Collection Agency That Gets Results

If you have tried collection agencies and haven’t had much success with them, then try one that delivers. You can just read their past clients comments on their website to see how powerful they are when it comes to getting results. If you need a commercial collection agency to help you retrieve some funds, be sure to look for MRG to help you. The guys from MRG, more commonly known as Miller, Ross, and Goldman, get results for their clients. They go get the unpaid debts that other collection agencies fail to do in the commercial field. Don’t give up and just hire the right collection agency to get back or get what is rightly yours!

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Car Guy Garage Is At It Again

These guys just have some of the best products for the garage. Tiles and workbenches are just a couple of the things they offer. Yes, they have tiles for the garage! It’s the first time I have heard of that too. They have a picture on their website, and it looks really good. These guys really do want to make your garage another room in the house!

Now some of the stainless steel stuff is what I was really looking at. It will never rust, and after years of using stainless steel, you can just rub a little polish on it, and it looks new again. A Stainless Steel Tool Box would make a perfect gift for Fathers Day that is around the corner. Now I’m not a father, but if anyone would like to buy me one, then I would be more and happy to take it. For just a shade under 1000 dollars the Car Guy Garage has a 41 Inch Full Drawer Competition Top Tool Box. Now if that sounds a little expensive, just remember this is a stainless steel product. It will look just as good 10 years from now, as it does the day you get it. It has 5 full length drawers that will come with this tool box. They do have another tool box just like this one, with 6 full length drawers. I think for my needs, the 5 full length drawers would be plenty of space. It does come with the Medco Locks, so I can rest assure that my tools will be secured if I’m not around. They even back it with a 10 year warranty. This tool box is on wheels, and I can see the handles on the side, which will make it easy to move around with. It would be the best tool box for me to keep all the power tools and hand tools organized. The space that this tool box would take up would be much less then the current space my tools are occupying, because they are scattered everywhere. So anybody out there that feels like I deserve a treat, then just slide me this tool box from the Car Guy Garage. I will be your best friend for life! Happy Fathers Day!

Your New Year's Resolution Updates?

So how are the New Year’s Resolutions coming? I didn’t make any this year, so I am still good with mine. I actually just wanted to make this year better than last year was. So that is my New Year’s Resolution for 2008. I know a lot of people will be trying to stop smoking, eating less, exercising more, losing weight, gaining weight and the other typical things like that. I’m just curious to see if anyone has fell off the wagon a week later? A week is pretty good if you are still in the clear of your New Year’s Resolution. Many people will fold in the first 3 days, so if you made it for 1 week, then be sure to pat your self on the back. The worse part is now over and if you did make it through the first week, be sure to hang in there and stick with your New Year’s Resolutions. It’s going to be down hill from here. Maybe you were looking for a sign to stay on the right track and if you’re reading this post on my blog; then maybe this is your sign?

Good luck to all those still trying to make a go of it. Be sure to let me know what your New Year’s Resolution is and just what is the overall goal you hope to accomplish from it?

Rocky or Ricky in Philadelphia?

Filmmaker Jordan Crowder had an interesting take on the famous scene from Rocky. I love the Rocky movies and I think Rocky 4 is the best movie ever. Rocky 4 came out when the cold war was at it’s peak between the Soviet Union and the United States. After destroying Apollo Creed in the USA, Drago returns home to Russia, where Rocky comes to his country to fight the boxer. It was such a great movie to see in theaters and hear the roar of the crowds that were attending the movies in the 1980’s.

Long before Rocky ever got to this stage in his boxing career, he was training on the streets of Philadelphia. Jordan Crowder has a new take on the classic scene with his version of Rocky and he’s known as Ricky.

Ricky by Jordan Crowder

Great video!

Jordan is a talented filmmaker that lives in Canada and is currently attending film school in Texas. This is just one of the many great small films he has already completed. I think we will all be at the theaters one day purchasing a ticket to one of Jordan’s films on the big screen. You can see he has a lot of talent and I’m sure Hollywood isn’t that far away for him, after he completes his education out in Texas.

Be sure to keep up with Jordan Crowder as I will be featuring more of his works on my blog here at My Favorite Blank. It should be an interesting journey to see what path Jordan takes over the next few years. This is the 2nd video I have posted on Jordan here and if you missed the first video, then just go back and check out Jordan Crowder’s 1st appearance at My Favorite Blank.

Little League World Series

As a resident of Georgia we were very proud last year when the team from Georiga represented the Untied States and went on to win the Little League World Series. It gives us great pride in knowing those young men went out and got the job done, in just doing something they love so much. Baseball is popular in the South and we have a lot of support for all our little leaguers here in Georgia. Little League Baseball is something we cherish in our state and we have a great group of coaches all over our state that do such a good job every year.

