Getting Ready For A Big Event

So what are some of the traditions you go through, while planning a big event? I’m sure for any sports fan out there; they have some type of routine they go through to get ready for a big series against a rival baseball team, a big basketball game coming up, or perhaps something like the Super Bowl. I’m sure there are others that do some type of ritual before American Idol or some big prime time event comes on tv.

Now the food is the most important part. You have to have the peanuts, potato chips (or like we say in the South…..tater chips), hot wings, nachos, or something along those lines. It’s always more fun with a crowd, so you probably invite a few friends over to watch the big event with you. Just putting out some extra chairs for the guests and maybe some folding tables to hold all the food on, is a few little things I do, to welcome my friends that might be stopping by.

Then it’s all about the good luck charms. If your team or singer won the last time you was wearing just one sock, or maybe you had a hat you was wearing backwards at the time. Then it will be important that you recreate the scene so you don’t jinx anything. If this sounds crazy, you would be surprise to what some lengths some people will go through to make sure everything is perfect for the big upcoming event. I’m a huge sports fan, and I have heard of just about everything. It’s not just the fans either, that do all the superstitions. Professional ball players have had there own traditions of doing things on game day. I know the ex-star baseball player Wade Boggs was known to eat chicken during baseball season. He claimed it helped his batting average, and Boggs has one of the best career batting averages of any baseball player. Chicken is also a favorite of Dallas Mavericks star Jason Terry. While he was playing for the Hawks here in Atlanta, it was known that Jason always likes to eat chicken fingers before every game.

Now speaking of the Atlanta Hawks and basketball, it’s getting close to the NBA Draft. I can’t wait for it to happen, to see who the Hawks pick up. They have the 3rd and 11th overall picks in this year’s 2007 NBA Draft that will be coming on later this month. I will be getting some chicken wings, and some snacks just to watch the basketball draft. If you have any traditions that you go through before you watch some big sporting event, then I would love to hear about them.

New York Real Estate

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Building Your Body Up

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Obviously Barry Bonds has been in the news a lot due to his homerun breaking records and if he did or didn’t use any type of supplements to help him out. If you don’t quite understand what all the fuss is about, then you can find a wealth of knowledge at A great place to go if are looking to buff your body up or just wanting to have a more attractive figure.

Getting Hotel Reservations

Another city could be more centrally located, for me to make all my site seeing trips. So I would have a choice in making my hotel stay. If I booked my reservations through Their world-wide rates are some of the best out there too. So traveling to another country, I know I would be saving the most money with

Alvin and the Chipmunks

The Chipmunks are popular once again and its all because of their movie playing on the big screen right now. I was a huge fan as a kid, but the Chipmunks just seemed to disappear from the spotlight. They are back and people are going to watch them. Record crowds have been turning out to see Alvin, Simon and Theodore and to hear Dave screaming “Alllllllllllll-vin!”.


Looks pretty good!

I haven’t had the chance to go and see the movie yet. I hear the movie is pretty simple with the Chipmunks just finding Dave and starting to sing. So it leaves the door wide open to see future Chipmunk Movies and we might see the Chipmunks Go To Paris or the Chipmunks Doing the Hula in Hawaii. Just a lot of different ways the movie can take off from here and we probably haven’t seen the last of Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Business VoIP Services

Is your business ready for a VoIP service? Packet 8 offers great services for anyone looking for a solid business voip to help run their business. There are many different plans you can choose from and you will have a nice variety of different packages to select for your business.

I think the Global Extension plan might be the best one for my small business. This plan allows me to work with many countries inside of Asia and Europe. In Asia it includes China, Hong Kong, Japan, and many of the other key Asian nations that I work with for my small business. In Europe my plan would include nations like Italy, Greece, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, France, and other European nations that I work close with for my small business. I currently don’t have any daily duties in Latin America, but I am looking to expand and this Global Extension plan would include Mexico City and Puerto Rico for my expansion. I also have the comforts of knowing that New Zealand and Australia would be available in this plan if my small business duties took me to those parts of the world.

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Paris Hilton To Play Backgammon

The most beautiful jailbird that the world has ever seen is going to have a little entertainment while she is serving her time. If you been on another planet or something, let me fill you in on the latest details involving the lovely Paris Hilton.

A judge has ordered her to serve 45 days in jail. It’s not looking like Paris is going to be able to buy her way out of this either. The judge in her case is pretty determined that Ms. Hilton serves her full 45 days behind bars, for violating her probation terms.

