You just got done with your last day of work for life and now you’re ready to retire. Are you heading to the Sunshine State in Florida like most retirees do? Or do you have other plans for a place you will spend your final days? I think these types of questions can be important for someone that has recently retired from work or plan to retire in a few short years. If the money you get each month after retirement is not a lot; then you will want to find cheap cities to live in. This means finding areas in the United States that are relatively cheap on taxes and makes it affordable to the older generation. The place you choose to set up camp after retirement can determine if you will be a wealthy person living on your pension or someone that is just barely making ends meet each month.

Where are the top 10 cities in America that a person could go to live after retirement? I’m not sure what the 10 very best places would be, but I do have 10 solid choices that would make life a whole lot cheaper after your working days are over. There is even 1 place located in Florida for those that want the warm weather and could meet others that have retired from their jobs too.

10 Cheap Cities for the Retired Living in America

1. Billings, Montana

2. Cheyenne, Wyoming

3. Doral, Florida

4. Henderson, Nevada

5. Juneau, Alaska

6. Manchester, New Hampshire

7. Nashville, Tennessee

8. Sioux Falls, South Dakota

9. Spokane, Washington

10. Stafford, Texas

These are the places that would treat you the best on taxes. Paying taxes as a retiree can eat away a big portion of your monthly checks. These cities in America are the ones that would take the least cut and let the retired folks enjoy more of their money to spend on other things. Choosing where to live after retirement can be a big difference on the type of lifestyle you can live each day. I believe as retirement gets closer for most working people right now; they will take more considerations on where they live, so they can have a little more money in their golden years. America does have cheap USA cities and low tax cities for people that want to live comfortably after their working days are over.