Home Monitoring Company

HomeCamera has asked me to write up a fair and impartial post about their company on my blog here at My Favorite Blank. While instructing me on a few minor guidelines, these are my opinions and my thoughts on a company like HomeCamera. So I guess my first task is to see what HomeCamera does as a company, since I have never heard of them before and need to find out what services or products they are offering.

My first step in my journey takes me to their website home camera. It’s a simple website, without a lot of clutter and it’s easy to see how to get started on their website. I see a tab that is marked “What Is HomeCamera?” and this is the first place I go to look to see what they are offering. It starts off with a 1 of 8 part series on the installation of their product. It appears very easy-to-use and the 2nd part of the series talks about their software working with all webcams and no need to buy any new cameras for you to use their system. The 3rd part talks about the various ways you can access the system. The 4th part deals with sharing your footage that you capture from your HomeCamera system. I think this is the first thing that really sparks my interest. It’s a great way for families to share online video footage with other family members that you might not get a chance to see a lot of, due to the distance you might live apart. I think this could be a very beneficial factor for me to get this product, so that I could share these videos with others from my computer. The 5th part details the alert system they have in place. These alerts could be sent to you by email or cell phone and could alert you of motion going on in your home or an area where no motion should be happening. This would be a helpful security feature in alerting you to timely happenings that might be going on in your home or the place you have chose to use the HomeCamera software. The 6th part is a bonus feature that costs you nothing extra and you can take video or still shots of secured areas at different times. This allows you to have recorded information that you might could use later to try and determine a time frame of when a secured area might have been breached. The 7th part lets you know that all your recorded information will be stored up to 1 month on their servers. That’s plenty of time to have this information kept for your records down the road. Then the final part shows you all the cool features of the HomeCamera system and that the sign up process is FREE!

I’m not real familiar with this type of technology, but it would be hard to beat the HomeCamera way, because it does seem very easy to use. I have limited technical knowledge on things like this, but going over their easy-to-follow website, makes me feel like I would have no problems with using this product. Another big plus for this product is the fact that you don’t have to buy any new hardware equipment. Going out and trying to find the right hardware to match up with their software could present a problem for someone like me, but I wouldn’t need no new hardware devices to use this product. This is a free sign-up process, so other than a little time, I really don’t see anyone having anything to lose by trying this product by HomeCamera.

Mechanic Schools

If you like working on things and using your hands. You might seek a career as a mechanic. Many good schools are out there for training you, in this ever demanding field. If you are interested in mechanic training, then be sure to get a job working on the things you love most. You can learn how to work on diesels, aircrafts, motorcycles, or even marine engines. There is also schools for welding and HVAC (heating and air condition).

Find a school so you can get started today. You can see a complete list of schools, the training you will need, and the coarses they offer at the Mechanic School Directory. Get the certification and licenses that you need to start working. These schools can get you on your way to a better living, and a more satisfying career.

Fixing Up the Yard

With the arrival of Spring, I guess we are all going to be out in the yard more. I’m sure lots of us will look to fix it up, and probably even have a small garden somewhere. It’s good exercise, and gives us a reason to be outside in the warmer days now.

There is people that can help you with the yard. Finding a good landscaper can fix your yard up real nice. Especially if your one of those people that has to have a nicer yard than the neighbors. Now you can do the work yourself, but you really do need a good Landscape Design. Make sure the time and effort that you’re putting into your yard. Turns out to be the way you wanted it in the end. Be creative, look at designs, and just look at other people’s yards, and I’m sure you will find that right combination.

Also don’t forget to fix up the yard if your selling your house. Just having a nice yard, can make the value of your home go up more. So please be sure to give some thought to a landscape design if your selling a home.

Apogee Search

Pay Per Click is one of the best ways I have found to advertise. It’s good for getting traffic. Now getting your website in order, is a another story. Looking to optimize your website? Why not find a trusted partner you can rely on. Search Engine Marketing with Apogee Search, can not only optimize your website in a evolving market. They also can use proven techniques, their expertise from stats, and get results of the search engine market place. They have numerous ways to help you.

