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We all use batteries daily. We have to click that remote control to turn the channel on the television and it takes 2 or 4 batteries to make that TV remote magical. Your cell phone uses batteries too, but you probably have a cell phone charger for it. If you need a new cell phone charger or would like to get a 2nd one, then shop online for them. I have seen some good deals for cell phone charges online.

List of New Cell Phone Chargers Online

*Samsung Travel Cell Phone Charger$3.07

*LG Cell Phone Car Charger$2.50

*BlackBerry Cell Phone Charger for Travel$4.55

*Motorola Home and Travel Cell Phone Charger$4.48

*Droid Cell Phone ChargersAC Wall Unit for Home$2.06

**Prices Will Change on these Cell Phone Chargers

***All Companies Can Be Found Online for Cell Phone Chargers

Above is just an idea of what a consumer will pay for a new cell phone charger. Since most cell phone users don’t have a travel cell phone charger yet, I did include prices for the travel models mostly. I also picked some of the more popular cell phone companies. As you can see, these new cell phone chargers are cheap and everyone should stock up on them. These charges always tend to disappear at my house or they just burn out and don’t work properly no more. A new cell phone charger will help give your cell phone the most juice possible. Be sure to only charge your cell phone, when it has lost all of its power. Recharging phones that are only half dead or half used up, will cause the cell phone batteries to hold less and less juice. Some cell phone users have no choice and must recharge their phones nightly, for work or business purposes. New cell phone batteries and new cell phone chargers would be a wise investment for this specific group of cell phone users.

*LG Cell Phone Battery$3.99 (regular price $46)

*Motorola Cell Phone Battery$4.70

**Online Prices Subject To Change

Samsung Cell Phone Battery – $3.43

Buying Car Batteries Online

Yep, our automobiles need a battery to run too. A good auto battery can cost $100 to $200. It really depends on your vehicle and how good the quality of the car battery is for your automobile or truck. A large truck battery will cost several hundred dollars (if you get a good one). There are some really good deals and low prices for car batteries online. If you like to shop online for batteries, you may have a shopping website already. If not, I will try to assist auto consumers, who are in the market for a new car battery.

List of New Car Batteries Online

*Optima Car Battery (in pic above)$164.92

*Pyle PBAT 1000 AMP Battery with Built-in Capacitor$163.32

*Interstate Battery (Best Value)$69.99

*Mazda Miata Battery – Marathon Brand Battery$79.95

*Solar Car Battery Charger$29.00

**All Prices Above Subject To Change

***As of July 1st, 2012 the Above Items Were in Stock and Priced To Sell

Auto Battery Charger with Air Compressor

Just about everything has a battery these days. At some point and time, you or someone in your household will be forced to buy a new battery for a remote control device, fire alarm clock, car, truck, boat, ATV vehicle, motorcycle, 4 wheeler, or a new cell phone battery. Whatever kind of battery it is, be sure to check back on this page and I will try to keep it updated, with the best places online to buy cheap batteries!