Land Is Important; During Times Like These

The economy has been a pretty important topic lately. Everyone in the USA and other countries are looking in and are a bit concerned for the American economy. We will get through these times like we always do, but the people that own real estate are in good shape. Land is a good investment and even during times like these, it really doesn’t lose its value. The housing industry is being hit hard now, but that is a little different from real estate. Sure the two go hand in hand, but there is a difference. Hardware stores might get hurt when the housing industry goes down, but our population continues to grow regardless of the economy issues. People have to have a place to work and live on and that’s why real estate will always be on the rise; regardless of how gloom things may look now. The President is trying to urge congress on that new stimulus package and if that gets approved, we can all breathe a little easier. If you do have any extra money lying around, consider an investment in land! You can never go wrong with the real estate markets.

Top Garth Brooks Song of All Time

The day has arrived for me to reveal the top 5 song of all time by Garth Brooks. I have been going through the best Garth Brooks songs of all time over the last few weeks. I have finally reached the top spot on the countdown. You can go back and review what songs I listed as Garth’s best five ever!

Top Garth Brooks Song

Was there ever any doubt that this song wouldn’t be number 1?

I recently saw Garth Brooks here in Atlanta, at the NHL All Star game. He was here watching some good hockey while raising a lot of money for charity. Yes, the Dance is the song everyone will always know Garth Brooks from. In the video for the Dance you can see people that lost their lives early, who probably wouldn’t have changed a thing in their lives, so they wouldn’t have missed the dance they did in life. People like the NASA astronauts that lost their life when the space shuttle Challenger exploded over the Florida skies, Lane Frost the rodeo sensation and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., all were in the video by Garth Brooks song the Dance. You could even see the late John F. Kennedy featured in the video, who was another great American that lost his life way too early.

Garth mentions at the end of the video if anything was to ever happen to him; that he would like this song to be played for him. I’m sure Garth has many more decades on this planet, but when ever that time does come, I’m sure people all over the world will get a good dose of the Dance.

The Dance is a great song and its a song that will live through the ages. There will always be room for a song like this in our lives and this song will still be heard after everybody that heard it originally is long go. Let the Dance live in your hearts and if you have never heard this song before, go back and really listen close to the lyrics. The Dance is the top song on my Garth Broooks countdown and it would be number 1 on anybody else’s countdown too.

Be sure to check out the rest of the songs on my top 5 countdown for Garth Brooks. All songs can be found under “Favorite Singer” here on my blog! See if Garth’s latest song More Than A Memory made the top 5 countdown!

Speeding Up on the Net

Speed is everything to us on our computers. The faster we can move website to website is the more we can look at while we are online. Sometimes keeping our computer clean of cookies, temporary files and cleaning out the cache from time to time is a good way to speed things up. For those with high speed connections might be able to zip around with a new or better type of fiber cable. You also might be suffering from lack of computer memory and deleting some files or pictures you might have stored on your computers could give you a little more juice. Whatever the situation might be for you, there are still millions of computer users wasting a lot of valuable time on the internet, due to a simple correction that many of them could make. If you don’t think your computer speed isn’t moving as fast as it once was; try to find the source of the problem and correct it! There is nothing like zipping around while we surf all these pages on the World Wide Web.

Traffic Hits

Everybody with a website or an affiliate page is searching for all those traffic hits. It’s those hits that become visitors and they become customers. So it’s important to get as many hits to your website as possible. It’s not too hard to find some of the top traffic exchanges in the industry out there. Some of these traffic exchanges can deliver a very high number of hits to your websites in a short amount of time. It’s not expensive to use traffic exchanges to get all those traffic hits either. Those free traffic exchanges are all over the internet and most of them give generous sign up bonuses; so you can start advertising all of your websites immediately. You might have to surf a certain number of pages to receive those bonus credits, but a little time is worth the value you can get from those traffic hits to your websites. If you haven’t used a traffic exchange to increase traffic to your website yet; then give it a try and I’m sure you will want more than 1 traffic exchange advertising your favorite websites!

