The Craze Over Crab Legs

I am someone that goes around saying that I love to eat seafood. I’m not really sure if I am a seafood lover or not. I actually like a nice piece of fresh fish that is grilled to perfection. If you can throw me an endless plate of popcorn shrimp and some french fries to go with my grilled mahi mahi, amber jack, tilapia, or grouper; then I’m good to go. There are a few other items that I like to munch on at the seafood buffets, but it’s the grilled fish and popcorn shrimp that I like the most.

I have seen over the years that the people that eat crab legs, really eat their crab legs! I have tried crab legs many times and still can’t find what the fascination with them is. I don’t think they taste bad, they are just something to nibble on for me. I’m sure crab legs is healthy and there are probably some good nutritional values in crab legs, but as far as taste they are just average for me.

The people that load up on Friday and Saturday nights and go eat at the local seafood buffets will fight people over their crab legs. I recently ate a Chinese buffet with my mom and they offered crab legs on their buffet. The restaurant could not bring them out fast enough to keep up with the demand of people wanting to eat crab legs. As soon as a big pan of new crab legs got brought out, about 8 to 10 people would snatch them all up and there were a couple that were still waiting for their crab legs. When people say they like to eat crab legs; then they really mean it and it seems to be the most favorite seafood item a buffet can offer.

I know crab legs influence the prices of buffets. I will see some buffets that are around 10 to 12 dollars, but on the nights they offer crab legs, it goes up a few extra dollars. It’s not worth the extra money to me and I would just prefer to go on the nights where crab legs weren’t being served. Now are you one of these crazy people that fills up your plate to the max and the crab legs are your main focus on seafood buffets? Perhaps you could help me to understand where this craze comes from and why so many people will make their self sick, just filling up their bellies with these crab legs.

If you want to start a restaurant and want an easy food that you can cook and serve, but it will be one that people will knock down the doors getting to; then focus on crab legs. I can’t think of another food that is more popular in restaurants than Alaskan King Crab Legs Jumbo Extra LargeWild Caught Frozen3 lb. or more are. I would rank them as the most desired food in the world and especially when it comes to the popular items on a seafood buffet. Give me a list of some of the things you like to see on a buffet that specializes in seafood and how high does crab legs rank on your list?

I know I probably made some people hungry talking about crab legs, but no worries. The weekend is almost here and you can go out and find you a good buffet that offers crab legs. You may find the Chinese restaurants offer crab legs at a slightly cheaper price; than some of the other American restaurants that serve all-you-can-eat crab legs. I have heard that butter with crab legs is good and I haven’t never tried to eat crab legs with butter. I couldn’t tell you the differences in taste when it comes to Alaska Crab Legs, King Crab Legs, orSnow Crab Legs; it seems all types of crab legs are popular and I just don’t know why.


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Getting In Shape at Home

You really don’t have to go to any of these workout gyms or clubs you might have to pay a monthly fee with. A few items here and there and you can create your own home gym equipment and start getting in better shape at home. I like to save money and it’s really not too hard to get a few items that will simulate the workouts you can get on those high-priced items at the local gym. Just try to understand what equipment works what muscle and you will be able to come up with something at home that will be just as good as the nice workout equipment the clubs have. If you have any idea or tips on some specific workouts you can do at home, to replace those workouts at the gym, please be sure to reply and pass them along. Getting in better shape doesn’t have to be expensive and just a little thinking, can go a long ways into getting our bodies in better shape and saving money too!

Beach Cruisers For Fun

These cold days of winter won’t be lasting much longer and it will be time to start planning those vacations to the beach or just taking the family for a weekend picnic by the water. When you get to the beach and feel those breezes going through your hair, take advantage of it even more with a beach cruiser. You can find one of these cruisers or bicycles at They have a variety of men’s, women’s and kids cruisers available. You will find the size and color that you like best and will be all ready for when the weather starts to warm back up!

Going to the beach will never be the same again if you get on a pink beach cruiser or one of the other fine cruisers at I love riding bicycles at the beach and it seems like you never get tired. The atmosphere of the water and the gentle wind that is always blowing in your face gives you the ability to ride for miles and miles, up and down the shoreline. If you haven’t been exercising much or looking to loose a little weight, it doesn’t get any easier than riding your bike on the beach. You can have a lot of fun on these bicycles and staying in better shape at the same time!

