Pitching the Horseshoes

It seems like the sport of horseshoes is going away. I don’t really see many people doing it anymore. It’s something fun to do, and I have many childhood memories of throwing the horseshoes. It use to be a staple at all our family reunions. When I was real little, they wouldn’t even let me play. It was just for the older kids and the adults. I guess because I didn’t have the strength to throw them to each stob. As I got bigger, and was finally able to launch them down to the stobs, I really enjoyed it. I did have a job not too long ago, where we would play during our breaks or lunches. A guy brung in some horseshoes, and we would spend our breaks in the hot sun, throwing horseshoes. I’m surprised no one organizes any national tournaments for the sport. Maybe they are some, but I never seen any on television if they do. Maybe playing horseshoes will come back one day. It’s a great activity that is good for both men and women.

A Good HD Deal

I was looking to upgrade to high definition with my current satellite company, which is Dish Network. They claim to offer the most HD programming out there. It appears that this is true when comparing them to Direct TV. Direct TV says they will give you 900 hours of HD Programming each week. The Dish Guys say 200 hours of high definition programming every day, which would be 1400 hours a week.

Then there is the fee to the HD satellite box that I will have to pay for with Dish Network. They are gonna charge me $149 for the HD DVR satellite receiver. Now the new time customers for DirectTV can get the receivers for free. So I will have to decide when I go with high definition programming, if I want to switch satellite companies or not. Comparing satellite tv is very close. Neither guys have the exact perfect package I want. I wish there was a way to build your own channels. Where you would get only the channels that you actually watch and not the extra 100 channels you will never spend more than 5 minutes watching.

Design Your Work Space

Start making more room for your work area and get better organized with some of the products from Formaspace. Formaspace is one of America’s fastest growing companies and they can help you get your work space in order. A Workbench or a custom-made lab bench made to your specific needs can tremendously improve your work space. These improvements can lead to getting your tasks done sooner and having more time for other things. LAN stations, multi-functional work benches and laboratory furniture are just some of the items that Formaspace produce to help you better maximize your efforts in your work space. The Benchmarx is one of the most popular work benches and it provides adjustable shelving to help in your work space area. Start getting more work done and go design your work space today! 

Spyware On the Computer

It seems everyday I run my different spyware programs, and everyday they find something. I’m no computer expert, and don’t know how to keep these little boogers out. I just know they keep showing up on my computer.

It is important that all computers have a spyware remover on them these days. You can find a few pretty good ones on the internet. These are free to download too. You can look at avg, spyware doctor, adaware, and search and destroy. Even after running one of these, you can go back with another one, and it will find something too. So having more than 1 spyware remover is a good suggestion.

Now anti-virus programs. Again, it’s good to have this on your computer too. Just don’t have more than 1 though. 2 of these type of programs will be battling each other. So only get 1 anti-virus program, and feel free to have more than 1 spyware remover. They say you get what you pay for, and in the case of spyware removers, it might be true too. I notice the ones I pay for (in some cases) will find more stuff on the computer. Look into finding a good spyware remover, if you don’t have one already.

Dogs need a place to sleep too

Mans best friend has always been the dog. Today, Americans spend billions of dollars to make sure their pets are healthy and happy. Studies have shown that dogs that are more rested are less irritable, and more willing to play. So it would make sense that making them sleep in a wooden shed, may not be as beneficial to the health and well being of your most valued pet. Besides,you don’t see too many hamsters sleeping on gravel.

At Mammothoutlet.com they provide quality dog beds for your pets. They have all types of dog beds from luxury designer beds, large dog beds, to orthopedic beds. With thousands of satisfied customers and pet owners they pride themselves on top quality products. The beds are easy to care for and can be washed by machine at your home, so there is no need for special care other than what you would normally do around the home.  Mammoth is known as “Breeders #1 choice” in dog beds.

