Ultra Garcinia Cambogia Drops – Fast Absorbing Liquid HCA Drops – 100% Natural Weight Loss Supplement – 60 Servings

Ultra Garcinia Cambogia Drops - Fast Absorbing Liquid HCA Drops - 100% Natural Weight Loss Supplement - 60 Servings
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Garcinia cambogia is a small, pumpkin-shaped fruit most prominently found in India and Southeast Asia. Garcinia cambogia has soared in popularity over the last few years making it the fastest growing weight loss product on the market today. So what makes Garcinia Cambogia so popular and why Ultra Garcinia Cambogia Drops vs all the other choices? Our “Concentrated Liquid” form of Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) is the best form and delivery system on the market to take advantage of this key ingredient that has been proven to decrease body fat and curb the appetite. Our Garcinia drops not only absorb more….

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The Trail of Gold and Silver: Mining in Colorado, 1859-2009 (Timberline Books)

The Trail of Gold and Silver: Mining in Colorado, 1859-2009 (Timberline Books)
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List Price: $26.95
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In The Trail of Gold and Silver, historian Duane A. Smith details Colorado’s mining saga – a story that stretches from the beginning of the gold and silver mining rush in the mid-nineteenth century into the twenty-first century. Gold and silver mining laid the foundation for Colorado’s economy, and 1859 marked the beginning of a fever for these precious metals. Mining changed the state and its people forever, affecting settlement, territorial status, statehood, publicity, development, investment, economy, jobs both in and outside the industry, transportation, tourism, advances in mining and smelting technology, and urbanization. Moreover, the first generation of Colorado….

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Ice Cream Goodies

It’s getting warmer, as summer is just around the corner. Time to get outside and enjoy the weather more. Also time, to start stocking up on that good ol ice cream. What’s your favorite brand? Or Flavor?

Company probably isn’t that important. They are all good. Whether it’s Ben and Jerry’s or Haggen Daez, or Dairy Queen to Baskin Robins. It just seems you can’t go wrong with the company. The hard part is just choosing the right flavor.

They are so many to choose from theses days. It seems just yesterday they were adding strawberry to the line. So you could pick between chocalate, vanilla, or strawberry. Now it’s combination ice cream, or popular candy bars that are in the frozen treats. Here’s just a list Ben and Jerry’s has on their website, of flavors to choose from:

American Pie™ – Cinnamon brown sugar ice cream with apples and pie crust pieces
Bananas on the Rum™ New! – Banana ice cream with a buttery rum brown sugar swirl
Butter Pecan – Rich Buttery Ice Cream with Roasted Pecans
Cherry Garcia® – Cherry Ice Cream with Cherries & Fudge Flakes
Chocolate – Chocolate ice cream
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – Vanilla Ice Cream with Gobs of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Chocolate Fudge Brownie™ – Chocolate Ice Cream with Fudge Brownies
Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl New! – Milk chocolate ice cream with a thick peanut butter swirl
Chocolate Therapy™ – Chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookies and swirls of chocolate pudding
Chunky Monkey® – Banana Ice Cream with Fudge Chunks & Walnuts
Coconut Almond Fudge Chip – Coconut ice cream with fudge chips and roasted almonds
Coffee – Coffee ice cream (made with Fair Trade Certified™ coffee)
Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz® – Coffee ice cream with espresso bean fudge chunks (made with Fair Trade Certified™ coffee)
Mint Chocolate Chunk™ – Mint ice cream made with all natural peppermint extract and fudge chunks
New York Super Fudge Chunk® – Chocolate Ice Cream with White & Dark Fudge Chunks, Pecans, Walnuts & Fudge Covered Almonds
Oatmeal Cookie Chunk – Sweet Cream Cinnamon Ice Cream with Chunks of Oatmeal Cookies & Fudge
Peanut Butter Cup™ – Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Peanut Butter Cups
Phish Food® – Chocolate Ice Cream with Gooey Marshmallow, a Caramel Swirl & Fudge Fish
Strawberry – Strawberry ice cream
Strawberry Cheesecake New! – Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream with Strawberries & a Thick Graham Cracker Swirl
Sweet Cream & Cookies – Sweet cream ice cream with whole and broken chocolate sandwich cookies
Triple Caramel Chunk – Caramel ice cream with swirls of caramel and fudge-covered chunks of caramel
Turtle Soup™ – Vanilla ice cream with fudge-covered caramel cashews and a caramel swirl
Vanilla – Vanilla Ice Cream
Vanilla HEATH® Bar Crunch – Vanilla Ice Cream with Chunks of HEATH® Bar Crunch

Wow! So many to choose from. I think out of that list, I will just go with the chocalate chip cookie dough. I like a little something to gnaw on in the ice cream. That cookie dough gives you that. Anytime you can add nuts, or candies to the ice cream for some texture in the taste buds, it’s a win, win situation.

