Saving Money Online

Now I know we all like to save money. I know this, because I have never heard one person say “I don’t like saving money”. So since we all like to save money, it’s a good idea to know how to save money. One good thing you can do, is just be patient. Don’t be in a hurry to buy something. Especially that new and latest thing that has just came out, and you feel like they will sell out of it. Don’t worry, if it’s popular enough, and they are selling it. The company will always make more of them, so you can buy them.

By being patient, we can take opportunities that will present theirself. Like seeing something that we really wanted, and the price getting marked down. Now for the opportunities that don’t present theirself, we will have to go out and find. For instance, getting a good coupon site that will have coupons to save money on items. You can go find your own bargains, just by looking for all the coupons that are out there.

Coupon Chief is an excellent source for finding coupons. They don’t just have a few coupons for a few companies. They have coupons for over 1,000 companies! Many of the companies that you know very well. Target, Dell, Best Buy are just a few of the companies they have on their site.

Now Kmart is a store that I have really begin to like. It’s not as big as Wal Mart and usually the lines are shorter at the cash register than Wal Mart. I like the fact you don’t have to walk a mile to get from one department to another. So Kmart is more of a store that is made for me. So since I know that I will be doing shopping at Kmart. It would be smart for me to go and get coupons from the Coupon Chief. So just be smart, and be sure to think before you buy.

The Secret Santa Lives On

There use to be a man that would go through diners, laudromats, bus stations, shelters and thrift stores giving away $100 dollar bills. He would say it was his way of giving back for Christmas, since he had been so blessed in his lifetime. That man went unknown for a long time and later it was discovered that his name was Larry Stewart.

Now recently a woman that was homeless and trying to find a way back to her home in Minneapolis ran across a stranger on a December afternoon. She had sat and talked with this stranger that had a red coat and red hat. After talking for a bit, the man quietly got up and slipped her a $100 bill and told the poor woman that it was a tribute to Larry Stewart. So now a new Santa or “Larry Stewart” has emerged and leaves one wondering where this gesture might lead. Maybe the man in the red coat will continue the legacy of Larry Stewart and start passing out $100 bills. Perhaps it was just a really sad story that the woman told and the man felt the need for this generosity one time. I would expect others to hear about this and wouldn’t be surprised to see the Secret Santa continue to live on.

Larry Stewart passed away earlier this year at the age of 58.


Girl Power! Clothes For Her

There is a place online selling girl’s apparel that promotes a positive attitude. There is nothing more productive in life; than promoting a young girl’s mind and spirit. What if wearing a t-shirt or hat would give your daughter more confidence? Would you be interested in it? That is exactly the approach behind Girl Mogul and their thinking behind some of these cool designs for the girl in your life. You can also find some of these cool clothes for the mom too; so they can wear a shirt just like their daughter. I believe my mom would like one of the t-shirts Girl Mogul offers.


I would get my mama this shirt and it comes in different colors. The above color is Caribbean Blue, but you could choose a Black, Red or Violet color for your shirt. This has the “Reach for the stars” logo on it. There is more logos to choose from at Girl Mogul and they all have a positive message behind them.

The founder of Girl Mogul Andres Stein didn’t like all the “princess t-shirts” that were available out there and she wanted to see more shirts that gave girls confidence. To let them know that nothing was impossible and they could grow up to be anything they wanted to. There are four characters that help promote the Girl Mogul name. The girls of Girl Mogul are 4 girls that come from different backgrounds and they all realize that if they work hard enough, there is nothing impossible that they can’t accomplish in life. You can see Daisy, Lilly, Poppy and Rose as the girls leading the way in this movement to show girls of all ages; that there really isn’t anything impossible! These 4 girls have more energy and desires to succeed than the Powder Puff girls do! I don’t think Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles would want to get in the way of the 4 Girl Mogul Girls.

See if you can find that perfect message for your daughter, niece, neighbor or who ever might be the young girl in your life. Some of the messages are “Future Leader of the Free World“, “I Like Math“, “Science Is Cool“, “Dream Big” and there is even one that says “I can hack your computer“. I think that is the funniest one! I can just see a young girl now wearing a shirt that says she can hack my computer. It wouldn’t surprise me any, because I know a lot of kids that know more about computers than I do. There are lots more messages and types of shirts available at Girl Mogul.

