Invest In Land

All the folks that have lots of money to throw around are suggesting that we invest in land. I think this might be a good time for investors to consider putting their money in real estate. It appears all land will be on the steady rise over the next several years and the fact there just really isn’t enough of it, makes it perfect for an investment opportunity. This isn’t an investment that will take your whole life before you can start to see some noticeable profits. Buying a piece of land today and selling 10 years from now is amazing in most parts of the country. If you can find a way to have a 20 year time frame on your purchase, then you might be doubling or even tripling your money. Buy real estate and sit on it for 20 years and you won’t be disapointed!

Dance or Cheer Wear Apparel

If you like to dance or exercise in leotards or need those special costumes for your dancing routines, see if Just For Kix can help with your wardrobe. They have a huge selection of leotards, tights, warm ups, tutu’s, unitards, tee shirts and other items for all your dancing apparel.  You will find everything you need and at low prices for this quality merchandise Just For Kix offers. The Dance Wear apparel they offer is for all ages and you can find something for the kids, teens or adults needing the undergarments, tops, bottoms or other pieces for your dance wear accessories. All the young ladies and girls will love browsing through the selections at Just For Kix, but don’t worry guys, you can find men’s and boys dance wear too!


Are you a cheerleader looking for things to add to your wardrobe? Just For Kix also has a nice selection for all the cheerleaders too! You can look for your warm ups, tees & tanks, sweat shirts, pants, skirts, socks and they even offer a category for campwear. So if you just need to pick up something for the cheerleading camp this summer, be sure to check with Just For Kix for their cheerwear. Dancers and cheerleaders will now have a place online; they can just go pick up the extra things they need for their outfits!

Is Nose Surgery For You?

Many different people choose to get a nose surgery for different reasons. The nose surgery itself is known as rhinoplasty or more commonly referred to as a “nose job”. Now the procedure can be done for people needing better breathing passages in the nasal way. So rhinoplasty can be a health benefit and has given a lot of people relief from breathing problems that once existed.

Others have chosen the procedure for appearance reasons. It can be an effective way for people to get their nose changed in appearance. So the patient can come out of rhinoplasty with a look that is more desirable for them. Often when someone decides to touch the nose up, they just don’t stop there and they have other cosmetic surgeries done on the face to match. If you’re someone that wants a different nose, you might want to explore more into the procedures of rhinoplasty. While it might seem like the modern thing to do, please be aware that rhinoplasty dates back all through our history. The interesting thing is that the procedure is basically still performed today, the way it was done all those years ago. Amazing to see just how advanced earlier man was to rhinoplasty, compared to other surgeries that are a lot better and safer in modern times. If you want a new nose or maybe you would benefit from this procedure health-wise, then contact a surgeon that is close to you and see if indeed rhinoplasty is right for you.

Orlando Fun Tickets

Located in central Florida, is where you can find Orlando. It’s a popular travel destination to millions of people each year. Of coarse you have Disney World and Universal Studios located there, and so many other attractions that are just a short drive away. Bush Gardens and the Kennedy Space Center are a couple of the places that are within driving distance of Orlando.

Now finding the best tickets to all of Orlando’s theme parks and attractions is easy through They have tickets for Disney World, Islands of Adventure, Blizzard Beach at Disney, and even Universal Studios Tickets. You can get some of the best rates around, and this will save you more money to spend on the entertainment in Orlando. They also offer discount tickets for the Orlando Magic Basketball Team, and the dinner shows in the central Florida area.

Looking For Cables?

So many high tech gadgets these days that need their own cables. It can sometimes be hard to find the exact cable that you are needing. If you look into Cables 4 Sure, you will be able to match the right cable up with what you are looking for. A HDMI cable can be found easy at Cables 4 Sure. They also have the HDMI cable extender, that can give you an extra 100 foot of cable length. If your needing a high definition all digital cable, which will allow your video to look pristine clear. Then you will need an HDMI cable. If your not getting that picture as clear as you want it, it might be in the cable you are using. Be sure you have the proper cable for the best results.

There are other cables available too. Camera cables, projector cables, external and internal cables, network cables, bulk cables, cat5e cables, and cat6 cables are availble as well. There are other accessories that you might need, that can be found at Cables 4 Sure too. Power protection is always a good investment to make, to insure you keep your electronics safe. Adapters, switches, and converters can also be bought with any cable purchases you might need to make. You will get free shipping for any orders over $50!

What’s Cooking?

Are you cooking up something good tonight? Well if aren’t cooking something good tonight, then maybe you just need a little help. Like finding a website that would have tons of recipes, where you would have many things to choose from. I just happen to know of one, that you might like. is a great place to find all kind of recipes. You will have a lot to choose from when you look at their top categories. You can find things under Italian, Mexican, Soul, Southern, and other catergories like that. You will also be able to find things that just have chicken or recipes for salads. Even an easy-to-use search box is located on their website. So you can search for any specific recipes that you might want to try and fix. So if your not cooking something good tonight. Then find a new recipe, and try something new. Who knows? You might just actually like it, and have something new to take to the family reunions.