Trusted Online Casinos

If you like to gamble online and would like to join with an online casino that you can trust, check out the ones at Dex Casino. They do reviews on a lot of the online casinos, poker rooms and gaming sites that you find on the internet today. For over 5 years now their team has been signing up to these online casinos and through their own experience and seeing first hand at how they operate; they have some valuable knowledge they can pass along to you. They know which ones you can trust and which online casinos have the best customer service. Anytime you’re putting your financial information on the internet or having to use real money online, you want to take all the precautions necessary and make sure you don’t lose any real money to some of the crooks out there. It just takes 1 or 2 bad people to ruin the fun and enjoyment that you can get from an online gambling site, that you can do from the comforts of your own home. Take the worry out and check out the places that Dex Casino recommends. Not only will you find the places online that you can trust, but you will also be getting the ones that their staff enjoyed the most too! Go have fun and enjoy your gaming experience online and most of all, GOOD LUCK!

Snow Falls In Georgia; More On The Way!

It’s a rare occurrence these days to see snow in Georgia. I guess with global warming going on now, we just don’t get the cold air and moisture together as much. On Wednesday afternoon around 3, little flakes of the white stuff began to fall. It was like that for about an hour or two and then those small white flakes became the big, juicy, wet flakes. Those that are great for building snowmen; thats the type of flakes we started getting then. It didn’t take it long, once the big flakes started falling. The ground was glazed in a white, wintry coat and its something our yard hasn’t seen in years. We have had our light dustings, but this was a lot of snow and you could just barely see the blades of grass coming out around midnight that night.

I got out and built a snowman that you can still see now. It was just perfect snow for building a snowman. It wasn’t that cold outside either, with the temperatures hovering around 32 degrees. It was the perfect time to be outside and playing in the snow, even though it was dark and around 10PM Wednesday Night when I was building my snowman. Our satellite dish had so much snow to get caked on it, which I had to get a ladder out and climb on top of the house around midnight that night, so I could rake the snow out of the satellite dish. We were beginning to lose our signal because there was so much snow accumulating on the dish.

I would estimate that Canton, Georgia received 2 inches of snow. That is about how much was in our yard. We live in a holler and the cold temperatures that drop low to the surface, probably created freezing temperatures earlier than other parts of Canton. On the ABC channel 2 news in the Atlanta area, they reported that Waleska had 3 inches of snow. Waleska is in Cherokee County and about 12 minutes away from my home in Canton, Georgia. The school system did shut down on Thursday and all Cherokee County Schools were closed.

Now as excited as the kids were for this latest snow storm (adults too….lol), it looks like we might be bracing for another low pressure area developing in the Gulf of Mexico. Once this low pressure develops in the Gulf, we will begin to see moisture to start flowing ashore over parts of New Orleans Louisiana, Mobile Alabama, and around parts of the pan handle of Florida like Pensacola, Destin, Panama City Beach, Florida. This moisture coming in over these parts will be heading to Atlanta, Georgia and once it moves through Atlanta it will find Canton in Cherokee County. I live about an hour or 40 miles north of Atlanta and our temperatures are normally colder than Atlanta and we generally get a bit more snow than Atlanta does. This new round of winter weather should be getting to the Atlanta Metro Area around 4 AM Saturday Morning. The computer models say that rain will be snow by 7 AM as of right now. Once the snow starts falling at 7AM Saturday, the temps should continue to fall and the snow should last until noon and maybe a little longer. They are forecasting for 1 to 2 inches of snow in my area of Canton or in Cherokee County, Georgia. This snow might last longer on the ground, as the temperatures will be very cold over the next few days past Saturday.

This snow is great for our drought situation in North Georgia. Today they said Lake Allatoona that is in Cobb County, Cherokee County and Bartow County has now reached full winter time capacity. It’s been filling up since December 14th, 2007 and that is the day the lake took in more water than it released down stream. It’s been doing that ever since mid-December and now on January 17th we have reached the full capacity for our winter time levels! What does this mean for the folks in Cobb County Georgia? Bartow County Georgia? Cherokee County Georgia? Kennesaw Georgia? Marietta Georgia? Cartersville Georgia? Acworth Georgia?


Yes, with the rainfall and snow that has been in our area over the last month has filled the lake up to its winter-time levels and we can go back to using our water like we normally would. Let’s just hope that the rest of winter and spring has a lot of moisture associated during that time, so we can experience a full lake this summer!

