NBA Coach Bans Turkey from Team

Mike Woodson the coach for the Atlanta Hawks has never been accused of being the sharpest tool in the shed and you will know why after his Thanksgiving comments to the team. He asked the Atlanta Hawks players (the NBA team he coaches) to not eat turkey on Thanksgiving day; due to a chemical in the turkey that causes drowsiness. His team had a big match up on Thanksgiving night against the Orlando Magic and this was a game that the team had to win.

Well that same chemical which is called tryptophan is found in pork, chicken, and some cheeses. Doctors say if you had an empty stomach and ate a really large amount of turkey; then a little drowsiness could occur. Most people want to take that cat nap after the big meal they eat on Thanksgiving; rather than the amount of tryptophan that is found in turkey that causes drowsiness.

Charles Barkley was wondering why the fans in Atlanta was not coming out and supporting the Hawks. They are off to a hot start and have one of the best records in the NBA. However, it’s the way Mike Woodson coaches the team and his philosphy on playing players that keep the fans from attending the Hawks games. So Chuck if you want to know why the residents in Georgia don’t go to Hawks games at Philips Arena; now you know!

Who Brings the Most Hits to your Websites?

It’s always good to see where other webmasters are getting their most hits from. I have seen a sharp increase in my website hits since Trafficera has openned it’s doors. It’s been a great place to drive more traffic to all of my favorite websites. My traffic exchange and blogs are all seeing an increase in traffic and it’s all due to the popularity of a place like Trafficera.


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I have seen another new website come on the scene and it looks like it has a lot of promise to it. It’s called Buddy Pond and it came from the creators of the Marketing Pond. This looks like a good website for advertising and earning a little bit of money online. If you can build up an active downline, you will be able to make a steady stream of income from the Buddy Pond. Not many folks are showing Buddy Pond referral pages at Trafficera yet and this would be a good time to get over there and start promoting over there. Buddy Pond and Trafficera could be a couple of great marketing tools you can help advertise your websites and make a little money while your doing it.

It’s just a matter of time before Trafficera becomes the biggest traffic exchange on the internet. Get in now and help reap the rewards of being a part of something that will be so big one day. TS 25 and TrafficPods have both done very well for Logicscape, but I see their newest toy on the advertising market will soon be bigger than both of those fine traffic exchanges combine!

So what are your tips on advertising online? Do you have any great places that you can count on each day, week or month to bring traffic to your websites? Please be sure to share your best online marketing tools and maybe we can all work together and grow our interest online bigger and better for the rest of 2008 and the years beyond that!

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Getting In Shape at Home

You really don’t have to go to any of these workout gyms or clubs you might have to pay a monthly fee with. A few items here and there and you can create your own home gym equipment and start getting in better shape at home. I like to save money and it’s really not too hard to get a few items that will simulate the workouts you can get on those high-priced items at the local gym. Just try to understand what equipment works what muscle and you will be able to come up with something at home that will be just as good as the nice workout equipment the clubs have. If you have any idea or tips on some specific workouts you can do at home, to replace those workouts at the gym, please be sure to reply and pass them along. Getting in better shape doesn’t have to be expensive and just a little thinking, can go a long ways into getting our bodies in better shape and saving money too!

Saving Money Online with Coupons

If you like to shop online or maybe you shop for birthday gifts or Christmas items online a lot; be sure you take advantage of all the great places you can save money online. I know the people that shop for me; will be going to all the sports related websites. My friends and family would be smart to look for Dick’s Sporting Goods coupons or other coupons from sporting stores. Why pay full price when you can save money? The economy isn’t doing that great these days and it’s important to save every penny you make right now. You never know how bad things might get later down the road, so look for those money saving coupons online.

One thing that most shoppers do on the internet is buy the first thing they see. If you go to the local mall and shop around, you probably compare prices at different stores and try to find which place has the cheapest item. It’s even easier to do that online and since your just sitting at your computer chair, look at different places online and see which place has the best deal. Be sure to use those search engines and look for money saving coupons online. If you take your time and find the best deal possible and also try to find a coupon for that particular store or website, you will see those nickels and dimes you might be saving, could easily be dollars on any given purchase. Be smart, take your time and do a little price comparison and you will always know that you’re getting what you want for the best price out there!

