2nd Best Player in the NBA?

Who is the second best player in the NBA game today? I think most would agree that Kobe Bryant is the best and that leaves the door open for who is the 2nd best. A lot of good candidates like Steve Nash, Tim Duncan, LeBron James or Kevin Garnett could be a solid pick as the second best player in the NBA.

In my mind there is no doubts that Tracy McGrady posses the 2nd best talent in the game today. His skills are phenomenal and he can score against anybody in the league. He has the ability to drive the ball to the hole and dunk on you with amazing hops. He can stroke the mid-range jumper and the long-three too. His defense is smothering and can shut down opponents when he chooses to do so. He is one guy that you don’t want getting off the last shot in a game. He lives for those moments and he’s one of the best clutch shooters when it comes to the crunch time late in games. I think he’s a complete player and Kobe Bryant is the only one that could beat him in a game of one-on-one. Tracy McGrady is the 2nd best player in the NBA and the rest of the guys fall below him!

Vonage Phone Services

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Needing Extra Money?

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Look to see if a secured loan or a unsecured loan is better for you. If you have collateral, then that can help you in getting certain types of loans. Some loans will not require collateral. So if you don’t have collateral, then you can still get a loan. Some people will look to get extra money by debt consolidation. If you consolidate debt, then you can make your monthly payments cheaper. Instead of paying several credit card companies each month, you could consolidate them, and just have one payment. This can really free up some money, that you could use for other things.

Asheville, North Carolina

If your wanting to look at one of the most scenic places in the United States. Then Asheville, NC is just the place you want to look at. It is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. It’s a place that has breath taking views, clean air, friendly people, and would make a great place to live.

Asheville would make a great place to own a new home. It’s real estate has became one of the hottest commodities in the USA. The prices are still reasonable, and you get a high quality of life style. The downtown area offers places for dancing, good food, and all kinds of venues for music.  Asheville has a large population of musicians, and they have a wide variety of music. You are sure to find the music you like best in Asheville. Their boutiques are ones that you won’t find anywhere else. If you love the American Diner food, then you will have no trouble finding a good place to eat. They also have coffee shops, and ethnic restaurants.

Asheville is not the typical Southern Town. You will be amazed at it’s diversity and see why they got the nickname “The Land of the Sky”. Making a new home in Asheville would be a good decision for anyone. If you look to list home asheville, you can understand the beauty and why would you want a new home in Asheville, North Carolina. If you just want to invest in property, then Asheville would be a good investment too.

Ice Cream Goodies

It’s getting warmer, as summer is just around the corner. Time to get outside and enjoy the weather more. Also time, to start stocking up on that good ol ice cream. What’s your favorite brand? Or Flavor?

Company probably isn’t that important. They are all good. Whether it’s Ben and Jerry’s or Haggen Daez, or Dairy Queen to Baskin Robins. It just seems you can’t go wrong with the company. The hard part is just choosing the right flavor.

They are so many to choose from theses days. It seems just yesterday they were adding strawberry to the line. So you could pick between chocalate, vanilla, or strawberry. Now it’s combination ice cream, or popular candy bars that are in the frozen treats. Here’s just a list Ben and Jerry’s has on their website, of flavors to choose from:

