New Fashions Online

A great place for all the ladies to find some hot new threads is at Heavenly Couture. They have a great selection for the younger girls too and all the high school girls will want to check out the junior clothing. One of my friend’s teenage daughters loves to go shopping and I bet she would love this website if she ever saw it. I’m sure my friend would be upset with me if I showed it to her, because she already has to have a new outfit every week. I might just have to pick her out something myself and surprise her for her birthday that is in a couple of months. I think she would like those Distressed Vintage Skinny Blue Jeans, those look like the clothes she normally wears anyway. You can find them in the denim section at Heavenly Couture and they are $17.95. You might find a few more things that are that price too, because nothing is over $17.95! It’s really a great deal and a lot of these clothes you’re saving up to 85% off the retail price. There is just a good selection of contemporary clothing for all the women and girls out there today. Just glancing through some of the sweaters, pants, shorts, hoodies or skirts they have; is what I see a lot of the high school girls or the girls in college wearing these days. I really think all the young girls will like their clothes better than the moms will. If you have any young ladies you need to buy some new clothes for and you want to make sure they’re “hip” enough for them; just go check the ones out at Heavenly Couture

Garth Brooks 3rd Best Song

I have arrived at number 3 on my Garth Brooks countdown and I’m trying to name his top 5 songs of all time. This is very hard since Garth probably has 10 to 12 really good songs, but I think I have a good canidate for what the number 3 best song of all time is from Garth Brooks.

3rd Best Song by Garth Brooks

Do you agree that’s the 3rd best song ever by Garth Brooks? Is this song in the top 5 or top 10 of all time by Garth Brooks?

I can remember when this song came out and everybody was a Rodeo Cowboy then. Garth shed some light on the rodeo industry and this was a great song for all the guys that do the rodeo. It took me awhile to learn the lyrics of this song and there are a few tricky ones in there, but finally my cousin at high school gave me the written lyrics to this song that she had written her self. So I finally knew everything that Garth Brooks was saying about the rodeo. Even the part when he’s talking about the white in their knuckles and he’ll win the next go around.

Rodeo by Garth Brooks is a great song and it has the right tempo to get any good ol’ party started on a Friday or Saturday Night. I think Garth had a few more songs that he sangs that can get a party started off on the right foot. You will have to stick around and see if one of those songs or something else; makes the final two spots I have left in my Garth Broooks countdown of the 5 best songs ever!

Garth Brooks Countdown Recap:

5th Best Song by Garth Brooks

4th Best Song by Garth Brooks

Waiting on a Windy Day

I have got a kite that I am going to fly with my twin nephews, as soon as we get one of those good windy days. They just turn 3 years old in December and they are now at that age; where they want to get everything or be a part of everything. I think they will get a kick out of seeing a kite go up in the sky. They will probably get a bigger kick when they see me get that kite hung in a tree. I’m sure that is what will happen, because my luck with kites haven’t been great. I have either ran out of string and the kite flies off in the sky or I finally the only tree in a big open field. I will be happy if I get just put the darn thing together.

I’m not looking for the hurricane gusting winds to fly my kite in. Just a good 15 to 20 mph breeze to get the kite started with. Usually once you get the kite about 20 feet in the air, your good to go. About 20 to 30 feet from the ground seems to always be in that jet stream type wind, where its always gusting. The weather is on the warm side right now, so I hope within the next week or so, we get a pretty good day for winds.

Trusted Online Casinos

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3 of a Kind Beats 2 Pairs

If everyone would have been more patient and waited until my luck ran out, they could have beat me on my inexperience. I think that is the biggest key to winning in poker and especially for a Texas Hold’em poker tournament, is to just be patient. Wait for those hands to find you, but try your best to always see the flop!

Whose Getting in Shape in 2008?

Did you make any goals this year for getting in shape? Maybe some people out there got exercise equipment for Christmas; with the intentions of living a healthier life in 2008? Well I wasn’t one of those people. Maybe I should be one of those people, because I do weigh about 180 pounds and I’m 5 feet 10 inches tall. I have a little extra weight that goes over my belt buckle. I just don’t have the desire to get out there and work off the pounds in a vigorous exercise program. I would probably be better off with a job that had more physical activity; than just typing on a keyboard all day long.

