Disneys High School Musical

One of the more popular shows that is on the Disney Channel is High School Musical. It’s been made for television and the kids have been tuning-in all over the country. There is a tour that’s been going around and performing the musical to live audiences. If you have had any troubles getting your High School Musical tickets, then check with Ticket Solutions to see if they can help. They have tickets to a lot of the shows that are all over the country. You can also find tickets with them, for shows that are sold out. So if you want to see this musical in person and you need a ticket, see if Ticket Solutions can find them for you! Some tickets can be found in Canada too.

Marta From Brazil Soccer


While the women’s World Cup has just wrapped up with Germany beating Brazil in the championship game 2 -0, a star has emerged. Her name is Marta Vieira da Silva, but you can just call her Marta. Her speed and techniques are in the class of Mia Ham another well-known soccer player from the USA. However there is one big exception when you compare Marta to Mia Ham and that would be the age factor. Marta is only 21 years old and I think most people in the world has put her as the best woman in the world in soccer!

She was the leader on that Brazil team and a big reason why they made it to the finals. One of her most impressive goals in the World Cup came against the USA Team. She cut through the USA Defense like it was a piece of butter and she was the hot knife. This young lady has a whole nation behind her back and she is going to be a force to wrecken with for any female soccer team in the 2008 Olympics. As impressive as the Germans were in shutting down Brazil in the World Cup Finals, you just have to believe in another year that Marta is going to be unstopable on that Brazil team.

Marta has been playing soccer since she was 7 years-old. Her heros growing up were Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, and Ronaldo. I’m not sure how good these players were, but if they were half the player Marta is, then they must have been pretty special. The American Team had not been beat in years and won their last 51 games or so before they ran into this phenom from South America. Brazil ran away with the game and the USA Team looked lost for most of it, while they stayed at their end of the field, just trying to block the shots coming from the Brazil players. Marta is a difference maker and is going to be a very rich young girl soon as the USA League is trying to land her in the states to play. If you guys thought Beckham was good and made an impact, wait until the Americans get a look at Marta!

Someone Sing Jingle Bells with Me!

Will someone please sing Jingle Bells with Alisa Apps? That is what she tries to do in this video she has at You Tube. Alisa Apps is a uniquely talented singer and song writer and she tries to spread the Christmas spirit at one of the busiest shopping districts there is. Her good gestures take place at the Santa Monica Third Street Promenade and you won’t believe the people she runs into. She had a hard time at first, but soon people warmed up to her charm and she was able to get a few notes of Jingle Bells on camera.

Will Someone Please Sing Jingle Bells With Me?

A few people seem to be in the Christmas Spirit?

Now Alisa Apps has recorded this over at YouTube and she would like to hear other YouTubers singing the Jingle Bell song. She is asking everyone that will, to upload a video of them singing Jingle Bells and leave it as a video response over at YouTube. Get in on the fun and get those videos up today! Start showing your Christmas Spirit and let’s hear that Jingle Bells tune you have up your sleeve!


Search Engines Like Blogs

Blogs are becoming a very popular way to advertise for your product or service these days. It also helps the search engine find your websites when they are linked to blogs. Some of the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN are detecting these links in blogs and has dramatically help people get their websites listed high in search engine results. If you are not currently advertising in blogs, you might want to consider a new strategy into this ever growing field.

I have several blogs and have found good results from websites I have been promoting. Google has a good way of ranking blogs with rank and its referred to as a PR rank. The higher this number is, demonstrates the blog’s popularity. The number scale goes up to 10, but not many websites are a 10. A rank of 2 or 3 shows that a blog has a lot of incoming links to it and the search engines recognize this. These Google rankings update about once every 3 months and the next rankings should be coming out in about 4 to 5 weeks from now. Nobody really knows when Google does these updates, but these next updates should happen in late November or early December. Don’t worry if your blog doesn’t have a PR ranking yet. Just try to get your website or blog on as many other websites as possible. The more incoming links you have is the best!

