Needing Extra Money?

If your needing extra money, then borrowing it from a bank might be a possibilty for you. Getting personal loans will vary from bank to bank. You will probably have to have good credit. It’s also just as important to have a long credit history. Some people have good credit, but just not a long history. This can sometimes hurt you in getting money. If you are someone that has bad credit, then there might still be hope for you. There is a bad credit loan that’s available to people that don’t have them perfect credit scores.

Look to see if a secured loan or a unsecured loan is better for you. If you have collateral, then that can help you in getting certain types of loans. Some loans will not require collateral. So if you don’t have collateral, then you can still get a loan. Some people will look to get extra money by debt consolidation. If you consolidate debt, then you can make your monthly payments cheaper. Instead of paying several credit card companies each month, you could consolidate them, and just have one payment. This can really free up some money, that you could use for other things.

Taking Care of your Addictions

I know that everybody has some sort of an addiction. I think mine is being on the computer too much! Actually it’s probably more of an online addiction. I have just found the internet to be so helpful in everyday life and in business. It seems when I am online I am connected to the world. It’s a lot like watching your local news that comes on in the evenings. You know if any tornados or escape prisoners were running loose, you would be updated on their news casts. If it wasn’t during the news, you would still feel connected and safe to be on a local channel, where they could up date you with breaking news from that little message line they send across the bottom of the screen.

I just like being a part of things and I think my addiction to the internet is related to that. I know my health is probably suffering from it and I don’t get as much exercise as I should. I just really don’t know how to start cutting down on my internet time. I don’t think there are any programs for online addictions, like you have with drugs and you can find a drug rehab programs somewhere. I think we are still in the infancy of this internet stuff, and I’m sure the doctors will be letting us know of the harmful risks of staying on the computer too long. I look forward to seeing some of these studies coming out.

Braves Not Hungry For Pennant

The Atlanta Braves are a victim to their own success. After 14 years of winning pennants in the West and East Divisions of Baseball, they no longer have the desire or professionalism to achieve another one. The streak stopped last year and it appears a new streak has begun with their lack of effort for the 2007 season. It’s really disheartening to be a Braves fan right now and seeing the team collapse before your very eyes.

The man in charge is Bobby Cox and his favortism to players with higher contracts on the field is lending way to the more talented players the Braves have forced to ride the pine. You can’t deny the numbers that Willie Harris and Matt Diaz has put up in the outfield this year. One of these guys is forced to sit while Andruw Jones is barely making contact at the plate and appears to be blaming the poor slump on a soar elbow. If he’s hurt he should sit; he should be sitting just for the simple fact he’s no where near the production of what Willie Harris and Matt Diaz is giving you.

It was an interesting coaching strategy to see how the Braves beat the Giants in the first game of their current series. First of all, you had Bob Wickman who is clearly the 5th best relief pitcher on the team, and Cox has failed to move him out of the closer’s role. He has struggled in the closer role and having 4 pitchers on the staff that is clearly better than him. Now a couple of these pitchers are out with injuries. Mike Gonzalez and Octavio Dotel are out due to injuries, but neither guy was given the shot at the closer’s role. Then you have the favorite in Rafael Soriano who has been amazing. He’s given up some long balls, but I would rather lose that way then walking guys like Wickman has done. Tyler Yates is a hard thrower with better stuff than Wickman. However, Wickman remains the closer and he blew another save on Tuesday against the Giants.

After tying the game in the top of the 9th inning, the Braves was able to get their lead off man on in the bottom of the 9th inning. They had Kelly Johnson to bunt the runner over, but with a great hustling effort he beat out the play and was safe at 1st base. Now you have a player at 2nd base (which is the winning run) and you just have to make sure he gets to 3rd base. Chipper Jones comes to the plate with the hitting privelage? This seem to be a easy call for him to bunt the runner to third and stay out of the double play. Instead Cox let’s him swing away, because he shows favortism to his stars and winning this game is 2nd priority. Now even with the hit privelage you still have to hit the ball to the right side of the field. Well not only does Chipper swing, but he hits the ball to left field. It was a huge mistake and the Braves could have been in a double play or Chipper could have flew out and failed to move the runner to third. Now Chipper did come through with a hit, but it was a stupid way to play that situation and it’s things like that has kept the Braves from winning World Series.

