The skies are all blue and the wind is blowing swiftly in many parts of the country right now. This makes me want to go out and buy a kite to fly. I’m not sure which stores offer the best deals on kites or would have a good selection to choose from. I just know these windy days make it perfect for flying a big, colorful kite in the sky.

The weather is changing and as we get rid of Old Man Winter and bring in the warm sunshine from spring, this causes a lot of wind to stir up. We often see the stronger winds in the fall time; when our weather goes from hot to cold. We don’t often think about flying kites in the spring time, but it’s really a good time right now.

Many people will refer to this time of the year as Blackberry Winter. Just when we thought summer was ready to begin; that last cold front moves through our area and sends a cold chill running through our bones. We have to turn the heat back up and add an extra blanket on the bed at night. This Blackberry Winter period is the time you will see the little white flowers start to bloom on the blackberry vines. The bees love these flowers and it’s an early food source for them in the spring. This cool air disturbs the air above and creates a lot of strong winds in most states. I can look out the window right now and see this would be a perfect day to fly a kite.