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Today content marketing importance is higher than ever. Consumers are becoming increasingly bombarded by advertising online, over their airwaves, and in their printed pages- and they are becoming increasingly good at ignoring it. So how is a modern company supposed to sell anything in a market that is sick of sales pitches? (more…)

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  • Google Surfing Team

    Google Rookies Lend a Big Hand to the Google Surfing Team


    No one could have seen what was about to come. It was just a typical weekend in December. It was the 2nd weekend of this month, so nothing new there. It just seemed like another Saturday, it really did!!!

    My oh my, how it was all about to change and no one, I mean NO ONE seen it coming. Admin didn’t see it, the other teams in Trafficera didn’t see it, and even my eyes, with the inside view, didn’t even see it…

    Oh, where do I begin? Maybe with that first sign that we all had, but none of us really put too much thought into it. Yes, it was that FIRST SIGN, that is where I will begin this amazing story….

    Early Saturday Morning, it was 3:08am Server Time and the SkyRockets had just won a race. The Google Team would finish 3rd in that same race and it was our 2nd third place finish in a row. The next race up was a 60 clock race. I wasn’t online at this time, but apparently we had a pretty good crew on or at least at some point in this small race, they would make their selves visible.

    My entry into this story came at Clock 59. I came in and the Google Team had 59 Clocks out of a 60 Clock Race. I quickly went to the clock race score, to see if another team was with us and luckily there wasn’t one. The next team down (2nd place team) had 45 clocks. So we had a 14 clock lead and with my 2nd or 3rd click, it was me that found number 60 :)

    The exact time we won this race, was at 6:05 am Server Time (still early Saturday Morning). The celebration was short-lived, cause the next race up was the BIG ONE and it would be the race that would take us all weekend to work for.

    The BIG NEW RACE came out at 800 Clocks and right away, the focus quickly went to the SUPER CLOCK; where there was a lot of zero’s over there. 6 of them to be exact! Yep, the super clock would read: 1,000,000 time credits (exactly just like that).

    Here is where the story gets a little tricky and a bit fishy. Not sure what was going on, but once this big race came out, we all started finding clocks. Not just here and there, but quite frequently. There was enough clocks coming out and from different surfers, that I went ahead and decided to put 1 and 1 together and figured this was going to be a Clock Rain!!!

    After all, very unusual to see 1 million on the super clock and a 800 clock race on a weekend day. This info and everyone finding clocks so fast, had to meant it was raining, right?

    So without little hesitation, I scoot my keyboard close to my chest, clear my throat, and begin to yell at the top of my lungs:







    You get the picture, right?

    Call it faith?
    Call it destiny?
    Call it luck?
    Or just call it a few choice names or just plain BS, but the score don’t lie.

    With me scrolling the chat, yelling “RAIN” and the other Google Surfers surfing as fast as their clickers could go, we was building up a nice little lead, as we kept our number 1 Ranking from last race to this BIG Race.

    So if you can just picture for a moment now…it is still early Saturday morning. In the other 38,000+ team rooms, you just have a couple of surfers surfing, a brand new race that has just started, and since it is 800 clocks, they are all getting comfy, to what looks like a long day.

    While in the Google Room, you have 8 surfers clicking their fingers to the bone and me still yelling “RAINING CLOCKS!!!….RAIN!!!! SURF FAST….FASTER TEAM FASTER!!! WE ARE LEADING TEAM, GO GO GO….ITS RAINING CLOCKS!!!!”

    Was I happy? No doubt!!!

    What could have been better? Our team was winning, with a nice group of surfers online, and this surprise from Admin, to give us this Weekend Rain. Life was good and what possibly could go wrong now??


    So I jumped the gun just a little? It was just a wee little mistake, that could have happen to anyone, right? After being frantic and loud for 1 hour, a few things started to come into focus a bit better. Ok, it wasn’t a “few” things, just one little “thing”.

    It was early Saturday.
    It was a Big 800 Clock Race.
    And there was really 1 million credits on the super clock.

    What wasn’t so, was the little thing about the rain. Yep, the thing I had been screaming over and over, turned out to NOT be true. The darn clocks was just as slow as ever.

    I will never know why we all found clocks so fast that morning. Those that were surfing with me, thought it had to be true too. Apparently, we just all hit a run of clocks at the same time and since we were all fast surfing, it made the clocks look even faster, than what they really were.

    So now I find myself in BIG trouble. Got 1/3 of the team all pumped up for a short 4 hour race in the rain for 20,000 credits each. Now we are facing a 24+ hour race, and our lead at this time was still very modest. Maybe 10 or 20 clock lead.