Apogee Blog  is a great souce of information. Find information on Search Engine Marketing. Reporting on Paid Search (Pay Per Click or PPC Advertising), Natural Search (Search Engine Optimization or SEO), Pay Per Call, Affiliate Marketing and more.

Apogee has a wealth of information to learn from it’s Resources/Glossary Page. Just look at all the downloads and resources that are available. Here are some of the choices you have to choose from:


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Same Sex Counseling

If you are someone that is in a gay or lesbian relationship and are having problems with your partner from time to time, then there is professional help available. Gay and Lesbian Counseling is an excellent way for you and your partner to sit down and think about where your relationship is heading. There can be more problems in a same sex relationship than having a traditional relationship. Its knowing the differences and how to handle special situations for your relationship that makes this counseling very valuable to anyone that is seeking help. There are now therapeutic services available from San Diego Therapy that can deal with your special relationship. Sometimes the best medicine of all is having a non-bias third party opinion that allows new light into problems that seem to be never-ending. Don’t stay mad at each other or don’t have stress coming from your relationship, when help is available for you and your partner. Start making your partnership more fruitful by having the services of San Diego Therapy helping you!

Mystery: Who Shot This Video?

There is currently a search under way to find the creators of this video below. The person that posted this on YouTube didn’t know where the original footage came from and now an intense search is in progress to find the makers of this video. It’s a story of two guys that are traveling from Los Angeles to New York and they have a camera mounted to the back of their car for the whole trip. Please watch the video below and any information you know about this video; then please relay it along!


Please reply if you have any knowledge concerning this video!

Now the singer you hear on the video is the daughter of Sally Struthers (Gloria -All In the Family) and her name is Sam Rader. She is a very talented musician that taught her self. Sam Rader began writing music in her early twenties and was inspired by artists like Paul McCartney, Lenny Kravitz, Fiona Apple, Radiohead, Tori Amos, Nick Drake, Beck, Jeff Buckley and Jason Falkner. She has now created her debut album Goldstar Galaxy and it includes 7 songs. One of the songs on that album is named “Grey” and it’s the song you hear in the video above. Sam has been playing to a loyal and devoted audience for the last 7 years and now you have the chance to listen to her music for your self. The lovely daughter of Sally Struthers is described to have a “sensual voice and distinctive melodies are as beckoning and satisfying as sun-warmed sand.” I like how they used the “sun-warmed sand” to describe Sam Rader and just hearing someone described in that way makes me want to hear their singing. If you would like to hear more of Sam Rader, you can order from one of the links below:

iTunes or CD Baby

Be sure to pass the word around and let’s solve the “Grey” Mystery! Let’s make sure we let the people know that their video of two guys driving from L.A. to New York is being shown all over the internet right now! They deserve the credit and to let them know just how rad they are!

The Doctors TV Show on ABC

Dr. Travis Stork leads his team of TV Doctors on an educational show that comes on ABC every morning through the week. You can catch these doctors on television Monday through Friday as they try to give you the prescriptions to a clean and healthy life style. The show is called The Doctors and their slogan is “where MD meets TV” and these cast of Hollywood Doctors are gaining a fan base.

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Have you seen the Doctors on TV? What are your thoughts and opinions about the show? Do you think programming like this is what America needs more of or is it dangerous having TV doctors giving us advice on our health?

Before I break the show down, I would first like to encourage any of the cast members on the Doctors to reply to my blog post. If it’s just to say hi or leave a comment about this blog post, I would love to have one of the 4 main doctors to reply. I am a fan of the show and it would be an honor to get a reply from Dr. Stork, Masterson, Sears, or even Dr. Odon would be ok…lol :)

What Makes the Doctors TV Show Popular?

