Adbux and Topbux

I have found the paid to click websites a great way to advertise. Now 2 programs that I have found for effective advertising is Adbux and Topbux. Not only are they 2 great ways to get unique visitors to your websites, but you can earn money from these two programs too!

Adbux is great because you can buy sets of referrals. I have been purchasing them in sets of 25 when they come available, and I have found them to be somewhat active. It’s a great way to get extra money coming in each month. It’s nothing you can quit your job over, but you have a nice little income that comes in. I really like Adbux since you can buy the referrals and build up your downline fast. Now Topbux is new and now is a great time to sign up with them and get in on the ground floor. There is over 300,000 people that have already signed up for Adbux and TopBux has a long ways to go before they get that many people on board. If you know of any other great paid to click websites, then be sure to pass them along to me. These two are very similar to each other and once you learn how one works, it’s very easy to see how the other one operates.

Other great websites that are similar that are good for cheap advertising and making money on are Link Grand, ClixSense, and WordLinx.

Your Computer Room

What does your computer room look like? I don’t have a room just for my computer and office. I just use my desk in my bedroom that my computer sits on, to do all my blogging and computer business from. I wish I did have the room for a computer room. It would be nice to just have a room for the computer and then I could go shopping for some office furniture to design it with. I’m not the most organized person there is. It would help if I cleanned up my room some, so I could find things better. So I am going to have to find some time soon, just to clean up my room and get better organized in my life. I think I could save a lot of stress and time, just by getting organized better. If you have a computer room in your house, I would like to hear any thoughts or suggestions on setting one up. Maybe your just like me and work from the bedroom, I’m all ears on hearing about that too, if you have a good way of staying organized in the bedroom.

Searching For A Credit Card

While it’s really important to do your homework, on selecting the right credit cards. It’s become a lot easier with the Credit Card Guide. They compare some of the most popular credit cards, that will allow you to make an informed decision on which card is best for you. See which cards have 0% balance transfers, and which cards offer cash back. Just a couple of things that can help you in the long run. 

You can compare credit cards from  Virgin Money, Abbey, NatWest, Egg, Nectar, Citi, American Express, Post Office and Capital One. These are some of the best credit card offers that are available in the UK, listed with important information such as balance transfer fees, introductory offers, cash back rates, reward schemes and links to more in depth reviews of each card.

Be sure to use the Card Guide before you get your next credit card. Try finding some of the 0% credit cards to start with, and I think you will be happy with your next credit card selection. 

TV's Need Room Too

I’m trying to move some furniture around in my bedroom to make more space. I could do this pretty easily if I didn’t have just one thing. It’s the television in my bedroom that is hogging most of the room! Well I can’t live without a tv so it has to stay in my bedroom. I think getting one of those tv stands would be great to set my television on. A tv stand would lift my television off the surface I have it on now and I would be able to store things under my tv. So a tv stand is something I will probably have to break down and buy. I don’t know if this will totally solve the problem, but it will definetly help out for now.

Listen Up Employers

If you have someone that works for you, and the rest of your employees don’t get along with them. Then there may be help for you and your employees. 360 degree feedback can give you a place for the employees of your company to say things, without revealing their idenities. It is an excellent opportunity for your employees to drop those hints, and let that employee know what is wrong with them or their work habits.

Also, this is a good way for employees to say things about their bosses. Gives the boss a chance to see what his/her employees think about them. Gives them the opportunity to try and adjust and improve as a boss. There are many things that can be accomplished by having a communication route. Employees and supervisors can both benefit from 360 degree feedback. So that their workplace can be a more enjoyable experience for all that is involved.

George Tenet’s New Book

I seen George Tenet on Larry King Live last night. I see his new book is causing controversy. It appears that he didn’t help the intelliegence community on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. He claims he didn’t have any knowledge of those weapons existing there. He said there was some evidence that supported it, but not enough. So naturally he is against the war in Iraq.

Now many people have came out to bash his claims. They said he was the lead man. He was fixing policies, so that a war in Iraq would look convincing to the public and the rest of the world. I’m not sure who knew what, but I think after 9/11 we had to do something. Even if Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11, he was still a bad guy that was cruel to his people. The rules changed after 9/11, and from here all bets are off. Even if you have to torture a prisoner or two, that is nothing compared to the tragic events of 9/11.

Youth Cream 1.7 oz/50ml Anti-wrinkle with 4% Ubiquinone, 20% Argireline Also Has , DMAE, Syncoll (peptides), Hyaluronic Acid, Pepha-tight and much more PARABEN FREE.

Youth Cream 1.7 oz/50ml Anti-wrinkle with 4% Ubiquinone, 20% Argireline Also Has , DMAE, Syncoll (peptides), Hyaluronic Acid, Pepha-tight and much more PARABEN FREE.
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Need Help Up the Stairs?

