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Superluminescent Diodes 0

Superluminescent Diodes

These superluminescent diodes (SLEDS) are produced by Exalos. Exalos is a Swiss based company that is a leading fiber optic component manufacturer. It’s world-class team of experts offers complete design and manufacturing capability for...

Online Coupons 0

Online Coupons

If your looking to save money, then you need to find some coupons. The Coupon Chief is a great place to go look for coupons online. They have coupons from over 1000 stores! It’s...

World's Most Curious People 0

World's Most Curious People

Who are the world’s most curious people? The people from Synovate are constantly striving in all areas of market research. It’s their curiosity in research that makes a lot of their information very valuable...

Dog or Chicken? 0

Dog or Chicken?

This little dog likes to sleep on his back. Very unusual for a dog, that likes to sleep on it’s back. The interesting thing, is that it looks very much like a chicken. Not...

One Dollar Insurance 0

One Dollar Insurance

One dollar can buy you up to $50,000 of Globe Life’s Funeral Insurance. That money can come in handy, if something was to happen to you. Is your family prepared to pay everything without...

Coaching Little League 0

Coaching Little League

I just got back from my nephew’s baseball game. It’s funny to see how different coaches approach their little league teams. Some coaches it’s about fun, and they don’t care if they win or...

Find A Good Credit Card 0

Find A Good Credit Card

When you look for your next credit card. Take the time to search for one that you can get the most out of. Be sure you are getting a card that you need and...

Fried Green Tomatoes 0

Fried Green Tomatoes

You don’t have to wait for them to turn red to eat them. As soon as you got a few green ones that have grown to a nice size, just pick them and fix...

Nurofen Plus For Strong Pain 0

Nurofen Plus For Strong Pain

Nurofen Plus is a combination of ibuprofen and codeine. It has a powerful combination that helps strong pain. If you suffer from migraine or tension headaches, dental pain, period pain, back pain, or any muscle related type...

Sprint Phones 0

Sprint Phones

Sprint Phones are looking good these days. These phones stick out from some of the other cell phones you can get. Sprint cell phones has some of the coolest new looks that are on the...

Cell Phone Extras 0

Cell Phone Extras

There is a business located in Woodbury, Minnesota that goes by the name SF Planet Company. They are a company that prides itself on those “hard to find” items that you just can’t always find...

Sending Flowers 0

Sending Flowers

Sending online flowers is as simple as pointing and clicking a mouse. is a family owned florist. They have been in the flowers for almost 35 years. They are members of the FTD...

Ski with Christy Sports 0

Ski with Christy Sports

Christy is at it again and has some great merchandise on hand for all the skiers and snowboarders out there! For those of you that like the slopes and the adrenalin rush of flying down a...

Christmas Thoughts 0

Christmas Thoughts

Yeah I do know that we are still at September, but it’s never too early to start thinking about December 25th. There are hundreds of christmas gift ideas available.

Favorite Stallone Movie 0

Favorite Stallone Movie

Afterall, we did have Freddy .vs. Jason, in the battle of the stars of killers, on the big screen.