Cosmetic Surgery Numbers Increasing

More and more people are turning to surgery to take care of their appearances. Everybody is looking for the fast route to take care of any problems they think is wrong with them. Surgery can be good for those that are severely overweight or might have a medical condition that requires some type of cosmetic surgery. Just because you have a few extra pounds doesn’t mean you need to go to the extremes. There are much better ways and you’re not cutting on your body. Whatever happened to just doing a little more exercising, eating a little less and maybe taking some diet pills? These routes are not as fast as surgery, but in the grand scheme of things, you might just be better off. People feel they have too little or too much of something and quickly turn to a surgeon to fix them up. Be sure you do your homework and see the rising numbers of people having their regrets about surgery. Many problems can exist after surgery and these aren’t just problems you will suffer from in your golden years. Many problems occur days or weeks after their medical procedures and I bet most of these people regret having cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is an option, just like taking your time and doing it the smart way is! None of us are perfect, so don’t think that a surgeon can make you perfect either.

Bux Websites Flee Toward Alert Pay

It seems Pay Pal is once again on the hunt for websites that just don’t fit its protocol. The latest target to pop up on Pay Pal’s hit list has been the Bux websites. I like most of the Bux websites and have found them to be a great way to earn money and advertise for unique visitors. They are some Bux websites that have spoiled it for some of the more legitimate ones. I have been paid by most of the ones I am a member of and I had a couple to just disappear in thin air.

The Bux members don’t have to run for the hills quiet yet. Alert Pay is now seeing a huge swing in sign ups and all the webmasters from the Bux websites are in the process of adding Alert Pay instead of Pay Pal. I have enjoyed the services that Pay Pal provides and I can see how both parties might not like each other. No matter who side you are on in the Pay Pal vs Bux Websites brawl; it’s clear one person that will come out of this squeaky clean and that’s Alert Pay!

For those of you that are not familar with Alert Pay, you can rest assure that its a very good online payment processor. I have been with them for almost 2 years now and never had a problem with them. They work very much in the same way as Pay Pal does. Don’t be scared of the new guys in town, because they really aren’t that new and have been around. Even if you don’t mess with the Bux Websites, it still might be a good idea to get an Alert Pay account today, so you have a plan you can quickly put into place, if an emergency would occur with your Pay Pal account. So relax Bux members, this is just going to be a slight bump in the road and I believe there is a place online for all the honest Bux websites out there!

2008 NBA All Stars Announced

They have just released the names of this years NBA All Star Game in New Orleans. I see a couple of players on the team that I voted for, but not as many as I thought would be on the 1st Team All Stars.

Eastern Conference NBA Starters

G Jason Kidd

G Dwayne Wade

F LeBron James

F Kevin Garnett

C Dwight Howard

Western Conference NBA Starters

G Allen Iverson

G Kobe Bryant

F Carmelo Anythony

F Tim Duncan

C Yao Ming

Is there any big surprises that you see with this years 2008 NBA All Star Teams? I think the one that stands out to me is that Tracy McGrady is not on the Western Conference All Stars. I think Tracy McGrady is the 2nd best player in the NBA next to Kobe Bryant and that’s a real shock he’s not on the team. You also have to figure that all the Asian voters that voted for Yao Ming would be checking McGrady’s name on the All Star Ballots. It’s hard for a Western Conference Center to get on the team as a starter, because so many people from the East vote on the NBA All Star Game and they love Yao Ming out there. Yao Ming is a great player in the NBA and I don’t really know of a center that is truly better than him. There is several that people will consider better, but I think you get into splitting hairs. Yao Ming’s biggest weakness is his floor speed. Opposing teams try to run up and down on the Houston Rockets and try to take Yao out of the defense for the Rockets. Allen Iverson got the place that Tracy McGrady deserved. No complaints with Iverson and he’s one of my favorite players. I really like to watch him play and I have followed Allen Iverson since his days at Georgetown.