It’s been the story all year as we have players at 2nd base with no outs and our guys continue to hit the ball to left field. Cox allows these players to get away with it and it’s a good reason to know why the Braves are not leaders in the Eastern Division. You must hit the ball to right field with a runner on 2nd base and no outs. It’s a must! Andruw has been in the lineup long enough, time to sit him before it’s too late!

To add salt to the wound, the Braves team got home at 3 or 4 AM Monday morning where 3 of their star players (Smoltz, Hudson, Francouer) play in a charity golf tournament. Why would you schedule any charitable even during baseball season? Why would you do this with 6 weeks left to go in a close pennant race? Why was Smoltz out there when he had to pitch on Tuesday? It’s because the Braves are not hungry to win this pennant and it’s why Smoltz struggled in the early part of that game. It’s really sad to see these spoiled millionaires not have the heart to give it their all.

For some reason tonight, Tim Hudson took off from first base on a deep fly ball to right field with 2 outs and ran a jogging pace watching the ball to see if the ball went over the outfielder’s head. It did go over his head, but Hudson only managed to get to 3rd base where that run never did score. The announcers said it was a wise decision, no need for him to run on a hot night and have a collision at the plate, and besides they are winning 2 to 0. It turned out that lead got wiped away when Barry Bonds hit his 759th career homerun and tied the score up late. Braves did manage to score more later, but Hudson’s play could have made the difference. You have to give it your all! Pitchers and position players and this just isn’t happening. It will do the Braves in and they will not be playing baseball in October if we get to get treated with Andruw’s whiff on the ball at every at-bat.

Having A Yard Sale

Having a yard sale is a great way to make room in your home and making a little money while you do it. Now I have friends that have a lot of yard sales and they tell me that getting one or two big items and sitting out in the yard, is the best way to draw customers in. It doesn’t matter if you don’t sell the big item or not, it’s just the thing that will get people to stop in and look at what you have to sell. Now the baby stuff is always popular at the yard sales, and you can easily sell toys, baby high chairs, baby play pens, or baby clothes. Don’t forget the entertainment things, all your radios, stereos, VCR and DVD players, and any movies you might have on VHS tapes or DVD; sell real well at the yard sales. Just remember at the end of the day the main goal is to get rid of this stuff and try to talk one of your customers in to taking everything you have left. Give them 1 price for the rest of your things you have left and make them an offer they can’t refuse!

Hickory Log Creek Dam and Reservoir


The Hickory Log Dam is coming along nicely, as it is almost complete in Canton, Georgia. The Dam will stop up an area of water that is expected to be around 5 billion gallons of water! That will cover about 411 acres of land that is presently dry right now. While the lake will offer many benefits to the residents of Canton and Cobb County, like drinking and recreational activities, I do have concerns for what they might be burying under the water.

The Hickory Log community is a very rich part of the natives that was in this area. A big Indian population thrived in the Hickory Log area and there is no telling of all the valuable artifacts that might remain in that 411 acre area. Once they start to fill up the reservoir, it will be filled up pretty quickly, and the current time frame is for the end of 2008 for the lake to be at maximum levels.


