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Students Enjoying Their School Work

Students at School

The alarm clock sounds off and its time for school! Another day of leaving the comforts of home and heading to the classrooms of educational hope. If students find their self in a bad environment, they will naturally be more concerned about their surroundings; than what a teacher is saying or what they might be reading from a text book. We want and need our children comfortable in schools, if we hope to get our daily lessons across to them. When schools have the budget to buy new student desks for school and chairs, they need to find ones that are comfortable. Not to the point we have sleeping pupils in the classroom, but ones that make comfort an after thought. If students are working in a clean, comfy environment, then learning becomes the main objective. No student should be thinking of a way to make their chairs sit better or be looking for a way to adjust their desktops up or down.

I think we can all agree that comfortable students that are happy in their surroundings, will develop better learning skills; than those who have to complain for comforts. School is hard enough without the unnecessary distractions.  No doubt a school desk that wobbles is disturbing. A classroom that is too cold or too hot, will make learning more difficult. It is up to each teacher, administrator, and parent, to give our kids every educational tool possible, which will help them succeed in school each day.

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  • I notice each time someone wins a lot of money in the lottery, they always choose the “cash option“. Where they get paid all their money in one lump sum, but lose more money by choosing this option. If they would select the “yearly payments”, it would take 26 years to get all of your money, but the lottery offices would be paying you more money. Obviously if you win millions and millions from the lottery, you’re going to choose a few investments, right? If so, why not go with the lottery office investment?

    The lottery office investment (as I call it) is real simple. You just choose the 26 year plan, so your other dollars are working like an investment and really better, because this is guaranteed earnings! No investment is 100 percent safe. You can lose money. You won’t lose the first cent, if you let the lottery folks pay you in 26 years, instead of the 1 lump sum payment.

    Now for those who win like 10 or 25 million dollars. I can understand it better, why you would want the 1 time payment. You wouldn’t get too much in that first payment and each year, it would be “modest” earnings in a way, compared to someone who won 200 million and took the yearly payments. If you win 75 million or more from the lottery, you really should think seriously about taking the 26 annual installments as opposed to the one time payment option. You would be earning a great return on your money and this would be a safe, guaranteed return by taking the yearly payouts.

    If you take the 1 lump sum payment and invest it, chances are you are going to lose some money and in some cases, it might just stay even, where you don’t earn any interest or very little. You get a nice return, by just taking the money in annual payments. For those lottery winners who get 200, 300, or 400 million; you’re throwing MILLIONS, yes millions away, if you take the 1 lump sum payment. Get all you can, and don’t be too hasty in accepting the one time payment option. Earning a check each year, for 26 years, that pays 1 million and 235 thousand per year isn’t that bad. This is still plenty of money for you, your family, your friends, and for you to pay off debts and get to buy a few luxury toys and items. And just when you run out of money and have spent that last penny in that first year. It will then be time to collect your 2nd check, for another 1, 235,000 payment! Now how great is that? Soon you will be having money in your pocket and see the checks piling up on each other and then you can look for other investments then. Don’t follow the crowds, take the payments and in the long run, you will be glad you did. Plus doing it this way, you can tell your greedy family and friends that you ran out of money! You can’t really do that, when you take that one time payment of 28 and a half million dollars.

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  • In recent years, I see a lot of the real estate markets focusing in on North and South Carolina. I saw that HGTV is having their 2013 Dream Home Giveaway on an island in South Carolina this year. I think that area is beautiful and right next door, you have Sunset beach nc real estate which is just as attractive. If I get lucky and win the contest in February, I will pack up and make the move to South Carolina. If my luck fails (which I expect) then my sights are geared more toward the beaches of North Carolina or the mountains in North Georgia.

