The Telemap Process

Creating a detailed blue print of your voice and data environment is known as TeleMap. This is important when you get a telecom audit. A process in which analysts can uncover cost saving opportunities, that in some cases have gone unnoticed. Even if you had an audit already, the TeleMap Process can still find the savings. It’s a fine approach to evaluating bills, contracts, service records, usage patterns, and associated per minute rates that will uncover all waste and billing inaccuracies. Once you discover where the savings can be found, you are under no obligation to move forward on them. You choose only the ones that make the most sense for you. Then Network Mapping Associates will begin implenting the ones that you approved.

You can be sure the TeleMap Process will leave no stone unturned. The Process will look into tariff, tax, and surcharge evaluation. It also looks at call record and traffic study, service itemization, refund discovery and recovery, sub account and fee analysis, and contract evaluation. It’s time to start saving money that other auditors are missing! Get your preliminary savings report today, and see how you can instantly start saving money.


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Your Fishing Boat

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Kitty Boxes

If you have a cat or plan on getting one, and are going to keep it inside. Then you are going to need a litterbox. Littermaid has a nice selection of litterboxes to choose from. They have a proven name in the field, when it comes to literboxes.

Dealing with your cat’s litterbox can be smelly and dirty. The time it can take to properly clean it, can take you longer than you would like to spend on it. Littermaid has litterboxes that are automatic. They can help to minimize the clean up effort on your part. These automatic litterboxes are really a very nice thing to have. A LitterMaid Litter Box  is a happy compromise between the cat and the owner. Littermaid is a large, open and shallow cat litter box with a motor assembly that drags rakes or tines across the litter field once the cat has exited the box after elimination. There are sensors that trigger the unit, after the cat has left the box.

The automatic raking action is what you will like best about these automatic litterboxes. The rake will go across the box and will push the clumps into a waste receptacle. So you will have all of the clumps in a smaller storage unit. This will make cleaning your litterbox an ease, with everything in the waste receptacle. The unit will do a cleanning cycle 10 minutes after your cat has exited the box. If your cat should return before the cleanning cycle starts. Then the timer will just reset itself for another 10 minutes. If the cat enters the box while a cleaning cycle is going on. Then it will stop itself, and will wait for the cat to leave the box. This is a very simple way to take care of that messy problem that you hate dealing with each week.

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Custom Designer Boots

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Tips for successful PPC campaigns

By Eddie Machaalani


View more resources at Market2MySpace

Pay per click (PPC) is by far one of the easiest and quickest methods of driving targeted, consistent traffic to your website. While this may seem like a daunting method of advertising for some, it’s actually quite easy and can end up becoming that one marketing method that you can’t live without.

What I’d like to do today is provide some tips and techniques that I personally use when creating and monitoring PPC ad’s. Hopefully these tips will help you in your future marketing endeavors.
Experimenting With Different Search Engines

There are many PPC search engines, with some being better than others. The top two are Google and Yahoo, which was previously known as Overture. It’s a good idea to start your PPC campaigns with a small budget, spreading it out over a few different search engines to experiment and see where your target market may be lurking.

Generally speaking, I’ve found Google Adwords is better for more technically orientated products or services, including software, hardware, web design etc. Yahoo, on the other hand, is better for general consumer products, including insurance, toys, music etc.

What I wrote in the previous paragraph is very general, and you should analyze your campaigns carefully to see where they are performing their best. We’ll discuss this in detail a little later in the article.
Selecting the Right Keywords

The keyword selection process is probably the most important of all when it comes to creating your PPC ad’s. You’ll need to select keywords that are specific to your product or service offering, but you need to be careful not to select keywords that are extremely popular, as this may deplete your PPC funds sooner than expected.

The keyword selection process begins by asking yourself just one question:

“If I was searching for a product just like mine, which words or phrases would I search for?”

Using your answer(s) to this question as your base, you can then use a thesaurus and common sense to start building your keyword list with plurals, synonyms, similar words, etc.

