Ingots In Coins

What are ingots? It’s actually a value for your coins and it is defined as ingots. If you are a coin dealer then you probably already knew this. I have a lot of coins I would like to know the value or ingots in them.

If you have an interest in coins, silver, gold, or other precious metals, then you can purchase them through Monex Deposit Company (MDC). They are a leader in this field and its no wonder why, since they have been in the business for over 30 years now. When you buy silver from Monex it can be in the coin or ingot form. Ingots are generally silver or gold ingots of pure bullion cast that will come in a size that is convenient for you to handle.

Since 1990 the demand for silver has been greater than the actual production of silver. Since this trend has been this way for the last 17 years, you can clearly see that silver is in big demand. There might not ever be a better time then right now to make an investment in silver. There are a lot of analysts that think American silver coins would make an excellent investment choice right now. So if you’re looking for a solid investment, that has the potential to really grow over the next few years, then your best bet might be with silver coins!

Office Furniture

If you spend a lot of time on the computer, then it’s probably important for you to keep the office looking good. At least making it comfortable for you, when you have to do your work. Home and Living has all types of office furniture available. You can get a new chair, cause I’m sure the one you are in is broken, or has holes in the seat of it. It just seems our chairs in front of the computer get worn out real quick. Now you also have bookcases, desks, and filing cabinets available at Home and Living. So if you get ready to touch up the office, look at some new office furniture.

Home and Living can help get furniture for the rest of the house too. Their home furniture is high quaility and at a reasonable price. So fixing the bedroom or living room up with brand new furniture, can be a nice touch on the home. You will even be able to find baby furniture, and furniture for the youth. It’s easy to look through, and the hard part will be selecting from all the choices!

Home and Garden Decor

It’s getting spring time! Stepping Stones , fountains, flags, outdoor decor, kitchen and bath items are available at Online Discount Mart. As the weather warms up, and your looking to get outside more. You will be looking for garden and home items to spruce up the place. Online Discount Mart has a wide variety of things to choose from. You will find all the decor to make your garden or home stand out in the neighborhood. Please don’t forget about the birds and squirrels. You can find feeders for them too, at Online Discount Mart.

Happy New Year!

It looks like 2007 is behind us and a new year is on the horizon. I had a pretty good year in 2007, but I hope 2008 is much better! I guess this is the time we start making those new year resolutions. I know today many people will be claiming to never smoke again, drink alcohol or probably the most popular one, to lose weight! All of those bad habits we have we try to put a stop to them at midnight tonight. Some will break their commitments on New Year’s Day; while others will make theirs last for a few days. I see no problem with making a new year’s resolution and then breaking it soon after. At least you try and the amount of time that you can go without a bad habit is the better person it makes you and you probably get some health benefits from it too.

I think a good new year’s resolution for me would be to watch less television. I spend a lot of time watching tv and if I could cut out some of my time in front of the tube and made better use of that time, I could get so much more done. I guess I have all day to think about what I will try to stop or what goals I might set for myself this year. Join with me and try to make a new year’s resolution for your self too! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Final 4

The scene is getting all set up for the final four in Atlanta. The teams have been set, and are ready to compete for the National Champions in college basketball. The teams in the 2007 Final 4 are: UCLA Bruins, Ohio State Buckeyes, Florida Gators, and the Georgetown Hoyas. All four of these teams could win it all. Each team has a reason they have made it this far, and there’s no reason they can’t continue that for two more games.

In the first game you have Georgetown and Ohio State. I think Greg Oden is the spotlight player in this game. He’s been picked to be the number one draft pick in the NBA for the last few years. So he’s somebody that has already drew a lot of attention. His teammates play well with him, and they do have a lot of weapons that could win this game.

However, I think Georgetown has played the best out of the 4 teams remainning, and I think they can continue to do so in Atlanta. I’m going to give the nod to the Hoyas that they can beat the Buckeyes in a very close game.

In the 2nd matchup, I think Florida has the most talented team in the field. They won it all last year, and returned all 5 starters. They are going to be the toughest team to beat in Atlanta. Everyone will be rooting for them to lose, since they do look like the clear favorites in the final 4. I really don’t think UCLA has any chance of winning this game. I’m giving the win to the Gators in this one. If UCLA can find a way to beat Florida, then the battle will be downhill for them on Monday.

No matter how it turns out, it should be fun for college fans all across the nation. I’ll be sitting back and watching myself, to see how all of this unfolds.

Baseball Players on the Mitchell Report

The Mitchell Report recently came out and it was to provide information on the latest topic of steroids and baseball. The full report is 409 pages long and within those pages you can find a lot of baseball players that got named. I decided I would go through and list all the players, so people can check to see if any of their favorite players made the list or maybe one from your favorite baseball team.