I can’t wait to see who else gets selected on the squads for the Eastern and Western Conference teams. Josh Smith has been tearing it up in Atlanta and he’s the main reason the Atlanta Hawks are in contention for the playoffs this year. Josh has some help, but until the Hawks decide Joe Johnson isn’t the horse that can take you all the way; the better off they will be. Joe Johnson is highly over rated and its sad to see the media and announcers in these parts make up excuses for him every day. Atlanta just needs that 1 marketable player and while they are making every effort to have that with Joe Johnson, he’s just never going to pan out as the star of any playoff basketball team in the NBA. The Phoenix Suns did win the trade with the Atlanta Hawks and they got 2 first round picks and Boris Diaw who gave them great production from just about every position on the court. Joe is an ok player, but until he learns to play lock down defense, give 100 percent effort each night and quits taking plays off during the game, he could be a descent star in the NBA, but never a true All Star. Last year was a fluke and he only was on the team due to players ahead of him getting injured or deciding to take the All Star Weekend off.

Mr. MVP Steve Nash wasn’t selected as a starter on the team either, but Phoenix Suns fans can relax, because he will be in New Orleans representing the team from the desert. I just hope Josh Smith gets recognized for his efforts and is added to the Eastern Conference All Stars. There is no player in the league that has more athletic skill than him and that triple double he put up against the Denver Nuggets will not be his last.

Congrats to all of the All Stars and to their fans that root for them night in and night out. It should be a fun event as always and I really hope the dunk contest can come back and be as good as it once was. All Star Weekend is nothing without a good dunk contest on the Saturday Night before the All Star Game. Be sure to look for Al Horford in the Rookie Challenge and he’s my pick for the MVP of the game. Go Rookies!

Your Wedding Invitations: Important or Not?

Burgundy Pearl Rose


I think this Burgundy Pearl Rose is one of those 1st Class Wedding Invitations and you can find a lot more of these with the great selections at 1st Class Wedding Invitations. A wedding invitation like this lets the kin folks know that you’re serious about that special day. It’s also a sign that your wedding is going to be a nice one and an event they really do need to attend. Sending out a nice wedding invitation puts off good vibes that can be translated as this really is something special that you need to attend.

I’m not good with words, so I would probably let my future wife Pamela Anderson, Alyssa Milano or Jessica Biel pick out what to say.  OH by the way, Congratulations!

No Movies For Me Tonight

I have been getting behind in all the work I need to be doing. I guess I can blame it on the television. I usually stay up pretty late on the computer at nights and then get off to watch a good movie that is playing. I have satellite tv, so I have a lot of movie channels and there is always a good movie you can find on the tube. I usually wind down after one movie and fall alseep, but that hasn’t been happening lately. I watch one movie and then go right into a second one. Before you know it I start to see the sunrise in the mornings. I am a night owl and love staying up late, but when you see it begin to get daylight, it just brings a sick feeling to me. I’m fine if I can get to sleep while it is still pitch dark outside.

So tonight I am going to catch up on all of my work and not plan to watch any movies on television. My Atlanta Hawks play tonight, but I will just DVR them and watch them Saturday morning. I hope its Saturday morning and not Saturday afternoon when I am watching them. I really wanted to go out and see a movie tonight. That new Rambo movie starts tonight and I think it would be a good one to go see. I will probably just have to wait until one day next week and go watch it then. It is cheaper to go to the movies during the day and see a matinee. All of the kids are in school so you practically have the theater to your self. I hope everyone else is having a Friday Night that is more exciting than mine!

Girl Power! Clothes For Her

There is a place online selling girl’s apparel that promotes a positive attitude. There is nothing more productive in life; than promoting a young girl’s mind and spirit. What if wearing a t-shirt or hat would give your daughter more confidence? Would you be interested in it? That is exactly the approach behind Girl Mogul and their thinking behind some of these cool designs for the girl in your life. You can also find some of these cool clothes for the mom too; so they can wear a shirt just like their daughter. I believe my mom would like one of the t-shirts Girl Mogul offers.