    I currently live about 40 miles north of Atlanta, in the Peach state of Georgia. I know all the laws and the way this state does their taxes, so I have those reasons for staying in my home state. However, I am ready for a change and North Carolina offers that. I don’t want to move too far away from home, so staying in the South is important to me. I think NC real estate property is great, due to the short drive you have to the Atlantic Ocean. The mountains are just as close and it’s no problem going to a mountain cabin for a weekend getaway. As long as I have a lot of restaurants near me, I think any of these 3 states would be great, for me to spend the next part of my life in.

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  • Google Surfing Team

    Google Rookies Lend a Big Hand to the Google Surfing Team


    No one could have seen what was about to come. It was just a typical weekend in December. It was the 2nd weekend of this month, so nothing new there. It just seemed like another Saturday, it really did!!!

    My oh my, how it was all about to change and no one, I mean NO ONE seen it coming. Admin didn’t see it, the other teams in Trafficera didn’t see it, and even my eyes, with the inside view, didn’t even see it…

    Oh, where do I begin? Maybe with that first sign that we all had, but none of us really put too much thought into it. Yes, it was that FIRST SIGN, that is where I will begin this amazing story….

    Early Saturday Morning, it was 3:08am Server Time and the SkyRockets had just won a race. The Google Team would finish 3rd in that same race and it was our 2nd third place finish in a row. The next race up was a 60 clock race. I wasn’t online at this time, but apparently we had a pretty good crew on or at least at some point in this small race, they would make their selves visible.

    My entry into this story came at Clock 59. I came in and the Google Team had 59 Clocks out of a 60 Clock Race. I quickly went to the clock race score, to see if another team was with us and luckily there wasn’t one. The next team down (2nd place team) had 45 clocks. So we had a 14 clock lead and with my 2nd or 3rd click, it was me that found number 60 :)

    The exact time we won this race, was at 6:05 am Server Time (still early Saturday Morning). The celebration was short-lived, cause the next race up was the BIG ONE and it would be the race that would take us all weekend to work for.

    The BIG NEW RACE came out at 800 Clocks and right away, the focus quickly went to the SUPER CLOCK; where there was a lot of zero’s over there. 6 of them to be exact! Yep, the super clock would read: 1,000,000 time credits (exactly just like that).

    Here is where the story gets a little tricky and a bit fishy. Not sure what was going on, but once this big race came out, we all started finding clocks. Not just here and there, but quite frequently. There was enough clocks coming out and from different surfers, that I went ahead and decided to put 1 and 1 together and figured this was going to be a Clock Rain!!!

    After all, very unusual to see 1 million on the super clock and a 800 clock race on a weekend day. This info and everyone finding clocks so fast, had to meant it was raining, right?

    So without little hesitation, I scoot my keyboard close to my chest, clear my throat, and begin to yell at the top of my lungs:







    You get the picture, right?

    Call it faith?
    Call it destiny?
    Call it luck?
    Or just call it a few choice names or just plain BS, but the score don’t lie.

    With me scrolling the chat, yelling “RAIN” and the other Google Surfers surfing as fast as their clickers could go, we was building up a nice little lead, as we kept our number 1 Ranking from last race to this BIG Race.

    So if you can just picture for a moment now…it is still early Saturday morning. In the other 38,000+ team rooms, you just have a couple of surfers surfing, a brand new race that has just started, and since it is 800 clocks, they are all getting comfy, to what looks like a long day.

    While in the Google Room, you have 8 surfers clicking their fingers to the bone and me still yelling “RAINING CLOCKS!!!….RAIN!!!! SURF FAST….FASTER TEAM FASTER!!! WE ARE LEADING TEAM, GO GO GO….ITS RAINING CLOCKS!!!!”

    Was I happy? No doubt!!!

    What could have been better? Our team was winning, with a nice group of surfers online, and this surprise from Admin, to give us this Weekend Rain. Life was good and what possibly could go wrong now??


    So I jumped the gun just a little? It was just a wee little mistake, that could have happen to anyone, right? After being frantic and loud for 1 hour, a few things started to come into focus a bit better. Ok, it wasn’t a “few” things, just one little “thing”.

