Vick Gets More Negative Press

Michael Vick continues to get negative press. The talented quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons has been a magnet lately for bad press. Now it appears that a home that Michael Vick owns was raided on suspicions of drugs in the house. They found dogs that were being mistreated. The dogs looked like they had been used for fighting purposes. Which is illegal in all 50 states, and is a felony in 48 of them.

Michael Vick was suspected in the pass for fighting dogs. It’s not sure what evidence or information was ever collected on them suspicions. Now with a house that he owns is housing such dogs. Makes the suspicions a bit more stronger. This attention hasn’t escaped the animal rights activists either. They have sent Falcon’s Owner Arthur Blank a letter asking for them to suspend Vick for this latest episode.

Now Vick is scheduled to take part in the 2007 NFL Draft this weekend with a tribute to the tragedy at Virginia Tech. Him and former HoKie and current teammate D’Angelo Hall was expected to take part in this. It’s not sure if Vick will now participate in this. It probably wouldn’t be good for the families of Virginia Tech who might be tunning in. To have a guy that is alleged to be fighting dogs, to pay tribute to such a tragedy. This would be in bad taste, and I could see Hall and former NFL star Bruce Smith doing this by theirself now. It’s not like Michael’s younger brother would be a better choice either. Even though Marcus Vick was a star at Virginia Tech too, he has gun charges on his record. So it appears the Vick Family are not angels when it comes to off the field duties. Even though both brothers are very talented on the football field.


Spyware On the Computer

It seems everyday I run my different spyware programs, and everyday they find something. I’m no computer expert, and don’t know how to keep these little boogers out. I just know they keep showing up on my computer.

It is important that all computers have a spyware remover on them these days. You can find a few pretty good ones on the internet. These are free to download too. You can look at avg, spyware doctor, adaware, and search and destroy. Even after running one of these, you can go back with another one, and it will find something too. So having more than 1 spyware remover is a good suggestion.

Now anti-virus programs. Again, it’s good to have this on your computer too. Just don’t have more than 1 though. 2 of these type of programs will be battling each other. So only get 1 anti-virus program, and feel free to have more than 1 spyware remover. They say you get what you pay for, and in the case of spyware removers, it might be true too. I notice the ones I pay for (in some cases) will find more stuff on the computer. Look into finding a good spyware remover, if you don’t have one already.

NHL Playoffs In Hotlanta

Well there hasn’t been hockey playoffs in the city of Atlanta since the Flames left town in the 70’s. At least I think there was playoff hockey in Atlanta then. I wasn’t old enough to remember it. I did hear the Flames were good in Atlanta. So I assume they were in the playoffs.

Now comes a new dawn. The Atlanta Thrashers will host the New York Rangers tonight in the first playoffs ever, for the Atlanta Thrashers. This will be a seven game series, and who will win it, is anybody’s guess. Both teams look solid, and something will have to give. The New York Mets were just in town against the Braves, as the Braves took that series 2 games to 1. So once again, the big apple and the peach state will square off in a sporting event in less than a 1 week period.

There is certainly a buzz in the Atlanta Area, with the Thrashers getting ready to lace it up for the first time in post season play. There’s no telling what type of pregame ceremonies they might have in store for the fans. When you get a bunch of rednecks from the South togehter to host a Northern Event, anything can happen!

I am going to go out on a limb and say the Thrashers will take this first game against the Rangers. I will pick Eric Belanger to be the game MVP for the Thrashers. I think it will be key for Belanger, Jim Slater, and Pascual Dupuis to step up and contribute to the stars like Kovaluchuk and Hossa. So let’s drop the puck here in Hotlanta and see what the boys from the South have in store for us!

Paris Hilton To Play Backgammon

The most beautiful jailbird that the world has ever seen is going to have a little entertainment while she is serving her time. If you been on another planet or something, let me fill you in on the latest details involving the lovely Paris Hilton.

A judge has ordered her to serve 45 days in jail. It’s not looking like Paris is going to be able to buy her way out of this either. The judge in her case is pretty determined that Ms. Hilton serves her full 45 days behind bars, for violating her probation terms.