American Pie™ – Cinnamon brown sugar ice cream with apples and pie crust pieces
Bananas on the Rum™ New! – Banana ice cream with a buttery rum brown sugar swirl
Butter Pecan – Rich Buttery Ice Cream with Roasted Pecans
Cherry Garcia® – Cherry Ice Cream with Cherries & Fudge Flakes
Chocolate – Chocolate ice cream
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – Vanilla Ice Cream with Gobs of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Chocolate Fudge Brownie™ – Chocolate Ice Cream with Fudge Brownies
Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl New! – Milk chocolate ice cream with a thick peanut butter swirl
Chocolate Therapy™ – Chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookies and swirls of chocolate pudding
Chunky Monkey® – Banana Ice Cream with Fudge Chunks & Walnuts
Coconut Almond Fudge Chip – Coconut ice cream with fudge chips and roasted almonds
Coffee – Coffee ice cream (made with Fair Trade Certified™ coffee)
Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz® – Coffee ice cream with espresso bean fudge chunks (made with Fair Trade Certified™ coffee)
Mint Chocolate Chunk™ – Mint ice cream made with all natural peppermint extract and fudge chunks
New York Super Fudge Chunk® – Chocolate Ice Cream with White & Dark Fudge Chunks, Pecans, Walnuts & Fudge Covered Almonds
Oatmeal Cookie Chunk – Sweet Cream Cinnamon Ice Cream with Chunks of Oatmeal Cookies & Fudge
Peanut Butter Cup™ – Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Peanut Butter Cups
Phish Food® – Chocolate Ice Cream with Gooey Marshmallow, a Caramel Swirl & Fudge Fish
Strawberry – Strawberry ice cream
Strawberry Cheesecake New! – Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream with Strawberries & a Thick Graham Cracker Swirl
Sweet Cream & Cookies – Sweet cream ice cream with whole and broken chocolate sandwich cookies
Triple Caramel Chunk – Caramel ice cream with swirls of caramel and fudge-covered chunks of caramel
Turtle Soup™ – Vanilla ice cream with fudge-covered caramel cashews and a caramel swirl
Vanilla – Vanilla Ice Cream
Vanilla HEATH® Bar Crunch – Vanilla Ice Cream with Chunks of HEATH® Bar Crunch

Wow! So many to choose from. I think out of that list, I will just go with the chocalate chip cookie dough. I like a little something to gnaw on in the ice cream. That cookie dough gives you that. Anytime you can add nuts, or candies to the ice cream for some texture in the taste buds, it’s a win, win situation.

Ok, I think I just made myself craving some ice cream. Time to run to the store!

San Diego Chargers Abandon Their Fans

The San Diego Chargers have packed up their players, coaches, and equipment and went to Arizona to practice for thier game this Sunday against the Houston Texans. I think they have made a poor judgement to do this and abandon the Southern California area that is in such dire need of help right now. The Chargers have just showed that their football game this Sunday is more important than the folks around Qualcomm Stadium. Their own football stadium is being used for an emergency shelter for the people that have been left homeless form the California fires.

The Chargers have 50+ guys that are very strong and have endurance for helping with the fire fighting efforts. They also would be great for morale around the Qualcomm Stadium area. The team felt that a football game was more important than sticking around and helping all those people that have just lost everything they ever owned. I realize the area is filled with a lot of rich and very well-to-do folks, but there is also a lot of homes burning down to the ground, that aren’t that wealthy.

The Chargers game isn’t until Sunday. They could have missed a few practices to help the folks in Southern California and still could play the game on Sunday. So it’s not like they are actually missing a football game, but are choosing practicing over helping the folks in their community. I will not be rooting for the Chargers this Sunday and I hope the Houston Texans will add another talley to the loss column; to their already dissappointing season.

Some people need to just stop and realize when people really need help and not expect others to pick up the pieces. Everyone in Southern California is going to have to pitch in now and in the future to help build this area back up. The San Diego Chargers just missed their opportunity to make a difference!

Dance or Cheer Wear Apparel

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A Simple Plan

A Simple Plan is a good movie for anyone that hasn’t ever seen it before. It’s about 3 guys that discover a plane that has crashed in the snow. The pilot is dead on board and the men find 4.4 million dollars on board. They decide they want to keep the money, but they will wait for the plane to be discovered in the spring and see if anyone will miss the money. If the money isn’t mentioned, they will split it up 3 ways. Billy Bob Thornton’s character is great in this movie and his character makes this “Simple Plan”, not so simple. So many twists and turns in this movie and it’s a good example of just what people will do for money. I think I would keep 4 million dollars too, if I found it in a wrecked airplane. That kind of money could change your life forever and even if you did have to split it with 2 other people. This is a good solid movie for anybody that is looking for something new to watch on television.

2nd Best Video Ever

Michael Jackson did write this song, arranged it, and composed it. He also helped produce the song, along with another very famous producer in Quincy Jones. It’s been a long time since Beat It or Michael Jackson was popular (or at least in a good way), but you can’t deny when this video was appearing on MTV, it was just one of those videos you would have to stop and watch. No matter how many times you seen it, you just had to watch Michael get out of bed and head down to the rumble.

Michael Jackson belongs in any countdown and no matter which one of his videos you choose, you have to add a Michael Jackson video in the top 10! So Michael is on mine at number 2. So who’s left for the top spot? You will have to stick around and just see which video lands on the top notch of my top 10 music videos of all time.

