Washington D.C. Nose Job

A nose job or rhinoplasty in Washington DC is very easy to do now. If you would like to reward your self with a new nose, then seek out some of the great plastic surgeons in the DC area. Many people are falling back on this procedure now to correct all the little things they want changed about their nose. A plastic surgeon will evaluate you and talk over what you would like to change about your nose and give you the options available to you. This is also a procedure for medical needs and it can improve breathing practices for those that may need this procedure for medical reasons. I would say the majority of people these days look to rhinoplasty as a cosmetical procedure and might not need this done for medical reasons. Either way, you will find some of the best rhinoplasty doctors in the Washington DC area. Let me know if you have ever had this procedure done to you or if you have thought about a rhinoplasty procedure.

New Commish In Wrestling

Georgia Wrestling Promotions has just completed their 5th show in Ellijay, Georgia. There is a new sheriff in town, as the GWP has ended Jay Hartigan’s reign as commissioner. The new commish put in some pretty strict new guidelines, but the most shocking of all, came when he said that the Rev (manager of the Devil’s Rejects) could no longer be at ringside.

The Rev at Georgia Wrestling Promotions is one of the most popular characters in the GWP’s aresenal. Taking his appearance away from ringside will be a touch and go thing. Not sure how the fans will greet the Devils Rejects without their loud mouth, face painted manager barking at the fans. This should be interesting to see exactly where this goes.

As for the events in April 6th’s Show. Shawn “The Sleeper Cell” Tempers held on to his title of Southern Heavyweight Champion by one second. He was pinned for the count, and as the referee got to the 2 count, the bell sounded. It ended the match, because the match was time regulated. So Shawn Tempers is still the champion at GWP.

Making his debut was Leatherface. Now talk about getting some attention. Leather Face did just that as he made his way into the ring Friday Night. He carried in a chain saw that was on, and was rebbing it up and whirling it around in the air. The fans, referees, and even his opponent (Maul) was shaken up by the chainsaw and the bloody apron that accompanied his outfit. Leather Face looks like one tough customer, and if you see him on the wrestling card, be aware of the chainsaw.

Land Makes Cents (sense?)

It makes sense for a nice investment for the future. It’s great that some parents are leaving their kids land when they pass on. Land is a lot like gold, it retains it’s value real well no matter what the economy is doing. Now if are like me and don’t have any parents or kin folks that are going to leave us a big piece of land, we might have to go out and buy it ourselves. I’m not sure where you would start, and I don’t have any good advice on hiring a real estate broker, but I think I might start shopping around for one. I would love to own a few acres of land just for investment purposes right now. Later on I might decide to build a home or business on it, but real estate just keeps going up and up and I know the longer I wait, the more I will have to pay. Maybe I will get lucky and have a rich uncle or aunt that I’m not aware of leave me a big piece of land in their will. I’m not really counting on that, so I better start checking to see what type of properties are available in the state of Georgia.

Vote Josh Smith to the 2008 NBA All Star Game

Josh Smith for the Atlanta Hawks deserves to be in the 2008 All Star Game. He is the main reason the Atlanta Hawks are doing as well as they are this year. They don’t have many players on that team and even without a supporting cast, Josh Smith is carrying the Atlanta Hawk’s on his back for a playoff appearance in 2008. He is 2nd right now in the league in block shots and plays well at both ends of the court. He is a very exciting player and deserves to showcase his talents in the 2008 All Star Game.

Trade Votes? If you vote for Josh Smith as one of the Eastern Conference Forwards, I would be happy to help vote-in one of your favorite players. Just reply and let me know which player to vote for and I will vote for them in exchange for votes to help get Josh Smith in his first All Star Game.  I will even update this post and add in the player you are trying to get to the 2008 NBA All Star Game!

Also don’t forget to think about Al Horford when considering Rookie of the Year!

The Bloggers Conference

PostieCon 07′ is comming and are you ready? This is a great opportunity for bloggers to get together with other fellow bloggers, and discuss the blogging community. Many great things to look forward to if you are able to attend. You can get educated on how to build traffic and readership to your blog, and just become a better overall blogger. So you can have fun at the PostieCon 07′ Event, and might even learn some valuable tools to help improve your blog at the same time.

