No longer are gold and silver credit cards the thing to have. In an effort to offer consumers a reason to switch credit card companies, banks are finding new ways to pimp their cards. One company is getting ready to launch a “scratch and sniff” card that will smell like coffee or one of as many 90 smells. A company that makes the plastic cards, has prototypes for prospective banks that will have the fuzzy feel of a tennis ball, or the feel of a football. If banks can get consumers to use their plastic cards, it is a win for them., There are so many choices and most consumers only switch cards every 3-5 years.

American Express is looking to roll out a Titanium credit card for their Centurion customers. These are customers they charge in excess of $250,000 per year. It is all about the prestige and the recognition factor. Who wouldn’t want to pull out a card to pay for those new jeans that looks like a tennis ball. Many of them are now offering budget support in order to manage your total spend to stay within limits. This is probably one of the best ideas that has been implemented to actually help the customer manage their debt instead of helping them get more into debt.