OH! My Head Hurts

I really feel bad for some of you out there. I know there is a lot of people that suffer from migraine headaches. It’s no fun to have one of those and it seems that locking your self in a dark room and trying to sleep is the best way to deal with it. I don’t have many of these types of headaches and I have been diagnosed with cluster headaches. Some people really struggle with their headaches and it can really affect their lifestyles. If your lifestyle changes because of these headaches, try to find a good doctor that can help. Some of the pain killers that are prescribed can be very effective. I have found some of the pain pills to really help with pains and aches I have with my body, but they don’t really help my headaches. Even the really strong pain relievers that doctors prescribed don’t seem to help my headaches and I have better luck with some of the over counter medicines that have aspirin in them. Please let me know any remedies or medicines you might take to help your headaches. I’m always looking for some new way to help those really bad headaches and I think most people are like me and will try anything to stop that pain!

New Manual Traffic Exchange

There’s a new exchange that has just opened up to the public. TX-TotalShare is a brand new online manual traffic exchange system committed to providing quality online traffic to your web sites and affiliate links.


This isn’t the only thing this traffic exchange does. It also allows you to start your own traffic agency. You can set credit packages the way you want them, and sell them on the market. You will get to keep 100% of what you sell. So it’s a money opportunity as well as a great place to get more traffic to your website.

Payroll For Small Businesses

Accounting Paradise can do payroll for your small business. They have the best offers and affordable prices for your payroll services. If you have 10 employees, then it would only cost $1.99 per employee, per paid period. So you could take care of all 10 of your employees for under $20 each pay period. You will pay slightly more with the full service. Using the full service, you will get more assistance. All you have to do on the full service, is to tell Accounting Paradise who you hired, who you fired, and how much to pay them. That’s it! Now using them same 10 employees for the full service, is only $3 per employee, per pay period. So it would cost $30 for every pay period for those 10 employees. The rates get even cheaper the more empoyees you have. So if you have more than 10 employees, your rates will even be better than these quoted.

Accounting Paradise can do all your bookkeeping for you too. Their quickbooks accounting software will be like having an accountant in the office with you. You will easily be able to see and keep up to date with all your financial information. So for any bookkeeping needs or help with the payroll for your business. You can look to Accounting Paradise for help. They know what it’s like to have a bookkeeper that only makes things worse. They understand that, and are here to help you or your business.

Hibachi Dinner More than Big Flame

r those that’s been treated to a good Japanese restaurant; probably know about the entertainment your meal comes with. The big flame is always an eye-catcher, along with the twirling of a knife or two. The chef always has some other little display under his sleeve that puts smiles on everyone’s faces sitting at the table. While the actions of watching your meal being prepared takes place, there is also some really good food that gets handed out to your plate for you to gobble down. If you haven’t tried a Japanese restaurant yet, you really must give this a try sometime.

You can’t go wrong with an hibachi dinner and this is the only way to eat a really good Asian meal (in my opinion). Don’t get me wrong, I like Chinese food a bit too. The rice you get at a Chinese restaurant is pretty plain. Most serve steamed rice, but it’s getting more common to see fried rice at Chinese restaurants. I would compare the rice at a Chinese restaurant, to the french fries with a fast food meal at a hamburger place in the United States. The fries are good with the meal, but it’s really the burger that’s the main thing. I like having the fries there and I am the same way with the rice; which gets served with your Chinese meals.

Now the rice that gets prepared by a hibachi chef comes to life and this is just as good as your main menu selection. I think most people choose a steak or chicken to order with their hibachi dinners. The main dish is good too and the rice these hibachi chefs prepare with it, is just as good too. Later that night or the next day, it will be the rice that I crave more than anything from the hibachi dinner I just ate. I will usually go with the steak or filet mignon. Seafood lovers might try something from the ocean for the hibachi chef to stir around on his hot-top stove. Regardless if you choose the steak, filet Mignon, chicken, or even a nice lobster or shrimp to nibble on, you’re going to get the mixed vegetables, probably a soup containing a mushroom or two, and that awesome Japanese fried rice!

