Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafucco

Have you heard the latest on the Long Island Lolita and Joey Buttafucco? It appears Joey is moving back to the New York area to move in with Amy Fisher. I’m not joking, it’s true! Ok, just in case someone out there doesn’t know the story, let me fill you in first.

A long time ago, Amy was bringing her car into Joey’s auto body shop to get repairs. The two hooked up, and began an affair. It was a one way affair, because Amy was only 16 years old at the time. So you have a grown man, that’s having an affair with a minor. Now it gets better than that. Amy is in desperation to keep Joey all for herself, she shows up at Joey’s home one day. She had a gun, and shot Mrs. Buttafucco in the head. She figured if Joey’s wife was dead, then she could just move into Joey’s life.

He was outraged that she shot his wife. Now Amy Fisher was convicted on this crime and did do time in prision for it. The ex-Mrs. Buttafucco has forgave her, but still holds a grudge against Joey. They are divorced now, due to the affair Joey had with Amy. Now Amy has a husband that she is currently living with. I think Joey has a woman too, but not sure if they are married.

So now the soap opera heats up more. It is being said that Joey Buttafucco is moving in with Amy Fisher. Amy’s husband will soon be moving out, and Joey will be taking up residence at the home of Amy and her husband. Pretty hard to imagine that a girl that shot his wife in the head, who is the mother of his children, is going to move in with the ex-con. Now Joey isn’t so clean hisself. He has served time in jail as well.

Now I am hearing rumors that a tv reality show, might be jumping on this latest news from the Long Island Lolita Story. However, it might be the reality tv show is causing this move to happen in the first place. Amy and Joey are probably not too wealthy, and making a reality show of thier life together would bring in a lot of money. I would guess that each one of them, could make 5 million easily from a reality show.

So I could see Amy talking to her husband, and telling him to move out. Then let Joey move in for about 3 months to shoot the reality show. After that, Joey moves out, her current husband moves back in and they are about 5 million dollars richer. The same would hold true on the other side of the story with Joey and his woman. I guess you can’t blame them, but Joey will be taking a lot of critism moving back in a household with a woman that shot his ex-wife.

Pay Per Post

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The Craze Over Crab Legs

I am someone that goes around saying that I love to eat seafood. I’m not really sure if I am a seafood lover or not. I actually like a nice piece of fresh fish that is grilled to perfection. If you can throw me an endless plate of popcorn shrimp and some french fries to go with my grilled mahi mahi, amber jack, tilapia, or grouper; then I’m good to go. There are a few other items that I like to munch on at the seafood buffets, but it’s the grilled fish and popcorn shrimp that I like the most.

I have seen over the years that the people that eat crab legs, really eat their crab legs! I have tried crab legs many times and still can’t find what the fascination with them is. I don’t think they taste bad, they are just something to nibble on for me. I’m sure crab legs is healthy and there are probably some good nutritional values in crab legs, but as far as taste they are just average for me.

The people that load up on Friday and Saturday nights and go eat at the local seafood buffets will fight people over their crab legs. I recently ate a Chinese buffet with my mom and they offered crab legs on their buffet. The restaurant could not bring them out fast enough to keep up with the demand of people wanting to eat crab legs. As soon as a big pan of new crab legs got brought out, about 8 to 10 people would snatch them all up and there were a couple that were still waiting for their crab legs. When people say they like to eat crab legs; then they really mean it and it seems to be the most favorite seafood item a buffet can offer.

I know crab legs influence the prices of buffets. I will see some buffets that are around 10 to 12 dollars, but on the nights they offer crab legs, it goes up a few extra dollars. It’s not worth the extra money to me and I would just prefer to go on the nights where crab legs weren’t being served. Now are you one of these crazy people that fills up your plate to the max and the crab legs are your main focus on seafood buffets? Perhaps you could help me to understand where this craze comes from and why so many people will make their self sick, just filling up their bellies with these crab legs.