Diet Coke and Mentos

Two things you would never want to eat at the same time. I’m not sure why these two things can’t get a long. I’m not a chemist, but I know these two items don’t agree with each other. Just dropping one mentos in a bottle of diet coke, will cause an eruption to happen. The hard part is creating a delivery method. Once you find a good delivery system, then just a few mentos can cause diet coke to soar several feet in the air. This really isn’t something you want to tell the kids about, because it could be dangerous. Just show them what happens, and don’t let them know its just mentos and diet coke that causes this to happen.

Now below is a video of mentos and diet coke getting together. Your experiment isn’t going to look quite like this. These guys are the professionals in mentos and diet coke mixing, if there is such a thing. Start practicing this now, and you can show off for friends and relatives for the 4th of July Holiday that will be coming up soon.

Retail Stocks for this Holiday Season

I think now is a good time for a lot of retail stocks to start moving ahead as the holiday season approaches. You want to have your hands in the food and merchandise items, to find some of the biggest gains this year. Even if you’re looking short term, you can make some money with the retail stocks right now.

Instead of finding one or two single stocks to invest in, maybe you should consider an ETF. An ETF works like a mutual fund, but trades like an individual stock does on the stock market. A good ETF will invest its money in a lot of stocks. You can find all kinds of ETF’s these days, that will fit your investment desires. I have found a solid one that looks ready for a promising run over the next few months.

PowerShares Dynamic Retail Portfolio is a solid ETF that should do well over the holidays this season. Be sure to look over their goals and ideas, and see if this ETF makes sense for your investment portfolio.

PowerShares Dynamic Retail Portfolio’s Top Holdings

Target Coporation 5.81%

eBay Inc. 5.60%

Nordstrom Inc. 4.98%

Safeway Inc. 4.98%

Kroger Company 4.82%

J.C. Penney Company Inc. 4.65%

Blue Nile Inc. 4.55%

Kohl’s Coporation 4.32%

Sears Holding Corporation 4.29%

Gamestop Corporation A 4.09%

Several of these stocks would make good individual plays, but it’s important to diversify and this diversification makes this ETF a hot investment for this year. Each share is about $17.44 right now and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 10 percent increase over the next few months. Be sure to do your homework first and see if this ETF meets your investment goal and desires. Happy investing!

Join Bux3 Today and Start Earning $$$


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A Interest Free Credit Card

You can get an interest free credit card that you will charge no interest on purchases, until January of 2008. Enjoy 0% fees on balance transfers until August of 2008. A Mint Credit Card believes in giving you more than just one 0%. This is a great opportunity for people that have never owned a Mint Credit Card before. If you like to do your shopping online; then the Mint Credit Card will make the most sense for you. Not only can you manage your account online, but you can shop safely online with Mint Secure. They have recently lowered their typical APR. You will be hard-pressed to find a credit card with a better introductory offer. Request a information pack today, and start learning all the benefits you can get with a Mint Credit Card.

Wrestlers Suspended From Steroids

Since the death of Chris Benoit and other wrestlers, the whole wrestling community is taking another look at steroids. It’s not necessarily if a wrestler is or isn’t taking the drug, but whether they got them legally or not seems to be the focus.

WWE has suspended 10 wrestlers that were in violation of steroid use. It’s not clear if it’s because these guys obtain them illegally or if they just had them in their system. I would imagine any wrestler getting suspended from a legal use of the drug would be grounds for a law suit. I’m sure the WWE took that into consideration before handing down the suspensions. They are going about it in a fair way. Your first offense will result in 30 days of suspension with no pay. The 2nd offense would be 60 days with the same terms. The 3rd offense or 3rd strike, then the wrestler would be fired from the WWE.

So much attention has been brought up about wrestlers that use steroids. It is probably something that the WWE needs to do and steroids aren’t needed in wrestling like other sports. Other professional sports you are graded on your physical talents and steroids can help that in some cases. Wrestlers are using less physical abilities to work their way up the ladder and it’s more like a scripted show than what other professional athletes have to deal with. Wrestling is a tough sport and you do have to be in shape. Don’t get me wrong wrestlers, I know that what you do inside the ring takes amazing physical ability and you do get your bruises along the way. It’s just the fact that wrestlers could achieve their goals easier than other sports people, because they can have more of a niche than actual physical strength to succeed.