    But where there’s a WILL, there’s a WAY! And this is the part of the story that I could have never seen in a million zillion years.

    As the morning kept creeping along, a few things were beginning to take shape. The Google Team had a few new surfers on the team and they wasn’t running away yet. Our core surfers and the ones I count on each day to help us win races and be competitive, wasn’t really around. Maybe 1 or 2 here and there, but never staying for very long.

    A few key folks were starting to emerge and their clicks and the clocks they were finding, was going up on our side of the scoreboard. Each one of them was doing it pretty fast too.

    It didn’t take too much longer in the race and we started to see a team pulling away from the others. Was it the SkyRockets? What about New Beginning? Nope and Nope! Actually it was us!!!

    The Google Team, without their normal cast of stars, were being led in a very big race, by the new guys on the team. It was the….


    This new crew of surfers came in like any other surfers we have had here before. As most of you know, I send out a lot of new invites every week. And we get a lot of new surfers coming in every week. I always hope that each new surfer we get, becomes the next Paul Kinder or someone that will stick around a few months with us.

    It’s hard to keep up with the other top teams here, so our guidelines do have to be strict. We need surfers who will wake up daily and come online daily, to check on the team and to help out in the clock races as much as possible. Not many make the grade and we end up doing a lot of adding and subtracting here.

    Ever so often, we do get lucky and find that diamond in the rough. However, we never find a group of them at one time and I think we have managed to do that this time.

    What my eyes have seen over the last 36 hours or so, is a group of very dedicated surfers. These Google Rookies are already showing loyalty, strength, the desire to succeed, and that rare and unique ability to NEVER QUIT; even when the odds are stacked up against you.

    This Google Rookie Class is made up of the following people and our teammates:

    *EarnForLife – is showing up daily and is willing to stick around and finish the job when needed. Very Important Clocks in the 800 Race.

    *Berlison – Wow, what a surfer. No doubt a key in the big 800 race and was finding clocks in the daytime and nighttime too. Made a commitment on Sunday, to stay til the end of the race.

    Handy49 – Not happy with the amount of clocks they are finding, but they never quit. Very steady surfer, flexible, and is as good as any of the other Google Rookies.

    Szanto425 – Going with a honorable mention here. The newest of the rookie class and just showed up on Saturday, so still a few questions remain. However, if Saturday was any indication to the heart of this surfer, then we got us a good one. Not sure where we would be without her and she surfed all day Saturday. If she can just give us a fourth of her production thru out the weekdays; on a daily basis; then she will have a spot here for a very long time!

    That is the super-star side of the rookie class and we might have 1 or 2 more on the team, that join this crew soon. Hopefully we will find more surfers out there, that have the Mad SKILLzzzz; like this group has right now!

    Oh BTW….

    I guess a few of you are still wondering about that BIG 800 Clock Race and how it came out? Well we lost and finished 5th place…no credits ;((( Sorry, we will get’em next time!

    Yeah right Dish….ha ha ha


    The real story of the 800 Clock Race goes like this….

    1 001 Google Ranked Us 800 50
    2 A New Beginning 687 25
    3 1st SkyRockets 608 15
    4 Friends 489 10
    5 01 Traffic Attitude 458 0

    *Google won by 113 clocks.

    **23 Members on the Team at the end of race and each Google Member got paid: 7,750 Credits Each

    The sad part of this story is we could have did so much better. Our biggest lead in the race, was over 200 clocks. Yes! We had a 200+ clock lead in this 800 clock race!!

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  • Sending Flowers from Your Computer

    You know how we use to call the flower shop and give them a price and an address for our flower deliveries? Most of the time, we never knew which flowers would be sent out. We would just want to order something special or surprise a friend with a floral arrangement. Did you know you could Send Flowers using your computer? Its true! I think it works out a lot better; when we send flowers to a loved-one online. At least we can see pictures of different flowers or floral arrangements; which does help us to decide how much to spend. Once we know what an extra few dollars could buy, we generally decide to go with a better gift of flowers.

    I think other flower shops who are not online now, should change that. A flower shop can reach more customers, if they use the World Wide Web to show-off their prettiest flowers. It really doesn’t cost that much, to get a website online these days. The hosting fees seem to be getting cheaper, since the number of hosting companies are growing. Once you do get a flower website up and running, be sure to include a lot of floral pics. Let the new flower site be useful for someone like me, who doesn’t know a lot about flowers. I can only name a few common flowers and I like a lot more, than I can name. So adding tons of pictures would be great, for customers who don’t send flowers online that often.