The growth and what the local commissioners have been approving lately have led Canton to need a reservoir like the one they are building. It’s become too much for a lot of the residents that have lived here their whole lives. Many are currently seeking new homes north of Canton and would like to escape the booming growth that is occurring in Canton, Georgia. Some of the desired locations have been Nelson, Jasper, Talking Rock, Blue Ridge, Dahlonega, Fairmount, Chatsworth, Ellijay, Dawsonville, and other places like this that are a short drive from Canton. Since these locations are so close to Canton; if many of the residents do go packing to some of these North Georgia communities, it makes you wonder how long they will remain a desired destination. It could cause the residents of these communities to seek shelter in more of a “country-lifestyle” and would probably start crossing the Georgia Borders. So while it might seem like a good idea to build this 411 acre lake for drinking water, it’s reach will be felt as far north as Tennessee and the Carolinas and it’s really sad to see these areas affected, when they will receive no benefits from the reservoir whatsoever!

Save On Disney Tickets

You don’t have to pay regular price for your Disney Tickets. Discount Disney Tickets can be found, and so many more, for the Orlando Theme Parks Area. There is so much to do around Disney World, so be sure you have the best discount tickets to the theme parks.

At Orlando Fun Tickets you can find all kind of discounts for the adventures around Disney and Orlando. They have tickets to all of your favorite places like Sea World, Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, Islands of Adventure, and Universal Studios too. If your interested in nearby places like Kennedy Space Center, or Busch Gardens, then your in luck. Orlando Fun Tickets has them places covered too. Orlando Magic basketball tickets can be purchased at discounted prices as well.

The popular dinner shows are covered by Orlando Fun Tickets. The shows like Arabian Nights, Blue Man Group at Universal, and Medieval Times. Ever heard of Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede? It started in Pigeon Forge, and now is shown in Orlando too. The Dixie Stampede has been very popular among the mountain folk, and now it’s found right in central Florida. Be sure to check out the Dixie Stampede, it is a must see event while in Orlando, Florida.


Pool Cues From Pool Dawg


Billiards has always been a favorite past time of mine. I haven’t played much serious pool in the last few years, but I’m looking to get back into it. I would like to join a pool league and have a pool night each week. It’s fun to play in a pool league if you have never done it before. I am willing to play 8 or 9 ball; I just want to get back in the action of playing pool.

I don’t have a pool stick right now, so I was doing a little shopping online for one. I found a great selection of pool cues from I was amazed at all the brands and the price range they had for their cues. Now the hard part will be selecting just one pool cue to get. I really like some of the higher priced ones, but I think I will have to find one that fits my budget better.

One stick that I really like is the Viking G02 Green Stained Pool Cue. I use to have a Viking and really like the way they play. I prefer a heavier stick and would get this at about 21 ounces. It also comes with a free gift where you can choose something like a pool glove or soft pool case. I think I would take the free soft case as my gift. This stick is normally $180 but Pool Dawg has them for under $150 right now!  I don’t think I can pass up on a bargain like that and they have all of their pool cues or most of them marked down right now. So if you’re looking at new pool cues like me; you might want to see what Pool Dawg has to offer.


A Northeast Law Firm

Simmons Jannace & Stagg is a law firm that practices in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. They use to be a law firm that dealt with general and commercial liability litigation. They are now a full service law firm. Their core practice remains general and commercial litigation, but they also deal with labor and employment, arbitrations and litigation, corporate transactions, securities law, environmental law, real estate, municipal law, zoning and land use, and bankruptcy. There are many more things that this full service law firm deals with also. So if your having problems with creditors rights or anything else that you might need an attorney for, then give them a call.

Fabricating Solutions

If your into farbrications, then I might have some help with them. NEDC for over 25 years, New England Die Cutting & Gasket Manufacturing has been a proven gasket fabricating facility to the military, electronics, medical, and commercial industries for die cut rubber, foam, plastics, EMI/RFI, metals, films, and thermal interface materials.

Some of their capabilites are die cutting, laser cutting, water jet, CNC drilling and routing, slitting, and vulcanizing. They can take some of these procedures to help make or install gaskets, EMI/RFI, theremal interferance, sub zero controlled films, extrusions, orings, and materials. RFI Shielding is a high quality product that has over 25 years of exeperience in to it. You can expect to get successful design and fabrication, along with distribution of high quality EMI/RF shielding products. There are brochures and literature available if you click on the “site map”. This company are women owned, and I’m sure they are ready to help you today with any needs you might have. They do have telephone numbers, addresses, and email address so you can get in touch with them for any questions. Just look into their website, and look for “contact us” for more information that you might need.

