Stephen King's New Movie

Stephen King has done it again and judging by the previews, his new movie really looks good. The Mist by Stephen King will be in theatres November 21st and this is going to be one of those movies that will keep you in your seats. So be sure you get your popcorn and drinks before the movie starts.

It appears that this mysterious mist is going to trap people in a store and if anybody has the nerve to leave, the mist is going to get them. I can remember when a bad thunderstorm was in my area and a lot of people took shelter at a local store. There was an announcement that came over the crowd and was letting everyone know about the terrible weather that was coming our way. All the shoppers in the store waited patiently for the storm to blow over. The winds were very strong and a lot of screams yelled out when the lights went out. The winds from this particular storm were so powerful it blew down trees and power lines, and caused the supermarket lights to go out. They did have emergency lights in place, but they didn’t put out much light. The whole store was very dim and you could just hear the wind outside snapping small branches off the trees. The thunder and lightning from the storm didn’t help things out either. The storm lasted about 15 to 20 minutes, but it felt like it was longer than that. Nobody was hurt and the store’s employees did a good job in keeping everyone calm.

I’m not sure the Mist is going to have the same results. It looks like people will be more than just terrified in this new movie that Stephen King has created. I thought the Fog was a pretty good movie and this movie seems to have a lot of the same characteristics as the Fog did.

Global Market Research

Synovate is a company that is built on curiosity. Their market research never stops. That is why they are in 50 countries and in 24 timezones. They operate on a worldwide basis, that will help you to better understand people and markets. When you understand people better, you will start getting better results from your marketing efforts. That is what Synovate strides in providing for you. The ability for you to understand who your customers are, and the people they are like. Take advantage of their curiosity, and get insight on the people that you want to market to.

Plasma Cutting Innovation

Kaliburn is one of the leaders when it comes to plasma cutting. A good plasma cutter will have the ability to cut precisely and with good quality results. It helps when you can have some of the best equipment you can find on the market today. Kaliburn has spent more than 20 years of perfecting this trade and its why they are one of the leaders in their field today. You can expect all their products to be of the highest standards and they realize that it’s the good quality of products they offer, they have got them to where they are at today. If you are looking for a plasma cutter or just want to learn more about the art of plasma cutting, be sure to check out the products from Kaliburn.

Plasma Cutting Technology

Kaliburn has some of the latest plasma cutting technology that exists on the market today. If you’re looking for precision, quality, and perfection; then you definitely want to choose one of the Kaliburn systems. There are 3 ProLine Systems you can choose from, to take care of all your plasma cutting that you might need. These systems perform similar to the Spirit, but they have a manual input for all the processes that you might choose to do with the ProLine Systems. If you’re having to cut a lot of things and the material changes frequently, then it’s best to do these with the manual input. For more information on this great new technology that is out there; feel free to visit the Kaliburn website or give them a toll free call:  (800) 252-2850

Fruity Pebbles

A great snack when you’re are on the computer and need something to munch on. I really like my Fruity Pebbles cereal. I know, I know your not suppose to eat around the keyboard, but I have my keyboard wrapped in clear plastic. My computer is over a year old and the keyboard looks brand new. I have kept it wrapped in plastic from day one. I had problems with my old computer and the keyboard with it. The keys got to sticking from all the dirt, food, and who knows what else that got down in between the keys. Now I keep it looking great by keeping plastic around it. It’s a little different at first when you start typing, but you eventually get the plastic broke in good enough and you get use to it yourself, that you forget it’s there. Now my keys are in great shape and I get to munch on my Fruity Pebbles while on the computer. Man them Flintstones has some good cereal!

Cruising For A Vacation

I have never taken a cruise before, but I do plan to one day. I think going to Alaska or taking one of those caribbean cruises would be my choice destinations. I hear Alaska is so beautiful and untouched by man. It would be one of my main reasons for wanting to go to Alaska. You can see more of Alaska in a shorter amount of time from a cruise ship. Also, who wouldn’t want to go see paradise around the Caribbean islands? The water around that area has the prettiest color of blue and green that you will find anywhere in the world. So many great islands to choose from, you would want to take a cruise that stopped at several of them. I have seen packages where they will hop around from island to island and will stop for a period of time; so you can get out and experience the local culture on the islands. My first cruise will probably be to the Caribbean islands, but maybe one day I will get the chance to take one to Alaska too!

Where’s The Power?

Did you just lose your power? What do you do when the power goes out? You call the power guys of coarse! ACS is a service that helps repair the power supply. Getting your power supply repair is a must, because with no power means no work.

ACS can repair a wide variety of power supply problems. They can help you with high voltage power supplies, low voltage power supplies, DC power supplies, linear power supplies, switching power supplies, regulated power supplies, and so much more. Be sure to check out the wide range of supported manufacturers that ACS can repair, and don’t forget to try the Free Evaluation Service they offer.

What's On Your Thanksgiving Tables?

Thanksgiving is two days away and I think my tummy already knows it’s close. I am already craving the traditional items that we eat every year at Thanksgiving. Please feel free and share what’s going to be on your table for Thanksgiving this year.

Turkey is the number 1 thing most people think about when they talk about their Thanksgiving meals. I would have to also say this is my favorite item on the Thanksgiving table. So you must have turkey and it has to be a little moist, and everything else really isn’t that important to me. So be sure you have the turkey on the table if you’re inviting me for a Thanksgiving dinner. Goble Goble!

Do you prefer ham instead of turkey? I know we always have both at my house, but I prefer the turkey over the ham. Many people would rather have ham than turkey, but its the tradition that keeps the turkeys on the table for those Thursdays in late November.

