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Where MD Meets TV


The cast of doctors on ABC are still giving out free medical advice and tips for all those that seek it. The Doctors TV Show is one of the better shows on television these days. There popularity has given their show a big boost of medical confidence that has allowed them to be seen as content experts. The 4 main doctors that appear on each episode really give some good information daily. I like watching this program and I have my DVR set to record it everyday. I love to sit back on the weekends and watch all the shows that came on through the week. If you record the Doctors on DVR; then you can fast forward it through the commercials. I can watch a whole week’s worth of shows in about 3 hours or less.

I’m still looking for a show that deals with kidney stones. I’m sure Dr. Travis Stork sees his share of kidney stone cases working in the ER in real life. I think a lot of people would like to see a show about kidney stones. What programs would you like to see the Doctors cover? Their new series on various health conditions has gained a lot of attention. Any certain medical sickness or modern surgeries that would make you sit down and watch the Doctors on ABC? If so, please reply back and let’s see if we can figure out which types of show the fans want to see most. The other 3 doctors that appear with Dr. Stork are Dr. Masterson, Dr. Sears, and Dr. Ordon. These are the 4 doctors that give us free medical advice each day and there are other doctors that make guest appearances from time to time, to give us even more medical tips and solid health advice. Stay tuned for more free medical advice from The Doctors TV Show.

Doctors Show on ABC

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  • In a recent episode of the Drs TV Show, we got to hear about some valuable information for our prostates. In case you missed it, here are the tips that were given out on the television show; which aired recently:

    Tips for a Healthy Prostate:
    • Eat fruits and vegetables
    • Eat fish high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, sardines and tuna.
    • Drink green tea.
    • Exercise regularly.
    • Limit your alcoholic beverage consumption to just one or two per day.

    How often do we see diet and exercise appear under “tips” or “guidelines” for living a better life? That should be a hint to a lot of you out there. The more exercise you can get each day or every other day, the better it is for you. And it goes without saying, that we must all eat healthy and make better choices at the grocery store, if we expect our bodies to do their jobs properly each day. Keep these prostate tips in mind, if you are worried or have any concerns about your prostate. If you don’t have a constant urine stream, when you go to the bathroom, this could be a sign of an enlarged prostrate. It could also be a sign of some cancers out there too. Please go see your doctor, if you think your urine is not flowing like it use to. It could be something other than “just getting older”. So please, please go see your doctor, if you have any concerns whatsoever about your prostrate, urination pains, or an unusual stream when using the bathroom.

    Monitor Calories with Your Wrist Watch?

    Thanks to a few modern advances in electronics and the medical world, we have some pretty neat watches out there. There are watches that can monitor your heartbeats, calories, and some are even designed for your blood pressure. Imagine the next time you want to know your blood pressure and all you have to do is look at your wrist watch. That could come in handy, while out shopping, playing golf, in a theater, or eating out in a restaurant. High blood pressure is still known as the “Silent Killer“, but more and more things are out there now, that can detect this silent nightmare, which so many of us suffer from today.

    Wrist Watch for Monitoring Blood Pressure

    Watches for Monitoring Calories and Your Heartbeat

    I really like some of these modern watches, that come with a medical purpose. I think this is a great gift idea, for anyone who has a birthday or holiday coming up and you need to get them a special present. A watch like one of these, would be like giving the gift of life to them. A recent episode of the Doctors TV Show featured a watch that could monitor your calories and other things. I fully expect these watches to gain in popularity as more and more people learn about them.

    Have you recently watched the Drs TV show? Did you see an item on the show and have not been able to find it online? If so, just leave me a message here and I will try my best to located the product or products for you. Keep watching the Drs everyday and maintain a healthy diet and you can go a long way in this world.