Dogs need a place to sleep too

Mans best friend has always been the dog. Today, Americans spend billions of dollars to make sure their pets are healthy and happy. Studies have shown that dogs that are more rested are less irritable, and more willing to play. So it would make sense that making them sleep in a wooden shed, may not be as beneficial to the health and well being of your most valued pet. Besides,you don’t see too many hamsters sleeping on gravel.

At they provide quality dog beds for your pets. They have all types of dog beds from luxury designer beds, large dog beds, to orthopedic beds. With thousands of satisfied customers and pet owners they pride themselves on top quality products. The beds are easy to care for and can be washed by machine at your home, so there is no need for special care other than what you would normally do around the home.  Mammoth is known as “Breeders #1 choice” in dog beds.

3rd Best Video Ever

Only 3 more videos remain in the top 10 video countdown. I have been releasing the top 10 music videos ever and now we come to the 3rd spot in the countdown. This video really rocks and is one of the best videos I have ever seen. This is my 2nd favorite group with only the guys from Guns N’ Roses getting a slight nod over these guys.

Now imagine this, what if you were blind, deaf, had no arms and legs and you couldn’t even speak? You could just imagine how that might feel and just how lost you would be to the rest of the world. This video shows you how that person might feel.

3rd Best Video Ever

Great video!

This is the song One by Metallica. Metallica’s One is one of the most popular songs they play when the band is on tour. It was the 4th track on the album And Justice For All. The song was written by James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich in November of 1987. The song made it’s way on their 1989 album and has been a big hit every since.

All the fans of Metallica and the music world got to see the debut of this video on MTV. It was shown on January 20, 1989 and the video had raving reviews right from the start. There is parts of a book and movie that you see in the video and the name of that movie is Johnny Got His Gun, which was also the name of the book too. Metallica bought the rights of the movie, so they could use it in their video for the song One. 3 videos were made for One and the one above is the best version. The other versions were shorter and one of them didn’t even have any scenes of the movie in it.

The band didn’t have any of the bright colors and flash like a lot of the heavy metal bands did in the late 80’s. They chose to do this video mainly in black and white and the band was just at a warehouse performing. You can see two of the band members playing ESP Guitars. The bass player is seen early in the video plucking the strings with his fingers and near the end of the video the bass player has a pick. Not sure if that was an error in the video or just the way Metallica wanted to shoot the bass scenes. This was a typical Metallica video in the way it was shot and had that “Metallica feel” to it.

The video was ranked 38th on MTV’s Greatest Videos Ever and finished number 7 on the greatest guitar solos in a song by Guitar World’s Greatest Guitar Songs. I have to give this video much more respect than just a 38th spot and this is definitely one of the top 3 videos of all time!

Congratulations to James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Jason Newsted, and the drummer Lars Ulrich for making it to the 3rd spot in this video countdown! A song that was written 20 years ago is still going strong.

Pitching the Horseshoes

It seems like the sport of horseshoes is going away. I don’t really see many people doing it anymore. It’s something fun to do, and I have many childhood memories of throwing the horseshoes. It use to be a staple at all our family reunions. When I was real little, they wouldn’t even let me play. It was just for the older kids and the adults. I guess because I didn’t have the strength to throw them to each stob. As I got bigger, and was finally able to launch them down to the stobs, I really enjoyed it. I did have a job not too long ago, where we would play during our breaks or lunches. A guy brung in some horseshoes, and we would spend our breaks in the hot sun, throwing horseshoes. I’m surprised no one organizes any national tournaments for the sport. Maybe they are some, but I never seen any on television if they do. Maybe playing horseshoes will come back one day. It’s a great activity that is good for both men and women.

Vick Gets More Negative Press

Michael Vick continues to get negative press. The talented quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons has been a magnet lately for bad press. Now it appears that a home that Michael Vick owns was raided on suspicions of drugs in the house. They found dogs that were being mistreated. The dogs looked like they had been used for fighting purposes. Which is illegal in all 50 states, and is a felony in 48 of them.

