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Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Sprinkler Systems exist in a myriad of forms and mains purpose is to provide active fire protection typically with water.  These systems usually flow from a water supply and, upon being set off or activated, expel water in an attempt to eliminate an existing flame or fire hazard.  Though traditionally only used in large buildings or facilities, fire sprinkler systems exist in several homes and more concise spacers as they have become cost-effective.  In fact, in 1990 the United States Congress passed PL-101-391 which requires all hotels or meeting facilities to have sprinklers installed in their facilities and is now referred to as the “Hotel and Motel Safety Act of 1990”.

A heat glass bubble or some other material that is sensitive to thick smoke that in turn triggers a pip cap that alerts the system to spray the water typically encloses each sprinkler.  The intention of the system is to suppress the fire with water as well as spraying that water at a high pressure in an attempt to eliminate the hazard in the quickest way possible.  This is highly advantageous to homes as the less the flame burns the less damage will be done to valuable objects in the house.  Fraker Fire has the most effective and price friendly in Sprinkler Systems as your safety is the most important component of our relationships.

For more information on fire safety and fire sprinkler systems, go to!

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  • Rental Assistance

    SPAOA | Rental Assistance

    When it comes to renting a home or an apartment, single parents may find difficulties from time to time in coming up with payments and may need assistance from time to time.  What is great is that even single parents with low incomes can find rental assistance throughout the United States in one form or another.  What follows are three great rental programs that may be able to suit your needs as a single parent.

    First and foremost, any single parent should first consider the federal government’s Housing of Urban Development Rental Voucher Program, also known as section 8.  If you are in need of assistance whether it be a little or a lot, chances are section 8 could be the ticket for you.  The rental voucher program has been in place for decades and has helped millions of single parents to get through difficult times with paying rent, and it will continue to well into the future.  Two ways to look into this program further is to go to the department’s main website, or contact an agency within your particular state to inquire more about section 8.

    For those who are in the military or their immediate families, there is a special program in place to help with rental assistance, known as the Veteran Affairs Supportive Housing Program.  This program can provide a significant amount of rental assistance to those within the military circle, and is certainly something to check into if you are a part of it.

    Last but not least, there is another program set up for a specific part of the population, known as USDA Rural Development.  This rental assistance program was designed specifically for those living in rural areas along with other such factors, and can really provide a benefit to those who need it the most.  So as you can see, there are certainly many rental assistance programs out there at both the federal and state levels, and all it takes is a few minutes of research to get the help you need when it comes to the rent.

    For more information on income rental assistance, visit today! SPAOA is a for profit organization comprised of information, resources, offers from third party affiliates and benefits for single mothers and fathers across the United States. At times we all need a little help!

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  • Airline Luggage Travel Tips

    Tumi Arrive Collection Heathrow | Carry On Luggage


    Air travel is fairly common over the summer, as business commuters are joined in the skies by families heading out for vacation. More and more people seem to be traveling by air, so many people know the basic rules to follow when taking a trip on an airplane. However, there are those who have never traveled by air before that will be using the airports for the first time this summer. The luggage people take with them on flights is very important to them, and most people want to keep track of it. There are several hints that may be helpful to those who are less experienced with air travel, and these tips should make traveling a more pleasant and less stressful occasion.

    1)      Carry-On Size is Important: Many travelers prefer to use only carry-on luggage in order to avoid waiting to check bags in, and in many cases carry-on offers people more than enough room to pack whatever they need. But more and more people are attempting to push the size limits of their carry-on luggage, and this can cause a number of problems. Airlines that closely monitor the size of carry-on luggage before passengers get on the plane will not hesitate to check in carry-on bags that are deemed too large, and bags can be lost if they are checked in this manner. However, some airlines do not closely check the sizes of the bags passengers carry on to the plane, and when this happens carry-on luggage that is too big will often not fit in the overhead bins. This can slow down the seating process, and this often aggravates others on the flight as well. It is best to avoid conflicts with other travelers, and having properly sized bags can help this process along.

