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Sending Flowers from Your Computer

You know how we use to call the flower shop and give them a price and an address for our flower deliveries? Most of the time, we never knew which flowers would be sent out. We would just want to order something special or surprise a friend with a floral arrangement. Did you know you could Send Flowers using your computer? Its true! I think it works out a lot better; when we send flowers to a loved-one online. At least we can see pictures of different flowers or floral arrangements; which does help us to decide how much to spend. Once we know what an extra few dollars could buy, we generally decide to go with a better gift of flowers.

I think other flower shops who are not online now, should change that. A flower shop can reach more customers, if they use the World Wide Web to show-off their prettiest flowers. It really doesn’t cost that much, to get a website online these days. The hosting fees seem to be getting cheaper, since the number of hosting companies are growing. Once you do get a flower website up and running, be sure to include a lot of floral pics. Let the new flower site be useful for someone like me, who doesn’t know a lot about flowers. I can only name a few common flowers and I like a lot more, than I can name. So adding tons of pictures would be great, for customers who don’t send flowers online that often.

Gourmet Fruit Basket

For most of the flower shops online already, they offer more than just flowers. You can get these nice gift baskets in a variety of ways. A gourmet-style basket or a basket with candy and fruit is another nice gift to surprise someone with. It doesn’t always have to be flowers; when you want to surprise that special someone. Just remember to be as creative as you can, if you decide to send flowers online.

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  • Less Jobs and Higher Prices

    Its weird how the World works sometimes. You can just look at the situation in America now, to see how strange it really is out there. We are seeing less jobs than ever before, yet the prices for most items are costing more? I never try to figure these things out. I assume others will soon get it and something will have to give. Either we get more jobs or everything will become much, much cheaper over night.

    Until that day comes, just try to survive. If you plan to shop for something like clothes this Christmas season, be sure to look in the newspaper or online for Kohls coupons or other discounts for clothing stores. You can find some bargains out there, by getting these coupons or discount codes first. Instead of your usual shopping patterns you use to have. Try to change up the old-style shopping patterns. Go look for these money-saving offers you can find on the Internet or pick up the Sunday paper and clip out all of those coupons. Every little bit does help and some of these discounts are really big. Start now at the grocery stores saving money and pretty soon; you will have the extra cash to visit a Kohl’s Department Store or an online shopping website. Be sure to check back later and I will try to locate some new financial tips, so we can all start saving more money!

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  • For the best marketing results online. Everyone should be focusing on a few good advertising platforms. All of these are FREE to use and for the best results; you must login daily.

    1. EasyHits4U

    2. Traffic Splash

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    5. Volcano Hits

    These 5 manual traffic exchanges are the ones you want to use daily. Each and every morning you wake up. Be sure to spend 1 or 2 hours at each one of these. For most Internet surfers, it shouldn’t be too difficult surfing at all 5 of these manual exchanges each day. Or you can surf 3 in the morning time and pick 2 more to surf in the evening hours.

    Some traffic exchanges you will want to surf on specific days. For instance, every Saturday, an online surfer can rack up on the cash, if they will choose to surf at Surf Sumo. This is a great place to earn cash money online, from the bonus pages you can claim. You will still be advertising your main interests online; while surfing for free cash money at Surf Sumo.

    Mondays is the day we will all set aside time for Click Voyager. They increase their surfing ratios here on every Monday. Plus there is a lot more credits to be had here, if you play hangman, take your spins, and claim all the bonus rewards; while you surf the first day of the week away at ClickVoyager. Perhaps you know of some other manual TE’s, which are good for certain days of the week? Please be sure to let me know and I will update any new ones, that you guys let me know about.

    After these two first steps, there is really only one step left to do and this is the easiest one of all. To be the best marketer you can be, you should take advantage of times you are not at the computer, to keep advertising your referral pages, affiliate links, personal websites, blogs, and other sites you want more traffic for. You can achieve this promotional feat, by using a few auto surfs regularly. If you need to clean the house or go cook dinner, this is a good time to let your auto surfs run. Maybe its getting that time in the evening, when all of the best TV shows are coming on. This is another peak time, for you to be promoting your websites online. Not only do I show my websites online during these times, but I also let my auto surfs run over night, when I am sleeping. This is the longest time we go, without personally being online. We could start maximizing our efforts during this long gap of downtime, by loading up our auto surfs and letting them run into the night.