As we get older or maybe just suffered some back or leg injury that makes climbing stairs difficult. There is help available for those people that have trouble climbing stairs in their home. If they are located outside, we refer to them as steps. It’s pretty common to see some type of wheelchair access for outside on the steps. For people with stairs in their home, it’ been a problem that hasn’t been dealt with as much, until now!

If you need help getting up the stairs inside your home, look at the stairlifts that are available. There are different types depending on what kind of stairs you have in your home. There are stairlifts available for the straight up and down set of stairs and also for the curved stairs that might be in your house. You also have stairlifts that can be in the up right (standing) position as well. Now if you do have steps outside, then there is help available too, because the stairlifts are available in an outdoor model. Don’t continue avoiding the stairs anymore, find a stairlift that will fit perfect in your home, so the upstairs can be a part of your home again.

International Money Bux

Start advertising your products or services more with INTERNATIONAL MONEY BUX. Also, you can refer others and make a steady stream of income and you have the option to purchase referrals for less than a dollar each. You will make your money back when each referral clicks over 100 ads. If they just click 5 ads a day, then you will be in the profit in 20 days! It’s a great way to earn money or to advertise. Be sure to take advantage of both of their great services!

Top 5 Garth Brooks Songs

I wanted to focus on Garth Brooks and was wondering what his 5 best songs were. So I am going to start a countdown on the top songs by Garth Brooks over the next few weeks. Garth has a lot more than just 5 great songs, so it will be hard to just come up with 5 songs for him. I would imagine that 10 different people could list their top 5 Garth Brooks songs and none of them would match. So I don’t think my 5 picks will be the same as yours would be.

5th Best Song by Garth Brooks

I really like that song.

This is one of those songs that makes us think about today. I think too many times we get caught up in what we are going to do tomorrow and we never do enough for today. Start making today last longer than you normally would, because you just never know when tomorrow might not come. So as the old saying goes “don’t put things off until tomorrow; when you can do them today”.

So this is my 5th song on the countdown with 4 more to go! Stick around and see what Garth’s number 1 song of all time might be!

Vitamin C Serum for Face with Hyaluronic Acid, 20% C + E Professional Topical Facial Skin Care Helps Repair Sun Damage, Fade Age Spots, Dark Circles, Wrinkles & Fine Lines BEST ORGANIC – 1 oz.

Vitamin C Serum for Face with Hyaluronic Acid, 20% C + E Professional Topical Facial Skin Care Helps Repair Sun Damage, Fade Age Spots, Dark Circles, Wrinkles & Fine Lines BEST ORGANIC - 1 oz.
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Osteoarthritis Relief

If you or someone you knows suffers from osteoarthritis, they may be help out there. You can now find things on the market that can give you osteoarthritis relief. Arthritis is something painful that most of us will have to deal with later on in our lives. If you are already feeling the effects of arthritis, then it’s time to meet it head on. Look for things at the drugstore or in the supermarket that can help with osteoarthritis. Don’t let the pain keep you from doing your daily routines. Find a solution that will help you get relief and start living your life better today! There is also places online that you can get osteoarthritis relief from and you might not even have to leave your house to find something that can help with those pains you’re having.

Missing the Price Tags on Store Items

Does anyone remember the old days of shopping in the grocery store? Well in 1988, I was a bag-boy for a grocery store. I had a lot of good memories from those bagging days. It was really my first job and I really did like it. All of my friends were broke and I always had money. When you earn tips as a living, you never seem to be without money.

Back during those days, we had a price tag on every item in the store. When a customer went to pay, we would unload their carts for them. We would find the price tag on each item and turned it toward the cashier, so they could easily see the price and ring the item up. Today’s grocery stores don’t offer that type of service and there are no price tags either. The cashiers just use a barcode scanner to total up the customer’s purchase. The prices (if your lucky) are located on the shelf, where you picked the item up. It’s not always easy to see which prices are for which products. Especially when you have a lot of small items on the shelf. Even after I see the price which is closest, I still try to read the product information, to make sure it matches. Often the closest price on the shelf, is not the price for the item you wish to buy.

We may have worked a little harder in the old days. Maybe we didn’t do things as smart as they do today, but we did give good service. You really can’t find that in too many places today. If you still shop at a grocery store, which has a bag boy that unloads your shopping buggy and then bags up your groceries, then you’re one of the lucky shoppers out there today. Not only do they unload and bag, but they also carry the groceries to your car. After they load the car up, is when most customers will give them a tip. Too bad we don’t see this quality service here today. As for the price tags on every item in the store, due to modern technology, those days will never return again. Even the local yard sales have gotten lazy and don’t price every item they offer either!