To see which keywords your competitors are using, simply try searching for them. If you see a PPC ad along the side for your competitor, then note that keyword down and add it to your list.

Another way of coming up with great keywords is to use the overture search suggestion tool:

Type in a set of keywords and it will list similar keywords, including the number of times that keyword has been searched for on Overture (Yahoo) in the last month!

There’s often a fine line between selecting keywords that are either too specific or keywords that are too general. Try to keep away from these, as they can often result in wasted PCP funds.

A typical example of this would be an ad that I created recently for our latest product, TrackPoint, which — not coincidently — is an internet marketing return on investment (ROI) tracking tool. Although the product is heavily geared towards internet marketing, using such a broad term would have made it virtually impossible to compete with the other advertisers.

The term “internet marketing” is searched for 825,674 times per month on Overture alone. Combined with the huge number of different advertisers that target this keyword, the top bid for “internet marketing” on Google AdWords is $13.84 per click! With an average of 240 clicks per day, a single day of advertising alone would cost $505!

Now, unless you have an extremely high conversion rate of visitors to sales, or you’re selling a high priced item that usually has a high customer acquisition cost, I suggest targeting more specific keywords. Not only will this decrease your overall competition with other advertisers, but it will also increase the chances of turning your newly found web site visitors into customers.

Back to my earlier example, I chose to be specific with my keywords. One keyword was “ROI tracking”, which is searched for 1,828 times per month on Overture and has a much cheaper top bid. This keyword is also more targeted to the product I was marketing, meaning that a large percentage of people clicking on my ad should turn into customers.

It’s also helpful to note that taking the top bid is not always necessary, and anywhere in the top 5-10 can generate great leads. This really does come down to budget and analysis.
Attracting People to Your Ad

Now that we’ve selected our keywords, we need to get those searching to click on our ad, which in turn will result in them clicking through to our web site and potentially purchasing our product.

One of the simplest ways to get peoples attention is to use their search keywords in the title of your PPC ad. This has been proven to increase click-thru rates on ad’s by over 50%.

Why? Simple. If the potential customer is searching for “ROI Tracking” and the title of a PCP ad begins with “ROI Tracking”, then their attention will be grabbed instantly. He or she doesn’t need to know much else, other than that the PPC ad is catered specifically for him or her.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can sometimes create a more relevant title by combining your different keywords into one PPC ad. For example, I could have easily used something like “ROI Tracking PHP Script” as the title of my ad, which effectively would have decreased my click-thru rate, but definitely caters my ad more to a specific audience. Once again, this comes down to analysis and adjustment.

Another important technique to attract attention to your ad is to differentiate yourself from your competitors. In our particular case, the majority of our competition offer hosted solutions, whereby they manage the software on their servers in return for monthly or per traffic fees.

Our product caters to a different audience, those that want more control over their software, as well as those not wanting to pay monthly fees. So, in this example, I would make the title of my ad “Pay no monthly or per traffic fees”.

Next — and this is where experimentation is extremely important — we need to create a description for our PPC ad that will attract the potential customer and let them know that our product is exactly what they are searching for. To do this, I start my ad’s description with “Track PPC, campaigns & search”.

Finally, it’s good practice to add a “Call to action” at the bottom of your ad. If you’re not familiar with this term, its usually an instruction to tell the person to do something, such as “Click here to view a demo”, “Download Now”, etc.

Marketing experts seem to agree that the average human needs to be prompted to click on an ad or take action, so we’ll add this line to the end of our PPC ad’s description:

“Track PPC, campaigns & search. Try demo!”
Reducing Click-Thru’s

Sometimes it’s important to reduce the number of clicks your PPC ad is receiving. This could be because you are attracting people who are only after free products/services, or even the wrong target market.

The two quickest ways to reduce click-thru’s are to make the description of your ad more targeted and to add the price of the product to the ad.

Making the description more targeted (as I’ve discussed above) can reduce your overall click-thru rate, but potentially increase the likelihood of a click resulting in a purchase.

