Nascar Is A Joke

Kevin Harvick hit, cussed, and argued with a guy that didn’t even have a choice when his car ran into him. We are rewarding the hot head who reacted and didn’t know all the facts yet. He had plenty of a chance to do to Montoya what he said he was going to do in the interview afterwards. Instead he was just trying to hold back Juan’s pushing hands from pushing him anymore. Kevin Harvick’s most aggressive moves in the altercation came when the NASCAR officials finally decided to step in between the two drivers. Take my advice NASCAR, get rid of Kevin Harvick for this year. If he’s racing, then the boycott is on!

Most Surprising NL Team?

October has arrived and the fall baseball season is now in full effect. Post season baseball creates excitement in the air as the long baseball seson is now winding down to only a few remaining teams. The Philadelphia Phillies was favored to represent the National League this year in the World Series, after the post season teams had been annoucned. The Chicago Cubs was second on the list and now those predictions might be changing. The Colorado Rockies are up 2-0 in their series with the Phillies and the Arizona Diamondbacks are also up 2-0 with their matchup against the Cubs. So it looks like they are two surprising teams in the National League right now. You just have to win 3 games in this first round and it puts a lot of pressure on the Cubs and Phillies to win 3 straight now. Most people don’t believe anyone of them will do it and it will indeed be the Diamondbacks and Rockies playing in the 7 game series; to go to the World Series. So which team do you think is the most surprising in the National League?

Fav youtube tape face

This poor kid in this video is probably like millions out there. Looking for some attention and he talks about a girl who likes at school, but probably is unaware that he even exists. He starts the video out by pulling scotch tape off his face and then going into how he made a T_shirt for this girl at school I have to give him credit for trying.

It's A Rainy Night In Georgia

We finished the year off strong in Georgia with our rainfall defecit. The last few days of 2007 gave us enough rain to avoid the worst year for rainfall ever in the state of Georgia. So we had a lot of hope coming into the 2008 year, but our weather pattern once again turned dry on us. It looks like we are going to be in some serious trouble when we get into the August and September months of late/end of summer. We need rain now in the winter to help fill up some of the lakes, rivers, creeks and other tributaries that are so important for us to gain water from.

We are experiencing a rainy night in Georgia now and this is some relief from our dry situation. The rain has been falling for most of the evening and its even been hard at times. So we are getting a pretty good rain soaker right now and this comes on top of a few showers we had 2 nights ago. So we have the soil good and moist right now, so now is the time we need for a big snow storm or rain maker to rear its head in Georgia and we could really get some run off right now. I haven’t looked at the 5 day forecast and seen if anymore rain was on the horizon, but if we can get another big shower before the weekend ends; we can say this week as been a very productive one and about a dozen more weeks like this one and the good people of Georgia might have enough water to last them through next winter!

Mothers Day

Yep, it’s getting close to Mothers Day. So with this holiday, that is made especially for your mom, it’s time to do something special for her. Send Mothers Day flowers to her. Flowers is a great way to show your mama that you care, and that you know this is her day. Our moms have done so much for us throughout our lives. Giving them that little something special on Mothers Day, shows them we noticed what they did.

Getting flowers to them is easy with They can get the flowers you want, delivered to your mama in time for her holiday. If it’s flowers, or maybe you would like to send a nice gift basket. Then you can count on them to get your special message out to your mom. For all the mothers that are out there, I would like to wish you all a Happy Mothers Day! Where would we be without ya? 

Teens In Trouble

Need help for your teen or a teen that you know about? There is now help for any troubled teens out there from Teen Rehab ECHO MALIBU. This facility can help any trouble teens that might need a little help in getting stirred in the right direction. If drugs, attitude, or maybe the friend that your teen has become associated is causing problems in your teen’s life, then they might need to get away. Get them in a facility with people that cares and give your teen a chance for a new start. Peer pressure from friends can usually over take anything that a parent tries to do. Getting your teen away from some of their friends can sometimes be the best cure of all. Please don’t wait any longer if your teen needs help and if you think you have tried everything, just remember you haven’t! For More Info:  800-780-ECHO

NBA Coach Bans Turkey from Team

Mike Woodson the coach for the Atlanta Hawks has never been accused of being the sharpest tool in the shed and you will know why after his Thanksgiving comments to the team. He asked the Atlanta Hawks players (the NBA team he coaches) to not eat turkey on Thanksgiving day; due to a chemical in the turkey that causes drowsiness. His team had a big match up on Thanksgiving night against the Orlando Magic and this was a game that the team had to win.

