Even Cowboy Cheerleaders Know the Value in Dallas Real Estate

The housing market might be in a crisis for most of the country, but the folks in Texas are doing quiet well. Around the Dallas metropolitan area there is a lot of demand for Dallas Real Estate. You would understand better if you saw some of the beautiful homes they have for sale in Texas. Any new home buyer would be happy with their new home and little white picket fence, if they chose to live in the big D. Luckily there is several Dallas Homes for Sale right now. New home owners will have a nice selection of houses to choose from, if they are in the market for a little of this Lone Star state real estate.

You couldn’t find a better place in the country to start and raise a family. The Dallas area is a perfect area for raising children and for new families searching for their first home. I love the flat land area in and around the Dallas area. I live in an area where there are lots of mountains and steep hills. There is a nice selection of houses to choose from in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area. I think a flat landscape would be a good change of scenery for me. I believe the flat land in Texas is one of their main selling points; when they try to attract out-of-state buyers for new homes, land, and Texas real estate.

You can’t deny all of the fun activities and local attractions Dallas, Texas has to offer. I know I love sports and Dallas is full of good sports teams. Most notably the Dallas Cowboys or America’s Team call this part of the World home. I think everyone has heard about the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders before. You also have one of the best online success stories of the 20th century in Mark Cuban; who owns the Dallas Mavericks NBA team in this growing U.S. city. The Stars offer on-ice fun for those who love professional  hockey. You wouldn’t think of an ice rink being in the warm climate of Texas, but the Dallas Stars do participate in the National Hockey League. You know with all of these sports athletes, who now call Dallas home, they are always looking for deals on Dallas Homes For Sale. If you and your family plan to buy a home in a up-scale section of Dallas; you might just become neighbors with one of these professional athletes, who give their all for the sports fans of Dallas. Now is the perfect time to find value; in all the different income levels of housing and real estate properties for sale in Texas.



Dallas Real Estate Market Report
How Bout Them Boys Video (dallas Cowboys Anthem) We Dem Boyz Remake

Missing the Price Tags on Store Items

Does anyone remember the old days of shopping in the grocery store? Well in 1988, I was a bag-boy for a grocery store. I had a lot of good memories from those bagging days. It was really my first job and I really did like it. All of my friends were broke and I always had money. When you earn tips as a living, you never seem to be without money.

Back during those days, we had a price tag on every item in the store. When a customer went to pay, we would unload their carts for them. We would find the price tag on each item and turned it toward the cashier, so they could easily see the price and ring the item up. Today’s grocery stores don’t offer that type of service and there are no price tags either. The cashiers just use a barcode scanner to total up the customer’s purchase. The prices (if your lucky) are located on the shelf, where you picked the item up. It’s not always easy to see which prices are for which products. Especially when you have a lot of small items on the shelf. Even after I see the price which is closest, I still try to read the product information, to make sure it matches. Often the closest price on the shelf, is not the price for the item you wish to buy.

We may have worked a little harder in the old days. Maybe we didn’t do things as smart as they do today, but we did give good service. You really can’t find that in too many places today. If you still shop at a grocery store, which has a bag boy that unloads your shopping buggy and then bags up your groceries, then you’re one of the lucky shoppers out there today. Not only do they unload and bag, but they also carry the groceries to your car. After they load the car up, is when most customers will give them a tip. Too bad we don’t see this quality service here today. As for the price tags on every item in the store, due to modern technology, those days will never return again. Even the local yard sales have gotten lazy and don’t price every item they offer either!

Cheryl Tiegs and a Recipe from The Drs TV Show

Cheryl Tiegs Cactus Drink on The Drs



Supermodel Cheryl Tiegs opens up and talks about one of her health and beauty secrets on the Doctors TV Show. It is a cactus drink from the desert. The Sonoran Bloom Nopalea has seem to work well for her over the years and it does contain a lot of good health properties and benefits. Here are some of the product’s claims:

  • * Helps Relieve Pain
  • *Improves Breathing
  • *Reduces Swelling in Joints and Muscles
  • *Reduces Inflammation
  • *Protects Against Premature Aging
  • *Achieve Optimal Cellular Health
  • *Detoxify Your body

It is a health drink with a lot of natural ingredients in it. Each person will probably have different results, if they choose to start drinking theCheryl Tiegs Cactus Drink for their daily or weekly routines. I would think the taste and price of the product to be a couple of major concerns for those who want to try this healthy cactus drink. If you like the taste of it and can afford to pay for it, then it does look like a solid product to have around. You could certainly drink a lot more things out there, which would not be as helpful or beneficial as theSonoran Nopalea Cactus Drink. If you do choose to try this product or if you have already tried it in the past, please be sure to let us know your thoughts on the taste. I’m sure a lot of folks out there, would like to know how it tastes, before they spent any money on this pricey health drink.


Another way to drink your way to a healthy lifestyle is by drinking your meals. As funny as that sounds, there was a featured chef on today’s show and he prepared 6 different drinks for the Drs to try today. The taste of each drink got mixed reviews from the doctors, but they did like some of these drinks. Instead of eating a salad or a plate of seafood, someone thought these tastes could be made in a drink. Once your body would ingest the drink, your brain would tell the body it is now eating. At some point, you would get your fill of the drinks and would feel “full”, even though you only had a few drinks. This process is not a cheap answer to a healthy diet either. Expect to pay over $200 for just one meal, if you decide to have the works. However, there was a special recipe given out, so folks at home could make up their own tasty drinks to try. So if you want to see if you can fool your brain and taste buds, you can make this special drink recipe and see what you think about the taste.

Cinnamon Vanilla Berry Water

300mL cold water (the use of soft water is preferable)
20g dried or fresh blueberry
20g dried or fresh cranberry
3 sticks of vanilla
1 cinnamon stick
2-3g of brown sugar (optional)

Put all ingredients together in a pan. Dr./Chef recommends using a pan that allows just enough space for the combined ingredients for evaporation, for example, a small 400mL capacity pot. If you are using dried berries, it is preferable to let them sit in water a few hours prior. If you are using fresh berries, this is not necessary. Bring to a boil and then turn the heat off, leaving it above the stovetop range, and cover it. Keep covered for at least 30 minutes to trap the aromatic and gustatory elements. Strain the water and let cool. Conserve in the refrigerator at approximately 46°-47° F. Serve no more than 40-50mL in each glass. It’s preferable to have “seconds” of this quantity various times than to pour a
glass surpassing this quantity.

