The Graveyard Shift


The good thing is when it’s time to go home. You get to see all the other people going to work a long day, while you are on your way to your bed. If you have a 3rd shift job, or have worked in one the past, I would like to hear about it. What was some things you did to keep yourself awake at night? Any run in with animals at night? What scared you the most? Weather? Sounds? Strangers? Equipment went haywire, and no one around but you?

Here’s to the graveyard crew! Cheers!

Friends Already Talking About Vegas

I have some friends that have gone to Las Vegas for the past two years. They are talking about going again next year in June. I have always wanted to go to Vegas and would love to go with them. The big thing about making the trip to Las Vegas is having plenty of money. I’m not sure if I will be able to save up enough to go with them this year or not. I am going to go to Vegas one of these days; I would just like to have enough money so I could have a good time. It cost about $300 to $400 for our hotel and plane trip. It’s pretty cheap because we get a good rate on a group going. So I would need to save that much just for the trip and would have to save another $500 or so for my gambling and entertainment needs. I’m just not sure if I can save that much in the next 8 months or so. I might just have to start saving now, so I can plan to go in 2009!

Eating Deer Meat

So has anyone got a deer this year yet? I know hunting season is starting to get in full swing where I live and lots of hunters are taking to the woods, looking for that deer. I don’t go deer hunting, but I do like eating them. I haven’t acquired the taste for the sausage or the deer steaks that people will fry, but adding deer meat to a soup is great. I love deer stew, if it has been cooked right. I have a cousin that prepares it with a few vegetables that I like and he also adds lima beans to his deer stew. I’m not the biggest fan of lima beans, but I will eat it the way he prepares his deer stew.

I miss our family reunions where he would bring the Crocker pot and it would be filled with deer stew. The electric pot would keep the deer stew good and hot. I would never just eat one bowl, but I would make 2nd and 3rd trips back for it. Just thinking about it now, makes me want to have a bowl. I think I am going to have to give him a call and see if he is planning on making any this year!

Getting Ready For A Big Event

So what are some of the traditions you go through, while planning a big event? I’m sure for any sports fan out there; they have some type of routine they go through to get ready for a big series against a rival baseball team, a big basketball game coming up, or perhaps something like the Super Bowl. I’m sure there are others that do some type of ritual before American Idol or some big prime time event comes on tv.

Now the food is the most important part. You have to have the peanuts, potato chips (or like we say in the South…..tater chips), hot wings, nachos, or something along those lines. It’s always more fun with a crowd, so you probably invite a few friends over to watch the big event with you. Just putting out some extra chairs for the guests and maybe some folding tables to hold all the food on, is a few little things I do, to welcome my friends that might be stopping by.

Then it’s all about the good luck charms. If your team or singer won the last time you was wearing just one sock, or maybe you had a hat you was wearing backwards at the time. Then it will be important that you recreate the scene so you don’t jinx anything. If this sounds crazy, you would be surprise to what some lengths some people will go through to make sure everything is perfect for the big upcoming event. I’m a huge sports fan, and I have heard of just about everything. It’s not just the fans either, that do all the superstitions. Professional ball players have had there own traditions of doing things on game day. I know the ex-star baseball player Wade Boggs was known to eat chicken during baseball season. He claimed it helped his batting average, and Boggs has one of the best career batting averages of any baseball player. Chicken is also a favorite of Dallas Mavericks star Jason Terry. While he was playing for the Hawks here in Atlanta, it was known that Jason always likes to eat chicken fingers before every game.

Now speaking of the Atlanta Hawks and basketball, it’s getting close to the NBA Draft. I can’t wait for it to happen, to see who the Hawks pick up. They have the 3rd and 11th overall picks in this year’s 2007 NBA Draft that will be coming on later this month. I will be getting some chicken wings, and some snacks just to watch the basketball draft. If you have any traditions that you go through before you watch some big sporting event, then I would love to hear about them.

