Vick Gets More Negative Press

Michael Vick continues to get negative press. The talented quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons has been a magnet lately for bad press. Now it appears that a home that Michael Vick owns was raided on suspicions of drugs in the house. They found dogs that were being mistreated. The dogs looked like they had been used for fighting purposes. Which is illegal in all 50 states, and is a felony in 48 of them.

Michael Vick was suspected in the pass for fighting dogs. It’s not sure what evidence or information was ever collected on them suspicions. Now with a house that he owns is housing such dogs. Makes the suspicions a bit more stronger. This attention hasn’t escaped the animal rights activists either. They have sent Falcon’s Owner Arthur Blank a letter asking for them to suspend Vick for this latest episode.

Now Vick is scheduled to take part in the 2007 NFL Draft this weekend with a tribute to the tragedy at Virginia Tech. Him and former HoKie and current teammate D’Angelo Hall was expected to take part in this. It’s not sure if Vick will now participate in this. It probably wouldn’t be good for the families of Virginia Tech who might be tunning in. To have a guy that is alleged to be fighting dogs, to pay tribute to such a tragedy. This would be in bad taste, and I could see Hall and former NFL star Bruce Smith doing this by theirself now. It’s not like Michael’s younger brother would be a better choice either. Even though Marcus Vick was a star at Virginia Tech too, he has gun charges on his record. So it appears the Vick Family are not angels when it comes to off the field duties. Even though both brothers are very talented on the football field.


Spyware On the Computer

It seems everyday I run my different spyware programs, and everyday they find something. I’m no computer expert, and don’t know how to keep these little boogers out. I just know they keep showing up on my computer.

It is important that all computers have a spyware remover on them these days. You can find a few pretty good ones on the internet. These are free to download too. You can look at avg, spyware doctor, adaware, and search and destroy. Even after running one of these, you can go back with another one, and it will find something too. So having more than 1 spyware remover is a good suggestion.

Now anti-virus programs. Again, it’s good to have this on your computer too. Just don’t have more than 1 though. 2 of these type of programs will be battling each other. So only get 1 anti-virus program, and feel free to have more than 1 spyware remover. They say you get what you pay for, and in the case of spyware removers, it might be true too. I notice the ones I pay for (in some cases) will find more stuff on the computer. Look into finding a good spyware remover, if you don’t have one already.

Add Life to Your Home

You can now make home decorating fun by adding some art in the rooms of your home. Art can wake the whole room up and be a topic of conversation to all the guests and visitors that come to your house. Now I have no artistic ability, so I can’t just whip out a piece of canvas and create art on my own. Lucky for me there are people out there, that does have beautiful art that you can purchase for yourself.

Photo Fiddle has great artwork that can spice up any room in your home, apartment, or is even great for the office. It is very easy to use their website. All you have to do is select the style, upload your photo and then crop and preview your artwork. They have over 50 styles to choose from and you can put your artwork on canvas or art print. Find out why so many people like USA Today, PC Magazine, Better Homes and Garden are giving them such high reviews. Start searching for a place on the wall that you can hang artwork from the people of Photo Fiddle and see if it brings your room to life!

NHL Playoffs In Hotlanta

Well there hasn’t been hockey playoffs in the city of Atlanta since the Flames left town in the 70’s. At least I think there was playoff hockey in Atlanta then. I wasn’t old enough to remember it. I did hear the Flames were good in Atlanta. So I assume they were in the playoffs.

Now comes a new dawn. The Atlanta Thrashers will host the New York Rangers tonight in the first playoffs ever, for the Atlanta Thrashers. This will be a seven game series, and who will win it, is anybody’s guess. Both teams look solid, and something will have to give. The New York Mets were just in town against the Braves, as the Braves took that series 2 games to 1. So once again, the big apple and the peach state will square off in a sporting event in less than a 1 week period.

There is certainly a buzz in the Atlanta Area, with the Thrashers getting ready to lace it up for the first time in post season play. There’s no telling what type of pregame ceremonies they might have in store for the fans. When you get a bunch of rednecks from the South togehter to host a Northern Event, anything can happen!

I am going to go out on a limb and say the Thrashers will take this first game against the Rangers. I will pick Eric Belanger to be the game MVP for the Thrashers. I think it will be key for Belanger, Jim Slater, and Pascual Dupuis to step up and contribute to the stars like Kovaluchuk and Hossa. So let’s drop the puck here in Hotlanta and see what the boys from the South have in store for us!

Mortgage Lowdown

Mortgage Lowdown is a blog that is designed around mortgages. You will find tips and suggestions when it comes to dealing with your mortgage. Their blog features articles in government, banking, carnival, real estate, refinancing, and statistics. It also contains a category on law, to insure you know all the legal aspects of mortgages. Mortgage Lowdown offers many things that you might want to look at, when your mortgage is on your mind. It’s probably the most expensive investment you will ever make. So be sure to learn all the things and ideas that are out there concerning your mortgage.