Do you think you will try to make this special drink recipe? If so, please be sure to come back here and let us know the results. Like if it was good? Do you think you will make it again? Do you recommend others trying it out? All of the feedback you can offer will be used, so please don’t hesitate to leave us a reply.

*More recipes and products featured on The Drs will be coming soon, for those who are currently looking for something shown on an earlier episode. If you ever see anything you want more information about, please drop us a reply and we will do everything we can to find more information about it. 

Favorite Cartoon Animals

While growing up, I use to love watching cartoons. I would sit close by the television every Saturday morning, to watch my favorite cartoons. Kids today don’t really know about Saturday morning cartoons. This is because there is about a dozen cartoon channels on television today and they show animated shows all day long. So a kid in the 21st century can turn on the tube and watch a cartoon anytime of the day or any day of the week. Back when I was a kid, we only had the cartoons on Saturday mornings to watch. It made cartoons more special, since you did have only one day a week to watch them.

Now many of the cartoons from the past and the ones they make today are about animals. Most of us know the legendary animal cartoons like Bugs Bunny, Woody Woodpecker, Tom & Jerry, and Daffy Duck. I could actually name a lot more animal cartoons from the past, because it seems like most of them are. Now I’m not sure if Sponge Bob Square Pants or the Smurfs would be an animal cartoon, but they are certainly “animal-like” cartoons.

It would be tough for me to name my favorite animal cartoon of all time. I have so many favorite cartoons I use to enjoy watching, this is a tough topic for me. Do you have a favorite animal cartoon? I know the mouse has always been popular in cartoons. Just off the top of my head, I can name several mouse cartoons, like Mickey Mouse, Mighty Mouse, Speedy Gonzalez, and of course Jerry, the mouse that was always running from Tom the cat. Perhaps the mouse could give the dogs and cats a run for their money, in the most used animal in cartoons. I would assume the dog is number 1, followed by the cat. The mouse cartoons could very well rank 3rd on the list, as the most common animal character. I was just curious to see if others could clearly name 1 or 2 of their favorite animal cartoons of all time, or if it’s just a tough question to answer.

Remembering the TV Show Small Wonder

Right now it is a cool, sunny day at my house, on a Saturday afternoon. I was thinking back to my childhood days and trying to remember what I use to do on my Saturday afternoons. Back then, we only had 1 day a week, where cartoons would come on television. If you didn’t get up on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons, you wouldn’t get a chance to see them again, until the next Saturday rolled around. So all kids would get out of bed on Saturdays to watch cartoons. Once the noon hour arrived on Saturday, most of the cartoons had ended for the day. Some TV stations would begin showing children’s programs, but they weren’t animated. Just your basic 30 minute sitcoms. Generally there wasn’t too many to watch, but if you got lucky, you might could see 2 or 3 of these non-animated programs for kids.

Small Wonder Theme Song
YouTube Preview Image

Remember this show? What about the show that featured a girl who was half human and half alien? She could freeze time, by putting her two fingers together. Did you ever see this one?

I remember a few of these shows back then. I know a TV show called Out of this World, was one of the shows you could catch on a Saturday afternoon, back in the 1980’s. The main girl in this show was named Evie and she had special powers and could stop time. It was a pretty popular show and found its way in the syndication network, where it got showed a lot and on different TV channels. Another show back in this time period was Small Wonder. For some reason, it never was as popular as the other children’s programs from the 80’s generation. I remembered this title “Small ‘Wonder” but couldn’t really remember what this TV show was about. So I started to look around online and now after refreshing my memory a bit, I clearly remember watching this TV show.

The TV show Small Wonder was based on a 10 year-old girl, who was really a robot. Her TV dad from the show worked at United Robotronics, a fictional company for the show. Vicki the robot was played by actress Tiffany Brissette. The dad was asked at work to bring the robot home and allow her to live with a real human family, in the hopes she would become more human. I was able to find a episode of Small Wonder online. I have them down below in two 10 minute segments, so you can see the full episode. You Tube only allows users to upload user generated material in 10 minute sections or less. So just start with part 1 and you can see the remainder of Small Wonder in the video labeled part 2 below. This episode of Small Wonder is called the Boss’s Daughter. Enjoy!

Small Wonder – Boss’s Daughter Part 1
YouTube Preview Image

Small Wonder – Boss’s Daughter Part 2
YouTube Preview Image

I had a good time watching this episode of Small Wonder. I believe the kids of today, would enjoy watching some of these classic TV shows from the earlier days. All of the kids now, who are 20 years-old or younger, has probably never seen Small Wonder or some of these other TV shows we use to watch growing up. TV Land on television does a good job at trying to air some of these classic TV programs. They might not always select the ones you want to watch or you have one that you can’t remember the name of.

Most adults have at least 1 program they remember watching as a kid, but have no idea what it was called. They can only remember small bits of information and would really like to know the title or be able to see it again. I would like to try and help others relive their childhoods, from TV shows they use to watch. If you would like to track down a TV show you use to watch on television as a kid, please leave a reply and I will try to help.

I am currently trying to learn all of the popular and not so popular programs; which use to come on TV. If you was watching TV in the 1970’s, 1080’s, or in the 1990’s as a kid, I might be able to help. As I become more familiar with a lot of these classic television shows, my memory will be more fresh than most. You may be able to give me a few simple hints and I might can name the show, without searching for any information on it. I do have a lot of ways of tracking down these older TV programs and I am trying to learn a few new tricks, so I can help others find their childhood memories, that they left with some TV show that they can’t name today.

What I need for you to do, is leave me as many clues as possible. Try to estimate the years, in which you was watching this TV show. Let me know if you remember the channel, like ABC, CBS, or NBC. We really only had 3 main TV stations back then, but for the newer shows of the 1990’s, giving me the channel or network can help a lot. Let me also know if you remember watching this show in the weekday mornings, afternoons, or nights. Or perhaps it was a weekend TV show and you can let me know it aired on a Saturday or Sunday and if it was at night or daytime. The geography is another good piece of information to tell me about. Remembering which state or what the weather conditions were like. Tell me about any character names or give character descriptions too. If you remember a certain scene, then try to write it out the best you can. You never know which clue will help me to identify your childhood TV show, so please leave all bits of information.

