Online Pharmacy – Drug Store

For those that have to take a certain type of medicine everyday and have to run to the drug store once a month, might want to check for a good online pharmacy. This can save you gas money and that’s a good thing with the prices getting so high these days. Just simply going to your computer and getting your next prescription filled can really be easy.

eDrugStore.MD is a place you can check to see if they have the medicines you’re currently taking. They don’t have generics and only offer the name brand drugs. This would be a good place to start if you were interested in an online pharmacy. They can fill prescriptions for weight loss, pain relief, influenza, skin care or even a sleep aid that you might need. They also offer the name brand drugs for men’s and women’s health.

Have a medical question that you forgot to ask your doctor or maybe didn’t get an answer you understood? You can have all your medical questions answered by one of their physicians. It’s really simple to submit a question and get the answer you need from a real doctor. This is another good reason to make eDrugstore.MD your online pharmacy! They have been around for 8 years now and have the guaranteed lowest prices you can find on the internet!

Surfing Teams Over at Trafficera

I think they have like 600 teams over at that new Trafficera website. It’s pretty fun surfing with 25 others on your team and getting the chance to talk to them while you surf. No rules in place and it’s just everyone for their self right now. I guess we will see what teams are the top 10 over there in the next couple of months. The new hasn’t worn off yet and some may just being active on an adrenaline rush. In two months things will settle down and we will be able to see who the top 10 teams really are. Some team have an advantage because they were already surfing as a team in other traffic exchanges. The team I am on is just all thrown together and nobody really know nobody. So we are still finding our way around and trying to grab those clocks! There is a clock race going on all the time and the finish line is different each time. Most races seem to fall in that 800 to 1200 clock area. First team to capture the amount needed gets 50 percent of the time left on the clock. The next 3 teams share a percentage too and if you finish 5th or lower, you get 0 time for your team. All time is awarded instantly and every member splits it equally depending the number of members on their team. You can have 25 on a team and most of the top 10 teams have full rosters. Another thing they do is the weekly amount for teams and all teams placing in the top 20 get credits for each member on their team. It’s a lot of fun and go try it out if you haven’t signed up yet!

Gold For Troubled Times

We don’t seem to be living in the best times right now and our economy is struggling to keep its head above water. It seems gold is always a good investment, no matter what the economy might be doing at the time. Gold has been known to hold its value very well during these troubled times and I’m sure it’s no different in 2008. Monex is a company that specializes in gold and other precious metals for those that are looking for investments. Monex Precious Metals has a large and devoted staff of hard asset professionals committed to serving your precious metals investments. They are very competitive in the industry; when it comes to finding the best prices for anyone looking to invest. If you need something that is going to hold value for the future, you might just want to seek an investment in gold!

Super Bowl Coach Done in New England

Old Bill isn’t gaining too much respect around the league, his players or fans after he walked off the field in the Super Bowl last weekend. Time was still remaining on the clock and Mike Carey the official was right in the face of New England’s coach, but he just ignored the head official. Bill is quickly on his way downhill and while we might of seen the best team ever this year in the NFL, it doesn’t look like any repeats. This team is going to be losing players and Randy Moss still needs to find a team that will use him as a receiver and not a decoy. I really think the Patriots are done and the coach walking off the field in the Super Bowl will make New England a 8 and 8 team next year!

Custom Designer Boots

I’m a guy so not really too picky when it comes to the boots I wear. I know a lot of ladies out there go for the really nice boots and they must match their outfits too! The Emu Boots or Emu Australia will be what a lot of women and girls will want to wear on their feet. Designer boots are nice to see on women and seem to be gaining in popularity. The guys out there can surprise the ladies in their life with a pair of these boots. If you’re not sure what they might like; it might just be best to let them pick it out. I know our taste as guys isn’t always the same as the gals have, but they will say thank you the same, if you get them a pair of designer boots. Many styles and colors to choose from and you can find a nice selection at the Clausette.

Daytona 500

Nascar has a short off-season and it’s back to work next Sunday for all the drivers and their crews. The Daytona 500 is like the Super Bowl to Nascar and while it might be the first race of the year, it always seems like its the best race of the year. If you get a strong finish at Daytona, that will usually carry over into the future months when Nascar heads into those summer months. So reach up there one more time and make sure those seat belts are tight; we are going racing! Boogity Boogity Boogity!

Ink Pens for Advertising?

It’s common for most companies to have their own business cards. It can be an effective marketing tool and you can list your website, address, phone number and other contact information like that. I was just wondering if anybody has tried to promote their interests with ink pens? Be sure to share your success with promoting tactics like these and anything else that might be similar. I am always trying to find a new way to create buzz about one of the things I am involved in. I think advertising on ink pens could be a great way to get business or people coming to your website. We all love to drive traffic to our websites and an ink pen could send more than just 1 person to your website.

Let me know about some of the avenues that you have tried to advertise in, that might not be considered main stream. Also, let me know if you tried something and it just didn’t work. Good or bad I want to try and figure out some other creative ways to market my products and services I am currently involved in.

How Do I Increase My Downlines?

I don’t think there is a single answer for a question like that, but maybe there is? I think the best advice is to never stop and show your referral links in as many places as possible. You never know where that next member in your downline is going to come from. It’s important that you try to do a little something everyday, so you can continue watching your referral base grow.

I know many like to have a list and building up a list gives you the chance to build up downlines in many different arenas. I don’t have a list, but always try to be helpful to any members in my downline. If you have a member to contact you in your downline, try to be as helpful as possible. If you don’t know the answer, try helping your referral find the answer or ask your upline or other members if they know. Keeping a good bond with your downline folks will help make sure you maximize their efforts. Keep them happy and they will keep you happy.

