Hospital Scrubs

So if are in the market for any medical scrubs, you will be happy to know that Uniform Country has all the big brands. Cherokee, Barco Uniforms, Prestige Medical, White Swan, and Los Angeles Rose Inc., are just some of the brands they carry. Be sure to check out the matching accessories you can get too! All orders over $85 will receive free shipping!

Free Antivirus

Get a free antivirus program from a name that you know. Norton is a solid and respected antivirus program that you can trust. Your computer is vulnerable to so many viruses that already exist out there. Then you have to worry about all the new ones that are sure to come. Have a peace of mind, and have Norton on your computer protecting you.  You can download for the free Norton AntiVirus from Google. Now Google is another name that you know and can trust. When you have two great names working together for your antivirus program, then you know you are getting a quality service.

If you still have any doubts to the quality of Norton’s Antivirus Program, then just check out some of the reviews about Norton. See how their antivirus program can remove viruses, worms, and trojans from your computer. You will also get automatic updates that will help protect you against future threats. These virus updates are not just good for 6 months like they use to be. You now receive the free updates and are not limited to any time period. So you get unlimited updates for free!

Paintball Supplies

If you are looking for a fun activity, that the whole family can get involved in. Then there’s nothing like a good game of paintball to get the heart pumping. A good place to start for all your paintball gear is Ultimate Paintball. They have everything you need to get your paintball war started. Getting good paintball guns is probably the most important part. Some of the more popular ones are the Tippmann A-5, Tippmann 98 Custom, Smart Parts Ion, and the Spyder Pilot ACS. You can buy these guns in packages, where you can save money, and get some of the extra paintball gear that you will need.

   Let Ultimate Paintball be your paintball store. Your paintball tanks, paintball markers, and the other paintball supplies can be found at Ultimate Paintball. Please be sure to have all your safety gear too. You really need to wear the paintball masks and the gloves that are available too. Because we all know it’s fun, until somebody gets hurt. So be safe out there, and have fun in your next paintball battle!

Intentions Changing the World?

Do you believe intentions can change the world? Do intentions and positive thinking have powers beyond the way we think today? That is what best selling author Lynne McTaggart is trying to find out and asks “Can intention change the world?”. Shift In Action is a program trying to find out more about the powers of intentions and how it affects our daily lives.

Can Intention Change the World?

So what did you think?

I think that’s some pretty deep stuff and very interesting at the same time. There might be something to this and maybe we can control things with our minds more than we thought we could. They aren’t just trying to prove this with theories and examples and they’re trying to go at this in a scientific manner. A non-profit and education institute is trying to lend some assistance to this process too. The Institute of Noetic Sciences that started in 1973 and was created by Captain Edgar Mitchell (astronaut) is dedicated to advancing the science of consciousness and human experience to serve individual and collective transformation. The “One Minute Shift” is aimed at placing small pieces of wisdom with music and sound to expand your mind, open your heart and shift your daily life. I think this could just be the tip of the iceberg to uncovering more things that our minds have the power to do. So the question still remains “Can Intention Change the World?”.

Getting Hotel Reservations

Another city could be more centrally located, for me to make all my site seeing trips. So I would have a choice in making my hotel stay. If I booked my reservations through Their world-wide rates are some of the best out there too. So traveling to another country, I know I would be saving the most money with

Pitching the Horseshoes

It seems like the sport of horseshoes is going away. I don’t really see many people doing it anymore. It’s something fun to do, and I have many childhood memories of throwing the horseshoes. It use to be a staple at all our family reunions. When I was real little, they wouldn’t even let me play. It was just for the older kids and the adults. I guess because I didn’t have the strength to throw them to each stob. As I got bigger, and was finally able to launch them down to the stobs, I really enjoyed it. I did have a job not too long ago, where we would play during our breaks or lunches. A guy brung in some horseshoes, and we would spend our breaks in the hot sun, throwing horseshoes. I’m surprised no one organizes any national tournaments for the sport. Maybe they are some, but I never seen any on television if they do. Maybe playing horseshoes will come back one day. It’s a great activity that is good for both men and women.

Parcells Says No To the Atlanta Falcons

Bill Parcells was offered a front office job with the Atlanta Falcons, but Bill Parcells denied the offer and left the Falcons still searching. It appears the Falcons are on the right track and replacing the GM Rich McKay has to be at the top of their list. He has made one bad draft pick after another and there is very little talent to show in Atlanta for his horrendous drafts.

Bill Parcells would have just been one piece of the puzzle and the Falcons need guys that can play football. It’s not going to be in the best interest to go get free agents this off-season. Rebuilding is the way Atlanta needs to go right now and that will be the best recipie for success down the road. I still think Chan Gailey would make a great head coach for the Atlanta Falcons and I am surprised they are not persuing him right now. Gailey was relieved of his duties earlier by the Georgia Tech YellowJackets and this is great timing if you’re a Falcons fan. Chan Gailey plays a very aggressive offensive game and this is what this team needs. Too many plays they are running the ball on 3rd down and long situations. Chan Gailey would get the boys in Atlanta playing some football and the right way too!

