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Recently from The Drs television show, we got to see a couple of brands of vibrating watches. A vibrating watch can serve a lot of different purposes. The Doctors wanted to lean toward the youth and show kids and their parents, some really cool ways to use one of these vibrating watches. The two brands featured on the Show were Wobl Watches and the potty watches from the Potty Time namebrand trademark. The Doctors did real well with their two different watch companies they decided to feature. Both watches have a nice design-look and the awesome bright colors on these vibrating time pieces is perfect for the kids.

Boys & Girls Vibrating  Watches

A young boy out there would probably like a black or blue Wobl colored watch for his choice of a new watch. This Wobl blue watch is available online and these are the more expensive watches that were displayed on The Drs. A vibrating Wobl watch is going to cost you about $30 to $40 each. I believe the price I just now seen was $36 and this was true for the other Wobl colored watches for the boys or the girls vibrating pink alarm clock watches were priced the same too. So Wobl watches might be a little nicer look for the older kids, but they do cost more than the Potty Time brand of watches.

Potty Watch Vibrating Alarms


If the Wobl brand of watches were a little out of your price range, these vibrating alarm watches for kids is a lot cheaper. I found most sellers online and watch companies,  letting these go for like 9 and 10 dollar prices. So about 1/4 or 1/3 of the cost for a new Wobl Alarm Watch selling on the World Wide Web. To me, I think the Potty Watch Alarms are for the youngest kids out there and possibly a little too “childish-looking” for our adult kids (you know, the 12 years and older kids). Obviously our potty training sessions are over by the time our kids become teenagers or preteens in our family households. These cool vibrating potty watches from Potty Time will give the youngest kids in your family a “grown-up” feeling. So I do agree with the Doctors when it comes to using these alarm clock watches, to train your son or daughter in the bathroom. Obviously these potty alarm timers will not go off at the perfect time each day. It will be up to each individual parent, to try their best and estimate when the next trip to the bathroom should occur. Then you can set the Potty Watch Alarm to vibrate before your child goes in their diaper or clothing bottoms. The alarm is the cool signal your child will like hearing, as he or she makes their way to the bathroom, to do their business. It might be a little difficult to time at first, but usually in 2 or 3 days, you can time out that alarm pretty well. So please let your child or someone else’s small child experience the fun, with a cool and colorful Potty Watch with alarm vibrate.

Head Concussions – The Drs Cover this Popular Medical Topic

It seems the competition in sports with our youth is getting more competitive each year. As our local high schools try to squeeze as much practice time and weight lifting training in our teenage boys, they are growing bigger and stronger. I’m sure our growing knowledge in food nutrition, is another factor in the larger muscles and height our high school football players have now. All of this extra strength and power is not good; when out-dated and old high school equipment is the only defense parents and coaches have on the football field. The need for new and modern-designed equipment, is something which should be on every high school in America’s spending budget. No school can afford to overlook the safety of these young men, who go all out on Friday nights to represent their school. Even at the professional NFL football level, the helmet designs are not guaranteed to stop head injuries on the field.

Football players and helmets is a popular topic. This subject will not be going away anytime soon; since no pro league officials, college level referees, athletic directors at universities, or representatives from the high school football programs have not took a stronger stance on these horrible collisions on the football field. The NFL has been suspending and placing money fines on a lot of the defensive players, who hit and tackle in vicious or unappropriated manners. Some of those big offensive linemen can really deliver a blow and each level of football should be employing immediate changes. More injuries will happen, if these old fashion rules stay in place. The old-style and traditional football rules is not acceptable in this part of our sports history. I know many fans, players, and coaches are against changes; but every snap in the game today, is one play closer for the guys who suffer life-changing head injuries. Losing the ability to walk, think, or other physical disabilities is actually the lucky football players. The healthy guy you practiced with all week and who participates in your team’s next game, but leaves the field early on a stretcher and never regains conscious. He is the unlucky one. Others who live into their golden years might disagree and think the everyday aches and pains for the rest of your life, is the unluckiest crowd of football players.

