Clippers or Lakers?

Which one of these L.A. teams is going to be the best this year? I know these two teams have been sharing the Staples Center in Los Angeles and I’m not sure if they will have to do that again this year or not. For two NBA teams to share a building like that is amazing and it takes a lot of careful planning by the NBA and the folks in LA. I’m sure they had to be as skilled as a Los Angeles plastic suregeon to pull that monumental task off.

Kobe Bryant is my favorite player, so I would probably give the edge to the Lakers. They also have a good point guard they drafted from Georgia Tech in Javaritis Creighton. I think he will make a difference and help the Lakers to advance deep in the playoffs this year. Trading Kobe might still be needed if this team can get enough draft picks and young players for him; so the Lakers could rebuild. You really can’t rebuild in a city like Los Angeles, but I’m not sure how much more they can expect Kobe to do everything by his self.

The Clippers need to stay healthy is their big thing. Keeping guys like Elton Brand and Shaun Livingston will be key for that team. They should be a fun team to watch this year, but they need to have everyone healthy to compete for a playoff spot in the tough Western Conference of the NBA. I see the Clippers winning 40 games, but you have to be real close to that 50 mark to get into the playoffs. The Clippers might need a mid-season trade or acquisition to help boost them.

So which L.A. team do you pick to have a better season? Can the Los Angeles teams win 100 games this year in the NBA? If these two teams combine for 100 wins, you can be sure that the Staples Center will be a very popular place when the post-season comes around in 2008.

Disneys High School Musical

One of the more popular shows that is on the Disney Channel is High School Musical. It’s been made for television and the kids have been tuning-in all over the country. There is a tour that’s been going around and performing the musical to live audiences. If you have had any troubles getting your High School Musical tickets, then check with Ticket Solutions to see if they can help. They have tickets to a lot of the shows that are all over the country. You can also find tickets with them, for shows that are sold out. So if you want to see this musical in person and you need a ticket, see if Ticket Solutions can find them for you! Some tickets can be found in Canada too.

Your Christmas Gadgets

Did everyone enjoy all the tech gadgets they got this year for Christmas? It seems the instructions get longer each year and wrote in more languages too! I was amazed at all the parts, wires and fiber optic cables that came with some of these products. Setting up a new computer use to be pretty easy, but now it’s not so simple. There’s a lot more than just taking it out of the box and plugging it into the wall. You have to make sure all your programs are working properly that have been pre-installed and then you have to hook up your printer, all the high speed internet cables have to be hooked up and hopefully you can surf on the internet the same day you start setting up your new computer. Some of the video game systems are the same way too and you have a lot of cables, wires and instructions that you have to go through, before you can sit back and enjoy playing. I just hope I can stay on top of all the technology advances that are being made each day. I just wonder what next Christmas has in store for the technology gadgets.

Having Enough For Retirement

The baby boomers are all getting set to retire and we are going to hear a lot about how much money you will need for retirement over the next few years. I’m going to guess that most baby boomers won’t be prepared for life after retirement. We are just living longer and feeling better after the retirement age these days. This makes that nest egg run out before we do. You can just look at companies that have trouble with succession planning and see how it’s hard to plan for the future. Many companies don’t prepare to replace key employees they have in their workforce and it shows when they have people to retire or just move on to another job.

Greyhound Racing

The sport of greyhound racing is awesome. It’s fast racing dogs, that go a lot faster than the horses do. They burn around the track, all in the chase for a little mechanical bunny. It’s really fun to see if you have never been to one before.

It’s a great gambling place too. The odds are probably better than the casino, or your lottery. There’s just 8 dogs that are in each race. Sometimes you even get lucky and one dog gets scratched, and then there’s only 7 to choose from. Your dog doesn’t have to win either. If you place a show bet, then your dog just has to finish in the top three positions. It’s not expensive to bet either. In most cases, the greyhound parks will have a minimum bet of just $2.

Greyhound racing is a lot of fun, that’s not really that expensive. You might even win some money while you do it. I guess I have been about a dozen times, and my biggest win on just one race, was $140. If the next vacation spot you choose has greyhound racing nearby. Then take the time and go over to the track and check them out.

