Banking Needs

When you open up an account at a bank, be sure you know all the things they have to offer. Check on the savings account interest rates, what you will pay for checks, and of coarse all the fees that are associated with your banking account. Learning all the little details, can help you select a bank that is designed better for you.

If your looking for a savings account that you can put money into, and will draw interest. Make sure you have the money to spare. Your savings plan won’t last long, if you just put money in, and then take it back out in a short time. So take money that you don’t need, put it into your savings account, and forget about it. Let interest and any more future deposits that you might make, will help it to grow to something nice.

Some of Co-operative Bank’s accounts may be ideal for you. They have current accounts and offer it in different ways. You can get a Privelege Account or a Privelege Premiere Account. The Privelege Premiere Account offers a few more bells and whistles to it. You will get a discount on loans, and a higher interest rate. So making the upgrade to the Premiere Account might help save or earn you more money in the long run.

You can be assure that Co-operative Bank does work under the ethical policy. At the bank, they do recognize that their impact, through the provision of finance and banking services to a wide variety of business customers, can be more far-reaching and profound than the direct impact of their actual operations, so they have put measures in place to ensure that this impact is managed. Customers have seen this as a postive move. 97% of the customers now, do like having the ethical policy in place. So the bank does operate with concerns that some other banks might not have.

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Dance or Cheer Wear Apparel

If you like to dance or exercise in leotards or need those special costumes for your dancing routines, see if Just For Kix can help with your wardrobe. They have a huge selection of leotards, tights, warm ups, tutu’s, unitards, tee shirts and other items for all your dancing apparel.  You will find everything you need and at low prices for this quality merchandise Just For Kix offers. The Dance Wear apparel they offer is for all ages and you can find something for the kids, teens or adults needing the undergarments, tops, bottoms or other pieces for your dance wear accessories. All the young ladies and girls will love browsing through the selections at Just For Kix, but don’t worry guys, you can find men’s and boys dance wear too!


Are you a cheerleader looking for things to add to your wardrobe? Just For Kix also has a nice selection for all the cheerleaders too! You can look for your warm ups, tees & tanks, sweat shirts, pants, skirts, socks and they even offer a category for campwear. So if you just need to pick up something for the cheerleading camp this summer, be sure to check with Just For Kix for their cheerwear. Dancers and cheerleaders will now have a place online; they can just go pick up the extra things they need for their outfits!

Orlando Fun Tickets

Located in central Florida, is where you can find Orlando. It’s a popular travel destination to millions of people each year. Of coarse you have Disney World and Universal Studios located there, and so many other attractions that are just a short drive away. Bush Gardens and the Kennedy Space Center are a couple of the places that are within driving distance of Orlando.

Now finding the best tickets to all of Orlando’s theme parks and attractions is easy through They have tickets for Disney World, Islands of Adventure, Blizzard Beach at Disney, and even Universal Studios Tickets. You can get some of the best rates around, and this will save you more money to spend on the entertainment in Orlando. They also offer discount tickets for the Orlando Magic Basketball Team, and the dinner shows in the central Florida area.

Looking For Cables?

So many high tech gadgets these days that need their own cables. It can sometimes be hard to find the exact cable that you are needing. If you look into Cables 4 Sure, you will be able to match the right cable up with what you are looking for. A HDMI cable can be found easy at Cables 4 Sure. They also have the HDMI cable extender, that can give you an extra 100 foot of cable length. If your needing a high definition all digital cable, which will allow your video to look pristine clear. Then you will need an HDMI cable. If your not getting that picture as clear as you want it, it might be in the cable you are using. Be sure you have the proper cable for the best results.

There are other cables available too. Camera cables, projector cables, external and internal cables, network cables, bulk cables, cat5e cables, and cat6 cables are availble as well. There are other accessories that you might need, that can be found at Cables 4 Sure too. Power protection is always a good investment to make, to insure you keep your electronics safe. Adapters, switches, and converters can also be bought with any cable purchases you might need to make. You will get free shipping for any orders over $50!

What’s Cooking?

Are you cooking up something good tonight? Well if aren’t cooking something good tonight, then maybe you just need a little help. Like finding a website that would have tons of recipes, where you would have many things to choose from. I just happen to know of one, that you might like. is a great place to find all kind of recipes. You will have a lot to choose from when you look at their top categories. You can find things under Italian, Mexican, Soul, Southern, and other catergories like that. You will also be able to find things that just have chicken or recipes for salads. Even an easy-to-use search box is located on their website. So you can search for any specific recipes that you might want to try and fix. So if your not cooking something good tonight. Then find a new recipe, and try something new. Who knows? You might just actually like it, and have something new to take to the family reunions.