Ok, I think I just made myself craving some ice cream. Time to run to the store!

3 of a Kind Beats 2 Pairs

If everyone would have been more patient and waited until my luck ran out, they could have beat me on my inexperience. I think that is the biggest key to winning in poker and especially for a Texas Hold’em poker tournament, is to just be patient. Wait for those hands to find you, but try your best to always see the flop!

Hillary Clinton Apple Computer Campaign

Anyone remember the famous commercial from 1984? It was during the Super Bowl and it was for Apple Computers. The one that said big brother was watching. Now we have it resurface in 2007. Except it’s not Apple Computers, it’s Hillary Clinton on it. It appears to be an early presidential campaign for 2008. The election is well over a year away, and this might be the first of many presidential attacks we see.

Now the interesting part on this particular video is, that nobody knows who produced it. It mentions Barack Obama at the end of the video, but their camp denies producing the video. So the mystery begins to see who put this video out. This is the same video that CNN reported on, and they too, are looking for who produced this video. It’s not on tv yet, so for now, you can only see it online. This video is taking all kinds of hits from the popular video sites that are online. 

Medical ID Jewelry

I’m not sure who came up with the idea to have personal information on pieces of jewelry, but it’s a good idea! I know some people like to have their young children tagged with some type of information like an address or phone number, just in case they ever got separated from their parents. This is a good method to insure your child could get back home as soon as possible. Adults have a different approach and they can use jewelry ID for medical reasons.

There is no telling how many lives have been saved due to medical jewelry. You can really store some very important information on a piece of jewelry which could quickly explain your situation to a stranger. An asthma attack or someone suffering from a seizure might not have the abilities to communicate with a stranger. Medical ID jewelry could quickly let someone know your condition and would be able to convey your situation to a 911 operator or someone on the scene with medical knowledge. I also think these medical ID tags can be used for a lot more things. If you are very allergic to something and coming into contact with a certain drug or food could be life threatening; you could benefit from an ID tag. You might be in an automobile accident and if you were unable to speak to the paramedics arriving at the scene, they might give you something that could do more harm than the injuries you sustained in the accident. They are trained to look for these sorts of things and even certain symbols on these pieces of medical jewelry stand out to anyone that might not be medically trained. So consider a medical ID bracelet or tag to wear on a necklace, if you have any medical conditions that you suffer from.

Dr. Ph. Martin’s Hydrus Fine Art Watercolor, 1.0 oz, Ultramarine Red Violet (36H)

Dr. Ph. Martin's Hydrus Fine Art Watercolor, 1.0 oz, Ultramarine Red Violet (36H)
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List Price: $9.00
Sale Price: $5.06
Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days
Dr. Ph. Martin’s Hydrus fine art watercolor is lightfast, transparent, fine art quality watercolor in a glass bottle. This liquid product delivers the same brilliance and permanency as traditional tube watercolors. Made from the finest artist pigments, Dr. Ph. Martin’s Hydrus fine art watercolor can be blended and intermixed while still maintaining the transparency and luminosity of the colors. Each set comes in a tray that doubles as a mixing palette and bottle holder, with space for a water cup and twelve individual mixing wells. Great for use in technical, calligraphy, fountain pens, and in airbrushes. Each set includes 12….

