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Ski Year Round in Spain

Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell

There are so many places in the world to go skiing now that ski season is upon us. Spain has been gaining popularity for skiing and air fares are favorable form the state. However, here is a little secret our family recently discovered on a trip to Madrid.

Besides viewing the highly historical and cultural points of interest in Madrid, there is one nearby option to ski without trekking into the mountains. On a mere 20 minute ride from the city center to Xanadu, we came upon the Madrid Ski Zone quite by accident.

Actually, it was late spring and our family was planning to do some shopping at the Madrid- Xanadu Shopping Center. The mall contained an indoor ski center and we had not planned to ski.

The snow park happens to be the largest indoor ski slope in all of Europe also. It is over 800 feet and opened all year round. The Madrid SkiZone is divided into a novice section and another area for more experienced skiers. Lessons and all equipment are accessible. The kids can snowboard too.

Afterwards we set out to what we originally planned to do by shopping. I am a lousy skier, but I felt secure and comfortable here, and cannot wait to return.

You can place skiing on your agenda during the summer months by visiting the SkiZone in Spain. Don´t forget to pack some warm clothes with you though. So set your home security alarm from, pack your bags and go skiing anytime.

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  • MBT Stands for Shoes of the Future

    Actually, “MBT” stands for Masai Barefoot Technology. This new technology in footwear is designed to help people walk more naturally. The mbt shoes are shoes for the future, but you can buy them today! If you have any health related problems with your feet, legs, or back, it could be due to the shoes you are wearing now. Our modern shoes were not designed in the natural ways, we have been walking for thousands and thousands of years on this planet. By changing the design of our current shoe styles, we may can return to our more natural ways of walking and running around. If we could do this, we could see a sharp decline in the health problems we see with so many people today and a lot of the blame points to the shoes we have been wearing for the last few decades. I would like to get a pair of these MBT Shoes and see if they could correct some of the pains I have in my lower back. I don’t know if my shoes caused the lower back pains I have, but it does get worse, the more I walk around. There could just be something to these new shoes, you can find in the footwear section at your favorite shoe store or you can just buy them online.

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  • Most online shoppers know that Amazon is the number 1 retailer online for books. Most will be surprised to see Amazon as the top online retailer for school supplies too. You can’t find too many websites online today, which offer as many back-to-school supplies as Amazon does. Then after you see how low the school supply prices are, you won’t shop any where else, when it comes to stocking up on the notebook paper, pencils, ink pens, and colored magic markers for your child’s school supplies.

    The school year is half way over for most U.S. students. After the holidays are over, students will return for the 2nd part of their school year. A lot of those supplies parents bought at the beginning of the year are slowly disappearing. A lot of these students will be needing more paper, pencils, folders, and other supplies to get them to the end of year. The high school students will be starting their 2nd semesters and may need a special notebook pad or folder for the new classes they will begin taking. Parents need to check with their child and see if there is any extra school supplies they will need, before the school bell rings for summer vacations. I think most of the school supplies selling online now, are cheaper than the supplies which were being sold this past summer. You can probably find better deals during the winter time, since less shoppers are buying those school supplies for the 2nd half of the school year. Just be sure to check out the prices, the next time you are online buying books or movies at Amazon and see what back-to-school bargains you can find on the Internet.

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  • We often think about the greatest day for a couple. Most of us naturally think the wedding day is the biggest day for a new couple seeking to get married. However, most people usually say the best day of their life, is when one of their children were born. So if you were comparing the two days; which day do you think is the biggest day for newlyweds? Is the biggest day, the time you were passing out wedding invitations for your wedding day and you think the day you got married is the most important? Or was it during those times when you had friends and family members helping you to create those beautiful baby announcements; which you would soon be sending out to everyone you knew? The groom and bride may have different opinions about which day was more important. We do know the women felt a lot better in the months leading up to her wedding day, as compared to the months leading up to the delivery date of her first child. I do think both days are important and will be the biggest two days of your life. Some couples may view them as equals, but there has to be one day, that was bigger than the other one, right?

