Gold – It’s a Family Tradition

It all started many years ago when Buzzard Massie got the fever for gold. He turned that fever into a great gold association that is still up and running today. It was Buzzard that got the ball rolling for the GPAA or Gold Prospectors Association of America. Things were progressing nicely until the 1990’s; when the untimely death of Buzzard Massie sent things back a bit. Lucky for the GPAA that Buzzard had two sons and two sons willing to take the gold club to the next level.

Tom Massie is the face you can see most often on the Outdoor Channel; which the Massie family owns and operates. Tom will take his wife and kids out on outdoor adventures looking for gold and these shows are still airing today on the Outdoor Channel. Tom gives viewers a chance to see them looking for gold, teaches tips and tricks about finding gold, and will go outside the lines to entertain in other non-gold ways. These gold shows are nothing like the fishing shows you see on TV. You know how the fisherman goes out and will land a nice fish every 5 minutes. These gold shows don’t show a whole lot of gold finding and mostly will talk about the history of the areas they’re currently in. It can be a bit frustrating to those that want to see gold being found, but it’s the best thing gold prospectors have for television viewing and trying to cure their gold fever. The Gold Fever gold shows hosted by Tom Massie usually last an hour and it’s good for beginners to watch. Another gold show comes on the Outdoor Channel and this one last 30 minutes and is basically a program advertising the adventures at Cripple River Mining Camp in Alaska. People can choose to visit Cripple River 6 weeks out of each year. They allow guests to search for gold for the entire month of July and then the first 2 weeks of August. You can select a 1 week visit or multiple weeks if you choose. Each trip ends with a gold draw and the biggest nugget found that week by the workers at Cripple River will get rewarded to the person that draws number 1. These numbers go up depending on the number of guests and the lowest numbers result in the most gold. The gold visitors find on their own, they can keep and take back home with them.

Perry Massie is the other son of Buzzard Massie. He’s the CEO of the Outdoor Channel and participates in a lot of the shows that advertise for the mining camp in Alaska. He seems a bit more tougher than his brother Tom Massie and this is very evident on TV. No one will ever get Steve Irwin’s (Crocodile Hunter) bravery confused with the bravery or work ethic as Tom Massie. Perry is a little different and he’s more of a man’s man; if you know what I mean. Both brothers have did a good job with carrying on the legacy of their father. I’m sure both men are both very wealthy and they still put on the jeans and get outside to get dirty and you have to respect that. I’m not sure if Perry is at each trip for visitors in Alaska, but he appears to show up at a lot of them. If you plan a trip to the Alaska mining camp there is a good chance you will see Perry cleaning some fish or conducting the gold draw.

Buzzard Massie’s final resting place is near the Cripple River mining camp in Alaska. Visitors can visit his grave site and other areas of the massive property these guys own near Nome, Alaska. There are 4 wheelers available to rent and this will help you cover all the ground they own. Gold panning supplies are available for those that want to search the various creeks or just use a high banker on the shore line to search for all the flower gold that the ice leaves each year. I look forward to the day I can make a trip up to Cripple River and spend a week or two with the Massie’s creation in Alaska. It’s been a family tradition for the Massies and don’t be surprised to see Tom’s son or daughters take up the reins, when they get older and continue the family tradition.

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Grinding Teeth

Do you grind your teeth? I know I have a bad habit of grinding mine. I’m not sure how to stop it, but there is relief if I want to stop it at night. There is actually something you can get while you sleep at night that will make you stop grinding your teeth. It’s called a Night Guard and the Night Guard helps treat TMJ. This product is made by DenTek and they also have some helpful advice at their website for relaxation tips before you go to bed. I think I will try these and see if they will help me to stop grinding my teeth. I think I might need to pick up the Night Guard too and one size does fit all. So no matter how big or small your mouth might be, this handy little mouthpiece will fit just right. If you would like more information on this product, then go to DenTek’s website and look for their Grind Guru to instruct you further!