It really is dangerous out there. While the pro and college versions of this sport is played with adults; our suggestions won’t go too far. Our control is at home with our own kids in sports. Our local schools where a variety of sports is played. In each of these smaller arenas, we can teach the public about the serious nature of a hard blow to the head region. More headgears and helmets is a start. The Drs want the coaches and parents to be aware of the most common head injury. The concussion is something a lot of people suffer from, at least once in their life. Even you or someone in your family, may have experienced a real medical concussion to the head and didn’t even realize it. The fast or hard action of another object coming into contact with our bodies or the structure we are sitting or propped up on, can cause a violent reaction inside the human skull. When the loose parts of our brain and all of that “meaty and fatty tissue” gets knocked around inside our skulls. We refer to this as a head concussion. If you or someone you know takes a severe blow or is involved in a high impact accident; please be sure to remember a few basic symptoms which commonly take place in most true head concussions. We all see a lot more head injuries making the sports headlines on TV and around our local communities. How is one to cope with head injuries and concussions?

Here are some warning signs and symptoms of head concussions:

• Nausea or vomiting
• Headache and dizziness
• Confusion and amnesia
• Loss of balance
• Ringing in ears
• Sensitivity to light and noise

Be sure to look over these symptoms and conditions we will likely see, coming from a person who recently suffered a concussion. A true head concussion will actually bruise the brain. Some of the worse signs and effects will come a lot later; than the first unusual things we begin to feel or see in someone who has a bruised brain.

A more severe action or blow to our fragile human bodies, can cause a trauma. The Drs from television want to be sure and stress these warning signs; which come from a head trauma case:

• Abnormal pupil size
• Abnormal gaze
• Abnormal behavior – even if it’s subtle
• Drowsiness
• Disorientation
• Vomiting
• Lethargy
• Loss of consciousness
• Slurred or repetitive speech

***Special Doctors Program Announcement – If you haven’t seen The Drs episode, which features Doctor Lisa Masterson talking about her childhood, the things which pushed her in life to study medicine, and the memories and tearful emotions she shares with everyone, as she tells a sad story about her real-life mother. This is a must-see episode of The Drs TV Program and this specific episode will be playing again on Monday July 18th. Be sure to wake up and watch this very special Doctors program. If you have plans or will be going to a first shift job; then try to set the VCR or the DVR to record Monday’s Special Show; which will be featuring Doctor Lisa in a way you have never seen her before. This is truly one of the best (if not best) one hour medical events on television ever! Take all medical related programs from the tube and other famous TV Doctors like Dr. Phil or the Doctor Oz TV Show and they will all pale in comparison to this special 1 hour piece, which was mainly put together by the only lady doctor on the television these days. This is the one which also features the Dr. Lisa Masterson Book; which she recently finished writing and it is a published work now.

****Watch Dr. Masterson this upcoming Monday (July 18th – 2011) for a special and dramatic replay of The Most Famous Drs Episode ever! You just can’t miss this one!

Paper Dollhouse: A Memoir – Famous New Book from Doctor Masterson

Drs Most Recent Products Page 3 is currently available online and Part 4 is coming soon!



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  • Batman: The Animated Series

    Thanks for the post from Darrick Franklin

    Sometimes, it is the older shows that you really remember and that are really enjoyable. For years, I was fascinated watching the original Batman: The Animated Series. Even as the years have gone by, I still enjoy watching these cartoons. They came out sometime in the mid to late nineties. It was a different type of cartoon than nearly anyone had seen on American television before.

    Batman was a darker, angrier figure than most other cartoon heroes. His villains, while sometimes silly, were usually always portrayed with some sort of sadness or humanity in their personality. It was very complex storytelling for what was supposed to be a children’s cartoon.

    The animation was also very original. It is very often imitated now in the newer cartoon shows, but it was very original back then. The setting of Gotham City was also very unique for the time. Instead of just being a large generic city, the animators developed it as a sort of 1950’s art deco nightmare. Many of the characters wore double breasted suits and Fedoras and criminals used tommy guns.

    The complexity of the storytelling, the stylized animation and characters and even the moody music and plots that ended sadly, it all combined to leave a lasting impression on me. It also set the standard for what animation should be.

    Late at night, I still seek out reruns of Batman: The Animated Series on satellite TV, that I got after seeing these Fortunately, there seems to be an audience for the show because I often find it.

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