go up on the far side of the room, it makes going to the other side like a cave. We are actually viewing the pool from the cave, as we are looking at this spectacular display of H2O (water). If you think this is the best indoor swimming pool on my list, I won’t argue with you. It’s just an amazing all-around swimming pool and I would love to be the owner of this one. So many great things I could say about this terrific pool, that is in the shape of a circle. I know the outside of the pool is what makes it so fantastic, but I love the simple pool design and the wide steps for entry and exit. 2 thumbs up!!