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Dr Lisa and Her New Book About Her

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Book Author Lisa Masterson from Daytime Television

My New Book is Done! Time for me to relax....

Fans of the weekday show The Drs will know who Doctor Lisa Masterson is. She is the only woman on the panel of 4 doctors; who all cover an expertise, in a different medical profession. Doctor Masterson is a Obsterician & Gynecologist. Do you know what that means? How about a quick little game of Doctor Trivia with our own Dr. Lisa as the host, question, and answer to our little hospital Trivial Pursuit Game. Come on! This will be fast and fun…

Health Exam #1 - What part of a woman’s body would we expect Dr Masterson to be touching the most?

A. Ears

B. Tongue

C. Stomach

D. Feet

Do you have any guesses? Well just take out your Little Padgett Gadgets, oh wait, this is NOT Live TV!  Well let’s clarify a little bit more about the job, training, and certification, our little Dr. Lisa has, for her to do the medical tasks in her Doctor’s Office. And what her official title on The Drs TV Show she carries with her to the studio each day, where she is capable and professionally trained to answer the variety of TV questions; which get placed in front of her each morning. Dr. Lisa Masterson is a OB/GYN. She gets the first two letters from the “obstetrician” skills, knowledge, and years of training. While the last three letters in her official medical title is from the “gynecologist” skills, knowledge, and even more years of studying, reading, asking questions, taking medical exams, and other highly trained lessons, she has had to endure over the early years of her medical school days.

Well after learning about her official title, I feel like I have a guess, but I am still not completely sure. Let’s go to and see what they have to say, about each one of these job titles Doctor Masterson carries with her.

А Obstetrician is a physician who has successfully completed specialized education and training in the management of pregnancy, labor, and the puerperium (the time-period directly following childbirth).

A Gynecologist is a physician who has a successfully completed specialized education and training in the health of the female reproductive system, including the diagnosis and treatment of disorders and diseases.

Now do you have an answer for the medical question above? Please reply with your answers: A, B, C, or D. And we will try to get a professional OB/GYN to stop by and answer this tough question. Or perhaps if the one and only Miss Lisa Masterson is free and could spend a quick moment with all of us here, on the DRs TV Blog, we might could get a famous California Doctor to provide us with the correct answers to this OB-GYN question.

Paper Dollhouse: A Memoir

The main thing I wanted to give everyone the heads up on, is some of the details about this newest book from The Doctors Television Show in Hollywood, California. Most of you got to see the new book Dr. Travis Stork recently released in early December of 2010. Travis wrote a pure medical book and his Lean Belly Prescription has been a very popular book online. A lot of positive reviews have been made about Dr. Stork’s unique and helpful diet and exercise tips. Which he has laid out for men and women to start making a few changes in their daily lifestyles.

The newest book that will be hitting bookstore shelves in April, will not be a pure book on medicine, health, and doctors. This Drs New Book will be about the real life story of Lisa Masterson. Long before she ever became a doctor, she was living in a much different life; than the grand lifestyle and fame, she now commands on the set of Paramount Studios in California.

You can order Doctor Lisa’s new book Paper Doll House and lock in the special pre-ordering price. You will be guaranteed the special, low rate price for the debut of this special book. I can’t wait to get a chance to read through it and see what the struggles were like, for the very attractive Dr Masterson; which we see each morning now. How much worse, would our mornings be, to wake up each day, without having the lovely Doctor Lisa to smile and brighten up everyone’s day? I guess the feeling is mutual for the ladies; who find Doctor Stork from Nashville, Tennessee as a very attractive and well-liked doctor with the female audience members.

More news, info, and details coming soon…

Book Author Lisa Masterson & OB/GYN Doctor in California.

Paper Dollhouse: A Memoir

The more information I get, the more I will publish it for viewing. The Good Doctor did a good job, with covering her footsteps on this true story book; which details all of the facts and stories from her childhood days…

Stay tuned….

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  • If you woke up this morning and just out of the blue, decided to go on a diet for the first time in your life, what would you do first? Do you think you would come to the computer first? Or maybe head to the drug store to look for some diet pills and other weight loss products being sold? Some people may not even look to use a dieting supplement to help them lose weight. They may just lay in bed and come up with a diet plan, without using their computers or any diet products from the store. This first time dieter, may not care about the best fat burners or the fat burners receiving the highest online rankings. They may decide to use a new and different approach.