Never Rode by Jordan Crowder

Jordan has another great short film over at You Tube. This one is called Never Rode and it’s pretty funny to see this guy in this short film. I think your heart will go out to him and even feel sorry for him. Perhaps you have found your self saying things like this or maybe making excuses for other people.

Jordan Crowder’s Never Rode

Too funny!

Why that guy might have never rode in a limo before, I think Jordan Crowder will have plenty of opportunities to do just that. This talented filmmaker is still going to film school and I’m sure when Hollywood gets a chance to see the talented Mr. Crowder they will find a place for him out there. They might not have to find a place and Jordan might just create his own place as he continues to progress toward his talents. I won’t be shocked one bit to see Jordan Crowder arriving to a limo to a Oscars Presentation one day. He has already grabbed the attention of Rob Zombie who posted a YouTube video on Halloween videos and liked Jordan’s Horror Friends at YouTube.

I will continue adding more of Jordan’s short films here at my blog. It will give us all a chance to follow Jordan and see how he’s comming along as a filmmaker. The sky will be the limit, if Jordan continues to pursure his interest in acting and producing films. Stay tuned and I will be adding more works of Jordan Crowder in the near future!

Beach Cruisers For Fun

These cold days of winter won’t be lasting much longer and it will be time to start planning those vacations to the beach or just taking the family for a weekend picnic by the water. When you get to the beach and feel those breezes going through your hair, take advantage of it even more with a beach cruiser. You can find one of these cruisers or bicycles at They have a variety of men’s, women’s and kids cruisers available. You will find the size and color that you like best and will be all ready for when the weather starts to warm back up!

Going to the beach will never be the same again if you get on a pink beach cruiser or one of the other fine cruisers at I love riding bicycles at the beach and it seems like you never get tired. The atmosphere of the water and the gentle wind that is always blowing in your face gives you the ability to ride for miles and miles, up and down the shoreline. If you haven’t been exercising much or looking to loose a little weight, it doesn’t get any easier than riding your bike on the beach. You can have a lot of fun on these bicycles and staying in better shape at the same time!

Take your time and find the cruiser you will get the most enjoyment from. They are available with one speed or multi-speed depending on which one makes you feel the most comfortable. You don’t have to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars to own your cruiser. You will find that there are many cruisers that sell below $200 and just taking a few trips to the beach will get your money’s worth. If you like to go to the beach a dozen times or more each spring and summer, you really should consider taking your cruiser along. It’s a great way to spend extra time with the family and getting everyone in your household their own cruiser! Your family will thank you, your heart will thank you and you will thank your self, because the beach will never be the same again, once you ride your cruiser for that first time!

Drought Getting a Little Better in North Georgia

The winter rains have been a welcomed sight for the people in North Georgia and most of the Southern States. We have been in a severe drought and you have to go back to the 1950’s to see one as bad as the one we have now. Our rain still isn’t falling in buckets yet and we really need some gulley washers to help the watertable, streams, creeks, rivers and lakes in our area.

The bad part of our drought is forecasted for this fall. We are expecting below normal rainfall for the spring and summer months. The late summer and early fall has always been pretty dry for us. Sometimes hurricanes will stir up in the Gulf during the fall time and if they track through Alabama and push over to the east, we usually can depend on some tropical moisture for fall rains. So as bad as it seems to be rooting for a hurricane to come ashore along the panhandle of Florida; it is something we could greatly benefit from. Gas prices might soar, but we expect that to hit this summer before our water becomes a crisis in the fall. The more days that pass with no rainfall in our area, is the more likelihood of people having to do without water. It’s a very real scene for our area and the only thing that will help now, is more rain!