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  • Promotions with a Genius Touch

    In real life, I never had any jobs that involved advertising or promoting a product or service. Telemarketing was about as close as I came to advertising; while working in the work force. Since 2005, I have became more involved with home-based businesses and affiliate programs, trying to earn a living that way. Over these past 5 years, I have learned a lot of new and creative ways to market a product or a service online. I can now appreciate TV commercials or other forms of advertising, when I see a talented marketer at work.


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  • The snow just kept falling and falling on Saturday in North Georgia. The city of Canton slowly was vanishing before our eyes, as a rare 129 year snow storm blanketed the Cherokee County region. I say 129 years, because it was in 1881, in which this area had a significant snow fall total on December 25th or a White Christmas. I do remember a snow dusting on Christmas morning about 10 to 15 years ago, but as the noon hour approached on that Christmas Day, most of the snow had melted away. That snow fall had nothing on the Winter Snow Storm of 2010, where we saw the whitest Christmas ever in the hills and mountains of North Georgia.

    All over the state of Georgia, you could find the white stuff. While most of the kids were all waking up early to open up their Christmas presents; which good ol’ Jolly St. Nick had delivered to the Georgia Kids in the overnight hours, there wasn’t even a flake in sight. Even as the morning approached the noon hour, there was still no wintry precipitation to speak of. As the kids begin to find their best toys to play with, while the parents were gathering up the Christmas paper trash, and the smells of Christmas Dinner began to fill the house, those first few flakes fell from the Peach State skies. These were no ordinary flakes and most Georgia Residents saw this right away. Our typical tiny and dry snow flakes, had been replaced by flakes as big as your hand and they were super wet and juicy flakes too! These were those snowflakes you build snowmen with and we don’t get to see snow like this much around here. And for these big, wet flakes to be falling on Christmas Day had never been seen by any person living, unless we have a 129 year-old citizen living here, I am unaware of.

    Yep, it was over 100 years ago, before anything like this had ever been to our state on Christmas Day. Now once these big flakes started falling, they just didn’t stop. It was flake after flake and this went on hour after hour. The flakes stayed big and more importantly, they stayed falling!

    People in Georgia know the White Christmas song and how that guy was dreaming of it. We all dreamed of it too, but we knew it was like unicorns, big foot, and a smart politician; something that just didn’t exist! Now it seems anything is possible! If Georgia and more specifically Canton, Georgia can have a White Christmas with several inches of snow; then anything is possible.

    I can’t tell you how many times I have watched that movie A Christmas Story and saw all the scenes with snow in it. Even when Ralphie wakes up on Christmas Morning, his first move is to open the window and see all the snow and ice that has formed on the trees over night and the winter wonderland it created. I watch this movie 6 times or more each Christmas Day, but only to see the snow on TV and not in real life. This Christmas was much different! The first couple of times I watched A Christmas Story today, there was no snow around. However, that would all change around the 3rd or 4th airing of it on TBS and we would have our own snow, just like Ralphie did! I would glance out the window to see snow, then to the TV to see snow, then would glance back outside to only see more snow. The snows in Georgia just kept falling, and falling, and falling. It was like the Energizer Bunny, but only in the form of wintry precipitation.

    Even as night fell 0n the Christmas Day of 2010, we still saw the snow coming down in big flakes. The whole North Georgia region is under a big blanket of Christmas Snow and all of those White Christmas Dreams have been answered. We are no longer dreaming of a White Christmas, because we are living that White Christmas now!

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  • If the women get diamonds for their best friend; then surely men can have more than just a dog? Man’s best friend is the dog, but he also likes gold. Especially since the prices for an ounce of gold has shot up in the last couple of years. I don’t think the women will mind much, if men get to claim the gold, because they still get to keep wearing their beautiful diamond stud earrings. How many gals out there got a nice diamond or two from Santa this year? I know I didn’t get any gold from the North Pole Resident, but will be looking to apply my new gold-finding strategies; when the weather warms back up this spring. Gold has to be for a man, since men are mostly the ones out prospecting for it!