Don’t fear Paris! There is help on the way! the makers of a great online version of the popular backgammon game, are going to be sending you a version of the game. truly sympathizes with Paris and the time she is going to have to serve behind bars. They will be sending Paris the backgammon game, so she can play with her new jail friends, or just by herself. I think this will be a great way to help pick up her spirits, while she spends the next 45 days locked up. I do hope they will at least let her have the game. There might be some restrictions where she can’t receive an item like this? Hopefully we can get a update from to let us know if she received the game or not.

Now backgammon is a game that has been around a long time. It might be at the height of its popularity with the way has presented the game, to the online crowd. Playing this popular game online has become very popular, and a lot of good things are being said about If you like to play backgammon or would like to learn how, then you might want to check out their popular online version of this game.

Now if by some luck, that Paris doesn’t actually go to jail. Then plans to auction off the backgammon game for charity. I’m not sure on the specific charity, but I’m sure it will be a worthy cause. So regardless of where the backgammon game ends up, it should help somebody. If you enjoy playing backgammon and consider yourself a real serious player, then you might think about playing this summer in the Annual Monte Carlo World Championship Tournament!



Daytona 500

Nascar has a short off-season and it’s back to work next Sunday for all the drivers and their crews. The Daytona 500 is like the Super Bowl to Nascar and while it might be the first race of the year, it always seems like its the best race of the year. If you get a strong finish at Daytona, that will usually carry over into the future months when Nascar heads into those summer months. So reach up there one more time and make sure those seat belts are tight; we are going racing! Boogity Boogity Boogity!

MySpace Extras

You have a space, my neighbor has a space, your local teacher has a space, the police officer has a space, the nurse has a space, but none of them have my space! It’s true everyone has their own space at MySpace now and it’s a place on the internet that is all yours. You can do anything that you want, because it’s your space. Now if you have been looking to add a little more excitement to your page at MySpace, then I got a great idea! How about adding a poll, quiz, test, or even a survey to it? It will encourage more people to participate at your MySpace page and the more people you have, is always the more fun you have!

Did you know that you can post Quibblo quizzes in your MySpace profile?

skip to results

Survey by Quibblo

It’s really simple to add this and all you need is the code. Just copy and paste the code right into the HTML or Code place for your page and you have instant fun for people visiting your page! Just start thinking a little more creative and try adding MySpace quizzes or something else that will catch the eye of someone visiting your page. Once you see how easy this really is to do, you will be doing it all the time. I’m sure your traffic will grow by leaps and bounds when you discover the power of adding a survey or a test to your space!

Beverly Hills Dentist

Having a great smile has to be supported with having great teeth. A dentist in Beverly Hills named Dr. Maddahi is ready to assist you in having that perfect smile! If you’re looking for a Beverly Hills smile makeover, then look no further than with the services of Dr. Maddahi.

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Getting a VOIP

If you are in need of a VOIP, then have a look at Cisco’s VOIP’s. You can check the data centre and start getting your business priorites aligned up with your resources. This Network Centre provides a good foundation for IT executives. It will help you through the three stages of the data centre evouloution. Consolidation, virtualisation, and automation, are the main three things you need to focus on.

When it comes to the VOIP, you can streamline your processes and improve efficiency using communications solutions. Today’s businesses use a lot of ways to communicate to it’s cutomers and employees. They will use a wide range of phones, voice messaging, e-mail, fax, mobile clients, and rich media conferencing. Once you have these things in place, it’s important to know how to get all these things working as one. You don’t want to have too much, and it makes the decision making slower at your business. All of these things can be a big help, as long as you have them all working in one goal. To help make your business run smoother, faster, and more reliable. Getting the right VOIP can help to speed access and improve communication, it can improve collaboration, and can intergrate different device modes and communications applications.

Cisco can help with your business needs. It’s important to find organizations to streamline business processes, reach the right resource the first time, and enhance profitability.


Checking Accounts

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GWP Wrestling Update

Georgia Wrestling Promotions has just finished up their 4th show in Ellijay, Georgia. It was a super night in the mountains of North Georgia. This was the first wrestling match up there, since the time change. The weather was beautiful, it was warm, and it was daylight at the starting time! So seemed a bit strange getting things underway and it was still light outside.

It was a great show! So many things that stuck out in my mind. Starting the night off with a 3 man battle. Where all 3 men were against each other. Then Nemesis (who’s becomming a fan favorite) got things rolling with his attacks on the fans. He was in a tag team match. He couldn’t agree with his own partner for most of the match, and by the time it was all over, it was Nemesis and his partner in a one on one brawl.