Now we are to the championship game for 2007 Little League World Series and once again the team representing the Untied States is from Georgia. We wish the boys from Warner Robbins the best of luck as they will be going up against a tough team from Japan today. No matter if they win or lose this game, those guys are already heros in our book! Also, my hats off to all the coaches and parents that are out there rooting for the team from Warner Robins and what a great job you have all done to make it this far!

Different Strokes-Whatchatalkinabout?

The catch phrase that made Gary Coleman famous as Arnold on Different Strokes is once again on the tube. In my local area there is a television station called Peachtree TV and it is showing the Different Strokes reruns. I have been watching them lately and I haven’t seen these shows since they was on in the 1980’s. It’s amazing to watch these episodes and see just how out-dated some of the lingo and talk is for today’s times. The show lost some of its luster as the actors and actresses got older, but when they were young it was magic back then. I even think Webster was a spin-off of Different Strokes and how you had a black kid with white parents. Webster was played by Emanuel Lewis and he makes his home in Georgia. I just wonder if Webster has found the time to tune in and see some of these episodes of Different Strokes.

I never seen it as a kid, but Conrad Bain the guy that played Phillip Drummond was really a boring dad. He really wasn’t that much fun as a father or even cool back then, but you still see Arnold and Willis look up to him like a real dad. I don’t think its very believeable for them to show him so much respect and he really isn’t even that hip of a daddy. I still like to watch these old episodes though and it takes me down memory lane again.

Kitchen and Bath Faucets

Whatever room in your house is in need of a faucet, you can shop right online at Their website offers helpful information on which faucet might be best for you, so please take the time and look it over before you choose which faucet you want. They provide their customers with this information, so that they can make a better informed decision on the faucet they choose for their bathroom or for the kitchen. So many different styles and finishes to choose from at, I’m sure you will find the one that is right for you! It can be fun shopping for a new faucet for the kitchen or bathroom and now it has never been easier than doing it from your home. Just select the bar faucets you want and if your order is over $99, you will pay no shipping cost! For more information, feel free to call: 1-800-444-5783

9/11 Anniversary

As the anniversary for 9/11 approaches once again, I think it’s another year we need to take time out and remember the worse day in American History. Where our country was under attack from a foreign source and still continue to combat that force today. Most of the experts think we will have future terrorist events, but we can only hope they don’t come no where near the destruction that 9/11 brought us.

The theme always needs to be “I will never forget” so we can always remember the innocent people and the brave firefighters that lost their life in New York, Washington D.C., and in Pennsylvania. I will never forget that day and I’m just another person that remembers where they was at when those planes first hit the World Trade Center Towers that morning in September. I was actually on my computer that morning and a person online told me one of the buildings was on fire. It wasn’t clear at that point what caused it, but it became clear when the 2nd plane hit the other tower in New York.

Supporting our troops and president is so important in these days and times. If you have your doubts that our troops shouldn’t be in Afghanistan or Iraq, then just remember 9/11 and what our young men and women are doing over there. Human sacrifice is the ultimate price we have to pay for anything. Our freedom has cost us human life and we will never forget the people that have gave their life for our freedom in this country.

Do You Remember?

God Bless The USA and The Troops!

Flight 93 fought back and now it’s our turn to fight back!

Hickory Log Dam

The Hickory Log Dam in Canton is waiting for some rain, so they can begin burning some of the timber they have cut around the dam. The Hickory Log Reservoir is going to help the City of Canton and Cobb County on the desperate water needs of Georgia. The dam was suppose to be built by the end of 2007 and now it looks like it will be completed sometime in 2008. The area of North Georgia could really use some rain and this Hickory Log Dam is going to help relieve a lot of our water concerns in Cherokee and Cobb County. That is if the dam can ever get completed. It’s funny how we need rain to help finish building the reservoir that is expected to be pretty big and help us during droughts.

Hickory Log Creek will be one of the sources of water that will begin filling the reservoir up. They are also going to be pumping water out of the Etowah River and this will help the reservoir to have a good supply of water. The Etowah River is down right now and it might stay that way for some time, until North Georgia starts to get an adequate amount of rain. You can see pictures of the Hickory Log Reservoir Dam on an earlier post I made in this blog. Hopefully for the residents of Canton and Marietta, the dam will get built soon and we can start backing up some of that precious water that is running down stream each day that passes.

Rent Vacation Homes By Disney World

If you and the family like to go to Orlando for vacations. Then there is a great opportunity for you in the Orlando Area. You don’t have to stay in the hotels and motels any longer. You can get a vacation home that is by the famous Disney World Theme Park. These homes by Villadirect offer many luxuries that the hotel wouldn’t offer. You would get a lot more space, and have the benefits of using a kitchen. Having a kitchen in your room on vacation can save you a lot of money on food costs. Now you can get Orlando vacation rental that will not only be by Disney World, but will have all of Central Florida’s destinations. You have Universal Studios and Sea World right in the area of these vacation homes. So plan to stay in a vacation home on your next trip to Florida.