Well that same chemical which is called tryptophan is found in pork, chicken, and some cheeses. Doctors say if you had an empty stomach and ate a really large amount of turkey; then a little drowsiness could occur. Most people want to take that cat nap after the big meal they eat on Thanksgiving; rather than the amount of tryptophan that is found in turkey that causes drowsiness.

Charles Barkley was wondering why the fans in Atlanta was not coming out and supporting the Hawks. They are off to a hot start and have one of the best records in the NBA. However, it’s the way Mike Woodson coaches the team and his philosphy on playing players that keep the fans from attending the Hawks games. So Chuck if you want to know why the residents in Georgia don’t go to Hawks games at Philips Arena; now you know!

Promotional Items for your Business

If you need more exposure for your business or maybe have an event you would like to advertise more, you should seek out all the great ways to give your self more exposure. Using Promotional Items can be a very effective marketing tool in drawing attention to your interest. Having a key chain, ink pen or a bag showing your company’s name is a good way to attract new clients or customers to your business. There is never a such thing as bad advertising and the important thing is just exposing all the avenues to promote your product or service. Some of these promotional items give your company instant credit and might make your business seem bigger than it really is. You’re not trying to trick your customers, but you do show them you’re serious when they see your name on another product.

Imagine if you were having a golf tournament and trying to raise money for a charity, school or church in your area. Your company sponsoring an event like this and adding your company name to all the golf balls; is a good way to keep reminding all the golfers who is sponsoring the event. Long after the golf tournament has passed, they will still be golfers and others that will see your company name on all those golf balls. It’s a good investment to use promotional items and you could be bringing in new customers months and years down the road; just by having your name on a few items that people use everyday. See if you can find a promotional item that your company name would look good on!

St. Patricks Day

    Well it’s getting close to Saint Patricks Day. Time to watch the parades, and put on that green shirt you have buried in the back of your closest, just for this day. An Irish Holiday, that whether if your Irish or not, you probably celebrate it in some way or another.

    Don’t you just love the guy or gal at the office that pinches you every year? You know, because you don’t have on your green. Not sure where the pinching comes from, but it has been placed in our memories to wear green. Probably cause we came home from school, with all the school kids that pinched us for not wearing green. Kids just love a reason to put some hurt on someone, and get away with it. Afterall, it’s ST. Patricks Day! You have to wear green!

     For all of those pinchers out there, this might not be a great holiday this year. Cause good ol St. Pattys Day is gonna be on a Saturday! For all of us that can’t remember to put on our green, we just have to deal with the immediate family at home for the green wearing. Which in some cases, the family members might be tougher than the people at the office. Just go ahead and play it safe. Throw a green shirt with your pajama outfit, and just wake up Saturday and waste the day away on the couch watching TV.


Top Garth Brooks Song of All Time

The day has arrived for me to reveal the top 5 song of all time by Garth Brooks. I have been going through the best Garth Brooks songs of all time over the last few weeks. I have finally reached the top spot on the countdown. You can go back and review what songs I listed as Garth’s best five ever!

Top Garth Brooks Song

Was there ever any doubt that this song wouldn’t be number 1?

I recently saw Garth Brooks here in Atlanta, at the NHL All Star game. He was here watching some good hockey while raising a lot of money for charity. Yes, the Dance is the song everyone will always know Garth Brooks from. In the video for the Dance you can see people that lost their lives early, who probably wouldn’t have changed a thing in their lives, so they wouldn’t have missed the dance they did in life. People like the NASA astronauts that lost their life when the space shuttle Challenger exploded over the Florida skies, Lane Frost the rodeo sensation and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., all were in the video by Garth Brooks song the Dance. You could even see the late John F. Kennedy featured in the video, who was another great American that lost his life way too early.

Garth mentions at the end of the video if anything was to ever happen to him; that he would like this song to be played for him. I’m sure Garth has many more decades on this planet, but when ever that time does come, I’m sure people all over the world will get a good dose of the Dance.

The Dance is a great song and its a song that will live through the ages. There will always be room for a song like this in our lives and this song will still be heard after everybody that heard it originally is long go. Let the Dance live in your hearts and if you have never heard this song before, go back and really listen close to the lyrics. The Dance is the top song on my Garth Broooks countdown and it would be number 1 on anybody else’s countdown too.

Be sure to check out the rest of the songs on my top 5 countdown for Garth Brooks. All songs can be found under “Favorite Singer” here on my blog! See if Garth’s latest song More Than A Memory made the top 5 countdown!

