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Vick Gets More Negative Press

Michael Vick continues to get negative press. The talented quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons has been a magnet lately for bad press. Now it appears that a home that Michael Vick owns was raided on suspicions of drugs in the house. They found dogs that were being mistreated. The dogs looked like they had been used for fighting purposes. Which is illegal in all 50 states, and is a felony in 48 of them.

Michael Vick was suspected in the pass for fighting dogs. It’s not sure what evidence or information was ever collected on them suspicions. Now with a house that he owns is housing such dogs. Makes the suspicions a bit more stronger. This attention hasn’t escaped the animal rights activists either. They have sent Falcon’s Owner Arthur Blank a letter asking for them to suspend Vick for this latest episode.

Now Vick is scheduled to take part in the 2007 NFL Draft this weekend with a tribute to the tragedy at Virginia Tech. Him and former HoKie and current teammate D’Angelo Hall was expected to take part in this. It’s not sure if Vick will now participate in this. It probably wouldn’t be good for the families of Virginia Tech who might be tunning in. To have a guy that is alleged to be fighting dogs, to pay tribute to such a tragedy. This would be in bad taste, and I could see Hall and former NFL star Bruce Smith doing this by theirself now. It’s not like Michael’s younger brother would be a better choice either. Even though Marcus Vick was a star at Virginia Tech too, he has gun charges on his record. So it appears the Vick Family are not angels when it comes to off the field duties. Even though both brothers are very talented on the football field.


Connections USA

Connections USA  is a one stop source for all your innterconnect needs. They have been in business since 1980. If you live in the Cherokee County Area of Georgia, and are having troubles with your computer. Then Connections USA can help. I recently brought my computer in, and they had me back out in no time. My computer is running great, and they even went the extra mile to put a spyware remover, anti-virus program, and made me a disk with my drivers on it. It shows they care about their customers. They offer carry in service, on site service, LAN support agreements, factory authorized technicians, and even phone technical support.

They also have a online store that has many different products available. Cables, audio and video accessories, computer accessories, wireless items, and so much more. If your needing an extra gadget to your computer or a part for it, just check with Connections USA. You can find good service and a fair price for all your computer needs.

Connections USA

2288 Marietta Hwy. Suite 200

Canton, Georgia 30114

PHONE: 770-479-7508

FAX: 770-479-7510

Other options for CPC

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Become a U.S. Citizen

If you or somebody that you know is thinking about becomming an U.S. Citizen. Now is a good time to do so. The sooner you apply, the better chances you might have. There are a lot of things to consider. If you do decide that you want to apply. You will find that there is many advantages for people that become a U.S. Citizen. Here’s a few things that your citizenship provide:


1. The right to vote and obtain certain federal jobs
2. Security from anti-immigrant laws
3. Security from removal
4. The right to live or take long trips outside the United States
5. Special rights and protections when traveling outside the United States
6. An unquestioned right to return to the United States
7. The ability to bring other family members to the United States (faster than you could as a permanent resident)
8. The right to apply for public benefits
9. Cost savings in renewing Green card every 10 years (in fees and time)
10. Pass Citizenship to your children

Now the most important thing out of those ten benefits, might just be the tenth one. If you can get it for yourself, then passing it to your children would be something that could benefit them for the rest of their lives. So if your interested in becomming a U.S. Citizen, you can Apply for US Citizenship Online.

All of the news that you see on the television, and read in the newspaper are dealing around immigration, immigrants, and illegal aliens. The lawmakers in some cases are being forced to make stronger laws on the books for becomming a U.S. Citizen. With so much pressure around, they will probably make things harder for getting a citizenship. So applying now, could be a lot easier, then if you waited on it. So the sooner you can apply for U.S. Citizenship, the better chances you will probably have.

Cribbage Leagues

Cribbage is a fun card game. Crib was normally played on a board that had pegs. Scoring was a pain to keep up with. It’s a lot better now, since the age of the internet. Now you can play online against other players. Best part of all, the computer keeps up with all the scoring. So it’s makes it so much more relaxing to play.

Cribbage leagues is the best way for you to enjoy your cribbing fun. Why just play for nothing, when you can win bux from Cases. Cases is a company that controls leagues in many different types of games. Crib is just one of them. Now when you join a league, you can win Cases Bux. It’s not real money, but can be exchanged for real gifts.

I have a good friend that plays in Pogo. Pogo is a place where you can play cribbage for free. Sign up is real easy, and you get to pick a screen name. Just be sure you pick a name that is very unique. So if you join the cribbage league from Cases, you can match up your names. It’s important to match your screen name at Cases with your Pogo Screen Name, so the tourney hosts can easily determine who you are.