This year’s theme has been set to the Rock Star. We know that bloggers are in a position to deliver so much information over the internet, and why can’t we be the Rock Stars of the internet? We are used to deliver valuable information, to such a broad range of readers. So we are a very important part to getting information between people. Some of the world’s biggest bloggers are being invited to the event. So even if you don’t feel like you are a rock star, there are going to be blogging rock stars there!

Ok, so now it’s my time to play the rock star part. I guess if your interested in this, then you will need more information on how to get to this great conference for bloggers!

The blogging conference is going to be held in Orlando, Florida. The first day of introducing yourself and meeting others will be on Thursday, May 31st. Then Friday and Saturday (June 1st and 2nd) the full conference will get underway. There will be 2 full days of events around the blogging conference.

So if this sounds like your cup of tea, and you would like to know more about your blogging world. Then you really should make plans to find a way to the conference. This could be the best decision you have ever made. The lessons you learn from this, could last for the rest of your life! Orlando or bust!

Customize Jewelry

How would you like to start designing and customizing your own jewelry at AJ’s Jewelry? You come up with the design for what you want your jewelry to look like and AJ’s Jewelry will create it. They can do men’s or women’s jewelry the way you want it done. They offer a wide assortment of things you can customize. Rings, necklaces and bracelets can all be created the way you want them to be at AJ’s Jewelry. You can even have a customized name plate done the way you want. Maybe you have a lucky poker bracelet that you would like to design? You just come up with the details and they will create if for you and they won’t even rub any of the luck off of it, when it’s created by the people from AJ’s Jewelry! Go ahead and start coming up with your brainstorming ideas, so you can be on your way to getting all your jewelry customized.

Show Your Blog Off

If you have a blog that you work in actively then be sure to show it off. There are ways you can make money online with your blog and it’s a good way for you to get Blog Advertising for your blog. It’s important to keep the content fresh on your blog to keep better search engine rankings. Also you will attract more loyal readers to your blog if your keeping new and fresh content on it often.

People have a blog these days about many different things. Find something that your interested in so you will enjoy the time you spend blogging. When you start to attract a following for your blog; you will then get better rankings for your blog. The better rankings you get can often translate into more money that you can make with your blog, if you decide to start taking paid posts with a blogging company. So many great things to do once you get your blog up and running, and making money and having a great source for advertising is just a couple of the benefits you can enjoy from your blog. So start blogging in your blog and don’t be afraid to show it off!

Real Estate In North Georgia

I live in North Georgia, and some of the land around this area is beautiful. The mountains, and streams that run all across the area, is a perfect place for anybody looking to buy land for a home or just to invest in. Perhaps you are looking for a home in the North Georgia area, then you will find many for sale. The further that you are away from Atlanta, the better deals that you can get on homes or a piece of land.

Now around the areas of Ellijay, Blue Ridge, or Blairsville is an idea place for any family to live in. There’s really a lot of nice folks in these areas, and southern hospitality is at it’s highest around these parts. If you are in interested in Blue Ridge, Blairsville, or ellijay real estate. Then look for Kay Stroud and the rest of her home selling team to find you a great home in these areas. There is real estate available in some of the nearby areas of Murphy or Haysville, North Carolina. If your looking around the Ducktown, Tennessee area, then they can help you find homes there too.

2008 NBA All Stars Announced

They have just released the names of this years NBA All Star Game in New Orleans. I see a couple of players on the team that I voted for, but not as many as I thought would be on the 1st Team All Stars.

Eastern Conference NBA Starters

G Jason Kidd

G Dwayne Wade

F LeBron James

F Kevin Garnett

C Dwight Howard

Western Conference NBA Starters

G Allen Iverson

G Kobe Bryant

F Carmelo Anythony

F Tim Duncan

C Yao Ming

Is there any big surprises that you see with this years 2008 NBA All Star Teams? I think the one that stands out to me is that Tracy McGrady is not on the Western Conference All Stars. I think Tracy McGrady is the 2nd best player in the NBA next to Kobe Bryant and that’s a real shock he’s not on the team. You also have to figure that all the Asian voters that voted for Yao Ming would be checking McGrady’s name on the All Star Ballots. It’s hard for a Western Conference Center to get on the team as a starter, because so many people from the East vote on the NBA All Star Game and they love Yao Ming out there. Yao Ming is a great player in the NBA and I don’t really know of a center that is truly better than him. There is several that people will consider better, but I think you get into splitting hairs. Yao Ming’s biggest weakness is his floor speed. Opposing teams try to run up and down on the Houston Rockets and try to take Yao out of the defense for the Rockets. Allen Iverson got the place that Tracy McGrady deserved. No complaints with Iverson and he’s one of my favorite players. I really like to watch him play and I have followed Allen Iverson since his days at Georgetown.

