Dentistry for the Whole Family

A dentist office that provides care for the whole family is what you can find at charlotte cosmetic dentist. Their office is located in Charlotte, North Carolina and look forward to taking care of your family needs. The professional staff is led by Dr. Tom Farley DDS, and they do a wide variety of procedures at their dentistry. Dental implants, crowns, tooth replacement, and teeth whitening are just a few of the services they offer. The staff at Charlotte Cosmetic is dedicated to providing the best cosmetic, restorative, and implant denistry you can find in the state. If you would like more information or would like to set up an appointment with them, then feel free to give them a call today! (704) 332-6200

Business Solutions

Finding a solution for your business can start with your hosting plan. Make sure that the plan you have now, or the one you plan to get, is better than what Contrentic can offer. For less than $14 a month, you can get 2,000 MB Disk Space, 40 GB Traffic, 80 Email Addresses, 10 Domain Names, and $50 in Google Adwords Credit. If you need more from your small business web site hosting, then they do have other plans you can get too. This is just the basic plan that is available through Concentric.

Casino Thoughts

What is the best way to make money at the casinos? I don’t have the answers, but I can share some of my personal experiences. There is a game that is called 3 card poker. It’s a stud type of game, where you only get 3 cards. Now you place against the dealer, but the “house” also pays you for pairs, straights, flushes, 3 of a kind, etc… It works just like regular poker. To get a straight, you just need for your 3 cards to be in-line with each other. So a 4 of hearts, 5 of clubs, and a 6 of diamonds would be a straight in 3 card poker. It pays pretty well from the “house” for a straight and then you also play against the dealer. The dealer must have a Jack or Queen in their hand to open. If they don’t have a card a higher than a Jack or no pairs then you don’t play against the dealer. If they have at least a Jack or Queen (depending on where you play at), then they open and if your hand beats them, you win money. So you can win twice and make some nice little payouts. I think 3 card poker is by far the best game at the casinos. It’s the one I have made the most money from, so I think the odds are better if you play 3 card poker. Do you have a favorite game that you seem to have luck with, when it comes to winning money at the casinos?

Get Your Kung Fu On Here!

Are you ready to do the Kung Fu? Or do you prefer the more self-defensive moves of the karate world? AWMA or Asian World of Martial Arts has all the karate sparring gear you will need. They have a full-line of uniforms for Judo, Karate, Kendo, Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do, Ninja, Hapkido and yes of coarse Kung Fu too! I saw 5 different products for Kung Fu for the kids and adults too; that you have to choose from at AWMA. This is a good place for the instructors teaching these martial arts to go and find the uniforms for their students.

AWMA isn’t just about uniforms, but they have a lot of other things that the martial arts enthusiast will like too! They have sparring gear available for the men and women both; that includes chest guards, mouth guards, head guards and anything else that you want to guard. I’m sure the kids and teenagers will love all the martial art weapons AWMA has to offer; like knives, nunchakus, stars, staff, swords and other weapons like those.

Asian World of Martial Arts Inc. also offers a lot of instructional books and videos for those that might not have a teacher to assist them. You can learn some of the basics of martial arts just by reading and seeing all the different videos that exist out there today. There are DVD’s available for Brazilian Martial Arts, Chinese Martial Arts, Filipino Martial Arts and Korean Martial Arts. You also have books for Jeet Kune Do and Japanese Tradition that are filled with great information. I even saw books that were for Weapons of Karate. The Bruce Lee fans will want to click on the Jeet Kune Do section for the books and see the different books that have the famous Bruce Lee. The best seller Tao of Jeet Kune Do is in the original words, thoughts and drawings of Bruce Lee himself. So just a lot of educational material that people can get their hands on, to learn more about the world of martial arts. Go take a look and pick up all the uniforms, sparring gear and instructional material you might need!