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  • WikiLeaks Shocking Iraq Video

    Three years ago, there was a battle between U.S. Forces in Iraq and hostile insurgents. We know this, by the words of Lieutenant-Colonel Scott Bleichwehl who said “There is no question that coalition forces were clearly engaged in combat operations against a hostile force“. The New York Times published his words, when we would find out later, that 2 reporters working for Reuters were killed in the battle. Most Americans were led to believe, that this was just a part of war and sometimes the innocent get caught-up in the military actions. You can judge for yourself and decide if anyone needed to lose their life on this beautiful July morning in Iraq.

    WikiLeaks Obtains the Video of 2 Reuters Employees Being Killed

    YouTube Preview Image

    What did you think?

    This is a powerful 17 minute video. Did you think force was necessary to take out these people; which were identified as hostile insurgents? Did the Apache helicopter pilots have to fire their weapons, because of danger on the ground to U.S. Troops? Were the Apache helicopters in danger? Or could they have retreated away from the scene or to a higher altitude; which would have made the “weapons” on the ground ineffective?

    It can be easy to play Monday morning quarterback on situations like this. What is important, is that everyone from military officials to the voters in this country, examine videos like this, so we can implement the best military strategy as possible; while not endangering the lives of innocent people. Everyone can clearly see the facts here, just by watching this video. The Apache pilots did have options and in their desires to apply force in this situation, we saw innocent Reuters Reporters being gunned down; while two children also got hurt in this deadly battle.

    This isn’t another story or blog post on placing blame to these military pilots. This is an important story that everyone should see, so we can prevent a disaster like this, from happening in the future. Let’s make sure the Reuters Reporters, Saeed Chmagh and Namir Noor-Eldeen, didn’t die in vain. We can’t go back and fix this terrible morning for these two men and their families. We can learn from this situation and prevent other men and women and their families from facing this same tragic outcome; where innocent lives were lost and two children got hurt.

    I would like to thank the men and women who freely sacrifice their lives for me each day. At the same time, I would like to thank an organization like Wikileaks or Wiki Leaks, for the bravery to come forward and expose things like this to the American people and to others around the World. Wiki Leaks is doing a good thing. If our own Government would just be honest and realize the American public can handle stories like this, we would not have all of these news headlines and our 6 o’clock news breaking stories like this. The U.S. Government is responsible for creating a group of individuals like Wikileaks and it will only get worse; until the American Government becomes more truthful about their actions and allow the Citizens the ability to hold politicians accountable for their actions in Washington, D.C..

    July 12th 2007 is a date for us to remember and learn from. This is not a date to blame and judge how others reacted. We only got to see 17 minutes of this day. We have no idea to the circumstances that led to this horrible event in Iraq. We also don’t have the information of any punishment; which could have been handed down to these Apache helicopter pilots. Sure, these pilots said some negative things and did act very relaxed, in a situation which was perceived to be hostile. These are just boys or young men, who are not yet mature in adult years and they may have acted in a video game manner. Enough folks out there have let these pilots and U.S. Officials have a piece of their mind. I want my smart and intelligent readers to look beyond the “blame game” and help come up with constructive answers, so we can provide answers to the U.S. Military and do what ever we can, to provide support and information to the dedicated and hard working folks at Wikileaks.

    *In honor of Saeed and Namir who gave up the ultimate sacrifice to their Iraqi Nation, so people in Iraq and around the World could help Reuters to provide the most news worthy coverage as possible.

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  • Maybe in the northern U.S. States, home owners are more careful about selecting a location for their modern mailboxes. Especially when it comes to the thought of having an out-of-control winter driver heading for their defenseless mailbox on the side of the road. In the South, we don’t have these same concerns, as the folks living up North. We rarely see the snowy and icy conditions on the roadways; which makes driving a hazardous situation. When it does occur, we are often left unprepared to deal with the aftermath of these auto accidents.

    Just recently, we seen arctic blast after arctic blast hitting the southern states. All of this cold winter air mixed with the typical rains we see in early December and caused havoc in many southern U.S. States. This was due to the fact, our rain had became a mixed of wintry precipitation. As far south as Florida was feeling the cold winter blasts coming down from Canada. In Georgia recently, a freezing rain situation set up just before it was time for the evening rush hour. This freezing rain caused many roads in the Peach State to freeze over and become a small sheet of ice. Not only did this cause major problems for the drivers, who were trying to get home, but the stainless steel mailboxes paid a huge price for this unusual mix of snow and freezing rain. A lot of the drivers who were sliding off the road, found their way into the front yards of unexpected home owners. Often it was the mailbox that got caught up in these winter accidents and many of them were knocked down or destroyed by the inexperienced southern drivers.

