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Capella University 0

Capella University

You probably saw some of the schools that are available online. I have seen a few that gets a lot of advertising on the internet. One of those is capella university that is heavily advertised...

Runway Airport .vs. PC12 Plane 0

Runway Airport .vs. PC12 Plane

Some amazing film footage from one of the steepest slopes on a runway at an airport. Watch this PC 12 plane motor down the runway and take off from a towering mountain. You also...

Alyssa Milano Makes Debut on My Name Is Earl 0

Alyssa Milano Makes Debut on My Name Is Earl

After Alyssa Milano made her September 6th announcement on her blog, about having a role on My Name Is Earl, she made her debut on October 25th. She visited the prison that Earl was being...

Google Page Rank 0

Google Page Rank

The Google Page Rank is a number that is important to people that have websites. I know as a blogger and having talked to many other bloggers, we love to try and get the...

My Date with Drew or Alyssa Milano? 0

My Date with Drew or Alyssa Milano?

My Date with Drew is a pretty interesting movie for anyone that hasn’t seen it yet. Now this is a documentary style movie and it starts from a game show. The main person in this...

Free Financing Advice and Quotes 0

Free Financing Advice and Quotes

Finding loans don’t have to cost money. You can find loans for those new homes that you want and choose which one is best for you. Dealing with Mortgages is a part of life and...

Staying In Orlando 0

Staying In Orlando

If your looking for a place to stay in Orlando. You will have several choices, with all the theme parks that are around, there is an abundance of hotels in Central Florida. If you need help...

Is Your Water Clean? 0

Is Your Water Clean?

It would be nice if they made portable water filters. Guess what? They do! You now can get portable water filters to take with you as you go. I know this is something I need...

Gold Buddy Mini Highbanker – Gold Mining Equipment 0

Gold Buddy Mini Highbanker – Gold Mining Equipment

Gold Buddy Mini Highbanker - Gold Mining Equipment
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Listen Up Employers 0

Listen Up Employers

If you have someone that works for you, and the rest of your employees don’t get along with them. Then there may be help for you and your employees. 360 degree feedback can give...

The Secret Santa Lives On 0

The Secret Santa Lives On

There use to be a man that would go through diners, laudromats, bus stations, shelters and thrift stores giving away $100 dollar bills. He would say it was his way of giving back for...

Paintball Supplies 0

Paintball Supplies

If you are looking for a fun activity, that the whole family can get involved in. Then there’s nothing like a good game of paintball to get the heart pumping. A good place to...

Bloggers Unite on May 28th 0

Bloggers Unite on May 28th

BlogCatalog Community Fundraising Event Challenge on May 28th All bloggers are comming together on May 28th for a good cause. It’s to help fund schools around the New Orleans area, that has suffered so...

Become a U.S. Citizen 0

Become a U.S. Citizen

If you or somebody that you know is thinking about becomming an U.S. Citizen. Now is a good time to do so. The sooner you apply, the better chances you might have. There are...

Clippers or Lakers? 0

Clippers or Lakers?

Which one of these L.A. teams is going to be the best this year? I know these two teams have been sharing the Staples Center in Los Angeles and I’m not sure if they...