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CD – Oregon American Super 8 Series US Gold Map for Prospecting – Featuring USGM MultiView and BLM LiveLink Technology – Active & Abandoned Placer, Lode, Mill and Tunnel Claims – (Designed for Google Earth)

CD - Oregon American Super 8 Series US Gold Map for Prospecting - Featuring USGM MultiView and BLM LiveLink Technology - Active & Abandoned Placer, Lode, Mill and Tunnel Claims - (Designed for Google Earth)
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List Price: $99.99
The most advanced gold and mining claims map on the market today. The all new 2014 American 8 MultiView Series US Gold Maps with MultiView and BLM LiveLive Technologies are simply the most advanced and detail oriented gold claim mining info maps in the world today. If you’ve been using Google Earth gold claims map for any amount of time, it will be plain to see all the shortcomings that have made these maps challenging to use. US Gold Maps has overcome many of these challenges with new advanced proprietary technology created to simplify the process of locating gold claims….

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America Craving News Right Now

I think there must not be much to talk about in the news these days and a couple of sports stories are getting too much hype in my opinion. The Michael Vick dog fighting case and the referee that placed bets in the NBA are getting too much attention. I see the concerns in both cases, but I see these as two isolated incidents that have 2 individuals that are responsible for the problems they are creating. It looks like the easy thing to do is just to relieve both people from their duties and the leagues they represent will not be hurt at all by these latest episodes of media hype in the news.

Now I think fighting dogs is wrong, but pit bulls are very mean dogs. I think these dogs should be erased from the face of the earth all together. These dogs have attacked innocent people and in some cases kids. These dogs for the most part are mean and have no place in our society. People are suffering from injuries caused by these dogs and their owners are currently serving jail time for their dog’s behavior. I see very few cases where these dogs should be owned by citizens and all the bad things that come from pit bulls out weigh the good things by far. I realize a few of these dogs are good with people and make good pets. It’s rare to find the good pit bulls and the bad pit bulls are more abundant than the good ones. The charges against Mike Vick are serious because he could face 6 years behind bars, it’s not the fact that he was mean and treated these animals in a cruel way. I know my statement isn’t going to be very popular with animal lovers, but I just have no respect for pit bulls or their owners.

Now the referee was apparently placing bets on long shots and was helping his self and the mob to make money off NBA games. I assume these upsets that occurred that had his helping hand in them, didn’t do anything to really effect the NBA playoffs or a team’s chances for the playoffs. I’m sure the team that lost still made the playoffs, and the team that won, probably still finished in the lottery. I know this isn’t a good thing for the sport, but let’s not make it into a bigger deal that what it really is. He will no longer be under the NBA’s payroll and this problem is solved for the most part.

The two commissioners do need to look at both of these matters and show concern, but neither problem isn’t going to hurt the league as a whole. I’m sure the Falcons will lose money for their home games and they as a team will suffer loses, but the NFL is going to survive this with no bumps in the road. The same goes for the NBA and I don’t see any fans or season ticket holders not going out and supporting their favorite team, because of what one referee did. Let’s don’t over hype these problems. They do need to be reported on and action needs to be taken on both fronts, if these two people are indeed guilty. I think PETA and the NFL are going down a bad road by convicting Vick on his charges before he gets his day in court. I see these two organizations making unethical choices in their pursuit to punish a man that has not been proved of any wrong doings yet.

I enjoy watching the NFL and NBA every year and I am not going to let one quaterback or a referee stop me from enjoying these 2 sports that I love so much. Just for the record, the Falcons are my favorite NFL team and I will still continue to watch them with or without number 7 on the field. Just out of curiosity, let me know which one of these incidents do you think is the worse one? Is Vick or the Ref causing more problems for their sporting leagues?

BCS Is Still A Joke

The BCS has once again failed its own system. It has failed to give the teams that deserve the championship game and played favorites once again. Its hard to beat a system that preranks its favorites before the season even begins and then when those favorites fail, they still find a way to get them in the big games. USC is probably the biggest joke, but with all of their stars in the media and the boosters, they have a big advantage over other colleges. Don’t plan to go to USC if you’re a big time recruit, because its just a matter of time, until USC will be put on suspension from bowl games. The Reggie Bush story would have been enough for most schools to go down with some type of suspension, but USC has big friends in high places. It won’t be long until USC gets put on suspension, so all recruits should just stay away, until the USC saga is resolved. I have no more time to waste on the BCS and I will not spend another penny on anything that the NCAA endorses. NCAA is just an organized crime ring in the sports world of colleges.

