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Larry's Country Diner

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A show that comes on RFD TV has caught my attention lately. I’m not sure when Larry opened up his diner on TV, but I have set the DVR to record each show that comes on. It’s a show that the older people would appreciate more than the younger folks would. I’m only 37 years old and people my age may not get Larry’s Country Diner like I do.

You first have to be southern to understand the music and stories that get told on Larry’s Country Diner. It helps if you like country music, gospel music, and especially the country classics that involve a bit of gospel music. Each show brings laughter to me and this is what I like best about Larry’s Country Diner. They also pay tribute to someone that has passed away in country music or a legendary comedian that is no longer with us. You get the tribute, a special dinner guest, and tons of laughs with each show.

If you have the rural TV station that goes by the name RFD TV; you should try to see when this comes on in your area and check it out one evening. I know on Dish Network it is located on channel 231 and Larry’s Country Diner comes on around 6 PM EST. I’m not sure about those of you that have Direct TV or watch RFD-TV through your cable provider.

The first time I ever watched this show was a few weeks back; when they had a comedian as a guest on the show. His name was McGregor or something like that. He is an overweight comedian and a lot of his material is surrounded by his weight problems. I hope Larry and the gang will bring him back for a future epiosode and I get the chance to hear more of his jokes. He really cracked me up about his fear of flying, but he likes to do it a couple of times each year, so he can catch up on his “drinking” and his “praying”. He also compares his car hitting a deer on the road; to the birds that brought down the airplane in the Hudson River. He says if a deer hits his car, guess who wins? Now what brought down that big airplane back in 2009? It was birds! It was really funny to hear him tell this story and I’m sure you can catch him on a rerun or another airing of this specific show.

Let me know if you watch Larry’s Country Diner and which episode you liked best. I have only seen about 3 or 4 different ones so far, but look forward to watching more of them.

Hey Larry? If you’re reading my blog post right now about the Diner; then please say hi to “Blogger Chris” on the airĀ and I will be sure to blog a lot more about your TV show on my other blogs. Keep up the work Larry and I can’t wait to see what new strings the Sheriff plays and hearing the church jokes by that lady that always visits on each episode. (by the way… the previous sentence was NOT meant to say “keep up the good work Larry“, I really meant to say “keep up the work Larry“, because I want to see you helping those waitresses out) See I’m only 37 years-old and I do get Larry’s Country Diner!