Increasing downlines take time and you have to be patient. For those of you that earn for your 2nd level or further down, can really benefit by building your first level as big as you can. You just need one really great person in each level to insure the next level down will be successful too. It might take awhile to see the results from all your efforts, but hang in there and it will happen when you least expect it. Now quit reading my blog and get out there and show that referral link or page as much as you can! Good Luck!

Free Financing Advice and Quotes

Finding loans don’t have to cost money. You can find loans for those new homes that you want and choose which one is best for you. Dealing with Mortgages is a part of life and something we all have to go through at one point. Most of us just don’t have the money to go out and buy a new home and that is where a loan can come in handy. Having good credit goes a long ways, so you want to try and keep your credit score good. There are lenders that will give money to people with bad credit. It is such a competitive market and they are all fighting for your business. See what mortgage loans are available where you live and be sure to compare more than one, so you can feel confident that you’re getting the best deal out there!

Bad Weather for the Southeast

The weather hasn’t been too bad at my house. Some badly needed rain is falling in our area but the strong winds, lightning, thunder and tornados have missed us so far. The unstable air mass is just now getting to us, so maybe we have not seen the worse of these storms that have crippled some of the Southern States. I hope everyone in the path of this unstable air mass that has hot air colliding with cool air, will take cover. Stay at home and keep an eye on the news by tv or radio.

Many have died from these storms and they are still counting the death toll. So it’s unusual February weather here in the South, but factor in global warming and we are probably entering our tornado season for the year. It’s strange to see these storms so early in the year, but times are changing and bad weather will start to occur more and more over these normal winter months. Please stay safe with these storms and for the next couple of months keep your eyes closely on the weather for those in the Midwest and in the Southeast.

OH! My Head Hurts

I really feel bad for some of you out there. I know there is a lot of people that suffer from migraine headaches. It’s no fun to have one of those and it seems that locking your self in a dark room and trying to sleep is the best way to deal with it. I don’t have many of these types of headaches and I have been diagnosed with cluster headaches. Some people really struggle with their headaches and it can really affect their lifestyles. If your lifestyle changes because of these headaches, try to find a good doctor that can help. Some of the pain killers that are prescribed can be very effective. I have found some of the pain pills to really help with pains and aches I have with my body, but they don’t really help my headaches. Even the really strong pain relievers that doctors prescribed don’t seem to help my headaches and I have better luck with some of the over counter medicines that have aspirin in them. Please let me know any remedies or medicines you might take to help your headaches. I’m always looking for some new way to help those really bad headaches and I think most people are like me and will try anything to stop that pain!

Who Is Still Writing Checks?

I rarely write checks anymore. It seems I use my debit card mostly and it’s not too often that I actually write out a check. I guess it’s just the changing of the times and how we use our checking accounts these days. If you don’t currently have a checking account or maybe looking to join a new one, be sure to be patient and find the one that makes the most sense for you. Some can be great that will pay you interest, if you just keep a minimum balance each month. I know a lot of people live paycheck to paycheck and might find it difficult to keep that minimum balance. If you do have extra money you can leave in those checking accounts each month, be sure to take advantage of the interest rates that many banks offer. It’s free money and everyone likes free money! You don’t have to have a savings account to draw interest and maybe you can earn monthly or quarterly interest from your checking accounts. I do love my debit card and they help save money in the long run, because you don’t have to buy as many checks as you once did.

Rudy Gay Dunk Contest on YouTube

I always love watching the dunk contest during the NBA All Star Weekend. The last few years it seems to be losing some steam, but I like what Rudy Gay of the Memphis Grizzlies is attempting to do. He has posted a challenge to YouTubers to show their sickest dunks and whoever wins his You Tube contest; he will actually perform the dunk in the Dunk Contest. This brings a little excitement to the table and I wonder just which YouTuber will win this.

Rudy Gay Dunk Contest

There is a lot of interest in this promotion and people from all over the world have been uploading their videos to Rudy. I would like to personally thank Rudy Gay for this and it makes me want to root for the guy in this year’s dunk contest. Josh Smith of the Atlanta Hawks has major hops and is probably the best dunker in the NBA. I don’t think Josh will be giving it a try out in New Orleans, but this idea by Rudy Gay gives me hope for this year’s dunk contest.

As I am writing this post, there has been 162 video responses to Rudy Gay’s Dunk Challenge. If you would like to get in on the fun, just upload your You Tube video to: RudyGay22SlamDunk over at You Tube. Maybe your video will be chosen and you can see a great athlete like Rudy Gay perform your dunk!

Now Rudy, if your looking in; I have found the best video response by far. I looked through the people that have submitted videos and one sticks out to me. I really like the one You Tuber that said to dunk on a judge. I could just see a legend like Julius Erving (who sometimes does the judging) get dunked on. I thought that was a good idea, but the one video that sticks out in my mind is this one!

Here’s Your Winner Rudy!

We have seen the great ones go between the legs, but to do both legs is amazing. I have the hangtime of a bulldozer and I’m not sure if I could do that just in the air. This guy goes under both legs and is 10 feet in the air rocking one home! This dunk has everything! It’s original and is a dunk you can slam home with authority. Perform this one Rudy Gay and I’m sure the judges will light up 10’s across the board! Not to mention the good folks in New Orleans getting to watch a dunk like this being performed!

Good luck to Rudy Gay and I will be rooting for him this year, just because of his desires to make this year’s dunk contest something to watch. Everybody stand up and clap for an NBA star that cares about the game and everything associated with it. Rudy Gay for this year’s 2008 Dunk Champion!