I can’t wait to see who else gets selected on the squads for the Eastern and Western Conference teams. Josh Smith has been tearing it up in Atlanta and he’s the main reason the Atlanta Hawks are in contention for the playoffs this year. Josh has some help, but until the Hawks decide Joe Johnson isn’t the horse that can take you all the way; the better off they will be. Joe Johnson is highly over rated and its sad to see the media and announcers in these parts make up excuses for him every day. Atlanta just needs that 1 marketable player and while they are making every effort to have that with Joe Johnson, he’s just never going to pan out as the star of any playoff basketball team in the NBA. The Phoenix Suns did win the trade with the Atlanta Hawks and they got 2 first round picks and Boris Diaw who gave them great production from just about every position on the court. Joe is an ok player, but until he learns to play lock down defense, give 100 percent effort each night and quits taking plays off during the game, he could be a descent star in the NBA, but never a true All Star. Last year was a fluke and he only was on the team due to players ahead of him getting injured or deciding to take the All Star Weekend off.

Mr. MVP Steve Nash wasn’t selected as a starter on the team either, but Phoenix Suns fans can relax, because he will be in New Orleans representing the team from the desert. I just hope Josh Smith gets recognized for his efforts and is added to the Eastern Conference All Stars. There is no player in the league that has more athletic skill than him and that triple double he put up against the Denver Nuggets will not be his last.

Congrats to all of the All Stars and to their fans that root for them night in and night out. It should be a fun event as always and I really hope the dunk contest can come back and be as good as it once was. All Star Weekend is nothing without a good dunk contest on the Saturday Night before the All Star Game. Be sure to look for Al Horford in the Rookie Challenge and he’s my pick for the MVP of the game. Go Rookies!

The Affiliate Game

How many people are out there playing the affiliate game like me? I am involved in so many programs that I can’t keep them all straight. I usually wake up every day to see that I have referred a new member to this or that program. When I see that, I usually get a little boost of encouragement from it and I will spend the rest of the day trying to promote that one program, that I just signed a new referral on.

If you want to be successful and not work all the time, then you have to build up your downlines or referral bases. It’s just a part of the affiliate game that we all have to play, but there can be big rewards later on. I already have a few programs that have taken off and I could just sit back and make a little money off of them. I have one program where I have over 300 new people I have brought in and I have been getting a monthly check from that one. I have another one that I have been in since January 1st and I have already received 2 payments from them and I am currently waiting on them to send my 3rd one out.

It seems everyday I find a new program to join in the hopes I can get a lot of affiliates under me. It also seems like everyday I find a new way to market these programs. Marketing is the key to getting any affiliate program off the ground. You have to take advantage of all the avenues that exist out there. Don’t get caught with tunnel vision either and just look to promote your programs one way. Try several different ways and continue to look for new ones and this is the way you can stay ahead of the people that are promoting the same program as you are. Good luck with your affiliate programs and tomorrow looks like another day of the affiliate game for me!

Drug Rehab

If you were searching for a drug rehab place, then let me offer a suggestion. Stone Hawk is a place for addiction treatment, that you or a loved one can receive help from. Drugs or an alcohol addiction can really affect a lot of people. It’s not just the person suffering from the addiction that this disease affects. It can cause problems in the home, with neighbors, family, or even cause problems at work. Don’t let an addiction continue to tear your family apart. Seek out help, and Stone Hawk is a place you can start.

The program that is offered at Narconon Stone Hawk uses no drugs. They use other things like a good nutritional and supplemental diet to put into your daily routine. Then they help their students out by using social education. It’s through social education that they have learned a higher rate of drug rehabilitation occurs. They do not refer to their clients as patients. At Stone Hawk they look at the clients as students, because they are learning how to cope with their addiction. They have been getting their students back on their feet again, and have done this at a rate of over 70%! Find out more about the Narconon drug rehab, and start your recovery process today!