Rain Falls in North Georgia

Wow! I was so happy to wake up this morning to the sound of rain falling outside of my window. I’m not sure when it started, but rain fell for most of the morning here in North Georgia. The sun did come out in the afternoon and it was a pretty day for most of the afternoon. Then rain came back this evening and has came in off and on again downpours that my garden has welcomed with open arms! You could just go outside and hear the plants in my garden breathing a sigh of relief as rain has got them all good and wet.

We have been going through a bad drought in Georgia. Not to mention all the severe water restrictions we have for out-door watering. So I wasn’t able to help my 80 tomato plants out with the garden hose. Mother Nature has came in today and gave my plants a great Monday dousing. Thank you Mother Nature! I hope you come back and visit me again in the real near future!

Find A Good Credit Card

When you look for your next credit card. Take the time to search for one that you can get the most out of. Be sure you are getting a card that you need and can afford. Cash is the best way to still go. Only buy something, when you have the money to pay for it right then and there. I know emergencies can happen and a credit card can come in handy for them times. Buying that new outfit to go out this weekend, is not an emergency. Buying a new set of tires for your car is. Understand the differences of what a credit card should and should not be used for.

Get help in finding a good credit card for you. Looking for the right credit cards can pay off in the long run. Make sure they have security features, and think of what might could happen if it fell in the wrong hands. Security is very important, cause none of us want to pay for someone else’s buying pleasures. It’s hard enough paying for our own.

Just search for low interest rates, see if they offer rewards or cash back, and make sure they have a solid name. Don’t buy a credit card from a name that you have never heard of before. We all like having credit cards when it’s time to buy that item we just don’t have the cash for. We don’t like it much, when we have to pay them monthly bills. Good luck in your next credit card selection, and I hope it stays with you for a long time.

Don't Be Scared of the Sugar

I know cereals are full of sugar these days and some of us like the jump start we get from that sugar. Keeping your kids away from all that sugar can be a good thing. However, cereal still has a lot of important nutritional qualities that we can get and the grains are really important. Don’t let the high content of sugar get in your way of some badly needed nutrients. We do need to watch our sugar intake and the less is still the best, we just might be sacrificing grains, if we leave cereal alone. We lack grains in our diets as a society and most people never get the required daily amount of grains in the food they normally eat. Cereal can provide us with this and just 1 bowl of the stuff, each day can make a big difference on our health. If you are deciding on the sugar .vs. the grains you get in your favorite cereals, please let the grains win! Maybe you can find a cereal that is low in sugar, but get the grains first and worry about taking sugar out of your diet later.

Now Frosted Flakes is my favorite cereal and adding a spoonful of sugar to it; makes it just that much better. I don’t add the extra sugar anymore and I let Kelloggs control my sugar intake from their cereal. It still might be too much for some people to eat; so trying to find another brand may be necessary. They are tons of different cereals to choose from and look for one that has honey in it as well. Honey is a great medicine for our bodies and we all could use a little more honey in our diets!

A Pontoon Boat Fishing Trip

About 10 years ago, my uncle took me out on a fishing trip. He had a pontoon boat that went about 5 mph, and that was at full speed too! So there was all kind of speed boats, and people on jet skis that were blowing past us. Getting to your fishing spot in a pontoon boat is not the quickest way. It probably is good about getting in a cove though, because you are moving so slow, you will sneak up on the fish.

Even though that boat didn’t go fast, I can remember being on the lake that day so clearly. This was in the middle of summer, and we were having high 90 degree temperatures during the day. We put his pontoon boat on the water while it was getting into the evening part of the day. So the sun was starting to go down, there was a cool breeze through our hair, as we was coasting on the water. The sky was so glowing with a few clouds and the setting sun putting an orange glow on them. It was really something to see. I’m sure that boaters get to see things like that a lot, being out on the water.

As for the fishing part of the trip. We really didn’t catch any during the daylight hours. I think we caught a few small crappie at night, and I caught one catfish with a rod I just had sitting out in the water. It had a worm on it, and I had pretty much forgotten about it, and a few hours later it was bent over, with a catfish on the other end.