How about free medical advice? Health care is one of the leading stories in the news these days and it’s become a focal point in American politics lately. President Obama will have his hands full with the health care concerns that are facing this country right now. It does cost money to be healthy in America these days. We have seen the media giant CNN do popular news stories on “Black in America” and “Hispanic in America“. Perhaps they could air a series called “Healthy in America” and lay out the obstacles that face each citizen in our country today. It isn’t cheap to get good health care and the average middle class family can’t afford proper medical treatment for each member of the household. It is refreshing to see a TV show like the Doctors come on each morning and provide us with a lot of answers to our medical questions.

Who Are the Doctors?

The doctor that starts each show and ends each show with his “doctor’s orders” is Travis Stork. He is the main doc on the panel and the one most audience and fan members associate with the show. Dr. Travis Stork is an ER (Emergency Room) doctor and this is his field of expertise. He is in his late 20’s and is the youngest doctor on the 4 doctor panel. The doctor that sits to Dr. Stork’s right hand side is Lisa Masterson. She is the only woman in the group and her expertise deals with the female and pregnant patients. If you continue around the table and go to the doctor that sits on Dr. Masterson’s right hand side, you would have Jim Sears. Doctor Sears deals with the younger patients in real life and his medical training is in the field of pediatrics. The last doctor on the panel or the one that sits next to Dr. Sears right hand side would be Drew Ordon. He is the doctor that deals with breast implants, rhinoplasty, and those touch-ups that help us to look younger. Dr. Ordon is a plastic surgeon and is able to give us his opinions from a surgeon’s point of view. These are the 4 main doctors we see on almost every episode and there are other doctors that make guest appearances from time to time on the Doctors TV show.

As you can see these 4 doctors cover a wide area of medical training for men and women and for the adults and children. They have a nice blend of experience and areas they specialize in; to give us solid advice on most medical subjects and questions. For those of you that watch the show regularly; is there one doctor that you like to watch or hear most? Please feel free to vote on which doctor you think makes the show the most interesting for you.

A. Doctor Randy Ordon

B. Doctor Jim Sears

C. Doctor Lisa Masterson

D. Doctor Travis Stork

Since I am a man in my mid 30’s with few medical issues and I don’t have a wife or kids; then the advice I get from Dr. Stork tends to help me the most. I have been to the emergency room a few times with kidney stones and I can relate to some of the things Travis deals with; when you compare his medical expertise with the other 3 doctors. There really isn’t a lot of interest for a young male to hear about plastic surgery, giving birth to babies, or kid’s illnesses; which the other 3 doctors would be experts in. My vote would go for Dr. Travis Stork as the person that holds the most answers to my questions. I do find the other 3 doctors very educational and I think Dr. Jim Sears is the 2nd most important doctor on the panel in my opinion. Which 1 or 2 doctors provide you with the most answers? Please be sure to reply and leave your vote, so we can try to figure out which doc or docs are pulling the show the most.

Replace One of the Doctors or Hire a New Doc? YOU DECIDE!

Let’s just say you purchased the rights to the show and now you’re the owner of the Doctors television show on ABC. You have the power to hire or fire anyone on the show that you wanted to. Is there one doctor that you would love to see get replaced? Perhaps it’s because they could never offer you any medical advice for your current situation or you don’t think they ever have anything good to offer to the show. Is there a doctor that has a different field of expertise and you think they would make a good addition to the show? Maybe you would prefer to only have 3 doctors or think the show would do better with 5 doctors? Which statement below best describes your feelings toward the show and how you think the Doctors could improve on their success already?

A. Leave it alone. It is perfect like it is. If it ain’t broke; don’t fix it.

B. Replace Dr. ________ and go find another doctor in the same medical field as him/her.

C. Replace Dr. ________ and get a doctor that has medical training in the field of __________. 

D. Keep the 4 current doctors and add a 5th doctor that specializes in ___________. 

E. Remove all of them except for Dr. ___________ because they are the main reason I watch.

F. Let them all go and hire a whole new cast of 3 doctors? 4 doctors? 5 doctors?

Does any of the above statements work for you? Can you see a statement that would make the show better? Please select a letter and fill in the blank or blanks with your reply; if you do see one that fits your agenda for the show. Or just feel free to lay out your own statement and give details to how you would change the show and why. I’m sure the 4 doctors on the Doctors TV show would like to read them and the people that are associated with the show and help to put it on TV each week day morning would like to hear your responses too.