How To Stop Smoking?

I’m not sure what the best ways are on how to quit smoking. I was going to see if anybody had any good ideas on how to stop the nasty habit. Does chewing gum help? I hear that you need to change your addiction from smoking to something else. So I guess every time you crave a cigarette, you could just pop some gum in your mouth. The people that I have known to stop smoking really didn’t have any plans. They just stop smoking cold turkey. I’m sure this isn’t the easiest way to stop smoking, but if you just don’t do it anymore, that might be the best way to quit.

Has anyone ever tried the patches or gum that are suppose to help you quit smoking? I really haven’t heard too many positive things about the patch or gum. I think these things work on the brain and they try to block those impulses in the brain that make people want to smoke. So if you have ever tried to stop smoking or you did stop, please be sure to offer some helpful hints and suggestions on how to stop smoking.

YouTube Singers

Do you guys go over to YouTube much and listen to all the singers over there? Some are pretty good and others are really funny. If I went over to YouTube and put up a video of me singing, then I would definately qualify under the really funny part. I think my singing sounds good, but according to about 50 other people that have heard me sing, I’m not someone that can carry a tune. Actually, a good friend of mine has even told me “you couldn’t carry a tune if you had a bucket”, so by that, I just assume I’m not the greatest singer over there.

If you do browse through some of the singers over at YouTube and you find someone that is really talented, then I would love to hear them. I have recently started featuring a bright star over at You Tube on one of my other blogs. She is very talented and she just has fun with her singing over at YouTube. I’m just wondering how many other stars are over at YouTube that people just don’t really know about.

Please leave links to any of these singers you might find over at YouTube. I will be sure to check them out. Also, if you are one of the people that does the singing, then let me see your songs. I like all kinds of music, I just think it’s fun when we can hear someone else singing a song that we already know. Some people do a great job of putting their own touch to a song, and that’s what impresses me the most. When I try to sing a song, I mock the artist that originally sings the song. I have no creative juices in me whatsoever. I guess some songs are fun to mock, and sing them like the person who originally done it. Please leave links for me to go look at, and I will be sure to tell you my thoughts on your videos or somebody else’s videos at Youtube.

Lasik Eye Surgery

If you were thinking of lasik eye surgery or anything similar to this, then there is a non-profit organization that has a wealth of information on the procedure. ComplicatedEyes.org is an online resource for people with lasik problems or thoughts about lasik eye surgery. The same people that run USAEyes.org, is the people behind ComplicatedEyes.org. Lasik Complications can sometimes occur, even though it is rare. There is usually very little problems from lasik eye surgery. If you do have any existing problems from a form of eye surgery, then find out more about what’s going on with your eyes. If your thinking about some type of sugery, such as wavefront lasik, intralasik, lasek, PRK, CK, RK, or any other refractive eye surgery. Then stop by ComplicatedEyes.org, to get more informed on a potential procedure for you. Our eyes mean so much to us, and taking care of them is essential to having a prosperous life. 

Chipper Jones of the Atlanta Braves Doesn't Hustle

I’m not sure why someone as talented as Chipper Jones doesn’t hustle, but it has really been hurting the team lately. So many of the younger Braves players look up to Chipper and he is setting a bad example for the kids that is suppose to follow in his shoes. I have noticed that all the recent player call ups in the last few years or so, that the guys from the minors are over hustling. It appears the minor league coaches for the Braves see that Bobby Cox isn’t teaching his players to hustle, so they are correcting this glitch at the minor league level.

Chipper thinks when he hits one off the wall and gets a double, that his job is done and its up to his teammates to bat him in. He never tries to get to 2nd base as fast as he can, and round the bag like a professional/millionaire baseball player should be doing. In today or yesterday’s game, Taveras for Colorado fumbled the ball and Chipper almost went to 3rd base. Now if he would have been hustling and rounded the bag, he could have went to 3rd standing up. So he really needs to hustle more on these doubles he is hitting.

Now when he hits the hard, infield ground ball directly to someone, he never really runs them out either. He just gallops to first and when the infielder makes a bad throw or the first basemen has to come off the bag to catch the throw, they still have plenty of time to still get Chipper out, because he doesn’t hustle.