Now the hibachi dinner mostly means that a certified chef skilled in the art of Japanese cooking, will come to your table and prepare your meal for everyone at the table to see. It’s a treat for everyone to watch and the kids like this part too. The younger folks may not appreciate the food as much as the adults, but you can rest assure the entertainment will be 2nd to none. The food from hibachi dinners may be a bit of an acquired taste. I know the first time I tried eating a hibachi dinner, I thought it was just descent. The more times I went, the more I liked it and the more new places I wanted to try.

The bad news is the price tag. It’s not too cheap to eat this great food and not idea for the average family to go out and eat nightly or even once a week. Maybe your family can afford to eat this way once a month and that’s certainly worth saving up for, if you can find it in the monthly budget for a hibachi dinner monthly. Avoid eating the actual dinner hours or in the evenings after 3 or 4 pm. Try to locate a Japanese restaurant close to your area; that will serve lunches around the noon hour. Eating at these hours can save you and the family a few dollars and you still get a lot of food and will probably need a take out plate, to take your leftovers home. This food warms up real good in the microwave and it may even be a little better; than eating it at the restaurant. Don’t forget to get the orange Japanese restaurant sauce with your meal.

If you don’t like Chinese food, there is still hope you will like the Japanese version. This food is similar to the menu items you can get from the Chinese restaurants. However, it’s much different in the way it is prepared and in the way it tastes. I could understand someone not liking Japanese or Chinese food. I have yet to meet someone that loves Chinese food, but hates the Japanese food. If you do like Chinese restaurants, but haven’t tried one of the great-tasting hibachi dinners from a Japanese restaurant. You will have to start making plans now to eat at one in the near future. An evening meal may cost around $18 to $30; while the lunch time specials at Japanese restaurants will usually run about $9 to $15 in most cases. Give the lunch hours a try for the best prices and be sure you choose the hibachi dinner with a side of Yum Yum Sauces. The orange sauce is called yumyum sauce or Yum Yum Sauce and it is really good with the meal. Just eating the fried rice with Yum Yum sauce is a good meal!

Here are some great tools and resources to help in creating your own hibachi dinner.

Everybody Loves Raymond

I was watching Everybody Loves Raymond tonight, and it was a real good episode. It was about Raymond being the captain of a basketball team. Now since Raymond was the captain he was to order the uniforms for the team. He was suppose to order item number 70, but instead he ordered 17. It turns out 17 was cheerleading outfits. So not exactly what he was wanting to order.

Now his team comes over to his house to let him know about the uniforms. The team is causing problems in the kitchen for Raymond’s wife, so she just sends them upstairs to where Raymond is taking a shower. There were several funny things said in the bathroom, but here is one dialogue word for word:

Ball Player: Hey Ray, am I gonna play tonight? I need to know, because I was thinking about bringing a girl to the game.

Ray: Yeah, Alright! Alright! Alright! I’ll play ya.

Ball Player: Ok then, I’m telling her not to come.

I thought that was real funny. It appeared the guy was asking if he was going to play, and if he was going to get to play, then he would bring a girl to watch him. Instead, since Raymond said he would play him, the ball player decided not to bring the girl. So if Raymond would have said that he couldn’t play, the ball player would have brought the girl just to watch him sit on the bench. Pretty funny stuff!

My Favorite Soup

Well I’m in the middle of my canning season for my tomatoes. I have been getting about 20 nice red ripe tomatoes about every 4 to 5 days right now. That’s pretty good considering the drought conditions that are happening right now. I planted about 80 plants in the spring and probably have about 35 now producing for me. So I have lost a little over half of my crop due to the bad drought conditions.

Now I have just been canning a quart each time I get my tomatoes. It takes about 20 to make a quart because the tomatoes are so small. Now I have about 5 quarts canned and a couple of pint jars of canned tomatoes. I really like the fresh tomatoes for my homemade soup. Nothing special in my soup; I just normally put some corn, okra, and brown some ground beef and throw in it. That’s pretty much all I want in it and it tastes great! Especially when you are using fresh tomatoes that you have grown yourself. The market tomatoes don’t quite have what the homegrown ones have.

I would like to hear some good soup recipes. If you have any good homemade soup recipes, then please be sure to post them. I would like to try some new ways to make soup and see if I can find one that taste better than my basic recipe.