Daffney the scream queen made a special appearance as a referee. She came out there with her skimpy black and white stripe clothes. And before it was all over, she was involed in jumping over the top ring rope and landing on a pile of wrestlers going at it on the floor.

The night wrapped up with Shawn Tempers defending his Southern Title Belt against Adrian Hawkins. This one was classic! One wrestler had to win. They both got knocked out, and it was a race to see who would get to their feet first, because both men had been counted out. So the first one to his feet would win. Adrian Hawkins made the stand first to a crowd that roared so loud, it could be heard from the Piggly Wiggly in Jasper, Georgia (unconfirmed reports state)! Only to have his legs knocked out by the evil Rev. It appears the referee was not watching this most critical point. Then when his attention did get back to the match, it was the Sleeper Cell Shawn Tempers rising to his feet, to hang on the belt.

That does it for this week’s update. I will be back 2 weeks from now, and give you the next update from the GWP Wrestling Gang!

Arthur Blank Drowning In Atlanta

Arthur Blank continues to slide in Hotlanta. It probably couldn’t get any hotter for the founder of Home Depot and the owner of the Atlanta Falcons. He wrapped up an interview recently on Monday Night football and a lot of people are upset about his racist comments. He linked fried chicken and Micheal Vick together and apparently that is not ok and many are calling his comments racist. I’m not so sure that’s an accurate take and his new interim head coach is black. So with all the things I have against Arthur Blank, being a racist is not one of them.

I took other comments in his Monday Night footbal interview as lack of knowledge for the game of football. Mr. Blank made comments saying that Bobby Petrino’s hiring is now a better thing, than when he hired Petrino. He said he was more comfortable now because of the way head coach Bobby Petrino was handling adversity. That couldn’t have been further from the truth. Bobby Petrino didn’t handle adversity at all! He would often yell at players and referees during the most crucial times in a ball game. His emotions let the other guys on the team know they were about to lose. A head coach has to be strong in the most crucial times and especially when a play occurs that seems to lose a game for you. Players see that big play during a game and if they can look at the head coach and see no worries in his eyes, then they will think there’s a shot. No chance with Petrino, because he had the face of a soar loser every time those plays happened. So Bobby Petrino doesn’t handle adversity at all!

I couldn’t believe the team gave up on Thanksgiving Day when they were playing the Colts. I have seen this Falcon’s team give up in the past, but I really thought they pulled the plug too early in that game. Then again today against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers their play calling made no sense. They were on the wrong end of the score by far and the game was pretty much a lost cause. The Falcons had a 3rd down and 11 yards to go for the first down and they ran a draw play with their running back Jerious Norwood? That play didn’t make much sense, only to see the team on their next offensive possession and they ran the ball 3 times and punted. It was a clear sign of a football team giving up, much like Bobby Petrino did but he’s gone now, so you can’t blame him. It got even more interesting when the Bucs picked up a first down and the Falcons challenge the call on the field and won it. Tampa Bay then ran the ball, which the running back was stopped, but the officials gave him the first down anyway. From there it was a couple of snaps and the rest of the time ran off the clock. I don’t understand if you’re just going to give up, why would you care about the first down? This is just one of the countless mistakes and things that leave you scratching your head, that the Falcons have done this year.

It’s clear to see where the problem lies with the Atlanta Falcons. It’s the owner and his bad decisions on hiring general managers, coaches and then trying to act like he understands the game. He was ask to do an interview in the game on Fox and he declined to take that interview. It’s just another example of how Arthur Blank works and if his team isn’t winning, he don’t care to talk. If they have a shot, then by all means interview him. He will talk if he thinks they are going to win, but doesn’t take interviews when his team is losing.

Arthur Blank on Monday Night football talked a lot about next year and the draft. He was making this statement with 3 games left on the schedule and that’s going to be a lot of wasted time the Falcons could be using to get better as a football team. You don’t win a Super Bowl from the first game of the year until the last. You don’t win football games from the first minute until the 60th minute. You have to learn how to win each day and each momment and the Falcons are already giving up and are just going to wait until next year to start playing football again. I guess once they see next year is going to be a waste too, they will once again give up and it will be the next season.

Diabetic Test Strips

Are you satisfied with your diabetic test strips? It’s not easy trying to keep your diabetes under control. The management of your diabetes or a loved one’s diabetes is one of the most important things that you have to do everyday. Testing your sugar should be as easy and affordable as possible. If you have to test your sugar often due to diabetes, be sure you try the One Touch Diabetic Supplies. These supplies are some of the best on the market today. There is no easy solution for your day to day battles with diabetes, but you can limit a lot of the aggravation, when you use these diabetic supplies.