Chickens for Eating

There isn’t any bad parts on a chicken. At least that is what my taste buds say. Most don’t like fried chicken livers, but I guess I am an exception to the rule. I do like chicken livers and eating them with other parts of the chicken is a good meal. I know most don’t like the taste of fried chicken livers, but they do like the drumsticks and breast from the chicken. I guess you just wouldn’t be American if you didn’t like at least one part of this tasty bird.

Now have you ever tried fried chicken hearts? They are hard to find in the supermarkets. I have seen the Tyson chicken company put a pack together that includes gizzards and hearts. It will mostly contain gizzards, but there are some hearts in it. I love fried chicken hearts and it’s probably the best part of the chicken for me. If you haven’t never tried the heart of a chicken before, you really owe it to yourself to try one sometime.

Chicken Hearts

A chicken’s heart is not big. The taste of the chicken heart is nothing like the taste of the liver. So don’t worry about chicken hearts tasting like chicken liver. You can save your chicken livers for fishing and catfish love chicken liver and save the fried chicken hearts for eating. I understand why some don’t like the taste of fried chicken livers, but I think most would love the taste of chicken hearts. The gizzards in chicken is a little tough and chewy to eat. The chicken heart is easy to eat and not a bit chewy. A fried chicken heart is a wonderful treat and I’m sure there is some great health benefits in them too.

If you search different supermarkets in your area and perhaps ask the guy working in the meat department, you should be able to track down some chicken hearts. You could also call up the chicken companies like Tyson, Seaboard Farms, Pilgrim’s Pride, or Gold Kist and ask them if you could order some chicken hearts from them. All of these chicken companies should have websites online and you may be able to submit a question at one of their websites on how to order chicken hearts or where you might could pick some up at.

Killing chickens and eating them is common in the South. We have been known to have some good old fashion chicken dinners down here. If we get our hands on a few live chickens, we usually can kill and clean them our self. We can take an axe to their head and chop it off or just put their necks in our hand and begin shaking them until we break the neck and usually it separates from the body real easily. It might sound a litte gruesome, but it is a humane way to kill them.

Kids Preparing Chickens

The kids love to watch chickens getting prepared for the frying pan. After you do remove the head from the body, the body of the chicken can run around the yard for several minutes. If you ever heard the term “running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off“, you will know what it means, if you ever see this in person. The chicken’s muscles are still working in the body and especially the legs and wings, so after you cut the head off, you can see chicken running around and flapping it’s wings. This always amazes the kids and even the adults too! This is one way you can get the heart from a chicken, but there are more practical ways for those that do want to try fried chicken hearts. Please come back here after you have tried to eat some and let me know what you thought. If you have already ate fried chicken hearts before; then please let me know if you like them or never want to try another one again.