    Auto surfs are just like the other traffic exchanges, but you don’t have to click a number or symbol for the pages to change in rotation. It does it automatically for you; which creates a lot more unique views you will be getting out there. This is really a great way to promote your personal websites and blogs. For the other sites, you can still land real referrals this way. Some surfers online will view some of these auto pages and from time to time, I do get new sign ups from my auto traffic. Here is a short list of auto surf websites; which have helped me the best with my online promotions:

    * 24/7 Auto Hits

    * Traffic Spammer


    * Shalom Auto Hits

    * Smiley Traffic

    * eBeshucher – German Auto TE

    It doesn’t take much to advertise like the pros do online. If you have time each day to commit to surfing online. You can build up a nice advertising empire. Just remember to wake up each day and try to promote your websites, blogs, referral pages, and all of those affiliate links you currently have. Promote several things in several different areas and you will get positive results back, from all over the World Wide Web!

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  • The equestrian apparel is not just for the stables any longer. More and more fashion accessories are coming from the world of horses and their riders. Most of the equestrian clothes I have seen over the years, look real good on the riders. Now a new trend is starting up and it comes from young ladies; who don’t even own a horse. I doubt some have even been on a horse before. Whatever it takes to get the best fashion threads to wear are what women and young girls are saying everywhere. For those who have never shopped at an equestrian store or outlet before, might want to view some of these apparel items. The Equestrian Corner is a good place to start online. They offer a huge selection of different pants and jeans for men and women. The stylish equestrian shirts and fleece jackets are available on the Net too. Just an overall good selection of clothes; which were intended for horse riders, but are available for anyone to buy online.

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  • I would like to take me a small metal table with those rolling wheels on them or casters on the bottom of a sturdy table.

    Over all, I think I could get everything I need for $3,000 or less and then I would only need me a big wad of cash, so I could afford to buy these unknown goodies in these lockers. Have you ever watched this TV program called Storage Wars on cable television? Or better yet, have you ever been to a live auction, where you was bidding on a storage locker? Any advice or tips you have to pass along to me, I would really appreciate it.

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  • Tips for Finding Cheap Insurance

    Car insurance is a necessity, but luckily you don’t have to spend a small fortune on it. With a little research you can find great rates on your auto insurance. Here are some tips to help you find cheap insurance that is budget friendly.

    Make Changes to your Current Insurance

    Most insurance companies offer discounts. Call your agent or representative to make sure that you are getting every discount you qualify for. Here is a list of discounts most companies offer that you should ask about.

    • Multi-policy discount: If you are insuring your home and car with the same company then you should qualify for a pleasant discount.
    • Multiple cars: Most companies will offer a discount to most customers who insure more than one car with them.
    • Safety features: Talk to your insurance company to be sure that they are aware of all the safety features on your car.
    • Anti-theft devices: Adding an anti-theft features to your car can make your insurance cheaper thanks to insurance company discounts.
    • Classes: Talk to your agent to find out if there are defensive driver courses you can take that will earn you a discount on your rates.
    • Safe driver discounts: Most insurance companies will provide discounts to the drivers who obey the traffic laws and don’t get in accidents. If you have been citation and accident free for more than 3 years talk to your agent about a discount.
    • Prepaid discounts: Pay your insurance bill in full and you may be able to get a discount as a reward.

    Simple changes can also make a big difference to the premiums you currently have. One way to get the cheapest insurance is to raise your deductible for an immediate reduction in the monthly premiums. You should also check with your company to see how many miles they show you driving annually. If you drive fewer miles than they have on record, be sure to have them make that correction as it can help lower your rates.

    Compare Quotes

    You can also compare price quotes from other companies. When making the comparisons, be sure that you are comparing the same levels for liability, collision and comprehensive coverages. Look at the prices after all discounts have been applied. The companies with the cheapest rates may surprise you.