The complete list of baseball players named in the Mitchell Report: Manny Alexander, Chad Allen, Rick Ankiel, David Bell, Mike Bell, Marvin Bernard, Gary
Bennett Jr., Larry Bigbie, Barry Bonds, Ricky Bones, Kevin Brown, Paul Byrd, Alex Cabrera, Ken Caminiti, Jose Canseco, Mark Carreron, Jason Christiansen, Howie Clark, Roger Clemens, Paxton Crawford, Jack Cust, Brendan Donnelly, Chris Donnels, Lenny Dykstra, Bobby Estalella, Matt Franco, Ryan Franklin, Eric Gagne, Jason Giambi, Jeremy Giambi, Jay Gibbons, Troy Glaus, Juan Gonzalez, Jason Grimsley, Jose Guillen, Jerry Hairston Jr., Matt Herges, Phil Hiatt, Glenallen Hill, Darren Holmes, Todd Hundley, Ryan Jorgensen, Wally Joyner, Mike Judd, David Justice, Chuck Knoblauch, Tim Laker, Mike Lansing, Paul Lo Duca, Nook Logan, Josias Manzanillo, Gary Matthews Jr., Mark McGwire, Cody McKay, Kent Merker, Bart Miadich, Hal Morris, Daniel Naulty, Denny Neagle, Rafael Palmiero, Jim Parque, Andy Pettitte, Adam Piatt, Todd Pratt, Stephen Randolph, Adam Riggs, Armando Rios, Brian Roberts, John Rocker, F.P. Santangelo, Benito Santiago, Scott Schoeneweis, David Segui, Gary Sheffield, Mike Stanton, Ricky Stone, Miguel Tejada, Derrick Turnbow, Isamel Valdez, Mo Vaughn, Randy Velarde, Ron Vilone, Fernando Vina, Rondell White, Jeff Williams, Matt Williams, Todd Williams, Steve Woodard, Kevin Young, and Greg Zaun

So did you find any surprises of a name on the list or a name that didn’t get added to the list? I don’t think it surprised too many to see names like Jose Canseco, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmiero on the list. There was some stars that did surprise me. Since I am an Atlanta Braves fan the Dave Justice, Kent Mercker, John Rocker and Matt Franco were some of the names on the Mitchell Report that surprised me. Some speculation had came out earlier about Paul Byrd doing steroids, so I wasn’t surprised to see his name on the list.

I wondered how many New York Yankee players would get on the Mitchell Report and I was surprised to not see Alex Rodriguez or Derek Jeter get named to the famous Mitchell Report. There were some Yankee players on the Mitchell Report; Andy Pettitte, Hal Morris, Jason Giambi and Gary Sheffield were some of the New York Yankees to make the Mitchell Report. Mariano Rivera has been a very dominant closer for a long time in baseball, but his name didn’t get mentioned in the Mitchell Report.

The Boston Red Sox is another team that I really wanted to see how many Red Sox Players were on the Mitchell Report. Mo Vaughn, Eric Gagne and Roger Clemens were the Boston Red Sox players that made the Mitchell Report. So I guess based on the Mitchell Report the New York Yankees have had more help with steroids than the Boston Red Sox. I guess that’s why the Yankees have won more World Series than any other team in baseball.

There are some guys that made the list that I have never heard of before. I don’t think I know Howie Clark, Paxton Crawford, Jack Cust, Josias Manzanillo, Cody McKay, Bart Miadich, Stephen Randolph and Jeff Williams. If you know any of these players, then please chime in and let me know if these guys still play or if they are just young and haven’t really made an impact in the big leagues yet. I really don’t have a clue to these guys that were named on the Mitchell Report.

The Mitchell Report did name a few big stars like Matt Williams, Miguel Tejada, Paul Lo Duca, Troy Glaus, Brendan Donnelly and Kevin Brown to the list on the Mitchell Report. There were also some bigger stars that I have already mentioned that was on the list too. If you’re one of the baseball players on this list and you’re reading my blog right now, please let me know your thoughts on the Mitchell Report. All baseball players that have played want to leave any comments here, feel free to do so. I really would like to have a player’s opinnion on the Mitchell Report and feel free to add anything to the topic of steroids and baseball.

Traffic Era Has Begun

The new traffic exchange Traffic Era has begun. They will be thousands and thousands of people signing up for this new traffic exchange. Now is the time to sign up and get in on the ground floor. You can’t even surf yet, but you can still sign up and getting familiar with this new Traffic Exchange. The people that brought you TS25 and TrafficPods is the ones behind this new traffic exchange called TrafficEra.

Trafficera is going to bring a whole new buzz to traffic exchanges across the board. You have a lot of features at Trafficera that allows you to communicate with others in the Traffic Era system. The new Trafficera traffic exchange is going to be made up of teams. You are free to join or choose which team you want to be on there. You can send the team leader a request to join their team or you can become the team leader and invite different members to your own Trafficera team. The Trafficera teams are already in progress and you can get on one now!

I think most people that is going to be marketing their programs online; will want to join up with this new Trafficera exchange. They recently sent out an email and said they were having a new member to sign up every 25 seconds! That right there should show you how popular the new Trafficera traffic exchange is going to be. If you like traffic exchanges and marketing different things online, now is the time to sign up for FREE! A free traffic exchange might be easy to find, but none will be like the new Traffic era one. Trafficera is great for people promoting those affiliate programs too!