    Well it may not be that new or that different from what other dieters are trying to do. Our new diet plan is only going to consist of fruit and vegetables for the next 3 days; while only drinking water. Our new dieter is going to try this weight loss tactic for 3 days straight. Then on the 4th day, they can have anything they want to eat or drink. This is their “pig-out” day and the buffet lunches and dinners are fine.

    However, they are trying to lose weight, so on their 4th day, this will be the first time they take a fat burner for help. Once the 4th day is over with, the dieter goes back to their fruit, vegetables, and water only diet. They stay on it for 3 more days, just like last time, and will eat anything they please again, just like last time too. The only time a diet pill or a fat burning product is used, is every 4th day or the day they are allowed to eat anything they want.

    How well do you think this diet would work? Is it a healthy and well balanced diet plan? I have a few concerns about not eating any breads or meats for these 3 day periods. I know the person could have their fill of meats and breads on their “pig-out” days, but this diet may not be too well balanced. Also, if you go 3 days with only eating vegetables, fruits, and drinking only water, your stomach would shrink quite a bit. This wouldn’t be too bad, since you’re seeking to lose some weight. I would just fear your days to eat anything you want, would be severely limited, since your stomach would fill up much faster.

    So the new dieter may not be eating enough variety in this fictional diet. I did think it was an interesting strategy to combat the big meat, bread, and sweets day with a fat burning product. I don’t know how much effectiveness you would truly get from the fat burner pill. And the final problem with this person’s first diet plan ever, was the fact they didn’t mention exercise at all! Well balanced meals with exercise is the corner stone to any new diet plan and after you achieve this, you can rely on the drug store products, like a good diet pill or fat burning supplement for some extra help.

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  • I always wondered what experts looked for most in a good supplement, you could buy over the counter. A lot of the products with creatine in them, have always been a favorite with body builders or other men and women who seek to add more muscle mass. Instead of just looking for a certain ingredient in a health supplement, I wanted to take a closer look at the criteria used for ranking these various supplements. I did locate 6 different things that were related to the “determining factor” for some of these supplements being ranked online now.

    Popular Criteria Used for Ranking Supplements


    *Possible Side Effects

    *Overall Value

    *Creatine Speed

    *Muscle Gain Power

    *Customer Testimonials

    I thought that last criteria on the list was a little unusual to see, but then again, it makes perfect sense. Taking a look at the people who are actually using these products each day, is a good ranking system with any product or service. The best commercials or advertisements a health supplement could have, is the customer testimonials. I actually believe you could remove a few of the criteria points on the list above and focus more on what the customers are saying. If you plan to buy a creatine product or a health supplement for building and shaping muscle mass. Be sure to take the time to read up on the customers who have already tried a specific product. This criteria could very well be the most important thing a consumer has to go on. If they are buying a new product for the first time. Don’t forget the side-effects of a product you plan to ingest either. The negative effects a health pill can cause to you or someone else; is something that should be looked at alone. No need to group the effects with the customer testimonials.

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  •  Watch For This Page March 4th!

    An Internet Storm is brewing and its coming to a surfing browser near you! Where ever you like to spend your days or nights surfing, there is a good chance a flood is headed your way. This is nothing to worry about, because this is a flood of cash. Or more like a Fortune Cloud that will be hanging over the entire World Wide Web on Friday March the 4th, 2011. This is a very exciting time for old Fortune members and the new Fortune members; who will be signing up over the next several days. The party of storm chasers that are already on board, promises to make this the Biggest Fortune Blast of the year! We want you to join now and get in before the action starts, so we can make this the Biggest Internet Fortune ever!

    While the Samba Ramba Surf Team is already beginning to do their Rain Dance, their partners in crime are racing up the Google Rankings at a place called Tera. These two online surfing teams both have open roster spots, if you would like to join and become part of the Fortune 4 x 1 Retirement Plan all year long. Their only job right now is to drop the small pebble into the huge Internet Pond; which will begin a series of small ripples, that will travel across the entire landscape of the Internet Marketing World. There has never, ever, been such a small splash in the history of the Net; which brought such a big tidal wave of earnings to so many different people and in so many different countries.