Location Maps

We are all searching for maps. Some for the place where we are going, and others are just looking for the map to success. I can’t help you with the latter part, but everybody needs to know where they are traveling. is a great place to get maps. They have a broad range of maps, that include pocket maps, floorplans, exterior signboards, and acrylic panels. Getting a map can not only help you, but your customers as well.

For instance, remember that last trip you took the family hiking, or to a large park. You probably seen a sign that was incased in some type of structure, that showed the trails or map of the park. This would be an exterior signboard, and is really helpful to the hikers and visitors of the park. Without even entering the trails or the park, you can make decisions on your day just from the map. You can estimate the distance for a trail, and see if it would take the whole day, or just part of it. It would help you to understand how to plan that day at the park with your family. is a place where you can get signs like that. It’s already very important for places like the parks, zoos, shopping malls, and even your local city square to have these signs. So the visitors can understand where they are, and make timely decisions. None of us like being lost, and more importantly these days, none of us have the time to be lost.

Land Is Important; During Times Like These

The economy has been a pretty important topic lately. Everyone in the USA and other countries are looking in and are a bit concerned for the American economy. We will get through these times like we always do, but the people that own real estate are in good shape. Land is a good investment and even during times like these, it really doesn’t lose its value. The housing industry is being hit hard now, but that is a little different from real estate. Sure the two go hand in hand, but there is a difference. Hardware stores might get hurt when the housing industry goes down, but our population continues to grow regardless of the economy issues. People have to have a place to work and live on and that’s why real estate will always be on the rise; regardless of how gloom things may look now. The President is trying to urge congress on that new stimulus package and if that gets approved, we can all breathe a little easier. If you do have any extra money lying around, consider an investment in land! You can never go wrong with the real estate markets.

Kid Nation on CBS

Well the controversial show had its debut last night and it was something different to watch on tv, that’s for sure. The show is called Kid Nation and they get 40 kids together and put them out in the middle of no where. It’s a place where life has failed before from adults and now we get to see if kids can thrive in this place in New Mexico.

In the show the kids don’t get to vote each other off, so it’s different from other reality shows. The kids can stay as long as they want and every 3 days there is a town hall meeting and the kids can decide then if they want to leave or not. Also at these town hall meetings the kids get to discuss all their situations and the town council gets to pick one lucky person to receive a gold star. The gold star is worth 20,000 dollars in real money that the kids will be able to have after their 40 day adventure.

I like the show in terms that it is something different to watch on tv. It is a reality show, but it’s one with a unique twist and makes it worth watching from that standpoint. I’m not sure how many people will continue to watch this show all season long, but I would say they had a big audience last night to show their product to. Not a lot of good things were on television last night in the 8PM slot, so Kid Nation got seen by many. I do think the show might have gone a little too young in their participants and that might be what turns a lot of people away from the show. I think if they would have focused on high school age kids, the results could be a lot better. Maybe taking 5 girls and 5 boys from the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade would be a better cast of characters, than the whiney bunch they have now. Don’t get me wrong, I realize the conditions are tough, but the first night of the show, when the temperatures dropped at night and they were hungry, a lot was ready to quit then. I am only left to believe that the shows producers and people working behind the scenes has made life much more comfortable for them now, because the attitudes had changed tremendously on day 2.

I have got the DVR set to record all episodes of Kid Nation as of right now. I will watch another show or two, but I have my doubts if I will watch the full season of Kid Nation. Great idea by CBS, but I think the cast is a little too young for the conditions they are facing. So much so, that controversy has been preached from a lot of levels and many of the parents can’t comment right now, because of confidentiality agreements they have made with the show. Should be interesting to get the parents take on this show, once the season has ended.