Now if you sign up with my friend’s league, you would play in Purple People Eaters at Pogo. It’s under the “expert” tab. Under that you will see three rooms. You would play in the Purple People Eaters Room. It’s the two player crib game, and not the 4 player.

Their crib league is called Free Spirits. They have around 100 players right now. They play tourneys daily. They are always looking for new players and people wanting to host. Sign up and see how things work, then you can learn how to host tourneys for Free Spirits and earn even more Cases Bux!

If you need any help, just go on over to Purple People’s Eater at Pogo sometime, and just ask in the lobby chat for league information. I’m sure there will be someone from the league in there that can help you. Also, if you are interested in joinning a crib league and need help signing up. Just send an email to my friend Lisa: , be sure to put “Crib” or something similar in the subject line.

Everything is completely free! The sign up process at Pogo and Cases are both free. Just be sure to grab all the bux you can on signing up with Cases, cause you will need these for entry fees into the tourneys. Don’t worry if you run out. Someone in FreeSpirits will donate more bux to you. It’s a fun thing to do, and meet great online friends that you will have a lot of laughs with.


Interpersonal Communications

Improving interpersonal communications is what the Forte Institute has been doing since 1978. They have also helped businesses to increase production and build effective teams. The Forte Institute can help individuals, teams, and organizations to get their full-maximum strengths. They can do this by identifying the understandings in the real world. You can allow yourself or organization to experience the Executive Coaching from the Forte Institute. So you can insure that your living up to your full abilities.

The system works through a questionnaire that allows people to use their own words to describe their preferences. Galton started this form of communication and it has been passed on to other people. C.D. Morgan III picked up on this form of communication and is the founder of the Forte Institute. Now you have the chance to gain from this, and get self-motivated in reaching your goals for yourself or your company. It will be the key element in personal development, career development, teaming, coaching, and relationships. Interpersonal communications can be achieved at a high level with the Forte Institute’s system.

Freezing Corona Beer

Well this is a neat little trick I saw. Not sure exactly how it works, but I think I have an idea. Apparently beer or especially Corona Beer, if you take it and put it in the freezer for a bit. Then tap the bottom of the surface with a good thump. It will start to instantly freeze. I can’t explain the sceintific matter of things, but it’s a nice trick, none the less. You might can have some fun at your next dinner party by getting some beer really cold, then knocking it around. See if you can make it get the instant freeze. Please be sure to let me know how it worked out for ya!  


Jeans For Kids

Schools have been ringing their bells recently for all the kids to get back to school. Most of the schools are back now from their short summer vacations, that always fly by too fast. Shopping for all the clothes and making sure your kids have all the latest fashions can be tough. Sometimes just getting the kids jeans can be hard to do, because you’re trying to get the size that fits the best, but it also has to be in-style with your kid’s taste.

Now when you mention style, it normally means you are going to have to pay more. Having the jeans that cost more than the other kids are wearing is one way kids today pick their fashions. If you would like to get a pair of jeans that are hip and cost a little over $100, then check out some of the ones listed with the Rock & Republic name. It’s a great looking pair of jeans and has all the qualities that make these jeans cool in school today. Your little ones will love you for it; if you can afford some of these higher price jeans for your kids.

Banking Needs

When you open up an account at a bank, be sure you know all the things they have to offer. Check on the savings account interest rates, what you will pay for checks, and of coarse all the fees that are associated with your banking account. Learning all the little details, can help you select a bank that is designed better for you.

If your looking for a savings account that you can put money into, and will draw interest. Make sure you have the money to spare. Your savings plan won’t last long, if you just put money in, and then take it back out in a short time. So take money that you don’t need, put it into your savings account, and forget about it. Let interest and any more future deposits that you might make, will help it to grow to something nice.

Some of Co-operative Bank’s accounts may be ideal for you. They have current accounts and offer it in different ways. You can get a Privelege Account or a Privelege Premiere Account. The Privelege Premiere Account offers a few more bells and whistles to it. You will get a discount on loans, and a higher interest rate. So making the upgrade to the Premiere Account might help save or earn you more money in the long run.

You can be assure that Co-operative Bank does work under the ethical policy. At the bank, they do recognize that their impact, through the provision of finance and banking services to a wide variety of business customers, can be more far-reaching and profound than the direct impact of their actual operations, so they have put measures in place to ensure that this impact is managed. Customers have seen this as a postive move. 97% of the customers now, do like having the ethical policy in place. So the bank does operate with concerns that some other banks might not have.