Take Your Change to the Bank

I’m sure somewhere in your house you have something for putting change in. It’s a jar, coffee can, bookcase shelf, or just throw it in the nightstand. After a while, it starts to add up as you probably already know. Then it’s time to roll it up, and take it to the bank. It can be a pain to roll your change up, but you could save a lot of time with a coin sorter. It can help you stack and sort your change with ease. No more stacking up your little stacks, and having them just fall over and having to do it all over again. Take a little of that change, and invest it into a coin sorter. It’s well worth the price you pay for it, and will earn itself back in no time.

Earning Money Online (part 1)

Hello, I wanted to start a series on earning money online. I don’t know how to make you millions of dollars in your spare time, like some claim they can. So nothing here is a get rich quick or quit your job tomorrow type of thing. I have found a few things over the last year or so, that I have found puts a little change in your pocket. If your going to spend so many hours of time on the internet each day, you might as well make a little money doing it. All these things are really simple to do. You just have to get set up, and then you can spend 10 to 15 minutes a day going through some of these things. It’s small stuff, but the sky’s the limit, on to exactly how much you want to earn. If you come online daily, and make it a habit of doing some of these things, then in time that small change can be cashed in for dollars. When you start making dollars off this stuff, it makes it all worth it.

Ok to get you started off on some of these things, we have to get you set up. You will need to have an online payment processor. Pay Pal is almost a must, since so many use it. Also keep in mind some of the others would be helpful in having also, so when you do find someone that doesn’t accept Pay Pal, then you have a back up in place. So I recommend at least 2 online payment processors. They are free to sign up for, so there’s no lost in having one that you don’t use much, or never use. Do sign up for Pay Pal, if you have Pay Pal already, then your ahead of the game.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly. 




These are 3 popular ones, but they are more out there. If you don’t like these, just do a search for online payment processors, and you can choose from others. However, I would sign up for the Storm Pay one. That’s your first opportunity to make a little money. Also, on these online payment processors you will get referral links. You use these links to help try and sign up people for their programs. You can earn money each time someone makes a transaction on one of these online payment processors. Could you imagine if a store like Wal Mart decided to accept Pay Pal, and they just happen to sign up with Pay Pal from your referral link? You could earn a nice living just off one referral! Of coarse Pay Pal has limits on their referrals earning for you, but some of the others don’t!  Getting 10 to 12 active referrals in your downline, can result in a nice steady cash flow also. If they purchase something in one week or one year, you will still get a percentage of your referrals transaction.

Ok, as for StormPay, they have a great opportunity in Storm Clix. You just sign up for StormPay, and you will see a area called Storm Clix. You click that on, then “browse clix”. You will see ads that will pay you pennies or in some cases dollars. You just click on the ad, and let the timer run out, and it credits your account. You start adding money to your account instantly. Once you do all the ads, check back in a couple of hours and they might be a few more to click on. You can do this process all day long, and make a little money. Which you can cash out at anytime that you want. Also a great way to advertise with the money you make for your clicks, by submitting ads back in.

Another program similar to this, and is actually owned by Storm Pay is Clix Sense. It works in the same fashion, and it’s new! So a lot of opportunities to build up a downline with Clix Sense. Not only do you earn yourself money by clicking ads, but you get money from your downline referrals.



So get the ball rolling, and start doing these things. I will give more parts to earning money online real soon. So the first steps are:

1) Get at least 2 online payment processors

2) Sign up for StormPay and look for Storm Clix, and then browse clix

3) Sign up for ClixSense and click their ads to earn extra revenue


Getting Hotel Reservations

Another city could be more centrally located, for me to make all my site seeing trips. So I would have a choice in making my hotel stay. If I booked my reservations through Their world-wide rates are some of the best out there too. So traveling to another country, I know I would be saving the most money with

Business VoIP Services

Is your business ready for a VoIP service? Packet 8 offers great services for anyone looking for a solid business voip to help run their business. There are many different plans you can choose from and you will have a nice variety of different packages to select for your business.

I think the Global Extension plan might be the best one for my small business. This plan allows me to work with many countries inside of Asia and Europe. In Asia it includes China, Hong Kong, Japan, and many of the other key Asian nations that I work with for my small business. In Europe my plan would include nations like Italy, Greece, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, France, and other European nations that I work close with for my small business. I currently don’t have any daily duties in Latin America, but I am looking to expand and this Global Extension plan would include Mexico City and Puerto Rico for my expansion. I also have the comforts of knowing that New Zealand and Australia would be available in this plan if my small business duties took me to those parts of the world.