    Gourmet Fruit Basket

    For most of the flower shops online already, they offer more than just flowers. You can get these nice gift baskets in a variety of ways. A gourmet-style basket or a basket with candy and fruit is another nice gift to surprise someone with. It doesn’t always have to be flowers; when you want to surprise that special someone. Just remember to be as creative as you can, if you decide to send flowers online.

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  • For the best marketing results online. Everyone should be focusing on a few good advertising platforms. All of these are FREE to use and for the best results; you must login daily.

    1. EasyHits4U

    2. Traffic Splash

    3. Traffic Swarm

    4. 24/7 Traffic Pro

    5. Volcano Hits

    These 5 manual traffic exchanges are the ones you want to use daily. Each and every morning you wake up. Be sure to spend 1 or 2 hours at each one of these. For most Internet surfers, it shouldn’t be too difficult surfing at all 5 of these manual exchanges each day. Or you can surf 3 in the morning time and pick 2 more to surf in the evening hours.

    Some traffic exchanges you will want to surf on specific days. For instance, every Saturday, an online surfer can rack up on the cash, if they will choose to surf at Surf Sumo. This is a great place to earn cash money online, from the bonus pages you can claim. You will still be advertising your main interests online; while surfing for free cash money at Surf Sumo.

    Mondays is the day we will all set aside time for Click Voyager. They increase their surfing ratios here on every Monday. Plus there is a lot more credits to be had here, if you play hangman, take your spins, and claim all the bonus rewards; while you surf the first day of the week away at ClickVoyager. Perhaps you know of some other manual TE’s, which are good for certain days of the week? Please be sure to let me know and I will update any new ones, that you guys let me know about.

    After these two first steps, there is really only one step left to do and this is the easiest one of all. To be the best marketer you can be, you should take advantage of times you are not at the computer, to keep advertising your referral pages, affiliate links, personal websites, blogs, and other sites you want more traffic for. You can achieve this promotional feat, by using a few auto surfs regularly. If you need to clean the house or go cook dinner, this is a good time to let your auto surfs run. Maybe its getting that time in the evening, when all of the best TV shows are coming on. This is another peak time, for you to be promoting your websites online. Not only do I show my websites online during these times, but I also let my auto surfs run over night, when I am sleeping. This is the longest time we go, without personally being online. We could start maximizing our efforts during this long gap of downtime, by loading up our auto surfs and letting them run into the night.

    Auto surfs are just like the other traffic exchanges, but you don’t have to click a number or symbol for the pages to change in rotation. It does it automatically for you; which creates a lot more unique views you will be getting out there. This is really a great way to promote your personal websites and blogs. For the other sites, you can still land real referrals this way. Some surfers online will view some of these auto pages and from time to time, I do get new sign ups from my auto traffic. Here is a short list of auto surf websites; which have helped me the best with my online promotions:

    * 24/7 Auto Hits

    * Traffic Spammer


    * Shalom Auto Hits

    * Smiley Traffic

    * eBeshucher – German Auto TE

    It doesn’t take much to advertise like the pros do online. If you have time each day to commit to surfing online. You can build up a nice advertising empire. Just remember to wake up each day and try to promote your websites, blogs, referral pages, and all of those affiliate links you currently have. Promote several things in several different areas and you will get positive results back, from all over the World Wide Web!

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  • If you’re currently online doing a search for Rhett and Link: Commercial Kings from the IFC Channel on television, you must be looking for some top, notch advertising. Or perhaps you just have a little extra money in the advertising budget this month, to get Rhett and Link to do one of their awesome homemade commercials for you. I think that’s great and you are looking at two guys that know how to get it done! Advertising takes a special skill and both of these guys have the perfect answer to your advertising questions. Before you hire them to do your commercial, feel free to get a boost online while you are in the promotional mood. The reason you found this blog post high in the search engines, is because I use several high ranking blogs, to get this Rhett and Link Blog Post pushed to the top. So I can prove my value online and show you a cheaper and very effective way to market your products, services, websites, referral links, or any affiliate programs you want to jump start online.

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    For as little as $90, I can get you up and running with a 3 blog promotion. If you prefer to sample my work first, I will do one blog post online with a few different links and follow any directions you might have for only $50. Then if you like what you see, we can then add 3 blog posts to your order and your small business would be benefiting from 4 professionally written blog posts online. These will all be done to the best of my ability and I will be happy to do any edits; which you would like to have done to any one of  the blog post I do for you. I will be in close contact, so you can have easy access to me for any questions or suggestions you might have along the way.