    It was early Saturday.
    It was a Big 800 Clock Race.
    And there was really 1 million credits on the super clock.

    What wasn’t so, was the little thing about the rain. Yep, the thing I had been screaming over and over, turned out to NOT be true. The darn clocks was just as slow as ever.

    I will never know why we all found clocks so fast that morning. Those that were surfing with me, thought it had to be true too. Apparently, we just all hit a run of clocks at the same time and since we were all fast surfing, it made the clocks look even faster, than what they really were.

    So now I find myself in BIG trouble. Got 1/3 of the team all pumped up for a short 4 hour race in the rain for 20,000 credits each. Now we are facing a 24+ hour race, and our lead at this time was still very modest. Maybe 10 or 20 clock lead.

    But where there’s a WILL, there’s a WAY! And this is the part of the story that I could have never seen in a million zillion years.

    As the morning kept creeping along, a few things were beginning to take shape. The Google Team had a few new surfers on the team and they wasn’t running away yet. Our core surfers and the ones I count on each day to help us win races and be competitive, wasn’t really around. Maybe 1 or 2 here and there, but never staying for very long.

    A few key folks were starting to emerge and their clicks and the clocks they were finding, was going up on our side of the scoreboard. Each one of them was doing it pretty fast too.

    It didn’t take too much longer in the race and we started to see a team pulling away from the others. Was it the SkyRockets? What about New Beginning? Nope and Nope! Actually it was us!!!

    The Google Team, without their normal cast of stars, were being led in a very big race, by the new guys on the team. It was the….


    This new crew of surfers came in like any other surfers we have had here before. As most of you know, I send out a lot of new invites every week. And we get a lot of new surfers coming in every week. I always hope that each new surfer we get, becomes the next Paul Kinder or someone that will stick around a few months with us.

    It’s hard to keep up with the other top teams here, so our guidelines do have to be strict. We need surfers who will wake up daily and come online daily, to check on the team and to help out in the clock races as much as possible. Not many make the grade and we end up doing a lot of adding and subtracting here.

    Ever so often, we do get lucky and find that diamond in the rough. However, we never find a group of them at one time and I think we have managed to do that this time.

    What my eyes have seen over the last 36 hours or so, is a group of very dedicated surfers. These Google Rookies are already showing loyalty, strength, the desire to succeed, and that rare and unique ability to NEVER QUIT; even when the odds are stacked up against you.

    This Google Rookie Class is made up of the following people and our teammates:

    *EarnForLife – is showing up daily and is willing to stick around and finish the job when needed. Very Important Clocks in the 800 Race.

    *Berlison – Wow, what a surfer. No doubt a key in the big 800 race and was finding clocks in the daytime and nighttime too. Made a commitment on Sunday, to stay til the end of the race.

    Handy49 – Not happy with the amount of clocks they are finding, but they never quit. Very steady surfer, flexible, and is as good as any of the other Google Rookies.

    Szanto425 – Going with a honorable mention here. The newest of the rookie class and just showed up on Saturday, so still a few questions remain. However, if Saturday was any indication to the heart of this surfer, then we got us a good one. Not sure where we would be without her and she surfed all day Saturday. If she can just give us a fourth of her production thru out the weekdays; on a daily basis; then she will have a spot here for a very long time!

    That is the super-star side of the rookie class and we might have 1 or 2 more on the team, that join this crew soon. Hopefully we will find more surfers out there, that have the Mad SKILLzzzz; like this group has right now!

    Oh BTW….

    I guess a few of you are still wondering about that BIG 800 Clock Race and how it came out? Well we lost and finished 5th place…no credits ;((( Sorry, we will get’em next time!

    Yeah right Dish….ha ha ha


    The real story of the 800 Clock Race goes like this….

    1 001 Google Ranked Us 800 50
    2 A New Beginning 687 25
    3 1st SkyRockets 608 15
    4 Friends 489 10
    5 01 Traffic Attitude 458 0

    *Google won by 113 clocks.