So no Bill Parcells for the Falcons, so let the rumors start now. Marty Schottenheimer and Bill Cowher are talked about in the media a lot, but neither one of these guys would make much sense in Atlanta. The Falcons should persue Chan Gailey immediately, before some college yanks him up and takes his services off the market. Bill Cowher would not make a good Atlanta Falcons coach and I couldn’t really see Marty Schottenheimer as a Atlanta Falcon’s coach either. I think the Chargers winning games now, proves that Schottenheimer didn’t have much to do with the success of the San Diego Chargers after all. Don’t be surprised if the Atlanta Falcons dip back into the college coaches and land another young guy with no NFL experience. Arthur Blank’s main focus has to be a new general manager in Atlanta.

My Favorite Basketball Team

The Atlanta Hawks are my favorite basketball team and they have a tough match up in the Garden tonight. If you haven’t heard by now, Boston is the center of the universe right now in the sports world. They have one of the best NFL teams ever in the New England Patriots, who just knocked off the defending Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts. You pair this with the World Series Champ Boston Red Sox and this would give any city or state reason to celebrate. It only gets better when you factor in the Boston College Eagles football team that is tops in the ACC this year and you have pandemonium! But wait, there’s more…

You had a struggling basketball team last year in the Boston Celtics and they had high hopes for landing one of the top two picks in the NBA Draft this year and managed to fall to number 5. It left the Celtics out in the cold, until they made their off-season moves. They managed to get Ray Allen from the Sonics and brought in one of the top players from the NBA in Kevin Garnett. Now they are referred to as the Big 3 in Boston or the PGA Tour. It’s going to feel like a tour in the PGA, when other teams have to go into this hostile environment in the Boston Garden. The PGA (Pierce, Garnett, and Allen) Tour is going to be a ticket that everyone living near Boston is going to want to purchase. The Big Ticket (Kevin Garnett) is now on a team that is considered a “big ticket” to have in the area.

However, flying under the radar is my Atlanta Hawks. They are perfect against the East and West teams this year in the NBA. They can’t lose to the West and haven’t figured out; how to beat a team from the East yet. The East games have been on the road, while the Western Conference teams have played at Phillips Arena. So the Hawks are perfect on home and the road too! It’s not the perfect you won’t on the road or with the teams from the East, but now the Hawks have to face one of the toughest teams in the East so far this year.

The Denver Nuggets were a joke against the Celtics and many feel the Nuggets are a lot better team than the Atlanta Hawks are. I don’t think many people realize just how young and athletic these Hawks from Hotlanta are. While Boston might sport the big 3 in tonight’s game, we feel we have 8 to 10 guys that could compete for starting jobs on other NBA teams. It’s this depth that is going to be a huge factor for the Hawks tonight. Don’t look for the Celtics to run over the Atlanta Hawks, because the Hawks can beat you in more ways than just 3! This should be a good win for the Hawks tonight and will open up the eyes of the NBA community, when the Hawks become the first team to give Boston a tally in the loss column this year. ESPN has elected to not show any Hawks games this year and this might be one of the biggest mistakes a sports marketing agency has ever made. The Atlanta Hawks are for real!

Finding A Room When You Travel

It’s getting close to summer, and many people are already making their vacation plans. The first thing is just deciding where you want to go and spend your vacation at. If your looking for an escape to the mountains, or maybe finding a nice beach somewhere. The next step is to book your rooms. The sooner you can find your vacation spot, and reserve your rooms. The better your luck will be in getting the accomodations that suit you the best. So start thinking ahead, and don’t just show up somewhere far from home and not have a room there waiting for you.

Hotel Reservations can be easily made the next time you are planning to go away. If you take the time and do a little research, you can save a lot of money. One good place you can look for a hotel is at They can save you money on all the big cities in the USA. If your going to Las Vegas, Orlando, New York, Anaheim, Miami, or New Oreleans on your next trip out of town. You will be able to find a real compeititve deal on those cities, and most of the other major cities that are located in the U.S..

If your trip is taking you out of the country, then don’t fear that either. doesn’t have borders. They will search out deals for hotels all across the globe. So you can rest assure that you are getting a good price on your hotel reservations. You would be hard pressed to find rates that are better, when you are traveling worldwide. Some of the destinations include Greece, Italy, Australia, Belgium, England, France, Portugal, and many other great places abroad.

Now if your english isn’t very good, then it’s still no problem getting your reservations. The website for can be used in several languages. So if you understand Italian, Spanish, German, or French better, then their website can accomodate you with no problems. They also have a great feature that deals with the money aspect of things. So you will be able to understand things better, if you use a currency that is not U.S. currency. So get the ball rolling, and find out where you want to make your next vacation spot at. Then look over to to get your rooms reserved.