Don’t fear Paris! There is help on the way! the makers of a great online version of the popular backgammon game, are going to be sending you a version of the game. truly sympathizes with Paris and the time she is going to have to serve behind bars. They will be sending Paris the backgammon game, so she can play with her new jail friends, or just by herself. I think this will be a great way to help pick up her spirits, while she spends the next 45 days locked up. I do hope they will at least let her have the game. There might be some restrictions where she can’t receive an item like this? Hopefully we can get a update from to let us know if she received the game or not.

Now backgammon is a game that has been around a long time. It might be at the height of its popularity with the way has presented the game, to the online crowd. Playing this popular game online has become very popular, and a lot of good things are being said about If you like to play backgammon or would like to learn how, then you might want to check out their popular online version of this game.

Now if by some luck, that Paris doesn’t actually go to jail. Then plans to auction off the backgammon game for charity. I’m not sure on the specific charity, but I’m sure it will be a worthy cause. So regardless of where the backgammon game ends up, it should help somebody. If you enjoy playing backgammon and consider yourself a real serious player, then you might think about playing this summer in the Annual Monte Carlo World Championship Tournament!



George Tenet’s New Book

I seen George Tenet on Larry King Live last night. I see his new book is causing controversy. It appears that he didn’t help the intelliegence community on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. He claims he didn’t have any knowledge of those weapons existing there. He said there was some evidence that supported it, but not enough. So naturally he is against the war in Iraq.

Now many people have came out to bash his claims. They said he was the lead man. He was fixing policies, so that a war in Iraq would look convincing to the public and the rest of the world. I’m not sure who knew what, but I think after 9/11 we had to do something. Even if Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11, he was still a bad guy that was cruel to his people. The rules changed after 9/11, and from here all bets are off. Even if you have to torture a prisoner or two, that is nothing compared to the tragic events of 9/11.

3 of a Kind Beats 2 Pairs

If everyone would have been more patient and waited until my luck ran out, they could have beat me on my inexperience. I think that is the biggest key to winning in poker and especially for a Texas Hold’em poker tournament, is to just be patient. Wait for those hands to find you, but try your best to always see the flop!

Where to Play Horseshoes?

Where do you go to play horseshoes? It use to be a fun thing for me to do on family reunions. I had a hard time when I was little, because I wasn’t strong enough to pitch the horseshoes that far. As I got older I really enjoyed pitching the horseshoes at those family reunions.

Since the 4th of July is coming up soon, I also have fond memories of playing horseshoes with a good friend of mine. He is no longer alive as he passed away in 2002. I really had some fun on the 4th of July Holidays with him. It seems like me and him were always together on the 4th of July. So I really think about him when the 4th of July rolls around every year and that one horseshoe tournament we played at on the 4th of July. We was doing pretty good, but after we lost one match, we never seem to get much luck anymore. It was a double elimination tourney and after that first loss, it was quickly followed with our 2nd loss and we was out of the tournament. I just think horseshoes is one of those sports that nobody really pays much attention to. It would be nice if there was a place you could go play horseshoes regularly like you go skating or to play video games. Have a business designed around horseshoes!

Nascar Ban Tony Stewart!

Funny thing is that Fox Sports picked up on this. A female writer has a story on Fox Sports about this Tony Stewart incident. She is on his side all the way. Now I’m guessing she is a Tony Stewart Fan. No way does this make sense.

Now Tony or the author at Fox Sports don’t make mention, that Tony had the lead with just a few laps to go in the race. This debris thing came out about 100 laps before the race had even ended. It had no effect on the race. Tony had his chance to win, but he is a soar loser and is just looking for someone to hear his cries. Well he found them with a female writer at Fox Sports.

Sorry Tony the Tiger, you get no support for me. I have seen you friend, and I have known where you been. Your just a classic soar loser. Your the rich brat that expects everyone to bow down to. Your emotions you wear on your sleeve, and that is not good for someone driving around a 3200 pound vehicle. You have intentionally wrecked drivers, just because you didn’t get your way. I think unless NASCAR bans you immediately, this thing will only get uglier. You will probably end up hurting someone on the race track, because you are so spoiled, and expect everyone to hear your cries.