Selling Your Endowment Policy

Your endowment policy is a type of insurance, that will cover your home’s interest when it becomes due. So when the interest on the mortgage is due, you will be insured that your endowment policy will cover the entire amount. At least that is what they thought in the 70’s and 80’s. Due to the shortfall of these, that doesn’t hold true anymore, and these policies will no longer cover the full amount that is due.

However, don’t throw away that policy yet. There still might be some value for it, if you decide on endowment selling. Now a lot of people in the UK are selling their policies for really low prices. You don’t have to sell your policy for less value. In some cases, your policy could bring in 35% more than it is worth. It’s all about finding the right buyer, to buy your endowment policy. Endowment Express is a service for finding a buyer for your endowment policy. Let their expertise search for a buyer for you. They will be sure that every possible purchaser or specialist buyer gets a look at your endowment policy.

Dogs need a place to sleep too

Mans best friend has always been the dog. Today, Americans spend billions of dollars to make sure their pets are healthy and happy. Studies have shown that dogs that are more rested are less irritable, and more willing to play. So it would make sense that making them sleep in a wooden shed, may not be as beneficial to the health and well being of your most valued pet. Besides,you don’t see too many hamsters sleeping on gravel.

At they provide quality dog beds for your pets. They have all types of dog beds from luxury designer beds, large dog beds, to orthopedic beds. With thousands of satisfied customers and pet owners they pride themselves on top quality products. The beds are easy to care for and can be washed by machine at your home, so there is no need for special care other than what you would normally do around the home.  Mammoth is known as “Breeders #1 choice” in dog beds.

Missing the Price Tags on Store Items

Does anyone remember the old days of shopping in the grocery store? Well in 1988, I was a bag-boy for a grocery store. I had a lot of good memories from those bagging days. It was really my first job and I really did like it. All of my friends were broke and I always had money. When you earn tips as a living, you never seem to be without money.

Back during those days, we had a price tag on every item in the store. When a customer went to pay, we would unload their carts for them. We would find the price tag on each item and turned it toward the cashier, so they could easily see the price and ring the item up. Today’s grocery stores don’t offer that type of service and there are no price tags either. The cashiers just use a barcode scanner to total up the customer’s purchase. The prices (if your lucky) are located on the shelf, where you picked the item up. It’s not always easy to see which prices are for which products. Especially when you have a lot of small items on the shelf. Even after I see the price which is closest, I still try to read the product information, to make sure it matches. Often the closest price on the shelf, is not the price for the item you wish to buy.

We may have worked a little harder in the old days. Maybe we didn’t do things as smart as they do today, but we did give good service. You really can’t find that in too many places today. If you still shop at a grocery store, which has a bag boy that unloads your shopping buggy and then bags up your groceries, then you’re one of the lucky shoppers out there today. Not only do they unload and bag, but they also carry the groceries to your car. After they load the car up, is when most customers will give them a tip. Too bad we don’t see this quality service here today. As for the price tags on every item in the store, due to modern technology, those days will never return again. Even the local yard sales have gotten lazy and don’t price every item they offer either!

Smokey Night Adventure

Well me and two buddies took off for the mountains last night along with one of their mama’s. We arrived in Cherokee, North Carolina around 10PM on Tuesday Night and made our way to the casino. All three of them got started before I did on throwing money in the machines. I took a little extra time trying to find a machine I felt good with.

After about 30 minutes I found a machine, but it didn’t want to take my money. I didn’t have my comp card in the machine, and unless you put it in, then it doesn’t allow you to put in any money. A nice lady beside my machine gave me some assistance to helping me. Now this was the very first time I had been in the casino at Cherokee, North Carolina. Once I was able to get my 5 dollar bill in the machine, I have the machine one touch to the “bet max” button. It was 25 cents a credit and the max bet was 3, so when I hit the button it was a 75 cent bet. On my very first bet the machine started making some noises and my credits begin to go up. I didn’t know how much I had won, but it kept going up until I had $250 bucks. So it was a nice way to start off the night. Later on, I would end up winning on that same machine a cool $1,250 more on a single spin. So I had a good night in the mountains of North Carolina. Now I had left the house and took $130 with me up to the mountains. I haven’t counted the exact number up yet, but I brung back at least 1 thousand dollars! So it was definitely a fun night out with the boys, that made me money instead of costing me money.