Insurance For Our Homes

This is a good time of the year to be thinking about Home insurance. My area is getting near the end of tornado season and hurricane season is just now starting up. Seeing all the folks in the Midwest USA and the people living in Mexico; I just hope all those folks have home owners insurance. You never know what Mother Nature has in store for us and with so many unusual weather patterns with global warming; there is no telling what is around the corner for us. None of us like paying those insurance payments, but they are a relief when our houses take on storm damage. We have used our insurance 2 times over the last 20 years from storm related damage.

I think all insurance is good to have with the type of world we live in today. You always want to prepare today for what might be in store for you and your family tomorrow. If something was to happen to you, would your family be able to continue paying the bills? If you think they would struggle to make ends meet, then finding a good Life insurance policy isn’t a bad idea. Even the roads are very dangerous in these times with people talking on cell phones and driving too, so getting car insurance is important. I live in an area where you are required to have auto insurance. If you live in an area that it’s not required, you should take it upon yourself to get your car covered in case of an accident. It doesn’t matter how good of a driver you might be because the other guy can always be the one at fault. Even the best drivers can’t get out of some situations on our roadways today. Just play it smart and find it in the budget to be insured. It can be a big relief just knowing your covered if something was to happen to your car, home, or even yourself!

A Sofa fit for a King

Sofa that is fit for a king is what you can find at These guys have a great selection of sofas and you can create your own. They have a very impressive list of people that have already bought some of their cool sofas. Dennis Rodman, Warren G., and Snoop Dogg are some of the celebrities that have purchased sofas from They have also furnished them for Google, ebay, the Playboy Mansion, and the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. Even the stars and big companies in the USA want a funky sofa to put in their office or home.

I think these sofas would be a great furnishing for any bar owner to put in their club. They are some really nice sofas that would make them perfect for nightclub furniture. You can also find chairs, loveseats, sectionals, sofa sets and the fabric from They have some accessories that you can purchase from them too like stools, pillows, coffee tables, and ottomans. Feel free to get one that is already designed or you can have fun with it and create your own cool design for your sofa. If you would like to know more about these great sofas that you can design yourself, then you can call them at: (877) 235-6797

Banking Needs

When you open up an account at a bank, be sure you know all the things they have to offer. Check on the savings account interest rates, what you will pay for checks, and of coarse all the fees that are associated with your banking account. Learning all the little details, can help you select a bank that is designed better for you.

If your looking for a savings account that you can put money into, and will draw interest. Make sure you have the money to spare. Your savings plan won’t last long, if you just put money in, and then take it back out in a short time. So take money that you don’t need, put it into your savings account, and forget about it. Let interest and any more future deposits that you might make, will help it to grow to something nice.

Some of Co-operative Bank’s accounts may be ideal for you. They have current accounts and offer it in different ways. You can get a Privelege Account or a Privelege Premiere Account. The Privelege Premiere Account offers a few more bells and whistles to it. You will get a discount on loans, and a higher interest rate. So making the upgrade to the Premiere Account might help save or earn you more money in the long run.

You can be assure that Co-operative Bank does work under the ethical policy. At the bank, they do recognize that their impact, through the provision of finance and banking services to a wide variety of business customers, can be more far-reaching and profound than the direct impact of their actual operations, so they have put measures in place to ensure that this impact is managed. Customers have seen this as a postive move. 97% of the customers now, do like having the ethical policy in place. So the bank does operate with concerns that some other banks might not have.

House Touch Ups

It looks like we still have a lot more warm days of summer to take care of all those outdoor projects at home. I know here in the Southeast, we usually get a lot more rain days from now until the cold days get here; so outdoor touch ups on the home have to be done a day here or a day there. There is still a lot of time to still get most outdoor projects done.

For all those that want to touch up the inside of the house, then you don’t mind waiting for rainy and cold days. When you do start working indoors on your home, you might want to look at home lighting as the first thing you do. Adding a lot of light to your home will bring out all the soar spots and you can make better decisions on what needs to be done first. The extra lighting could show places on the walls, ceilings, and floors that you weren’t aware of before. If you add in any extra lighting down the road, you might just have to go back over a project that you have just completed. So to avoid having to redo projects over, just add a few extra lights inside the house and make sure you see everything that you’re wanting too!

Earning Money Online (part 1)

Hello, I wanted to start a series on earning money online. I don’t know how to make you millions of dollars in your spare time, like some claim they can. So nothing here is a get rich quick or quit your job tomorrow type of thing. I have found a few things over the last year or so, that I have found puts a little change in your pocket. If your going to spend so many hours of time on the internet each day, you might as well make a little money doing it. All these things are really simple to do. You just have to get set up, and then you can spend 10 to 15 minutes a day going through some of these things. It’s small stuff, but the sky’s the limit, on to exactly how much you want to earn. If you come online daily, and make it a habit of doing some of these things, then in time that small change can be cashed in for dollars. When you start making dollars off this stuff, it makes it all worth it.