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  • Back pain is something that most people deal with at some point in their lives. For minor problems, rest for a few days may be enough to feel good again. Unfortunately, many people have back problems that will not improve without treatment; these problems can cause chronic back pain. Chronic pain is classified as pain that lasts over a long period of time. If you suffer from back problems, you will likely agree that two things must be treated: the back problem itself and the resulting pain. Physicians who specialize in pain management can help you diagnose your disease and manage the pain. They have many diagnostic tools including, but not limited to: x-ray, computerized tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), bone scan, ultrasound, discography, electrodiagnostics, and thermography. (more…)

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  • 4 Holiday Health Tips

    The holidays are a very fun time of year. They are frequently filled with lots of temptations in the form of excessive amounts of food and drink. It is fine to partake and indulge, but the New Year will be easier if you don’t overindulge. Here are a few holiday health tips for this wonderful time of year. (more…)

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  • Medical Technology

    Guest post of the week by Deangelo Spencer

    I’m currently focusing on the local doctor’s offices and veterinarians and discussing the solution options available to them. I’m offering to help them to see the benefit of T1 Chicago for their offices. Although they don’t really think of themselves as “small businesses,” that is exactly what they are. They are a business of health and healing, but a business nonetheless. The main thing I am hearing from them is that they need to be able to read x-rays, and send results to the hospital via internet, while also being able to discuss what they are seeing on the phone live. They have really intense jobs, and the more I learn about the inside life of running a doctor’s office, the more I am amazed at how much goes beyond just treating the actual patients. I wonder if they teach a course on business and technology in medical and veterinary school. They should, because it is such a huge part of their jobs, but then again, if they did teach a course, I might be out of a job myself!

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  • When is a Diet Necessary?

    Sometimes we just don’t need a diet. Often a person is dieting for no reason or at least any good reasons. Most of the time, when you start asking the diet question; is when you need to start a new diet. For others and especially with young women, they look in the mirror and see something that is not really there. It’s really unfair a lot of times with what we think women should look like. The women on television, in fashion magazines, or who participate in beauty pageants are the exception to the rule. In no way, are they the “norm” for our society. It’s too bad Hollywood doesn’t show more normal people in life, which would mean hiring the larger people. Most people in our country now is over weight. The tall and slim bodies may look good, but they are not always healthy.

    We see the beautiful people on TV and in the advertisements. We get big doses of this, but we don’t see some of the health problems or the abuse patterns that develop over time. Teenagers shouldn’t try to look like the girls in the magazines. That is not reality and it isn’t realistic in most cases. Taking time out, to start a diet plan is fine. Eating low calorie foods and exercising more is fine. Taking a diet supplement or trying the african mango diet is okay too. The problems come in, when we go overboard with our diets. Seeing a teenage girl in the bathroom with her finger stuck down her throat, is not the message we want to send our young folks. Over dosing on diet pills or taking another person’s prescription diet pills is not the answer either.

    If you want an easy diet plan, just go get a partner to join you. The best way to stick to a diet, is to have a diet partner who does everything you do. Set realistic goals, be sure to eat enough each day, and drink plenty of fluids. Having a diet routine with another person, can be fun, rewarding, and make you look just as good as the actors and actresses on the big screen. Our health is everything! Don’t mess with a good thing and if possible, it is always wise to check with the family physician before starting any new eating habits or exercise programs.

    One more thing, before I let ya go. If you don’t have a diet partner in your community, at school, or at your job place; you can always look online for one. In fact, just let this blog post be the meeting place for dieters who seek a diet partner. I would be happy to match you guys and gals up. Just reply back with some basic information about yourself and the type of partner you’re looking for. Please state if you want a man or woman partner. What is a general age range for your partner and throw out a number too. The number of pounds you would like to lose and how many weeks you think it will take. Some online dieters may just want a short term partner to help them lose 10 or 15 pounds. All women want to lose weight before their weddings, so it is possible to find two brides-to-be online, with both wanting to lose weight before the big day. And please remember, if you think you need to be on a diet plan, then chances are you do. Just be sure to ask your friends and family first, if you should be on a new diet, and let them make the final call.

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  • The baby boom generation has officially grew up on us in North America. This generation of Americans and Canadians are retired now or will be retiring in the near future from work. As this class of elderly adults get older, they will be in great need of medicines and medical supplies. Searching for safe medications online and at good prices, could be just a click away. Especially if that mouse click leads you to the Canada drugs or Americans buying from the Canada Drug Center online.