    I think a lot more home owners in Georgia and other southern states will place their mailboxes in more strategic areas now. While most of the country is out now shopping for those last minute Christmas gifts. There will be a lot of new blomus mailboxes that get sold over the coming days. For all of the ones that got knocked off their perch, by the motorists who slid on icy roads, during this latest winter storm; which really isn’t a winter storm, since fall is still in effect for another week.

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  • A lot of Internet users don’t know how to find pictures and images online. Each day someone is discovering the World Wide Web for the first time. Many of these new computer users will admire the pictures they see online, but how many will wonder where these pictures come from? There are a number of ways to get good pictures online or images of beautiful artwork.

    I was able to see a lot of very nice shepard fairey prints from my computer. These attractive prints are available to anyone who has a computer with an Internet connection. If you were looking for prints like this, you could do an online search for fairey shepard or shepard fairey and probably find a lot of good websites, hosting these attractive images online.

    Smokey Robinson in Gold by Shepard Fairey

    This is one example of the online prints you can find by Shepard Fairey. This print was made for a legend in music. It is done in a golden color and features the great Smokey Robinson. There are many other great prints you can choose from and this is just one print design I really liked. I’m sure everyone will find at least one shepard fairey art print online, they can recognize and identify with. I am really jealous of the people, who can wake up each day and have the artistic ability to create something as nice as this in the world of art design. Usually there is at least one artist in each household and I can vouch that person isn’t me in my family. I can appreciate the art work these people create, but I wouldn’t have a clue on how to begin, to put something this scenic together.

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  • The first thing that comes to mind, when I think about girls and Christmas, would have to be Barbie. Most parents can’t go wrong with her and Barbie is a classic girls gift. Not only does this popular doll come in a number of varieties, but you have all the different Barbie accessories. After you get the doll, parents can shop for a Barbie Car, the Barbie 3 Story Dream House, and an endless supply of Barbie Fashions to dress her up in. I found one Barbie item selling online this year, that I think most girls would love to have. I can see the Barbie Ultimate Nail Dryer Set for Bath and Beauty being a hot Barbie item this holiday season. Amazon is the best place online to shop for new Barbie accessories and for the absolute lowest prices too.

    One more thing I like about the Barbie collection of girls items, is the Barbie make up kit for the younger girls. Your youngest daughter might be trying to wear make-up, like her older sister, but her make up is a little too grown up for her. I think the youngest girls in the household, would feel just like the older girls, if they had the chance to play with the 32 Piece Barbie Make-up Set. Parents don’t have to worry about the older daughters and the teen girls in the house either. I have seen some very nice make-up sets selling for the older girls at really low prices online. Two make-up kits caught my eye this year. One was a $40 All-In-One make-up set and another for a little bit cheaper and it was the $30 Eye Shadow Set with 192 colors. Both of these make-up kits would give a lot of options to your teenage daughters and I’m sure Mom might want to borrow this from time to time too.

    Playing the popularity game at Christmas time can be hard on parents. We don’t always know which gifts are in-style and which ones went out. I can help a few parents to get hip this Christmas, by suggesting one of the hot girl gifts for this year. The FurReal Furry Frenzies is a collection of stuff animals that are really gaining in popularity. These cute and lovable stuff animals are designed by the Hasbro Company. While these stuff animals were available last year, the line has grown to include more animals and at different ages. A lot of these FurReal Furry Friends will be the top gift on the list for many girls this holiday season. Below is a quick TV commercial, showing you two examples of the FurReal Furry stuff animals from Hasbro.

    FurReal Furry Frenzies
    YouTube Preview Image

    I know a little girls out there want a dog for Christmas. If you just can’t get them the real thing, maybe a toy dog is the answer. Or you can always turn to the Play-Doh Company for great gift ideas for girls. They even offer a Play-Doh Puppies Playset and this is a lot cheaper than a real puppy dog. This puppy set from Play Doh is currently priced at under $10, so a perfect little item you can get, while addressing their desires to have a real dog for Christmas this year.

