How To Stop Smoking?

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  1. Nichole says:

    I quit after 15 years of smoking. I took Zyban for 2 weeks and that seemed to help but it made me a little depressed and quitting smoking is depressing enough without prescriptions to help that along. Outside of the prescription, here is what I did. 1. Change your routine… I used to smoke when I talked on the phone to family so I started sending weekly cards to them and talking on the phone less. They enjoyed getting letters like the old days, and I could avoide the “phone & smoking” habit. If you normally smoke after dinner, use that time to clean up dishes, take a shower, get your clothes ready for the next day. When you’re done eating dinner… start the next agenda item right away. 2. Fill your empty time (because I realized smoking really is an empty time filler) that you would normally smoke with something else… like writing cards, organizing closets, volunteering at a nearby school, taking a community ed class, going to a movie, etc. 3. Keep a bag of suckers in your desk at work, glove box of car and at home. When you have a craving, grab a sucker. 4. KNOW that cravings only last about 2 minutes, truly. I found it empowering to sort of welcome the cravings and be strong through them. When the craving had passed, it gave you a sense of accomplishment. Don’t dread the cravings, use them to prove to yourself how strong you are. 5. The hardest part… I loved smoking when I have a few beers. So, I really didn’t drink much the first few months I quit smoking. Instead, I exercised more… walking, softball, kickball, whatever you like. With less beer calories in me, more exercise and not smoking… I really felt healthier and confident in my decision to quit. Quitting is a lifestyle change so embrace the change and start doing all those things you thought you maybe should do someday. Quitting smoking gave me more energy than I’ve had in years. Good luck!