    **23 Members on the Team at the end of race and each Google Member got paid: 7,750 Credits Each

    The sad part of this story is we could have did so much better. Our biggest lead in the race, was over 200 clocks. Yes! We had a 200+ clock lead in this 800 clock race!!

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  • The Craze Over Crab Legs

    Do You Like To Eat Crab Legs?

    crab legs

    I am someone that goes around saying that I love to eat seafood. I’m not really sure if I am a seafood lover or not. I actually like a nice piece of fresh fish that is grilled to perfection. If you can throw me an endless plate of popcorn shrimp and some french fries to go with my grilled mahi mahi, amber jack, tilapia, or grouper; then I’m good to go. There are a few other items that I like to munch on at the seafood buffets, but it’s the grilled fish and popcorn shrimp that I like the most.

    I have seen over the years that the people that eat crab legs, really eat their crab legs! I have tried crab legs many times and still can’t find what the fascination with them is. I don’t think they taste bad, they are just something to nibble on for me. I’m sure crab legs is healthy and there are probably some good nutritional values in crab legs, but as far as taste they are just average for me.

    The people that load up on Friday and Saturday nights and go eat at the local seafood buffets will fight people over their crab legs. I recently ate a Chinese buffet with my mom and they offered crab legs on their buffet. The restaurant could not bring them out fast enough to keep up with the demand of people wanting to eat crab legs. As soon as a big pan of new crab legs got brought out, about 8 to 10 people would snatch them all up and there were a couple that were still waiting for their crab legs. When people say they like to eat crab legs; then they really mean it and it seems to be the most favorite seafood item a buffet can offer.

    I know crab legs influence the prices of buffets. I will see some buffets that are around 10 to 12 dollars, but on the nights they offer crab legs, it goes up a few extra dollars. It’s not worth the extra money to me and I would just prefer to go on the nights where crab legs weren’t being served. Now are you one of these crazy people that fills up your plate to the max and the crab legs are your main focus on seafood buffets? Perhaps you could help me to understand where this craze comes from and why so many people will make their self sick, just filling up their bellies with these crab legs.

    If you want to start a restaurant and want an easy food that you can cook and serve, but it will be one that people will knock down the doors getting to; then focus on crab legs. I can’t think of another food that is more popular in restaurants than Alaskan King Crab Legs Jumbo Extra LargeWild Caught Frozen3 lb. or more are. I would rank them as the most desired food in the world and especially when it comes to the popular items on a seafood buffet. Give me a list of some of the things you like to see on a buffet that specializes in seafood and how high does crab legs rank on your list?

    I know I probably made some people hungry talking about crab legs, but no worries. The weekend is almost here and you can go out and find you a good buffet that offers crab legs. You may find the Chinese restaurants offer crab legs at a slightly cheaper price; than some of the other American restaurants that serve all-you-can-eat crab legs. I have heard that butter with crab legs is good and I haven’t never tried to eat crab legs with butter. I couldn’t tell you the differences in taste when it comes to Alaska Crab Legs, King Crab Legs, or Snow Crab Legs; it seems all types of crab legs are popular and I just don’t know why.



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  • Does anyone remember the old days of shopping in the grocery store? Well in 1988, I was a bag-boy for a grocery store. I had a lot of good memories from those bagging days. It was really my first job and I really did like it. All of my friends were broke and I always had money. When you earn tips as a living, you never seem to be without money.

    Back during those days, we had a price tag on every item in the store. When a customer went to pay, we would unload their carts for them. We would find the price tag on each item and turned it toward the cashier, so they could easily see the price and ring the item up. Today’s grocery stores don’t offer that type of service and there are no price tags either. The cashiers just use a barcode scanner to total up the customer’s purchase. The prices (if your lucky) are located on the shelf, where you picked the item up. It’s not always easy to see which prices are for which products. Especially when you have a lot of small items on the shelf. Even after I see the price which is closest, I still try to read the product information, to make sure it matches. Often the closest price on the shelf, is not the price for the item you wish to buy.