Furniture at Flea Markets

I like going to all the flea markets and yard sales to look for my sports cards I collect. I have found some real good bargains and you never know what you might find at some of these places. I like to buy things that might worth a lot of money down the road. I watch the Antiques Roadshow that comes on television and its fun seeing what some of those things are worth. It seems most people like to bring in furniture to get appraised by the professionals being showcased on the Antiques Roadshow. You hear a lot of stories how this very valuable piece of furniture was purchased at a flea market for dirt cheap. If you can buy a piece of furniture for a few bucks at a flea market and see that it is worth thousands of dollars today; that is what I call discount furniture! You hear other stories with dishes or maybe a painting that someone bought at a flea market and is now worth a lot of money. It seems most was just buying the item because they liked it. I’m sure the people purchasing these valuable pieces of furniture at the flea markets, are planning to use it in their home. Most wouldn’t have the knowledge or trained eyes to see these diamonds in the rough and that’s probably the reason you can still go out today and pick up the next piece of furniture or painting that could pay for a kid’s college education. So the next time you pick up an antique at a flea market, try to do some research on it and make sure it’s not worth more than the few dollars you spent for it.

Make Sure You Have Enough To Start That Small Business

A lot of businesses fail these days, because they don’t calculate all the costs that might come up they weren’t expecting. You never know when something will break or need a repair and before you turn on the “open” sign; be sure you have a lot of cash on hand to quickly fix anything that might get broken. You might start your business off with only 1 phone line and with one phone number. As things pick up you might need extra cash to upgrade the phone system for your business. If you don’t upgrade to the small business phone systems; you could be losing out on money that your company could be potentially making. So something as simple as a few extra phones might not be in the budget for some companies just starting out.

You will constantly want to have the latest technology and best employees working for your new business and you want to make sure there is extra money around to spread to these areas too. You can think for years of all the things that might happen and make sure you have the cash flow to take care of it, but chances are something will happen that you weren’t expecting. It’s the unexpected costs that cause so many new businesses to struggle or eventually fail. You can never have enough extra cash laying around once your business is given the green light to open for business. So figure how much extra cash you think you will need and see how close you can try doubling that number. If you can double your expected cost, you should have enough for the unexpected cost. Good luck to anyone that is just on the verge of opening up their new business!

Dance or Cheer Wear Apparel

If you like to dance or exercise in leotards or need those special costumes for your dancing routines, see if Just For Kix can help with your wardrobe. They have a huge selection of leotards, tights, warm ups, tutu’s, unitards, tee shirts and other items for all your dancing apparel.  You will find everything you need and at low prices for this quality merchandise Just For Kix offers. The Dance Wear apparel they offer is for all ages and you can find something for the kids, teens or adults needing the undergarments, tops, bottoms or other pieces for your dance wear accessories. All the young ladies and girls will love browsing through the selections at Just For Kix, but don’t worry guys, you can find men’s and boys dance wear too!


Are you a cheerleader looking for things to add to your wardrobe? Just For Kix also has a nice selection for all the cheerleaders too! You can look for your warm ups, tees & tanks, sweat shirts, pants, skirts, socks and they even offer a category for campwear. So if you just need to pick up something for the cheerleading camp this summer, be sure to check with Just For Kix for their cheerwear. Dancers and cheerleaders will now have a place online; they can just go pick up the extra things they need for their outfits!

Success with Search Engines

You can have a lot of success with your website being listed high on the search engines. It’s great to have your website on the first page of a search term that might be used for your website. People rarely go to the 2nd page or further back when they are searching for something on a search engine. So it’s very important to be on that first page and to have your website listed as high as possible.

The beauty about search engines, they drive traffic to your website to the people that are looking for more information about the product or service you’re providing. Sometimes you might be advertising online to an audience that has no interest in your product or they might live in a part of the world where they couldn’t even get your product if they wanted it. Search engines are good for targeted traffic and they send that targeted traffic right to your doorstep.

Instead of spending 100’s of dollars for online advertising, be sure your website is search engine friendly and the bots will like your website. Many of the top search engines send out bots to go over your website and depending on what they find could be the reason why your website is or isn’t listed with that particular search engine. Fresh content and a good meta tag can be a couple of things that make your website more search engine friendly. You still need to find other ways to drive traffic to your website, so the search engines will give you a higher placement for key search terms that people will do, to find your website. Once you start getting listed high on some of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN or, you will get a better targeted audience for your website and this could mean extra sales or money for the products or services you’re promoting online. Start trying to find ways to have success with search engines and you will see this online promoting thing really isn’t that tough after all!