I would get my mama this shirt and it comes in different colors. The above color is Caribbean Blue, but you could choose a Black, Red or Violet color for your shirt. This has the “Reach for the stars” logo on it. There is more logos to choose from at Girl Mogul and they all have a positive message behind them.

The founder of Girl Mogul Andres Stein didn’t like all the “princess t-shirts” that were available out there and she wanted to see more shirts that gave girls confidence. To let them know that nothing was impossible and they could grow up to be anything they wanted to. There are four characters that help promote the Girl Mogul name. The girls of Girl Mogul are 4 girls that come from different backgrounds and they all realize that if they work hard enough, there is nothing impossible that they can’t accomplish in life. You can see Daisy, Lilly, Poppy and Rose as the girls leading the way in this movement to show girls of all ages; that there really isn’t anything impossible! These 4 girls have more energy and desires to succeed than the Powder Puff girls do! I don’t think Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles would want to get in the way of the 4 Girl Mogul Girls.

See if you can find that perfect message for your daughter, niece, neighbor or who ever might be the young girl in your life. Some of the messages are “Future Leader of the Free World“, “I Like Math“, “Science Is Cool“, “Dream Big” and there is even one that says “I can hack your computer“. I think that is the funniest one! I can just see a young girl now wearing a shirt that says she can hack my computer. It wouldn’t surprise me any, because I know a lot of kids that know more about computers than I do. There are lots more messages and types of shirts available at Girl Mogul.

2008 American Idols

Have you guys and gals been watching American Idol? Has anyone caught your eye as the next American Idol? I’m sure you have already had a few laughs. Be sure to let me know who you think is doing really well on American Idol or who has cracked you up the most. You can become a star if your singing is too bad, just ask William Hung. He did that Ricky Martin song “She Bangs” and people are still talking about that 4 years later!

2004 American Idol’s William Hung

Now that video brings back a few memories. There’s a Princes Leah singer that will be giving William Hung a run for his money. Now one of the talented singers that has stuck out in the 2008 American Idol is Kristy Lee Cook. She has those 3 names like the famous killers of our time; Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wayne Gacy, O J Simpson. I don’t know if Kristy’s self defense tactics has made her a killer yet, but she is going to kill the dreams of many American Idol hopefuls. She is the early favorite and I would imagine that she makes it to the last 4 or 5 singers, that are left in the competition.

Amazing Grace by Kristy Lee Cook

Let me know who you like so far in the American Idol competition. I’m sure who ever wins this year; there will be millions and millions of people all over the world tuning in to watch. Idol still has those 3 famous judges in place Paula, Randy and some guy named Simon.'s Valentine's Day Game

It’s almost time for the’s Valentine’s Day Game where you can win a special Valentines Day gift for your sweetheart! This contest will start on January 25th and I see it’s almost midnight now. I’m staying up to see if they turn it loose at midnight tonight or if it will be sometime on Friday when this great Valentines contest gets under way. You can go ahead and enter your email now and they will let you know when the contest starts.

The winner will have the ability to choose from 1000’s of gifts from I think if I won I would be leaning toward the boot department. I see a lot of different types of boots that I like over there. They really have a lot of stuff to choose from and the winner will have a tough time just picking out one prize from all the different things they do carry.’s “Game O Love” is going to be pretty popular this Valentine Day season. I would imagine thousands and thousands of people will be entering their Valentine contest. You will have the chance to surprise your loved-one on Valentines Day, because the contest will be over on February 11th. Let’s just hope their server can hold out for all the people that are going to be rushing to their website to get in on this contest. A lot of people will anxiously be waiting to see if they won in the Game O Love contest.

2nd Best Song by Garth Brooks

The top 5 countdown of Garth Brooks best songs is getting close to revealing the number 1 song of all-time by the country music legend. I have arrived at the 2nd spot on the countdown now. So I don’t think too many will complain that this Garth Brooks Classic is truly his 2nd best song that he has ever performed. Turn your speakers up and grab your friends around the computer and sing along, to the 2nd best song ever by Garth Brooks!