I will try to help each person who leaves a reply and gives me some clues to go on, about a TV show they use to watch growing up, but now have no idea what the name of it was. I’m here to help recover those lost childhood memories and I will do my best for each person. These childhood memories are important for us to remember and it can really be fun, when you finally get to solve a mystery from TV that has bugged you for all of these years. The only thing I need to do now on my end, is come up with a title for my position, of trying to help people remember their childhood memories.

Let me know if you like any of these titles:

A. The Classic TV Investigator?

B. The TV Memories Man?

C. The Childhood TV Memories Dude?

D. The TV Mystery Solver?

E. Other?

Feel free to help me come up with a title for the services I hope to provide to others. What are the services you’re providing? I am going to try and find out the name of classic TV show, in which a person can only remember small bits of information about. People that hope to solve their childhood TV mysteries from the 70’s, 80’s, or even the 90’s; just need to leave me with as many memories or details they can, about these TV shows that don’t come on television anymore. After you leave me everything you know. I will go out and use a variety of different tactics and tools I have access to, so I can come back and tell a person the name of their TV show, provide some information about it, and possibly may be able to dig up a clip, from an old episode, so I can show these people the show they use to like watching as a kid. So if you are ready to solve your childhood TV memories, just leave a reply here and I will get the ball rolling. Please be sure to leave your correct email address; when you leave a reply, so I can ask you questions or seek more information, if I run into any barriers or problems. The more I continue to do this, the more I will learn about classic TV programs, so in some cases, just 1 small clue might be enough for me to solve your TV mystery.

The Truth About the Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush Alaska

The television series Gold Rush Alaska could have been good, but unfortunately the Hoffman family had to be a part of the show. If Todd Hoffman isn’t the scum of the Earth; then I don’t know who is. I can tell you one thing, Mr. Dorsey has more class, knowledge, and respect for people in his little pinky finger; than Todd Hoffman and his whole crooked family has.

Jimmy Dorsey tried to help and he did his best. His lovely wife and children was a great supporting cast for this Discovery TV Show. It was great to laugh at Jimmy, because he did do some things peculiar, but nothing to hate the guy over. Todd Hoffman is the one to blame here and I noticed this right from the start. You just have to go back, while they are all still in Oregon and when they begin to load up for the trip north to Alaska.

During the loading process in Oregon, Todd was talking about a friend he knew, which got killed by a broken chain. It was the same thing they were doing now, as the crew of gold miners were trying to move some very heavy stuff around, by tying chains to it and then pulling it with some type of heavy machinery. So Todd tells us about his friend getting killed in this process and that’s a sad story, but Jimmy Dorsey was not around, when Todd was talking about this. As faith would have it, the chain did snap and if it would have hit someone, it could have killed them. When this event took place, Jim said that exact line “that could have killed someone” and Todd jumped all over Dorsey for no reason. Todd had no right and Dorsey didn’t mean anything by his comments. Anybody would have said that exact line, during a situation like that. It was this point right here, where I did not like Todd Hoffman. Too bad Todd’s Dad did not see this event or maybe he would know a little bit more, about how Dorsey was being attacked by Todd.

No Guts No Gloreeeeeeeee!


Jack Hoffman is the father of Todd Hoffman and he had a lot of catchy phrases that helped to make the show popular in Porcupine Creek, Alaska. Jack seems like a real good guy, somebody you wouldn’t mind working for or getting a little dirt under your fingernails for. He was really the only miner on the trip from Oregon, who had any gold mining experience and his abilities was about as limited as Todd’s was on the trip. Both men read about finding gold and telling stories and hearing stories; than they did actually going out and finding the heavy metal stuff.

I did like Jack Hoffman, until I found out he was a thief. Listen up troop in Porcupine Creek. Jack Hoffman and his son Todd are robbing ya’ll blind. Jack goes in to count the gold by his self, so he can pocket some of it. This is why Jack and Todd did not like Dakota coming in and helping with the gold clean-up efforts in Porcupine Creek. Not long after Dakota came into camp, did the Hoffman’s suddenly run out of money. The trip down to Oregon was a joke. Todd took a huge chunk of gold dust with him, because he had to sell it, without Dakota finding out. I believe the Hoffman’s planned to hide this gold, until their trip was over and sneak it back to Oregon. This plan didn’t work, when the land owner insisted Dakota go in and help the Oregon crew of rookie gold miners.

Now Jack and Todd knew they had a problem. So they planned to sneak the gold out of Alaska and down to Oregon. The Discovery Channel would not leave Todd’s side in Oregon, so he was able to slip off and give the gold to his sister. He asked to borrow about 40,000 dollars, because he figured he had brought this much gold down from Alaska (which he stole from Jim Dorsey, James Harness, Jim Thurber, Chris Doumitt, and Todd’s best friend Greg Remsburg); not to mention Fred “Dakota” Hurt and the landowner of Porcupine Creek. Hey Greg, with a friend like Todd Hoffman, who needs enemies, right?

So Todd’s sister said she would “think about it” meaning she would think about lending Todd the money or not. What she did, was take the stolen gold and sold it. So now you have Todd and his daddy Jack Hoffman being the crooked miners in the camp and you have to watch this; while you go gold mining. Especially with the amount of money the Hoffmans put up and the pressure and stress they was under to pull through. Todd said it his self, he is just a fat kid that has no business mining. This is true. He did very little work, yet he steals about 40 grand of gold or possibly more and only brings back 25,000.  Now the Gold Rush Alaska TV Show made it look like Todd’s sister lent him the money, but she didn’t lend him nothing. After all, she must know how awful of a person Todd really is, if she is his sister. Poor Jack was real nervous about handing the gold off to Todd too, because I think Todd pocketed some of this gold for him self. He didn’t give it all to his sister and even Jack got robbed from too. Who knows, maybe Jack has been robbing from Todd under the tent; while they secretly count their money. Just a bad situation for everybody involved; when you have the Hoffman Clan barking out the orders, making the others feel guilty, cause they put up so much of their own money, but yet, they are robbing gold on the side from the other miners. The only gold miner from Oregon who is really lucky, is Jimmy Dorsey. He got out of there, while the getting was good. Too bad the other miners in camp, don’t see the Dad & Son duo stealing the gold for their self and not splitting it up equally. All of you guys made a nice little profit in the first season, if you would have been given your fair shares of gold. Instead, the Hoffman’s make a profit and sure they are ready to go back again and rip these same hard workers off again. Why not?