    Comparison Websites

    You can call different companies to get quotes, but you can get faster results by visiting a cheap insurance comparison website. These sites will provide you with quotes from multiple companies at one time, allowing you to easily make an accurate comparison and make a decision.

    Mistakes to Avoid

    There are some things you should never do when trying to save money on auto insurance. Do not try to get lower rates by dropping your coverage levels. Insurance is designed to protect you and your assets. Choosing lower levels will only leave you exposed to lawsuits. It is also vital that you do not lie to any insurance company about your driving record or any other information. Failure to be honest with an insurance company can be construed as insurance fraud, a serious criminal offense.

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  • Literally, A Mouse

    Guest post from: Kent Lara

    There is a mouse in the house. I repeat- there is a mouse in the house. Actually, there is more than one mouse in the house. We just moved in to our first home, and I’ve been so excited to finally own a home. My husband and I have been saving for the past 2 years for a down payment, and found what we thought was the home of our dreams. When we first found out that we were moving in to a new house we were overjoyed at the thought of home ownership. We have enjoyed several parts, but parts like having a mouse infestation is not something that we’re used to. We also have had some problems with roaches- yuck! While we’ve been settling in, we’ve also had to remember to do things like signing up for water and electricity. We compared electricity providers at: HTTP:// . Now that we have that figured out, we just have to figure out this mouse problem! After that- the cockroaches can meet their match!

    East Coast Braces for Irene this Weekend

    It should be no secret now, to anyone who lives on the Eastern Coast of the United States and Canada. For several days now, the media has ran Irene into the ground. I guess the main part to this story is Washington D.C. and New York, where they don’t get a lot of big hurricanes heading their way. Since the media capital of the World is in New York, we see Hurricane Irene filling up our television screens and local news stations 24/7.

    Astronauts & Aliens View of Hurricane Irene in the Atlantic Ocean

    This hurricane of 2011 could cost Americans around 1.6 billion dollars; once all of the damages and repairs are taken care of and utilities get restored. Gas prices are already on the rise, since a few refineries of oil on the East Coast have shut down. If you live within 1 or 2 hours from the Atlantic Ocean; then chances are, this huge hurricane is going to affect you in one way or another. Not many folks are taking chances and there are already several states of emergencies declared and Irene hasn’t even blasted her first rain pellet on these states yet. It does look like Florida, Georgia, and most of South Carolina will be spared from the eye wall portion of this Category 3 Hurricane Irene. The next state and the most likely place for a first landfall would be North Carolina. I’m expecting the worse damage to occur here and it will result in a lot of power outages and beach erosion, as Hurricane Irene is timing her strike, about the same time as high tide.

    After Irene leaves North Carolina, she will be headed over cooler waters and part of her massive size, should still be over the land area of the Eastern USA Coastline. The other states will not face the high speed winds, like N.C. will be doing about 5 or 6 a.m. on Saturday morning. Just as the sun begins to lighten up the Carolina Beaches, the true force of the hurricane should be right over the Tar Heel State and doing her damage.

    New York Governor Declares State of Emergency Too Soon?

    I don’t think others up in New York or on Long Island have a lot to worry about with Hurricane Irene. The Governor of New York has clearly over reacted and the media has been fueling their self off of his words. No need to declare a state of emergency; when your state has sunny skies and nice summer time temperatures. This hurricane is not that strong and New Yorkers have very little to fear. I have covered these hurricanes for a long time and the track will lead Irene away from the coastline of the United States 98 percent of the time. This Hurricane Irena could be the 2 percent time, in which a hurricane does rock the Big Apple, but as of right now, Hurricane Irene just doesn’t have that much strength to carry her self that far.

    This 2011 hurricane is big and this does present a lot of flooding problems. Wind damage is what most people think of, when they hear about a hurricane. The flood damage is often the worse culprit out of the 2; when it comes to these fall storms that are really common in the Southeastern part of the United States.