Christmas Sweets

What is your favorite Christmas Sweets that you like to snack on for the holidays? I know a lot of people like to send fruit cakes as gifts for Christmas. I guess most people don’t like fruit cakes, because it seems those people always tried to send it to someone else for Christmas. I like the chocolate covered cherries around Christmas time. I think that would have to be my favorite holiday treat. Something as simple as a candy cane or sugar stick can be a tasty little treat too.

I also think you have to include all the yummy pies you can get around Thanksgiving or Christmas, as some of the best sweets to eat during the holidays. Pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and sweet potato pie are just some of the pies that won’t last long around my household. I know pies are loaded with calories and many people try to stay away from them during the Christmas season. Are there anymore great pies for the holidays that you can think of?

Is the egg nog considered a Christmas sweet? Or is this just a Christmas treat with it’s own food group? I’m not a fan of egg nog and I guess it gets talked about a lot, because so many people use alcohol in their recipe. I think brandy and rum are some of the more popular things to add to your egg nog. I don’t have any good recipes to pass along, but I’m sure you can do a search on Google, MSN or Yahoo and find dozens of ways to make egg nog.

White chocolate is something popular around Christmas and you can decorate your goodies in this for a festive look. I prefer the brown or dark chocolates myself, but sometimes white chocolate can be a break from the norm. I guess white chocolate is popular around Christmas, because you can create a snow-scene or something relating to snow with the white color. If you have any great Christmas recipes for sweets, then be sure to leave me a reply with them. I’m always looking to try something new and if it’s not too hard to prepare, I might just give it a try. I would love a good peanut butter balls covered in chocolate recipe. If you have never tried chocolate covered peanut butter bars or balls, then you’re really missing out. Also be sure to let me know of other Christams sweet treats that I might have left off.

2008 NBA All Stars Announced

They have just released the names of this years NBA All Star Game in New Orleans. I see a couple of players on the team that I voted for, but not as many as I thought would be on the 1st Team All Stars.

Eastern Conference NBA Starters

G Jason Kidd

G Dwayne Wade

F LeBron James

F Kevin Garnett

C Dwight Howard

Western Conference NBA Starters

G Allen Iverson

G Kobe Bryant

F Carmelo Anythony

F Tim Duncan

C Yao Ming

Is there any big surprises that you see with this years 2008 NBA All Star Teams? I think the one that stands out to me is that Tracy McGrady is not on the Western Conference All Stars. I think Tracy McGrady is the 2nd best player in the NBA next to Kobe Bryant and that’s a real shock he’s not on the team. You also have to figure that all the Asian voters that voted for Yao Ming would be checking McGrady’s name on the All Star Ballots. It’s hard for a Western Conference Center to get on the team as a starter, because so many people from the East vote on the NBA All Star Game and they love Yao Ming out there. Yao Ming is a great player in the NBA and I don’t really know of a center that is truly better than him. There is several that people will consider better, but I think you get into splitting hairs. Yao Ming’s biggest weakness is his floor speed. Opposing teams try to run up and down on the Houston Rockets and try to take Yao out of the defense for the Rockets. Allen Iverson got the place that Tracy McGrady deserved. No complaints with Iverson and he’s one of my favorite players. I really like to watch him play and I have followed Allen Iverson since his days at Georgetown.

I can’t wait to see who else gets selected on the squads for the Eastern and Western Conference teams. Josh Smith has been tearing it up in Atlanta and he’s the main reason the Atlanta Hawks are in contention for the playoffs this year. Josh has some help, but until the Hawks decide Joe Johnson isn’t the horse that can take you all the way; the better off they will be. Joe Johnson is highly over rated and its sad to see the media and announcers in these parts make up excuses for him every day. Atlanta just needs that 1 marketable player and while they are making every effort to have that with Joe Johnson, he’s just never going to pan out as the star of any playoff basketball team in the NBA. The Phoenix Suns did win the trade with the Atlanta Hawks and they got 2 first round picks and Boris Diaw who gave them great production from just about every position on the court. Joe is an ok player, but until he learns to play lock down defense, give 100 percent effort each night and quits taking plays off during the game, he could be a descent star in the NBA, but never a true All Star. Last year was a fluke and he only was on the team due to players ahead of him getting injured or deciding to take the All Star Weekend off.

Mr. MVP Steve Nash wasn’t selected as a starter on the team either, but Phoenix Suns fans can relax, because he will be in New Orleans representing the team from the desert. I just hope Josh Smith gets recognized for his efforts and is added to the Eastern Conference All Stars. There is no player in the league that has more athletic skill than him and that triple double he put up against the Denver Nuggets will not be his last.

Congrats to all of the All Stars and to their fans that root for them night in and night out. It should be a fun event as always and I really hope the dunk contest can come back and be as good as it once was. All Star Weekend is nothing without a good dunk contest on the Saturday Night before the All Star Game. Be sure to look for Al Horford in the Rookie Challenge and he’s my pick for the MVP of the game. Go Rookies!

Trusted Online Casinos

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