Lucky Gold Miner from Oregon

Gold Rush: Alaska | Season 5 – Episode 9 / Episode 10 | “colossal Clean Up” And “grandpa John”
Gold Rush: Alaska | Season 5 – Episode 10 | “grandpa John” | Full Episode

All of you guys need to follow Jack and Todd around and especially in the tent, when it is time to count up the profits from the gold strikes. The Hoffmans are cheaters and look after each other up there, since they are family. Too bad a good man like Jim Dorsey got caught up with a bunch of thieves like the Hoffman clan. James and Jim, both of you two men seem like good guys. I would take you on my gold mining crew any day of the week. I would treat you better than Todd Hoffman and his Pops. Don’t let them brainwash you two and make you think all the blame is on Dorsey’s shoulders. Todd used Dorsey as his scape goat. After Dorsey left Porcupine Creek, Todd had no one else to blame, so he begin to point at everyone; while everyone was pointing back at him.

Todd Hoffman – Thief & Control Freak


If you go back to Alaska with the Hoffman Gold Stealers from the Discovery Channel, be sure to go to the tent and count the gold with these two crooked gold miners. I believe the Hoffman’s are trying to abandon Porcupine Creek, so they don’t have Fred Hurt (Dakota) looking over their shoulders and keeping them straight. Fred came into camp and helped you guys. But nobody could see it, because the Hoffman’s wanted to tell people what to do and be the controllers and bosses. Sometimes a boss has to take a backseat and allow someone else to lead. This is what makes a good boss, a great boss. Todd was too jealous and this is why he didn’t like Fred in their little crew of gold miners.

What Makes Attorneys so Rich in 2013?

There is lots of ways attorneys make their money. A few bad drivers and a criminal can pay for an attorney’s car of house payments for a year in some cases. They do make a lot of money on other people’s mistakes and evil doings. I think the medical world pays for a lot of luxuries attorneys get to enjoy every day. A medical mistake can cause a doctor or a hospital a lot of money. You also have the jobs that workers get hurt on and these are other things that lawyers can cash-in on. You see a lot of these mesothelioma ads on the computer and on TV commercials, so you know the payouts must be nice in this area too.

There is no doubts we need attorneys to help us understand the local laws. They can help us get out of tight situations sometimes and then sometimes they help us get a lot of money. Even though they provide a valuable service to our society, they still get a bad name. I guess it’s because they do make so much money in their professions. They really didn’t teach us in school how much these lawyers make and if they would have, I might have just chose a career in law. It is a good paying job and if I had it to do all over again, I think I would like to become an attorney. The simple answer to what makes an attorney so rich is us, the common people in society or the average middle income family. We are the ones that pay for their nice houses, luxury cars, and the trips they probably go on several times each year. It’s not their fault they have so much money, it’s just the way the system is set up right now.

Kids deciding on a field to enter into, after their high school days are over, should consider some part of law. Law students do have to pay a lot for college and their education in 2013. However, if you graduate from a good law school, you can begin making 75K or more in your first year of practicing as an attorney. Established attorneys who have been around 5 years or more, can make double this amount and in some cases even more. Law students do have to work hard and focus 5 years of their lives to the books, but after that, it can be a very rewarding job from the pay-side of things.

Gold – It’s a Family Tradition

It all started many years ago when Buzzard Massie got the fever for gold. He turned that fever into a great gold association that is still up and running today. It was Buzzard that got the ball rolling for the GPAA or Gold Prospectors Association of America. Things were progressing nicely until the 1990’s; when the untimely death of Buzzard Massie sent things back a bit. Lucky for the GPAA that Buzzard had two sons and two sons willing to take the gold club to the next level.

Tom Massie is the face you can see most often on the Outdoor Channel; which the Massie family owns and operates. Tom will take his wife and kids out on outdoor adventures looking for gold and these shows are still airing today on the Outdoor Channel. Tom gives viewers a chance to see them looking for gold, teaches tips and tricks about finding gold, and will go outside the lines to entertain in other non-gold ways. These gold shows are nothing like the fishing shows you see on TV. You know how the fisherman goes out and will land a nice fish every 5 minutes. These gold shows don’t show a whole lot of gold finding and mostly will talk about the history of the areas they’re currently in. It can be a bit frustrating to those that want to see gold being found, but it’s the best thing gold prospectors have for television viewing and trying to cure their gold fever. The Gold Fever gold shows hosted by Tom Massie usually last an hour and it’s good for beginners to watch. Another gold show comes on the Outdoor Channel and this one last 30 minutes and is basically a program advertising the adventures at Cripple River Mining Camp in Alaska. People can choose to visit Cripple River 6 weeks out of each year. They allow guests to search for gold for the entire month of July and then the first 2 weeks of August. You can select a 1 week visit or multiple weeks if you choose. Each trip ends with a gold draw and the biggest nugget found that week by the workers at Cripple River will get rewarded to the person that draws number 1. These numbers go up depending on the number of guests and the lowest numbers result in the most gold. The gold visitors find on their own, they can keep and take back home with them.

Goldrush: A Real Life Alaskan Adventure
List Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $19.98
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Grandpa John
List Price:
Sale Price: $1.99
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Perry Massie is the other son of Buzzard Massie. He’s the CEO of the Outdoor Channel and participates in a lot of the shows that advertise for the mining camp in Alaska. He seems a bit more tougher than his brother Tom Massie and this is very evident on TV. No one will ever get Steve Irwin’s (Crocodile Hunter) bravery confused with the bravery or work ethic as Tom Massie. Perry is a little different and he’s more of a man’s man; if you know what I mean. Both brothers have did a good job with carrying on the legacy of their father. I’m sure both men are both very wealthy and they still put on the jeans and get outside to get dirty and you have to respect that. I’m not sure if Perry is at each trip for visitors in Alaska, but he appears to show up at a lot of them. If you plan a trip to the Alaska mining camp there is a good chance you will see Perry cleaning some fish or conducting the gold draw.