    The World Wide Fortune Tidal Wave…

    Hits All Beaches March 4th 2011 – 3/04/2011

    The best time to act is yesterday. The worse possible moment to join is tomorrow. Everyone who is actively involved in finding new and honest money making programs online; will want to add the 4×1 Fortune Program to their financial arsenal now! No one has missed the boat and the first sprinkles of rain are still days away. It is very, very quiet right now, as we enter this period of time, we like to call the Calm Before the Storm.

    Hasn’t your online earnings already been cloudy enough? Things will only change or improve, once we make the effort to try something different. Today is that day for you my friend! Let’s stop spinning the wheels in all the mud, other wet money making systems have left behind. Let’s ride the Fortune Storm for a true financially-secured future!

    Creating A Simple 4 x 1 Fortune

    A one time payment of $11 is all you need! You never have to spend another dime, nickel, or penny to work your way up, to the higher Fortune levels. Your first cycle pays you in cash! Your 2nd cycle awards you with an entry into the next level up. At this point in your Fortune Journey, you will have two open cycles and can earn from both. The first cycle that pays you cash, will automatically start over, each and every time you fill it up.

    ***All Fortune Members Have 3 Ways to Fill Their Matrix Levels***

    1. Your Direct Referrals – From your promotional materials (splash page, referral page, or banner)

    2. Upline – Person directly above you will randomly be pushing new sign ups into your matrix levels

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    Obviously you will get paid or earn a entry into a higher matrix level for each cycle you complete. You also earn extra money from a 2nd earning avenue at the Fortune Matrix. Each direct referral of yours, will earn you a matching bonus, for each cycle they complete. The first level cycles will pay you $11 each time. These bonus payments do come in handy and allows everyone to earn more money and earn it even faster. It really gets exciting, when your direct referrals begin to complete higher matrix levels, like the silver level that earns you $40 each time cycled. The gold matrix and platinum matrix will award the upline $100 and $200 payments, for each direct referral’s cycle. Keep in mind, this is only the matching bonus payouts, for when your direct affiliates begin to cycle in the Fortune Program. Your direct earnings for completing your own cycles is much, much higher!

    Need more information about this Hot Internet Fortune Program? If so, you can go to another blog post, which explains more about this exciting money making opportunity and it is called I Laughed Too…BUT NOT NOW! $$$ for more 4×1 Fortune News and Information.

    If you have heard enough and are ready to get in fast and secure your place in line; then just be sure you have an Alert Pay Account (just like PayPal), because this is the only payment processor the Fortune 4×1 Group is taking at this time. If you have Alert Pay, then just go sign up for Fortune 4×1 here and you will be on your way to earning a lifetime of Fortune Payments. Your one time payment of eleven dollars will award you with a lifetime of earnings.

    For more daily encouragement and to work with a skilled and professional matrix building team online. You have two available choices you can make. If you can surf 5 hours or more, each and every day online at Traffic Era Traffic Exchange; be sure to join our super active surfing team Google Ranked Us. Just send a join request to the team leader: dishtv21 and please be sure to send a message too (if you can) and explain how you want to join the Google Team for the purpose of pushing your Fortune Earnings to a higher and faster payout level.

    Online Fortune Members who can’t spend so much time each day with their online promotions, can take advantage of our fun online surfing team. We have very relaxed standards at the Traffic Dance Traffic Exchange, where our online Fortune Team there is called Samba Ramba. After you join Traffic Dance for free, you can click on “teams” in the left sidebar; then look for the team name Samba Ramba. Search for the link out from the team name Samba Ramba and send us a join request. We will be sure to add you to the team, as soon as we can and this goes for both online surfing teams. We look forward to making you a fortune online; while we all strive and share marketing tips for our other online adventures!