Take Your Change to the Bank

I’m sure somewhere in your house you have something for putting change in. It’s a jar, coffee can, bookcase shelf, or just throw it in the nightstand. After a while, it starts to add up as you probably already know. Then it’s time to roll it up, and take it to the bank. It can be a pain to roll your change up, but you could save a lot of time with a coin sorter. It can help you stack and sort your change with ease. No more stacking up your little stacks, and having them just fall over and having to do it all over again. Take a little of that change, and invest it into a coin sorter. It’s well worth the price you pay for it, and will earn itself back in no time.

2nd Best Player in the NBA?

Who is the second best player in the NBA game today? I think most would agree that Kobe Bryant is the best and that leaves the door open for who is the 2nd best. A lot of good candidates like Steve Nash, Tim Duncan, LeBron James or Kevin Garnett could be a solid pick as the second best player in the NBA.

In my mind there is no doubts that Tracy McGrady posses the 2nd best talent in the game today. His skills are phenomenal and he can score against anybody in the league. He has the ability to drive the ball to the hole and dunk on you with amazing hops. He can stroke the mid-range jumper and the long-three too. His defense is smothering and can shut down opponents when he chooses to do so. He is one guy that you don’t want getting off the last shot in a game. He lives for those moments and he’s one of the best clutch shooters when it comes to the crunch time late in games. I think he’s a complete player and Kobe Bryant is the only one that could beat him in a game of one-on-one. Tracy McGrady is the 2nd best player in the NBA and the rest of the guys fall below him!

Beverly Hills Dentist

People living in the Beverly Hills area looking for a good dentist, should check out the dental services of Dr. Kourosh Maddahi. This is a Beverly Hills dental care facility that can take care of that beautiful smile for you. You don’t want to trust your teeth to just anybody and here’s a dentist you can rely on. Dr. Maddahi and his staff train every year so they can keep up with all the latest technologies in the dental field. You no longer have to worry about that metal drill on your teeth, because they use air. Staying ahead of the game is what led this dentistry to being one of the top places in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas. If you’re due for your next dental check up, go let Dr. Maddahi and his highly-trained staff serve you! They are located in Suite 202 at 436 North Roxbury Drive or give them a call at: 1-800-278-1415

Rare Coins From Monaco

The Monex Company is well-known for all the precious metal investments they have been helping people with over the last several decades. A part of the Monex Company is Monaco that specializes in rare gold coins and other rare coins too. They help investors that are looking to invest their money in rare coins. They have a lot of different plans available for investors and they can set you up with a plan that will fit most budgets. If you have a coin collection or maybe have looked to purchase coins for investment purposes; you will want to take a look at Monaco first. This is a better choice for making money with rare coins; than just trying to go out on your own and finding a rare coin as an investment. Making a purchase online or from one of those tv shows that sells coins is a bit risky. The people from Monaco will stand behind their recommendations, market information, quality selection and service. You will feel much better investing in rare coins with Monaco and having your own personal Monaco Account Representative; who can inform you of breaking news, and opportunities that might be time sensitive. If you’re ready to start making money with rare coins, just go look at the different plans Monaco has to offer!

Allison Krause the Voice of an Angel

Allison Krause is a tremendous female singer. I have seen her remake a variety of songs by Keith Wittley and John Waite, and even sing gospel songs. Her voice is tremendous and when she sung the song that the late Keith Wittley had done, I thought she sounded like an angel. I am such a big fan of Allison Krause and love to hear her sing.

There are a lot of great women singers and a lot that have incredible voice ranges. Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera are two that come to mind with incredible voice ranges. I’m not sure Allison has that in her arsenal of singing, but she can sound at notes with such a pretty tone. I’m not sure if Allison has any new albums or songs coming out, or what she might be currently working on. I will probably be the first in line when she does come out with a new album. Allison Krause is truly an angel on Earth that we can here now!

Earning Money Online (part 1)

Hello, I wanted to start a series on earning money online. I don’t know how to make you millions of dollars in your spare time, like some claim they can. So nothing here is a get rich quick or quit your job tomorrow type of thing. I have found a few things over the last year or so, that I have found puts a little change in your pocket. If your going to spend so many hours of time on the internet each day, you might as well make a little money doing it. All these things are really simple to do. You just have to get set up, and then you can spend 10 to 15 minutes a day going through some of these things. It’s small stuff, but the sky’s the limit, on to exactly how much you want to earn. If you come online daily, and make it a habit of doing some of these things, then in time that small change can be cashed in for dollars. When you start making dollars off this stuff, it makes it all worth it.

