NBA Power Rankings 2007/2008

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  1. bmunch says:

    Hi, that’s a very detailed analysis of the NBA teams. It must have took you quite a lot of time.

    Overall, a well argued list that I can take with a pinch of salt with one exception. Utah Jazz does not deserved to be in the 24th team of 25. If you said they have the most overrated team in th NBA, then I can tell you they have the most underrated Coach in Jerry Sloan.

    They might be one of the most boring team to watch (Spurs ranked first in this category) but boring does not equate bad team.

    Just my long $0.02

  2. Utah plays Atlanta Monday…..should be interesting to see who wins that game.

    I really thought after the post season efforts of Boozer and when you consider the fact he stays injured, the Jazz should have moved him for a couple of guys that can run and jump.

    Your right…boring may not be pretty but it can win games. Most believe that wins are the bottom line.

    I know that’s the politcally correct thing to say, but I think I would rather look pretty and lose than to look ugly and win. This goes against the rules, but it’s true for me and I believe most just don’t admit it.

    New England Patriots should set their stars right now, because a Super Bowl is the most important thing? Wrong! That trophy is means nothing and it’s the undefeated season that they would prefer if they had a choice. They might not say that on television, but it’s true.

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