Trading Options

The OEX is a subset of the S&P 500 Index. The OEX has 100 of the top stocks from diverse industry groups. These blue chip stocks is a good measure of the market’s overall performance. OEX is the ticker symbol for the S&P 100 Index. Investing in the OEX is much safer than investing in individual stocks. It can be cheaper too, than trying to invest in several individual stocks. The reason that it is safer, is because you have 100 companies instead of one. If one company in the OEX goes bankrupt or just goes under. Then it’s only affecting a very small portion of your investment. If you had just bought the company that went under. Then you would have to take all the loses head on. The OEX is a great way to diversify a portfolio.

Now trading stock options can also have other benefits. Trading OEX options requires less capital than trading the options of individual stocks. It can give you more room to leverarge better too. OEX options will try to teach you about the position sizing so you don’t make the common mistake of investing too much in a few trades. They will also help you to learn traders methods, rules, and approach.


4 Wheel Drive

I like owning a four wheel drive vehicle; something that can get you through the snow and ice during the winter and is also great to take off road. I know a lot of people don’t like to take their 4 wheel drives off road, due to all the nice truck accessories they might have added to their vehicles. I guess it all depends who you are and how much you might have spent on the extra bells and whistles for your 4 wheel drive. I don’t think I would add anything to my 4 wheel drive vehicle unless it could get muddy or scratched up a bit. Otherwise I would be taking away some of my fun; when I did take my off-road adventures. I actually prefer a Jeep over a truck, because you can let the top down in a Jeep and that’s great for the summer time cruising. Trucks are a lot quieter than a jeep and they make a better form of everyday transportation. Just as long as its got four wheel drive, then I am good to go with a truck or a Jeep.

Dr. Harvey’s Sweet Potate’r Chews – Sweet Potato Treat for Dogs, 7 oz. Bag

Dr. Harvey's Sweet Potate'r Chews - Sweet Potato Treat for Dogs, 7 oz. Bag
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List Price: $8.49
Sale Price: $8.49
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Dr. Harvey’s Sweet Potate’r Chews are a healthy and delicious treat with just one ingredient, sweet potatoes. Sweet Potate’r Chews are a healthy, delicious, safe alternative to rawhide and molded chews. Your best friend deserves the very best and Sweet Potate’r Chews have no equal.

Yuba River Gold Panning Paydirt – One Pound (One Pound)

Yuba River Gold Panning Paydirt - One Pound (One Pound)
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Sale Price: $17.95
Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours
If you enjoy prospecting this is the paydirt for you! This paydirt will contain flour gold, fine gold, flakes, and maybe even pickers or small nuggets. These paydirt concentrates contain high amounts of black sands! Each pound bag is also screened down to a quarter inch which classifies out the larger rocks, so you only get high quality concentrates while still getting the chance to get any nuggets! You will be taken on a prospecting journey to the Yuba river in California when you pan this bag of concentrates out. I want you to imagine a hard days work….

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4th Top Video

I continue the countdown of the top 10 best videos of all time. I have 6 videos down and 4 more to go. If you haven’t seen the videos already, you can go back on my blog and see which videos are on the list so far:

10. Avril Lavigne’s Two Videos

9. REM’s Everybody Hurts

8. Alanis Morisette’s Ironic

7. Aerosmith’s Two Videos

6. Duran Duran’s Hungry Like the Wolf

5. Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit

That is the way the countdown has gone to this point. We now get one step closer to the greatest video ever! The 4th video on the list is all about two music worlds colliding. Back in the day, you either liked heavy metal or rap. There was no line between the two and I didn’t know of anyone that liked both. These two groups came together and showed us just what would happen if rap ever got together with heavy metal. The video is great, because it shows both groups practicing on their own music and driving each other crazy, because they are neighbors at their respected music studios. This was a ground breaking video for rap music and heavy metal music and after the world got a load of this video, rap nor heavy metal would never be the same again.

4th Best Video Ever

Aerosmith and Run DMC both did a great job and pulling this video off. I think the heavy metal fans and the rap fans both liked this video and it brought respect to both musical talents. Today we see a lot of cross-breeding, but I always look back at this video as the pioneer to videos like Tim McGraw and Nelly performing Over and Over Again.

3 videos remain on my top 10 countdown. Be sure to chime in and let me know how I am doing. What videos would you have added by now? Which video do I have in my top 10 that just doesn’t belong? I will be back shortly with the top 3 videos of all time, so be sure you stick around and see just which video will get the top nod in this video countdown.