It's A Rainy Night In Georgia

We finished the year off strong in Georgia with our rainfall defecit. The last few days of 2007 gave us enough rain to avoid the worst year for rainfall ever in the state of Georgia. So we had a lot of hope coming into the 2008 year, but our weather pattern once again turned dry on us. It looks like we are going to be in some serious trouble when we get into the August and September months of late/end of summer. We need rain now in the winter to help fill up some of the lakes, rivers, creeks and other tributaries that are so important for us to gain water from.

We are experiencing a rainy night in Georgia now and this is some relief from our dry situation. The rain has been falling for most of the evening and its even been hard at times. So we are getting a pretty good rain soaker right now and this comes on top of a few showers we had 2 nights ago. So we have the soil good and moist right now, so now is the time we need for a big snow storm or rain maker to rear its head in Georgia and we could really get some run off right now. I haven’t looked at the 5 day forecast and seen if anymore rain was on the horizon, but if we can get another big shower before the weekend ends; we can say this week as been a very productive one and about a dozen more weeks like this one and the good people of Georgia might have enough water to last them through next winter!

Beverly Hills Dentist

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Joe Gibbs Is A Quitter Too!

It looks like another NFL head coach will have the tag of quitter placed on his name too. Bobby Petrino was the first quitter for the NFL this season and once he got to Atlanta and seen he didn’t have the services of Michael Vick; is what prompted him to quit 13 games into the season. Joe Gibbs finished out the season, but he lost the best player on his team too; when Sean Taylor was tragically shot in his Miami home. Just another example of coaches that don’t want to coach unless they have a certain superstar on their team. When the rough gets going the weak will surely quit and that is what Joe Gibbs and Bobby Petrino done this season.

Since Joe Gibbs has more success under his coaching leadership, than Bobby Petrino has, he won’t face such swift criticism. I have to call them like I see them and Joe Gibbs is just a plain quitter. I’m sure there are some more guys on that Washington Redskins team that wants to quit too, but I haven’t heard their names yet. Joe Gibbs being the coach of the Washington Redskins should have learned that there is other people facing this tradgedy as well and that gives him no right to quit. He’s only thinking of his self and he is clearly not a team player. The Washington Redskins need to just let Joe Gibbs go permanently and not let him stay on as an advisor. The man quit his job in the face of adversity and the dictionary says that is the definition of a quitter. You can’t have a coach like that on your team that is going to back down in the face of adversity, but that is exactly what Joe Gibbs done today. Joe Gibbs is a quitter and he will always be remembered like that by me.

Hockey Equipment

We are right smack in the middle of winter right now and that means one thing. Hockey season is in full-effect and the All-Star Game and playoffs are just around the corner for the guys in the NHL. If you like to get out and skate around on the ice some, be sure you have the best hockey equipment possible. You can find some great deals on that hockey gear that you want at They have a great selection on all your hockey needs and their prices are hard to beat. This is a great place to find all your hockey equipment right now and a good place for the coaches and parents to find the things they need for the kids. If you hurry right now over to; you can take advantage of their after holiday season coupon. You can save an additional 10% off all your purchases, on their already super low prices. The coupon will only be good from now until February 7, 2008! Just be sure to use the coupon code: Blg0819465

Your New Year's Resolution Updates?

So how are the New Year’s Resolutions coming? I didn’t make any this year, so I am still good with mine. I actually just wanted to make this year better than last year was. So that is my New Year’s Resolution for 2008. I know a lot of people will be trying to stop smoking, eating less, exercising more, losing weight, gaining weight and the other typical things like that. I’m just curious to see if anyone has fell off the wagon a week later? A week is pretty good if you are still in the clear of your New Year’s Resolution. Many people will fold in the first 3 days, so if you made it for 1 week, then be sure to pat your self on the back. The worse part is now over and if you did make it through the first week, be sure to hang in there and stick with your New Year’s Resolutions. It’s going to be down hill from here. Maybe you were looking for a sign to stay on the right track and if you’re reading this post on my blog; then maybe this is your sign?

Good luck to all those still trying to make a go of it. Be sure to let me know what your New Year’s Resolution is and just what is the overall goal you hope to accomplish from it?

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