    Some baby boomers may not be that familiar with computers. Some will just be learning for the first time this year; that they could buy a prescription drug like Actonel online. If you have a bone problem or osteoporosis, the doctor could write you a medical prescription to buy actonel online or get it filled at a neighborhood pharmacy. It will seem like a miracle, when these elderly individuals do find out about online pharmacies, like the website. Even the patients with bad eyes or failing eye sights, can easily see the big, colorful pictures online, for most of these prescription drugs.

    If you don’t get sick too much, going to the pharmacy down the street or in your hometown is fine. Perhaps your grocery store has a pharmacy inside of it. Dropping off the prescription and then doing your grocery shopping is a convenient way to get a medicine order filled, by a professional pharmacist. Most folks would not even mind getting the scripts filled the old fashion way; if they weren’t sick that often.

    The online pharmacies are perfect, for those who have to take the same medicines month after month. If your local doctor is constantly giving you the same prescription of drugs, you would benefit greatly from an online pharmacist. A professional pharmacist online, is just as good, as the ones at nearby drug stores. They can fill a prescription and tell a patient all the important details they need to know, about a drug like Lipitor, or any other prescribed medicines. If you had to buy lipitor in the past, you can stop doing it the old-fashion way and order it up online. The Canada Drug Center would send all of your prescriptions in a timely manner through the mail system. Your next script, could be as close as your mailbox! I’m sure this will be good news for those who don’t like to wait at the drug store or have to burn-up precious gas, driving back and forth to the pharmacy. The online drug stores don’t use any of the gas in the car tank and may even have a cheaper price too!

    *Please add to your favorites or bookmark it for easy access. So you and your family have instant access to prescription and non-prescription drugs too.

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  • Recently from The Drs television show, we got to see a couple of brands of vibrating watches. A vibrating watch can serve a lot of different purposes. The Doctors wanted to lean toward the youth and show kids and their parents, some really cool ways to use one of these vibrating watches. The two brands featured on the Show were Wobl Watches and the potty watches from the Potty Time namebrand trademark. The Doctors did real well with their two different watch companies they decided to feature. Both watches have a nice design-look and the awesome bright colors on these vibrating time pieces is perfect for the kids.

    Boys & Girls Vibrating  Watches

    A young boy out there would probably like a black or blue Wobl colored watch for his choice of a new watch. This Wobl blue watch is available online and these are the more expensive watches that were displayed on The Drs. A vibrating Wobl watch is going to cost you about $30 to $40 each. I believe the price I just now seen was $36 and this was true for the other Wobl colored watches for the boys or the girls vibrating pink alarm clock watches were priced the same too. So Wobl watches might be a little nicer look for the older kids, but they do cost more than the Potty Time brand of watches.

    Potty Watch Vibrating Alarms


    If the Wobl brand of watches were a little out of your price range, these vibrating alarm watches for kids is a lot cheaper. I found most sellers online and watch companies,  letting these go for like 9 and 10 dollar prices. So about 1/4 or 1/3 of the cost for a new Wobl Alarm Watch selling on the World Wide Web. To me, I think the Potty Watch Alarms are for the youngest kids out there and possibly a little too “childish-looking” for our adult kids (you know, the 12 years and older kids). Obviously our potty training sessions are over by the time our kids become teenagers or preteens in our family households. These cool vibrating potty watches from Potty Time will give the youngest kids in your family a “grown-up” feeling. So I do agree with the Doctors when it comes to using these alarm clock watches, to train your son or daughter in the bathroom. Obviously these potty alarm timers will not go off at the perfect time each day. It will be up to each individual parent, to try their best and estimate when the next trip to the bathroom should occur. Then you can set the Potty Watch Alarm to vibrate before your child goes in their diaper or clothing bottoms. The alarm is the cool signal your child will like hearing, as he or she makes their way to the bathroom, to do their business. It might be a little difficult to time at first, but usually in 2 or 3 days, you can time out that alarm pretty well. So please let your child or someone else’s small child experience the fun, with a cool and colorful Potty Watch with alarm vibrate.