    You can learn more online about calcium and see how much you should be getting each day.  I don’t think my body breaks down calcium that well, due to the number of kidney stones I have had over the years. I have sent my stones off before, to be checked by medical professionals. The results came back and my kidney stones are made up of a calcium rich material. For others out there, who may be suffering from more than one kidney stone per year, you may also have a problem breaking down calcium in your bodies too. Be sure to discover your body’s need for calcium. We all need calcium and it is one of the most important minerals on the health menu. Just make sure you’re not crossing over the line too much; where you’re eating too much calcium and its becoming bad for you.

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  • $5.75 Each – 20 Pack of Batteries

    Name brand batteries at generic prices. Stock up on your DOUBLE AA BATTERIES now!

    We all use batteries daily. We have to click that remote control to turn the channel on the television and it takes 2 or 4 batteries to make that TV remote magical. Your cell phone uses batteries too, but you probably have a cell phone charger for it. If you need a new cell phone charger or would like to get a 2nd one, then shop online for them. I have seen some good deals for cell phone charges online.

    List of New Cell Phone Chargers Online

    *Samsung Travel Cell Phone Charger$3.07

    *LG Cell Phone Car Charger$2.50

    *BlackBerry Cell Phone Charger for Travel$4.55

    *Motorola Home and Travel Cell Phone Charger$4.48

    *Droid Cell Phone ChargersAC Wall Unit for Home$2.06

    **Prices Will Change on these Cell Phone Chargers

    ***All Companies Can Be Found Online for Cell Phone Chargers

    Above is just an idea of what a consumer will pay for a new cell phone charger. Since most cell phone users don’t have a travel cell phone charger yet, I did include prices for the travel models mostly. I also picked some of the more popular cell phone companies. As you can see, these new cell phone chargers are cheap and everyone should stock up on them. These charges always tend to disappear at my house or they just burn out and don’t work properly no more. A new cell phone charger will help give your cell phone the most juice possible. Be sure to only charge your cell phone, when it has lost all of its power. Recharging phones that are only half dead or half used up, will cause the cell phone batteries to hold less and less juice. Some cell phone users have no choice and must recharge their phones nightly, for work or business purposes. New cell phone batteries and new cell phone chargers would be a wise investment for this specific group of cell phone users.

    *LG Cell Phone Battery$3.99 (regular price $46)

    *Motorola Cell Phone Battery$4.70

    **Online Prices Subject To Change

    Samsung Cell Phone Battery – $3.43

    Buying Car Batteries Online

    Yep, our automobiles need a battery to run too. A good auto battery can cost $100 to $200. It really depends on your vehicle and how good the quality of the car battery is for your automobile or truck. A large truck battery will cost several hundred dollars (if you get a good one). There are some really good deals and low prices for car batteries online. If you like to shop online for batteries, you may have a shopping website already. If not, I will try to assist auto consumers, who are in the market for a new car battery.

    List of New Car Batteries Online

    *Optima Car Battery (in pic above)$164.92

    *Pyle PBAT 1000 AMP Battery with Built-in Capacitor$163.32

    *Interstate Battery (Best Value)$69.99

    *Mazda Miata Battery – Marathon Brand Battery$79.95

    *Solar Car Battery Charger$29.00

    **All Prices Above Subject To Change

    ***As of July 1st, 2012 the Above Items Were in Stock and Priced To Sell

    Auto Battery Charger with Air Compressor

    Just about everything has a battery these days. At some point and time, you or someone in your household will be forced to buy a new battery for a remote control device, fire alarm clock, car, truck, boat, ATV vehicle, motorcycle, 4 wheeler, or a new cell phone battery. Whatever kind of battery it is, be sure to check back on this page and I will try to keep it updated, with the best places online to buy cheap batteries!

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  • High Blood Pressure Worries

    I’m not sure what to do about my high blood pressure. I know for the last 6 months, it has been higher than a normal person’s blood pressure; which is 120/80. I am consistently getting blood pressure readings of 150 and 160 for the top number and my bottom number now stays above 100 all the time. My family does own a home blood pressure kit, but I’m not sure how accurate it is. I would like to get something closer to what the hospitals have for their patients. You know a patient monitor that checks a number of different vital signs. You can use these hospital monitors to spot check your blood pressure numbers, like I am doing now. Or you can leave it hooked up all the time, so you have a continuous reading on your blood pressure, heartbeat rates, and your temperature. These medical monitors can track different vitals and it does a whole lot more; than just checking a patient’s blood pressure. For me to avoid the silent killer, I will need to change my food diet and probably get on some blood pressure medicines, so I can start controlling my high blood pressure.