    We may have worked a little harder in the old days. Maybe we didn’t do things as smart as they do today, but we did give good service. You really can’t find that in too many places today. If you still shop at a grocery store, which has a bag boy that unloads your shopping buggy and then bags up your groceries, then you’re one of the lucky shoppers out there today. Not only do they unload and bag, but they also carry the groceries to your car. After they load the car up, is when most customers will give them a tip. Too bad we don’t see this quality service here today. As for the price tags on every item in the store, due to modern technology, those days will never return again. Even the local yard sales have gotten lazy and don’t price every item they offer either!

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  • Webster Bank Arena Information

    Webster Bank Arena | Box Office Ticket Sales

    Do you want to visit an arena where you can enjoy almost anything and everything under the sun?  If so, then visit the Webster Bank Arena.  This arena is owned by the city of Bridgeport, Connecticut and is one of the most well known arenas on the east coast of the United States.  Webster Bank Arena was built in 1999 and opened two years later and it is the home of the Bridgeport Sound Tigers.  This arena is located at 600 Main Street in Bridgeport, Connecticut and from 2001 until 2011 the arena was called the Arena at Harbor Yard.

    It seems like every day there is always something happening at this multipurpose arena.   most events that take place at the Webster Bank Arena include concerts performed by some of the hottest chart topping artists of today.  Some of the artists that have performed and will be performing at this arena include Carrie Underwood, Wiz Khalifa, Keith Sweat and Neil Young.  There are also a lot of sporting events, such as basketball, hockey and WWE Wrestling, which take place at this arena.  Other events include political rallies, the circus and comedy shows.  This venue has a maximum capacity of over 10,000; but sometimes the capacity can change depending on which event is being hosted there.  The arena also has a variety of amenities.  A couple of those amenities include an All Access Club and special seating.

    For the past, present and future events that are happening at this arena you can check out Box Office Ticket Sales site here!

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  • Baseball is America’s past time, right? If you live in the South, you would find that a little hard to believe. Especially on the weekends and Friday nights, when sport fans all over gather for some football fun. In the last couple of decades, we have seen major improvements in college football stadiums and their weight rooms. I’m talking about millions of dollars, will go into these upgrades, for a Division I college football program. In my state, we have seen that with our major colleges and also in the states that border my hometown state. When the upper levels expand, you know its just a matter of time, until it trickles down to the high school football programs.

    All over the country, we are seeing high school football stadiums upgrading on top of upgrades. Some of the bigger schools and elite high school athletics are making their football fields nicer, than some of the college stadiums we see. In some cases, we are seeing real nice press boxes being installed for the media, coaching staffs, and special visitors. While most high schools provide these special boxes for their team and the visiting team, they are becoming more luxurious than we have seen in the past. Obviously it isn’t too expensive for high schools to upgrade their press boxes, since we are seeing the smaller schools installing them too. For those builders and construction workers, that build football fields, they are using much nicer materials these days; than the supplies they were using just ten and twenty years ago.

    Football is no doubt a growing sport and is here to stay. It’s just fascinating to see our local high schools, finding the extra funds, to spend on uniforms, safety equipment, and exercise devices. Some schools are building the stands bigger and providing more seats for the fans. When you provide more seats, you have more people paying at the gate, which means more money for the football program. A winning high school football team or a high school that has a special player, playing for them with college potential, will get the big crowds. It’s important for these schools to have the extra seating, when this does happen to their high school program. So don’t be surprised, if the next high school football game you attend, the stadium looks more suited for a big college team, than a high school boys football team.

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  • Garlic Bread Pizza?

    Have you seen the new pizza yet? A TV commercial for the popular chain restaurant Pizza Hut, is showing off a new style of garlic pizza. Consumers can pay 9 bucks and get 9 small pizzas attached to each other, in a tic-tac-toe style or shape and add 1 topping of their choosing.