The 10 wrestlers that were suspended have not been named yet. Not sure if the public will get that information or not, but I think a lot of folks will stand behind the WWE on their policy for steroids. It’s a fair one and they have the power to test wrestlers 4 times a year. The WWE will not have to go through what baseball has had to go through over the last few years, because of their willingness to take things into their own hands. Baseball was crippled by the players union so badly, it took an act of Congress to step in and get them on the right track.

WWE stock will get attention the next few weeks, because of this announcement on steroids. Don’t be surprised if investors take this stock to the 21 dollar level by March of 2008. It’s a 14 dollar stock now and I see this stock increasing 50 percent over the next 6 months, as long as this does not become a pattern of suspending wrestlers. So I have no problems in adding WWE to the portfolio and taking advantage of the up-swing that this stock could take over the next few months.

Bionic Woman on NBC

Have you had a chance to watch the Bionic Woman yet? It comes on NBC on Wednesday Nights and comes on at 9PM. It’s not that bad of a show, but it’s very different from the original one. Jamie Summers is the name of the Bionic Woman and that’s about the only part that has stayed the same. You don’t get to hear those cool sound effects when she uses her bionic skills like you had with the original series. Also we have another bionic woman that is more powerful than Jamie Summers right now.

It was pretty good last week. She had to go rescue a hostage in a foreign country. So they flew her down with a CIA agent and they broke into the place where the hostage was being held. She had to stop this big fan that was in the wall and bend its blade back to go through it. This fan wasn’t like your normal ceiling fans and it was more like an industrial fan you would find at a factory. She was a little nervous before she stopped the blades from turning, but eventually she stuck her bionic arm out there and stopped this huge fan. I do like the show a little better now, compared to when it first came out. I just don’t like the fact that it’s different from the original one, but if you never watched the original one; you should enjoy this one just fine!

Georgia Wildfires

I was just wondering if there was any health factors, that come from breathing in smoke from wildfires. We have fires burning in South Georgia that is blanketing the whole state and parts of Alabama, Tennessee, and North Florida in wildfire smoke. The other day, the Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies was playing a baseball game at Turner Field in Atlanta. The area was filled with the smell of fire in the area. There was also a lot of smoke around, and it was making everything look very smokey.Now the strange thing, is just exactly how far these fires are away. This is very South Georgia that these wildfires are burning. So your talking about the whole length of the state that the smoke is traveling through. It’s incredible when fires at the North Florida and South Georgia Borders could effect the state of Tennessee. I just hope no lingering health effects will come from the fires. If there is any, it could reach millions of people that are being affected by the South Georgia Wildfires. A lot of rain fell on the area over the weekend, so hopefully the fires are extingushed now.

A Sofa fit for a King

Sofa that is fit for a king is what you can find at CoolSofa.com. These guys have a great selection of sofas and you can create your own. They have a very impressive list of people that have already bought some of their cool sofas. Dennis Rodman, Warren G., and Snoop Dogg are some of the celebrities that have purchased sofas from CoolSofa.com. They have also furnished them for Google, ebay, the Playboy Mansion, and the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. Even the stars and big companies in the USA want a funky sofa to put in their office or home.

I think these sofas would be a great furnishing for any bar owner to put in their club. They are some really nice sofas that would make them perfect for nightclub furniture. You can also find chairs, loveseats, sectionals, sofa sets and the fabric from CoolSofa.com. They have some accessories that you can purchase from them too like stools, pillows, coffee tables, and ottomans. Feel free to get one that is already designed or you can have fun with it and create your own cool design for your sofa. If you would like to know more about these great sofas that you can design yourself, then you can call them at: (877) 235-6797

Google Page Rank

The Google Page Rank is a number that is important to people that have websites. I know as a blogger and having talked to many other bloggers, we love to try and get the best Google PR number that we can. Google is the king of search engines, and having your website listed on their search engine is a great pleasure. More people every single day search for things on Google than anywhere else on the internet.