Hurricane Watch

It looks like the first big hurricane of the season is fast approaching the Gulf. I know the folks of Texas do not want to see anymore rain, so maybe this hurricane will take a sharp turn to the North real soon. We could really use the rain in Georgia, and would welcome a tropical storm in our area. I know they say to be careful for what you wish for, but as of right now, I can’t see the harm in wishing for a few inches of rain. I guess we will just have to wait and see what Dean does over the next few days, but it’s looking more and more like the U.S. could be receiving a major hurricane sometime this week.

Braves Win; Chipper Struggles

The Braves got back on the winning track last night against the St. Louis Cardinals. However, the same old story continued for the 3rd baseman for the Braves in Chipper Jones. The guy just doesn’t want to hustle! I’m not sure why when every game is so important to the Braves right now.

First off, he once again flied to centerfield with a runner at 2nd base and no outs. He continues to do this and swings at pitches early in the count to get his fly ball to centerfield. All you have to do is put the ball in play on the right side of the field and allow that runner to get to 3rd base with 1 out. It’s not getting done and you have to hold Bobby Cox responsible for continuing to allow this to happen. You must give up yourself sometimes and it doesn’t matter who you are or who you think you are.

Then later on Chipper hits a towering fly ball that hits off the wall deep in the outfield. Runners were on base and sprinting to the plate. The throw goes into homeplate trying to get a base runner out and it was unsuccessful. However, the non-hustling Chipper Jones only manages to get to 2nd base on the play. There is no excuses for this and I refuse to purchase any more tickets to Braves Games as long as Chipper doesn’t hustle and Bobby Cox is the manager in the ATL. NO EFFORT = NO MONEY!!!

Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia

VA Fishing has always been a great place to go wet a hook and there might not be any better place than Smith Mountain Lake!

Residents of North Carolina living in Greensboro (80 Miles), Chapel Hill (100 Miles), and Raleigh (135 Miles) are in driving distance from the Coves by Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. So if you have an interest in a beautiful waterfront community or just want to plan a picnic and do a little fishing, should go check out Smith Mountain Lake.

My Favorite Comedy Shows

MSN did an interesting story on the comedy shows you’re not watching. They feel they made a list of some of the best comedy shows out there that are not getting watched by the public. Here is a list of some of the shows that made their list:

Monk (USA)

Flight of the Conchords (HBO)

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (FX)

Best Week Ever (VH1)

Moral Orel (Cartoon Network)

Reno 911 (Comedy Central)

Kathy Grffin: My Life on the D List (Bravo)

My Boys (TBS)

Now are their any shows up above that you watch regularly? What about any that you might have seen once or twice? Let me know which shows you watch or have watched and your thoughts on them. Is there any show that is listed above that we should really be watching? If there is, then please explain why and what makes you like the show so much.

I have seen a partial episode of the Monk. I did remember liking that show and it might be one on the list that I should be watching. Monk’s character is pretty smart from what I can remember, but he had some type of fear or something that made his character funny. I will have to search for it and record the next episode that comes on, so I can relook at Monk.

Now I have heard of My Boys on TBS. I watch a lot of the Braves baseball games that come on television and see the advertisements for that show. I have never sat down and watched My Boys, but have seen some small clips from the show. It might be one that I will have to record also and see what the MSN story is talking about when it comes to this show.

I have seen Reno 911 a couple of times. It’s been some time since I have seen the show, but it seemed a little too silly for me. The show might be better to watch now since they released their movie on the big screen. It might be a show that I need to watch again if they have changed it up any.

I have never seen or even heard of Flight of the Conchords. I don’t have HBO, so watching this show would be difficult. Now if this show is really good and worth watching, then I would have no problems to subscribing to the HBO network. So let me know if this show is worth an extra 10 bucks on the monthly satellite bill.

Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a show that I’m not familiar with. So any fans of this show or people that have seen it before, can let me know what this one is about. It could be a show that I might enjoy watching and have just never gave it the chance. The same can be said for the rest of the shows like Best Week Ever, Moral Orel, and the show with Kathy Griffin ( My Life on the D List). The cartoon one in Moral Orel is a religious type show or based with religion in that cartoon. It was also mentioned in the same breath as South Park and the Simpsons, so it might be an off-beat type of cartoon show that might not be suitable for children.

Just be sure to let me know of any information if you have on these shows and I look forward to your replies. Also for any of these shows creators or people that have worked on the sets of these shows, then feel free to add to the discussion by replying back. I will approve all comments made on this post within 24 hours.