    Rhett & Link Announces Commercial Kings TV Show on the IFC Channel

    YouTube Preview Image

    It has been a nice 5 year run online with YouTube for Rhett and Link. They both say they will continue to do their YouTube Videos and promote their customers here online. I know the TV commercials are going to become real popular in the near future, as the fan base from the television crowds begin to grow. If you would like to watch the Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings on IFC, be sure to check your local listings. Most of you should be able to tune-in at 10 P.M. on Friday Nights and watch their new episodes. Usually IFC will show an encore of the Friday night telecast again, in the early, wee hours of Saturday morning. Then throughout the weekend and several days through the week, fans of Rhett and Link can turn to IFC or the Independent Film Channel and watch replays of the Rhett and Link Commercial Kings program. It comes on a lot and its a good thing it does, so everyone can see how much of a genius these two guys are, when they come together for the same advertising cause.

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    **Text Link Ads in Sidebar are Available (prices negotiable)

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    Blogger Chris: Blog King does work! Give it a try today!


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    Come Surf with Us Now!

    Dr Lisa and Her New Book About Her

    *In Stores and Everywhere in April – ORDER Your Copy Online Today!

    Follow DoctorsTV on Twitter

    Book Author Lisa Masterson from Daytime Television

    My New Book is Done! Time for me to relax....

    Fans of the weekday show The Drs will know who Doctor Lisa Masterson is. She is the only woman on the panel of 4 doctors; who all cover an expertise, in a different medical profession. Doctor Masterson is a Obsterician & Gynecologist. Do you know what that means? How about a quick little game of Doctor Trivia with our own Dr. Lisa as the host, question, and answer to our little hospital Trivial Pursuit Game. Come on! This will be fast and fun…

    Health Exam #1 - What part of a woman’s body would we expect Dr Masterson to be touching the most?

    A. Ears

    B. Tongue

    C. Stomach

    D. Feet

    Do you have any guesses? Well just take out your Little Padgett Gadgets, oh wait, this is NOT Live TV!  Well let’s clarify a little bit more about the job, training, and certification, our little Dr. Lisa has, for her to do the medical tasks in her Doctor’s Office. And what her official title on The Drs TV Show she carries with her to the studio each day, where she is capable and professionally trained to answer the variety of TV questions; which get placed in front of her each morning. Dr. Lisa Masterson is a OB/GYN. She gets the first two letters from the “obstetrician” skills, knowledge, and years of training. While the last three letters in her official medical title is from the “gynecologist” skills, knowledge, and even more years of studying, reading, asking questions, taking medical exams, and other highly trained lessons, she has had to endure over the early years of her medical school days.

    Well after learning about her official title, I feel like I have a guess, but I am still not completely sure. Let’s go to and see what they have to say, about each one of these job titles Doctor Masterson carries with her.

    А Obstetrician is a physician who has successfully completed specialized education and training in the management of pregnancy, labor, and the puerperium (the time-period directly following childbirth).

    A Gynecologist is a physician who has a successfully completed specialized education and training in the health of the female reproductive system, including the diagnosis and treatment of disorders and diseases.

    Now do you have an answer for the medical question above? Please reply with your answers: A, B, C, or D. And we will try to get a professional OB/GYN to stop by and answer this tough question. Or perhaps if the one and only Miss Lisa Masterson is free and could spend a quick moment with all of us here, on the DRs TV Blog, we might could get a famous California Doctor to provide us with the correct answers to this OB-GYN question.

    Paper Dollhouse: A Memoir

    The main thing I wanted to give everyone the heads up on, is some of the details about this newest book from The Doctors Television Show in Hollywood, California. Most of you got to see the new book Dr. Travis Stork recently released in early December of 2010. Travis wrote a pure medical book and his Lean Belly Prescription has been a very popular book online. A lot of positive reviews have been made about Dr. Stork’s unique and helpful diet and exercise tips. Which he has laid out for men and women to start making a few changes in their daily lifestyles.

    The newest book that will be hitting bookstore shelves in April, will not be a pure book on medicine, health, and doctors. This Drs New Book will be about the real life story of Lisa Masterson. Long before she ever became a doctor, she was living in a much different life; than the grand lifestyle and fame, she now commands on the set of Paramount Studios in California.

    You can order Doctor Lisa’s new book Paper Doll House and lock in the special pre-ordering price. You will be guaranteed the special, low rate price for the debut of this special book. I can’t wait to get a chance to read through it and see what the struggles were like, for the very attractive Dr Masterson; which we see each morning now. How much worse, would our mornings be, to wake up each day, without having the lovely Doctor Lisa to smile and brighten up everyone’s day? I guess the feeling is mutual for the ladies; who find Doctor Stork from Nashville, Tennessee as a very attractive and well-liked doctor with the female audience members.

