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Villas in St. Thomas 0

Villas in St. Thomas

Villa Nicoletta which is a beautiful place in St. Thomas and is ran by a husband and wife team. They had a vision after seeing how friends and family members responded to the area, with...

Dolphins 0


Dolphins are really smart. It is said that they use about 90 percent of their brains, while man uses around 10 percent of his. I guess this explains why Flipper was so smart. We...

Feds Get Involved in Southern Drought 0

Feds Get Involved in Southern Drought

The Federeal Government will be getting together with the state leaders and officials from Florida, Georgia, and Alabama concerning the shrinking water supplies. As a Georgia resident, I am saddened that we couldn’t work...

Making Videos 0

Making Videos

All the future directors and producers out there that are playing around with subtitles and closed captioning, can now have someone else do your work for you. There is a company that can easily...

U.S. Virgin Islands 0

U.S. Virgin Islands

The beauty of the Virgin Islands, St. Thomas, St. John, or St. Croix is a great escape, for anyone looking to get away. It’s beautiful waters and the warm sands all around the islands. Makes...

Small Game Shooting 0

Small Game Shooting

Shooting small game around the house with a pellet gun or a Daisy Red Rider BB gun is one way to get rid of them. I think poison might be the best solution, but then...

Business Search Engine 0

Business Search Engine

A business search engine that can help you find 45 million companies in 75 countries. That is what masterseek can do for you. If your looking to get more exposure for your company, then you can use...

The Floor of Heaven: A True Tale of the Last Frontier and the Yukon Gold Rush 0

The Floor of Heaven: A True Tale of the Last Frontier and the Yukon Gold Rush

The Floor of Heaven: A True Tale of the Last Frontier and the Yukon Gold Rush
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New York Times bestselling author Howard Blum expertly weaves together three narratives to tell the true story of the 1897 Klondike Gold Rush.It is the last decade of the 19th century. The Wild West has been tamed and its fierce, independent and often violent larger-than-life figures–gun-toting wanderers, trappers, prospectors, Indian fighters, cowboys, and lawmen–are now victims of their own success. But then gold is discovered in Alaska and the adjacent Canadian Klondike and a new frontier suddenly looms: an immense unexplored territory filled with frozen waterways, dark spruce forests, and towering mountains capped by glistening layers of snow and….

[Read More] Video Challenge 0 Video Challenge

Here is a challenge that you might want to check out. That is, if you could use an extra $5,000! The accuweather video challenge isn’t just giving away money for this challenge. You also could...

PayPerPost Adds $7 Million to its Aresenal 0

PayPerPost Adds $7 Million to its Aresenal

PayPerPost the leading online service provider that connects advertisers with bloggers just got a bit stronger today. PayPerPost has announced an additional 7 million dollars in investment support from Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Inflexion Partners,...

6th Best Video Ever 0

6th Best Video Ever

We are up to number 6 this time and soon we will be releasing the other half of the top 10 videos of all time. Number 6 is a blast back to the 80’s...

Who Gets? 0

Who Gets?

Well the person that gets, you will get to decide. What exactly are you deciding, and who gets what? Well it’s a contest that is owned by, and they give away cool prizes. They...

Save On Disney Tickets 0

Save On Disney Tickets

You don’t have to pay regular price for your Disney Tickets. Discount Disney Tickets can be found, and so many more, for the Orlando Theme Parks Area. There is so much to do around Disney World,...

Forms For Webmasters 0

Forms For Webmasters

Webmasters can get forms from If your a webmaster and looking to add a email form, or any other type of form, then can help. Their service is very easy to use....

Worm Beds 0

Worm Beds

The art of making a worm bed is really simple. Having one comes in handy when you get the notion to suddenly go fishing. You will have worms right there ready for you. Also,...