    2)      Proper Luggage Identification is Crucial: Most people who have used air travel before know that it is important to have your bags properly marked with personal identification and information. Many people have had their luggage misplaced or mishandled by the airline companies, and those who have experienced this are more likely to be more careful with their bags in the future. It is especially important to have properly identified luggage on the outbound flight, as it can be very frustrating for people not to have their own clothes and belongings when they are away from home. Another thing to consider is that many people buy the same brand and make of luggage, and this can be confusing when picking up luggage at baggage claim. People have walked away with the wrong bags before, especially when they are in a hurry as many travelers are, and this can add unnecessary hassle and stress to a trip. It can be helpful to have large, unique luggage tags to make identifying them easier. Another way to differentiate luggage from others is to attach a colored ribbon to it, making it easier to spot and separating the luggage from similar luggage in baggage claim.

    For more information on finding the right type and brand of carry on luggage that fits all of your traveling needs, visit today!

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  • Income Restricted Apartments | SPAOA


    Because the job market has been so unsteady, income restricted apartments have become a necessity for many people with financial problems. This form of housing has become crucial for many who have experienced devastating pay cuts or loss of their primary employment.

    Thanks to subsidies from the US government, this program allows many families who are struggling to retain their independence, even on a smaller salary. This form of subsidized housing is available for people who make below a certain salary to rent for far less than a comparable, non-subsidized unit. Commonly known as “section 8 housing,” these units represent an upgrade for the people who live there. Many times, they are located in areas that are much more affluent than similarly-priced locations in the city.

    The global economic crisis has shaken a number of families to the core. It has disrupted their lives in a number of ways. For those hardest hit by the recession, credit crises and jobs losses that have occurred over the past five years, income restricted apartments offer an excellent way that the US government can help citizens to sustain a normal standard of living as they try to recover financially. For the millions who have seen their jobs and fortunes disappear, this is one bright spot on the road to recovery.

    For many of the families that have been hardest hit by devastating financial problems during the recession of the past few years, assistance from the government has allowed people to maintain a higher level of living as they look forward to rebuilding lives affected by tough times. For people in these circumstances, rental assistance allows them to find an affordable place to live until their wages begin to rise. For people in such a predicament, income restricted apartments are a perfect alternative as they start on the road to recovering their former standard of living.

    For more information on income restricted apartments, visit today! SPAOA is a for profit organization comprised of information, resources, offers from third party affiliates and benefits for single mothers and fathers across the United States. At times we all need a little help!

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  • The Versatility of Rubber Roofing


    Rubber Roofing | Piedmont Roofing


    Replacing a roof is one of those things that no one likes to do. It can be expensive, and if not done correctly then you might have to do it again in the near future. It is however, something that every homeowner should plan for. Now though, there is rubber roofing, which can make replacing your roof a thing of the past. If your roof leaks you are faced with repairs even bigger than just replacing the roof. Your carpet, walls, furniture, everything you owned can be ruined. Usually one would use asphalt shingles to repair their roof, but they only last 15-20 years before they need to be replaced. They can also be plenty of work to keep up.

    A great alternative to this is rubber roofing. It is versatile in that although it can come in sheets that role across the roof, it also is made into shingles that look just like asphalt shingles. They also come in several different colors and designs.

    Another nice thing about this option is that it is made out of recycled materials so not only are you fixing your roof for life, you are helping to improve your life by helping the environment. This type of housing dome is made out of sawdust, slate dust, and of course old recycled tires. Another advantage, the latex based shingles are less expensive than asphalt shingles and as stated before, they last much longer and are not subject to temperature changes, cracking and replacing.

    Replacing a roof is not fun, but sometimes it has to be done, and if you are building a new home, it is a necessity. If you are in need of a new roof, for whatever reason, consider using rubber for your roofing needs. Fireproof, stylish and priced just right, you can’t ask for more.