    Head Concussions – The Drs Cover this Popular Medical Topic

    It seems the competition in sports with our youth is getting more competitive each year. As our local high schools try to squeeze as much practice time and weight lifting training in our teenage boys, they are growing bigger and stronger. I’m sure our growing knowledge in food nutrition, is another factor in the larger muscles and height our high school football players have now. All of this extra strength and power is not good; when out-dated and old high school equipment is the only defense parents and coaches have on the football field. The need for new and modern-designed equipment, is something which should be on every high school in America’s spending budget. No school can afford to overlook the safety of these young men, who go all out on Friday nights to represent their school. Even at the professional NFL football level, the helmet designs are not guaranteed to stop head injuries on the field.

    Football players and helmets is a popular topic. This subject will not be going away anytime soon; since no pro league officials, college level referees, athletic directors at universities, or representatives from the high school football programs have not took a stronger stance on these horrible collisions on the football field. The NFL has been suspending and placing money fines on a lot of the defensive players, who hit and tackle in vicious or unappropriated manners. Some of those big offensive linemen can really deliver a blow and each level of football should be employing immediate changes. More injuries will happen, if these old fashion rules stay in place. The old-style and traditional football rules is not acceptable in this part of our sports history. I know many fans, players, and coaches are against changes; but every snap in the game today, is one play closer for the guys who suffer life-changing head injuries. Losing the ability to walk, think, or other physical disabilities is actually the lucky football players. The healthy guy you practiced with all week and who participates in your team’s next game, but leaves the field early on a stretcher and never regains conscious. He is the unlucky one. Others who live into their golden years might disagree and think the everyday aches and pains for the rest of your life, is the unluckiest crowd of football players.

    It really is dangerous out there. While the pro and college versions of this sport is played with adults; our suggestions won’t go too far. Our control is at home with our own kids in sports. Our local schools where a variety of sports is played. In each of these smaller arenas, we can teach the public about the serious nature of a hard blow to the head region. More headgears and helmets is a start. The Drs want the coaches and parents to be aware of the most common head injury. The concussion is something a lot of people suffer from, at least once in their life. Even you or someone in your family, may have experienced a real medical concussion to the head and didn’t even realize it. The fast or hard action of another object coming into contact with our bodies or the structure we are sitting or propped up on, can cause a violent reaction inside the human skull. When the loose parts of our brain and all of that “meaty and fatty tissue” gets knocked around inside our skulls. We refer to this as a head concussion. If you or someone you know takes a severe blow or is involved in a high impact accident; please be sure to remember a few basic symptoms which commonly take place in most true head concussions. We all see a lot more head injuries making the sports headlines on TV and around our local communities. How is one to cope with head injuries and concussions?

    Here are some warning signs and symptoms of head concussions:

    • Nausea or vomiting
    • Headache and dizziness
    • Confusion and amnesia
    • Loss of balance
    • Ringing in ears
    • Sensitivity to light and noise

    Be sure to look over these symptoms and conditions we will likely see, coming from a person who recently suffered a concussion. A true head concussion will actually bruise the brain. Some of the worse signs and effects will come a lot later; than the first unusual things we begin to feel or see in someone who has a bruised brain.

    A more severe action or blow to our fragile human bodies, can cause a trauma. The Drs from television want to be sure and stress these warning signs; which come from a head trauma case:

    • Abnormal pupil size
    • Abnormal gaze
    • Abnormal behavior – even if it’s subtle
    • Drowsiness
    • Disorientation
    • Vomiting
    • Lethargy
    • Loss of consciousness
    • Slurred or repetitive speech

    ***Special Doctors Program Announcement – If you haven’t seen The Drs episode, which features Doctor Lisa Masterson talking about her childhood, the things which pushed her in life to study medicine, and the memories and tearful emotions she shares with everyone, as she tells a sad story about her real-life mother. This is a must-see episode of The Drs TV Program and this specific episode will be playing again on Monday July 18th. Be sure to wake up and watch this very special Doctors program. If you have plans or will be going to a first shift job; then try to set the VCR or the DVR to record Monday’s Special Show; which will be featuring Doctor Lisa in a way you have never seen her before. This is truly one of the best (if not best) one hour medical events on television ever! Take all medical related programs from the tube and other famous TV Doctors like Dr. Phil or the Doctor Oz TV Show and they will all pale in comparison to this special 1 hour piece, which was mainly put together by the only lady doctor on the television these days. This is the one which also features the Dr. Lisa Masterson Book; which she recently finished writing and it is a published work now.