    New York doesn’t really have a lot to worry about. There is already a lot of extra pumps on hand to pump the extra water out of the subway systems in NYC and surround areas. These extra pumps should insure the subway system; which does set below sea level and pumps run daily there, to keep the salty waters out of the NY Subway Tunnels.

    What is your thoughts about Hurricane Irene? Do you think this massive Category 2 or Cat 3 Hurricane is going to cause much damage for Americans? Will any state get hit harder than North Carolina? With wind speeds going between 110 MPH and 115 MPH, it does present some concern for those right on the beaches and 2 miles inland. If you live 5 to 10 miles from the beach or your state’s coastline, you should not have a lot of wind damage from a strong gust of wind. Hurricanes do bring those 40 to 50 mph winds that are constant and never let up. These winds will make it tough for power crews, who are out there trying to restore power to their customers, but I would take shelter against the rain mainly.

    Do you think the N.Y. Governor over-reacted, by declaring a state of emergency days before the Hurricane arrives in the state and has ordered a lot of senior citizen evacuations, along the beaches and coast lines of New York.. I do think he caused unnecessary panic to his state and this is not a matter of being “safer than sorry”. Public officials and especially governors and those who have a million or more residents to be responsible for. Should only make decisions 12 to 24 hours in advance and not start scaring people 5 days before a hurricane like Irene.

    As always, please leave your Hurricane Irene comments and be sure to reply back with your opinion about the author of this hurricane story. Do you think the blog post author is right on? Or do you think their story is missing the big picture here and the pressure on the state officials; like the Governor of New York have been in-line?

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  • Two things that is very important to most of us out there, is time and money. Any ways or tips in which we can save some money or a little valuable time, is going to catch most people’s eyes. That is exactly what happened to me recently; when I found this website online that claims both. If you like to shop online, you must listen to this.

    All shoppers on the Net these days can get a free download for their computers. You will find this download over at Drop Down Deals. This is a website which will help shoppers find fast coupons to the sites they’re currently shopping at online. Once you have the free downloaded program working for you, there will be less of a need to search for promo codes, discount numbers, or for those free online coupons. The dropdowndeals promo codes will magically appear; when you go to a site that they have a coupon for. You will not have to leave your favorite shopping sites, just to see if there is a money-saving coupon available. It will appear on your computer screen, to let you know how much money you can save with this particular retailer online. Not only is this free downloaded software going to save us money, but it’s going to save a lot of time too, and to me, that is more important than money!

    And don’t worry about the selection of stores you have to choose from. Shoppers will be able to save money at Home Depot, Dell, Toys R Us, Target, Kohls, and other great online shopping sites. These drop down discount codes will work on a variety of browsers. If you currently use Internet Explorer, Chrome, or the Firefox browser; then you are good to go. Windows, Linux, or Mac Users can download the free software to their computers and can begin saving money right away. You must go do this now! If you like to shop online once a week or even once a month; you will be glad you took time out now, to get this free money-saving download. Please be sure to come back here and let me know how much money you have saved.


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  • There is a variety of things at home that can break or just not work right at certain times. For most home owners they will need to call in a repair man, a service company, or some professional who is skilled in a specific area. Any time a professional gets called in, you know the job is going to cost a “pretty penny“, right? Well it doesn’t have to! The next time you need a repair or some professional work done, come to the computer and look for Their online services provide a wealth of information and it even covers all the areas of the construction fields. So exactly how does this online site help?

    The next time you encounter a problem with the plumbing or you have a leaky roof up above. You would just come to the computer, go to the website and open up an account. Then state your problem and list out all of the work you want done at home. For instance, the bathroom shower is leaking water. I just want to go ahead and get a whole new shower head and faucet for the bath tub. Please leave me your best estimate on the price, how long it will take to do it, and what is the soonest you can come to fix my leaky shower head. Professionals in this line of work, like plumbers would be sending you in offers, on what it would cost to do a job like this. After you get a few offers in, you will have a good “ball-park” figure on how much it will cost to fix this bathroom problem. Also, if one of the offers is really low; then you found a cheap plumber to do the work. For those households right now, who have a leaky roof, they could do a similar process to find an affordable roofer.