    More news, info, and details coming soon…

    Book Author Lisa Masterson & OB/GYN Doctor in California.

    Paper Dollhouse: A Memoir

    The more information I get, the more I will publish it for viewing. The Good Doctor did a good job, with covering her footsteps on this true story book; which details all of the facts and stories from her childhood days…

    Stay tuned….

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  •  Watch For This Page March 4th!

    An Internet Storm is brewing and its coming to a surfing browser near you! Where ever you like to spend your days or nights surfing, there is a good chance a flood is headed your way. This is nothing to worry about, because this is a flood of cash. Or more like a Fortune Cloud that will be hanging over the entire World Wide Web on Friday March the 4th, 2011. This is a very exciting time for old Fortune members and the new Fortune members; who will be signing up over the next several days. The party of storm chasers that are already on board, promises to make this the Biggest Fortune Blast of the year! We want you to join now and get in before the action starts, so we can make this the Biggest Internet Fortune ever!

    While the Samba Ramba Surf Team is already beginning to do their Rain Dance, their partners in crime are racing up the Google Rankings at a place called Tera. These two online surfing teams both have open roster spots, if you would like to join and become part of the Fortune 4 x 1 Retirement Plan all year long. Their only job right now is to drop the small pebble into the huge Internet Pond; which will begin a series of small ripples, that will travel across the entire landscape of the Internet Marketing World. There has never, ever, been such a small splash in the history of the Net; which brought such a big tidal wave of earnings to so many different people and in so many different countries.

    The World Wide Fortune Tidal Wave…

    Hits All Beaches March 4th 2011 – 3/04/2011

    The best time to act is yesterday. The worse possible moment to join is tomorrow. Everyone who is actively involved in finding new and honest money making programs online; will want to add the 4×1 Fortune Program to their financial arsenal now! No one has missed the boat and the first sprinkles of rain are still days away. It is very, very quiet right now, as we enter this period of time, we like to call the Calm Before the Storm.

    Hasn’t your online earnings already been cloudy enough? Things will only change or improve, once we make the effort to try something different. Today is that day for you my friend! Let’s stop spinning the wheels in all the mud, other wet money making systems have left behind. Let’s ride the Fortune Storm for a true financially-secured future!

    Creating A Simple 4 x 1 Fortune

    A one time payment of $11 is all you need! You never have to spend another dime, nickel, or penny to work your way up, to the higher Fortune levels. Your first cycle pays you in cash! Your 2nd cycle awards you with an entry into the next level up. At this point in your Fortune Journey, you will have two open cycles and can earn from both. The first cycle that pays you cash, will automatically start over, each and every time you fill it up.

    ***All Fortune Members Have 3 Ways to Fill Their Matrix Levels***

    1. Your Direct Referrals – From your promotional materials (splash page, referral page, or banner)

    2. Upline – Person directly above you will randomly be pushing new sign ups into your matrix levels

    3. Direct Referrals Finding New Members – The members you bring in directly, will be supplying their new referrals for their matrix levels; while helping to supply random referrals into your matrix levels above them

    Obviously you will get paid or earn a entry into a higher matrix level for each cycle you complete. You also earn extra money from a 2nd earning avenue at the Fortune Matrix. Each direct referral of yours, will earn you a matching bonus, for each cycle they complete. The first level cycles will pay you $11 each time. These bonus payments do come in handy and allows everyone to earn more money and earn it even faster. It really gets exciting, when your direct referrals begin to complete higher matrix levels, like the silver level that earns you $40 each time cycled. The gold matrix and platinum matrix will award the upline $100 and $200 payments, for each direct referral’s cycle. Keep in mind, this is only the matching bonus payouts, for when your direct affiliates begin to cycle in the Fortune Program. Your direct earnings for completing your own cycles is much, much higher!

    Need more information about this Hot Internet Fortune Program? If so, you can go to another blog post, which explains more about this exciting money making opportunity and it is called I Laughed Too…BUT NOT NOW! $$$ for more 4×1 Fortune News and Information.

    If you have heard enough and are ready to get in fast and secure your place in line; then just be sure you have an Alert Pay Account (just like PayPal), because this is the only payment processor the Fortune 4×1 Group is taking at this time. If you have Alert Pay, then just go sign up for Fortune 4×1 here and you will be on your way to earning a lifetime of Fortune Payments. Your one time payment of eleven dollars will award you with a lifetime of earnings.