In my earlier example, by adding the words “PHP script” to the description, we are effectively filtering out those looking for a hosted solution, downloadable software or even those with a server that isn’t capable of running PHP scripts.

We also increase the targeting of our ad because we now know that the majority of those clicking on the ad are looking for a PHP script, which is exactly what our product is.

Secondly, by adding the price of the product you are selling to the end of the ad, you instantly eliminate those looking for free products, and target those willing to purchase your product or service.
Tracking Your Clicks and Conversions

The fundamental core of a successful advertising campaign — whether it be a PPC ad, banner ad or even newspaper ad — is knowing whether or not your ad’s are actually converting into sales or not.

If your ads aren’t making you money then you’re more that likely better off saving your advertising dollars and adjusting your ad’s or using your marketing budget elsewhere in your company.

Both Google and Overture have built in tracking and conversion tools that you can use to get a holistic view of your current PPC ad campaigns. You can even use external tools which let you add conversion code to your website to tell you exactly which of your ad’s are converting into sales and which aren’t. This is often referred to as knowing your ROI or Return on Investment.

We need to know exactly how much money we are making per dollar spent on every PPC ad. If the ROI is positive and we are making more money than we are spending, then the ad is working and we can use this knowledge to further improve our other ad’s or increase ad spending for that particular ad/set of keywords.

If, however, our ad’s are costing us more than they are returning, then we can reduce our spend, change our approach, or remove these ad’s altogether. It’s a rather simple formula, but frustratingly ignored by many advertisers.

You must track your ads if you want to succeed with any form of Internet advertising. You should also constantly monitor and adjust your ads according to how they are performing, your return on investment, etc.

Hopefully I’ve provided you with a clear insight into PPC advertising and techniques that you can use to improve your advertising campaigns. It pays — pun intended — to do your research and understand your target market, because the rewards can sometimes be much more than you expected.

About the author:
Eddie Machaalani is the Interspire marketing and project manager. He’s most recently been kept busy helping out with the interface design for Interspire’s ROI and Conversion Tracking Application, TrackPoint. To see how TrackPoint can help boost your revenue, go here:

Looking For Old Videos

Does anybody know of any shows that come on now, that will have old videos on them? I know VH1 does that little 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s thing, where they will show small clips of some older videos. I would like to see the whole video and not just clips. Does MTV or VH1 or maybe some other music channel have shows that come on, and just show the old videos.

I would really like to see some of the early 80’s videos. The one about “I always feel like, somebody’s watching me.” I think it’s by Stonewall or something like that. One Night in Bangkok is another video I would like to see again. Remember the guy from General Hospital, that sang Jesse’s Girl? I like that song and so many more from the 80’s.  Please be sure to let me know of any shows that come on weekly, that might show some of the older videos. Please give me a time and day, and I am East Coast Time, in the USA.

Global Market Research

Synovate is a company that is built on curiosity. Their market research never stops. That is why they are in 50 countries and in 24 timezones. They operate on a worldwide basis, that will help you to better understand people and markets. When you understand people better, you will start getting better results from your marketing efforts. That is what Synovate strides in providing for you. The ability for you to understand who your customers are, and the people they are like. Take advantage of their curiosity, and get insight on the people that you want to market to.

Plasma Cutting Innovation

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Plasma Cutting Technology

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Where’s The Power?

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Russian Brides

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Pay Per Post

Have you heard of Pay Per Post? They offer bloggers, advertisers, and publishers the chance to  generate traffic or money on their sites or advertisements. Just as recent as January, Pay Per Post was recognized as a leader in emerging technologies. Let’s break down the three main ways to take advantage of blogging, advertising, and publishing.


You can get paid to blog. It’s nothing new here, for anyone with a blog. You been writing about things already in your blog. So you just continue to do what you know, while earning money at the same time. Advertisers want to know what you think, and they are willing to pay you for it. There are always plenty of opportunities to take advantage of, not to mention a wide range of categories.


