New York's Largest Real Estate Company

There are over 60 offices that serve 350 communities in New York’s largest real estate company. The company serves people looking for Montauk real estate listings to anybody looking for property in the Manhattan area. Douglas Elliman is Prudential’s lead force in the Northeast area of the USA with the top real estate company in New York and they are in the top 10 in the USA. They have over 13,000 transactions they perform yearly in finding people their real estate properties all over Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island, Hamptons, and North Fork just to name a few. Anyone seeking property in New York should contact the services of Douglas Elliman before they go anywhere else! Go see the big guys first and see what made them become the “big guys”.

Still Using Dial Up?

Does dial up even exist anymore? I hope that everybody has got in touch with their cable or satellite dealer and now have some form of high speed connection. Time is so precious to us these days, and we waste enough of our valuable time waiting in lines and waiting in traffic. Having a dial up connection is a slow way to surf on the internet. There is so much to see and do on the internet these days, you want to be able to zip around. If you still have dial up, then put down your mouse and step away from the computer.

Give your cable or satellite dealer a call and upgrade to some broadband connection that might be available in your area. If you have checked on high speed internet and found that it wasn’t available in your area. Then be sure to check again, and stay on top of it. It’s spreading out and all the internet providers are doing all they can to get a high speed connection in your area. You will never go back to dial up once you have experienced a high speed internet connection.

Planning For A Vacation

Planning for your next vacation can be fun and add stress at the same time. It’s fun picking where to go on vacation. Getting your hotel, transportation, and just saving the money up for it can be stressful. Have you ever thought to take a Mexico Vacation?

Mexico is a beautiful country with a lot of tourist spots. Mexico just isn’t a great spot to pick for vacation, but it’s one of the destinations that offers. can help you get a great price for your next vacation. They offer virtual tours, in depth information, resort ratings, and detailed room options. You will find where all the great recreational activites are located too. If it’s Mexico, Jamaica, or even the Dominican Republic, that you choose to go to. You will find great deals by looking into You can reach them by their website, or just call:  1-888-205-3315

My Braves Bring Home A Local Boy

The Atlanta Braves made a big trade today where they gave up one of the best minor league shortstops in all of baseball in Elvis Andrus. The sky is the limit for this kid and he already has a major league glove. They are just waiting for his bat to catch up to the major league pitching. The Braves also sent a talented catcher in Jarrod Saltalamacchia that I’m sure was hard for them to give up. It’s hard to find a place to play him when the Braves already have Brian McCann as their everyday catcher.

Now the Braves sent these two players in addition to two minor league pitchers to the Texas Rangers and will be getting relief pitcher Ron Mahay and the kid that played for the Georgia Tech YellowJackets in Mark Teixeira. Teixeria is a big bat that the Braves really need in the 4th spot after Andruw Jones has been failing from the cleanup spot. The fans in Atlanta are going to love having Teixeira in a Braves uniform, because most of them can remember when Teixeira was playing close to Turner Field over at the Georgia Tech baseball field here in Atlanta. It’s not just the power that he brings, but he currently has a .297 batting average that will help the Braves out a lot in that 4th spot.

This deal isn’t official yet, but should be sometime on Tuesday if all the medical checkups pan out on all the players involved.

Scrooge's Cozy Bed


You remember Ebenezer Scrooge? The guy that got visited by the three ghosts (Christmas Past, Christmas Present, Christmas Future) in one of the most popular Christmas plays or movies of all time. As cold-hearted and mean as he was, he sure did have a cozy little bed he slept in. I just love Scrooge’s bed and that’s the type of bed I would like to have. Now his bed had the real high bed posts and in most of the skits or plays you see, his bed has curtains around them. I’m not sure what you call this but his bed had curtains as the walls and even a ceiling on the bed. So when Scrooge would go to sleep, his bed was in its own little room. I’m sure he didn’t have a memory foam mattress that he was sleeping on, but the surroundings made the bed very cozy. Every year when I sit down and watch A Christmas Carol on television, I just fall in love with his bed. If you have never noticed it before, then be sure to pay attention the next time you’re watching Scrooge on tv and see if his bed doesn’t look like one of the coziest beds you have ever seen.

Texas Hold’em

The game Texas Hold’em is so popular right now. Not sure how much more popularity this game can gain. It’s already on several different channels. We have watced the professionals go at it, and they have the big tournaments all the time. Then we have seen our favorite celebrities and athletes compete on the tables against each other. I really think Texas Hold’em has reached it’s limits, and there’s not much more upside to the game. Then again, it just takes some marketing genius to find a new way to put a spin on it, and the blaze would just continue to get bigger. It will be interesting if this is the only type of poker game that remains on our tv sets. I would think another variation of poker, or maybe some other card game can make a run. I like to play spades, and wouldn’t mind seeing tag team partners playing spades, and listening to the strategies trying to play that game. Now that would be a new look for a card game on television.

Drug and Alcohol Programs

If you or someone that you know suffers from a drug or alcohol addiction, then you might want to find some help. There is drug treatment and alcohol treatments available for people that are willing to help themselves. Don’t continue down the path with your addiction and find help today.

So many programs that can offer help and support for the families. You can find drug rehab referrals that can start helping you today. There is no cost in these programs that help you find assistance for your drug or alcohol problems. These programs are all over, and there is a good chance you have one in your area. There are thousands of programs available, and it’s just a matter of finding them.