Now what is the cost of a VoIP service like this? That’s a good question and I would think it would cost thousands for me to get this up and running, but amazingly it’s at a low price that’s hard to believe. The equipment cost is $99.99 and the one time activation fee is for $39.99. Then to keep my service going from month to month it’s only $79.99 a month. That’s a great deal! It’s certainly a price that I haven’t seen from anybody else that is selling VoIP services on a global basis. This is certainly an attractive internet phone service for anybody that is seeking this for their small business. If you would like more information on the Packet 8 VoIP Services and some of the other plans they offer, then feel free to call them at:

 1-888-898-8733 or chat online LIVE with them!

MySpace Extras

You have a space, my neighbor has a space, your local teacher has a space, the police officer has a space, the nurse has a space, but none of them have my space! It’s true everyone has their own space at MySpace now and it’s a place on the internet that is all yours. You can do anything that you want, because it’s your space. Now if you have been looking to add a little more excitement to your page at MySpace, then I got a great idea! How about adding a poll, quiz, test, or even a survey to it? It will encourage more people to participate at your MySpace page and the more people you have, is always the more fun you have!

Did you know that you can post Quibblo quizzes in your MySpace profile?

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Survey by Quibblo

It’s really simple to add this and all you need is the code. Just copy and paste the code right into the HTML or Code place for your page and you have instant fun for people visiting your page! Just start thinking a little more creative and try adding MySpace quizzes or something else that will catch the eye of someone visiting your page. Once you see how easy this really is to do, you will be doing it all the time. I’m sure your traffic will grow by leaps and bounds when you discover the power of adding a survey or a test to your space!

Getting a VOIP

If you are in need of a VOIP, then have a look at Cisco’s VOIP’s. You can check the data centre and start getting your business priorites aligned up with your resources. This Network Centre provides a good foundation for IT executives. It will help you through the three stages of the data centre evouloution. Consolidation, virtualisation, and automation, are the main three things you need to focus on.

When it comes to the VOIP, you can streamline your processes and improve efficiency using communications solutions. Today’s businesses use a lot of ways to communicate to it’s cutomers and employees. They will use a wide range of phones, voice messaging, e-mail, fax, mobile clients, and rich media conferencing. Once you have these things in place, it’s important to know how to get all these things working as one. You don’t want to have too much, and it makes the decision making slower at your business. All of these things can be a big help, as long as you have them all working in one goal. To help make your business run smoother, faster, and more reliable. Getting the right VOIP can help to speed access and improve communication, it can improve collaboration, and can intergrate different device modes and communications applications.

Cisco can help with your business needs. It’s important to find organizations to streamline business processes, reach the right resource the first time, and enhance profitability.


GWP Wrestling Update

Georgia Wrestling Promotions has just finished up their 4th show in Ellijay, Georgia. It was a super night in the mountains of North Georgia. This was the first wrestling match up there, since the time change. The weather was beautiful, it was warm, and it was daylight at the starting time! So seemed a bit strange getting things underway and it was still light outside.

It was a great show! So many things that stuck out in my mind. Starting the night off with a 3 man battle. Where all 3 men were against each other. Then Nemesis (who’s becomming a fan favorite) got things rolling with his attacks on the fans. He was in a tag team match. He couldn’t agree with his own partner for most of the match, and by the time it was all over, it was Nemesis and his partner in a one on one brawl.

Daffney the scream queen made a special appearance as a referee. She came out there with her skimpy black and white stripe clothes. And before it was all over, she was involed in jumping over the top ring rope and landing on a pile of wrestlers going at it on the floor.

The night wrapped up with Shawn Tempers defending his Southern Title Belt against Adrian Hawkins. This one was classic! One wrestler had to win. They both got knocked out, and it was a race to see who would get to their feet first, because both men had been counted out. So the first one to his feet would win. Adrian Hawkins made the stand first to a crowd that roared so loud, it could be heard from the Piggly Wiggly in Jasper, Georgia (unconfirmed reports state)! Only to have his legs knocked out by the evil Rev. It appears the referee was not watching this most critical point. Then when his attention did get back to the match, it was the Sleeper Cell Shawn Tempers rising to his feet, to hang on the belt.

That does it for this week’s update. I will be back 2 weeks from now, and give you the next update from the GWP Wrestling Gang!

PPC Software

One of the best forms of adverstising I have found is through PPC (pay per clicks). It insures that you get real visitors to your site. Now if you have been impressed with PPC Advertising, you can have your own. Pay Per Click Management Software is available to anyone that is wanting to add it to their website. You will increase your own traffic by adding this feature. PPC is here to stay. I look for this area of advertising to continue to grow, as the demand for real visitors to your websites does.