Pay Per Post is a great way to advertise. It allows advertisers to do effective marketing on the internet. You just create the story to the bloggers, and they will write about it, post videos on it, add audio to it, or add pictures to it. They will give your advertisements a whole new look. This is a great linking opportunity, and will help your site get better rankings on the search engines.


Get the chance to gain links, while bloggers syndicate stories with your site. You get to provide the main story, while the bloggers and people responding will create a buzz to your site. Pay Per Post gives publishers a direct API which allows them integration into your content management system. As a publisher you also have the ability to require a dynamic tracking link for determining traffic or a regular link that will help you build search engine ranking.


Saving Money Online

Now I know we all like to save money. I know this, because I have never heard one person say “I don’t like saving money”. So since we all like to save money, it’s a good idea to know how to save money. One good thing you can do, is just be patient. Don’t be in a hurry to buy something. Especially that new and latest thing that has just came out, and you feel like they will sell out of it. Don’t worry, if it’s popular enough, and they are selling it. The company will always make more of them, so you can buy them.

By being patient, we can take opportunities that will present theirself. Like seeing something that we really wanted, and the price getting marked down. Now for the opportunities that don’t present theirself, we will have to go out and find. For instance, getting a good coupon site that will have coupons to save money on items. You can go find your own bargains, just by looking for all the coupons that are out there.

Coupon Chief is an excellent source for finding coupons. They don’t just have a few coupons for a few companies. They have coupons for over 1,000 companies! Many of the companies that you know very well. Target, Dell, Best Buy are just a few of the companies they have on their site.

Now Kmart is a store that I have really begin to like. It’s not as big as Wal Mart and usually the lines are shorter at the cash register than Wal Mart. I like the fact you don’t have to walk a mile to get from one department to another. So Kmart is more of a store that is made for me. So since I know that I will be doing shopping at Kmart. It would be smart for me to go and get coupons from the Coupon Chief. So just be smart, and be sure to think before you buy.

Girl Power! Clothes For Her

There is a place online selling girl’s apparel that promotes a positive attitude. There is nothing more productive in life; than promoting a young girl’s mind and spirit. What if wearing a t-shirt or hat would give your daughter more confidence? Would you be interested in it? That is exactly the approach behind Girl Mogul and their thinking behind some of these cool designs for the girl in your life. You can also find some of these cool clothes for the mom too; so they can wear a shirt just like their daughter. I believe my mom would like one of the t-shirts Girl Mogul offers.


I would get my mama this shirt and it comes in different colors. The above color is Caribbean Blue, but you could choose a Black, Red or Violet color for your shirt. This has the “Reach for the stars” logo on it. There is more logos to choose from at Girl Mogul and they all have a positive message behind them.

The founder of Girl Mogul Andres Stein didn’t like all the “princess t-shirts” that were available out there and she wanted to see more shirts that gave girls confidence. To let them know that nothing was impossible and they could grow up to be anything they wanted to. There are four characters that help promote the Girl Mogul name. The girls of Girl Mogul are 4 girls that come from different backgrounds and they all realize that if they work hard enough, there is nothing impossible that they can’t accomplish in life. You can see Daisy, Lilly, Poppy and Rose as the girls leading the way in this movement to show girls of all ages; that there really isn’t anything impossible! These 4 girls have more energy and desires to succeed than the Powder Puff girls do! I don’t think Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles would want to get in the way of the 4 Girl Mogul Girls.

See if you can find that perfect message for your daughter, niece, neighbor or who ever might be the young girl in your life. Some of the messages are “Future Leader of the Free World“, “I Like Math“, “Science Is Cool“, “Dream Big” and there is even one that says “I can hack your computer“. I think that is the funniest one! I can just see a young girl now wearing a shirt that says she can hack my computer. It wouldn’t surprise me any, because I know a lot of kids that know more about computers than I do. There are lots more messages and types of shirts available at Girl Mogul.