Now the PR number is judged with links to your websites. They will see how popular a website is, that has a link to your website. These are sometimes referred to as back links. Getting the most back links coming to your site, is what you will need to do, to have the best chance of increasing your Google Page Rank number. So look for ways to increase any inbound links you can, so that you can benefit with Google’s way of ranking pages.

It’s real critical for us bloggers to have the highest page rank number we can from Google. We put a lot of value in these numbers, and when we have a high page rank, it gives us a feeling of accomplishment. Google does filter out the junk links, and will be checking just to see how relevant some of the links are. It wouldn’t be a good idea for a used car lot dealer to have a link on my blog, or vice versa. Neither one of our fields is really realated, so used cars and blogs wouldn’t be relevant with one another. Now if I had a blog that was focused on cars, then having a used car lot dealer on my blog or link on their website would benefit my PR number.

Now if you’re not familiar with the Google page ranking system. You can check your website and see what your Google Page Rank might be. Just get the free Google toolbar to help you find out the score of your website. It can range anywhere from 0 to 10. There’s millions of websites, if not billions that would have a 0 or 1 rank with Google. Now having a 9 or 10 rank with Google is rare, and not too many websites have that high of a rank. So expect to see your website closer to 1 than a 9 ranking. Bloggers will try their best to get their blogs to a PR 5 rank. That seems to be a good goal for most bloggers.

For any webmasters that are trying to increase their page rank or maybe just their search engine rankings, can download 2 1/2 hours of helpful information. It will be information from actual workshop sessions and commentary. It’s completely FREE to download some of this very helpful information for webmasters.


Top 10 Videos of All Time!

Yes, I am going to bring you the top 10 videos of all time over the next few weeks. I have a unique criteria for selecting my top 10 videos. The videos have to be good, unique, interesting, funny, or something that grabs your attention. So that is one thing I am looking for. I am also going to be showing two videos for 1 artist that might have had 2 solid videos, but none of them were a top 10 on their own. So an artist that put out two solid videos could earn a spot in my top 10 video countdown. My last way of determining which video makes the cut is just personal taste/popularity. I will take my own personal taste into account, but will take others if the video was really popular and maybe I didn’t think it was a top 10 video. So some of the videos might be of the majority ruling and not my own personal choice. I think all of these factors combined will result in the top video of all time.

Is Thriller by Michael Jackson going to be number 1? I realize that video usually always wins in these video contest, so I am going to elect to leave the Thriller video out. It would not win my top 10 video award, but I would probably fit that video in on my top 10. Don’t worry Michael, I think I still have room to slide ya in on the countdown, without your award-winning Thriller video in the running.

So let’s get to the 10th best video in the world. Right away I’m going to give a double video award to this artist for the 10th spot on the countdown. This artist doesn’t have a top 10 video, but does have two solid videos out. These videos are fun to watch and they have a good positive message with them. They are both similar to what that message is, but they are different in their approaches to that message. If that makes sense?

The message is love. We all find it sometime in our lifetime and the results happen many different ways. This artist captures a message in this first video that makes you want to clinch your fist together and root for the underdog, because that underdog in the future becomes successful.  It’s all about the attitude and the music is very catchy as well; is why I am ranking this video and 1 more by this artist as the 1oth best video of all time.

I don’t think either one of these videos are top 10 material by their self, but combining them both together gives this artist a firm position in my top 10 videos of all time! 

10th Best Video of All Time (1st Part)

Now this next one is another approach to love, but the attitude stays the same for this artist and it’s that positive attitude that makes these videos the 10th best video in the world!

10th Best Video of All Time (2nd Part)

Below is the song, the above link takes you to the actual video.

So now we have the first video of the countdown in place. What videos will make up the rest of the countdown? Stay tuned and see what video will be number 9 and what will be the very best video of all time; as we charge up the video charts!