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  • Play Lady Gaga Games Online

    Lady Gaga is not only one of the most famous music performers right now, but she is also a huge role model for young girls. All the girls who are Lady Gaga fans, will be happy to know, they can play a lot of different Lady Gaga games online. Lady Gaga in Concert, Lady Gaga Makeover, Lady Gaga Gossip, and Dress Up Lady Gaga are just some of the girl games your young daughter could be playing online now. Even if the little lady of the house is not a Lady Gaga fan, she can still choose a girl game to play online, from a huge selection of games to choose from.

    Some of the older girls may think these games are a little too childish. There are some games available for the teen girls to play too. I saw dozens of kissing games the older gals would probably enjoy playing more. All of these games seem pretty tame, but I believe every girl would enjoy playing some of these “girl only” games. Who knows, the little man of the house might enjoy them too? If so, parents may have to divide up the computer time between sister and brother, so each kid has a chance to play some of these modern games online.

    These games sound cool, where do I go to try them out? If you would like to see the Lady Gaga games, the kissing games, and other cool online games for girls, just go to:

    After your daughter or the little girl in your life gets done playing a few of these games; please come back here and let me know what you thought about them. I think these online games look very hip. Let me know if your child thought they was hip too. Also, let me know which game she liked the best and estimate about how many different games she tried out. Did she stop playing on her own? Or did you have to force her to stop playing? I believe all the kids (boys too) would enjoy playing these games for girls online.

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  • LeBron Gets Embarrassed in 2011 All Star Game

    And once again his actions prove he is the best basketball player in the League today and the best to ever put on a NBA Jersey. Kobe Bryant was the greatest a few years ago, the greatest last year, and in 2011 he’s the top dog still. Number 24 in L.A. has not hung up the sneakers yet. Just ask LeBron James…lol

    During the 2011 All Star Game in Los Angeles, the Lakers star player Kobe Bryant got the ball on a fast break for the Western Conference All Stars. From the Eastern Conference, we saw the little boy from South Beach, who likes to call his self the “King“. Not sure what he is the king of, but the Kobe Bryant Show is still in effect on the NBA courts. We actually saw LeBron try to play a little defense, as he went up in the air and tried to block Kobe’s dunk attempt. Kobe soared over LeBron James as usual and LeBron was left looking back up at the rim. He was surprised to see the ball go in, but I don’t know why.

    Then to add insult to injury, LeBron tried to quickly inbound the ball, so this little dunk would quickly get erased. But that wasn’t happening! LeBron’s inbound pass was stolen by a member of the Western All Stars team and was quickly given back to Bryant. Now Kobe was above the 3 point line and decided to let it fly from there. Swooooosh! Nothing but net! In a matter of 4 seconds, we saw Kobe Bryant score 5 points over and off of LeBron’s errors. Not only was Kobe schooling the young feller from Ohio, but he was scoring more points than the clock could count off seconds! Now that’s a N-E-A-T-O Stat of the Game, right Ernie Johnson?

    And what in the World is Charles Barkley watching these days? Going into this All Star Game, all we heard about was Carmelo Anythony being the best scorer in the NBA, according to Barkley from TNT Sports. Not only did Chuck think Carmelo was the top NBA scorer, but he gave 2nd place to Kevin Durant. Then when the topic of best player in the league came up and the folks from TNT was leaning toward Durant, Charles said “he better kill LeBron James then“. Yes, that is an exact quote from a former NBA player and current basketball analyst or commentator for TNT Sports in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Surely Charles would want to take back his statement now, right? Wrong! He won’t admit it and he still believes LeBron is the best player in the League. Forget about asking the question “How many NBA titles does LeBron have?”, let’s ask a more basic one. What about, how many NBA Finals appearances has LeBron James made in his career? How many NBA Finals has Kobe Bryant won in the the last 2 years? For anyone to say or think LeBron is better than Kobe Bryant, better hop off the bandwagon now, because Kobe Bryant is the best NBA player ever. Yes, even better than Michael Jordan. Just look at the age each player was, when they begin to win NBA titles, MVP’s, etc… Let’s not forget, that Kobe has been pushed aside for the last few years in the MVP race, but we know who the MVP is, when we see the NBA Finals winner.