Garth Brooks 2nd Best Song

They might just want to call this the party song! I have found my self many times at a party or in a club and this song comes on and just everybody in the house will sing along to it. The lyrics are catchy and repeat their self enough, so that you remember the lyrics after only hearing the song a few times. I guess some people could consider Friends In Low Places as the Redneck National Anthem!

Friends In Low Places is the 2nd best song ever done by the superstar of country music Garth Brooks. I can’t think of another song that deserves this honor more. I believe a lot of people can relate to this song and I’m sure we all have a few friends that are in low places. Heck, some of us might just be the friends in low places and this song speaks directly to us!

A quick review of the countdown and you can see the 5th Top Song, 4th Top Song and the 3rd Top Song by Garth Brooks. I have included songs like Rodeo, More Than A Memory and If Tomorrow Never Comes in my top 5 countdown of Garth Brooks songs.

Do you have a favorite Garth Brooks song? Please feel free to share your top Garth Brooks songs or comment on the way I have ranked them so far. Have you ever seen Garth Brooks in concert? If Garth decides to hit the road again, what city or cities do you think he must go to? I know the folks in Atlanta, Georgia would turn out by the thousands to get a chance to see Garth Brooks in conert one more time. He showed us all in the last few concerts he did in the Midwest that he has a heart and will give people what they want. I believe if enough fans get up in a certain city or section of the country, they could land a Garth Brooks concert. I do know that breast cancer is very close to Garth Brooks heart right now and anything that would support the fight against breast cancer would have Garth Brooks attention. Just let me know what’s on your mind!

Medical ID Jewelry

I’m not sure who came up with the idea to have personal information on pieces of jewelry, but it’s a good idea! I know some people like to have their young children tagged with some type of information like an address or phone number, just in case they ever got separated from their parents. This is a good method to insure your child could get back home as soon as possible. Adults have a different approach and they can use jewelry ID for medical reasons.

There is no telling how many lives have been saved due to medical jewelry. You can really store some very important information on a piece of jewelry which could quickly explain your situation to a stranger. An asthma attack or someone suffering from a seizure might not have the abilities to communicate with a stranger. Medical ID jewelry could quickly let someone know your condition and would be able to convey your situation to a 911 operator or someone on the scene with medical knowledge. I also think these medical ID tags can be used for a lot more things. If you are very allergic to something and coming into contact with a certain drug or food could be life threatening; you could benefit from an ID tag. You might be in an automobile accident and if you were unable to speak to the paramedics arriving at the scene, they might give you something that could do more harm than the injuries you sustained in the accident. They are trained to look for these sorts of things and even certain symbols on these pieces of medical jewelry stand out to anyone that might not be medically trained. So consider a medical ID bracelet or tag to wear on a necklace, if you have any medical conditions that you suffer from.

Traffic Era Has Begun

The new traffic exchange Traffic Era has begun. They will be thousands and thousands of people signing up for this new traffic exchange. Now is the time to sign up and get in on the ground floor. You can’t even surf yet, but you can still sign up and getting familiar with this new Traffic Exchange. The people that brought you TS25 and TrafficPods is the ones behind this new traffic exchange called TrafficEra.

Trafficera is going to bring a whole new buzz to traffic exchanges across the board. You have a lot of features at Trafficera that allows you to communicate with others in the Traffic Era system. The new Trafficera traffic exchange is going to be made up of teams. You are free to join or choose which team you want to be on there. You can send the team leader a request to join their team or you can become the team leader and invite different members to your own Trafficera team. The Trafficera teams are already in progress and you can get on one now!

I think most people that is going to be marketing their programs online; will want to join up with this new Trafficera exchange. They recently sent out an email and said they were having a new member to sign up every 25 seconds! That right there should show you how popular the new Trafficera traffic exchange is going to be. If you like traffic exchanges and marketing different things online, now is the time to sign up for FREE! A free traffic exchange might be easy to find, but none will be like the new Traffic era one. Trafficera is great for people promoting those affiliate programs too!