Boot Camp For Kids

Boot camps for kids is designed to control the kids that are no longer obeying their parents. Teen Boot Camp – Help For Troubled Teens can be the help that the kids and the parents might really need. Sometimes parents just can’t deal with a child, and they need help. These boot camps will surely change the child’s attitude. No longer will the kid have the freedom to do or say as they please. They will be constricted to their new environment at a boot camp. They will learn how to take orders, and not talk back. These camps might seem a bit harsh, but can really help some of the kids out there. If you or someone that you know has a child that just needs manners. Then give them an attitude adjustment at one of these camps. The parents and the kids can both get new life from these camps.

These camps are not designed for the typical troubled child. You might can seek some local counseling, and get your matter resolved. Most kids are good, and some only need a slight adjustment, and they can be fine. When you have went through all the little steps, and have tried to get your child help, but it seems it didn’t do any good. Then look at sending them to a boot camp. This is a last resort type thing, but sometimes we are just left with last resorts. Don’t just let your child continue down the path of destruction. Do get them help, and get both of your lives back to normal.

Lynyrd Skynyrd #4

Continuing with the countdown of Skynyrd’s top 5 songs of all time, I am at number 4. It’s hard to only put 5 songs from this legendary band in a list of top 5 all time songs by them. Obviously with only having 5 songs to put in this list, some really good songs are going to get left off. I’m sure others would have a different list from the top 5 Lynyrd Skynyrd Song’s that I am featuring here at My Favorite Blank. If you missed number 5, then you can go back and take a look at the 5th best song of all time by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

#4 by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Stay tuned as the countdown to number 1 continues…

Online Security

I have my concerns about online security and I don’t do a lot of banking moves on the internet. It seems that everyday we come up with a new way to make our online environment more secure and the hackers come up with new ways to break the codes for the new ideas. Its a never ending process and hopefully the guys in the security business can continue to stay ahead in this environment. I work with some online payment processors like E-Gold, Pay Pal or Alert Pay, but I have found them to be very safe too. They haven’t given me a reason not to trust them yet. I don’t keep large sums of money in no place really. So a hacker going into one of my accounts would be lucky to buy theirselves a dinner at a fancy restaurant. I guess you have to have a lot of money before you can lose a lot of money. So I really don’t have much to worry about, since I am someone that just lives paycheck to paycheck.

It still amazes me to see some of the stories on the news about people and how they lost all their information to this website or this person. I think most people are aware of the dangers online and giving out too much information to any one person. I find myself around the people that are probably overly safe when it comes to online security. I guess its better to be too safe than not safe enough. Just be careful of what you do or say online and you should be able to have an enjoyable experience online in a safe manner!

Still Using Dial Up?

Does dial up even exist anymore? I hope that everybody has got in touch with their cable or satellite dealer and now have some form of high speed connection. Time is so precious to us these days, and we waste enough of our valuable time waiting in lines and waiting in traffic. Having a dial up connection is a slow way to surf on the internet. There is so much to see and do on the internet these days, you want to be able to zip around. If you still have dial up, then put down your mouse and step away from the computer.

Give your cable or satellite dealer a call and upgrade to some broadband connection that might be available in your area. If you have checked on high speed internet and found that it wasn’t available in your area. Then be sure to check again, and stay on top of it. It’s spreading out and all the internet providers are doing all they can to get a high speed connection in your area. You will never go back to dial up once you have experienced a high speed internet connection.

What’s Your Favorite Breed of Dog?

I like all dogs and really like the larger ones. Let me rephrase that, I like the larger dogs when they are friendly! I don’t like the mean ones, that’s for sure. The German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies are probably my favorites. I think they make great watch dogs and are good with children. They can really be smart too! I don’t think they are as smart as the Labrador retrievers are. Labs are very smart dogs, and I have never seen dogs smarter than the labs. So I am a big fan of the labs too.

I really don’t care for the smaller dogs. They can be cute sometimes, but the ones that just bark and try to bite your ankles off, is just not a dog for me. I know the little dogs have to act that way since they are smaller than the other dogs. It just gets annoying have a little dog that does nothing but bark and growl at you. Just give me a big ol’ German shepherd to play around in the yard with, and I’m happy! So what is favorite breed of dog?

Comparing the Satellite Guys

If you are looking to get a satellite dish, then be sure to compare the two companies you have to choose from carefully. DirectTV and Dish Network are the two you have to choose from. I have found Dish Network to be a little cheaper and offer more channels, but they have no customer support whatsoever. If you are looking for good customer support, then Dish Network wouldn’t be a good choice. DirectTV wins the customer service award, but they cost a little more if you are looking to get satellite on 4 different televisions. Dish Network uses 1 receiver to work 2 televisions and DirectTV gives you a receiver for each room. DirectTV will charge you a monthly fee for each one of those extra receivers you get. Just be sure to do your homework and see which company currently has the best Satellite TV Deals. They are always giving away free stuff and free premium movie channels, see which satellite giant is giving the best current promotion, and that would probably be the one you would want to go with. Satellite television is great, I wish it was just a little cheaper than it is, but it’s still a better deal than cable!