Now my uncle doesn’t have that pontoon boat anymore. He’s stepped it up, and has got a faster boat now. He will tell anybody that is interested in buying a boat for the first time, that they better get something they can move around on out there. He really stresses the importance of having a boat that will get you to where your wanting to go. So you don’t waste time out there trolling from one area to another.

Now this new boat can really move that he has now. It’s like riding a car on the water, cause I’m sure it’s doing about 70 mph out there. He does enjoy the new boat better than the pontoon boat. It’s just not made for fishing like the pontoon was, but you can still fish from it. It’s just a little different is all. He takes real good care of it, and has it parked in his garage. Even with the boat in the garage, he still uses a boat cover. So he believes in taking care of his boat. If anyone out there is looking for a new boat cover, then will have any type that you need. I’m hoping I have a boat one day, where I will need a boat cover too!

Guns N Roses

Where are they now? I heard Slash was playing with Red Velvet Revolver, but hadn’t really heard much on Axel Rose. Guns N’Roses was the band of all time. They produced some really great music together. Just like most good bands, they broke up. It would be nice to see them guys get back together again, and maybe do some type of reunion tour.

GNR had great songs like Sweet Child of Mine, Welcome to the Jungle, Paradise City, Coma, Patience, and a lot more. Their greatest hits album is one of the best of all time, in my opinion. All the best of GunsNRoses are on that greatest hits album. If anyone has any knowledge on Guns N Roses, please let me know. If your reading this Axle, please stop in and say hi!

Losing Weight

Getting your metabolism to speed up, can help shed away the pounds. So many people are looking for ways to lose weight these days. It’s almost a fad, to say that your on a diet. Now you have the chance to have a Free Diet. MetaboFire can get your metabolism going. It’s clinically proven forumula can boost the metabolism, and also give you energy. So you will feel better as the extra weight starts to go away. You can try MetaboFire for free. You only have to pay the shipping cost, to start getting your metabolism in gear!

Bionic Woman

Well NBC showed it’s new show the bionic woman on Wednesday night. It was an average debut and the 3 or 4 really good scenes that were there, had already been shown in the previews. So they will be some pressure on this show to deliver on it’s 2nd epidsode and maybe they can cut the good scenes out of the previews. I haven’t seen any previews for the coming week so I don’t know what they are showing right now. I’m sure I will get to see these soon before Wednesday gets here.

I’m not sure I’m sold on the concept of the show. In the old Bionic Woman and 6 Million Dollar Man, I don’t recall anyone being as powerful as Lindsay Wagner or Lee Majors. NBC’s new show the Bionic Woman is having another female on the show, who is just as powerful or more powerful than the Bionic Woman. The other one is up to no good and will be the enemy, so you get to root for the good Bionic Woman. I will give the show another episode to jump to too many conclusions, but I think it would be best only to have 1 bionic woman and no one else close to her bionic powers.

Disney Magic Your Way

Be sure to check out the latest promotion that is coming out of Orlando, Florida. There’s never been a better time to take the family down to Disney World and take advantage of all the great things going on in the area. Don’t forget to pick up your SeaWorld Tickets  when you go to Orlando. Also remember that is a place you can go to save on the theme parks, shows, and all the great food that is available in the Orlando Area. Don’t pay full price when you can get some of the lowest discounted tickets from! Be sure to tell Mickey I said “hi” when you go for your Disney Vacation!

Fall In the Northeast

For me living in the southeastern part of the United States there seems to be a beauty that happens in the fall of the year in the Northeastern part of the United States.  I’m not talking about the New York area, more like the Maine and Vermont areas. I have heard people talk about the natural beauty of the landscape up there for so long, and I hope one day I get to experience that.