Buzzard Massie’s final resting place is near the Cripple River mining camp in Alaska. Visitors can visit his grave site and other areas of the massive property these guys own near Nome, Alaska. There are 4 wheelers available to rent and this will help you cover all the ground they own. Gold panning supplies are available for those that want to search the various creeks or just use a high banker on the shore line to search for all the flower gold that the ice leaves each year. I look forward to the day I can make a trip up to Cripple River and spend a week or two with the Massie’s creation in Alaska. It’s been a family tradition for the Massies and don’t be surprised to see Tom’s son or daughters take up the reins, when they get older and continue the family tradition.

Watch these two full episodes of Alaskan Gold Rush

Gold Rush: Alaska | Season 1 – Episode 1 | “gold Nuggets” | Full Episode
Gold Rush: Alaska | Season 2 – Episode 1 / Episode 2 / Episode 3 | Full Episodes

Do you have the right credit card

No longer are gold and silver credit cards the thing to have. In an effort to offer consumers a reason to switch credit card companies, banks are finding new ways to pimp their cards. One company is getting ready to launch a “scratch and sniff” card that will smell like coffee or one of as many 90 smells. A company that makes the plastic cards, has prototypes for prospective banks that will have the fuzzy feel of a tennis ball, or the feel of a football. If banks can get consumers to use their plastic cards, it is a win for them., There are so many choices and most consumers only switch cards every 3-5 years.

American Express is looking to roll out a Titanium credit card for their Centurion customers. These are customers they charge in excess of $250,000 per year. It is all about the prestige and the recognition factor. Who wouldn’t want to pull out a card to pay for those new jeans that looks like a tennis ball. Many of them are now offering budget support in order to manage your total spend to stay within limits. This is probably one of the best ideas that has been implemented to actually help the customer manage their debt instead of helping them get more into debt.

Medical Help Online: Canada Drug Center

The baby boom generation has officially grew up on us in North America. This generation of Americans and Canadians are retired now or will be retiring in the near future from work. As this class of elderly adults get older, they will be in great need of medicines and medical supplies. Searching for safe medications online and at good prices, could be just a click away. Especially if that mouse click leads you to the Canada drugs or Americans buying from the Canada Drug Center online.

Some baby boomers may not be that familiar with computers. Some will just be learning for the first time this year; that they could buy a prescription drug like Actonel online. If you have a bone problem or osteoporosis, the doctor could write you a medical prescription to buy actonel online or get it filled at a neighborhood pharmacy. It will seem like a miracle, when these elderly individuals do find out about online pharmacies, like the CanadaDrugCenter.com website. Even the patients with bad eyes or failing eye sights, can easily see the big, colorful pictures online, for most of these prescription drugs.

If you don’t get sick too much, going to the pharmacy down the street or in your hometown is fine. Perhaps your grocery store has a pharmacy inside of it. Dropping off the prescription and then doing your grocery shopping is a convenient way to get a medicine order filled, by a professional pharmacist. Most folks would not even mind getting the scripts filled the old fashion way; if they weren’t sick that often.

The online pharmacies are perfect, for those who have to take the same medicines month after month. If your local doctor is constantly giving you the same prescription of drugs, you would benefit greatly from an online pharmacist. A professional pharmacist online, is just as good, as the ones at nearby drug stores. They can fill a prescription and tell a patient all the important details they need to know, about a drug like Lipitor, or any other prescribed medicines. If you had to buy lipitor in the past, you can stop doing it the old-fashion way and order it up online. The Canada Drug Center would send all of your prescriptions in a timely manner through the mail system. Your next script, could be as close as your mailbox! I’m sure this will be good news for those who don’t like to wait at the drug store or have to burn-up precious gas, driving back and forth to the pharmacy. The online drug stores don’t use any of the gas in the car tank and may even have a cheaper price too!

*Please add CanadaDrugCenter.com to your favorites or bookmark it for easy access. So you and your family have instant access to prescription and non-prescription drugs too.

The Craze Over Crab Legs

I am someone that goes around saying that I love to eat seafood. I’m not really sure if I am a seafood lover or not. I actually like a nice piece of fresh fish that is grilled to perfection. If you can throw me an endless plate of popcorn shrimp and some french fries to go with my grilled mahi mahi, amber jack, tilapia, or grouper; then I’m good to go. There are a few other items that I like to munch on at the seafood buffets, but it’s the grilled fish and popcorn shrimp that I like the most.

I have seen over the years that the people that eat crab legs, really eat their crab legs! I have tried crab legs many times and still can’t find what the fascination with them is. I don’t think they taste bad, they are just something to nibble on for me. I’m sure crab legs is healthy and there are probably some good nutritional values in crab legs, but as far as taste they are just average for me.

The people that load up on Friday and Saturday nights and go eat at the local seafood buffets will fight people over their crab legs. I recently ate a Chinese buffet with my mom and they offered crab legs on their buffet. The restaurant could not bring them out fast enough to keep up with the demand of people wanting to eat crab legs. As soon as a big pan of new crab legs got brought out, about 8 to 10 people would snatch them all up and there were a couple that were still waiting for their crab legs. When people say they like to eat crab legs; then they really mean it and it seems to be the most favorite seafood item a buffet can offer.

I know crab legs influence the prices of buffets. I will see some buffets that are around 10 to 12 dollars, but on the nights they offer crab legs, it goes up a few extra dollars. It’s not worth the extra money to me and I would just prefer to go on the nights where crab legs weren’t being served. Now are you one of these crazy people that fills up your plate to the max and the crab legs are your main focus on seafood buffets? Perhaps you could help me to understand where this craze comes from and why so many people will make their self sick, just filling up their bellies with these crab legs.

If you want to start a restaurant and want an easy food that you can cook and serve, but it will be one that people will knock down the doors getting to; then focus on crab legs. I can’t think of another food that is more popular in restaurants than Alaskan King Crab Legs Jumbo Extra LargeWild Caught Frozen3 lb. or more are. I would rank them as the most desired food in the world and especially when it comes to the popular items on a seafood buffet. Give me a list of some of the things you like to see on a buffet that specializes in seafood and how high does crab legs rank on your list?