The Family Guy

This is a great cartoon that is once again back in a prime time slot on Sundays. I know it use to be there, be never gained the popularity like the Simpsons did. It then got shuffled off to the Adult Swim on Cartoon Network and a lot of people forgot about it. It’s a really good cartoon that is more for the adults than the kids in my opinion.

Now if you like Homer and Bart and the things the Simpsons do, you will love the Family Guy. If have never seen this animated show, then you really need to sit down and watch it sometime. I gurantee it will make you laugh! I’m just surprised when it first came out, that it wasn’t as popular as the Simpsons. It might be the title of the show, and the people that created it, might have not used the best title in the world, but then again the Simpsons isn’t something that just grabs your attention either. Now if you don’t like the Simpsons or South Park, then you won’t like the Family Guy either. This is a show that is similar to South Park and has similar type of comedy.

No Movies For Me Tonight

I have been getting behind in all the work I need to be doing. I guess I can blame it on the television. I usually stay up pretty late on the computer at nights and then get off to watch a good movie that is playing. I have satellite tv, so I have a lot of movie channels and there is always a good movie you can find on the tube. I usually wind down after one movie and fall alseep, but that hasn’t been happening lately. I watch one movie and then go right into a second one. Before you know it I start to see the sunrise in the mornings. I am a night owl and love staying up late, but when you see it begin to get daylight, it just brings a sick feeling to me. I’m fine if I can get to sleep while it is still pitch dark outside.

So tonight I am going to catch up on all of my work and not plan to watch any movies on television. My Atlanta Hawks play tonight, but I will just DVR them and watch them Saturday morning. I hope its Saturday morning and not Saturday afternoon when I am watching them. I really wanted to go out and see a movie tonight. That new Rambo movie starts tonight and I think it would be a good one to go see. I will probably just have to wait until one day next week and go watch it then. It is cheaper to go to the movies during the day and see a matinee. All of the kids are in school so you practically have the theater to your self. I hope everyone else is having a Friday Night that is more exciting than mine!

Joe Gibbs Is A Quitter Too!

It looks like another NFL head coach will have the tag of quitter placed on his name too. Bobby Petrino was the first quitter for the NFL this season and once he got to Atlanta and seen he didn’t have the services of Michael Vick; is what prompted him to quit 13 games into the season. Joe Gibbs finished out the season, but he lost the best player on his team too; when Sean Taylor was tragically shot in his Miami home. Just another example of coaches that don’t want to coach unless they have a certain superstar on their team. When the rough gets going the weak will surely quit and that is what Joe Gibbs and Bobby Petrino done this season.

Since Joe Gibbs has more success under his coaching leadership, than Bobby Petrino has, he won’t face such swift criticism. I have to call them like I see them and Joe Gibbs is just a plain quitter. I’m sure there are some more guys on that Washington Redskins team that wants to quit too, but I haven’t heard their names yet. Joe Gibbs being the coach of the Washington Redskins should have learned that there is other people facing this tradgedy as well and that gives him no right to quit. He’s only thinking of his self and he is clearly not a team player. The Washington Redskins need to just let Joe Gibbs go permanently and not let him stay on as an advisor. The man quit his job in the face of adversity and the dictionary says that is the definition of a quitter. You can’t have a coach like that on your team that is going to back down in the face of adversity, but that is exactly what Joe Gibbs done today. Joe Gibbs is a quitter and he will always be remembered like that by me.

Gifts For Girls

The shopping days are counting down and there just isn’t too many weekends left before Christmas. If you have any young ladies on your Christmas list this year, you will want to make sure you find the right gifts for girls. The girls can sometimes be harder to please than the boys are, so you might have to search a little harder to find that special gift for them. Perhaps your young girl likes to stay busy and getting her a knitting kit or a child’s sewing machine might just do the trick this Christmas. This seems like the perfect type of gift that she can have fun with and learn something very valuable too. A gift that can help them understand a trade for when they get older, could be one of the best Christmas presents you ever buy for the young lady of the house.

Bama Metal Buildings

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Christmas Lights For Your Home

Throw away your old, standard Christmas lights that you may have. Get these great new modern LED holiday lights this year for Christmas. These new lights use 1/10th of the energy as the old lights do. They will burn for about 50,000 hours and if you figure out how many hours you use your Christmas lights each year, you will see these lights will last for a very long time! These lights produce very little heat and you will feel much better about throwing these around the bushes and shrubs in the yard. They are very durable and tough; so you don’t have to be too gentle with these LED Christmas lights. There is just so many reasons to get LED lights this year for the holiday season, opposed to the lights you and your family have been using. I like to see any products that are better for our environment and if everybody would use these new LED lights this year for Christmas; we could save so much energy. Saving energy is a great way to help our planet and the environment in which we live in. If you have a conscious and want to start doing more for our environment, a great way to start is adding these LED lights for your Christmas decorations this year!