    This is the best way to handle the professionals you hire for work around the house. Doing your next hire with this process, will insure you’re getting the job done for a really low price. This is an excellent way to protect your hard-earned money. There are a few professionals out there that will over charge you. Now you can fight back and protect your self, by letting the professionals bid on your work or repair services you need!

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  • If you’re currently online doing a search for Rhett and Link: Commercial Kings from the IFC Channel on television, you must be looking for some top, notch advertising. Or perhaps you just have a little extra money in the advertising budget this month, to get Rhett and Link to do one of their awesome homemade commercials for you. I think that’s great and you are looking at two guys that know how to get it done! Advertising takes a special skill and both of these guys have the perfect answer to your advertising questions. Before you hire them to do your commercial, feel free to get a boost online while you are in the promotional mood. The reason you found this blog post high in the search engines, is because I use several high ranking blogs, to get this Rhett and Link Blog Post pushed to the top. So I can prove my value online and show you a cheaper and very effective way to market your products, services, websites, referral links, or any affiliate programs you want to jump start online.

    I have some affordable online methods, I can hook you up with and get your online promotions going in the right direction. This is the perfect appetizer to order with your Advertising TV Dinner. Go ahead and get Rhett and Link for the main coarse, but start off here first, so you can be pushing your exposure up the ladder online. I will use a series of blogs mainly to get your website on the first page of the top search engines out there, like Yahoo, MSN (Bing), and the big daddy of them all, Google! I use a few other marketing tricks and advertising methods behind the scenes; which will help insure your website comes up high on all the search engines; when Internet Users type in those keywords that relate to your small business website.

    For as little as $90, I can get you up and running with a 3 blog promotion. If you prefer to sample my work first, I will do one blog post online with a few different links and follow any directions you might have for only $50. Then if you like what you see, we can then add 3 blog posts to your order and your small business would be benefiting from 4 professionally written blog posts online. These will all be done to the best of my ability and I will be happy to do any edits; which you would like to have done to any one of  the blog post I do for you. I will be in close contact, so you can have easy access to me for any questions or suggestions you might have along the way.

    Rhett & Link Announces Commercial Kings TV Show on the IFC Channel

    YouTube Preview Image

    It has been a nice 5 year run online with YouTube for Rhett and Link. They both say they will continue to do their YouTube Videos and promote their customers here online. I know the TV commercials are going to become real popular in the near future, as the fan base from the television crowds begin to grow. If you would like to watch the Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings on IFC, be sure to check your local listings. Most of you should be able to tune-in at 10 P.M. on Friday Nights and watch their new episodes. Usually IFC will show an encore of the Friday night telecast again, in the early, wee hours of Saturday morning. Then throughout the weekend and several days through the week, fans of Rhett and Link can turn to IFC or the Independent Film Channel and watch replays of the Rhett and Link Commercial Kings program. It comes on a lot and its a good thing it does, so everyone can see how much of a genius these two guys are, when they come together for the same advertising cause.

    I’m not exactly sure on the Rhett and Link advertising rates, but a lot of small companies in California are finding enough funds in the ad budget to hire these two funny and creative guys. I been doing online advertising for the same 5 year period, as Link and Rhett has been doing too. They chose to use the YouTube videos; while I went for the blog advertising. I have been able to help a lot of people and business owners online, get real solid results with the few dollars they have invested into my services. I feel my 5 years of experience and affordable adverting prices, allows me to reach more folks online; who need help with their online promotions. Rhet and Link are certainly the Commercial Kings on Youtube or on television now with their new IFC program. However, I belive Blogger Chris is the Blog King online; when it comes to top notch and efffective blog advertising. My blogs do get results and the best part of all, is that my rates are much cheaper than an actual TV commercial or even a YouTube ad online.

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    Blogger Chris: Blog King does work! Give it a try today!


    Recently from The Drs television show, we got to see a couple of brands of vibrating watches. A vibrating watch can serve a lot of different purposes. The Doctors wanted to lean toward the youth and show kids and their parents, some really cool ways to use one of these vibrating watches. The two brands featured on the Show were Wobl Watches and the potty watches from the Potty Time namebrand trademark. The Doctors did real well with their two different watch companies they decided to feature. Both watches have a nice design-look and the awesome bright colors on these vibrating time pieces is perfect for the kids.