I know I probably made some people hungry talking about crab legs, but no worries. The weekend is almost here and you can go out and find you a good buffet that offers crab legs. You may find the Chinese restaurants offer crab legs at a slightly cheaper price; than some of the other American restaurants that serve all-you-can-eat crab legs. I have heard that butter with crab legs is good and I haven’t never tried to eat crab legs with butter. I couldn’t tell you the differences in taste when it comes to Alaska Crab Legs, King Crab Legs, orSnow Crab Legs; it seems all types of crab legs are popular and I just don’t know why.


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Hibachi Dinner More than Big Flame

r those that’s been treated to a good Japanese restaurant; probably know about the entertainment your meal comes with. The big flame is always an eye-catcher, along with the twirling of a knife or two. The chef always has some other little display under his sleeve that puts smiles on everyone’s faces sitting at the table. While the actions of watching your meal being prepared takes place, there is also some really good food that gets handed out to your plate for you to gobble down. If you haven’t tried a Japanese restaurant yet, you really must give this a try sometime.

You can’t go wrong with an hibachi dinner and this is the only way to eat a really good Asian meal (in my opinion). Don’t get me wrong, I like Chinese food a bit too. The rice you get at a Chinese restaurant is pretty plain. Most serve steamed rice, but it’s getting more common to see fried rice at Chinese restaurants. I would compare the rice at a Chinese restaurant, to the french fries with a fast food meal at a hamburger place in the United States. The fries are good with the meal, but it’s really the burger that’s the main thing. I like having the fries there and I am the same way with the rice; which gets served with your Chinese meals.

Now the rice that gets prepared by a hibachi chef comes to life and this is just as good as your main menu selection. I think most people choose a steak or chicken to order with their hibachi dinners. The main dish is good too and the rice these hibachi chefs prepare with it, is just as good too. Later that night or the next day, it will be the rice that I crave more than anything from the hibachi dinner I just ate. I will usually go with the steak or filet mignon. Seafood lovers might try something from the ocean for the hibachi chef to stir around on his hot-top stove. Regardless if you choose the steak, filet Mignon, chicken, or even a nice lobster or shrimp to nibble on, you’re going to get the mixed vegetables, probably a soup containing a mushroom or two, and that awesome Japanese fried rice!

Now the hibachi dinner mostly means that a certified chef skilled in the art of Japanese cooking, will come to your table and prepare your meal for everyone at the table to see. It’s a treat for everyone to watch and the kids like this part too. The younger folks may not appreciate the food as much as the adults, but you can rest assure the entertainment will be 2nd to none. The food from hibachi dinners may be a bit of an acquired taste. I know the first time I tried eating a hibachi dinner, I thought it was just descent. The more times I went, the more I liked it and the more new places I wanted to try.

The bad news is the price tag. It’s not too cheap to eat this great food and not idea for the average family to go out and eat nightly or even once a week. Maybe your family can afford to eat this way once a month and that’s certainly worth saving up for, if you can find it in the monthly budget for a hibachi dinner monthly. Avoid eating the actual dinner hours or in the evenings after 3 or 4 pm. Try to locate a Japanese restaurant close to your area; that will serve lunches around the noon hour. Eating at these hours can save you and the family a few dollars and you still get a lot of food and will probably need a take out plate, to take your leftovers home. This food warms up real good in the microwave and it may even be a little better; than eating it at the restaurant. Don’t forget to get the orange Japanese restaurant sauce with your meal.

If you don’t like Chinese food, there is still hope you will like the Japanese version. This food is similar to the menu items you can get from the Chinese restaurants. However, it’s much different in the way it is prepared and in the way it tastes. I could understand someone not liking Japanese or Chinese food. I have yet to meet someone that loves Chinese food, but hates the Japanese food. If you do like Chinese restaurants, but haven’t tried one of the great-tasting hibachi dinners from a Japanese restaurant. You will have to start making plans now to eat at one in the near future. An evening meal may cost around $18 to $30; while the lunch time specials at Japanese restaurants will usually run about $9 to $15 in most cases. Give the lunch hours a try for the best prices and be sure you choose the hibachi dinner with a side of Yum Yum Sauces. The orange sauce is called yumyum sauce or Yum Yum Sauce and it is really good with the meal. Just eating the fried rice with Yum Yum sauce is a good meal!

Here are some great tools and resources to help in creating your own hibachi dinner.

Drinking Ramune is For All Ages

A fun way to drink soda for all ages is with this great drink calledRamune. It comes in a variety of different flavors, so you may need to try more than one, to find one you like. These Japanese Sodas do have less sugar than our typical sodas like Coke and Pepsi. Also, it has a little more carbonation than most of us are use to. You may notice a less sweet taste with a little more tickling of the throat. Looking at the big picture, these sodas would be better for us. They are not nutritional drinks, but they are more nutritious than the North American sodas.


Your kids will love drinking these flavored sodas and especially with their friends. The first fun thing the kids like to do, is trying to open these Japanese soft drinks. It takes a little effort and even for some adults, it can be a little tricky to open. You must take a hard piece of plastic, which comes in every cap and tear it out. Then you will need to line it up on top and apply some pressure, so you can break-through and get to the drink. There is a marble in the top of each glass bottle. You must push that marble down, in order to open this product. While it might be difficult for some, here is two young girls, who were able to open a glass of Ramune for their self. Please watch the video and pay careful attention to every step of this bottle-opening process.

How To Open a Ramune Soda Bottle


So as you can see from the video above, it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to open for a small girl, but these two did manage to open their Ramune Drinks. For those kids who are younger, you can keep them from drinking sodas, by having this Ramune Marble in place. And that brings us to the next fun and unique part about this drink. Each glass bottle does have a marble. The marble stays inside; while you drink away on your soda. Everyone  from the little kids to our big kids in high school and college will like the Ramune marbles. I think most of the adults like to see and play with the marbles too.


This seems to be a popular question with most Ramune consumers. There is even a lot of videos online, showing folks different ways on how to get the marble out. Some of these online videos are dangerous. I saw one girl who was using a knife and could have easily cut her self. Another young guy was trying to burn the lid off, so he could reach the marble inside the Ramune bottle. Most are making this process harder than it really needs to be.