    There was one more schooling lesson for King James in the All Star Game. The play where LeBron took a stance in the paint and it appeared Kobe was going to raise up for a jump shot at the foul line. Remember this play? LeBron bit on the fake and Kobe slid right by Lebron and laid the ball in so easily. This play was a good example of the Black Mamba teaching the over rated kid from Cleveland, how to play some ball. That’s all!

    Don’t give Blake Griffin the keys to the NBA Hall of Fame yet. He got lucky in the fan voting for the 2011 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest. He was even more lucky to get 8 first half minutes of playing time in the All Star Game. He has a little jumping ability and he’s a descent looking player. There is no way that he is one of the top 12 players from the Western Conference. I can think of 20 guys in the Western Conference alone, that I would rather have on my team right now, than the over rated Blake Griffin. He’s not all star material yet. Its sad to see him get into the All Star Game in his rookie (or 2nd year season) year. He’s a lot of hype right now and comes to the court without much delivery. He may develop into a great NBA All Star one day, but that day wasn’t Sunday!

    Please, somebody out there needs to watch these games and quit making up their minds before the tip-off. At no time in Lebron’s career or any other current NBA player; had more skills than the Lakers Mamba number 24! Kobe is still the best player in the league and the best to ever play the game. Period!

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  • Amazon Prime Only $79 a Year

    Have you seen the latest thing going on at Amazon? If not, you must check out the new Amazon Prime for your chance to watch live streaming TV and Movies from your computer! Your Prime Account at Amazon includes a whole lot more, but the live streaming feeds for watching TV Show and all of your favorite movies is what’s going to drive people to the Amazon website. As a Amazon Prime member, you get a lot of benefits and discounts, when you shop online at Amazon. Some of your membership benefits will include the following:

    *Unlimited FREE 2 Day Shipping

    *No Minimum Order Size

    *One Day Shipping for Only $3.99 per item

    The benefits above has always been available to Amazon Prime Members. The free TV shows and movies have never been done before. Until Now! You can go right now and sign up for a free 1 month membership into the Amazon Prime Club. For 1 full month, you will have all the wonderful shipping benefits available at your finger tips; when you order any of the products from You will also have access to a lot of live streaming feeds; which will include TV Shows and Popular Movies. There will be 5,000 different things you can watch online and its all FREE with your 1 month free membership into the Amazon Prime package; which is now available for signing up!

    *Unlimited, Commercial FREE, Instant Streaming of 5,000 TV Shows & Movies at NO Additional Costs

    After your 1 month membership is over, you can then decide if you like the Amazon Prime or not. If you don’t like it, you just cancel the membership and it didn’t cost you 1 cent. If you want to continue getting all of the great shipping discounts as a Prime Amazon member and you want to continue getting those instant streams of 5,000 different movies and television shows; then your cost will only be $79 a year!

    If Amazon charged $7 a month for this special Prime Service, you would be spending $84 each year. Guess what? Amazon isn’t charging you that much! Everyone who decides to join the Prime Amazon Membership, will be doing so, for less than $7 a month! Let me say that again. Join Amazon Prime today, for less than $7 each month! You can pay a one time payment of $79 now and this will give you 12 full months of Amazon Prime service!

    This is a great deal for people who like to shop a lot at Amazon. While the entertainment folks, who love their television programs and movies, can sign up too. So they can have instant access to the 5,000 movies and TV shows that Amazon is supplying to all Prime Members.

    Be sure to pass this great Amazon news to the people you know, who like to shop online at Amazon. You can always buy them a Amazon Gift Card with any amount of cash you want on it. But now you have the chance to give them something even better. Give them the biggest surprise of all and that would be this fabulous offer from Amazon. Remember, your first month of Amazon Prime is on the house! Give it a try and test the waters today.

    Number 1 Video Game – KillZone 3

    *Killzone 3 is in stock and ready to be shipped! Order your copy online today!