Promotional Items for your Business

If you need more exposure for your business or maybe have an event you would like to advertise more, you should seek out all the great ways to give your self more exposure. Using Promotional Items can be a very effective marketing tool in drawing attention to your interest. Having a key chain, ink pen or a bag showing your company’s name is a good way to attract new clients or customers to your business. There is never a such thing as bad advertising and the important thing is just exposing all the avenues to promote your product or service. Some of these promotional items give your company instant credit and might make your business seem bigger than it really is. You’re not trying to trick your customers, but you do show them you’re serious when they see your name on another product.

Imagine if you were having a golf tournament and trying to raise money for a charity, school or church in your area. Your company sponsoring an event like this and adding your company name to all the golf balls; is a good way to keep reminding all the golfers who is sponsoring the event. Long after the golf tournament has passed, they will still be golfers and others that will see your company name on all those golf balls. It’s a good investment to use promotional items and you could be bringing in new customers months and years down the road; just by having your name on a few items that people use everyday. See if you can find a promotional item that your company name would look good on!

Bibby to the Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks upgraded their team and will be getting Mike Bibby from the Sacramento Kings. Tyrone Lue and Anthony Johnson did a nice job for Atlanta, but Bibby should be a slight upgrade from those two. Also the Kings will be getting Shelden Williams who didn’t really get a chance to play in Atlanta. Shelden is good for blocking shots and rebounding, which the Hawks need bad, but coach Mike Woodson just didn’t see him fitting in.

Bibby won’t have to wait long to face his old teammates in Sacramento. The Hawks will travel out to Los Angeles to play the Lakers on Tuesday February 19th. After that game the Hawks will travel up to Sacramento to face those Kings and Bibby’s old team. It should be interesting to see what type of fan reaction Mike Bibby gets when he returns to Sacramento as an Atlanta Hawk. It’s a tough 5 game west coast trip for the Atlanta Hawks and Bibby’s timing is perfect and maybe the Hawks will be able to get a winning record over these 5 tough games.

I have always liked Mike Bibby and this gives the Hawks a solid man at point guard. They have been lacking that and someone that can knock down long range jumpers and Bibby fills both of those needs. The Atlanta Hawks can now focus on landing a big man in the middle to help with defense and rebounding. The Hawks just need one big guy that can run the floor good and they will have a playoff team in place. Look for the Hawks to show up in the Eastern Conference Playoffs and depending just how fast Bibby can gel with the other Hawks will determine just how far that playoff run might take them. Hopefully this move of sending 4 players for 1, will open up time for Salim Stoudamire and Solomon Jones who deserve to see more playing time.

Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia

VA Fishing has always been a great place to go wet a hook and there might not be any better place than Smith Mountain Lake!

Residents of North Carolina living in Greensboro (80 Miles), Chapel Hill (100 Miles), and Raleigh (135 Miles) are in driving distance from the Coves by Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. So if you have an interest in a beautiful waterfront community or just want to plan a picnic and do a little fishing, should go check out Smith Mountain Lake.

Satellite Falling To Earth

Have you heard about this one? A USA spy satellite is not functioning properly and we have lost control of it from the ground. The satellite does contain sensitive information and might pose a slight risk to us on the ground. The U.S. Military has been given the order by the President to try and shoot down the falling satellite.

It appears the Navy will take the lead in this operation and some where in the waters a Navy ship will try to send up a rocket or missle to destroy the spy satellite. If successful this should help secure the information on board and will help break up the satellite into smaller pieces, which will pose less of a threat for us on the ground. It’s not sure where the satellite might land as of right now, but it should make contact with the Earth in early March.

Our atmosphere should protect us from this and if we can break the satellite into smaller pieces, most of them would just burn up during their reentry into our atmosphere. It’s an interesting story and the satellite was just launched into space in the 2006 year. I’m sure it cost a lot of pretty pennies to get that satellite into place and this will be good money going down the drain. Hopefully we can identify the problem with the rocket boosters that were equipped on this satellite and make them better for the next satellites we might send to orbit. Apparently these rocket boosters need to be working properly, so we can have control of the satellite from the ground. So just keep an eye out on this story and make sure we are successful in destroying this runaway satellite. It might be wise to try and stay indoors when this satellite does reach the ground in early March.