Renae the Waitress

For those that are lucky enough to have RFD-TV on their satellite or cable channels; probably know who Renae the Waitress is and where she works. If you don’t have this station, you probably have no clue to who Renae is or the show she plays a part in. She is the waitress on Larry’s Country Diner that comes on each Thursday and the show re-airs on Saturday night. It’s a great show for Southern America and I don’t mean South America, but “Southern America“. The people that live in the South, listen to country music, and probably went to a church that had a preacher who would foam at the mouth from preaching so hard, would be the perfect candidates for watching Larrys Country Diner.

I wanted to do a special blog post about Renae the Waitress and I have a good reason why. Before I tell you that, let me just let you know how Renae fits into the show. I first thought she was Larry’s wife in the first couple of episodes I seen. The way these two would pick at each other, it seemed like a logical fit. However, what other relationships do we have in life, where picking on each other is a daily chore? If you have a brother or sister; then you probably know where I am going with this. I’m not 100% positive on this and did try to research it online with no luck, but I believe Larry is Renae’s brother. They grew up in Alabama (or at least Larry did) and their childhood home near the Mobile, Alabama area is probably like most other places in the South. You can identify with them on their thoughts and the sense of humour both of them carry around on the show. You may not see it, if you just watch one episode, but watch Larry’s Country Diner a few times and you will see what I mean.

Larry, Renae, & the Other Waitress

Most Larry’s Country Diner episodes start in the same format. Larry will gather up some visual and audio resources to help shine light on a specific year. He will mention songs that came out that year, what a house cost, the price for a gallon of gas, inventions, and things like that, for just 1 historical year in the 1900’s. After he completes this starting segment, he is suppose to read the “Promise“, but usually will forget to read it. This is where we get to see Renae step in and remind Larry to read the Promise. Their promise is a quote from the Bible and you may know this better by another name like daily devotion, daily thought, words of wisdom, or something similar to that. Larry’s family back in Alabama did this each day and Larry has kept this family tradition alive, by reading a promise at the beginning of each of his TV shows.

So why the special blog post for Renae the Waitress?

This blog post was created, because the same way Renae steps in to remind Larry about the Promise, she stopped in to help answer some questions here (Creating a Simple Life Blog); which I have asked and some of the questions my readers have asked too. I was very thrilled and honored, to have Renae the Waitress, take time out to read my blog posts and leave 2 great replies that are full of information. She gave out some information about the tapings and how they work for people that would like to attend a live recording of Larry’s Country Diner. I had one reader (Jim) that pointed out the squeaky door behind the bar and she mentions it in her reply. If you would like to read exactly what Renae had to say, you can go to these two links on my blog here:

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Renae From Larry’s Country Diner Replies to My Blog Post on Nadine (Reply #3 is Renae)

I am the one she calls “Blogger Chris” and this proves she did read my posts. At the bottom of my first blog post, I was addressing Larry directly. I told Larry to just mention Blogger Chris on an episode and I would do a lot more blogging for him. Now that I understand how the tapings work, I realize this request isn’t something that can happen quickly. Maybe he can do a shout out in season 3, but that might not be as good as the invitation Renae gave me in one of her replies. I certainly want to learn more about how the shows get made and hopefully attend a taping in one of the future seasons.

Now Renae, you know us Americans are spoiled and no matter what we get, we always want more and more. I would really like to make that drive from my North Georgia Home to see you guys in Tennessee. As much as I would like that, there is something I would love 10 times better and that would be to attend a specific taping with a specific guest star. I know, I know, I am probably pushing my luck and I admit I am taking advantage of your generosity, but I do have a charitable act behind my greed. I had a close friend that died in his sleep from a heart condition that was unknown and his death was very unexpected back in 2002. He was a few years older than me and he was 34 years old at the time of his passing. Seems strange now that I am 3 years older than the age he was at; when he took his last breath on Earth.

What I would really, really love is to take his mama with me and I have a feeling my mama would want to make this trip too, and see a certain performer. From all of the shows I have seen and reading up on the guests from season 1 and scheduled to appear in season 2, you have yet to have this country performer on. Considering some of the things I have seen and heard, I believe it’s only a matter of time, for this person to make his way to Larry’s Country Diner. How possible or what chances do I have of going for a 1 day trip and seeing a specific performer?

You may can put 2 and 2 together and know the performer I would like to see. My mama has also blurted out another country music performer she would like to see. I guess the more names we give, the better our chances get? I’m not sure we could stay in town more than 1 day; due to my friend’s mom needing oxygen several times a day and the work schedule my mama has for her job at our local funeral home. Blogger Chris can easily make plans and time for a trip, any time and any length. So please let me know how many people I could bring with me or is the invitation for just 1 person? Oh yeah, I never did tell you who I wanted to come see as the special guest on Larry’s Country Diner. The country music performer I would most like to see is CLICK HERE and this will reveal my choice and also the person my dear old mother would like to see at the Diner too.

Best Waitress Ever (at least she helps me and Larry)

A really BIG thanks to the Waitress from Larry’s Country Diner; which we know as Renae. I remember Renae cracking a joke one time, about the Nadine bumper stickers causing a traffic jam, because everyone was honking that loved Nadine. I now see that the bumper stickers do exist. I really appreciate the feedback and feel free to stop by here anytime. Here at my blog called Creating a Simple Life, where we have the keyboard typing non-stop here and we just don’t care!