Denver, Colorado

Denver, that is the home for the Denver Broncos, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Rockies, and Denver Nuggets professional sports teams. Denver will have a new website that will be up and running in June of 2007. The Denver Magazine website will feature many various things about Denver. If you are looking for any information on Denver, then the magazine will be a great place to start. Denver Magazine will have the most advance information for Colorado. You will be able to find almost anything, like real estate or restaurant reviews in the Denver area. This website will be the only place you will need to shop at or find information for Denver, Colorado.

Using Traffic Exchanges

Have you tried using traffic exchanges to promote a product or service? If so, you might have found the results not so great. Depending on what you are trying to promote. It seems using referral links from other traffic exchanges does real well. Your marketing a product to a customer base that is wanting to advertise more. So you may have lots of luck using them to get referrals from other traffic exchanges.

However, lots of us are ultimately looking to promote something else. Now it’s really understanding what traffic exchange is perfect to help you the most. Let’s say you are selling teddy bears. Your really wasting your time with the auto surf sites. Auto surfs are great in getting people to buy a product or service directly from your page. However, the manual surf exchanges are. After all, they have to be there to click to see the next page. So you stand a great chance of having your teddy bears seen by an actual person, while in the auto surf exchanges you don’t.

Auto surf traffic exchanges are very useful for something. They are great in getting traffic to your web page. Which can help you in the search engines. So if your wanting to get your pages high on the major search engines. Auto surfs can help with that. It’s not the final and only answer. It is key to have good keywords on your meta tags, and links on your site that are relevant to what you are trying to promote. So be sure the next time you use a traffic exchange, you understand the difference in manual and auto surf exchanges. It can save you some valuable time, and give you the best chance of succeeding in your online adventures. Good Luck!

Dell Computers

I see a lot of deals comming from Dell Computer. Makes me wonder if something new is about to come on the market, and they are trying to get rid of what they have in stock. You know how you can buy a computer today, and then next week it is already outdated.

The $599 Dimension™ E521 Desktop from Dell, is a pretty good deal. It has the AMD Athlon 64 x 2 dual core in it. Which is great if you mulitask on the computer. The dual processor is a nice touch to have, that will keep your computer fast, as you try to have several windows open at the same time. It also has the 48X cd burner and dvd combo drive with it. 48 times is fast for a cd burner. You can now record them things on to cd in no time at all. Dual channel memory is also included in this computer from Dell Computer Company. So if your in the market for a new computer, you might want to check this one out. A nice computer for under $600.

Money For Nothing Any Chicks For Free

Does that title grab you? It was a line in a song by Dire Straight. I think we know that money doesn’t come to us for nothing and the chicks or ladies do cost us a little, right guys? Well I’m still waiting to get paid my big paycheck in life. I know most people will never make a million dollars in their lifetime and I guess I am looking to fall in that group of people, unless something happens soon!

How nice would it be to win a major lottery? I’m sure we have all thought about it and how we would spend our winnings. I’m learning that most people don’t stick to their dreams that win the lottery. The people that go into great detail about what they would do with winning the money often don’t do all those little things and learn of other things they can do with the money, once they have it in their possession. So don’t get too carried away with what you would do with your lottery winnings, because you’re not aware of some things that exist out there now. Once you become someone with money, then different avenues begin to open up for you and you see other things that you want to go for, instead of the dreams you had before the lottery.

Now I’m sure people that are already loaded with more money then they will ever spend, could help you with these hidden opportunities for poor people. You could take a look at Jr. Lindemann on Wiki or any of the other billionaires that exist out there for helpful advice. Now you might not have a lot of luck contacting these people directly, but you can read their stories. We all have stories and in our stories we are all the main character. See what happens to a story when the main character is a billionaire. It’s really fascinating to see how some of these guys got their money and what they are doing with it today. The lottery won’t award you billions, but you will find that the richest people in the world do things that a millionaire could afford. That might sound funny, but it’s true. If you continue down the scale, then you have millionaires doing what the next level of people under them could afford. It all trickles down to where we are at and if we really wanted to do some of the things the richest people in the world do, we can do it!

Now the richest people in the world might could do some of these things every weekend and we might be limited to only doing it for one weekend, because we would have to save up for a year to do it. The overall point I am trying to make, is that we can do a lot of things that the rich and famous do, if we really wanted to do some of those things. It would take effort, devotion, and the commitment of saving over a long period of time, but the opportunity exist for you or anybody else that is wanting to live like a millionaire or billionaire. It might be only for a short time, but you can still get the taste of it. Or maybe we will all just get lucky and our numbers will come out in the lottery one day!