Guns N Roses

Where are they now? I heard Slash was playing with Red Velvet Revolver, but hadn’t really heard much on Axel Rose. Guns N’Roses was the band of all time. They produced some really great music together. Just like most good bands, they broke up. It would be nice to see them guys get back together again, and maybe do some type of reunion tour.

GNR had great songs like Sweet Child of Mine, Welcome to the Jungle, Paradise City, Coma, Patience, and a lot more. Their greatest hits album is one of the best of all time, in my opinion. All the best of GunsNRoses are on that greatest hits album. If anyone has any knowledge on Guns N Roses, please let me know. If your reading this Axle, please stop in and say hi!

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Losing Weight

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Disney Magic Your Way

Be sure to check out the latest promotion that is coming out of Orlando, Florida. There’s never been a better time to take the family down to Disney World and take advantage of all the great things going on in the area. Don’t forget to pick up your SeaWorld Tickets  when you go to Orlando. Also remember that is a place you can go to save on the theme parks, shows, and all the great food that is available in the Orlando Area. Don’t pay full price when you can get some of the lowest discounted tickets from! Be sure to tell Mickey I said “hi” when you go for your Disney Vacation!

Sunday Afternoon

Are you looking for something that the kids can do? You don’t have a lot of money, but need to find them something to do desperatley? I know having them couped up inside all day can drive them and you nuts too. Here’s a good idea that can be lots of fun for them, and easy on the pocket book.

If you have a lake near where you live, and know that ducks are there. Then take them to the water to feed the ducks. You can grab some pieces of loaf bread or some crackers. Just crumble them up, and take it to the lake with you. There you can let the kids feed the ducks. Your kids will love you for it, and it’s a lot of fun. Not to mention, the ducks will really appreciate it too! Also for any guys out there looking for a cheap way to please their date. Taking the girlfriend out to the lake and letting her feed the ducks works well too. Feel free to bring the fishing pole along as well, you might can even have a little time to wet a hook.

Let’s Go Rasslin

Do you like rasslin? Or should I say wrestling? Well in the south we call it rasslin. We have experienced some good wrestling in the South. Georgia Wrestling Promotions has been putting on great shows in North Georgia. They have been bringing in big names that have been on TV.

Great Wrestling has came to the state of Georgia. GWP or Georgia Wrestling Promotions has been putting on shows in the North Georgia Area. Currently they are doing wrestling shows in Ellijay, GA.

It’s been a fun time for the whole family. Fans have been getting a chance to get autographs from the wrestlers. The kids really like the ability to get up close and personel with the men and women wrestlers.

Big stars has been wrestling for Georgia Wrestling Promotions. The GWP has been getting some of the wrestlers that have been on TV. These wrestlers are very big, some wear masks, and some just yell at the crowd. Don’t worry, the crowd really let’s them have it back.

If your in the North Georgia Area, or just a big wrestling fan. Then you really owe it to yourself to take in a GWP Event sometime. It’s great entertainment, and a good price.

If your looking for more information, here are some sites to the GWP:

The Georgia Wrestling Promotions has been putting on shows in beautiful Ellijay, Georgia. If you like wrestling, then you really owe it to yourself to get out to a GWP Event sometime. There’s been some big names there already, and expect many more big names in the future. Shows usually start at 8PM on Fridays. It’s fun for the whole family.

     Wrestlers have been signing autographs for these shows also! Get there at 7:30 to get some autographs from some of your favorite wrestlers. There has been men and women matches. So the GWP has a great variety of wrestlers to enjoy. I wouldn’t be surprised to see mud wrestling, oil wrestling, arm wrestling, or any type of other wrestling.

     All the wrestlers have been great. They really get mean with the crowd sometimes, but the crowd sure let’s them have it back. Yelling and hollering is encourgaed at these events. It makes it more fun for all that is involved.

     Ellijay is located in the heart of North Georgia. It’s inside of Gilmer County, where you can find Carter’s Lake and the Dam too. It’s the largest rock dam east of the Mississppi. Located right by the Middle School in Ellijay, is a road called Legion Road. Just turn down that road, and you will see a blue building that sits down in a hole (about 1/4 of a mile down Legion Road) and that is the American Legion Building. It’s a great venue for wrestling! Ellijay is also located really close to the Tennessee and North Carolina Borders. So it’s a close drive for people in those states living close to the Georgia Border. If your not in driving range, then you can still pick up one of our videos. We will ship them to the 48 Continental U.S. States. (link at top of page for ordering online)

     Georgia Wrestling Promotions really looks forward to seeing our fans and the new fans that will be comming in the near future. Stop on by, and kick up your hills and spend a Friday Night with us. I’m sure you’ll be entertained and see why the GWP is a hot ticket right now.

Science Fiction Website

A webstie has been made with the science fiction guys in mind. It’s a site that you and your friends can join and network together on. This is like the MySpace for the sceince fiction buffs. If your into science fiction, technology, or you are just a gadget geek, then you should check this cool new website out.