Its That Time of the Year

Winter and the cold weather are coming. Not to mention all the big dinners we will be eating for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Since we are going to be putting on a few pounds these next few months, I have a great way for you to work those extra pounds off. The ellipticals is a great way to exercise and you can do these indoors, so you don’t have to worry about how cold it is outside. The Welso Momentum, NordicTrack and the ProForm SpaceSaver are just a few of the ellipticals that you help you keep those pounds off. Now is a great time to get one of these so you can be prepared for all those holiday calories you will be taking in soon. Check out the ellipticals and see if owning one of these devices makes sense for you this holiday season.

Extra Money for Bloggers

For any bloggers that are looking for a little extra income, should join bloggerwave. It’s a great way to monetize your blog, by taking paid advertisements and inserting them in your blog. You can imbed links that will lead back to the advertiser’s page and once your post is approved, you will be paid through Pay Pal. It’s really simple to do and it gives you a little extra cash in your pocket. Advertisers and bloggers are both realizing the power of blogs and just how effective they can be, when it comes to getting those high search engine rankings. Give it a try and let me know if you like it as much as me!

The Tampa Yankees

How many of you have ever heard of the Tampa Yankees? You might know them better as the New York Yankees. Its the same team, but during the spring time of the year, many people in Florida call them the Tampa Yankees. Yankees Spring Training tickets aren’t that easy to find either. New Yorkers might think they have a hard time finding tickets for Yankee Stadium, but Legends Field in Tampa doesn’t have as many seats and there just about as many requests for tickets to see their Tampa Yankees play.

I really like the area around Tampa Bay, Florida. There is a lot to do in the Tampa area. Last time we were down there we checked out the greyhound track, Tropicana Field where the Tampa Bay Devil Ray’s pro baseball team plays, the Pirate ship at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stadium for their NFL team and Legends Field where the Yankees have spring training at every year. All of these things are close together and you could just about walk to each place if you had to. Even with the pro fields that are around Tampa Bay, there is just something special about Legends Field. That place just seems to have some magic like Yankee Stadium does in New York. I would highly recommend going to a Yankees spring training game if you were down there that time of the year. You will see the locals there and people that have traveled from the Big Apple to be there. I think some New Yorkers and die-hard Yankee fans travel with the team south every year and just grab a Yankees Spring Training Schedule so they can see every game their Bronx Bombers play at Legends Field. There really isn’t a bad seat there, but if you plan on taking in a game there, you will want to get your tickets early!

Elba Island

Italy has some of the most beautiful islands in the world. Elba is the 3rd largest island in Italy. Only Sicily and Sardinia are larger than Elba. There are so many great things you can do in Elba. You can take in the nature by it’s towering cliffs, or swim in the blue waters and go into the underwater caves. There are many different kinds of fish that hang around the island. You can go scuba diving to see them, or just take a canoe ride through the beautiful waters of Elba. Elba Hotel & Travel Information can help you find all the details about staying in Elba. You can visit the Island from many European Cities. You can fly in or even take a ferry from Piombino harbour. Come see the Island’s beauty and enjoy the mild weather you will experience at Elba Island.

Nation Voice

Nation Voice Communications has positioned itself as a leader in online communications. You will get high quality Ventrilo Servers and a performance edge that no other companies can offer. They want their customers to have the very best experience possible. In giving them that, they have mangaed to get a great reputation for their reliability. You want someone you can trust with your servers, and Nation Voice can deliver that.

Their services are not only good for your local areas, but go all around the world. So you can have global communications to everyone that you need to be in contact with. You will get the benefits of having worldwide locations, and at the same time superior voice quality. You can get a voice server that will host up to 10 users for only $4.99. If you need more users than 10,  they have several packages to offer. You can get as many as 200 users for less than $55.  So consider Nation Voice when choosing your next network or voice solutions company.

Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafucco

Have you heard the latest on the Long Island Lolita and Joey Buttafucco? It appears Joey is moving back to the New York area to move in with Amy Fisher. I’m not joking, it’s true! Ok, just in case someone out there doesn’t know the story, let me fill you in first.

A long time ago, Amy was bringing her car into Joey’s auto body shop to get repairs. The two hooked up, and began an affair. It was a one way affair, because Amy was only 16 years old at the time. So you have a grown man, that’s having an affair with a minor. Now it gets better than that. Amy is in desperation to keep Joey all for herself, she shows up at Joey’s home one day. She had a gun, and shot Mrs. Buttafucco in the head. She figured if Joey’s wife was dead, then she could just move into Joey’s life.

He was outraged that she shot his wife. Now Amy Fisher was convicted on this crime and did do time in prision for it. The ex-Mrs. Buttafucco has forgave her, but still holds a grudge against Joey. They are divorced now, due to the affair Joey had with Amy. Now Amy has a husband that she is currently living with. I think Joey has a woman too, but not sure if they are married.

So now the soap opera heats up more. It is being said that Joey Buttafucco is moving in with Amy Fisher. Amy’s husband will soon be moving out, and Joey will be taking up residence at the home of Amy and her husband. Pretty hard to imagine that a girl that shot his wife in the head, who is the mother of his children, is going to move in with the ex-con. Now Joey isn’t so clean hisself. He has served time in jail as well.

Now I am hearing rumors that a tv reality show, might be jumping on this latest news from the Long Island Lolita Story. However, it might be the reality tv show is causing this move to happen in the first place. Amy and Joey are probably not too wealthy, and making a reality show of thier life together would bring in a lot of money. I would guess that each one of them, could make 5 million easily from a reality show.

So I could see Amy talking to her husband, and telling him to move out. Then let Joey move in for about 3 months to shoot the reality show. After that, Joey moves out, her current husband moves back in and they are about 5 million dollars richer. The same would hold true on the other side of the story with Joey and his woman. I guess you can’t blame them, but Joey will be taking a lot of critism moving back in a household with a woman that shot his ex-wife.

Pay Per Post

Have you heard of Pay Per Post? They offer bloggers, advertisers, and publishers the chance to  generate traffic or money on their sites or advertisements. Just as recent as January, Pay Per Post was recognized as a leader in emerging technologies. Let’s break down the three main ways to take advantage of blogging, advertising, and publishing.


You can get paid to blog. It’s nothing new here, for anyone with a blog. You been writing about things already in your blog. So you just continue to do what you know, while earning money at the same time. Advertisers want to know what you think, and they are willing to pay you for it. There are always plenty of opportunities to take advantage of, not to mention a wide range of categories.


Pay Per Post is a great way to advertise. It allows advertisers to do effective marketing on the internet. You just create the story to the bloggers, and they will write about it, post videos on it, add audio to it, or add pictures to it. They will give your advertisements a whole new look. This is a great linking opportunity, and will help your site get better rankings on the search engines.


Get the chance to gain links, while bloggers syndicate stories with your site. You get to provide the main story, while the bloggers and people responding will create a buzz to your site. Pay Per Post gives publishers a direct API which allows them integration into your content management system. As a publisher you also have the ability to require a dynamic tracking link for determining traffic or a regular link that will help you build search engine ranking.



Canalytics is the measure approach to SEO and SEM. Founded in 2003 as a Google Analytics and paid search consulting firm. You can use their search engine optimization, to help get better rankings. Where they will talk about web content, link building, performance, and site analysis. Their experts can help you get on the right track in promoting your products or services. A analytics company could possibly be the best move you ever made!

The Craze Over Crab Legs

I am someone that goes around saying that I love to eat seafood. I’m not really sure if I am a seafood lover or not. I actually like a nice piece of fresh fish that is grilled to perfection. If you can throw me an endless plate of popcorn shrimp and some french fries to go with my grilled mahi mahi, amber jack, tilapia, or grouper; then I’m good to go. There are a few other items that I like to munch on at the seafood buffets, but it’s the grilled fish and popcorn shrimp that I like the most.