BCS Doubts

I know this is going to be the topic every college football year, until they get smart and put in a playoff system in college football. They say they are too many games that involve the big bucks and I think they could have them and a playoff system too. Just finish your bowl games, take the 8 top teams and play 3 extra weekends to decide the overall champion. I know we would still have controversy in deciding which teams would make those 7th and 8th spots and would leave a team out that might deserve one of those spots, but at least we are leaving a team out there and not the top overall team in the country.

If the BCS is so good, why don’t we get their standings after week 1? I think I have a pretty good idea why, and the truth be known, IT ISN’T FAIR! The ACC is the best division in college football and the SEC is second behind them. There is only 2 teams in the ACC ranked in the top 25 and the Big East has 3 teams. South Florida is 6-0 and ranked 2nd in the country and the BCS thinks they deserve a higher rank than the 3rd place Boston College team that is 7-0 in the ACC?

Virginia is 6-1 and they are not even ranked in the top 25 and you have Texas Tech and Cincinnati that are 6-1 and both of those teams are ranked? Too much love is being given to the Pac 10, Big East, and the Big 12 divisions and these teams would never survive in an ACC or SEC schedule.

USC recruits might want to think twice before going to sunny California. The Trojans are sure to get caught in their unfair recruiting practices and what all the rich boosters do to intice young athletes to attend the USC school. The Trojans have too many people with money and in the media working for them and an investigation needs to be done into their recruiting practices. Even with the guys they get and their weak schedule, they still can’t manage to go perfect and it just shows that the USC team hasn’t really been good for the last decade.

If the BCS numbers came out after week 1, you would clearly see the Big East, Pac10 and the Big 12 teams all sitting high on the hog. The people in charge of these BCS computers know this and that’s why they wait over a month of college football being played to release these numbers. They know in time it doesn’t look as bad and it blends in, but it really doesn’t. The SEC and ACC can’t produce undeafeated teams, because they do have to battle each other in tougher competition, than a PAC 10 team does. A PAC 10 team like USC should be undeafeated every year, because they don’t play against nobody and they get good recruits from all over the country, due to ABC putting their games on Nationally every week. It’s funny with the cards stacked so much in their favor, they still can’t produce a championship team. No way do they beat Auburn when they went undefeated a few years back, with Jason Campbell as the quarterback.

Let’s get the politics out of the college football arena and let’s set up the playoffs in college football, so we can expose these weak teams like an USC or West Virginia team that has no business in the top 25 in the country.

If you’re a college football fan and you want to see a playoff system, it’s really simple. Just don’t go to any of the bowl games. If the fans will ban these bowl games (which you can still watch them on television); then we could see a playoff system in college football. This also goes for the sponsors of these events and they can help too!


The best advice you can get before starting any business is knowing what you’re getting into. That means doing your homework from the biggest to the smallest things that revolve around your business. You will want to do a lot of market research about the specific industry you’re about to make the plunge into. No matter how much you think you know now, there is always something else to learn. If you know your skill or trade well, be sure to brush up on other sectors of your business that you might not be as comfortable with. Your rent costs, taxes, or local laws are things you need to really look into before you start up a new business. In some cases you might can save your self a lot of money, or you might avoid breaking a law that you might not be aware of. Try to know your business from the inside out and don’t rely on other people to do these things for you. It can be helpful to have an accountant on board to pay the employees and keep up with your taxes, but try to find ways where you can assist your accountant and see if there’s something you can help them with. If you take the time to learn a lot of these things before you start your business, it will save you a lot of growing pains and you can get in the profits much faster.

HDTV’s From Pay Per Post

Pay Per Post is going to be doing some exciting things on Tuesdays this month. We all know you can make money from Pay Per Post. Now you can get the chance to get some cool prizes, like a brand new HDTV. This will be in conjunction with Bid4Prizes, to offering the posties of Pay Per Post these great tv’s.

Now there will be more than just tv’s that will be available. They are planning on adding all sorts of audio and video equipment. These will be located by specially marked opportunities for the posties to get. Last week there was 4 people that got a new Apple TV. This Tuesday (May 15th) the fun will start all over again, as posties will have another chance to win some great prizes. Look for a Playstation 3 to be roaming around for some lucky postie to get.