    Piedmont Roofing  is a fully insured, Class-A licensed, roofing company that prides themselves on prompt, professional and affordable roofing solutions! For more information on rubber roofing, visit today for a free estimate!

    Transportation Management

    Double Trailer | Transportation Management


    The Go Dependable Company has continued its initiative towards a greener planet by following several environmentally friendly protocols. We have replaced a significant amount of power equipment due to our asset-based trucking to meet, and surpass, the EPA Fuel Emissions Standard.  Moreover, our office located in Los Angeles has installed the world’s largest industrial high-rise solar grid that generates 1.88MM kilowatt-hours of clean energy.  Our goal is to provide you, the customer, with the best possible service while simultaneously holding ourselves accountable for our carbon footprint.

    We have very precisely located our headquarters throughout the California area in an attempt to maximize transportation efficiency that in turn leads to savings for the consumer.  With more than 100 units and 15 individual drivers operating 24 hours daily Go Dependable guarantees your utmost satisfaction throughout using us as your 3PL distributor.  Furthermore, we have local as well as regional drayage up to 1000 miles with a fully insured hazardous material carrier that is extremely reliable.  To further ensure your enjoyable experience with our company we are fluent in both Spanish and English and our ranges extends from Los Angeles all the way up to the Bay area in Oakland.  With our permitted oversized specialists we will take every pre-caution to accommodate your shipping experience.  As well, we provide complete visibility and accessibility to your shipment through integrated TMS/WMS system(s) technology.

    Go Dependable is a rapidly growing shipping company and we look forward to meeting, and exceeding, all of your expectations and needs regarding shipping, storage and distribution. For more information on transportation management, visit today!

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  • Clyde Frazier | New York Knicks Tickets


    5. Vernon Earl “The Pearl” Monroe: (1971-1980)

    One of the ambassadors of flashy basketball, the Pearl had an outstanding basketball career.  Originally being drafted by the Baltimore Bullets 2nd overall in the 1967 NBA Draft, Monroe was traded to the Knicks in 1971 despite being the 1968 NBA Rookie of the Year.  Joining Walt Frazier, the duo won the 1973 NBA Championship, and even though Monroe was forced to retire in 1980 due to knee injuries, he is considered a member of the NBA’s 50th anniversary team.

    4. William Warren “Bill” Bradley: (1967-1977)

    Simply put, Bill Bradley has one of the most successful lives of any former basketball player.  He is currently the author of seven non-fiction books as well as being a former United States Senator representing the state of New Jersey from 1979-1997.  Though he was never the ‘star’ on any Knick team, Bradley was an NBA All-Star in 1972 and helped the Knicks win 2 NBA championships.  Bradley has gone on to run in the 2000 Presidential Primaries as well as other noteworthy political endeavors. Bradley helped the United States Men’s basketball team win a Gold Medal in the 1964 Olympic Summer games in Tokyo, Japan.

    3. Patrick Ewing: (1985-2002)

    The #1 overall pick out of the University of Georgetown by the New York Knicks in the 1985 NBA Draft, Patrick Ewing is one of the most dominant centers in basketball history.  Ewing played 16 seasons for New York and dominated the paint during his entire stint there.  He retired averaging 21 points per game, 9.8 rebounds per game, and 2.4 blocks per game for his career. In addition, Ewing earned 2 Gold Medals as a member of the United States Men’s Basketball teams in 1984 and 1992.  He was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2008 and is currently an assistant coach for the Orlando Magic.

    2. Willis Reed Jr.: (1964-1974)

    The third best center in an era dominated by the likes of Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain, Willis Reed was one of the original “big men”.  He made an immediate impact for New York, being named the 1965 NBA Rookie of the Year.  Reed won 2 championships with the Knicks as well as 2 NBA Final MVP awards along with the NBA MVP in 1970.  With a career double-double average (18 points, 13 rebounds) Willis Reed is one of the NBA’s 50 greatest players along with being a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame.