    For more daily encouragement and to work with a skilled and professional matrix building team online. You have two available choices you can make. If you can surf 5 hours or more, each and every day online at Traffic Era Traffic Exchange; be sure to join our super active surfing team Google Ranked Us. Just send a join request to the team leader: dishtv21 and please be sure to send a message too (if you can) and explain how you want to join the Google Team for the purpose of pushing your Fortune Earnings to a higher and faster payout level.

    Online Fortune Members who can’t spend so much time each day with their online promotions, can take advantage of our fun online surfing team. We have very relaxed standards at the Traffic Dance Traffic Exchange, where our online Fortune Team there is called Samba Ramba. After you join Traffic Dance for free, you can click on “teams” in the left sidebar; then look for the team name Samba Ramba. Search for the link out from the team name Samba Ramba and send us a join request. We will be sure to add you to the team, as soon as we can and this goes for both online surfing teams. We look forward to making you a fortune online; while we all strive and share marketing tips for our other online adventures!

    Amazon Prime Only $79 a Year

    Have you seen the latest thing going on at Amazon? If not, you must check out the new Amazon Prime for your chance to watch live streaming TV and Movies from your computer! Your Prime Account at Amazon includes a whole lot more, but the live streaming feeds for watching TV Show and all of your favorite movies is what’s going to drive people to the Amazon website. As a Amazon Prime member, you get a lot of benefits and discounts, when you shop online at Amazon. Some of your membership benefits will include the following:

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    *Unlimited, Commercial FREE, Instant Streaming of 5,000 TV Shows & Movies at NO Additional Costs

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    If Amazon charged $7 a month for this special Prime Service, you would be spending $84 each year. Guess what? Amazon isn’t charging you that much! Everyone who decides to join the Prime Amazon Membership, will be doing so, for less than $7 a month! Let me say that again. Join Amazon Prime today, for less than $7 each month! You can pay a one time payment of $79 now and this will give you 12 full months of Amazon Prime service!

    This is a great deal for people who like to shop a lot at Amazon. While the entertainment folks, who love their television programs and movies, can sign up too. So they can have instant access to the 5,000 movies and TV shows that Amazon is supplying to all Prime Members.

    Be sure to pass this great Amazon news to the people you know, who like to shop online at Amazon. You can always buy them a Amazon Gift Card with any amount of cash you want on it. But now you have the chance to give them something even better. Give them the biggest surprise of all and that would be this fabulous offer from Amazon. Remember, your first month of Amazon Prime is on the house! Give it a try and test the waters today.

    Number 1 Video Game – KillZone 3

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    Now it all depends on exactly the type and amount of traffic you will need, for you to feel comfortable about the new visitors you’re bringing to your website each day. A good online traffic companyyou can get started with is Logiscape. They have a few different traffic exchanges and each one brings its own little unique aspect to the table. One of the best places to start is with Traffic Syndicate 25 from Logiscape Technologies. This is a free traffic system that has been around for over 10 years and its one of the top traffic exchanges for results. If you have a referral page or an affiliate program you want to get new sign ups for, then TS 25 is a great place to start. After you join TS25, you can take a look at their sister site called Traffic Pods; which is a very effective traffic exchange too. If there are any bloggers out there looking for traffic, you will want to join Trafficera from Logiscape Technologies for a ton of free daily traffic. Traffic Era is one of the top places online today, for just getting pure visitors to your website. This is a manual TE, so the traffic is quality and all bloggers should be using TrafficEra as one of their online promotional tools.

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  • Did you know that you could create a free website online? You never have to pay for anything and there is never no monthly fees. Normally webmasters have to pay a hosting fee and could never opperate with their own free website hosting plan. There are lots of creative folks each day, that pass up the opportunities to create and build their own websites, just because they would have to pay a monthly hosting fee. This is understandable and not many people want to create any additional debts in their life. However, this is keeping a lot of great ideas from ever materializing online. If there was only a way for someone to create a new website and could have it totally free. How nice of a dream would that be?

    Well its not a dream! You could start today building that website you always wanted to have online and it won’t cost you anything to start. It won’t cost you anything to finish either! There is never any fees or monthly charges for those who use the service online. This is a perfect website for beginners to create their first website online. You don’t have to have any special web designing skills. There are lots of free designs already in place, to help you get started. You just choose the premade design you like best and you can begin the building process from there. Two people could select the same two default designs and still have two very different looking websites. This is because you have a lot of freedom and choices to make, when it comes to designing and perfecting your own website design online. There is documentation and technical support available for new members needing assistance.

    The unlimited disk space is another attractive feature you will find at This allows users a wide-range of “extras” they can add to their free websites. You won’t have to worry about your pictures or widgets taking up too much space. There is enough room for anything and everything you want to add to your brand new website. Users will get to choose their own unique domain names and email addresses and this is all free too!