Addiction problems can hurt the victim and their families. So many bad things that can happen, and it doesn’t get any easier, until the problem stops. It’s hard to confront these issues when they occur. You don’t have to face them alone. There is help out there, and it’s just a matter of finding the program that best suits your loved one and their families. Closing your eyes on the problem and wishing it to go away, will not help. It takes effort from the person that has the addiction, and support from the family and friends to help out.

When you start to detox, it can be the most trying time. This is when the harmful substances are being removed from the body. Getting through this process is important, but it needs to be kept up. It will get easier as the days go by, but them first few days will be the worse of your life. It can cause real pain and agony. You will go through stages that will need to be monitored. You just have to remember tomorrow will be better than today.

When a person does have a true addiction. It’s a process they can’t stop alone. They are dependant on the drug and certain behaviors that come along with it. Addiction does not discriminate. It will target men or women, black or white, rich or poor, and anyone else it chooses. It’s a problem that we have to deal with as a society, but if you have someone close to you, then it can hit right to the heart at times. A person’s addiction will only lead to bad things. Some say prison will be the best they can hope for, and in some cases it’s true. When addictions have killed the addicts and innocent people too.

Please don’t wait another day if you or someone you know has problems with alcohol or drugs. At least try your best to get things right. Don’t have no regrets at the end of the day. Have the feeling of knowing that you tried everything you knew how to do. Just make sure you try finding people that are professionals, and services that will give you instructions on how to beat the addictions. Things don’t have to be the way they are now, they can change. If your reading this message now, then you already made the first step in getting help.

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The Lakes Are Drying Up

Here in Georgia the weather continues to be the top story of the day. It has been so hot and with very little rain over the last couple of months that all the lakes are starting to dry up. We have serious issues with outdoor watering right now, as all the water restrictions have been placed for the entire state and it has been that way for much of the spring and summer.

It’s bad when the lakes and rivers dry up. It really hurts the fishing and I like to fish. All you can do now is just go through and straighten out the fishing tackle and hope that it rains soon. I am ready to throw a few lures on the old fishing rod and start feeling some tugs from a big bass. I guess I will just have to wait on Mother Nature and let her decide when she is going to drop us down a few buckets of water on the Peach State. Please send any rain dances that you might know of and all prayers for rain in North Georgia will be accepted.

Selling Your Endowment Policy

Your endowment policy is a type of insurance, that will cover your home’s interest when it becomes due. So when the interest on the mortgage is due, you will be insured that your endowment policy will cover the entire amount. At least that is what they thought in the 70’s and 80’s. Due to the shortfall of these, that doesn’t hold true anymore, and these policies will no longer cover the full amount that is due.

However, don’t throw away that policy yet. There still might be some value for it, if you decide on endowment selling. Now a lot of people in the UK are selling their policies for really low prices. You don’t have to sell your policy for less value. In some cases, your policy could bring in 35% more than it is worth. It’s all about finding the right buyer, to buy your endowment policy. Endowment Express is a service for finding a buyer for your endowment policy. Let their expertise search for a buyer for you. They will be sure that every possible purchaser or specialist buyer gets a look at your endowment policy.

Smorty Is Here!

There is another company that I have recently found, that connects bloggers with advertisers. Smorty is a service that can be valuable to advertisers, and also help bloggers to earn some additional money from their blogs.

Making money from your blog is pretty easy to do. Smorty can help you get paid for blogging. You just have to submit your blog, and once it is approved, you can start earning money. You can check out the new opportunities that are available. You will see the amount it pays, and the task details for it. You just follow the rules at Smorty, and add links from the advertisers in to your post, on your blog. Once it gets approved, you will get paid weekly to your pay pal account. It’s that easy!

Advertisers could use Smorty as well. It is becomming very popular for people to promote their services or products through blogs. Blogs is a great new way to advertise. Smorty can take your products or services, and turn it over to their bloggers. Where you start to earn more visibility online, and will see a big increase of traffic to your website. The search engines will pick up on this, and you will get higher search engine rankings, by advertising through blogs.

So it’s time for advertisers and bloggers to get excited about Smorty! Advertise on blogs, or get paid from blogging. It’s your choice, and you will like the results either way. Let Smorty help you start earning more money, and you will see the results immediately!

Top 10 Cell Phones of 2006

Do you think your cell phone made the grade? If your not using one of last year’s top 10 phones, then you might want to change phones. There has to be a reason why these 10 phones were the best. So here is the top 10 phones of 2006, that was named by Wirefly:

1) Cingular RAZR by Motorola

2) T-Mobile RAZR

3) Verizon Wireless RAZR

4) Cingular Sony Ericsson 

5) T-Mobile Motorola v360

6) Verizon Wireless Motorola v276

7) Sprint Nextel Motorola i850

8) Sprint Nextel Motorola i710

9) Cingular Motorola v220

10) T-Mobile Samsung T309

So did you see your phone up there? I think the Motorola RAZR V3i is the phone I like best. I’m not too much into the color thing. So just give me a gray or black phone and I’m happy. I do think some of the colors look good, and will make your phone stick out. I think the kids like letting people know they have cell phones. So I assume the kids really like all the colors that are available in cell phones. Let me know which phone you like the best, and what’s your favorite color?

Now if you want a free phone. It’s easy to do at Wirefly. Go take a look at all the choices, so you can get free RAZR phones at Wirefly.  They have a big selection, and I’m sure you will find a phone that will suit your needs.