    1. Walt “Clyde” Frazier: (1967-1977)

    Clyde Frazier was the 5th overall pick in the 1967 NBA Draft out of the University of Southern Illinois.  He, along with Earl the Pearl, helped comprise quite possibly the greatest back-court in NBA history.  Frazier could do it all, finishing his career averaging 19 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists per game.  He was a 7 time All-Star, a 4 time selection of the All-NBA First Team and a 2 time NBA Champion.  His most prolific game came against the Los Angeles Lakers in game 7 of the 1970 NBA Finals in which Clyde had 36 points, 19 assists and 7 rebounds en route to winning his first NBA championship.

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  • Robert Allen Dickey | Amazon Tickets


    Throughout baseball’s evolution, one pitch has emerged which baffles batters due to its remarkable unpredictability, the “knuckleball.” A pitch that is difficult to throw consistently and effectively, featuring little or no rotational movement.  This causes the ball to move erratically giving it a fluttering motion while on a trajectory toward the catcher’s glove.  Typical of most pitchers who throw knuckleballs, is the inability to incorporate velocity into the pitch.  This is the factor that sets Robert Allen Dickey apart from all previous knuckleball pitchers. This season, Dickey is throwing his knuckleball at an average of 80 mph and has topped out at 84 mph on several occasions. That is 20 mph faster than the velocity of the typical knuckleballer. It would be comparable to Justin Verlander’s fastball topping out at 120 mph.

    Traditional knuckleball pitchers including Hall of Famer Phil Niekro, and more recently Tim Wakefield, throw the ‘knuckler’ in the mid-60 mph range and were as clueless as was the batter to where the pitch would end up. The slower pitch allows the ball time to move erratically as it dances towards the plate. This gives the batter more time to focus on the incoming pitch, bearing in mind that knuckleballers have very little to no variation on the velocity of their pitches. What makes Dickey so unique is that his knucklers can fluctuate anywhere from 72 to 84 mph. Since Dickey throws the pitch with greater velocity than his predecessors, his knuckleballs do not feature a wide range of movement. It is Dickey’s ability to change speeds on his knuckleballs that is rendering him unhittable. Not only does Dickey keep batters off-balanced by altering velocities, Dickey can essentially control how erratically his pitches move. It may be no coincidence that the 37-year old knuckleballer has not allowed an earned run in his last 42 2/3 innings on the bump. Hitters have been unable to correctly time Dickey’s knuckleball, as he tends to use the same arm motion regardless of his pitch velocity. Dickey’s teammate, Johan Santana, features a changeup that is considered one of the most unhittable pitches in baseball. There is a 10.2 mph difference between Santana’s changeup and fastball. Opposing hitters have difficulty distinguishing between the two because of his consistent and tenacious pitching motion. Dickey’s knuckleballs can differ in velocity up to 14 mph! His knuckleballs also differ in trajectory and late movement that are inherently difficult to predict. Dickey keeps hitters off-balance with his changing speeds and confuses batters with the accentuated movements of his pitches. Since Dickey’s knuckleballs are thrown with considerable velocity, his pitches break closer to the plate than other knuckleballs, causing most of his pitches to dance, sail, or break in and around the strike zone. In other words, what looks like a strike in the batter’s mind will flutter 5 inches off the plate during the batter’s swing! Furthermore, Dickey’s knuckleball can start well out of the strike zone and break back over the plate, which would explain his high number of strikeouts looking. It’s no wonder he leads the Major Leagues with an incredible strikeout to walk ratio of 4.90!

    The combination of these aforementioned attributes perfected by Dickey has arguably made him out to be baseballs best pitcher of 2012. He has the Major’s best record of 11-3, the lowest ERA at 2.00, first in WHIP (walks and hits per innings pitched) with a 0.89, along with two consecutive one-hitters, three complete games, and 11 consecutive wins.