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  • We often think about the greatest day for a couple. Most of us naturally think the wedding day is the biggest day for a new couple seeking to get married. However, most people usually say the best day of their life, is when one of their children were born. So if you were comparing the two days; which day do you think is the biggest day for newlyweds? Is the biggest day, the time you were passing out wedding invitations for your wedding day and you think the day you got married is the most important? Or was it during those times when you had friends and family members helping you to create those beautiful baby announcements; which you would soon be sending out to everyone you knew? The groom and bride may have different opinions about which day was more important. We do know the women felt a lot better in the months leading up to her wedding day, as compared to the months leading up to the delivery date of her first child. I do think both days are important and will be the biggest two days of your life. Some couples may view them as equals, but there has to be one day, that was bigger than the other one, right?

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  • The first thing that comes to mind, when I think about girls and Christmas, would have to be Barbie. Most parents can’t go wrong with her and Barbie is a classic girls gift. Not only does this popular doll come in a number of varieties, but you have all the different Barbie accessories. After you get the doll, parents can shop for a Barbie Car, the Barbie 3 Story Dream House, and an endless supply of Barbie Fashions to dress her up in. I found one Barbie item selling online this year, that I think most girls would love to have. I can see the Barbie Ultimate Nail Dryer Set for Bath and Beauty being a hot Barbie item this holiday season. Amazon is the best place online to shop for new Barbie accessories and for the absolute lowest prices too.

    One more thing I like about the Barbie collection of girls items, is the Barbie make up kit for the younger girls. Your youngest daughter might be trying to wear make-up, like her older sister, but her make up is a little too grown up for her. I think the youngest girls in the household, would feel just like the older girls, if they had the chance to play with the 32 Piece Barbie Make-up Set. Parents don’t have to worry about the older daughters and the teen girls in the house either. I have seen some very nice make-up sets selling for the older girls at really low prices online. Two make-up kits caught my eye this year. One was a $40 All-In-One make-up set and another for a little bit cheaper and it was the $30 Eye Shadow Set with 192 colors. Both of these make-up kits would give a lot of options to your teenage daughters and I’m sure Mom might want to borrow this from time to time too.

    Playing the popularity game at Christmas time can be hard on parents. We don’t always know which gifts are in-style and which ones went out. I can help a few parents to get hip this Christmas, by suggesting one of the hot girl gifts for this year. The FurReal Furry Frenzies is a collection of stuff animals that are really gaining in popularity. These cute and lovable stuff animals are designed by the Hasbro Company. While these stuff animals were available last year, the line has grown to include more animals and at different ages. A lot of these FurReal Furry Friends will be the top gift on the list for many girls this holiday season. Below is a quick TV commercial, showing you two examples of the FurReal Furry stuff animals from Hasbro.

    FurReal Furry Frenzies
    YouTube Preview Image

    I know a little girls out there want a dog for Christmas. If you just can’t get them the real thing, maybe a toy dog is the answer. Or you can always turn to the Play-Doh Company for great gift ideas for girls. They even offer a Play-Doh Puppies Playset and this is a lot cheaper than a real puppy dog. This puppy set from Play Doh is currently priced at under $10, so a perfect little item you can get, while addressing their desires to have a real dog for Christmas this year.

    Another item that caught my eye this year was the Dairy Queen Blizzard Maker. Gifts on Christmas morning need to have a lot of bold and bright colors. This DQ Blizzard Machine, which makes real ice cream blizzards caught my eye. I just thought how wonderful it would be to see this toy on Christmas morning. This isn’t just for the girls either. I’m sure the little man of the house would like to see this Christmas gift on his side of the Christmas tree too! You can order this product with refill packs. The more refill packs you get, the more you can expect to pay. The first link above will take you to the Blizzard Maker for about 25 bucks. You can go here: DQ Blizzard Maker with 3 Refill Packs and will be looking around $65. So the price range for this colorful Christmas gift is about $25 to $65. Lots of refill packets and dessert mixes you can buy separate and you can find all of these DQ Blizzard Maker Accessories at Amazon.