Texas Hold’em

The game Texas Hold’em is so popular right now. Not sure how much more popularity this game can gain. It’s already on several different channels. We have watced the professionals go at it, and they have the big tournaments all the time. Then we have seen our favorite celebrities and athletes compete on the tables against each other. I really think Texas Hold’em has reached it’s limits, and there’s not much more upside to the game. Then again, it just takes some marketing genius to find a new way to put a spin on it, and the blaze would just continue to get bigger. It will be interesting if this is the only type of poker game that remains on our tv sets. I would think another variation of poker, or maybe some other card game can make a run. I like to play spades, and wouldn’t mind seeing tag team partners playing spades, and listening to the strategies trying to play that game. Now that would be a new look for a card game on television.

Paintball Supplies

If you are looking for a fun activity, that the whole family can get involved in. Then there’s nothing like a good game of paintball to get the heart pumping. A good place to start for all your paintball gear is Ultimate Paintball. They have everything you need to get your paintball war started. Getting good paintball guns is probably the most important part. Some of the more popular ones are the Tippmann A-5, Tippmann 98 Custom, Smart Parts Ion, and the Spyder Pilot ACS. You can buy these guns in packages, where you can save money, and get some of the extra paintball gear that you will need.

   Let Ultimate Paintball be your paintball store. Your paintball tanks, paintball markers, and the other paintball supplies can be found at Ultimate Paintball. Please be sure to have all your safety gear too. You really need to wear the paintball masks and the gloves that are available too. Because we all know it’s fun, until somebody gets hurt. So be safe out there, and have fun in your next paintball battle!

TS 25 For Advertisers

TS 25 has been a great source of advertising for me. They have help me to get referrals and traffic to all of my websites. They claim that they get 5,000 new members each month. I think I believe them, the way my credits fly off the shelf over there. If your looking for unique visitors, and you want them in a hurry. Then Traffic Syndicate 25 is where you want to go. Be sure to surf as much as you can each week. The more you can surf, is the higher syndicate you will get placed in each week. It starts all over again on Saturday Nights at midnight (pacific time) or 3 AM Sunday Morning for those on the East Coast.

Paid Emails

Getting paid to read emails is a nice little income maker. It’s easy to do too. All you have to do is check your email daily, and you can click on the links from there to earn money to your account. It’s nothing that will make you rich over night, but if your consistent, you will see a nice little sum of money in your account.



Inbox Dollars is a good service that I have joinned. You can earn money from them in a number of ways. So you can let the money roll in slowly by just doing the paid emails. However, if you want to speed things up, then you can take surveys, complete online job offers, and refer others to help your account grow more quickly. If you never tried to get paid to read emails, then give it a try sometime. Don’t expect big results, but you will get them if you are consistent and make a habit of doing it daily. Also, if your an advertiser, then Inbox Dollars is a great way to advertise. You real get real visitors to your webpages.

PreFlop Advantage for Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular poker games right now. You can see a lot of shows on television these days that feature the Texas Hold’em game. If you like playing the game and want any extra advantages possible, then you might want to try this great new tool for Texas Hold’em players. A poker odds calculator is a great way to shift the odds in your favor. You still need luck like any good poker player has, but this tool can give you the mathematical advantages to win more games. You can quickly figure out the odds of the two cards you are holding and these odds will vary, depending on how many players you’re up against. I could have used this in a few of the Texas Hold’em tourneys that I played in. I was able to win one of these tournaments with about 20 people playing in it. I don’t think I would do well in those big tournaments you see in Las Vegas, because of my lack of experience. I bet some players have these calculations programmed in their heads. You don’t have to worry about storing all this information and this calculator will quickly determine the odds for your two cards.

There is a tutorial on this at YouTube that you can see below. Please view the video and you will get a better understanding on how one of these poker calculators work. If you get one of these, it might be a little tougher getting the guys over to play, because you will be winning a lot more games!