It’s time for a new day to dawn in the city of Atlanta for NBA basketball. The Hawks made the right move by removing Mike Woodson from the staff. The Atlanta Hawks need a coach that has a good reputation and experience working with young players. You can’t deny the youth and young talent the Portland Trail Blazers, Philadelphia 76ers, and Oklahoma City Thunder currently have on their roster. The Hawks have their own supply of young talent and one coach has worked with 3 of these teams and now it’s time to make it 4.

I am one of the most loyal fans you could find in Georgia or any where else in the world. I have been on the search for a new head coach for a long time now. I was so impressed with the way Maurice Cheeks handled the young 76ers team in Philly a couple of years back. He had this team running up and down the court and it was a fun-style of basketball to watch. I believe Maurice Cheeks would do much better, if he had a collection of players that were further along in their development process. The Atlanta Hawks have never had a coach that saw the potential in a run and gun type team. Cheeks could provide that in Atlanta and he’s already been the head coach for the Portland Trail Blazers and Philadelphia 76ers. He is currently working as an assistant to the Oklahoma City Thunder. His experience and especially with young players is what makes him a perfect fit for the head coaching duties in Atlanta.

I hope the owners and GM for the Atlanta Hawks recognize what Billy Knight started here in Atlanta. Billy Knight was not premature in wanting to fire Woodson last year as the head coach. He knew then, this team needed a coach that would push the guys and be a motivator to them. Mike Woodson was a coach that gave evil stares and blamed guys for poor performance. He never did try to lift their spirits during hard times and he would quit during games, just like his players did on the floor.

Maurice Cheeks led an NBA team to a Championship in his playing days in Philadelphia. He was the coach on the floor back in those early 1980’s and will bring that NBA Championship experience to the Atlanta Hawks; if given a chance to coach here. I would love to see Maurice Cheeks as my new coach in the ATL and once the fans understand what Cheeks is about, they will want this coach too. Please bring Maurice Cheeks in for an interview and give this man serious consideration for the job. As long as I hear that the Atlanta Hawks invited him in for an interview, I will know they are trying their best to find the best coach for our NBA team here in Atlanta. Let’s go get Cheeks from the Oklahoma City Thunder and our team will move to that next level in the NBA playoffs. Maurice Cheeks is your man for another trip to the post-season!