I have seen over the years that the people that eat crab legs, really eat their crab legs! I have tried crab legs many times and still can’t find what the fascination with them is. I don’t think they taste bad, they are just something to nibble on for me. I’m sure crab legs is healthy and there are probably some good nutritional values in crab legs, but as far as taste they are just average for me.

The people that load up on Friday and Saturday nights and go eat at the local seafood buffets will fight people over their crab legs. I recently ate a Chinese buffet with my mom and they offered crab legs on their buffet. The restaurant could not bring them out fast enough to keep up with the demand of people wanting to eat crab legs. As soon as a big pan of new crab legs got brought out, about 8 to 10 people would snatch them all up and there were a couple that were still waiting for their crab legs. When people say they like to eat crab legs; then they really mean it and it seems to be the most favorite seafood item a buffet can offer.

I know crab legs influence the prices of buffets. I will see some buffets that are around 10 to 12 dollars, but on the nights they offer crab legs, it goes up a few extra dollars. It’s not worth the extra money to me and I would just prefer to go on the nights where crab legs weren’t being served. Now are you one of these crazy people that fills up your plate to the max and the crab legs are your main focus on seafood buffets? Perhaps you could help me to understand where this craze comes from and why so many people will make their self sick, just filling up their bellies with these crab legs.

If you want to start a restaurant and want an easy food that you can cook and serve, but it will be one that people will knock down the doors getting to; then focus on crab legs. I can’t think of another food that is more popular in restaurants than Alaskan King Crab Legs Jumbo Extra LargeWild Caught Frozen3 lb. or more are. I would rank them as the most desired food in the world and especially when it comes to the popular items on a seafood buffet. Give me a list of some of the things you like to see on a buffet that specializes in seafood and how high does crab legs rank on your list?

I know I probably made some people hungry talking about crab legs, but no worries. The weekend is almost here and you can go out and find you a good buffet that offers crab legs. You may find the Chinese restaurants offer crab legs at a slightly cheaper price; than some of the other American restaurants that serve all-you-can-eat crab legs. I have heard that butter with crab legs is good and I haven’t never tried to eat crab legs with butter. I couldn’t tell you the differences in taste when it comes to Alaska Crab Legs, King Crab Legs, orSnow Crab Legs; it seems all types of crab legs are popular and I just don’t know why.


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Your Lottery Car

Everyone that wins the lottery always buys a real nice car. So what type of car would you like? I’m not really sure exactly which one I would buy, but I would want a truck for hauling stuff and a sports car for looks. I’m not sure if I would purchase a third vehicle, which would probably be a SUV type vehicle, because I wouldn’t want to be paying insurance on cars I wasn’t driving that often.

I do like the Ford cars and the Mustang suspension is second to none. So the Mustang might just be the sports car I would buy and I would probably stay in the Ford family and buy a Ford truck too. How many cars would you buy if you won the lottery? I know you could afford a lot of them, but would you really want to have more cars than you could drive? I hate wasting money and if I was driving a car only once or twice a week and having to pay full coverage insurance on it; I would feel like I was wasting money. So 2 would probably be all the vehicles I would buy with my lottery money.

Discount Radiators

You can now find discounted radiators for just about any make of automobile you might own. A Ford Radiator is no problem for the Radiator Team at They are the largest radiator distributor in the country, so there’s a good chance they have a radiator for the vehicle you drive. They have an interesting story that started back over 20 years ago in Northern California. It was just a three man team then and now they have grown to having warehouses located all over the country that have radiators in stock. The tradition of sending out a bag of candy to all their customers started way back then and they still do it today! So you just don’t get a radiator at a good price, but you also get a nice bag of candy too! These are the guys you want to deal with; when it comes to your radiator. They will make sure that you get the right radiator for your vehicle. You can count on them 7 days a week to take care of all your radiator needs.