    ****Watch Dr. Masterson this upcoming Monday (July 18th – 2011) for a special and dramatic replay of The Most Famous Drs Episode ever! You just can’t miss this one!

    Paper Dollhouse: A Memoir - Famous New Book from Doctor Masterson

    Drs Most Recent Products Page 3 is currently available online and Part 4 is coming soon!



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  • Your favorite Doctors on Daytime Television are off and running with a lot of new episodes for the spring season. You may have seen an item or two on the show that you would like to have yourself. If this is the case, please reply back to this post and I will try to get your items up online, so you can learn more about the product or just have a chance to order a Drs TV Item online. I appreciate all the feedback, questions, and suggestions everyone is leaving. Your comments do help me to arrange things in a better order online, so you can find things from the TV Show more easily.

    Below will be some of the most popular items and the ones I have seen the most requests for. If you are looking for something you seen from one of the early Drs TV Shows; please go back through the archives and check out the products page 1 and the products page 2.

    For those who like to diet, don’t forget about the 17 Day Diet. It is a quick weight loss program. Also, you can use some recipes from the newest online diet book from a featured Doctor’s guest Rocco DiSpirito. He was recently on the Drs promoting his latest book: Now Eat This! Diet This book has been well received and there are a lot of positive online reviews for it.


    Some of the other books which were recently featured on The Doctors TV Show were OutSmart Your Genes, Eat: The Effortless Weight Loss Solution, and Fat Family / Fit Family written by the Morelli Family. You can always count on some good books being featured on the Show. For those who are here searching for Dr. Lisa’s New Book called: Paper Dollhouse: A Memoir – I have written a special blog post for this book. If you just want to order a copy of the book, click here to order Paper Dollhouse by Doctor Lisa Masterson. It is the inspiring true story about her childhood growing up. She talks about how her mother played a big part in her life and just how special she was to the now famous Doctor, we see on TV each day.

    Clean Wave UV Light Sanitizer

    You may have seen a recent episode where the Drs showed a dog that was sleeping in a couple’s bed. They advised on the Show to use a UV Light from Clean Wave to take care of a large percentage of the allergens, germs, and bacteria that gets left behind. This special wand kills like 99 percent of all the harmful things, we can’t see with the naked eye. For those who suffer from allergies, this might just be the thing you need in your household. They do make a travel size UV Light Wand or you can order a package of 2 UV Lights for Travel and Home use, if you would like to wand over your hotel beds and other strange places you have to travel to.

    Automatic Floor Cleaner

    For those with hardwood floors, you may want to get a cleaner that works all by itself. As featured on The Drs Show, we have an automatic floor cleaner. You just turn it on and it works all by itself. It will be doing a good job on your floors; while you take care of other things around the house. Let this product clean the floors while you sleep, watch television, or do other household chores. If you like this product, you may also want to check out a vacuum cleaner that is automatic and it works by itself too. Check out this Stationary & Touchless Vacuum Cleaner and see if a product like this, would be good to clean up a room in your house or leave it on for non-stop cleaning. A clean house does equal a healthy family. This is the main goal here. To keep our homes as clean as possible, so we cut down on the chances of getting sick from an airborne virus or germ, that a cleaning product could easily take car of, if we just have it.

    The Blue Egg Protector

    Here is a product for the refrigerator. For those vegetables and fruits that always spoils too fast and you just end up throwing them away, you can stop wasting food! This handy little gadget, the blue egg will help to protect fresh vegetables and fruit in your refrigerators. The ethylene gas comes off of these foods and causes them to spoil at a faster rate. This product or you can go with another product that is like this one and it is called the Extra Life and it works the same way as the Blue Egg does, for protecting your food. Give either one of these products a try and come back here and let me know if your vegetables and fruits lasted longer in the refrigerator. Did you throw out less food or any food, once you began using the Blue Egg or the Green Disk?