My Grand Idea for Making the Doctors TV Show Better

My idea might not be too popular because I would look to replace a couple of the current doctors. I know this would be a big gamble, but my goal is to make the show better. I would still want to bring back the two doctors I replaced and get their imput on things from time to time.  So I’m not totally cutting them from the show, just relieving them of their everyday duties.

Before I tell you the two I would remove from the current panel, see if you can guess it, by the way I describe the perfect Doctors TV show. I think having doctors that provide the most help, for the the majority of the population, is what would get more people watching. Increasing the panel to 5 or 6 doctors would be too many and not enough time in 1 hour to get each opinion from a doctor on certain topics. I do think 4 is the perfect number. Now which doctors on the current panel could we do without or replace with doctors that cover a wider range of medical interests?

I think Dr. Ordon and Dr. Masterson would be the two doctors I would remove. I know the Doctors in filmed in California and plastic surgery is popular in that state, but not as popular in the other 49 states. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Dr. Ordon as a person and hearing his opinions on things. I just think replacing him for a doctor that could talk to more Americans would be better for my ratings; if I was the new owner of the show. The same goes for Lisa and I think her area of expertise only covers a small portion of medical concerns. She is the only woman on the Doctors television show, so I would need a female replacement or would want one to help balance the women’s point of views.

I think a chiropractor and dentist would be the two new doctors I would add to my Doctors TV show. We all have muscle strains or aches in the body at some point in our lives. A chiropractor would be a great addition to the show, to answer our aches questions and perhaps give advice on exercise tricks we could do at home to fix our own ailments. We all have teeth or I should say; at one time we all had teeth. A dentist would help cover more people in need, than the professional medical advice Dr. Masterson or Dr. Ordon could offer. I’m sure some of these topics were covered before the show ever made it to television and I wonder why they chose the panel they did? Is it because Dr. Ordon and Dr. Masterson has great “TV looks” or they actually wanted their medical knowledge on their chosen professions?

Do you guys understand what I am trying to say? I am a big fan of the current show and don’t want to see any of them go. Another TV network like CBS, FOX, or NBC could develop their own doctors show and cover some of these areas that the ABC Doctors show is leaving out. I know they have a dentist and other doctors that appear from time to time as needed. It just seems some big gaps got left out while some got filled that wasn’t really needed. I know more women watch day time television than men, so Lisa is good for the stay-at-home mommies watching. The other networks don’t mind copying each other either, so I won’t be surprised if a new doctors TV show does appear in the near future. A new doctors TV show starting from scratch could have an elderly doctor that is a family doctor as their main guy. There isn’t even a regular doctor on the Doctors and only Travis would qaulify andhe’s the youngest of the docs. While I do think there is lots of room for improvement, I understand the problems ABC would face; since Travis, Jim, Drew, and Lisa are becoming household names.

Travis and Lisa Love Affair?

Now surely I am not the only one that thinks these two flirt with each other. People in love with each other have a hard time hiding it and I believe there might be something cooking between Lisa Masterson and Travis Stork. I do know on the episode they were talking about women being better with driving directions than men; it was Travis that pointed out him and Lisa were lost andhe told her that the ocean was in the direction of west. So Travis did let a little something slip or did he? Apparently Travis has did other things with the other doctors on the panel too. I just thought I would throw this in at the end andsee if anyone else thought something was up with these two?

If you have never seen the Doctors on ABC; then you really need to set the DVR to record it each day and after a few episdoes, I think you will get hooked too. This is a great and educational show that can keep us more healthy and could even save our lives too! I think the Doctors is the most important show we have on our television sets today. This is must watch TV and I hope all families make it a part of their families daily TV habits. This show does provide great medical advice, tips, and answers to our questions.