    Another item that caught my eye this year was the Dairy Queen Blizzard Maker. Gifts on Christmas morning need to have a lot of bold and bright colors. This DQ Blizzard Machine, which makes real ice cream blizzards caught my eye. I just thought how wonderful it would be to see this toy on Christmas morning. This isn’t just for the girls either. I’m sure the little man of the house would like to see this Christmas gift on his side of the Christmas tree too! You can order this product with refill packs. The more refill packs you get, the more you can expect to pay. The first link above will take you to the Blizzard Maker for about 25 bucks. You can go here: DQ Blizzard Maker with 3 Refill Packs and will be looking around $65. So the price range for this colorful Christmas gift is about $25 to $65. Lots of refill packets and dessert mixes you can buy separate and you can find all of these DQ Blizzard Maker Accessories at Amazon.

    Girl Gifts for Under $20

    1. LeapFrog Learn and Groove Music Wand – $14

    2. Fantasma Magic Set with DVD – $9

    3. Disney Fairies Tinkerbell and the Lost Tresure Play Make-Up Kit – $15

    4. Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Tea Set – $19

    5. Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Sing with Me CD Player – $20

    6. Alex Toys My Giant Busy Box – $20

    7. Alex Toys & Little Hands Art Series – $8

    8. Project Runway Fashion Tote – $16

    9. Mindware’s Make Your Own Mask Kit – $18

    10. Friendship Bracelet Maker w/56 Threads – $18

    11. Orb Factory Sticky Mosaics: Jewelry Box – $15

    12. Uncle Milton Rainbow in My Room – $19

    13. Crayola Color Explosion Glow Board – $15

    14. Littliest Pet Shop Collector’s Starter Pack – $8

    15. Corolle Calin Baby Doll – $20

    These are just a few of the girl gifts that caught my eye this year. The good news is, you can order each and every one of these products online at Amazon. No long shopping lines, no crowded malls, and no stress in trying to find a good parking place. You still have time to order these items online and have them delivered before Christmas Day arrives.

    I’m sure there is at least one gift idea on this page for every little girl out there. Gift # 15 on my list is the Corolle Calin doll and these are usually pretty expensive to buy. Finding one online for $20 is a great deal. Gift #12 is the rainbow for your little daughter’s room. What girl would not want to have their very own rainbow? This gift does run on double AA batteries, so if you decide to get the Uncle Milton Rainbow, please don’t forget to buy the batteries! Gift #11 the Orb Factory Mosaics has a very high 5 star rating at Amazon. The parents that took the time to review this gift, gave it the highest possible rating, so I’m sure this one would be a winner on Christmas morning. Once you get over to Amazon, you can scroll down to the bottom, to find other helpful gift ideas. If I can do this, I’m sure any parent out there can. Enjoy your holidays and happy shopping!

    Coming up with new ways to lose weight is hard. Just for the simple fact, so many people are brainstorming over products, exercise tips, and lifestyle changes for losing more weight. How great would it be, if someone came up with an idea to have a Weight Loss Camp? Well dream no more. This idea (like so many other weight loss ideas) has already been created, invented, and is on the shelf! Anyone who is carrying around a little more weight than they should right now, could sign up to become a new guest, for a camp dedicated to weight loss seekers. A chance to bond with others, just like yourself, who share the same desires to lose more weight too. This camp would seem to be the answer to a lot of weight loss prayers out there.

    Losing weight can be hard. It doesn’t have to be. It’s all about finding ways to change your current lifestyle patterns, so you can become a leaner and trimmer person. An invitation to this Weight Loss Retreat would make a great Christmas gift this year. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want a vacation and one for the sole purpose of losing more weight. I think this is a great idea, for those people who have a hard time staying on a diet. It would be a lot easier, to stay on a diet, at a place designed for men and women who hope to lose weight in 2011. The Obesity Statistics in this country is alarming. So many people are overweight. Not only do these people feel bad about their appearances (in most cases), but they are living a very unhealthy lifestyle. Too much stress on the heart and other vital organs in the body; which keep us going each day.