If you want to start a restaurant and want an easy food that you can cook and serve, but it will be one that people will knock down the doors getting to; then focus on crab legs. I can’t think of another food that is more popular in restaurants than Alaskan King Crab Legs Jumbo Extra LargeWild Caught Frozen3 lb. or more are. I would rank them as the most desired food in the world and especially when it comes to the popular items on a seafood buffet. Give me a list of some of the things you like to see on a buffet that specializes in seafood and how high does crab legs rank on your list?

I know I probably made some people hungry talking about crab legs, but no worries. The weekend is almost here and you can go out and find you a good buffet that offers crab legs. You may find the Chinese restaurants offer crab legs at a slightly cheaper price; than some of the other American restaurants that serve all-you-can-eat crab legs. I have heard that butter with crab legs is good and I haven’t never tried to eat crab legs with butter. I couldn’t tell you the differences in taste when it comes to Alaska Crab Legs, King Crab Legs, orSnow Crab Legs; it seems all types of crab legs are popular and I just don’t know why.


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Your Lottery Car

Everyone that wins the lottery always buys a real nice car. So what type of car would you like? I’m not really sure exactly which one I would buy, but I would want a truck for hauling stuff and a sports car for looks. I’m not sure if I would purchase a third vehicle, which would probably be a SUV type vehicle, because I wouldn’t want to be paying insurance on cars I wasn’t driving that often.

I do like the Ford cars and the Mustang suspension is second to none. So the Mustang might just be the sports car I would buy and I would probably stay in the Ford family and buy a Ford truck too. How many cars would you buy if you won the lottery? I know you could afford a lot of them, but would you really want to have more cars than you could drive? I hate wasting money and if I was driving a car only once or twice a week and having to pay full coverage insurance on it; I would feel like I was wasting money. So 2 would probably be all the vehicles I would buy with my lottery money.

Discount Radiators

You can now find discounted radiators for just about any make of automobile you might own. A Ford Radiator is no problem for the Radiator Team at They are the largest radiator distributor in the country, so there’s a good chance they have a radiator for the vehicle you drive. They have an interesting story that started back over 20 years ago in Northern California. It was just a three man team then and now they have grown to having warehouses located all over the country that have radiators in stock. The tradition of sending out a bag of candy to all their customers started way back then and they still do it today! So you just don’t get a radiator at a good price, but you also get a nice bag of candy too! These are the guys you want to deal with; when it comes to your radiator. They will make sure that you get the right radiator for your vehicle. You can count on them 7 days a week to take care of all your radiator needs.

Dell Computers

If you have never owned a Dell Computer, you might be missing out on a quality product. I have found that the Dell Computers and customer service you get from them is the best out there. I really like the things Dell offers and something as simple as Dell Memory is easy to add to your computer. Customer service is hard to find with any products these days, or should I say “good” customer service. The folks from Dell offer great customer service and it’s free too! Some of their competitors charge for their technical support you get, when you need assistance with your computer. Please make sure you keep the tech support in mind when you buy your next computer!

Get More Traffic Today!

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Cowboy Baby

Is there any cowboys out there and I mean true cowboys? I’m not necessarily sure what a “true cowboy” is, but I hear that at the bars a lot. I will see guys wearing their cowboy hats and the ladies saying that they are not “true cowboys”.  I guess you might have to work out on a ranch or live out in Texas to be considered a true cowboy.

I have a nice black cowboy hat that I rarely wear. I bought it because my cousin was in a country band and would play at a lot of bars where people would wear cowboy hats. So when in Rome do as the cowboys do? So I bought a cowboy hat and it made me fit in better with the crowds at some of the bars they would be playing at. Now they don’t play together anymore, so my cowboy hat doesn’t really get worn anymore. I’m trying to think of a good place to go, where I can get some more use out of that nice cowboy hat I got.

I guess a bar that plays the country music would be my best bet, but I’m not really a drinker. I have gone to many bars before, but mainly to just shoot pool. I love playing pool and I haven’t done it in a while. I would like to get back in the habit of playing and polishing my game up again. Maybe if I decide to start back playing, I will get out the cowboy hat and be known as the cowboy at the pool halls. So be on the look out at your local pool halls for a guy wearing a nice black cowboy hat.