Michael Vick was suspected in the pass for fighting dogs. It’s not sure what evidence or information was ever collected on them suspicions. Now with a house that he owns is housing such dogs. Makes the suspicions a bit more stronger. This attention hasn’t escaped the animal rights activists either. They have sent Falcon’s Owner Arthur Blank a letter asking for them to suspend Vick for this latest episode.

Now Vick is scheduled to take part in the 2007 NFL Draft this weekend with a tribute to the tragedy at Virginia Tech. Him and former HoKie and current teammate D’Angelo Hall was expected to take part in this. It’s not sure if Vick will now participate in this. It probably wouldn’t be good for the families of Virginia Tech who might be tunning in. To have a guy that is alleged to be fighting dogs, to pay tribute to such a tragedy. This would be in bad taste, and I could see Hall and former NFL star Bruce Smith doing this by theirself now. It’s not like Michael’s younger brother would be a better choice either. Even though Marcus Vick was a star at Virginia Tech too, he has gun charges on his record. So it appears the Vick Family are not angels when it comes to off the field duties. Even though both brothers are very talented on the football field.


Hawaii and Georgia in the 2008 Sugar Bowl

The 2007 football seasons for Georgia and Hawaii were both very impressive. Hawaii has yet to lose a game, but may be facing their toughest opponent of the year. The Georgia Bulldogs will blitz the team from Hawaii and while Hawaii might have success early in the game, look for that to drop off after the quarterback gets knocked to the turf a few times. It’s hard for offenses that pass a lot to play a team from the South Eastern U.S.A, because they hit the quarterback a lot and they hit hard too.

I would expect the quarterback from Hawaii, who is the much talked about Colt Brennan have a hard time on New Year’s Day. I will say that he throws for more yards in the first quarter, than he does for the next 3 quarters combined. He’s going to start giving the ball up sooner and throwing the ball before the wide receivers are finished running their routes. This will be due to the pressure from the Georgia Bulldog defense. If Georgia picks off a few passes and returns them for touchdowns, this game could get ugly. Head coach Mark Richt for the Bulldogs plays a very slow and not too agressive offense and the score should stay close if Hawaii limits their turnovers. The big story of this game will be Colt Brennen getting sacked or knocked down and how many turnovers they cough up.

If Hawaii has 1 turnover or less and Colt Brennen gets sacked 2 times or less, and maybe only gets knocked down after the pass a couple of times, then Hawaii comes out of New Orleans with a descent score posted on the scoreboard for this year’s Sugar Bowl.

Hawaii 24

Georgia 33

Now if Colt Brenned gets sacked more than 3 times and knocked down over a dozen times, with a few turnovers, this game will be decided early and there will be no need to play 4 quarters.

Hawaii 13

Georgia 51

Either prediction, I see the Georgia Bulldogs posting at least 33 points on the scoreboard. So if the high power offense from Hawaii can muster up more than 33 points, they could make this a close game.

Meteor Shower Going On

We are currently involved in a meteor shower. Orionids is the name of it and the experts think that the peak hour for this will be around 5AM on Sunday, October 21st. It should last into November with most of the night hours averaging about 5 per hour. The moon will set at 1:30 AM on Sunday and this should give the sky a darker look making it easier to see the meteors. If you live in the city or have any type of light pollution that might be near you; seek a place from the bright lights. Get out of the city and go to a remote place where you can see the stars real clear in the sky. This will be the best way to witness this meteor shower.

Working Man's Feet

The working man needs his boots. So many great choices of work boots are available at They carry a large selection and many of the brands that you know like Dickies, Dingo, Durango, Georgia Boot, Laredo Western Boots, and so many more. I have had my share of the working man’s feet and I know how important good boots are. I know the steel-toe boots have saved me a lot of pains, because they are good for protection when you drop something on them.

Now the hard part will be trying to choose just one pair of boots to get. I suggest going to a boot store and trying them on before you purchase them online. Once you learn what pair feels confident, then you might want to come back to your computer, because they are cheaper online compared to most places that sell work shoes. I think my next pair will be the Georgia Boots 6 inch Renegades and the price is less than $100! I like a boot that can be worn at work or just to wear out on a casual dress evening for going out-to-eat or to the movies. So having a versatile boot is important to me.