    Playing Online Slots is Fun

    As long as you got a computer and you’re connected to the Web, you should never get bored. There is a million and one things you can do on the Internet. Recently I started playing online slots. I have always enjoyed the casino-style games, but haven’t played any in a long time. I just got a little bored and figured I could come on the computer and find something to do. None of my friends were around to talk on messenger, so I begin to play some free games on the computer.

    After spending about an hour playing card games, I decided to try my luck with online slots. I was hooked immediately and didn’t stop playing, until the Sun was about to come up the next day. I stayed up all night playing a variety of different slot games. I think next time I will have to play for real money. I was just playing with fake online money this time. If I was using real money, I would have won a few hundred dollars for my efforts. Instead of winning play money, I would be a lot happier winning real cash money online. I would really like to win one of those progressive jackpots. These jackpots just keep going up, until some lucky player wins it all!

    I don’t really have any slot machine secrets. While I was playing my favorite online slots, I would just keep my bets very low. After I did about 7 or 8 spins without winning, I would then increase my bet, so I would win more, when my bars did finally line up on the screen. After I won with my increased wager, I would go back to the minimum bet. So basically my strategy was to bet low every time, unless I went on a bad streak, then I would try to time my luck, with a really big bet. It didn’t always work and sometimes I paid the price for it. You just have to remember, to only spin 2 or 3 times with a big wager on the line. If you keep your bet high and your luck stays bad, you can go broke in a hurry. So try to time it out, but learn to take a hit and start all over again, before you lose all of your winnings. Be sure to come back here and let me know how you did. If you do plan to play a few slots online today.

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  • The New Online Way to Read Books

    The Internet has changed a lot of ways we use to do things. You may have seen a lot of the ways we now watch movies. Instead of always going to the rental stores to pick up and then return the movie, a better system was created. Netflix had a great idea of customers picking out their movies, sending the movies out, and allowing them to keep them as long as they needed to. Once a movie watcher decides he or she wants to see a new movie, they just return their other movie rentals and a new movie will be sent back out. People who love to read books, will be real happy to know, that now there is a place which offers Netflix for Books! It works just like the movies do, but its done with books instead.

    Your probably wondering which books can you read and how big is the selection? Well you have a huge library of books to choose from at They have all of your favorite classics in stock; while they continue to get the newest and latest book titles on the shelf and ready for you to check-out or rent. This is a very simple 4 step process; which anybody can do.

    1. Create Your List of Books Online

    2. The Books Get Sent in the Mail to You for Free

    3. Take Your Time and Read the Books

    4. Send the Books Back for Free and Get New Ones!

    Does that sound simple? It is! A lot of people who love to read books will be on board with this new approach to getting new books to read. Its just another example of how the Internet is making our lives better. The main reason why movie stores and the libraries are losing business, is because no one likes to return the books or movies. If you wait too long, you have to pay for late fees. There is never any late fees to pay at Books Free. You just sign up for a monthly plan of your choice, choose from the 1,000’s and 1,000’s of book titles in stock, and never have to worry about any shipping rates (sending books back or receiving books). Members are free to cancel their memberships at any time. This is the new online way to read books and I have a feeling those quiet libraries are going to get a lot quieter, once more people find out about Booksfree.

    *Please be sure to follow Booksfree online @ Twitter and FaceBook

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  • My Only Concert Ticket Line Story

    I’m sure some of you have waited for hours and hours for a certain concert ticket to go on sale. Most people have a list of favorite singers or bands, they would do anything to see. Even if it means standing in the ticket line for hours or in some cases days. Well I have never camped out over night in a line, waiting for a concert ticket to be sold. I did make sure I was at the music store early, when I heard Def Leppard Tickets were going on sale in Atlanta, Georgia. I was prepared to do the over night thing and bring a sleeping bag to hold my place in line, but my friends told me other wise. They assured me a couple of hours in advance would be plenty of time to get tickets for Def Leppard. This wasn’t during their most popular days; when they were singing “pour some sugar on me”. This was about 7 or 8 years after their big hits from the late 80’s decade.

