Did you come online today to learn more about asbestos, how to recognize it, and want to see if any is in your home now? Well you’re not alone and I came to my computer on April 10th with the same intentions too. I found it a little difficult and time consuming to work through different search terms for asbestos in the big 3 search engines. A lot of the information that was coming up, was dealing with attorneys for mesothelioma or a health care provider or system for someone that has meso from being exposed to asbestos products. I found that quiet shocking; since mesothelioma is a terminal illness and people don’t survive or beat meso. We have more information online for dealing with the awful after effects of mesothelioma; than we do for asbestos awareness and prevention. If we could get more people aware of products and structures that are likely to contain asbestos, we can prevent and stop this form of cancer from spreading.

A professional crew of workers that are asbestos removers can look a little scary to the average home owner. It is a good idea for people that work in the construction industry or have a job with an asbestos removal company; that they should take precautions and limit their exposure to asbestos. I found out at: http://www.asbestosregisters.co.uk/ that being exposed to asbestos does not result in cancer. It’s actually the small fibers that break down and often these very tiny asbestos fibers get inhaled. The people that breathe in too much or get exposed to these small fibers while they’re breaking down, will be in the high risk category. Just in the UK alone, they’re expecting 2,000 deaths from just the people at work inhaling these tiny fibers. How many others living in the United Kingdom will contract mesothelioma through other contacts or from their own home? What about the countries that are not as developed, prepared, or versed in asbestos dangers as the UK currently is?

Over at: http://www.asbestosregisters.co.uk/, I was able to see a way to breakdown asbestos in 4 ways. You have to start somewhere and I think these 4 classifications will answer or fit-in to most people’s concerns about asbestos.

*Analyze Materials You Feel Contain Asbestos

*Removing Asbestos Contaminated Materials When You Know They Are Present

*Take Asbestos Surveys To See What You Know and What You Didn’t Know

*Asbestos Awareness Training For Everyone

This is only a starting point and guidelines for someone that can’t find any prevention or asbestos facts online. Any information that you do find and discover online. Please try to verify the information from a 2nd source or website. We are all going to have to learn this stuff together as we go forward and wait for better prevention and removal efforts to develop. The best advice I can give my readers, is to check out the forum over at: http://www.asbestosregisters.co.uk/ and ask your asbestos questions there. They have a guy that will answer your questions. If he can’t answer your specific question right away, he will go in search for the correct answers. His knowledge and expertise in this very frightening field, will give homeowners and workers more knowledge, so they can avoid any long term exposures that could result in death. 

Now, going back to the title of my blog post: “How Do I Know If Its Asbestos?”. You don’t! Stay away from any material or building structures that you see as something that could contain asbestos. The good news is that being exposed to asbestos doesn’t result in mesothelioma. It’s being exposed to these tiny fibers that are breaking down, that will cause the health problems. No way for us concerned citizens to know which asbestos are safe and which asbestos are harmful. Just keep away and stay as far from this material as possible. If asbestos is in your way and keeping you from living a normal life, be sure to hire an asbestos removal company, so no one will get hurt in the process.