    If you are someone that considers yourself over weight, try to do something about it now. Check out this new idea of having a Weight Loss Resort, for over weight folks. If this program meets your budget, this would be the best way to lose weight in my opinion. If it doesn’t meet the family budget or your own personal finances, then strive hard in 2011 to begin taking off some of that weight. It didn’t get there over night, so it won’t get removed over night either. Just losing 5, 10, or 15 pounds can make a huge difference. You can actually increase your life span, just by losing a few pounds. Don’t set any high goals in your weight loss plans. Make simple goals that you can achieve every 10 days or so and go from there. Here’s to your health in the New Year!

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  • iPhones for Stocking Stuffers

    We never did get much in our stockings when I was a kid growing up. There really wasn’t much room in the stockings for anything good. Now with the technology today, we see more and more power being “stuffed” into these small tech gadgets. Just take the iphone for example. Apple has created a very small tech gadget, but its loaded with power. The key feature I like with the Apple iPhones, is their ability to get you where you need to go. Time is so valuable these days. We use to say “time is money” and now most people regard time as more valuable than money. If you like a phone that has a little kick and has all the latest features in the world of cell phones. I would check out some of these modern iPhones for this Christmas. They are even small enough, to comfortably fit in the stockings hanging over the fireplace.

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  • Regardless of what you hear on TV these days. The Pac 10 never was and is still no where close to the talent level of the SEC college division. The game on January 10th between the Auburn Tigers and Oregon Ducks will be no problem for the Auburn football team from the South Eastern Conference. No Pac10 teams should even be in the AP Top 25 Poll right now. The only reason we have Pac 10 teams appearing, is due to the rich sponsors of the USC Trojan team; which calls the Pac 10 home.

    Oregon has had a fine season. They are the nation’s top offensive team and did very well against their opponents in college football this year. However, they have not had to face any true top 25 teams in the country this year. Their players on offense have been allowed to gain yards on teams; which are not even true division I teams in college football. Over half of the current teams making up the Pac 10, would not win 1 game, if they had a SEC or ACC football schedule. Ever once in awhile, we see a top tier Pac 10 team, schedule a game against a low SEC or ACC team. They believe this one game a year proves they are just as good as the ACC and SEC in college football.

    For those of you who disagree, we can let the players decide this on the field January 10th. We have the best of the SEC and the best of the Pac 10 meeting up against one another. This is really the first true match up ever, that puts these two football conferences against each other on a neutral field. If the Ducks can score 20 points or lose by single digits, they will prove the Pac 10 does belong in the NCAA rankings and the Division I title they sport around each year. Failing to score 20 points or getting blown out, will only go to prove how the Pac 10 is not a true football conference. A lot more than championship titles is on the line in early January. This is a game that features the top offensive team in the nation, who just love running up the score on their opponents. Against an undefeated team from the SEC; which is very rare, since it is to tough to have a perfect record, when you face a quality opponent each week in college football. No major injuries to report for either team and each team will have their main studs in this game. Let’s see how good the nation’s number 1 offense is, when they have to play a quality Division I school in college football.

    My prediction has the Auburn Tigers winning this game going away. I say there will be a 20+ point difference and the Oregon team will not have 20 points on the scoreboard; when the 4th quarter begins. Perhaps Auburn pulls their star players and allow Oregon to make the score more respectable at the end? Who knows? What we do know, is the Oregon Ducks will be one of the weakest teams on Auburn’s schedule all year!

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  • Buy for Less and Sell for More

    Start your business and find  Wholesale Products for pennies on the dollar.

    Locate and research the newest  Wholesale Suppliers that can help you start your new business.

    There are places online that are set up for people, who wish to find wholesale products for bargain basement prices. Online directories have been created, which group a lot of wholesalers together and this makes it easy to find which wholesalers have the best products for the lowest prices. Wholesalers focus on a variety of different products and there is sure to be at least one, that offers a lot of the same products you seek to buy. Find the wholesaler who carries your desired products and work with them, to see how low you can buy their products for. You may just find a way to make a handsome profit, out of the buying and reselling game. Someone out there is going to make money in this fashion. It might as well be you and your family that reap these rewards, from buying cheap products for wholesalers.

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