Coaching Little League

I just got back from my nephew’s baseball game. It’s funny to see how different coaches approach their little league teams. Some coaches it’s about fun, and they don’t care if they win or lose. Then some will win at all cost. Which winning can be fun, but the whole team may not share in the pleasure.

It’s important that coaches keep one thing in mind. It’s the kids! They should always come first. Same goes for parents too. Some parents are too involved in the score, than what’s going on. Coaches need to hear the imput from the parents, and take that in consideration. It’s also true, that parents have to let the coaches coach. It’s a two way communication route that needs to be open both ways. Closing down one of these ways, can later lead to an ugly situation.

Now when it comes to winning, and having fun. It has to be done with a balance approach. Your not going to make everyone happy, so don’t try coaches! Just let the kids know you are trying to win, and are making decisions to try and accomplish that. At the same time, make sure everyone plays, and is involved. Having the guy on the team that never says a word, only gets to play part of the game, is probably not having that good of a time. Give that player confidence, and find ways to work with him or her. Yes, it’s all about having fun, but seems like winning is always the best fun!


Looking For Cables?

So many high tech gadgets these days that need their own cables. It can sometimes be hard to find the exact cable that you are needing. If you look into Cables 4 Sure, you will be able to match the right cable up with what you are looking for. A HDMI cable can be found easy at Cables 4 Sure. They also have the HDMI cable extender, that can give you an extra 100 foot of cable length. If your needing a high definition all digital cable, which will allow your video to look pristine clear. Then you will need an HDMI cable. If your not getting that picture as clear as you want it, it might be in the cable you are using. Be sure you have the proper cable for the best results.

There are other cables available too. Camera cables, projector cables, external and internal cables, network cables, bulk cables, cat5e cables, and cat6 cables are availble as well. There are other accessories that you might need, that can be found at Cables 4 Sure too. Power protection is always a good investment to make, to insure you keep your electronics safe. Adapters, switches, and converters can also be bought with any cable purchases you might need to make. You will get free shipping for any orders over $50!

Forms For Webmasters

Webmasters can get forms from If your a webmaster and looking to add a email form, or any other type of form, then can help. Their service is very easy to use. You can create a free HTML form in less than 5 minutes. Their form wizard will help you get your forms done properly. For a one time fee of $19.95, you can get started making forms for your online websites.

Formmail is the standard for processing an HTML form. It’s a file that you will upload to your website. The wizard from will guide you through the process all the way. Having some of these forms added to your webpages, will give your website a more professional look. The best part is, if you have any troubles with the adding a form to your webpage. Then they will take a look at your website, and help you to achieve adding your form in. It’s their gurantee that they give to you. They also have phone support that you can use for any troubles or questions that you might have. So if your ready to start making your website look more professional. Then can help.

The Graveyard Shift


The good thing is when it’s time to go home. You get to see all the other people going to work a long day, while you are on your way to your bed. If you have a 3rd shift job, or have worked in one the past, I would like to hear about it. What was some things you did to keep yourself awake at night? Any run in with animals at night? What scared you the most? Weather? Sounds? Strangers? Equipment went haywire, and no one around but you?

Here’s to the graveyard crew! Cheers!

The Tampa Yankees

How many of you have ever heard of the Tampa Yankees? You might know them better as the New York Yankees. Its the same team, but during the spring time of the year, many people in Florida call them the Tampa Yankees. Yankees Spring Training tickets aren’t that easy to find either. New Yorkers might think they have a hard time finding tickets for Yankee Stadium, but Legends Field in Tampa doesn’t have as many seats and there just about as many requests for tickets to see their Tampa Yankees play.

I really like the area around Tampa Bay, Florida. There is a lot to do in the Tampa area. Last time we were down there we checked out the greyhound track, Tropicana Field where the Tampa Bay Devil Ray’s pro baseball team plays, the Pirate ship at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stadium for their NFL team and Legends Field where the Yankees have spring training at every year. All of these things are close together and you could just about walk to each place if you had to. Even with the pro fields that are around Tampa Bay, there is just something special about Legends Field. That place just seems to have some magic like Yankee Stadium does in New York. I would highly recommend going to a Yankees spring training game if you were down there that time of the year. You will see the locals there and people that have traveled from the Big Apple to be there. I think some New Yorkers and die-hard Yankee fans travel with the team south every year and just grab a Yankees Spring Training Schedule so they can see every game their Bronx Bombers play at Legends Field. There really isn’t a bad seat there, but if you plan on taking in a game there, you will want to get your tickets early!