Baseball Cards

I am a big time baseball card collector. I have tons of them, and other sports cards too. I have basketball, hockey, football, and even some Nascar cards. Now I look at my baseball cards as investments. If you are not familar with the sports card industry. Then you probably aren’t aware of how many peope today are buying baseball cards for investments. It can be compared to school pictures for your kids, to give you an idea on what cards will be worth a lot of money, and which ones are not. Let’s take 2 students that are in the first grade. Now their 1st grade picture would be considered their rookie card in the sporting card world. If one student becomes a very successful lawyer and makes a lot of money one day. Then that student’s 1st grade picture or rookie card would be worth a lot of money. If the 2nd student, was to drop out of high school and work as a fast food worker. Then the 2nd student wouldn’t have a valuable 1st grade picture. The first student would have many school pictures that would be worth money. Their 5th grade picture,  would be worth a little something. However, the further you go back and the older the picture is, would make it more valuable. Now if you manage to get a preschool picture of that student, then look out! It will be more valuable than the 1st grade picture.

So that’s an idea of how the baseball cards work in value. If a major league baseball player does well in his career. Then his rookie card will command some type of value. If you have seen Alex Rodriguez for the Yankees this year, then you would probably like to have 1 or 2 of his rookie cards. Also, if Barry Bonds breaks the all time home run record. Then his rookie cards, and all cards with him on it, will take a jump. Barry looks like he is going to be the new home run champ. So now is the time to look for a few of his baseball cards.

Who Tops the List?

Everyone has a list, ranking, or a poll these days and compare things, people, events, and anything else they choose to. You see more and more polls appearing on websites and television these days. I admit they are fun to look at, but are rarely accurate. You see a sport’s team poll on their own website asking how well do you think they will fare this season. In most cases the team is going to have a great season based on the poll results. Now if you ask that same question on an opposing team’s website, then you would probably learn from that poll that the team isn’t going to have a great season. The truth usually falls in the middle and both polls end up being wrong. So it’s fun to see who is on top of a list or a poll, but you have to be wise and understand that just what people hope for or want, aren’t going to be what’s in store in the future. You can even see a list with celebrity plastic surgery just to show you how these lists and polls have no ending in sight. Just because some of us don’t put a lot of faith in these list and polls don’t make them wrong. After all how are our politicians and local sheriff in the jobs they are in today?  

Modern Day Service for Computers

We are in the year 2008 now and there is just so many things out there; that can cripple our computer systems. I’m sure you have heard of all the worms, viruses and spyware that exist out there. When our computers get infected with those things, we don’t get to surf as fast, downloading things can take forever and we might experience frequent computer crashes. All of these things are due to those pesky trojans and hijackers just waiting to get in our computer systems. Luckily we have people like Fast Teks that take care of all those bad things out there. They will help you remove viruses and any other types of spyware that might have embedded their selves on your computer systems. They are also an on-site computer service that can help you with Data Backup & Recovery, High Speed DSL Modem Setup, Audio Visual, Wireless Networking and other things you might need to trouble shoot and repair for your computer. These guys really do provide the modern day service that we need for our computers. Fast Teks are currently serving more than 150 cities; you can enter your zip code and see which location is nearest to your hometown.

Fruity Pebbles

A great snack when you’re are on the computer and need something to munch on. I really like my Fruity Pebbles cereal. I know, I know your not suppose to eat around the keyboard, but I have my keyboard wrapped in clear plastic. My computer is over a year old and the keyboard looks brand new. I have kept it wrapped in plastic from day one. I had problems with my old computer and the keyboard with it. The keys got to sticking from all the dirt, food, and who knows what else that got down in between the keys. Now I keep it looking great by keeping plastic around it. It’s a little different at first when you start typing, but you eventually get the plastic broke in good enough and you get use to it yourself, that you forget it’s there. Now my keys are in great shape and I get to munch on my Fruity Pebbles while on the computer. Man them Flintstones has some good cereal!

