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  1. tim sherwin says:

    Micharl vick and the dog fighting deal as no basketball players are dieing from a fixed game and Im sure games are fixed ALL the time including the superbowl obviously with NE patties dynasty. But dogs are dieing over dog fights and thats not coolat all. Dogs are good and dont ask for that. Im also a dog lover and my dog happens to be x- earch and rescue so it it right to fight dogs when they can do what they do for us service wise, compainionship wise? loyalty at its best? Inconditional love? Screw that Basketball fix a game deal for betting and chop michals things off for doing what he did like youd neuder your own dog!!

    thank you for the chance to post.

    tim sherwin

  2. Robin Kenney says:

    I don’t understand “why” people that have everything going for them have the desire, and act on those desires to ruin their lives. Not only is it ruining their lives, but it reflects on sports as a whole. The dog fighting, the officials betting against teams…. whatever happened to “decent” human beings? Personally, I hope they both get the book thrown at them and are made to serve time (not get off with a fine) for their wrong doings. The dog scenario was horendous even though I am not a fan of pit bulls. There is no excuse for what the referee did. Hopefully some good will come out of all this and people will see what the guilty parties are really made of.

  3. Jeff R says:

    Michael Vick is done. While these are allegations there are two other co-defendants and they will turn on Michael to save themselves from going to jail. My advice is to not draft this guy in your fantasy football league. Wasn’t he featured on the Madden EA sports game? I guess the curse continues.

  4. Agnes856 says:

    I am not a big fan of NFL or dog fights. I am scared of pit bulls, they are a mean breed and can kill people.

  5. J M says:

    Personally I dont see what the big deal is, where I come from they hold cock fights (Chickens) all the time, it’s considered a sport, people bet and win big money on these games. I say there are other concerns that need immediate attention, e.g. feeding the homeless,Cancer, Aids, bringing our soldiers home from Iraq etc.Government, put your focus on these issues then you’ll impress me!

  6. OK so you happen to like dogs but hate pit bulls? Well it is not the pit bulls’ fault that they are forced and bred to fight. My son had pit bulls when he was 12 years old and they were excellent companions. They never hurt anyone because we did not train them to fight. You pit bull haters need to read the news when rotwilers attack people. a german shepherd (retired) police dog that I was tending for someone, killed my little silver poodle Smokey in front of my children and me. I think that anyone who is cruel to animals, and I mean any animal, should go to prison for at least five years. Animals can’t defend themselves and they don’t choose to be trained to fight. Also, pit bulls are the smartest of all dogs. Read about them and you will agree. Given a chance, the meaness can be bred out of them.

    I think that Michael Vick should pay if he was involved in animal cruelty. That is the worst of his accusations, and I agree that mean dogs should perhaps be erased through selective breeding, but know this: There are good pitbulls and bad pitbulls, good rotwilers and bad rotwilers, good dovermans and bad dovermans, good police dogs and bad police dogs. So how about taking a second look at the unfortunate pitbulls? After all, judging a breed or race of any kind of life is discrimination. Thank you for reading.

    Taunya Millet #644

  7. Alan says:

    I think they are both as bad as each other. They have both discredited their sports and appropriate action need to be taken by each sports body to show that they will not tollerate such actions.

    Alan #1486

  8. Kim says:

    I own and show American Pit Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers. Owning this breed for 7 years I can say they are not inheritly a mean breed. It’s how they are bred and raised that makes the difference, as with any breed! Research and learn before ignorant comments are made. The media is NOT the place to learn. Do some real research on the breed!
    I think Vick should be nailed to the wall if found guilty as everyone else involved should be. Dog and cock fighting is a felony in VA and qite a few other states. It is morally NOT ok. Profiting off of a animals pain is sick!