Now to add the fixins to the turkey or ham. I will go down the list and name what my family has just about every year on Thanksgiving.

green beans

corn on the cob

fried okra

soup beans

dressing  w/giblet gravy


cranberry sauce

sweet potato pie

That is pretty much all the things that will be on our table this Thanksgiving Day. We usually eat our dinners around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. I never eat breakfast on Thanksgiving, so when the 1 o’clock hour does roll around, I am really hungry! I will also be watching the Detroit Lions as I eat my dinner. I have been eating Thanksgiving dinners and watching Lions Football for as long as I can remember. So as long as the Detroit Lions continue to play on Thanksgiving Day, I will continue to root for them, while stuffing my face.




The Song Amanda

Does anybody remember the song Amanda? It was a song by Boston and came out a few decades ago and has been around. I have heard stories of girls that are about 20 years old now that are named Amanda, and they claim that their name came from this song. It’s one of those female songs that has some meaning, and the lyrics Amanda really stick out in it. Just like the song Sherry. Sherry is a song that has a female name that sticks out very strong in the song.

Now I use to date a girl named Amanda. I never had the passion for my Amanda like the singer in this song has. However, I did end up dating her best friend for almost 3 years, so I guess I did have an Amanda-like passion for her best friend. Her name wasn’t Amanda though, but maybe when I hear the song Amanda, I can just think about her best friend and how much I loved her? Well it’s something to think about. If you have any Amanda or even Sherry stories, or maybe there is another song that has a woman’s name and has deep meaning for you, then tell me about it. I’m sure there is an Amanda reading this, or someone that knows an Amanda that is reading this. Tell me your Amanda story!

Russian Brides

There are many women in Russia and Eastern Europe that are looking for a husband. They are seeking the services of Lovers Planet to help unite them to their future husbands. They go there and post their profiles and pictures. In the hopes that some man might find them of interest, and will contact them further. These russian women want to find a man they can get to know first. They would like to understand them, and know more about their future husbands. Lovers Planet is a place that offers that. So if you are looking for a bride, then you might want to look at Lovers Planet, and see if your Mrs. Right is there waiting for you!

Pay Per Post

Have you heard of Pay Per Post? They offer bloggers, advertisers, and publishers the chance to  generate traffic or money on their sites or advertisements. Just as recent as January, Pay Per Post was recognized as a leader in emerging technologies. Let’s break down the three main ways to take advantage of blogging, advertising, and publishing.


You can get paid to blog. It’s nothing new here, for anyone with a blog. You been writing about things already in your blog. So you just continue to do what you know, while earning money at the same time. Advertisers want to know what you think, and they are willing to pay you for it. There are always plenty of opportunities to take advantage of, not to mention a wide range of categories.


Pay Per Post is a great way to advertise. It allows advertisers to do effective marketing on the internet. You just create the story to the bloggers, and they will write about it, post videos on it, add audio to it, or add pictures to it. They will give your advertisements a whole new look. This is a great linking opportunity, and will help your site get better rankings on the search engines.


Get the chance to gain links, while bloggers syndicate stories with your site. You get to provide the main story, while the bloggers and people responding will create a buzz to your site. Pay Per Post gives publishers a direct API which allows them integration into your content management system. As a publisher you also have the ability to require a dynamic tracking link for determining traffic or a regular link that will help you build search engine ranking.


Saving Money Online

Now I know we all like to save money. I know this, because I have never heard one person say “I don’t like saving money”. So since we all like to save money, it’s a good idea to know how to save money. One good thing you can do, is just be patient. Don’t be in a hurry to buy something. Especially that new and latest thing that has just came out, and you feel like they will sell out of it. Don’t worry, if it’s popular enough, and they are selling it. The company will always make more of them, so you can buy them.

By being patient, we can take opportunities that will present theirself. Like seeing something that we really wanted, and the price getting marked down. Now for the opportunities that don’t present theirself, we will have to go out and find. For instance, getting a good coupon site that will have coupons to save money on items. You can go find your own bargains, just by looking for all the coupons that are out there.

Coupon Chief is an excellent source for finding coupons. They don’t just have a few coupons for a few companies. They have coupons for over 1,000 companies! Many of the companies that you know very well. Target, Dell, Best Buy are just a few of the companies they have on their site.

Now Kmart is a store that I have really begin to like. It’s not as big as Wal Mart and usually the lines are shorter at the cash register than Wal Mart. I like the fact you don’t have to walk a mile to get from one department to another. So Kmart is more of a store that is made for me. So since I know that I will be doing shopping at Kmart. It would be smart for me to go and get coupons from the Coupon Chief. So just be smart, and be sure to think before you buy.

The Secret Santa Lives On

There use to be a man that would go through diners, laudromats, bus stations, shelters and thrift stores giving away $100 dollar bills. He would say it was his way of giving back for Christmas, since he had been so blessed in his lifetime. That man went unknown for a long time and later it was discovered that his name was Larry Stewart.

Now recently a woman that was homeless and trying to find a way back to her home in Minneapolis ran across a stranger on a December afternoon. She had sat and talked with this stranger that had a red coat and red hat. After talking for a bit, the man quietly got up and slipped her a $100 bill and told the poor woman that it was a tribute to Larry Stewart. So now a new Santa or “Larry Stewart” has emerged and leaves one wondering where this gesture might lead. Maybe the man in the red coat will continue the legacy of Larry Stewart and start passing out $100 bills. Perhaps it was just a really sad story that the woman told and the man felt the need for this generosity one time. I would expect others to hear about this and wouldn’t be surprised to see the Secret Santa continue to live on.

Larry Stewart passed away earlier this year at the age of 58.