    Extra Life – Green Disk for Ethylene Gas Protection

    *The actual product featured on The Drs TV Show was the Blue Apple. All of these products work basically the same, but you do have choices when it comes to this product.

    As featured on the Drs Television Show; which comes on each weekday morning, is a great new diet plan. This is the 17 Day Diet and diet book author Mike Moreno believes he has finally figured it out. The key to weight loss can begin in as little as 17 days. You won’t lose all the weight you want to or have all of your weight loss goals accomplished in 17 days, but this is the time it will take, for you to know this diet plan really does work. It is becoming America’s favorite new diet plan and the TV Doctors are making sure of that, by featuring this book and its author Mike Moreno on their medical show, so many times in recent weeks. This is actually a diet contest, between The Drs and some other dieters who are under the Dr. Phil TV Show. It’s been a fun TV competition for those fans who like to watch Doctor Phil and our favorite Doctors TV Program, The Drs of Stork, Sears, Ordon, and Masterson.

    The Drs TV main goal, is to get you back to your proper weight. Whether you call Jenny Craig for diet help or you try this new and popular 17 Day Diet Plan. The key thing here is that you start something now, so you can begin living a healthier life. Our country is severely over weight now. We must take a stand now and not let this problem get any worse. Our health care systems are already bracing for a hard future with obese patients who will be suffering from a number of illnesses and diseases. Heart disease or diabetes are killing us each day and being over weight has shown to be present in many of these cases. If Americans can begin losing weight now, we can avoid all of these medical disasters we are heading for now and in the future.

    Are you ready to begin the 17 Day Diet? If so, go ahead and get your copy of the 17 Day Diet Book Online. You can order this book from your computer and you don’t have to go out and look for it at the book store. It is currently ranked number 4 at Amazon, so people on diets or who want to start a new diet plan, are seeking help from this new diet book.

    Be sure to tune-in each weekday morning and see how the two diet teams are doing from The Drs and The Doctor Phil Show. This diet plan is taking the nation by storm and you can get a front row seat in your living room, each weekday morning, when the Doctors will be featuring this often and giving frequent updates.

    There is no competition on this page. Nobody will care if you use the 17 Day Diet Plan or if you call one of the Jenny Craig consultants, who are standing by to help you. The Doctors involved don’t care which plan or show on TV you watch for medical advice. Doctor Phil and the 4 Doctors on the Doctors television show are all teaming up, to help get you thin again. Even if “thin” isn’t the goal, losing just a few pounds, can make a world of difference.

    This is a serious issue and its very important, that we all start taking strides to lower the obesity rate in this country. So please, watch The Doctors or Dr. Phil and hop on board with a popular diet or another less popular diet plan. You can loose weight and there are so many people here to help you. There is a reason you found this blog post today and here is where the weight loss project begins! Good luck!


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  • Non Prescription Diet Pills

    You don’t always have to get a prescription from the doctor, to get a quality diet pill. There are pills over the counter; which are often times, a lot like the prescription version of dieting supplements and diet pills. A good example of this is adapexin-p which is a prescription diet pill, but closely related to Adapexin; which is not a prescription diet pill. You can buy Adapexin online and have this product shipped to you in the mail. Have you ever taken a good diet pill, which worked well for you, but didn’t require a prescription? Please be sure to pass along any tips or the name of other diet pills, which work well, but don’t require the signature of a doctor. If you are beginning a diet or workout program, it is best to contact your doctor first. A good health check-up, before planning any workout program or diet is now the recommendation to most people living in modern countries, with modern technology in medicine and health.

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  • The next time you have a prescription that needs refilling, you might want to check out the prices online. Many patients these days are finding they can save money online, by getting their scripts filled over the Internet. The canada drugs are no different from the drugs you get filled by an American Pharmacy. It’s the same drugs and the same brand names you can find in the States. The one big thing you may notice, is the cost for these drugs north of the border.