Planet In Peril (CNN Special)

Did anybody watch this on CNN? I thought it was a great 4 hour show on our climate change that is currently taking place. I thought Anderson Cooper, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and Jeff Corwin from the Animal Planet did a great job putting this show together. They went to places all over the world and showed just how bad things are getting on Earth now.

There is no simple solutions to these problems, but the main problem I see is over population. I think everything goes back to this and instead of focusing on global warming and finding ways to reduce our carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, we should stop population growth. That might seem a bit extreme, but I would rather be a little extreme than not having a planet to live on. We need to make changes and they need to start now. It’s up to the politicians to start putting laws in place to help with our climate change problems we are having.

I would suggest in 2010 that all girls and boys born in the USA would have some sort of surgery at birth, to prevent them from having children. That might seem a bit harsh and cruel, but it’s enough time for parents to plan their births in our country. It would last for the entire year of 2010 and every child born in that year, would be fix from having children. Do the same thing in 2015 and when 2020 gets here, I would extend it for 2 years then. 2020 to 2022 you would fix all children in those years from having any more children in the future. This process would happen again in 2030 to 2032. Just keep going every 10 years and for any parent or person that didn’t agree with these new laws, could just not have children in those selected years. This would help the USA out tremendously and would slow our rapid population growth that we have now.

My idea might seem far-fetched, but it’s either something of this magnitude or we are going to start a World War again and people will be fighting over all the Earth’s resources that man has been misusing for all these years. We have to do something now and slowing down our population growth has to be the top thing on the list!

Faxless Payday Loans

You can now easily obtain Faxless Payday Loans and get some extra cash in your pockets before payday. We often get caught between paychecks where we need a little extra money for bills or some unexpected thing we didn’t know was going to come up. A payday loan can give you money now and you don’t have to wait until you get paid. These loans are usually pretty easy for most people to get and there’s a good chance you will get approved for one. So if you need that money now and can’t wait until payday, look to see if a faxless payday loan might be right for you.

Spruce Up The Yard

If you love the neighbor’s yard, and wished yours look more like theirs, maybe it can. Seattle Luxe can help you improve the way your yard looks. Just by adding something as simple as yard markers can make all the differnce in the world.

Starting with the mailbox, you can make it the best one in the neighborhood. Seattle Luxe has a large selection of mailboxes, and you are sure to find the one that you like. Once you have got your perfect mailbox up, then it’s time to look at your address plaques. Which can also be found at Seattle Luxe. Getting an address plaque to go with your perfect mailbox, is a great way to start gettng your yard in shape. You don’t want to stop there. Be sure your guest have a lasting impression of the yard, as they enter into your house. Choose a custom or standard mat. Have fun with it, and make your own. They have both indoor and outdoor mats at Seattle Luxe. Just a few simple things you can do, that can give your yard a whole new look and feel to it.

Exciting Jobs

I just watched a program on television and I think I have seen my calling. This job looked perfect for me! It’s these crews that travel the high seas looking for sunken treasures. I would really like to do that. I wouldn’t want to work during hurricane season, but the other half of the year, I could just travel the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans looking for buried treasures. There are still a lot of unclaimed treasures that were lost at sea, just waiting for someone like me to discover them.

I like boats and spending time on the lake, so I don’t think I would get sea-sick too much. Even if you didn’t find any pirate treasures on your adventures, it would still be exciting just knowing that you have the possibility of finding it. Some of the treasures in the ocean today are valued at millions and millions of dollars. So it’s not like you would have to find a new treasure each year to keep the bills paid. One nice treasure or boat that you would find and could lay claim on, could support you, your children and your grandchildren for the rest of your lives. It’s a dream just waiting to happen on the high seas and I wish I could take part in it!