He struggled in yesterday’s game and didn’t have a single hit and struck out 3 times. Now right after the game, I have inside information that said he went directly to the batting cages. I guess he got the kinks worked out some, because he came out today and reached base safely on 4 out of 5 trips with a homerun. Now the 3 hits he had in the game was needed, but when we needed him the most, he struck out on 3 or 4 pitches. He was trying to guess the pitch and drive it somewhere hard. At the time, we only needed a base hit slapped somewhere and didn’t need for him to clear the wall with anything. He has struggled the most in the pressure situations this year. Chipper Jones is not and I repeat NOT the man you want to be at-bat with the last at-bat of the game. He just doesn’t have it right now, and there just isn’t enough heart from this veteran player. Chipper Jones is only going through the motions of being a big league baseball player and while he is in his mid 30’s, he’s decided his work is done!

If it sounds like I am calling Chipper Jones out, then that’s great, because that is exactly what I am doing. I hold Bobby Cox responsible for giving Chipper Jones the 3rd spot in the lineup, when Chipper hasn’t had a clutch hit this year! I hate the way Cox shows favortism, but Chipper Jones has to shoulder some of the blame too. He has said in the past that he prefers the 3rd spot in the lineup. Duh! What player wouldn’t? I’m glad to see Willie Harris leading off and playing centerfield. Hopefully he’s in centerfield when we play the biggest series of the year comming up this Tuesday Night against the New York Mets.

Land Prices in Florida

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Lynyrd Skynyrd #2

Moving right along in the countdown to the all time best song by the legendary band Lynyrd Skynyrd; we move into the 2 spot now. Don’t worry if you missed the 5th best, 4th best, or 3rd best song of all-time by Lynyrd Skynyrd. You can go back through my blog here and look for all the songs in the top 5 countdown to Skynyrd’s Best!

It brings a smile to my face and apparently many others too, anytime you start to hear the first notes of this song being played on the radio. Perhaps you here it often in a bar, a truck stop, or on the jukebox at your favorite restaurant, wherever you hear it, you definitely know the song. This is probably the most popular song by the band and the one that most people associate with Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Anytime a song can find it’s way into our pop cultural society and appear on sitcoms, cartoons, and the big Hollywood movie screens, it’s a safe bet that the song is approved by all music lovers, races, and generations. It’s these songs that have stood the test of time and no one really knows how to bottle this secret potion or we would remember a lot more songs from long ago. It’s only the special ones that survive the hands of time and there is no doubts about this 2nd all time song by Lynyrd Skynyrd that is has done just that.

You know a song has crossed the generation gaps when a plane crash that happened almost 30 years ago took away the heart and soul of the band, and I can right now hear my 14 and 12 year-old nephews sing a lot of lyrics to this song. Not to mention all the kids that are even younger than them and they can belt out a line or two of this all time classic song by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Now some people might be shocked on exactly where the band Lynyrd Skynyrd is from. I’m sure a lot of the confusion has to do with this song I am referring to at number 2 on the countdown. They are actually from Jacksonville, Florida. If you was thinking they were from another southern state, then don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s actually a good trivia question, just make sure the guy asking the question knows the right answer too!

It’s true, the boys that made up Lynyrd Skynyrd attended Robert E. Lee High School in Jacksonville, Florida. It was in high school where the boys met up and history was about to be made at this high school in Florida. This is also the same high school where the band would eventually get their band name, which is still very popular today. There was actually a teacher there that had the name Leonard Skinner who also helped out with coaching the basketball team at Robert E. Lee High School. The band took his name and just threw the letters around some and voila! The name Lynyrd Skynyrd became a word that was as popular as any word Webster had to throw out.

So sit back and relax to one of the greatest anthems that is played on the FM dial today. I’m sure if you was in your car this is one of those songs you want to roll down the windows and turn up the radio and sing it just as loud as you can!

The 2nd Greatest Song by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Is that just a great song or what? Not sure anyone knows the right formula of making a song that goes through one era of time and enters a new one just as strong as the one it left, but there’s no doubts this song has done that and continues to do that in 2007!

Now I can’t just put one video up of perhaps the greatest song Lynyrd Skynyrd has ever done, so here are more variations of what has been done with the song since the 1970’s:

The Simpson’s Style

Clip From 8 Mile (Eminem)

Nelly .vs. Lynyrd Skynyrd

Clay Walker

Japanese Version