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  • The Progression of Dirt Biking

    Dirt Biking | Von Zipper Sunglasses


    Dirt biking has several forms and is quickly growing into one of the most popular extreme sports.  The first of the two major types is labeled Motocross and is done on an enclosed, non off-road track usually in the form of a competition or race.  Motocross began in the United Kingdom during the early 1900’s in the form of events such as the Auto-Cycle Club’s first quarterly and the Scottish 60 Days Trial which featured points being awarded to the participants based on how they finished in the race.  However, the sport vastly grew in popularity in 1952 upon the creation of the European Championship which later was upgraded to the World Championships in 1957 with riders using a 500 cc engine.  In 1962 a 250 cc engine division was created.

    Motocross found its current home, the United States, in 1966 in Simi Valley, California, and only 6 years later the first Motocross stadium event was held at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.  There are currently 4 major championships and they are the FIM Motocross World Championship, AMA Championship, British Motocross Championship and Motocross des Nations.

    Several sub divisions exist in motocross.  The most popular of these may be free style which is predicated on the rider performing death-defying acrobatic tricks rather than winning a race.

    The other popular form of dirt biking is Off-road racing, which focuses on long, extended races where the vehicles have specific modifications and is not held on an enclosed track.  In the United States there are two popular types of Off-road racing.  The first of which is called Desert racing and is typically held on a course that ranges 25-50 miles.  The second type is called Short-Course racing.  Short-Course racing consists of a track of less than 5 miles, which must first be sanctioned by the CORR and World Series of Off-road racing.  The TORC series and Lucas Oil Off road racing series are the most competitive in the world currently and are primarily held in the Western United States.  Ultimately, dirt biking is slowly become an American tradition as the riders continue to improve as they are exposed to it at younger ages, and above all, it is a highly entertaining contest to spectate.

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  • National League All-Star Preview

    Matt Cain | San Francisco Giants Tickets


    After considerable deliberation by the National League’s manager, Tony La Russa, he chose to give the San Francisco Giants Matt Cain the start in Tuesday’s MLB All-Star game.  With his 9-3 record and 2.62 ERA he does not lead his league in any of these categories however he did throw a perfect game against the Houston Astros on June 13th which is still vivid in many fans memories.  Furthermore the NL’s leading vote getter, Giants catcher Buster Posey, will start and has obvious chemistry with Cain being teammates the past 2 and a half seasons.  The decision is not free from controversy as the New York Mets unlikely ace R.A. Dickey has posted an incredible 12-1 record with a 2.40 ERA through the first half of the 2012 season.  Dickey expressed significant interest in being the NL starter after being selected to the first All-Star game of his career.  What has been most impressive about Dickey is that his number one pitch is the unconventional knuckle ball.  A knuckle ball puts little to no spin on the ball and moves in a gyrating fashion towards the hitter that, in Dickey’s case, has been virtually unhittable.

    Cain has been dominant in his own right as his counterpart Tim Lincecum has struggled for much of the season thus far putting most of the pitching weight on Matt’s shoulders.  He has responded well, leading the Giants back up through the National League West standings who now only trail the Los Angeles Dodgers by half a game.  The Dodgers held the best record in baseball for most of the first half but have struggled as of late due to injury.  It appears as though Cain has helped fuel the fire in the Giants locker room that has led to this revival and can be traced back to his perfect game which was the first in the franchises prestigious history.

    Cain will take on Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers who has been equally consistent in his dominance this season.  Even though the Tigers have vastly underperformed this season Verlander has continued to be brilliant as he has the past few seasons.  Verlander has been one of the most prolific power pitchers with perhaps the best breaking ball among his peers in a decade dominated by pitching.  Even though Verlander could be the best pitcher in baseball he will likely play 1-2 innings at the most in order to let every American League pitcher see time.  Likewise Cain will not play deep into the game as the NL’s depth at pitching is far superior to the AL.  The American League batters will have the kitchen sink thrown at them with a flurry of dominant pitchers including Cain, Dickey, Stephen Strasburg, Clayton Kershaw and many more.  All of these pitchers have made strong cases at a Cy Young Award this season and will definitely be intent on winning as they all play for contending teams and want home field in the World Series.