    Garlic Pizza

    Has anyone ordered or got a chance to taste this new Pizza Hut pizza? If so, please reply back and give me some feedback. Let me know what you thought about the taste and if its better than the other pizzas on the menu. I would like to know:

    1. Taste – Good or Bad?

    2. Price – Worth $9?

    3. Prediction – Will Garlic Pizza See the Summer of 2013?

    4. Topping – Which 1 Topping Did You Get?

    For those out there who haven’t tried it yet, do you plan on it soon? Will you make a special trip or go out of your way to get your first taste of this new garlic pizza? Or will you just wait and let it find its way to you? I also wonder how the other pizza chains will react to this new shape and spice, that Pizza Hut is now using in their restaurants. If it stays popular and people like it, I’m sure the other guys like Louisville, Kentucky’s Papa Johns and Michigan based Dominos will find a way to put garlic in their pepperoni pizzas.

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  • GoPro HD Hero 2


    The GoPro HD Hero 2 is one of the most popular cameras on the market among those who are hard core photography enthusiasts, athletes, and sports filmmakers. This fact may just have something to do with its ability to perform like a fine tuned instrument while being able to handle even the roughest of conditions out there without a hitch.

    You will find that the GoPro HD Hero 2 comes with a variety of different features to help you get the perfect pictures each and every time. The GOPro HD Hero 2 can be mounted to your gear (a helmet or bike rack, etc.) for live action coverage, and it can go with you underwater to capture those rare moments for you to share with the world above.

    The Camera Features

    The GoPro HD Hero 2 can capture up to 10 pictures a second, allowing you to create full blown take-by-takes as they happen. The powerful 11 megapixel camera will capture the minutest of details so that you can ensure that the true essence of each scene comes to life within each picture.

    The Video Capabilities

    Along with the impressive picture taking capabilities of the GoPro HD Hero 2, you can rely on the ability to create professional videos with the 170 degree wide angle and high definition. You can capture literally hours of videos with the right SD card, which does not come with the camera.

    The Long List of Accessories

    There are quite a few accessories that can be purchased separately for the GoPro HD Hero 2, but some cool accessories do come with the camera when you make the initial purchase. A waterproof case, rechargeable battery, USB cable, helmet strap, and three- way pivot arm will all come in handy when you get to know your new camera.

    For more information and great deals on the GoPro HD Hero 2 camera, visit today!

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  • The Flying Hawaiian Comes to LA

    Shane Victorino | Dodgers Tickets

    The 2012 MLB trade deadline has been one filled with drama going all the way up until the 4 PM Eastern ending.  The Los Angeles Dodgers did not discontinue trade talks after acquiring Hanley Ramirez and today also acquired the Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino who has tormented Dodger fans the past 5 seasons.  Ironically, the Dodgers originally drafted Victorino in 1999 in the sixth round of the MLB Draft however he spent his entire LA career in their minor league system until 2003.  After a series of failures that bounced him to the Padres then back to LA and then to the Phillies, Victorino was once again offered to the Dodgers in 2005 however they declined and Shane was kept put in Philadelphia.  He eventually settled in the city of brotherly love and has since gone on to win 3 Gold Glove Awards and a World Series title.

    Victorino is a career .277 hitter with 186 stolen bases and is one of the best defensive outfielders of the past decade.  In the 2012 season he is currently batting .261 and has 9 home runs with 40 RBI’s and 24 steals.  It is still unclear what position he will be playing but the Dodgers now have potentially the best outfield in all of baseball with Victorino playing alongside Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier.  This was the exact boost the Dodgers needed as they have one of the most powerful line-ups in the entire MLB with the latter going along with Hanley Ramirez.  Furthermore, Ramirez and Victorino are two of the quickest players in baseball and will be constant threats to opposing defenses once on base.  With LA recently tying the Giants for the lead in the tightly contested NL West division this last stretch of the season should prove to be exciting for all fans of baseball.