If there any captains out there needing any new mateys, then look no further; you have found your man! Just give me a holler and I will come aboard and help ya scout out all those golden treasures that are just laying on the sea floors.

The Song Amanda

Does anybody remember the song Amanda? It was a song by Boston and came out a few decades ago and has been around. I have heard stories of girls that are about 20 years old now that are named Amanda, and they claim that their name came from this song. It’s one of those female songs that has some meaning, and the lyrics Amanda really stick out in it. Just like the song Sherry. Sherry is a song that has a female name that sticks out very strong in the song.

Now I use to date a girl named Amanda. I never had the passion for my Amanda like the singer in this song has. However, I did end up dating her best friend for almost 3 years, so I guess I did have an Amanda-like passion for her best friend. Her name wasn’t Amanda though, but maybe when I hear the song Amanda, I can just think about her best friend and how much I loved her? Well it’s something to think about. If you have any Amanda or even Sherry stories, or maybe there is another song that has a woman’s name and has deep meaning for you, then tell me about it. I’m sure there is an Amanda reading this, or someone that knows an Amanda that is reading this. Tell me your Amanda story!

Looking At Business Cards

I was looking at business cards at 123 Print. I noticed they had several categories to choose from, restaurants, emergency services, childcare, medical, law, and a lot of other ones. I was just thinking of a doctor that gets a business card. I don’t think I have ever gotten a business card from a doctor. Is that a good way to advertise? Isn’t a business card a form of advertisement? If a doctor handed me a business card, I would think that maybe his business is slow, and he needs my business. Which would instantly make you think, why is his/her business slow? Not sure if I want to go to a doctor that is handing out business cards. It is a great contact information to have handy. So giving it out to patients that might need something, is a nice touch. I would feel honored if my doctor gave me a business card, that might have his personal home or cell number on it. Telling me to call him/her if I need anything. In that sense, a business card is a great touch for  a doc. I just don’t want to be at the shopping mall, and see a doctor handing them out like fliers.

Choosing how to distribute your  business cards can be very important. In some fields it can be fine to hand them out randomly, while in others it’s not very professional. So you need to put some thought and effort into designing your card, and getting the right information on it. Just be sure that once you have your business cards made up, that you choose a way of distributing them that is in good taste.


Bloggers Unite on May 28th

BlogCatalog Community Fundraising Event Challenge on May 28th

All bloggers are comming together on May 28th for a good cause. It’s to help fund schools around the New Orleans area, that has suffered so much from Hurricane Katrinia. These schools need so many things, and the money just isn’t there for them to get these things immediately.

With all the war and terrorism that is going on in the world today, there is no better way to combat problems like this, then through our education system. So try to donate a little bit on May 28th, and if your a blogger, please help spread the word on May 28th.

The Blog Catalog is taking the reins on this charity event. You can find out more details at their website. The goal is 25,000 dollars, but we think with the power of blogging, we can blow that mark out of the water. So please get on board for all bloggers, and anyone with a blog. You can donate money, or just donate a simple post on May 28th to help spread the word.

What Is Your Favorite Blog?

I like to read other people’s blogs. This is a great linking opportunity for anybody that wants to get their blog link on my blog. Reply to this post and leave your blog link as your website and I will be sure to go check out your blog. If you don’t have a blog of your own; then just leave the link of a blog that you do like.

They are some really good blogs out there. Some blogs earn their owner/owners more than 5 million dollars a year! Its true; if you have the right advertisers for your blog and they want to use your blog for promotional purposes, they will pay bloggers a nice chunk of change to have that blogger advertise for them. I take paid posts from time to time, but I haven’t found anyone that wants to pay me millions yet. If somebody did want to pay me 1 million dollars to advertise for them; it would be my best blogging ever! I would tear up the keyboard and the whole blogosphere world and would make sure that advertiser was happy with their advertisement.

So if you have a million dollars you want to spend on advertising, just let me know! Or you can simply leave a reply and tell me about some of the best blogs that are out there. I look forward to reading the new blogs from the replies!