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  • The Festival of Lights

    Menorah | Jewish Star Necklace 

    Quite possibly the mot “famous” of the Hebrew holidays (at least outside of the Jewish community) is Hanukkah.  This public perception is due in large part to the correlation between the dates of Hanukkah and the Christian holiday Christmas.  Hanukkah is an eight-day commemoration of the rededication to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem during the Maccabean revolt.  The holiday begins on the 25th day of the Kislev, observing the Hebrew calendar, which typically ranges from late November to early December.  Jews observe the holiday by lighting a candle for each passing day of Hanukkah with the final night having all 8 lit.  The artifact used to accomplish this is called a Menorah, which has 9 slots for candles with the extra candle being called the Shamash.  The Shamash is used to light each individual candle and is often raised a little higher.

    Hanukkah’s genesis can be traced to the book of 1 Maccabees and 2 Maccabees from the Torah.  These books allude to the holiday, though the terms “festival of lights” or “Hanukkah” are never mentioned.  However the traditional story typically begins when the Second Temple in Jerusalem was looted and services were stopped, as Judaism was made illegal.  Furthermore, there are a series of rituals that coincide with the holiday of Hanukkah with some being family based and others being communal.  Most of these involve added prayers before and after meals but are mostly predicated around the lighting of a candle each night on the Menorah.  The point is to have the house or venue be devoid of light with the exception of the candles in order to try to re-create the miracle of Hanukkah in which one days worth of oil burned for 8 days.  Hanukkah is a special time of reflection for the Jewish community and is a tradition that has spanned over several centuries.

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  • Lakers Luck Continues

    Steve Nash | Lakers Tickets


    After two consecutive second-round exits from the playoffs, the Los Angeles Lakers knew that staying stagnant during the 2012 off-season would be unacceptable.  With several different rumors swirling around the NBA about where super star free agents like Deron Williams, Dwight Howard, Josh Smith and others will go, the Lakers found the best player at the position they lacked most, point guard.  In fact, since acquiring Kobe Bryant for the 1996-97 season no starting Lakers point guard has averaged more than 8.5 assists per game for any season.  However, Nash averages 8.6 assists per game for his career although he has had great years where he averaged more than 11 per game for the entire season.  Furthermore, Nash averaged 10.7 assists per game last season along with 12.5 points which is just the type of stability the Lakers have lacked for over a decade at the point guard position.  Stats aside though, Steve Nash is one of the most prolific floor generals in NBA history as his calm demeanor, leadership and ability to make his teammates better earned him back to back league MVP awards in 2004-05 and 2005-06.

    Nash is already a lock to be inducted into the Pro Basketball Hall of Fame and, despite all his success has continued to be one of the most respected and well-like players in the NBA.  Coming out of a relatively unknown basketball program at Santa Clara University, Nash is a modest yet simultaneously dominant player who seems to have an infinite arsenal of moves.  Although, quite possibly the crowning part of his game is his ability to make whatever pass is necessary regardless of the level of difficulty.  After being an 8-time NBA All-Star, 3-time All-NBA First team as well as many other accolades there is only one achievement that now demands Nash’s’ attention; an NBA championship.  As a matter of fact, Nash has never even advanced to the NBA Finals and will for the first time in his career be the starting point guard on a team heavily favored to win an NBA championship.

    The Lakers acquired Nash by a sign-and-trade deal that will be made official on July 11th (the first day free agents can sign with new teams) and will send Phoenix LA’s first round draft picks in 2013 and 2015 as well as second round picks in 2013 and 2014.  Nash will be signed to a 3-year, 27 million dollar contract that was only possible due to the Lakers trading Lamar Odom last season which gave them the ability to absorb Nash’s contract due to a trade exception.