    For more information, updates and unbeatable deals on Dodgers tickets, visit today!

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  • Bengals Get Their Bite Back

    A.J. Green and Andy Dalton | Cincinnati Bengals Tickets


    The Cincinnati Bengals success in the 2011-2012 season can be directly attributed to their draft selections made in the 2011 NFL Draft.  With the 4th overall pick they selected Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green and with the 35th overall pick they chose TCU’s quarterback Andy Dalton.  Although many draft experts theorized this duo would eventually be one of the more dominant tandems in the NFL, nobody truly thought it would occur in only their first season together; no one that is, besides the Bengals.  Though Cincinnati lost its former duo of Carson Palmer and Chad Ochocinco, they seemed to improve by drafting these two studs who were among the leaders in their specific offensive categories amongst all rookies last season.  The 2011-2012 Bengals finished 2-4 in the very difficult AFC North however they did attain an overall record of 9-7, which was good enough to secure the sixth and final spot in the AFC playoffs.  They met fellow up and coming team, the Houston Texans, in the first round and were defeated 31-10.  However, the Bengals showed an immense amount of promise and potential in only their first season with new players at key positions.

    Another vital contributor to the Bengals’ success last season was the play of their defense.  The Cincinnati defense finished 10th in the NFL in opponents rushing yards allowed per game (104.7) and 9th in opponents passing yards allowed (211.6).  This consistency helped to re-invigorate the entire fan base as well as the offense.  Their defensive front was one of the most imposing in football totaling 45 sacks last season while their secondary had 10 interceptions with 73 total pass deflections.

    As previously stated, the Bengals success last season was largely predicated around their two offensive stars who put up phenomenal numbers in their respective rookie campaigns.  Though both players had great individual college careers, Dalton was the bigger surprise of the two mostly due to the fact that he came from a college football program “not in a power conference” at TCU.  Dalton threw for 3,398 yards last season with an 80.4 QB rating and 20 touchdowns but most importantly controlled the pace of the Bengals offense and, often times, the entire game.  While A.J. Green, who was projected to be one of the elite players among the 2011 Draft class, lived up to and exceeded expectations by catching 65 passes for 1,057 yards and 7 touchdowns while averaging over 10 yards per catch.  The 6 foot 4 Green showed the entire league that with his size and speed he is virtually unguardable and should be one of the elite receivers for years to come in the NFL.

    Ultimately, the Bengals have established a dynamic core of great young players along with an experienced coaching staff that will make them AFC contenders for a long time, especially after tasting playoff defeat together.

    For more information, updates and great deals on Cincinnati Bengals tickets, visit today!

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  • A Miracle in the Smallest Form

    Red String Bracelet


    This is not some generic, arbitrary blog content.  Not for this specific topic.  In fact, this writer has been greatly affected by the red string bracelet in a manner so profound that I feel as though not sharing this specific anecdote would be robbing the item of its power.  Let me just preface this article by confirming that neither myself or any individual in my immediate family is religious nor have we ever been (and that being said we have no objection to organized religion or faith).  In January of 2010 my father became very sick, so sick in fact that the paramedics had to get him from my house and transport him to the hospital in order to perform life-saving surgery.  Only upon reflection after the event did we find out that my father was 5 minutes away from death that very day and if those medical professionals had not acted in the precise efficient manner, which they did, he would not be with us today.

    Fortunately my father made it through the operation, however he was in a coma and would stay in that vegetated state for over 6 weeks.  I can vividly recall going in to see him everyday after I had gone to school but before I was going to basketball practice.  There is no image burned deeper into my cerebellum then that of my father being kept alive my machines and to say the least it was a humbling and maturation experience.  One day while occupying his bedside (as she did for those entire 6 weeks) my mother received a call from a relative of ours currently in Israel.  My mother broke the news to her and what my Aunt did next will affect my family and I for the rest of our live(s).  She purchased a red string bracelet with the Star of David on it and had it blessed in every way possible while being in Israel.  Upon returning to the United States my Aunt visited us in the hospital and put the bracelet on his wrist.