    Boys & Girls Vibrating  Watches

    A young boy out there would probably like a black or blue Wobl colored watch for his choice of a new watch. This Wobl blue watch is available online and these are the more expensive watches that were displayed on The Drs. A vibrating Wobl watch is going to cost you about $30 to $40 each. I believe the price I just now seen was $36 and this was true for the other Wobl colored watches for the boys or the girls vibrating pink alarm clock watches were priced the same too. So Wobl watches might be a little nicer look for the older kids, but they do cost more than the Potty Time brand of watches.

    Potty Watch Vibrating Alarms


    If the Wobl brand of watches were a little out of your price range, these vibrating alarm watches for kids is a lot cheaper. I found most sellers online and watch companies,  letting these go for like 9 and 10 dollar prices. So about 1/4 or 1/3 of the cost for a new Wobl Alarm Watch selling on the World Wide Web. To me, I think the Potty Watch Alarms are for the youngest kids out there and possibly a little too “childish-looking” for our adult kids (you know, the 12 years and older kids). Obviously our potty training sessions are over by the time our kids become teenagers or preteens in our family households. These cool vibrating potty watches from Potty Time will give the youngest kids in your family a “grown-up” feeling. So I do agree with the Doctors when it comes to using these alarm clock watches, to train your son or daughter in the bathroom. Obviously these potty alarm timers will not go off at the perfect time each day. It will be up to each individual parent, to try their best and estimate when the next trip to the bathroom should occur. Then you can set the Potty Watch Alarm to vibrate before your child goes in their diaper or clothing bottoms. The alarm is the cool signal your child will like hearing, as he or she makes their way to the bathroom, to do their business. It might be a little difficult to time at first, but usually in 2 or 3 days, you can time out that alarm pretty well. So please let your child or someone else’s small child experience the fun, with a cool and colorful Potty Watch with alarm vibrate.

    Head Concussions – The Drs Cover this Popular Medical Topic

    It seems the competition in sports with our youth is getting more competitive each year. As our local high schools try to squeeze as much practice time and weight lifting training in our teenage boys, they are growing bigger and stronger. I’m sure our growing knowledge in food nutrition, is another factor in the larger muscles and height our high school football players have now. All of this extra strength and power is not good; when out-dated and old high school equipment is the only defense parents and coaches have on the football field. The need for new and modern-designed equipment, is something which should be on every high school in America’s spending budget. No school can afford to overlook the safety of these young men, who go all out on Friday nights to represent their school. Even at the professional NFL football level, the helmet designs are not guaranteed to stop head injuries on the field.

    Football players and helmets is a popular topic. This subject will not be going away anytime soon; since no pro league officials, college level referees, athletic directors at universities, or representatives from the high school football programs have not took a stronger stance on these horrible collisions on the football field. The NFL has been suspending and placing money fines on a lot of the defensive players, who hit and tackle in vicious or unappropriated manners. Some of those big offensive linemen can really deliver a blow and each level of football should be employing immediate changes. More injuries will happen, if these old fashion rules stay in place. The old-style and traditional football rules is not acceptable in this part of our sports history. I know many fans, players, and coaches are against changes; but every snap in the game today, is one play closer for the guys who suffer life-changing head injuries. Losing the ability to walk, think, or other physical disabilities is actually the lucky football players. The healthy guy you practiced with all week and who participates in your team’s next game, but leaves the field early on a stretcher and never regains conscious. He is the unlucky one. Others who live into their golden years might disagree and think the everyday aches and pains for the rest of your life, is the unluckiest crowd of football players.