Now these special prize opportunities will only be available to the U.S. Posties. So sorry to all the posties that are outside of the USA. Please allow up to 2 weeks for the prizes to get delivered to you. You can find out more information about these prizes at Pay Per Post’s website. So if Tuesdays wasn’t already fun enough, Pay Per Post has just found a way to put even more excitement into it!

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Gold Mining in the 21st Century: The Complete Book of Modern Gold Mining Procedures

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Elton John #1 Song of All Time

Ok, I finally made it to number 1! I haven’t heard any complaints yet, so maybe I got this Elton John top 5 thing down ok? Hey Elton……if you’re reading this and you see my top 5 songs for you, please let me know how I done? I would love to hear how you would rank your top 5 songs!

Now is there really any doubts to what Elton John’s number 1 song of all time really is? There should only be one song that you think of, when you hear the name “Elton John”. I think Sir Elton John made this song so good that it’s not only being played on the radio still today, but I would imagine I will hear this song on the radio for the rest of my life. I won’t bore you with any more details and I will just go ahead and unleash the best song ever by Elton John!

The Number 1 Song by Elton John

Did you guess the right song for number 1? Did I pick the right one?

Yes, that is Elton John’s number 1 song of all time. It was a song dedication to one of the most popular actresses ever in America. Marilyn Monroe is just as big now, if not bigger when she was alive. She’s a jewel in many American’s Hearts and all of her accomplishments still live today, much like Elvis Pressley. The interesting thing about Candle in the Wind, was how a British Singer thought so highly of an American Actress to sing this song so beautifully and passionately; the way Elton John sung it.

It gets even more amazing when this song got brung back to life. A song that was dear to so many Americans and helped them cope with losing someone like Marilyn Monroe; was once again the medicine for another country. This time the trajedy struck in England, where Elton John is from and it was when they lost Princess Diana to a horrible automobile accident.

That horrible day will never be forgot by the British or American people and still so many questions still remain unanswered about that horrible crash that took the life of someone so young and still had so much more to give to the world in Princess Diana. It was unthinkable to think Elton John could use Candle In the Wind and turn around the lyrics to pay a tribute to Princess Diana. Not only did he do it, but the song for Princess Diana is just as good as the original one. So when you hear Candle In the Wind and you hear the name Norma Gene; you can rest assure many people will only think of Marilyn Monroe and now Princess Diana.

I don’t know how you did this Sir Elton, but my hats off to ya mate! So no way do I leave this 2nd edition of Candle In the Wind off, without paying tribute to both women that this song deals with. I’m not sure that any one man has ever brought two countries more together; than this one song that Elton John did for an American Beauty and a Princess from England.

Princess Diana’s Funneral (Part 2 Candle In the Wind)

Fried Green Tomatoes

You don’t have to wait for them to turn red to eat them. As soon as you got a few green ones that have grown to a nice size, just pick them and fix a meal with them. Fried green tomatoes is an acquired taste, so it’s something you probably won’t like much the first time you try it. It is good though, and if you never tried it, then it’s time to.

Just get about 3 to 4 green tomatoes. Slice them up just like you would do with the red tomatoes. Then take the sliced green tomatoes and batter them with just plain flour. Have some grease or lard in a pan that has melted. Have the temperature on medium heat, and add your battered green tomatoes in the pan of grease. Then lightly sprinkle some salt over them as they cook. Let them brown on both sides, then throw them on a paper towel (to help absorb the excess grease). Then they are ready to eat!

South Carolina New Homes

Homebuilders in South Carolina are ready to build your dream house for you today. I really like the ease of using LShome’s website and there is not a lot of pictures that take forever to download when you visit their website. This can be a great website for anyone that might be looking to get valuable information on new homes Spartanburg SC and new homes Greenville SC. Now the fact their website is easy to load, doesn’t mean you can’t use some bright colors to catch people’s eyes. I think their website wouldn’t catch too many people that were looking for a new home in South Carolina. A few bright colors on their home page might just be the ticket to get some more people clicking on links to all the great information that they have on new homes in South Carolina. I really do like the area about Blue Ridge and one of the homes they are offering in the Blue Ridge Plantation would be idea for me and my family. If you and your family are looking for a beautiful home in South Carolina, be sure to look at for your dream home.

