halloween witch

It seems Halloween is not really a holiday we celebrate for 24 hours. We may spend days getting ready for Halloween with costume shopping, decorations, baking goods, and buying all of that candy. I figure Halloween is actually a 2 hour holiday we spend each year. If you take into consideration that most parents take their kids trick-or-treating one hour before it gets dark and spend 1 hour after dark going door to door looking for candy; then the whole Halloween festivities last for about 2 hours in most cases. Those that like to watch scary movies or go to Halloween carnivals get a lot more out of the holiday.

This year Halloween will fall on a Saturday. This is great for everyone and especially the kids that want to stay out late trick-or-treating or just rolling someone’s yard in toilet paper. I do enjoy getting out on November 1st and seeing the different houses that got rolled over night. Some home owners actually encourage some kids to roll their yards, so their house can be the one with the extra toilet paper on November 1st. There is an art form to rolling someone’s house in toilet paper. You need a few bigger kids or some guys that play sports. If one of your friends is a pitcher on his baseball team or the quarterback for the local high school football team, then you got a good friend for rolling yards. Someone with a strong arm can launch the toilet paper high into the trees and this looks good the next morning; when the sun comes up. Just remember you need to undo some of the paper, cause it can be a little sticky getting the paper to roll off the roll for the first time. Once you get the toilet paper where it will roll off real easy, that’s when you want to hand it to the quarterback or baseball pitcher in the crowd and let him throw it high in a big tree.

toilet paper rolling

If you get people that can’t really launch the toilet paper; then you will have a rolling job like the one in the picture. See how the tops of the trees are left untouched? This is because you had kids with weak arms or a lot of girls doing this toilet paper rolling job. You can prevent this by getting that guy with the super strong arm to launch a few rolls for you. The lower limbs need to be covered too, but make sure you get a couple of rolls high up in the tree, so you can still see some toilet paper around Thanksgiving. If you can still see toilet paper when you sit down to eat turkey and dressing; then you did a good job with your TP rolling efforts. Always keep safety in mind for your Halloween toilet paper rolling jobs and everyone can wake up the next morning with a good laugh from your hard Halloween night efforts. Do you have any other great Halloween pranks? Please reply with your best Halloween pranks or a memorable TP job you did to a friend, neighbor, boss, or school teacher.