  9. You are right, there is alot of hype over these two people. Vick in my opinion being the worst. These stars should think about what there doing and their actions as they have alot of influence on kids that look up to them. They chose to be in the lime light nd their actions should reflect that. Animal cruelty is not acceptable. Pit Bulls like any animal are trained to be mean if thats what the owners promote. I had a rottweiler for 12 years before he passed on. A more loving dog you could not ask for. I currently obtained another rott from a rescue facility. He is too sweet. The trainer I got for my rott told me I had to decide whether to have a sweet rott or a mean one. I chose sweet. That doesnt mean if I was in danger they wouldnt protect me. They both would.
    As far as Vick losing his career, he should. Like OJ who murdered and got away with it, what kind of message does that relay to the public as well as our kids who look up and admire them? If you got money you can get out of anything. You cant tell me that is anywhere near right because it is not.
    Right now all the stars getting caught drinking and driving and drugs. I am so glad the court system is punishing them as they should. It is against the law and they should have to pay just like you or me would. I know they are human but when in the limelight as they are they need to think before they act. Nascar does not let its contenders even cuss without repercussions. They are trying to keep the sport clean and its drivers know that. You make a mistake you pay..As it should be. I also know Nike dropped Vick, as they should. Vick is going to lose everything and he should. Just maybe, other stars will think before they act as they have alot of influence on kids who look up and admire them.

  10. Denis Wood says:

    I agree with previous replies, but I think most sports are tainted with illegal betting; Being from the UK, my sympathies are with the dogs!

  11. Bruce Harding says:

    ID: 1194 Vick should go down for what he’s done. Take away the NFL and Mike will still be doing bad. Just goes to show that there is a criminal in every sport. They get paid wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to much in all sports, makes me sick! They should donate a million out of their payroll to Jerry’s Kids every year they play, how many players are there? In all sports? That get paid to much? There would be alot of money,right? Programs for the bad guys? JAIL!!!!! Mike is just 1 of how many that are doing all the wronge things.I Wonder how many others just closed their doors because of Mike’s mistake that will cost him dearly, I hope! This Bites the BIG ONE!!!!!! And I’m a Pete Rose fan for LIFE and all he did is gamble, I know it’s wronge but, he never had any pet or person harmed and they took his life away? How many of us go to the Casino’s and GAMBLE? Casino’s, Betting, Gambling, it’s with us and will never go away. Every person has the right to gamble,but not the right to hurt,kill or damage a loved one. Hey! Maybe towmorrow Mike might get attacked by someone’s DOG! Hopefully his own!!!!!!!!!!!!! Put him in a pen with some revenge type Dogs, They’ll know what to do………………………………

  12. Diane says:

    Michael should be treated like he did his dogs. What doesn’t have as much money as he’s supposed to? The ref is criminal and should lose his job. But the two of them have a lot to learn about honesty and integrity. Mem#1275

  13. Allan Mobley says:

    I agree with youon the sports issue.I think thaty pit bulls could be bred with some other dog breed to get rid rid of the killer habits in the breed. ad then a law passed to stop bredding of full bred pit bulls.

  14. profits4you says:

    If Micael Vick IS guilty of exploiting animals -in this case ‘dogs’ then I hope they throw the book at him -maybe even sedate him,file his teeth and put HIM in the ring…not sure with whom,or what….

    …Last year’s and the previous years Stanley Cup have me thoroughly covinced that it is fixed!

    The penalties against Ottawa were downright phoney(and the same last year against EVERY team playing the Carolina Hurricanes!)…whilst the stuff the refs let the Ahanheim team(and last year the Carolina Hurricanes)…was just disgusting.

    In last yr’s cup a lot of the Hurricanes goals were scored either while a buddy was in the crease,or the opposing team had a phoney penalty -mostly thanks to Rod Brindamour and his “master divers license.”

    How about this year’s FIFA Under-20 soccer -I never saw so much diving and faking injuries in all my life!

  15. One spends his money doing stupid and cruel things. The other misuses his position to help himself, and others he is associated with, gain money that otherwise would not have been theirs. Spending money stupidly is something we all do, but the circumstances around Vick made the press. Misusing one’s position of trust is, in my mind, more deplorable and thus the ref gets my vote.

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