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Hawaii and Georgia in the 2008 Sugar Bowl 0

Hawaii and Georgia in the 2008 Sugar Bowl

The 2007 football seasons for Georgia and Hawaii were both very impressive. Hawaii has yet to lose a game, but may be facing their toughest opponent of the year. The Georgia Bulldogs will blitz...

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Hickory Log Creek Dam and Reservoir 0

Hickory Log Creek Dam and Reservoir

The Hickory Log Dam is coming along nicely, as it is almost complete in Canton, Georgia. The Dam will stop up an area of water that is expected to be around 5 billion gallons...

Dog or Chicken? 0

Dog or Chicken?

This little dog likes to sleep on his back. Very unusual for a dog, that likes to sleep on it’s back. The interesting thing, is that it looks very much like a chicken. Not...

Jewelry Auctions 0

Jewelry Auctions

I like watching the auctions that come on television that I get from my satellite dish. They have all kinds of auctions on television these days and I guess with the success of some...

Coaching Little League 0

Coaching Little League

I just got back from my nephew’s baseball game. It’s funny to see how different coaches approach their little league teams. Some coaches it’s about fun, and they don’t care if they win or...

Vote On Top Helicopters From G.B., U.S.A. and Italy 0

Vote On Top Helicopters From G.B., U.S.A. and Italy

I requested a video of helicopters from 3 different countries. I chose Italy, Great Britain and the United States and thought it would be fun to compare each country’s videos. You can see that...

Fried Green Tomatoes 0

Fried Green Tomatoes

You don’t have to wait for them to turn red to eat them. As soon as you got a few green ones that have grown to a nice size, just pick them and fix...

Wrestlers Suspended From Steroids 0

Wrestlers Suspended From Steroids

Since the death of Chris Benoit and other wrestlers, the whole wrestling community is taking another look at steroids. It’s not necessarily if a wrestler is or isn’t taking the drug, but whether they...

Nurofen Plus For Strong Pain 0

Nurofen Plus For Strong Pain

Nurofen Plus is a combination of ibuprofen and codeine. It has a powerful combination that helps strong pain. If you suffer from migraine or tension headaches, dental pain, period pain, back pain, or any muscle related type...

Sprint Phones 0

Sprint Phones

Sprint Phones are looking good these days. These phones stick out from some of the other cell phones you can get. Sprint cell phones has some of the coolest new looks that are on the...

Bobby Petrino Blames Players 0

Bobby Petrino Blames Players

Bobby Petrino was quick to point out where the problems in the Atlanta Falcons were. Apparently Joey Harrington holding the ball too long is the cause for the Falcon woes this year. The team...

Favorite Stallone Movie 0

Favorite Stallone Movie

Afterall, we did have Freddy .vs. Jason, in the battle of the stars of killers, on the big screen.

Congratulations Thrashers! 0

Congratulations Thrashers!

I have to give a shout out to my local NHL Hockey Team. I live 40 miles north of Atlanta, so the Atlanta Thrashers are my hockey team. I never was much of a...

Online Security 0

Online Security

I have my concerns about online security and I don’t do a lot of banking moves on the internet. It seems that everyday we come up with a new way to make our online...

Pay Per Post Money 0

Pay Per Post Money

What a great company for bloggers. Correct me if I’m wrong, but is there another place to put blog ads out, with a company better than Pay Per Post? I think they do a...