    The canadian pharmacy is online and available 7 days a week, for dropping your prescriptions off with them. Their pharmacists can quickly get your authorized prescriptions online from your doctor and have them filled very fast. This Canadian Pharmacy can help all patients get connected to a pharmacy in their area too, for getting prescriptions for a really low price. In fact, they can often save customers up to 90% on all of the medications they have under their wing to send out to patients, who really need their medicine and fast. Stop paying for the high cost of prescription drugs and look online for the bigger discounts, on the drugs you need to get filled each month.

    They pretty much have all the prescriptions you can imagine at the Canada Drug Center. If you have been prescribed a drug like Celebrex for pain. You can get that medicine and other popular pain relievers through the Canadian Pharmacy and their extended network of drug stores. In most cases, patients who buy celebrex online will save more money; than if they just took it to their local pharmacist to get filled. For patients who get a prescription each month for a pain pill, their costs can add up in a hurry, if you compare the savings 3 months, 6 months, and even 1 year into the future.

    For those non-prescription medications you normally buy at the drug stores in your hometown. You can also purchase those name brand drugs online too. You can save just as much money on the non-prescription drugs, as you can on the drugs that require a prescription. So the next time you get ready to buy your monthly meds, you may want to come to your computer and see all of the money you could be saving with the website. Don’t make this the last place you look for low prices, but choose a Canadian Pharmacy first for the lowest prices online. No one can afford the high costs of prescription and non-prescription drugs these days and there are better and cheaper ways to start getting your medicine each month!

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  • I always wondered what experts looked for most in a good supplement, you could buy over the counter. A lot of the products with creatine in them, have always been a favorite with body builders or other men and women who seek to add more muscle mass. Instead of just looking for a certain ingredient in a health supplement, I wanted to take a closer look at the criteria used for ranking these various supplements. I did locate 6 different things that were related to the “determining factor” for some of these supplements being ranked online now.

    Popular Criteria Used for Ranking Supplements


    *Possible Side Effects

    *Overall Value

    *Creatine Speed

    *Muscle Gain Power

    *Customer Testimonials

    I thought that last criteria on the list was a little unusual to see, but then again, it makes perfect sense. Taking a look at the people who are actually using these products each day, is a good ranking system with any product or service. The best commercials or advertisements a health supplement could have, is the customer testimonials. I actually believe you could remove a few of the criteria points on the list above and focus more on what the customers are saying. If you plan to buy a creatine product or a health supplement for building and shaping muscle mass. Be sure to take the time to read up on the customers who have already tried a specific product. This criteria could very well be the most important thing a consumer has to go on. If they are buying a new product for the first time. Don’t forget the side-effects of a product you plan to ingest either. The negative effects a health pill can cause to you or someone else; is something that should be looked at alone. No need to group the effects with the customer testimonials.

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  • You can learn more online about calcium and see how much you should be getting each day.  I don’t think my body breaks down calcium that well, due to the number of kidney stones I have had over the years. I have sent my stones off before, to be checked by medical professionals. The results came back and my kidney stones are made up of a calcium rich material. For others out there, who may be suffering from more than one kidney stone per year, you may also have a problem breaking down calcium in your bodies too. Be sure to discover your body’s need for calcium. We all need calcium and it is one of the most important minerals on the health menu. Just make sure you’re not crossing over the line too much; where you’re eating too much calcium and its becoming bad for you.

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  • High Blood Pressure Worries

    I’m not sure what to do about my high blood pressure. I know for the last 6 months, it has been higher than a normal person’s blood pressure; which is 120/80. I am consistently getting blood pressure readings of 150 and 160 for the top number and my bottom number now stays above 100 all the time. My family does own a home blood pressure kit, but I’m not sure how accurate it is. I would like to get something closer to what the hospitals have for their patients. You know a patient monitor that checks a number of different vital signs. You can use these hospital monitors to spot check your blood pressure numbers, like I am doing now. Or you can leave it hooked up all the time, so you have a continuous reading on your blood pressure, heartbeat rates, and your temperature. These medical monitors can track different vitals and it does a whole lot more; than just checking a patient’s blood pressure. For me to avoid the silent killer, I will need to change my food diet and probably get on some blood pressure medicines, so I can start controlling my high blood pressure.

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