Take your time and find the cruiser you will get the most enjoyment from. They are available with one speed or multi-speed depending on which one makes you feel the most comfortable. You don’t have to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars to own your cruiser. You will find that there are many cruisers that sell below $200 and just taking a few trips to the beach will get your money’s worth. If you like to go to the beach a dozen times or more each spring and summer, you really should consider taking your cruiser along. It’s a great way to spend extra time with the family and getting everyone in your household their own cruiser! Your family will thank you, your heart will thank you and you will thank your self, because the beach will never be the same again, once you ride your cruiser for that first time!

Dance or Cheer Wear Apparel

If you like to dance or exercise in leotards or need those special costumes for your dancing routines, see if Just For Kix can help with your wardrobe. They have a huge selection of leotards, tights, warm ups, tutu’s, unitards, tee shirts and other items for all your dancing apparel.  You will find everything you need and at low prices for this quality merchandise Just For Kix offers. The Dance Wear apparel they offer is for all ages and you can find something for the kids, teens or adults needing the undergarments, tops, bottoms or other pieces for your dance wear accessories. All the young ladies and girls will love browsing through the selections at Just For Kix, but don’t worry guys, you can find men’s and boys dance wear too!


Are you a cheerleader looking for things to add to your wardrobe? Just For Kix also has a nice selection for all the cheerleaders too! You can look for your warm ups, tees & tanks, sweat shirts, pants, skirts, socks and they even offer a category for campwear. So if you just need to pick up something for the cheerleading camp this summer, be sure to check with Just For Kix for their cheerwear. Dancers and cheerleaders will now have a place online; they can just go pick up the extra things they need for their outfits!

Promotional Items for your Business

If you need more exposure for your business or maybe have an event you would like to advertise more, you should seek out all the great ways to give your self more exposure. Using Promotional Items can be a very effective marketing tool in drawing attention to your interest. Having a key chain, ink pen or a bag showing your company’s name is a good way to attract new clients or customers to your business. There is never a such thing as bad advertising and the important thing is just exposing all the avenues to promote your product or service. Some of these promotional items give your company instant credit and might make your business seem bigger than it really is. You’re not trying to trick your customers, but you do show them you’re serious when they see your name on another product.

Imagine if you were having a golf tournament and trying to raise money for a charity, school or church in your area. Your company sponsoring an event like this and adding your company name to all the golf balls; is a good way to keep reminding all the golfers who is sponsoring the event. Long after the golf tournament has passed, they will still be golfers and others that will see your company name on all those golf balls. It’s a good investment to use promotional items and you could be bringing in new customers months and years down the road; just by having your name on a few items that people use everyday. See if you can find a promotional item that your company name would look good on!

Custom Designer Boots

I’m a guy so not really too picky when it comes to the boots I wear. I know a lot of ladies out there go for the really nice boots and they must match their outfits too! The Emu Boots or Emu Australia will be what a lot of women and girls will want to wear on their feet. Designer boots are nice to see on women and seem to be gaining in popularity. The guys out there can surprise the ladies in their life with a pair of these boots. If you’re not sure what they might like; it might just be best to let them pick it out. I know our taste as guys isn’t always the same as the gals have, but they will say thank you the same, if you get them a pair of designer boots. Many styles and colors to choose from and you can find a nice selection at the Clausette.

Ink Pens for Advertising?

It’s common for most companies to have their own business cards. It can be an effective marketing tool and you can list your website, address, phone number and other contact information like that. I was just wondering if anybody has tried to promote their interests with ink pens? Be sure to share your success with promoting tactics like these and anything else that might be similar. I am always trying to find a new way to create buzz about one of the things I am involved in. I think advertising on ink pens could be a great way to get business or people coming to your website. We all love to drive traffic to our websites and an ink pen could send more than just 1 person to your website.

Let me know about some of the avenues that you have tried to advertise in, that might not be considered main stream. Also, let me know if you tried something and it just didn’t work. Good or bad I want to try and figure out some other creative ways to market my products and services I am currently involved in.

Girl Power! Clothes For Her

There is a place online selling girl’s apparel that promotes a positive attitude. There is nothing more productive in life; than promoting a young girl’s mind and spirit. What if wearing a t-shirt or hat would give your daughter more confidence? Would you be interested in it? That is exactly the approach behind Girl Mogul and their thinking behind some of these cool designs for the girl in your life. You can also find some of these cool clothes for the mom too; so they can wear a shirt just like their daughter. I believe my mom would like one of the t-shirts Girl Mogul offers.