Don't Be Scared of the Sugar

I know cereals are full of sugar these days and some of us like the jump start we get from that sugar. Keeping your kids away from all that sugar can be a good thing. However, cereal still has a lot of important nutritional qualities that we can get and the grains are really important. Don’t let the high content of sugar get in your way of some badly needed nutrients. We do need to watch our sugar intake and the less is still the best, we just might be sacrificing grains, if we leave cereal alone. We lack grains in our diets as a society and most people never get the required daily amount of grains in the food they normally eat. Cereal can provide us with this and just 1 bowl of the stuff, each day can make a big difference on our health. If you are deciding on the sugar .vs. the grains you get in your favorite cereals, please let the grains win! Maybe you can find a cereal that is low in sugar, but get the grains first and worry about taking sugar out of your diet later.

Now Frosted Flakes is my favorite cereal and adding a spoonful of sugar to it; makes it just that much better. I don’t add the extra sugar anymore and I let Kelloggs control my sugar intake from their cereal. It still might be too much for some people to eat; so trying to find another brand may be necessary. They are tons of different cereals to choose from and look for one that has honey in it as well. Honey is a great medicine for our bodies and we all could use a little more honey in our diets!

Medical ID Jewelry

I’m not sure who came up with the idea to have personal information on pieces of jewelry, but it’s a good idea! I know some people like to have their young children tagged with some type of information like an address or phone number, just in case they ever got separated from their parents. This is a good method to insure your child could get back home as soon as possible. Adults have a different approach and they can use jewelry ID for medical reasons.

There is no telling how many lives have been saved due to medical jewelry. You can really store some very important information on a piece of jewelry which could quickly explain your situation to a stranger. An asthma attack or someone suffering from a seizure might not have the abilities to communicate with a stranger. Medical ID jewelry could quickly let someone know your condition and would be able to convey your situation to a 911 operator or someone on the scene with medical knowledge. I also think these medical ID tags can be used for a lot more things. If you are very allergic to something and coming into contact with a certain drug or food could be life threatening; you could benefit from an ID tag. You might be in an automobile accident and if you were unable to speak to the paramedics arriving at the scene, they might give you something that could do more harm than the injuries you sustained in the accident. They are trained to look for these sorts of things and even certain symbols on these pieces of medical jewelry stand out to anyone that might not be medically trained. So consider a medical ID bracelet or tag to wear on a necklace, if you have any medical conditions that you suffer from.

Having A Yard Sale

Having a yard sale is a great way to make room in your home and making a little money while you do it. Now I have friends that have a lot of yard sales and they tell me that getting one or two big items and sitting out in the yard, is the best way to draw customers in. It doesn’t matter if you don’t sell the big item or not, it’s just the thing that will get people to stop in and look at what you have to sell. Now the baby stuff is always popular at the yard sales, and you can easily sell toys, baby high chairs, baby play pens, or baby clothes. Don’t forget the entertainment things, all your radios, stereos, VCR and DVD players, and any movies you might have on VHS tapes or DVD; sell real well at the yard sales. Just remember at the end of the day the main goal is to get rid of this stuff and try to talk one of your customers in to taking everything you have left. Give them 1 price for the rest of your things you have left and make them an offer they can’t refuse!

Say Cheese!

Do you like getting your picture too? Yeah, me either! It is a lot better now then what it use to be. Remember when we would take our pictures and have them sent off? It would take at least 2 weeks to get our pictures back to see what they looked like. That was until Polaroid made that camera that worked like a printer and would shoot the pictures out instantly. You would just have to wait a couple of minutes for the picture to fully develop with their technology they had.

Now it’s 2007 and when can take all the pictures we want and see them instantly on our computers. If you have one of the digital cameras that can be easily found these days.

Now for shooting live video, I have a digital camcorder. I go to my nephew’s baseball and football games and record him with it. I also have 2 twin nephews that are about 2 1/2 years old and I can fill up tape after tape with some of the stuff the twins give me. They are never boring and are always into something. I use a Panasonic camcorder and it’s the 2nd one our household has ever owned. We did have one of those earlier ones where you put the VCR tape in them, and they were real big and bulky. So the camcorders and digital cameras have made taking pictures and capturing our memories a lot better than what it use to be.