If you want to stay up with Nadine, you have to be able to travel and get around real good. It also helps, if you can drive 90 miles per hour on most country backroads, so you can learn the Nadine shortcuts.  In case you have been on another planet or perhaps you just didn’t hear yet; our very own Nadine will be leaving the Diner for a short two day period, while she goes to Illinois to perform live on stage in early April at the Bement Country Opry and there are still tickets available, for anyone who will want to check Nadine out in early April in Beement, Illinois

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For those that tune-in each week to see what’s happening on Larry’s Country Diner, will know who Nadine is on the show. Nadine has appeared in every episode that I have seen so far. You know when Nadine is about to appear by the music that gets played before her entrance. I think that idea caught on so well, they have also tried to create a piece of music for her exits too. She’s the one that comes in and changes things up a bit. She always has a few jokes to tell and will let us know about the recent church announcements too. Who ever came up with the idea to add the Nadine character to Larry’s Country Diner, it was a good one! We also get to hear about her husband Homer, but so far, Homer hasn’t made any appearances on the show.

If you haven’t ever watched Larry’s Country Diner before, you owe it to yourself to check it out sometime. There isn’t another program on TV that you can compare it to. It’s an original show by today’s standards. They do a good job with keeping the memories going from all the legends that have passed away in recent years. Sometimes we weep when we lose our loved ones, but Larry’s Country Diner focuses on the good times and celebrate the legacies in which some of these folks have left behind. People that enjoy country music and the names that put country music on the map, will enjoy watching Larry’s Country Diner. Each episode takes you down memory lane and reminds all of us the ones that got country music to where it is today. Not all of the famous guests like today’s country music, but they like the fact that it’s popular and they played some small role in achieving that fame.

Is Larry’s Country Diner a real restaurant in Tennessee?

I’m not sure on that question and perhaps someone that lives in the area or works for the show could answer that. Originally I did think this was a fictitious place and not a real diner. However, in some of the more recent episodes, some statements have been made that would suggest this is a real diner. Not sure if the public is able to attend live tapings of the show, but they might could actually get something to eat at Larry’s Country Diner. If it turns out that Larry’s Country Diner is a real restaurant; then I will probably plan to make a trip and eat there. Some of the food items that get shown from time to time does look appetizing. Nothing fancy on the menu, just your typical food choices you would find in any other diner in America.