Ok to get you started off on some of these things, we have to get you set up. You will need to have an online payment processor. Pay Pal is almost a must, since so many use it. Also keep in mind some of the others would be helpful in having also, so when you do find someone that doesn’t accept Pay Pal, then you have a back up in place. So I recommend at least 2 online payment processors. They are free to sign up for, so there’s no lost in having one that you don’t use much, or never use. Do sign up for Pay Pal, if you have Pay Pal already, then your ahead of the game.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly. 




These are 3 popular ones, but they are more out there. If you don’t like these, just do a search for online payment processors, and you can choose from others. However, I would sign up for the Storm Pay one. That’s your first opportunity to make a little money. Also, on these online payment processors you will get referral links. You use these links to help try and sign up people for their programs. You can earn money each time someone makes a transaction on one of these online payment processors. Could you imagine if a store like Wal Mart decided to accept Pay Pal, and they just happen to sign up with Pay Pal from your referral link? You could earn a nice living just off one referral! Of coarse Pay Pal has limits on their referrals earning for you, but some of the others don’t!  Getting 10 to 12 active referrals in your downline, can result in a nice steady cash flow also. If they purchase something in one week or one year, you will still get a percentage of your referrals transaction.

Ok, as for StormPay, they have a great opportunity in Storm Clix. You just sign up for StormPay, and you will see a area called Storm Clix. You click that on, then “browse clix”. You will see ads that will pay you pennies or in some cases dollars. You just click on the ad, and let the timer run out, and it credits your account. You start adding money to your account instantly. Once you do all the ads, check back in a couple of hours and they might be a few more to click on. You can do this process all day long, and make a little money. Which you can cash out at anytime that you want. Also a great way to advertise with the money you make for your clicks, by submitting ads back in.

Another program similar to this, and is actually owned by Storm Pay is Clix Sense. It works in the same fashion, and it’s new! So a lot of opportunities to build up a downline with Clix Sense. Not only do you earn yourself money by clicking ads, but you get money from your downline referrals.



So get the ball rolling, and start doing these things. I will give more parts to earning money online real soon. So the first steps are:

1) Get at least 2 online payment processors

2) Sign up for StormPay and look for Storm Clix, and then browse clix

3) Sign up for ClixSense and click their ads to earn extra revenue


New York Real Estate

You can now find real estate all over the Big Apple for investment purposes or land for a new home. Whatever your desires might be for New York real estate; you can count on Douglas Elliman Real Estate with Prudential. Their New York real estate agents are ready to serve your needs all over the state of New York. They cover New York City, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn and the Bronx too! So if you have any interests in the property in New York or any of its boroughs, be sure you seek out the services of Douglas Elliman Real Estate.

I have a good online friend that lives in Queens, around the Howard Beach area and she wouldn’t live no where else. A lot of people are moving into the Howard Beach section of Queens and I’m sure some of those people could use Douglas Elliman Real Estate to help them find a home in Howard Beach. There is currently 118 listings for homes in Howard Beach. They have 60 offices located throughout New York and the people needing homes in Queens or the Hamptons can take advantage of the largest real estate agency in New York.

Your Computer Room

What does your computer room look like? I don’t have a room just for my computer and office. I just use my desk in my bedroom that my computer sits on, to do all my blogging and computer business from. I wish I did have the room for a computer room. It would be nice to just have a room for the computer and then I could go shopping for some office furniture to design it with. I’m not the most organized person there is. It would help if I cleanned up my room some, so I could find things better. So I am going to have to find some time soon, just to clean up my room and get better organized in my life. I think I could save a lot of stress and time, just by getting organized better. If you have a computer room in your house, I would like to hear any thoughts or suggestions on setting one up. Maybe your just like me and work from the bedroom, I’m all ears on hearing about that too, if you have a good way of staying organized in the bedroom.

George Tenet’s New Book

I seen George Tenet on Larry King Live last night. I see his new book is causing controversy. It appears that he didn’t help the intelliegence community on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. He claims he didn’t have any knowledge of those weapons existing there. He said there was some evidence that supported it, but not enough. So naturally he is against the war in Iraq.

Now many people have came out to bash his claims. They said he was the lead man. He was fixing policies, so that a war in Iraq would look convincing to the public and the rest of the world. I’m not sure who knew what, but I think after 9/11 we had to do something. Even if Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11, he was still a bad guy that was cruel to his people. The rules changed after 9/11, and from here all bets are off. Even if you have to torture a prisoner or two, that is nothing compared to the tragic events of 9/11.