    One thing is definitely for sure though, the West just got rocked.  LA seemed to have finally lost its trait of invincibility these past two year, however by now acquiring one of this generations greatest players they seem poised once again at a deep run into the NBA playoffs for the 2012-2013 season.

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  • Always Fighting On

    Marqise Lee | College Football Tickets


    The University of Southern California football Trojans are a college football dynasty and have especially dominated this past decade.  This included winning 2 BCS titles back to back and fielding players that have won 3 of the last 11 Heisman awards (Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, and Reggie Bush).  However, Bush was involved in a “pay-for-play” scandal which ended up costing the University 30 scholarships and a 2 year ban in post-season play, among other severe penalties.  With the departure of Coach Pete Carroll to the NFL, USC hired Tennessee head coach Lane Kiffin.  Kiffin, along with his dad Monte who helped create the “Tampa-2” defense used by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, attempted to weather a very dangerous storm.  Together, the two not only recruited several all-Americans but also helped keep a team together that at any moment could have plunged into utter chaos.  Two similar penalties had been handed down to programs in the past, twice to SMU and once to Miami (FL), and both of these teams suffered decade long (or longer) droughts.

    This was not the case for the Trojans however, who are coming off of a phenomenal 2011 season that has Southern California anticipating another championship.  Much of the excitement is predicated around the return of 3-year starter and possibly the most accomplished USC quarterback of all time, Matt Barkley.  Barkley was the first ever true freshman to start for the Trojans at the quarterback position and is coming off of the best season of his career in which he threw for 3,528 yards, 39 touch- downs and only 7 interceptions.  However, Barkley was recruited and played before the ban was put into effect, whereas the Trojans’ two stand out wide receivers both turned down offers from other prestigious programs in the country, all the while knowing they would not be able to compete in a bowl game their first two seasons.  These receivers’ are Junior Robert Woods and Sophomore Maqrise Lee.  The two were the most productive and unstoppable receiving duo in the entire nation last season with Woods setting several PAC-12 records with 111 receptions 1,292 yards and 15 touchdowns and with Lee posting 73 catches for 1,143 yards and 11 TD’s in his true freshman season.  These two sacrificed to come to USC and after 2 long seasons are poised to make a legitimate run at the National Championship.

    There is no doubt that the toughest game on USC’s 2012 schedule will come November 3rd when they host the University of Oregon.  Last years game between the teams was an instant classic, with USC winning 38-35 on a missed field goal in the last seconds of the game by Oregon.  The Ducks are an extremely talented team, and many college football experts agree that both USC and Oregon may very well play for the PAC-12 championship.

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  • The 2012 U.S. Open is set to begin on June 14 and will last until June 17, where one golfer will be named the champion of professional golf’s second major of the year.  Rory McIlroy dusted the field in 2011 for his first ever major title and will look to win it again this year with a great field and excitement in store.  What follows are the top five golfers to watch when the event kicks off.


    Tiger Woods

    Tiger Woods has arguably been the best golfer in the world to this point in the 2012 season, winning twice on the PGA Tour already along with three top 10 finishes as well.  It is safe to say now that Woods has finally completed the “comeback,” but there are still some skeptics out there who won’t say it definitively until he wins a major.  Woods should have a great chance at winning this week’s event, as the golf course favors those who can drive the golf ball well and are long off of the tee.


    Rory McIlroy

    After such a dominant win at least year’s U.S. Open, some have speculated whether or not Rory could continue improving as a golfer or whether he would buckle under the pressure.  So far he has proved that he can handle anything, as he has had a great 2012 season to this point with a win and five top 10 finishes in only eight events played.  The kid is the real deal, plain and simple, and it would be foolish to count him out of this week’s major.


    Phil Mickelson

    Like the first two players, Mickelson has had a great season as well, winning earlier in the year and missing the cut in only one event.  The main problem with declaring Phil Mickelson to be a favorite this week is his driving accuracy, as he ranks 140th on Tour in the category.  The Olympic Club is the sort of course where has to be accurate with the driver in order to score well, and that may be a difficult thing for Mickelson to do.


