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Self Defense Products 0

Self Defense Products

There are a lot of good things you can find on the market today, that can help someone defend their self against an attacker or intruder. It doesn’t cost much to get some of...

What made headlines in 2016: From Kashmir pellet guns to India’s wonder women at Olympics 0

What made headlines in 2016: From Kashmir pellet guns to India’s wonder women at Olympics

My Dear Insha, I was there when they carried you in with a bloodied face. Surgeons who cleaned your terrible wounds at Srinagar’s Shri Maharaja Hari Singh (SMHS) Hospital said, “her face was like...

Finding Memory Upgrades 0

Finding Memory Upgrades

If your considering upgrading your memory, then the is a good place to start. They have memory upgrades available for most computers. If it’s a lap top, desk top, or even a main...

It’s Time To Plant The Garden 0

It’s Time To Plant The Garden

Gardens are a lot of work, but can pay off later. There’s nothing like home grown tomatoes and green beans. You just can’t buy tomatoes or green beans in the store, that taste as...

Bloggers Unite For Abuse 0

Bloggers Unite For Abuse

September 27, 2007 is the date that anyone that has a blog can use it toward abuse. We are launching a campaign about abuse and bloggers have the choice of which abuse they want...

APA Pool Leagues 0

APA Pool Leagues

I would like to join a league in Georgia that is associated with the APA. If you have a team or know of a team that needs players, then please leave a reply. I...

Internet Security 0

Internet Security

If you have been watching the news and wondering what the next big attack will be. Internet Security Software is available to help you protect your computer.

Free Classifed Listings 0

Free Classifed Listings

You heard right, it’s free! You can go get free ads at A great opportunity for someone needing to list something, but are a little low on funds. Go find out how you get your...

JJ Games For Nintendo64 0

JJ Games For Nintendo64

Find all your games for that Nintendo64 that you’re looking for at JJ’s. is an easy-to-use website that any gamer would love to come across while surfing on the internet. If you no longer...

Forrest Gump 0

Forrest Gump

Is Forrest Gump a great movie or what? I mean if it was to be done then Forrest was right in the middle of it. He was a fast runner, due to a childhoold...

Its a Bird! Its a Plane! No It is a Plane! 0

Its a Bird! Its a Plane! No It is a Plane!

That is a plane I see coming from the guys at Boeing. On Sunday they showcased one of their new planes which is a 787 Dreamliner. This was a very anticipated plane because they...

The LapBand Miracle 0

The LapBand Miracle

JourneyLite is a nationwide network of lap band surgical facilities and surgeons who specialize in the LapBand procedure. They have facilities located in Los Angeles, Houston and Florida. Give them a call today if...

St. Patricks Day 0

St. Patricks Day

    Well it’s getting close to Saint Patricks Day. Time to watch the parades, and put on that green shirt you have buried in the back of your closest, just for this day. An...