Ok to get you started off on some of these things, we have to get you set up. You will need to have an online payment processor. Pay Pal is almost a must, since so many use it. Also keep in mind some of the others would be helpful in having also, so when you do find someone that doesn’t accept Pay Pal, then you have a back up in place. So I recommend at least 2 online payment processors. They are free to sign up for, so there’s no lost in having one that you don’t use much, or never use. Do sign up for Pay Pal, if you have Pay Pal already, then your ahead of the game.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly. 




These are 3 popular ones, but they are more out there. If you don’t like these, just do a search for online payment processors, and you can choose from others. However, I would sign up for the Storm Pay one. That’s your first opportunity to make a little money. Also, on these online payment processors you will get referral links. You use these links to help try and sign up people for their programs. You can earn money each time someone makes a transaction on one of these online payment processors. Could you imagine if a store like Wal Mart decided to accept Pay Pal, and they just happen to sign up with Pay Pal from your referral link? You could earn a nice living just off one referral! Of coarse Pay Pal has limits on their referrals earning for you, but some of the others don’t!  Getting 10 to 12 active referrals in your downline, can result in a nice steady cash flow also. If they purchase something in one week or one year, you will still get a percentage of your referrals transaction.

Ok, as for StormPay, they have a great opportunity in Storm Clix. You just sign up for StormPay, and you will see a area called Storm Clix. You click that on, then “browse clix”. You will see ads that will pay you pennies or in some cases dollars. You just click on the ad, and let the timer run out, and it credits your account. You start adding money to your account instantly. Once you do all the ads, check back in a couple of hours and they might be a few more to click on. You can do this process all day long, and make a little money. Which you can cash out at anytime that you want. Also a great way to advertise with the money you make for your clicks, by submitting ads back in.

Another program similar to this, and is actually owned by Storm Pay is Clix Sense. It works in the same fashion, and it’s new! So a lot of opportunities to build up a downline with Clix Sense. Not only do you earn yourself money by clicking ads, but you get money from your downline referrals.



So get the ball rolling, and start doing these things. I will give more parts to earning money online real soon. So the first steps are:

1) Get at least 2 online payment processors

2) Sign up for StormPay and look for Storm Clix, and then browse clix

3) Sign up for ClixSense and click their ads to earn extra revenue


Getting Ready For A Big Event

So what are some of the traditions you go through, while planning a big event? I’m sure for any sports fan out there; they have some type of routine they go through to get ready for a big series against a rival baseball team, a big basketball game coming up, or perhaps something like the Super Bowl. I’m sure there are others that do some type of ritual before American Idol or some big prime time event comes on tv.

Now the food is the most important part. You have to have the peanuts, potato chips (or like we say in the South…..tater chips), hot wings, nachos, or something along those lines. It’s always more fun with a crowd, so you probably invite a few friends over to watch the big event with you. Just putting out some extra chairs for the guests and maybe some folding tables to hold all the food on, is a few little things I do, to welcome my friends that might be stopping by.

Then it’s all about the good luck charms. If your team or singer won the last time you was wearing just one sock, or maybe you had a hat you was wearing backwards at the time. Then it will be important that you recreate the scene so you don’t jinx anything. If this sounds crazy, you would be surprise to what some lengths some people will go through to make sure everything is perfect for the big upcoming event. I’m a huge sports fan, and I have heard of just about everything. It’s not just the fans either, that do all the superstitions. Professional ball players have had there own traditions of doing things on game day. I know the ex-star baseball player Wade Boggs was known to eat chicken during baseball season. He claimed it helped his batting average, and Boggs has one of the best career batting averages of any baseball player. Chicken is also a favorite of Dallas Mavericks star Jason Terry. While he was playing for the Hawks here in Atlanta, it was known that Jason always likes to eat chicken fingers before every game.

Now speaking of the Atlanta Hawks and basketball, it’s getting close to the NBA Draft. I can’t wait for it to happen, to see who the Hawks pick up. They have the 3rd and 11th overall picks in this year’s 2007 NBA Draft that will be coming on later this month. I will be getting some chicken wings, and some snacks just to watch the basketball draft. If you have any traditions that you go through before you watch some big sporting event, then I would love to hear about them.

New York Real Estate

You can now find real estate all over the Big Apple for investment purposes or land for a new home. Whatever your desires might be for New York real estate; you can count on Douglas Elliman Real Estate with Prudential. Their New York real estate agents are ready to serve your needs all over the state of New York. They cover New York City, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn and the Bronx too! So if you have any interests in the property in New York or any of its boroughs, be sure you seek out the services of Douglas Elliman Real Estate.

I have a good online friend that lives in Queens, around the Howard Beach area and she wouldn’t live no where else. A lot of people are moving into the Howard Beach section of Queens and I’m sure some of those people could use Douglas Elliman Real Estate to help them find a home in Howard Beach. There is currently 118 listings for homes in Howard Beach. They have 60 offices located throughout New York and the people needing homes in Queens or the Hamptons can take advantage of the largest real estate agency in New York.