    Bubba Watson

    Bubba came into the spotlight this year after winning the Masters Tournament back in April, his first career major.  The guy can hit it forever as far as distance is concerned, but similar to Mickelson, Watson can struggle a bit at times with keeping the golf ball in the fairway.  That, combined with inconsistent putting, could hurt his chances tremendously at this week’s event.


    Luke Donald

    One can’t go on listing the players to watch at a major without including the top golfer in the world rankings, right?  Donald has been used to playing under the radar for much of the year, even though he has a win and four top 10 finishes in nine starts on the PGA Tour to this point.  Donald should certainly have a chance to compete this week, with the main area of his game to watch being his iron play.  He has struggled with it for much of the year, and his chances this week will depend on how many greens in regulation he can hit, as he is one of the best putters in the world today.

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  • Top 5 Dodger Teams

    Jackie Robinson | Dodgers Tickets


    With the midway point in the 2012 MLB season approaching, the Los Angeles Dodgers have controlled both their lead in their division as well as the National League for the better part of this year.  In honor of this teams success thus far, lets look back on the top 5 Dodger teams of all time.

    5. 1959 Los Angeles Dodgers: 86-68 in regular season

    The 1959 Dodgers were in just their second year in their new home of Los Angeles, California and finished the regular season tied with the Milwaukee Braves.  LA went on to sweep the Braves in a three-game playoff series, and then defeated the Chicago White Sox in 6 games en route to winning their first championship in the city of Los Angeles.  The team was led by center fielder Duke Snider, pitchers Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale as well as World Series MVP Larry Sherry who went 2-0 against Chicago including pitching two shutouts.

    4. 1965 Los Angeles Dodgers: 97-65 in regular season

    The Dodgers won the NL pennant by 2 games over their rival the San Francisco Giants and went on to compete in a fierce 7 game series in the World Series against the Minnesota Twins.  This was a stand-out season for the Dodgers lefty pitcher Sandy Koufax who was awarded the National League Cy Young, Major League Player of the Year, and World Series Most Valuable Player awards.  Koufax went 2-1 in the World Series including throwing two shutouts and a 3-hitter in the decisive game 7. Which incidentally, was played in Minneapolis.

    3. 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers: 98-55 in regular season

    The only championship for the team while playing in Brooklyn, the 1955 season was a great one for Dodger fans and players as it fulfilled a long struggle towards the ultimate goal.  Duke Snider and catcher Roy Campanella were vital to the teams success with Campanella being awarded NL MVP and Snider getting both Major League Player of the Year and National League Player of the Year awards.  The team defeated the New York Yankees in 7 games, including winning a game 7 in the Bronx 2-0 to capture the franchise’s first title.

    2. 1988 Los Angeles Dodgers: 94-67 in regular season

    A team overlooked to begin the 1988 season; this was the most recent Dodger team to capture a World Series title.  Fueled by dramatic finishes the whole season, the Dodgers did not disappoint, defeating the New York Mets in 7 games in the National League Championship Series.  LA played the Oakland Athletics in the World Series and game one could have had the most dramatic moment in Dodgers history.  In the bottom of the ninth inning of a 4-3 Oakland lead, the Dodgers’ Kirk Gibson hit an injured pinch-hit walk-off home run to give LA the win and an eventual series victory in 5 games.

    1.1963 Los Angeles Dodgers: 99-63 in regular season

    The greatest Dodgers team of all time began its incredible run by winning the National League Pennant by a convincing 6 games en route to the World Series against the New York Yankees.  Sandy Koufax swept all major award categories for the Dodgers, while the team swept the Yankees in 4 games, which included NL MVP, NL Cy Young, AP athlete of the year and World Series MVP.  He went 2-0 in the series and notched a win in the title-clinching game 4.

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