    Though I never gave up hope on my sick father, sometimes it took every ounce of resolve I had left to convince myself everything would be ok.  But after 5 weeks of this you can only imagine the skepticism that started to seep into my life; however the very next day after my father was given his new jewelry the doctor had very good news for my mother and I.  He was waking up, by some miracle my father was going to survive.

    Now, I do not attribute his survival to one facet but instead I feel as though several individuals and enigmas helped to ultimately return him to his family.  What I do know is that the very same red string bracelet is still occupying my father’s wrist and it will constantly serve as a reminder to our family how precious life really is.

    For more information, historical background and great deals on the red string bracelet, visit today!

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  • World Class Golf

    Masters | Broncos Tickets


    In spite of a fall from dominance by Tiger Woods, golf continues to be a very popular sport worldwide. This is most apparent in August, when tens of thousands of fans flock to Augusta, Georgia to catch one of golf’s grand slam events. Hoping to see the greatness of Woods, Phil Mickelson, Rory McIlroy and others in action, they come to see today’s best golfers chase legends like Byron Nelson, Ben Hogan, Tom Watson, Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer for a chance to wear the famous green jacket. This year’s event will be held on August 2-4, 2012, and fans will want to move quickly to get Masters tickets for a chance to see the world’s finest in action.

    Joining the US Open Championship, the Open Championship and the PGA Championship to form the four Majors, this is probably the best known of the group. First held in 1934, it is played at Augusta National Golf Club, and Masters tickets are extremely difficult to get. Woods holds the record for the lowest score (18 under par in 1997) and also for the largest margin of victory. (12 strokes, also in 1997) Nicklaus holds the record for winning the famous green jacket six times, while Woods is tied with legendary golfer Arnold Palmer at four wins, good enough for second all-time.

    Last year’s winner, CharlSchwartzel of South Africa, posted a solid 274, which left him at 14 under par and winning by two strokes on the 7,435 yard, par-72 course. Whether Woods returns to form, or Mickelson, McIlroy or another challenger arises, this is truly one of the most incredible sporting events in the world. Come August 2, 2012, all eyes will be on Augusta National as the world’s greatest golfers converge, and fans rush to get Masters tickets for a chance to see who will win the prized green jacket.

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  • Precision Relocation

    Warehousing Services | Precision Worldwide Logistics


    Proudly serving the greater Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernadino county areas, the commercial moving experts at PrecisionInc. will provide you with safe and reliable precision relocation.  Ever since 1955 we have relocated over 25,000 businesses in Southern California making our staff one of the most experienced in the entire moving industry.  We accommodate a myriad of businesses by using the newest commercial moving equipment whether it is on the ground or in the air.  We offer full service office and industrial moving as well as delivery services and promise to exceed your expectations.  Furthermore, we have the latest technology regarding computer moving services to maximize efficiency.  In fact, we install modular furniture and reconfigure all different types of business set-ups.  For short and long term storage as well as mobile storage vaults or storage trailers, we here at PrecisionInc. promise to maximize our efforts in order to satisfy all your moving needs.

    Though we offer a variety of different relocation services, PrecisionInc. specializes in Expert Office Moving, commercial relocation, home moving services as well as complete order fulfillment.  Size is irrelevant as we serve the smallest of businesses that involve moving few desks all the way to moving huge businesses from town to town.  As well, we specialize in moving delicate and important items including safes, security systems, files and many more.  As a Warehousing & Distribution company we provide 3PL and Commercial as well as Residential moves we offer the most competitive rates among our peers and guarantee we are right for the job no matter what it is.  Ultimately, the entire process of your move will be done professionally and with the utmost care to ensure a cohesive relationship between both us and the client.

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