The social networking part of this site is really exciting. Knowing that your co-workers, friends, family, or just people that have the same interest as you, can get together for some fun. You can build your own page, and make your own forum. They are opportunities to make money at Sci-Edge as well.

Come take a look at the Sci-Edge website. See the members that are already there, and browse through their pictures. Be sure to get your pictures up too, so others can see you. This is going to be a very popular site on the internet for the scienc fiction community. Get over and sign up today, so you can get on the ground floor, as you can see the next MySpace for the science hobbyists.

Forex Trading

Now I invest in the regular stock market, and haven’t tried futures and forex trading. Forex trading is the foreign exchange market, and is the largest one in the world. It’s about 30 times larger than all of the US Markets combined. So it’s a huge market, with lots of investors. Your trading one country’s currency for another one. So you can see how money can be made. If one country’s currency is down, you buy it for cheap. Then sell it back to a country that has a rise in their currency. There’s a lot of people that do this, and do make money off it. There are risk, so you have to be careful. It’s not really made for the small investor either.

The unique thing about this market is that it’s a 24 hour thing. So your able to react to breaking news on your investments when it happens. You don’t have to wait til the next morning for the markets to open, cause it doesn’t close. Gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the next earthquake, tsunami, or some political move that can cause a country’s currency to dramatically increase or decrease. Look into this exciting way of trading, and see if it’s right for you.

Look at global futures to help make your decision. They have a website that is in many different languages, so they can speak to you. Learn about some of the forex trading that goes on, and see if your investment portfolio could used something like this. You will get great service and low commissions from one of the largest online brokers for forex trading, or other types of trading.

*There is risk of loss trading Futures, options and forex

100% Free Dating Service

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The Largest Database

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Backyard Toys for the Kids

Looking for something fun for the kids? Heck this might be for the adults too! How would you like one of these giant inflatable toys that the kids would love? They might look expensive, but they are more affordable than you might think. You and your family will be able to get hours of entertainment watching your kids do the Moonbounce, back flips, and just hoping and sliding all over the place. These are really fun toys and if you have a little extra time, you might be able to actually earn an income off this toy.

It’s true, there is money to be made with these giant inflatable toys and other parents will pay to see their kids enjoying the toy as much as your own kids do. So now how does the price sound? You could actually start earning a nice income off of this, until you had $0 invested in the product. From there it would be all up to you and how well you kept the product maintained, on just how much money 1 or 2 of these toys could make for you.

These are made in the USA, by a company called Jumpions, Inc.. They specialize in these products that have been used for all kinds of events. Could you imagine what your child’s face would look like if you surprised them with one of these in the yard for their birthday? Just fill out a simple online application and you will see all the bouncers, slides, inflatable games, obstacle courses, and sports items they have available. They will help you market and promote these if you’re interested in making this a business.

Just go take a look at the inflatable castles they have and tell me your kids wouldn’t want one of these? You get a warranty with whichever castle you choose and this is good for 30 months! So you can rest easy knowing that you are covered for more than 2 years and will be able to enjoy one of these inflatable toys for more than just 1 summer. Be sure to let me know if you order one of these giant inflatable toys!

Office Furniture

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Home and Garden Decor

It’s getting spring time! Stepping Stones , fountains, flags, outdoor decor, kitchen and bath items are available at Online Discount Mart. As the weather warms up, and your looking to get outside more. You will be looking for garden and home items to spruce up the place. Online Discount Mart has a wide variety of things to choose from. You will find all the decor to make your garden or home stand out in the neighborhood. Please don’t forget about the birds and squirrels. You can find feeders for them too, at Online Discount Mart.

Final 4

The scene is getting all set up for the final four in Atlanta. The teams have been set, and are ready to compete for the National Champions in college basketball. The teams in the 2007 Final 4 are: UCLA Bruins, Ohio State Buckeyes, Florida Gators, and the Georgetown Hoyas. All four of these teams could win it all. Each team has a reason they have made it this far, and there’s no reason they can’t continue that for two more games.

In the first game you have Georgetown and Ohio State. I think Greg Oden is the spotlight player in this game. He’s been picked to be the number one draft pick in the NBA for the last few years. So he’s somebody that has already drew a lot of attention. His teammates play well with him, and they do have a lot of weapons that could win this game.

However, I think Georgetown has played the best out of the 4 teams remainning, and I think they can continue to do so in Atlanta. I’m going to give the nod to the Hoyas that they can beat the Buckeyes in a very close game.

In the 2nd matchup, I think Florida has the most talented team in the field. They won it all last year, and returned all 5 starters. They are going to be the toughest team to beat in Atlanta. Everyone will be rooting for them to lose, since they do look like the clear favorites in the final 4. I really don’t think UCLA has any chance of winning this game. I’m giving the win to the Gators in this one. If UCLA can find a way to beat Florida, then the battle will be downhill for them on Monday.

No matter how it turns out, it should be fun for college fans all across the nation. I’ll be sitting back and watching myself, to see how all of this unfolds.