If you’re a blogger, own a blog, or do any type of social networking, then I have a great website for you! It’s called Thoof and it’s really amazing to just see how this website works! The thing that separates this website from anything else you have ever seen before, is the way you get your personalized news!

There is a sophisticated algorithm that can detect a reader’s interest to what they are reading. It will keep track on what type of stories you are reading the most. Then every Thoof reader will have a page that is tailored just for them and will list a bunch of interesting stories on your personalized Thoof page. This is a great way to read and sift through articles that are posted on the web, that feature all the things you have an interest in. You don’t have to go to a dozen different websites now to read up on all the latest current events or stories that you like to keep up with on a daily or weekly basis. Thoof’s readers will be supplying the stories and you will have one convenient page to look over all the different articles for your interests!

Bloggers will be able to add the Thoof Badge to posts on their blogs. Then their readers can look at a percentage ranking and see just how popular their article is. This is a great tool for bloggers and an excellent way to expose your blog to more readers. I know most bloggers are always looking for a bigger audience that they can blog to. Thoof can be an excellent marketing tool for your blog and I am very excited to get started with them. I think this is a great new website for anyone that has an interest into social networking!

It’s real easy to sign up at Thoof! You just enter your email address, then you will get an email sent to you. Just click on the link inside and it will take you to a page for you to create your password and to confirm it. After that, just choose a user name and your all signed up! Takes less than a minute if you already have your password and user name in mind! Also, please feel free to submit any interesting articles to Thoof that you thought were funny, interesting, or just couldn’t believe it when you read it!

Refurbished Consumer Electronics

If you like your electronics and are wanting to save a few bucks, then be sure to look at refurbished electronics. Sometimes these items are just as good as brand new and you can save a lot of money from some of these refurbished electronics. Second Act  is a great place to look for all your electronic needs. Plasma screens, LCD TV’s, Rear Projection HDTV’s, digital camcorders, dvrs, and digital cameras are just some of the things they offer. Not only can you save money by buying your electronics from Second Act, you can also use online coupons to save even more money. The Coupon Chief has several different coupons for Second Act. They are also happy to announce they have just recently added “how to” screencasts for some of their top merchants (Best Buy, Dell, Home Depot, etc…).

Digital Frames

Since we have the technology today to take pictures with our digital cameras or even our cell phones. There really isn’t a need to process films like we use to do. We can now take them digital images, and put them on a frame! We can display our digital pictures througout our house, or even put one on the office desk.

Digital Framez is a company that can assist you in that area. They can help you get them digital pictures you have, and display them on frames. This is a great service they offer. It is going to be so popular to the family members that like to show off their kids or grandkids. Or perhaps just showing everybody thier pet on a digital frame. We no longer have to put our pictures in albums, and let them set around collecting dust. Taking our digital pictures and displaying them on frames is going be the new way of storing our pictures.

A digital photo frame has endless possibilities of what you can do with it. You will find so many new ways to show off the grandkids, kids, family, your house, cars, pets, and even those vacation pictures that you take every year. So if have a digital camera or cell phone that you have been taking pictures with. Look at digital frames as a great new way to show them pictures off to everybody.

Spyware On the Computer

It seems everyday I run my different spyware programs, and everyday they find something. I’m no computer expert, and don’t know how to keep these little boogers out. I just know they keep showing up on my computer.

It is important that all computers have a spyware remover on them these days. You can find a few pretty good ones on the internet. These are free to download too. You can look at avg, spyware doctor, adaware, and search and destroy. Even after running one of these, you can go back with another one, and it will find something too. So having more than 1 spyware remover is a good suggestion.

Now anti-virus programs. Again, it’s good to have this on your computer too. Just don’t have more than 1 though. 2 of these type of programs will be battling each other. So only get 1 anti-virus program, and feel free to have more than 1 spyware remover. They say you get what you pay for, and in the case of spyware removers, it might be true too. I notice the ones I pay for (in some cases) will find more stuff on the computer. Look into finding a good spyware remover, if you don’t have one already.