When Patients Escape

I saw an interesting story today and it involves the Christmas spirit. We all know how prisoners spend 24 hours a day trying to think of a way to escape. I guess people in hospitals can share a lot of their desires to get out as well. I know the 2 times I have spent in the hospital, I just couldn’t wait to leave. Some patients in South Africa decided to make their own escape plan and it was because they wanted to spend time with their families for Christmas. Now that sounds like a nice gesture, but these patients all suffer from TB. Tuberculosis is a highly contagious disease and people that suffer from it have to stay in quarantine. These 49 patients in Africa escaped by cutting a wire fence and getting out of the hospital’s isolation unit, in an apparent attempt for them to spend time with their families.

Since this story has broke 20 of the 49 patients have turned their self in. Authorities are hoping that more of these patients will follow suit. The area already suffers from a high aids population and the TB feeds that virus and a TB outbreak would be devastating to the folks in Southern Africa.

Borrowing Money

Have you recently seen something that you wanted to buy? Did you see a new car, a boat, a motorcycle, a house, or a big screen television? However, you just don’t have the money for it. There might be hope, if you can get a loan. If you have a good credit history and possibly having some collateral would help too. Then you might be able to get that brand new toy that has caught your eye.

Secured Loans should be a last resort for you to get that extra money. If you have a poor credit history, then this might be the answer. You will need to own your own home, to be able to get secured loans. This is to insure that you will pay back the loan. If something was to happen, and you can’t pay back the loan. Then your home can be used to get the money back. So try to avoid getting a loan, and putting your home at risk. We never know what the future might have in store for us.

Now persoanl loans could be the answer for most. It would be a loan to you, for you to spend in a personal way. So getting that new big screen tv, might just be a matter of getting a personal loan. Be sure to check with more than one service, before you accept your new loan. Get the loan that makes the most sense for you. Which in most cases, will be the loan that has the cheapest interest rate.

Another good reason for getting a loan, is to pay off your bills. They do have loans for such a thing. A Debt Consolidation Loan can make things so much easier for you. Instead of having several bills to send in each month. You could combine them all together, and have your loan to pay them off. Then you would just have one payment per month, and in most cases you would save on the interest rates. So you would actually be spending less each month, while saving money on the end of your debts. Getting your debts consolidated, is a great way to get them paid off.

Marine Electronics

Now finding the best of all the high tech gear for the water is easy. Northeast Marine Electronics has all your electronic gear in one place. They have fish finders, gps systems, batteries, radar, chart plotters, depth finders, binoculars, compasses, and any instructional videos that you might need. There’s so many products to choose from, your sure to find all the Boating Supplies you need, at Northeast Marine Electronics.

I like to fish a lot, and I was interested in some of their fish finders. I was surprised to see so many brands that they offer. There was Hummingbird, Garmin, Eagle, Northstar, Simrad, Raymarine, Interphase, Lowrance, Navman, Furuno, and SiTex. So you can see there’s a lot to choose from, just by seeing the brands of fish finders they have. Just clicking on the Eagle Brand, I found about 36 fish finders from Eagle. They were ranging in price from about $70 to over $600. So it gives you broad price range to get one that fits in your budget the best. I liked the Eagle TriFinder 2 TM 110-302, probably the best from Eagle. It has a price for about $180, and great features with it. It looks like it would be simple to use, and wouldn’t have too many extra features that I wouldn’t be using. So it saves me some money on the higher priced fish finders. If your looking for one that has more bells and whistles with it, then you might want to check out the fish finders from Northstar. I thought they had some very nice ones, with great colorful screens with them. Some of these can run you near $1000.

Now this is just a brief description of the fish finders at Northeast Marine Electronics. There’s so much more to look at, and all your high tech gadgets for the water is at their place. You can order securely online from their website too. They accept Visa, Discover, American Express, Pay Pal, and Mastercard. So get the plastic out, and go find you a new toy that you can put on your boat for this summer.