    It really is dangerous out there. While the pro and college versions of this sport is played with adults; our suggestions won’t go too far. Our control is at home with our own kids in sports. Our local schools where a variety of sports is played. In each of these smaller arenas, we can teach the public about the serious nature of a hard blow to the head region. More headgears and helmets is a start. The Drs want the coaches and parents to be aware of the most common head injury. The concussion is something a lot of people suffer from, at least once in their life. Even you or someone in your family, may have experienced a real medical concussion to the head and didn’t even realize it. The fast or hard action of another object coming into contact with our bodies or the structure we are sitting or propped up on, can cause a violent reaction inside the human skull. When the loose parts of our brain and all of that “meaty and fatty tissue” gets knocked around inside our skulls. We refer to this as a head concussion. If you or someone you know takes a severe blow or is involved in a high impact accident; please be sure to remember a few basic symptoms which commonly take place in most true head concussions. We all see a lot more head injuries making the sports headlines on TV and around our local communities. How is one to cope with head injuries and concussions?

    Here are some warning signs and symptoms of head concussions:

    • Nausea or vomiting
    • Headache and dizziness
    • Confusion and amnesia
    • Loss of balance
    • Ringing in ears
    • Sensitivity to light and noise

    Be sure to look over these symptoms and conditions we will likely see, coming from a person who recently suffered a concussion. A true head concussion will actually bruise the brain. Some of the worse signs and effects will come a lot later; than the first unusual things we begin to feel or see in someone who has a bruised brain.

    A more severe action or blow to our fragile human bodies, can cause a trauma. The Drs from television want to be sure and stress these warning signs; which come from a head trauma case:

    • Abnormal pupil size
    • Abnormal gaze
    • Abnormal behavior – even if it’s subtle
    • Drowsiness
    • Disorientation
    • Vomiting
    • Lethargy
    • Loss of consciousness
    • Slurred or repetitive speech

    ***Special Doctors Program Announcement – If you haven’t seen The Drs episode, which features Doctor Lisa Masterson talking about her childhood, the things which pushed her in life to study medicine, and the memories and tearful emotions she shares with everyone, as she tells a sad story about her real-life mother. This is a must-see episode of The Drs TV Program and this specific episode will be playing again on Monday July 18th. Be sure to wake up and watch this very special Doctors program. If you have plans or will be going to a first shift job; then try to set the VCR or the DVR to record Monday’s Special Show; which will be featuring Doctor Lisa in a way you have never seen her before. This is truly one of the best (if not best) one hour medical events on television ever! Take all medical related programs from the tube and other famous TV Doctors like Dr. Phil or the Doctor Oz TV Show and they will all pale in comparison to this special 1 hour piece, which was mainly put together by the only lady doctor on the television these days. This is the one which also features the Dr. Lisa Masterson Book; which she recently finished writing and it is a published work now.

    ****Watch Dr. Masterson this upcoming Monday (July 18th – 2011) for a special and dramatic replay of The Most Famous Drs Episode ever! You just can’t miss this one!

    Paper Dollhouse: A Memoir – Famous New Book from Doctor Masterson

    Drs Most Recent Products Page 3 is currently available online and Part 4 is coming soon!



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  • Batman: The Animated Series

    Thanks for the post from Darrick Franklin

    Sometimes, it is the older shows that you really remember and that are really enjoyable. For years, I was fascinated watching the original Batman: The Animated Series. Even as the years have gone by, I still enjoy watching these cartoons. They came out sometime in the mid to late nineties. It was a different type of cartoon than nearly anyone had seen on American television before.

    Batman was a darker, angrier figure than most other cartoon heroes. His villains, while sometimes silly, were usually always portrayed with some sort of sadness or humanity in their personality. It was very complex storytelling for what was supposed to be a children’s cartoon.

    The animation was also very original. It is very often imitated now in the newer cartoon shows, but it was very original back then. The setting of Gotham City was also very unique for the time. Instead of just being a large generic city, the animators developed it as a sort of 1950’s art deco nightmare. Many of the characters wore double breasted suits and Fedoras and criminals used tommy guns.

    The complexity of the storytelling, the stylized animation and characters and even the moody music and plots that ended sadly, it all combined to leave a lasting impression on me. It also set the standard for what animation should be.

    Late at night, I still seek out reruns of Batman: The Animated Series on satellite TV, that I got after seeing these Fortunately, there seems to be an audience for the show because I often find it.

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