1. Tighten the Lid Back On the Bottle

2. Continue to Twist the Hard Plastic Lid

3. Once You Turn It Enough; The Lid Will Twist Right Off

4. Finally the Ramune Marble is FREE to Roll Out of the Bottle!


***Short 2 Minute Video – Taking the Marble Out of the Japanese Soda Ramune***



So the marble is not hard at all, once you know what you’re doing. Now are you ready to try a Ramune Drink? Your local supermarket will probably not have this soda from Japan in stock. You can order a bottle of Ramune online for about 2 dollars each. If you buy it in a 6 pack size, you can get it a little cheaper than two dollars each. There is also other choices to choose from, if you plan to buy Remane in a larger bulk.


There is all kinds of different flavors to choose from. The original flavorwas a lemon-lime flavor. From there, you have just about everything under the Sun. There is a melon flavor, strawberry flavor,orange flavor, kiwi flavor, cherry flavor, and a Ramune Peach Flavor too. If you have already tried this Japanese soft drink before; which flavor do you like best? Do you have a family member or a friend who likes a different flavor? Please let us know which flavors taste the best in your opinion. If you not tried one yet, then please make plans to. You can order one online today and be  sipping on it in no time. After you give it a taste-test; then please come back here and leave your report.

Diabetes is expected to keep growing in this country. We have so many products on the shelf today, which is full of sugars. It’s good to know we do have choices. A consumer who likes to drink soda, can keep drinking them, if they can find a low sugar soda like theRemune Sodas offer. These soft drinks from Japan is not the cure, but it is a step in the right direction. We need to make a lot more strides, to stop this diabetes epidemic that is headed right for us. We could see 1 out of every 6 people having diabetes today and this number could easily increase to 1 in 5 or 1 in 4, over the next few decades. So please try to cut down on sugar when you can and try to find smarter choices (that do exist); if you look hard enough.

The Doctors TV Show on ABC

Dr. Travis Stork leads his team of TV Doctors on an educational show that comes on ABC every morning through the week. You can catch these doctors on television Monday through Friday as they try to give you the prescriptions to a clean and healthy life style. The show is called The Doctors and their slogan is “where MD meets TV” and these cast of Hollywood Doctors are gaining a fan base.

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Have you seen the Doctors on TV? What are your thoughts and opinions about the show? Do you think programming like this is what America needs more of or is it dangerous having TV doctors giving us advice on our health?

Before I break the show down, I would first like to encourage any of the cast members on the Doctors to reply to my blog post. If it’s just to say hi or leave a comment about this blog post, I would love to have one of the 4 main doctors to reply. I am a fan of the show and it would be an honor to get a reply from Dr. Stork, Masterson, Sears, or even Dr. Odon would be ok…lol :)

What Makes the Doctors TV Show Popular?

How about free medical advice? Health care is one of the leading stories in the news these days and it’s become a focal point in American politics lately. President Obama will have his hands full with the health care concerns that are facing this country right now. It does cost money to be healthy in America these days. We have seen the media giant CNN do popular news stories on “Black in America” and “Hispanic in America“. Perhaps they could air a series called “Healthy in America” and lay out the obstacles that face each citizen in our country today. It isn’t cheap to get good health care and the average middle class family can’t afford proper medical treatment for each member of the household. It is refreshing to see a TV show like the Doctors come on each morning and provide us with a lot of answers to our medical questions.

Who Are the Doctors?

The doctor that starts each show and ends each show with his “doctor’s orders” is Travis Stork. He is the main doc on the panel and the one most audience and fan members associate with the show. Dr. Travis Stork is an ER (Emergency Room) doctor and this is his field of expertise. He is in his late 20’s and is the youngest doctor on the 4 doctor panel. The doctor that sits to Dr. Stork’s right hand side is Lisa Masterson. She is the only woman in the group and her expertise deals with the female and pregnant patients. If you continue around the table and go to the doctor that sits on Dr. Masterson’s right hand side, you would have Jim Sears. Doctor Sears deals with the younger patients in real life and his medical training is in the field of pediatrics. The last doctor on the panel or the one that sits next to Dr. Sears right hand side would be Drew Ordon. He is the doctor that deals with breast implants, rhinoplasty, and those touch-ups that help us to look younger. Dr. Ordon is a plastic surgeon and is able to give us his opinions from a surgeon’s point of view. These are the 4 main doctors we see on almost every episode and there are other doctors that make guest appearances from time to time on the Doctors TV show.

As you can see these 4 doctors cover a wide area of medical training for men and women and for the adults and children. They have a nice blend of experience and areas they specialize in; to give us solid advice on most medical subjects and questions. For those of you that watch the show regularly; is there one doctor that you like to watch or hear most? Please feel free to vote on which doctor you think makes the show the most interesting for you.

A. Doctor Randy Ordon

B. Doctor Jim Sears

C. Doctor Lisa Masterson

D. Doctor Travis Stork

Since I am a man in my mid 30’s with few medical issues and I don’t have a wife or kids; then the advice I get from Dr. Stork tends to help me the most. I have been to the emergency room a few times with kidney stones and I can relate to some of the things Travis deals with; when you compare his medical expertise with the other 3 doctors. There really isn’t a lot of interest for a young male to hear about plastic surgery, giving birth to babies, or kid’s illnesses; which the other 3 doctors would be experts in. My vote would go for Dr. Travis Stork as the person that holds the most answers to my questions. I do find the other 3 doctors very educational and I think Dr. Jim Sears is the 2nd most important doctor on the panel in my opinion. Which 1 or 2 doctors provide you with the most answers? Please be sure to reply and leave your vote, so we can try to figure out which doc or docs are pulling the show the most.

Replace One of the Doctors or Hire a New Doc? YOU DECIDE!

Let’s just say you purchased the rights to the show and now you’re the owner of the Doctors television show on ABC. You have the power to hire or fire anyone on the show that you wanted to. Is there one doctor that you would love to see get replaced? Perhaps it’s because they could never offer you any medical advice for your current situation or you don’t think they ever have anything good to offer to the show. Is there a doctor that has a different field of expertise and you think they would make a good addition to the show? Maybe you would prefer to only have 3 doctors or think the show would do better with 5 doctors? Which statement below best describes your feelings toward the show and how you think the Doctors could improve on their success already?