I would get my mama this shirt and it comes in different colors. The above color is Caribbean Blue, but you could choose a Black, Red or Violet color for your shirt. This has the “Reach for the stars” logo on it. There is more logos to choose from at Girl Mogul and they all have a positive message behind them.

The founder of Girl Mogul Andres Stein didn’t like all the “princess t-shirts” that were available out there and she wanted to see more shirts that gave girls confidence. To let them know that nothing was impossible and they could grow up to be anything they wanted to. There are four characters that help promote the Girl Mogul name. The girls of Girl Mogul are 4 girls that come from different backgrounds and they all realize that if they work hard enough, there is nothing impossible that they can’t accomplish in life. You can see Daisy, Lilly, Poppy and Rose as the girls leading the way in this movement to show girls of all ages; that there really isn’t anything impossible! These 4 girls have more energy and desires to succeed than the Powder Puff girls do! I don’t think Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles would want to get in the way of the 4 Girl Mogul Girls.

See if you can find that perfect message for your daughter, niece, neighbor or who ever might be the young girl in your life. Some of the messages are “Future Leader of the Free World“, “I Like Math“, “Science Is Cool“, “Dream Big” and there is even one that says “I can hack your computer“. I think that is the funniest one! I can just see a young girl now wearing a shirt that says she can hack my computer. It wouldn’t surprise me any, because I know a lot of kids that know more about computers than I do. There are lots more messages and types of shirts available at Girl Mogul.

Medical ID Jewelry

I’m not sure who came up with the idea to have personal information on pieces of jewelry, but it’s a good idea! I know some people like to have their young children tagged with some type of information like an address or phone number, just in case they ever got separated from their parents. This is a good method to insure your child could get back home as soon as possible. Adults have a different approach and they can use jewelry ID for medical reasons.

There is no telling how many lives have been saved due to medical jewelry. You can really store some very important information on a piece of jewelry which could quickly explain your situation to a stranger. An asthma attack or someone suffering from a seizure might not have the abilities to communicate with a stranger. Medical ID jewelry could quickly let someone know your condition and would be able to convey your situation to a 911 operator or someone on the scene with medical knowledge. I also think these medical ID tags can be used for a lot more things. If you are very allergic to something and coming into contact with a certain drug or food could be life threatening; you could benefit from an ID tag. You might be in an automobile accident and if you were unable to speak to the paramedics arriving at the scene, they might give you something that could do more harm than the injuries you sustained in the accident. They are trained to look for these sorts of things and even certain symbols on these pieces of medical jewelry stand out to anyone that might not be medically trained. So consider a medical ID bracelet or tag to wear on a necklace, if you have any medical conditions that you suffer from.

Modern Day Service for Computers

We are in the year 2008 now and there is just so many things out there; that can cripple our computer systems. I’m sure you have heard of all the worms, viruses and spyware that exist out there. When our computers get infected with those things, we don’t get to surf as fast, downloading things can take forever and we might experience frequent computer crashes. All of these things are due to those pesky trojans and hijackers just waiting to get in our computer systems. Luckily we have people like Fast Teks that take care of all those bad things out there. They will help you remove viruses and any other types of spyware that might have embedded their selves on your computer systems. They are also an on-site computer service that can help you with Data Backup & Recovery, High Speed DSL Modem Setup, Audio Visual, Wireless Networking and other things you might need to trouble shoot and repair for your computer. These guys really do provide the modern day service that we need for our computers. Fast Teks are currently serving more than 150 cities; you can enter your zip code and see which location is nearest to your hometown.

Cell Phone Extras

There is a business located in Woodbury, Minnesota that goes by the name SF Planet Company. They are a company that prides itself on those “hard to find” items that you just can’t always find in the stores. They have an excellent selection on Cell Phone Accessories and if there’s been something you have been looking for and just couldn’t quite find it; you’ll probably have some luck at SF Planet Company.

A long list of companies like Apple, BlackBerry, AT&T/Cingular, Motorola, Nextel, Nokia, Samsung, Sprint, Verizon, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone; are the type of names they carry at this Minnesota Company. You’re probably not going to be near Woodbury to stop in and see these guys, so luckily you can take advantage of their website online. It’s really simple to just fill out an account with them and fill up your shopping cart with MP3 Players, Cell Phones, Cameras, GPS Systems and any of the electronic accessories like that you need. Go check out and pay with your MasterCard, Visa, Discover, AMEX or even your Pay Pal and the items will be shipped from Woodbury, Minnesota to your doorstep!