Sedona Method Course

Could your key to success, happiness, peace and emotional well-being come from The Sedona Method? Secret teacher Marci Shimoff’s new book Happy For No Reason reveals that Mariel Hemingway, granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway, mastered her body image with the Sedona Method. So could the Sedona Method be right for you and what exactly is the Sedona Method?

The Sedona Method was discovered over 50 years ago by Lester Levenson. He was a successful entrepreneur and physicist, but he still felt unhappy and unhealthy. At the age of 42 he was experiencing depression, enlarged liver, spleen trouble, ulcers, hyperacidity and kidney stones. I have suffered from kidney stones myself and they are no fun. The worse pains I have ever had have come from kidney stones and I have spent a lot of time in the emergency room waiting to be seen for a kidney stone. So I can really relate to that part of the troubles Mr. Levenson was suffering from. The troubles for him had got so bad, that eventually doctors just sent him to an apartment in New York City to die. Lester didn’t want to go out that way and decided not to give up and fight all that was wrong with him. So at his New York City apartment he did some serious soul-searching. He learned that the ultimate tool for personal growth; was a way of letting go of all inner limitations. These basics are still being applied today with the Sedona Method. After a short time he began to feel healthy again and his system had work. Now instead of on the brink of death, Lester Levenson lived to the old-ripe age of 84 (42 years longer than doctors had predicted for him).

Mariel Hemingway has a great story and talks about Ernest Hemingway and the poor lifestyle he lived with drinking and depression. He committed suicide 4 months before his granddaughter Mariel was born. Mariel was never too happy with her self and she didn’t like her wide face, flat chest, and her long skinny legs. She knew that all these negative thoughts she was carrying around with her and wondered if she would let go of them, would it be that easy? This is where the Sedona Method can come in and Mariel was asking her self the Sedona questions like: Could I let go of this feeling? Would I let it go? When? Soon Mariel would start to learn the letting go part and not to think so negatively of her body features that she didn’t like. It was through these happiness habits; that got Mariel enjoying life once again and now she rarely beats her self up anymore. She is 45 years-old now and the voice inside her head isn’t telling her all the bad things about her body. She takes care of her self and isn’t obsessed with her body having too much of this or not enough of that. Mariel Hemingway avoided the road that her grandfather Ernest Hemingway went down and she owes all of her success to the Sedona Method. If you feel a little stressed or think you might have some depression or negative thoughts going on; this might be the day you want to try using some of the Sedona Method techniques to help you out. Give it a try and see if you can start experiencing happiness, success, peace and emotional well-being. You can start with the FREE DVD and CD!

Gateway Tech Support

Hey if you own a Gateway Computer, then I’m sorry. I unforunately have one as well. I recently ran into some minor issues, and needed help from the Gatway Support System. Well I never found out if they could help me or not. I had to end up going to a local computer guy, that repairs computers. He fixed my computer for $172. So it was a big cost to fix some minor issues.

The first problem I ran into with the Gateway people, was their automated voice that you have to talk to first on the phone. It couldn’t understand me, when I was saying my computer system. It kept making me repeat it. Now I was having to also call a phone number that was not toll free, so I was paying long distance charges. After being put on hold for 20 minutes, the system just hung up on me. Well I really needed to fix my computer, so I called back. This time I was put on hold for 30 minutes, and again the system just hung up on me. I was able to find a toll free number, and when I called it, it wanted my serial number. My computer had letters in the serial number, so they couldn’t help me. If you have letters in the serial number, then you bought it from a store, and you have to call the non toll free number. So I was back at square one. The non toll free number from Gateway does not ever get to the customer. It just puts them on hold, and will eventually hang up on you.

So if your looking to get a new computer, then I strongly urge you to not buy a Gateway Computer. If you are a computer expert and know everything about computers, then feel free to get one. However, if your like me and you are computer challenged when it comes to the most minor computer problems. Then Gateway is not a good choice. The Gateway Support System is worthless, and they will not help you at all. So you will be on your own, if you purchase a Gateway Computer. I will never buy another Gateway computer ever!