    I arrived at the music store; which use to be called Turtles, but they don’t exist anymore. You always had to go to Turtles to buy the best tickets for concerts, sports, plays, or Houston Rodeo Tickets. I was the first person to show up at Turtles, to begin the ticket line outside of the store. I went to the front door and sat down and begin to wait. It was about 2 hours before the store was going to open up, so I didn’t have too long of a wait.

    Soon others began to fall behind me and it got up to about 60 Def Leppard fans, waiting to buy a ticket as the store was about to open. I had got acquainted with the ladies in line with me and a good thing I did. After all of that time waiting in line, the store manager came out to say, we would be drawing numbers to see who gets to buy the first Def Leppard tickets. This was a big disappointment for me and especially since I was first in line.

    Well as luck would have it, I got to reach in first and I pulled out a real high number. I don’t even think I was in the top 50. However, the lady right behind me drew out number 1. She was only going to buy 2 tickets for herself, so me and another stranger in line each got her to buy our tickets for us. There was a 6 ticket limit, but all 3 of us wanted 2 tickets a piece, so it worked out great!

    I was so excited. The two concert tickets cost me $51 and some change. I gave the lady who bought my tickets for me, three 20 dollar bills ($60) and told her to just keep the change. It was the least I could do for her. I don’t know how friendly people are who buy Christina Aguilera Tickets or any other tickets for music stars, but the Def Leppard fans rule!

    Now that Turtles music store no longer exists and the days of the Internet are here, people just have to click their mouses for great tickets. If you want to get Celtic Woman Tickets and you know they will sell out fast. You just have to be online and ready to order them, when they first become available. We don’t have to stand in those long lines anymore at the old-style shopping centers. I think some music fans probably miss the days of waiting in line and camping out over night. Maybe a special event will come along one day and pay tribute to these old-fashion ways of buying tickets and allow fans to wait in line again. I don’t know if you can buy lottery tickets online, but you can buy Family Values Tour Tickets online and about any other type of ticket you can think of.

    In case anybody was wondering on where I actually got to sit at the concert, I can easily tell you that. Even though we got our tickets as soon as they appeared for sale, we didn’t get first row seats. Our seats were in the 2nd row at Philips Arena in Atlanta, but they were just as good as the front row. It was a great concert and Def Leppard brung the house down, as always!

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  • The Fifty Day Diet Club

    How many folks currently belong to the 50 day diet club? I am guessing not many. If you haven’t heard about this exclusive club, it only takes place 1 day a year. Today is that day and this is the 50th day. Now do you know what I am talking about? If you started a new diet plan on New Year’s Day or had a 2011 New Year’s Resolution to lose more weight; then today would mark the 50th day of your journey. Not many people can stay away from fatty foods this long and continue to take their weight loss supplements on a regular basis. If you have survived this first 50 days, I’m sure the next 50 will be much easier. Don’t worry about looking that far ahead. Just take your diet 1 day at a time and you will make that 100 day diet club. Please be sure to let me know of any new changes you can already see. Do you see any physical differences? Do you feel better overall and have more daily energy? Be sure to leave a reply and let me know how your 2011 diets are coming along. Good luck!

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  • Affordable Beauty Products Online

    When I hear the word “organic” or “all natural” I associate it with higher prices. Normally in the supermarket, the foods which are organic is normally better for your health, but not so good on the pocket book. I did find a website online today called Nature’s Basin and they had a lot of cheap-priced products; which were all natural or organic. It wasn’t anything in the food category, but these were all natural beauty products. Typically cosmetics are higher in price, if they are made from organic materials, but Nature’s Basin prides itself on low prices. They have just about anything under the sun you could want. Yes, they even have natural sun tanning oils and lotions for the people who will literally be under the sun outdoors.

    If you are looking for body lotions or creams for the body, you will find it here. A huge inventory of products to look over and they have something for the whole family. The men and women will both find the products they most commonly use, like deodorants for instance, and will be able to find it made with all natural ingredients. There is also a line of care products for the little ones too. The kids will find something, Mom will find what she needs, and Dad can pick his beauty care products online too. All of these beauty products are organic. The affordable prices is what makes this beauty site a must-have, in my computer favorites online.

    *Please feel free to follow Nature’s Basin on Twitter or Facebook

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