    Girl Gifts for Under $20

    1. LeapFrog Learn and Groove Music Wand – $14

    2. Fantasma Magic Set with DVD – $9

    3. Disney Fairies Tinkerbell and the Lost Tresure Play Make-Up Kit – $15

    4. Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Tea Set – $19

    5. Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Sing with Me CD Player – $20

    6. Alex Toys My Giant Busy Box – $20

    7. Alex Toys & Little Hands Art Series – $8

    8. Project Runway Fashion Tote – $16

    9. Mindware’s Make Your Own Mask Kit – $18

    10. Friendship Bracelet Maker w/56 Threads – $18

    11. Orb Factory Sticky Mosaics: Jewelry Box – $15

    12. Uncle Milton Rainbow in My Room – $19

    13. Crayola Color Explosion Glow Board – $15

    14. Littliest Pet Shop Collector’s Starter Pack – $8

    15. Corolle Calin Baby Doll – $20

    These are just a few of the girl gifts that caught my eye this year. The good news is, you can order each and every one of these products online at Amazon. No long shopping lines, no crowded malls, and no stress in trying to find a good parking place. You still have time to order these items online and have them delivered before Christmas Day arrives.

    I’m sure there is at least one gift idea on this page for every little girl out there. Gift # 15 on my list is the Corolle Calin doll and these are usually pretty expensive to buy. Finding one online for $20 is a great deal. Gift #12 is the rainbow for your little daughter’s room. What girl would not want to have their very own rainbow? This gift does run on double AA batteries, so if you decide to get the Uncle Milton Rainbow, please don’t forget to buy the batteries! Gift #11 the Orb Factory Mosaics has a very high 5 star rating at Amazon. The parents that took the time to review this gift, gave it the highest possible rating, so I’m sure this one would be a winner on Christmas morning. Once you get over to Amazon, you can scroll down to the bottom, to find other helpful gift ideas. If I can do this, I’m sure any parent out there can. Enjoy your holidays and happy shopping!

    1. Logi PTC

    2. Clixsense

    3. InBox Dollars

    4. Clixgrid Game

    5. LinkGrand

    6. EasyHits4U

    7. WordLinx

    8. Hits4Pay

    9. Cash Gopher

    10. Big Crumbs

    A simple variety of different programs Internet Users can sign up for FREE and begin earning easy money online. There are a number of work at home programs people can sign up for these days, to start earning an extra stream of income coming in. Very few are totally free or will make you jump through hoops to earn with their money making systems. Here is 10 simple to use programs that anyone can begin making money from. I have been paid by all 10 of these programs and each one varies on the amount of time it takes to get paid and the effort needed to earn with them. These are currently the 10 best programs in 2010 for allowing online marketers to create a work-at-home system that really does pay and really does work. Like most online programs, you can earn a lot more money by promoting these 10 programs online. Building up a huge downline is key to any online program. While you can help yourself with most of these programs by being active members each day, you will have the best results if you promote them and allow your referrals to help you build up a sizable income level. By using teamwork and working with your direct referrals to create a online income for yourself and them, is the best recipe for generating above average earnings from each one of these 10 great programs for earning fast online cash.

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  • Where Children Come First

    There are a number of places you can shop online for boys and girls clothing. Not many shopping websites are geared toward young people only. Over at Vertbaudet, they believe children come first and they have a great variety of kids and baby clothing items for sale online. They offer a nice selection of fashionable clothes for kids who are 2 to 14 years old. Mom or Dad could easily find several outfits for their kids that fell into this age range. For some reason, it seems it is a lot easier to shop for boys clothing online, than it is for girls. There are just a lot more looks a young lady can show off; than the young gentlemen can do. A nice shirt and a pair of pants and your son has an outfit for him. While girls could do the shirt and pants look too, they would probably need a few accessories here and there to make their outfits more presentable.

    I think this is true for baby clothing too. Clothes made for boy babies are usually quiet simple or at least it seems like that to me. While the clothing for a baby girl could include a fancy dress and of course matching shoes to go with her dress too. It’s probably the amount of accessories that goes with a girl’s clothing, that makes them different from the little boy’s clothing items. Pretty much anything a boy can wear, the young girls can wear also. It’s the dresses and other outfits that are designed for females only, which separate them from the fewer selections a young boy has to choose from. This is true for teen kids, preteen children, and even the baby clothing choices that parents shop for online or at a department store.

    Do you agree with me, that boys have less clothing choices to make than girls? I think a family with 3 young sons would spend less at a clothing store; than a family who was raising 3 daughters. A pair of jeans with a belt which could be worn with any other pair of pants, a t-shirt, and a pair of snickers and the son has his outfit. Girls would need these same clothing items too, but perhaps a different belt for their trousers and a new pair of shoes with each outfit. This already puts the daughter’s clothing budget ahead of her little brother’s wardrobe and we haven’t even started with the girls dresses yet. Either way, parents have to keep clothes on their children’s back. If you like to do your kid’s shopping online, you can check out Vertbaudet for a fashionable selection of baby clothes and clothing for the older kids too.

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