Most online shoppers know that Amazon is the number 1 retailer online for books. Most will be surprised to see Amazon as the top online retailer for school supplies too. You can’t find too many websites online today, which offer as many back-to-school supplies as Amazon does. Then after you see how low the school supply prices are, you won’t shop any where else, when it comes to stocking up on the notebook paper, pencils, ink pens, and colored magic markers for your child’s school supplies.

The school year is half way over for most U.S. students. After the holidays are over, students will return for the 2nd part of their school year. A lot of those supplies parents bought at the beginning of the year are slowly disappearing. A lot of these students will be needing more paper, pencils, folders, and other supplies to get them to the end of year. The high school students will be starting their 2nd semesters and may need a special notebook pad or folder for the new classes they will begin taking. Parents need to check with their child and see if there is any extra school supplies they will need, before the school bell rings for summer vacations. I think most of the school supplies selling online now, are cheaper than the supplies which were being sold this past summer. You can probably find better deals during the winter time, since less shoppers are buying those school supplies for the 2nd half of the school year. Just be sure to check out the prices, the next time you are online buying books or movies at Amazon and see what back-to-school bargains you can find on the Internet.