Be sure you keep SF Planet in mind for anything that you might need that’s cell phone related. If you know of something that exists, but it’s hard to find and you just haven’t had any luck locating it. Get in touch with these guys and they will try to hunt it down for you; if they don’t already have it in stock!

Get Your Kung Fu On Here!

Are you ready to do the Kung Fu? Or do you prefer the more self-defensive moves of the karate world? AWMA or Asian World of Martial Arts has all the karate sparring gear you will need. They have a full-line of uniforms for Judo, Karate, Kendo, Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do, Ninja, Hapkido and yes of coarse Kung Fu too! I saw 5 different products for Kung Fu for the kids and adults too; that you have to choose from at AWMA. This is a good place for the instructors teaching these martial arts to go and find the uniforms for their students.

AWMA isn’t just about uniforms, but they have a lot of other things that the martial arts enthusiast will like too! They have sparring gear available for the men and women both; that includes chest guards, mouth guards, head guards and anything else that you want to guard. I’m sure the kids and teenagers will love all the martial art weapons AWMA has to offer; like knives, nunchakus, stars, staff, swords and other weapons like those.

Asian World of Martial Arts Inc. also offers a lot of instructional books and videos for those that might not have a teacher to assist them. You can learn some of the basics of martial arts just by reading and seeing all the different videos that exist out there today. There are DVD’s available for Brazilian Martial Arts, Chinese Martial Arts, Filipino Martial Arts and Korean Martial Arts. You also have books for Jeet Kune Do and Japanese Tradition that are filled with great information. I even saw books that were for Weapons of Karate. The Bruce Lee fans will want to click on the Jeet Kune Do section for the books and see the different books that have the famous Bruce Lee. The best seller Tao of Jeet Kune Do is in the original words, thoughts and drawings of Bruce Lee himself. So just a lot of educational material that people can get their hands on, to learn more about the world of martial arts. Go take a look and pick up all the uniforms, sparring gear and instructional material you might need!

Swimsuits For Busty Chest Women has been providing those women with busty chests; bras and other clothing garments that are hard to find for those women with large breasts. I’m sure bras aren’t the only thing they have a hard time to find a perfect fit for and swimsuits would be hard to find as well. wants you to know they do have full busted swimwear for those women that need it. They have a great selection to choose from and this will make you feel more comfortable around the beach or at the pool this summer. You can find their popular DD+ swimsuits like the Tank Swimsuit, Brazilian Briefs, Underwire Tops, Camisole Tops, Twist Front Swimwear, Classic Bottoms and Sports Bottoms. These are just a few of the popular styles they offer at Some of the swimsuit brands include Anita, Fantasie, Freya, Miracle Suit, Panache, and Sunsets.

Its always been easy to shop for bras at They have a convenient search you can use to shop for the brand, style, size and color of bra that you’re looking for. While women search for the bras of their choice, they can easily add a one or two piece swimsuit on to their order. These are swimsuits that have been designed with the larger chested women in mind and the small chested women will see bathing suits and swimwear available for them too at You will find bra sizes of 32 AA – 56K and these do come in many different brands, colors and styles. So pick up a swimsuit to help cover your top heavy frame and get out there this summer and start splashing around the water!

Bodybuilding Supplements For You

For the guys and gals hitting the weights every day in an effort to build up muscle and extra tone might be able to get a boost from Bodybuilding Supplements. It’s amazing to see some of the results you can get from these products and there’s one great place you can get these bodybuilding supplements for a low price. has some of the most popular supplements on the market today. You can look under all the manufactures that are listed from A-Z on their website to quickly find the company you’re looking for. They also have a list titled “Top Products”; that is convenient for finding all the best bodybuilding supplements. The one thing that really stands out and it’s what their customers like best about their website and it’s the “Reviews” section. Visitors or people interested in the bodybuilding products, love checking out all the reviews so it helps them to make an informed decision before they buy. So be sure to read what other customers are saying about the products and you will have a good idea of which ones to get and maybe which ones to stay away from! Over 150 brands with 2000 products are waiting for you at