Selecting The Best Hotel Rates

When we travel, we want to be sure that we are paying the lowest prices. No one wants to overpay on the hotels we stay in. We much prefer to spend our money on other things. Now with the vacations coming up for most people, as the school kids are no longer in school. There will be a lot of people that are looking to travel and will want to start booking their hotel reservations.

A Hotel Reservation is the best way to go. You don’t want to just stop at any hotel along the way or hope that you find one. You just never know what type of groups or conventions they might be holding when you travel to your various travel destinations. Sometimes a certain group can come into a city and will fill up all the local hotels. This isn’t a pleasant surprise for any weary travelers that might come into that city looking for a place to sleep for the night.

This is where can come in and save you a lot of the hassles of trying to find a hotel. They will hook you up with a hotel to your chosen destination, and you will be able to find the rates that are acceptable to you. Taking a little time now to book hotel reservations can save you a lot of time and money when you take off for that next out-of-town stay.

The guys from just don’t deal in hotels and motels either. They can get you connected to some of the luxury resorts that are available out there. So for any of the resorts that you might of had your eye on, then there’s a good chance that can save you money on the resort destinations too. There is even complete vacation packages you will find at You will save money on various things when you look to get a vacation pack.

If you decide to travel out of the country, then you will find some of the best rates around on international travel. You can get the latest price quotes for your foreign visits, which might take you out of the country. Searching for motels and hotels in other countries can be a bit tricky sometimes. So just play it safe and book your next international travels with  

Looking For A Loan?

I think at one time or another, we all see something that we want. It’s not a matter of trying to save up for it, and then buy it. We just want to have it now. So we grab the credit card and buy it, or we consider getting a loan for it. Going out and getting a personal loan requires a few things. Probably the most important thing is good credit. The establishment that is lending you the money, wants to see a good credit history. By meeting this requirement, you do have to have a history. Some people have good credit in the sense they have paid all their bills, but if they haven’t paid them for long it can hurt them. So you need to have a long history.

Another important thing to consider is collateral. The lending establishment wants to know if you can’t pay for the loan anymore, what do you have that is worth equal or greater value. So you will need to have something you own in most cases to get any kind of sizeable loan. Sometimes in personal loans, this will not come up.

Now understanding two different types of loans to consider. Do you want a unsecured loan or a secured loan? An unsecured loan you might not have to have collateral, but might be looking at a higher APR. While a secured loan gives you a better APR in most cases, and would be a loan you would consider for something like a new home purchase.

Just be sure when you see something that you really want, that you factor in all the cost involved. Sure, you might want it right then and there for the price it is, but see how much it will cost once you pay back your credit card company or loan company. In most cases, it’s better to save the money up, and purchase it when you have enough. Obviously when it comes to buying a car or home, you will need a loan to help you out. There’s a number of factors that the loan companies will use to determine your rates, and if you get the loan. Just always pay your bills, and if the time comes for a loan, you will have no problems in getting the money you need.

Black Dating

This a good site for finding your ebony mate. Black Dating can be found at the Black Scene, and has new members joinning daily. You can join for free and begin searching through 1000’s of profiles. See if that Mr. or Mrs. Right is there waiting for you. They have also added a new forum, so that members can talk to each other. I think that is a great touch to a dating service. There is also a good feature on the site at Black Scene, where you can search for black parnters in your local area.

Cash For Your Law Cases

If you have to go to court to resolve a matter, you might find your self needing some extra money. It can be expensive with all the court costs and attorney fees that you have to pay, just to get your case settled in court. If you do need some extra cash, while your waiting for your case to be resolved, see if you can qualify for some Pre-Settlement Funding. This is money you can borrow against your unresolved case in court and it can be the extra cash you need to keep your legal case going. Don’t let running out of money stop you from getting justice in your lawsuit. There are lenders that are willing to help in your time of need and will allow you to borrow against your court case!