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Book Author Lisa Masterson from Daytime Television

My New Book is Done! Time for me to relax....

Fans of the weekday show The Drs will know who Doctor Lisa Masterson is. She is the only woman on the panel of 4 doctors; who all cover an expertise, in a different medical profession. Doctor Masterson is a Obsterician & Gynecologist. Do you know what that means? How about a quick little game of Doctor Trivia with our own Dr. Lisa as the host, question, and answer to our little hospital Trivial Pursuit Game. Come on! This will be fast and fun…

Health Exam #1 - What part of a woman’s body would we expect Dr Masterson to be touching the most?

A. Ears

B. Tongue

C. Stomach

D. Feet

Do you have any guesses? Well just take out your Little Padgett Gadgets, oh wait, this is NOT Live TV!  Well let’s clarify a little bit more about the job, training, and certification, our little Dr. Lisa has, for her to do the medical tasks in her Doctor’s Office. And what her official title on The Drs TV Show she carries with her to the studio each day, where she is capable and professionally trained to answer the variety of TV questions; which get placed in front of her each morning. Dr. Lisa Masterson is a OB/GYN. She gets the first two letters from the “obstetrician” skills, knowledge, and years of training. While the last three letters in her official medical title is from the “gynecologist” skills, knowledge, and even more years of studying, reading, asking questions, taking medical exams, and other highly trained lessons, she has had to endure over the early years of her medical school days.

Well after learning about her official title, I feel like I have a guess, but I am still not completely sure. Let’s go to Answers.com and see what they have to say, about each one of these job titles Doctor Masterson carries with her.

А Obstetrician is a physician who has successfully completed specialized education and training in the management of pregnancy, labor, and the puerperium (the time-period directly following childbirth).

A Gynecologist is a physician who has a successfully completed specialized education and training in the health of the female reproductive system, including the diagnosis and treatment of disorders and diseases.

Now do you have an answer for the medical question above? Please reply with your answers: A, B, C, or D. And we will try to get a professional OB/GYN to stop by and answer this tough question. Or perhaps if the one and only Miss Lisa Masterson is free and could spend a quick moment with all of us here, on the DRs TV Blog, we might could get a famous California Doctor to provide us with the correct answers to this OB-GYN question.

Paper Dollhouse: A Memoir

The main thing I wanted to give everyone the heads up on, is some of the details about this newest book from The Doctors Television Show in Hollywood, California. Most of you got to see the new book Dr. Travis Stork recently released in early December of 2010. Travis wrote a pure medical book and his Lean Belly Prescription has been a very popular book online. A lot of positive reviews have been made about Dr. Stork’s unique and helpful diet and exercise tips. Which he has laid out for men and women to start making a few changes in their daily lifestyles.

The newest book that will be hitting bookstore shelves in April, will not be a pure book on medicine, health, and doctors. This Drs New Book will be about the real life story of Lisa Masterson. Long before she ever became a doctor, she was living in a much different life; than the grand lifestyle and fame, she now commands on the set of Paramount Studios in California.

You can order Doctor Lisa’s new book Paper Doll House and lock in the special pre-ordering price. You will be guaranteed the special, low rate price for the debut of this special book. I can’t wait to get a chance to read through it and see what the struggles were like, for the very attractive Dr Masterson; which we see each morning now. How much worse, would our mornings be, to wake up each day, without having the lovely Doctor Lisa to smile and brighten up everyone’s day? I guess the feeling is mutual for the ladies; who find Doctor Stork from Nashville, Tennessee as a very attractive and well-liked doctor with the female audience members.

More news, info, and details coming soon…

Book Author Lisa Masterson & OB/GYN Doctor in California.

Paper Dollhouse: A Memoir

The more information I get, the more I will publish it for viewing. The Good Doctor did a good job, with covering her footsteps on this true story book; which details all of the facts and stories from her childhood days…

Stay tuned….