A. Leave it alone. It is perfect like it is. If it ain’t broke; don’t fix it.

B. Replace Dr. ________ and go find another doctor in the same medical field as him/her.

C. Replace Dr. ________ and get a doctor that has medical training in the field of __________. 

D. Keep the 4 current doctors and add a 5th doctor that specializes in ___________. 

E. Remove all of them except for Dr. ___________ because they are the main reason I watch.

F. Let them all go and hire a whole new cast of 3 doctors? 4 doctors? 5 doctors?

Does any of the above statements work for you? Can you see a statement that would make the show better? Please select a letter and fill in the blank or blanks with your reply; if you do see one that fits your agenda for the show. Or just feel free to lay out your own statement and give details to how you would change the show and why. I’m sure the 4 doctors on the Doctors TV show would like to read them and the people that are associated with the show and help to put it on TV each week day morning would like to hear your responses too.


My Grand Idea for Making the Doctors TV Show Better

My idea might not be too popular because I would look to replace a couple of the current doctors. I know this would be a big gamble, but my goal is to make the show better. I would still want to bring back the two doctors I replaced and get their imput on things from time to time.  So I’m not totally cutting them from the show, just relieving them of their everyday duties.

Before I tell you the two I would remove from the current panel, see if you can guess it, by the way I describe the perfect Doctors TV show. I think having doctors that provide the most help, for the the majority of the population, is what would get more people watching. Increasing the panel to 5 or 6 doctors would be too many and not enough time in 1 hour to get each opinion from a doctor on certain topics. I do think 4 is the perfect number. Now which doctors on the current panel could we do without or replace with doctors that cover a wider range of medical interests?

I think Dr. Ordon and Dr. Masterson would be the two doctors I would remove. I know the Doctors in filmed in California and plastic surgery is popular in that state, but not as popular in the other 49 states. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Dr. Ordon as a person and hearing his opinions on things. I just think replacing him for a doctor that could talk to more Americans would be better for my ratings; if I was the new owner of the show. The same goes for Lisa and I think her area of expertise only covers a small portion of medical concerns. She is the only woman on the Doctors television show, so I would need a female replacement or would want one to help balance the women’s point of views.

I think a chiropractor and dentist would be the two new doctors I would add to my Doctors TV show. We all have muscle strains or aches in the body at some point in our lives. A chiropractor would be a great addition to the show, to answer our aches questions and perhaps give advice on exercise tricks we could do at home to fix our own ailments. We all have teeth or I should say; at one time we all had teeth. A dentist would help cover more people in need, than the professional medical advice Dr. Masterson or Dr. Ordon could offer. I’m sure some of these topics were covered before the show ever made it to television and I wonder why they chose the panel they did? Is it because Dr. Ordon and Dr. Masterson has great “TV looks” or they actually wanted their medical knowledge on their chosen professions?

Do you guys understand what I am trying to say? I am a big fan of the current show and don’t want to see any of them go. Another TV network like CBS, FOX, or NBC could develop their own doctors show and cover some of these areas that the ABC Doctors show is leaving out. I know they have a dentist and other doctors that appear from time to time as needed. It just seems some big gaps got left out while some got filled that wasn’t really needed. I know more women watch day time television than men, so Lisa is good for the stay-at-home mommies watching. The other networks don’t mind copying each other either, so I won’t be surprised if a new doctors TV show does appear in the near future. A new doctors TV show starting from scratch could have an elderly doctor that is a family doctor as their main guy. There isn’t even a regular doctor on the Doctors and only Travis would qaulify andhe’s the youngest of the docs. While I do think there is lots of room for improvement, I understand the problems ABC would face; since Travis, Jim, Drew, and Lisa are becoming household names.

Travis and Lisa Love Affair?

Now surely I am not the only one that thinks these two flirt with each other. People in love with each other have a hard time hiding it and I believe there might be something cooking between Lisa Masterson and Travis Stork. I do know on the episode they were talking about women being better with driving directions than men; it was Travis that pointed out him and Lisa were lost andhe told her that the ocean was in the direction of west. So Travis did let a little something slip or did he? Apparently Travis has did other things with the other doctors on the panel too. I just thought I would throw this in at the end andsee if anyone else thought something was up with these two?

If you have never seen the Doctors on ABC; then you really need to set the DVR to record it each day and after a few episdoes, I think you will get hooked too. This is a great and educational show that can keep us more healthy and could even save our lives too! I think the Doctors is the most important show we have on our television sets today. This is must watch TV and I hope all families make it a part of their families daily TV habits. This show does provide great medical advice, tips, and answers to our questions.

Chinese Rice or Japanese Rice?

If you ever thought all rice was just rice and not much difference to the way you cook it, you probably haven’t ever ate any real good rice before. We have had Chinese restaurants in my area for years. The first one opened up when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I still remember my first trip there and what I ordered at my first Chinese Restaurant. I got the won ton soup and that’s really the last time I have ever ordered it. I didn’t think the soup was really that bad, but there are just a lot more foods I prefer to eat at a Chinese restaurant. Most of these restaurants serve steamed rice and it tastes like the rice you cook at home in most cases.

Now a whole new taste of rice has hit my local hometown and it’s been the rice from Japan. These guys know how to cook rice! It is a lot more expensive to eat at a Japanese restaurant; when comparing them to Chinese food prices. If you can eat at lunch time or find a good sale on Japanese food, you may be able to eat some of this great food at a price you can afford. I mean the fried rice at Japanese restaurants is a meal in itself. I certainly prefer the fried rice over the typical steamed rice that gets cooked at most Chinese restaurants.

Over at Buy.com, they have a Black and Decker rice cooker and I would like to order this product. See if I could cook my own rice at home that tasted as great as the rice served in Asian restaurants. I didn’t even know these rice cookers existed. I have did the 5 minute rice at home; which you pretty much just boil and eat. I think one of these specially prepared cookers is the way to go, if you want to save money and prepare your own rice at home.

Do you share my same love for Japanese food over Chinese food? To me the biggest difference comes down to the rice. Even the fried rice in Chinese restaurants don’t serve up the flavor you can get with the Japanese rice. It’s a big difference and one that will wake up the taste buds. Rice is not just rice and if you believe this; you really need to find a place that serves Hibachi dinners or a Japanese restaurant.