Buying a computer these days is certainly cheaper than it use to be. However, a computer is still an item that some families living in America can’t afford. Even if you can find a good used computer on sale, it is still costly to pay for an Internet service each month. Knowing how expensive it is to own a computer and be connected to the World Wide Web, I am shock what today’s school systems are doing.

In a lot of households, you have a Dad and a Mom who both work full-time jobs. So asking the parents to take the kids to a local library, so they can have access to a computer is really showing a lack of respect toward these working families. I’m shocked school system are actually requiring their students to own a computer at home. While 80% of most families will not have a problem with this modern measure the school systems are taking, it’s the other 20% I have concerns for. This means 1 out of every 5 students currently going to a elementary, middle, or high school does not have the ability to connect with the World Wide Web.

School systems can’t expect all families to be able to afford computers for their children. The schools are causing for students to be isolated, who don’t have a computer at home they can go home and surf the Net on. For the kids who do have access to home computers, they learn a lot more faster from computers; than the other kids who don’t have a computer at home.

I know in the perfect world, we would have a Mom or a Dad who comes home each evening from work and would spend hours and hours with their children on the computer. They would teach them how to type and how to navigate the Web by using online search engines. Yes, this would be a world we could all dream about living in one day. The problem we have now, is this perfect world doesn’t exist. Some parents both work full-time jobs or we have a single parent trying to raise more than 1 kid at home. When schools ask for parents to buy their kids computers and want them to pay for a monthly Internet bill; then that is not showing proper respect to these hard-working parents. In many cases, these families are struggling to just provide the basics like clothing, shelter, and food. It is ridiculous for any school to send homework out and the only way to get it properly done, is by using a computer at home.

Why Don’t Schools Buy Computers for All Students?

So why don’t schools just buy a computer for every student? They don’t have to take them home, just home enough computers to go around for each and every student. Oh, I know what the answer to this one is. Schools can not a buy a computer for every student, because this would cost too much money. Well doesn’t that sound familiar. Schools don’t have the funds to give every child in their school systems computers and this is true for parents too. They don’t have enough money to provide a computer, Internet service, and any other costs related to maintaining¬†a working computer at home. If schools can’t afford a computers for all students; then why in the world would they ask parents to do this? School systems just don’t respect the working family and don’t care about the 20% percent of children who can’t afford a home computer. They just want to improve test scores and provide the best education possible to 80% of their students and they don’t care to let the other 20% of students without a home computer to fall through the cracks. Education in this country will never get better unless we give the same opportunities to 100% of our kids in school.

When we hear stories about a person killing somebody by drinking and driving or hear about a senseless murder where a kid with a bad past and labeled as a trouble kid; just goes out and abruptly ends the life of a straight A student or one who was almost a college graduate. This is because school systems and school teaches allowed for these students to slip between the crack and gave too much attention to the smarter or wealthier kids in class. Our troubles with violence in this country can go back to the education system in most cases and the number of smart and wealthy kids are a lot lower than 20 percent and it’s the 20 percent number of students, who don’t have access to the Net at home. Let’s end this deadly sense of poor educational focus and let’s get back to treating our students equal across the board.