For a list of earlier products shown on the Doctors, check back to the First Doctors Products Page. This is Page 2 for the latest and most recent products; which have been featured on the Doctors TV Show. The Drs television program comes on 5 days a week, Monday – Friday and features Dr. Travis Stork, Dr. Drew Ordon, Dr. Jim Sears, and Dr. Lisa Masterson.

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Hot Boots – Microwavable Footwear

Comfort booties you can throw in the microwave to heat up. These are the same Hot Boots that were featured on the Drs with Doctor Lisa Masterson wearing them. If you don’t like the pink color, you can get these Hot Boots in purple. Below is another brand of these boots you heat up in the microwave. It’s a great way to get heated footwear and without having to use an electrical cord from the boots to do it. These are safe to place in your microwave ovens at home and it doesn’t take long to heat these booties up to a warm and comfortable temperature.

Herbal Concepts Cold/Hot Comfort Booties


*If these brands of microwavable footwear is out of your price range, there are some you can get for under $10 called the Carex Bed Buddy Warming Footies. Hopefully these are more in your price range, if the Hot Boots featured on the TV Show were a little too much for your budget.

Lower Back Pain Relief

This is the little back pain device; which Dr. Sears demonstrated the Sacro Wedgy on the Drs TV Show. This product comes in two different forms. There is a Men’s Sacro Wedgy version that comes in the color blue. While the women have their own Lady’s Sacro Wedgy for lower back pain relief.

Kind Fruit & Nut Bars – These health snacks from Kind were featured on the Doctors TV Show. The audience members got a chance to take home a box and give them a try. There is a lot of different choices to choose from:

Kind Plus Almond Cashew + Omega 3 – Nutritional Boost – Gluten Free Bars

Kind Plus Omega 3 Bars

Kind Plus Strawberry Nut Delight + Calcium Snack Bars

Click Here for Variety Choices from Kind – This link leads to a lot of different choices and you can choose different size packs to get. If you see one variety is not available, try to choose a different size pack and you should be able to get any variety on this page.

Office Chair from RFM Manufacturing


The chair that is great for helping to rebuild back posture. This RFM Chair forces you to sit up straight.

Itch Soother – For Bug Bites & Bee Stings

The Itch Soother is a good warm weather product to help relieve the discomforts that come from bug bites, bee stings, or even jellyfish stings. This device works by using heat on the skin and can help to take away these awful effects in just a few seconds. There are two other companies marketing a product like this and for a little more in cost, you can get their products. You have the Bite Away device for about $34 and the Itch Stopper goes for around $55. While you can get the Itch Soother for about $15. It looks like all 3 products basically use the same technology and treat bee stings and other pests that can cause pains and itching. It would be nice for a family to have one of these around with small kids around. Even great for Grampa and Grandma to keep at their house for them or to use on the grand-kids when they come to visit. If you can remove the pains of a bee sting from a crying child, you would be their buddy for a long time.

Bed Bug Traps- These handy little plastic trays, you can slide under your bed post at home. When the bed bugs try to climb up into your bed from the posts toching the floor, they will get trapped in this two-wall designed bed bug trap. No chemicals, no harmful odors, and these traps are safe around pets. The bugs go into these traps, but they can’t get out, due to the slickness and steep walls inside. If you have more than 1 bed in the house you want to use these bed bug traps for, you can buy these in a 12 count pack, so you could protect 3 beds at your home.

Men’s and Women’s Keahou II Swiss Running Shoes


Kid Sun Protective Clothes – Here you can get a baby suit for kids who are 0 – 24 months old. These clothes help to block out the sun’s harmful rays, so kids can be outside and have protection against the sun. There is also one piece swimsuits available and these go up in sizes; which could protect a 2, 3, or 4 year old child while playing outside or around the water.  

400 Calorie Fix

Above is the 400 Calorie Fix diet book; which was featured in the Doctors Contest for a autographed diet book.

This book was featured on the Doctors TV Show. The lady who intentionally made her self get the common cold, by injecting the cold into her nasal passage ways. She is Jennifer Ackerman, the book author of Ah – ChoO!

Dr. Travis Stork’s New Book

While Dr Travis Stork was practicing his smoking techniques on the Doctors TV Show, he was also finding time to write a new book. His new book is called The Lean Belly Prescription. This will be a weight loss book, for fans of the Show who are looking to lose more weight out there. His diet plan for a Lean Belly is just what the Doctor ordered! Now you can order your copy of The Lean Belly diet book, before it ever goes on sale to the public!

Dr Stork is going to be helping a lot of people with this new and powerful diet plan, he has for those who feel a little heavy right now. If you want a copy of The Lean Belly, you can go ahead and place your preorders now and the book will be sent out on December 7th, 2010! By ordering the book now, you’re guaranteed to get it before Christmas Day gets here. You can order a copy for your self and it even makes a good Christmas gift this year too. Please be sure to come back here and leave your thought about this new Drs Diet Book, so others can see if they might want to get their own copy of The Lean Belly Prescription by Doctor Travis Stork.

Jodie Sweetin, the childhood star from the TV show Full House, is better known as Stephanie Tanner. She was the middle sister in the Tanner household; which featured older sister Candace Cameron as D.J. and the youngest sister was Michelle, in which both of the Olsen Twins (Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen) would team up to play. After the show ended in 1995, Jodie Sweetin would go through two marriages and a long battle with drug and alcohol addiction. Recently she appeared on the Doctors TV Show, to tell her story and to mention her new book called UnSweetined; which chronicles her struggles with addiction and how she is now clean and sober. This December in 2010 will be the 2 year anniversary of her drug-free life. Find out how she stop using drugs and alcohol and what role her daughter Zoie played in her efforts to get clean and back to a drug-free life.

From the Friday, October 29th show:

30 Days to a Well-Mannered Dog – Book

A book that helps dog owners get their dog in shape or help them to lose weight. Dogs are just like humans and being over weight can lead to a lot of serious health issues for them too. This book by Tamar Geller helps to provide dog owners the basics they need, for keeping their dog in good shape and not over weight.