I guess we all look for things we can’t get or just haven’t done in our lifetimes. There is so many things that I want to do in my lifetime, I’m just not sure there’s enough time to do it all, even if I started today. So who knows if I will get to experience a fall season in Vermont? Who knows if I will ever have the opportunity to get a Maine bed and breakfast at one of those cozy cottages? I would hope that I could spend an entire fall season up there and even stay long enough to see a big snow. We don’t have big snows here in Georgia. For now it just remains another thing on the list that is very long and remains unchecked as of right now. Maybe one day that will change and I can mark a check by a Fall Season in the Northeast.

Sunday Afternoon

Are you looking for something that the kids can do? You don’t have a lot of money, but need to find them something to do desperatley? I know having them couped up inside all day can drive them and you nuts too. Here’s a good idea that can be lots of fun for them, and easy on the pocket book.

If you have a lake near where you live, and know that ducks are there. Then take them to the water to feed the ducks. You can grab some pieces of loaf bread or some crackers. Just crumble them up, and take it to the lake with you. There you can let the kids feed the ducks. Your kids will love you for it, and it’s a lot of fun. Not to mention, the ducks will really appreciate it too! Also for any guys out there looking for a cheap way to please their date. Taking the girlfriend out to the lake and letting her feed the ducks works well too. Feel free to bring the fishing pole along as well, you might can even have a little time to wet a hook.

Let’s Go Rasslin

Do you like rasslin? Or should I say wrestling? Well in the south we call it rasslin. We have experienced some good wrestling in the South. Georgia Wrestling Promotions has been putting on great shows in North Georgia. They have been bringing in big names that have been on TV.

Great Wrestling has came to the state of Georgia. GWP or Georgia Wrestling Promotions has been putting on shows in the North Georgia Area. Currently they are doing wrestling shows in Ellijay, GA.

It’s been a fun time for the whole family. Fans have been getting a chance to get autographs from the wrestlers. The kids really like the ability to get up close and personel with the men and women wrestlers.

Big stars has been wrestling for Georgia Wrestling Promotions. The GWP has been getting some of the wrestlers that have been on TV. These wrestlers are very big, some wear masks, and some just yell at the crowd. Don’t worry, the crowd really let’s them have it back.

If your in the North Georgia Area, or just a big wrestling fan. Then you really owe it to yourself to take in a GWP Event sometime. It’s great entertainment, and a good price.

If your looking for more information, here are some sites to the GWP:

The Georgia Wrestling Promotions has been putting on shows in beautiful Ellijay, Georgia. If you like wrestling, then you really owe it to yourself to get out to a GWP Event sometime. There’s been some big names there already, and expect many more big names in the future. Shows usually start at 8PM on Fridays. It’s fun for the whole family.

     Wrestlers have been signing autographs for these shows also! Get there at 7:30 to get some autographs from some of your favorite wrestlers. There has been men and women matches. So the GWP has a great variety of wrestlers to enjoy. I wouldn’t be surprised to see mud wrestling, oil wrestling, arm wrestling, or any type of other wrestling.

     All the wrestlers have been great. They really get mean with the crowd sometimes, but the crowd sure let’s them have it back. Yelling and hollering is encourgaed at these events. It makes it more fun for all that is involved.

     Ellijay is located in the heart of North Georgia. It’s inside of Gilmer County, where you can find Carter’s Lake and the Dam too. It’s the largest rock dam east of the Mississppi. Located right by the Middle School in Ellijay, is a road called Legion Road. Just turn down that road, and you will see a blue building that sits down in a hole (about 1/4 of a mile down Legion Road) and that is the American Legion Building. It’s a great venue for wrestling! Ellijay is also located really close to the Tennessee and North Carolina Borders. So it’s a close drive for people in those states living close to the Georgia Border. If your not in driving range, then you can still pick up one of our videos. We will ship them to the 48 Continental U.S. States. (link at top of page for ordering online)

     Georgia Wrestling Promotions really looks forward to seeing our fans and the new fans that will be comming in the near future. Stop on by, and kick up your hills and spend a Friday Night with us. I’m sure you’ll be entertained and see why the GWP is a hot ticket right now.